June 4th, 2014

Stick It Up Your Juncker Latest

The Europhile EU commission presidency hopeful from Luxembourg and scourge of the Prime Minister continues his charm offensive:

Arrogant, conceited and with scant regard for democracy – he sounds like the perfect candidate…


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    The Public says:

    So Dave can’t even get them to move on Juncker – and we’re supposed to believe his fantasy about being able to renegotiate real powers back from the EU. Laughable.

    No option but to vote for the people’s army.

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      Socialism is theft says:

      He is a jackboot……. I mean a shoo in.


    • 10
      Gay ranger says:

      Seems a good time for a polished performer to step forward Tony. Have you met all of my rich friends? Remember how you got away with it for ten years and no one noticed, it was a classic step to then arrange for Mongo to take over just as the world collapsed.

      It’s all about timing.

      Yours slitheringly,

      Peter (anyone for a brazilian?)

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      The man who went to Lisbon says:


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      Maximus says:

      What is the Juncker’s position on TTIP? Would he roll over happily for the USSA, thereby treasonous at the supra-national level? Or is he hoping it’s done and dusted by the time he gets to wear the EUSSR laurels?


      • 55
        The Public says:

        Ah the TTIP – the huge deal with big implications (i.e. completing the corporate fascist US empire that we now live in) that our wonderful free press is going out of its way to pretend it’s not happening.


    • 31
      lorne malvo says:

      i’m even more confident

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    • 61

      The only option for the UK is invoking Lisbon Art 50.

      The problem Cameron has got is that he cannot express what the UK’s real interests are here, and thanks to S’nowden / R’ussia, Europe is aware of what will appear to be the most damaging of those.

      Vote UKIP :-D


      • 68
        Observer says:

        We all know that the British elite has been bought by the Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs and the Laundry City

        Yes, Brexit is the solution

        And the UK will become the gangsters’ paradise of Europe…a pariah state


        • 97

          They have not been bought, but the notion that some have been partly infiltrated is credible. The odd behaviour now apparent may indicate some fridge cleaning.

          Such absolute assertions as you express are straightforward dezinformatsiya. They are also incredible.

          But if Cameron does not sharpen up, the UK being regarded a pariah state by a Federalized Europe would be a long term problem, for both parties.

          Vote UKIP :-D


      • 80
        couldn't make it up says:

        Or we could take a vote in parliament and leave. No government can bind its successor


        • 108
          Socialism Ate My Future says:

          But unfortunately under Lisbon it is binding as this” treaty” overrides all member states Statutes.

          Going to be fun on Nov 1st! First Juncker then submission to the EU commissars…


          • Flaming Torches R Us says:

            Any fucking treaty can be torn into 10000 pieces and binned whether or not the other signatories agree. All we need is a leader with the guts to do it. Just tell Brussels that we are no longer playing or paying and we are walking away from all the horse manure which has been poured over this fair isle for the past 40 years. It won’t take long for them to notice the 55 million quid a day shortfall in the petty cash tin.

            We want our country back.

            Besides, I don’t recall being asked by Brown (who had already been voted out of office) or Millipede if I was happy for them to append their signatures to this comic.


    • 155
      Why is Chilcott bottling out of reporting on Blair misleading Parlament says:

      A fucking non entity from a no mark country is being set up as Caesar !


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    Lib Dems says:



    • 20
      Ed Ballls says:



    • 52
      Handycock whipping it out says:

      I am considering putting myself forward for European Commission President. So long as there is lots of shagging in the job, I won’t cause much trouble. Boaz.


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    Kick out Shar ia deck chair arranger says:

    Junk off


  4. 4
    David Cameron says:

    I for one welcome our new megalomaniac overlord.


    • 9
      Von Clogg says:

      So do I

      Kisses xxxx


    • 146
      Necrophiliac Dating Agency-Just Where Do They Dig These People Up From? says:

      I don’t know the schmuck and never will. Some may class that as ‘being lucky’, I certainly think so…The only problem is that ‘IT’ thinks it holds sway over my life without my Electoral Consent…Time will tell… ;)


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    CastIronDave says:

    Holy S**t


    • 59
      still walking into darkness says:

      Don’t worry Dave, just practice that stern face look you’ve been trying to master for 10 years, it makes you look very serious and hard, and the sight of it will I’m sure have Merkel and crew more than happy to immediately cave in to anything you want to renegotiate. The fact that everyone in the UK can see right through your facade is not important, you just carry on mate and take us into oblivion, we don’t mind


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    Sadiq Khan 4 Mayor says:

    Go Juncker!


  7. 8
    Schnell! Raus! says:

    Raise your taxes now! Zat is an order!


    • 95
      David 'Dave' Camoron, Prime Administrator of Euro-Region 104/A says:

      Plastic Bag Tax coming right up!


      • 125
        Plasticine says:

        Does the bureaucracy in Brussels realise that most of these bags are manufactured on their patch? What happens when folk stop buying them in their hundreds of thousands?
        My mum had a cloth shopping bag when I was a kid which used to hold everything we had to haul home from the market. So not really a problem.


  8. 11
    Spartacus says:

    I am more confident than ever that I will be the next European Commission President.


  9. 13
    The EU is a shower of shit says:

    I thought his Twitter name was Junckers88 which is why the Germans liked him?

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    Schnell! Raus! says:


  11. 16
    Jerry says:

    His bombers were sehr gut.


  12. 19
    SS says:

    Fuck Off junkers.

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    Guffaws says:

    He was confident the Euro was a good idea and look what happened to that!

    He knows Christine Lagarde is being lined up and is resorting to bluff and bluster to look strong. Hilarious!

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    • 127
      Plasticine says:

      Is Angie happy with a Frog President? Two very strong willed females should at least give us a few laughs as they squabble over the minutiae of knitting patterns.


  14. 26
    Sarah Millington says:

    Luxembourg & Belgium.

    Two nation state non-entities that have a skill for leaching off the rest of the rest of us & producing post democratic fuckwits.

    Cameron is once again humiliated by his own pro EU zealotry – he has nothing to negotiate with & the EU knows it.

    UKIP is the magic bullet for Juncker.

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    Stuka says:


  16. 33
    Lib/Lab/Con MP says:

    This will have no affect on the UK cost of living. Hell no, the EU Green Energy policy targets will make your bills cheaper (if you consume half of what you used to AND only when wind is blowing) the nice Mr Juncker would have it no other way


  17. 34
    Anonymous says:

    “Arrogant, conceited and with scant regard for democracy”
    One might imagine he’d have such faith in his own personal ideology that he’d want to debate it at every opportunity. For if valid, that testing would confirm as much and serve to accelerate its universal acceptance. Only if personally unconvinced by its details, would silence concerning it be the best policy.


    • 36
      Vote UKIP says:

      Be careful what you wish for. They are deliberately not elected else they would have a legitimate democratic mandate and we truly would have a united states of Europe.


    • 63
      Cameron says:

      Sounds like my kind of chap!

      Pip pip.


  18. 35
    Thick as a Plank says:



  19. 37
    Skinned Alive says:

    I wish someone would punch Skinner when he makes his pathetic wanky unfunny joke this morning.


    • 47
      Casual Observer 2 says:

      For all his faults Skinner is a proper old Labour M.P.
      He has proper experience of work as a miner for 20years.

      What a difference from all the career politicians like Dave, Milicnut and Nickelarse, least of all the toy boy tosser idiot called Jenrick standing in Newark


      • 57
        jgm2 says:

        Skinner is just bed-blocking a Labour safe-seat now. He serves no purpose other than as a source of ridicule. If he is/was a ‘proper’ old Labour MP then we’re well shot of the c*unts.

        He’s good for fuck all now.


      • 78
        Robert Generic says:

        I resemble that remark!


      • 79
        Mitch says:

        Skinner is a clown who did nothing at the pit except cause trouble. He isn’t particularly respected or liked round these parts. Not that we see him much. Now, his brother – there’s the real firebrand.


  20. 38
    Jack Dromey says:

    I heard there’s some black rod around today.


  21. 39
    Tom Catesby says:

    Coming from a place that amounts to nothing much than a none country. I suppose those pro EUSSR may think he’s the man for the job. From this country’s point of view, the best that can be said is that Juncker may be a handy stick for UKIP to beat Conlibliebore with over the next 12 months and it puts Cameroon on the spot following his very recent remarks about the probable appointment of this unelected apparatchick. A phantom to haunt Camers to May 2015.


  22. 40
    Junket says:

    Your Camoron is a weak spineless tosser who will have no effect whatsoever on my appointment.


  23. 41
    Ex Tory voter says:

    Look how much the Scots have managed to screw out of Westminster just by holding a referendum.
    And Cameron runs around pretending he’s got an arm up his back when it comes to negotiating with Brussels.
    Lying Twat.
    Dave,If you really want to claw back power from Brussels and fuck junker off out of it call for a referendum now.
    You wont though will you.


    • 130
      Fred the pensioner says:

      Sod the referendum. Why waste our money? Just pull the plug now and let’s start rebuilding from the bottom (ooh!!) up.


  24. 42
    Democrat says:

    Fact : Juncker is the candidate of the European Peoples Party

    Fact: The EPP won the largest number of votes in the EU elections

    So that siunds quite democratic to me

    Shame on you Guido for attacking his democratic credentials

    It is you who is refusing democracy through hysterical anti-Europeanism

    Grow up


    • 51
      Bosun Higgs says:

      Funny – I don’t remember voting for the European People’s Party.


      • 66
        blimey says:

        I don’t even remember seeing the chance to vote for them.


      • 72
        Democrat says:

        I suppose you want Farage as President?))))

        Vrry democrattic…

        Perhaps Britain is irrelevant and just disappearing up its own arsehole?


        • 109
          Socialism Ate My Future says:

          No we simply want trade with Europe not ruled by Europe.

          Kinda pi$$es all over the veterans that fought against signing our sovereignty away….


    • 69
      People don't vote for coalitions says:

      Libdem voters were real happy when they learned Cameron was head of a coalition their party had decided to join.


    • 142
      Cost-of-Labour-crisis says:

      Nothing is democratic in that shit heap named Brussels.


    • 149
      Necrophiliac Dating Agency-Just Where Do They Dig These People Up From? says:

      And I cannot ‘Remember’ voting to be part of the E.U…..Checkmate. Let’s play a game called Democracy. Everyone can play, and all you have to do it put an ‘X’ in a box of your choosing and the person with the most ‘X’s’ Wins! Doesn’t that sound fun!…What? NO? You don’t want to play because I’m too stupid to choose and only you can?….Spoil Sport! :(


  25. 45
  26. 46
    Bosun Higgs says:

    i don’t think I’ll vote for him.


  27. 49
    I-slam you big style says:

    The fool Robinson is our preferred candidate for the Presidency. Lutratfur knows how it works also.

    So infidels, prepare for your proud future. Under us.


    • 81
      just a guy says:

      You guys are actually boring. Bravo, you have turned xenophobia into something boring.


  28. 53

    This Spiegel article is worth reading to get a handle on what is going on:


    The UK is not ready for Federalization, a fact understood by both parties. The attempt to undermine the democratic legitimacy of the EU President has, it would appear, crossed a line. For sure, Cameron is in no political position or otherwise to attempt to lead on the issue.

    On the other side of the coin, there appear to be some doubts about Juncker’s position:


    However, if Juncker / Schulz do not go forward, the entire democratic legitimacy of the EU President is trashed: Establishing that was a key objective of the EP2014 elections.

    Folk should be aware that there is a power grab by the EP from EUCO ongoing at present. This was apparently not foreseen by M’erkel et al. when L’isbon was drafted.

    This observer disagree’s with that notion.

    In order for the federalization process to continue it is important for the power held by EUCO to transition to the people. That will formally happen once a C’onsitution is drawn up.

    As part of the transition, power needs transfer from EUCO to the EP: This is why democratic legitimacy of the President is critical to establish: Member States, including G’ermany, need to recognize properly what is essentially a fledgling sovereign authority.

    The UK needs to be careful in its handling here as the UK will not be part of the Federal system.

    The reaction of European Citizens to this should set the tone of the future Federal system: Will it be open and democratic, like the US, or closed and autocratic, like R’ussia ?

    Vote UKIP :-D


    • 89
      Jack says:

      I saw that article

      It actually speaks about democracy, unlike the hysterical media and Murdoch mouthpieces like Guido

      I suppose the chattering classes in Britain have forgotten what democracy is

      Suffering from the tsumani of corruption that has sunk the UK


      • 101

        !srael has a clear objection to a Federalized Europe, in particular because it would recognize the State of P’alestine and be on a mission to improve human rights.

        The sections of the press here which are most rabidly opposed are reflecting this quite transparently.


      • 143
        Cost-of-Labour-crisis says:

        Democracy does not exist in that cesspit called Brussels.


    • 133
      Fred the pensioner says:

      It has become abundantly clear that the EU don’t want us as part of the club – so why don’t we just take our ball (and cash) back and clear off out of it?

      Charles de Gaulle tried to make that point all those years ago, but even back then we were infested with stubborn cloth-eared politicians.

      Time for a change.


      • 136

        The UK, among others, is too risky to take forward into a Federal Union.

        This is clear and recognized by both sides.

        It is not a ‘club’ but a Federal Union that the UK should not remain part of. There is a very big difference between those two entities.


    • 134
      MrNedward says:

      There is NO democratic legitimacy in Juncker, or any of the other prospective commissioners being appointed to the role. The largest group does not automatically have their preferred candidate appointed. Worse than this is the fact that no group of the EU stood for election. The way groupings are decided is anti-democratic as they are self selecting after the election from people who were elected, but who may have been in completely different groups before the election.

      Nobody voted for the EPP and nobody voted for Juncker or Schultz.

      Claiming that there is any democratic legitimacy whatsoever to the appointment is pure lies aimed at a very gullible public.


      • 135

        Neither EPP nor S&D got a majority, but the majority of people did vote for those EP Groups.

        Juncker / Schulz are in agreement, and Schulz has been most vocal about the protection of democracy and disrespecting the views of European Citizens.

        There is enough democratic legitimacy here for the time being: Attacking that legitimacy is in the best interests of no one, bar a few to the East.


      • 150
        Sloth love Chuck says:

        Awww, Sloth like Chuck and the EU!


  29. 58
    Fiiiiiight! says:


  30. 64
    Strawman says:

    Chris, Jackass Straw is ageing badly.


  31. 65

    This Euro Commissar should be forcibly reminded that he is from a country with a population hardly larger than some of the London Boroughs and told to PISS OFF!!


  32. 70
    Mr Farage says:

    So by way of contrast, here’s what Labour have planned (so far) for next year’s Queen’s speech, after a Labour victory,with an overall majority, in May 2015:

    Banking bill – it’s been a while since Miliband has talked about the banking sector, but it’d be a first year priority for Miliband. That’ll mean breaking up banks to create competition in the banking sector – and reforms intended to boost lending and support small businesses.

    Make Work Pay bill – this one still needs some detail adding to it ( which we should get in the months ahead), but in short, this bill would see Labour legislating for a higher minimum wage (maybe even a statutory living wage?) and legislating on zero-hours contracts.

    Housing bill – Currently Labour is talking about building 200,000 homes a year by 2020. For me, that’s a little slow – we should be aiming to build a million homes over the next parliament and I’d expect Miliband to upgrade Labour’s offer on housing before the election. But it’s already pretty substantial, this bill would act on land banks, legislate for new garden cities, crack down on fees for private sector tenants and provide more stable and secure long-term rents for those in the private rented sector.

    Community bill – or to put it another way, the “taking back the high street” bill. This would give communities a say on payday lenders and betting shops on their high streets – thus reducing their volume and growth.

    Immigration bill – those listening to the Today Programme will have heard Angela Eagle state that Labour would legislate on immigration. Such a bill would seek to stop workers being undercut and ban recruitment agencies from only recruiting from overseas. This might also be where Miliband would want act to ensure immigrants learn English (and paying for their lessons, too).

    A new Scotland bill – this would enshrine the recommendations of Scottish Labour’s Devolution Commission, introducing a form of “Devo-Max” – obviously this is in the event of a No vote in this year’s referendum.

    Consumers’ bill – or perhaps more accurately, the energy prices bill. Labour’s big energy price freeze pledge would be enacted in the first Queen’s Speech

    Outlawing discrimination against armed forces bill – This would discrimination against members of the armed forces on the same footing as other forms of discrimination.

    Other priorities for Labour in the for at year of the next parliament that don’t necessarily need primary legislation, but which would be mentioned in the Queen’s Speech, include: The jobs guarantee, the return of the 50p Tax rate and the abolition of the Bedroom Tax.

    Hear ! Hear !

    I commend this to The House.


    • 73
      pookie snackumberger says:

      They are not in power they can say what ever they want. When the were in power they did the exact opposite of all the above.

      Actions speak louder than words, unluss your a LIBLABCON fawning muppet


      • 94
        Mr Nutall says:

        Apparently UKIP voters actually want these kind of things as well. Shocking.

        I need to talk him out of it and maybe get him to stop talking about the Romanians too. I’ve got till the manifesto announcement in September.

        Remember plebs privatisation is key, it is what I and most of the UKIP leaders think. DOWN WITH THE NHS UP WITH UKIP

        If Farage has a heart attack because of all the boozing, who do you think ends up in charge. I’ll be worse than all of the Tory Party Compared. You can call me Thatcher 2000. Not even Arnie can stop, Not even Brown Can save you plebs.


        • 129
          Vinse Kabal says:

          Music to my ears and dont forget:

          tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax


    • 110
      NE Frontiersman says:

      ‘..crack down on fees for private sector tenants..’, which will free a little more cash for the landlord to up the rent.
      Does it surprise you that many of the Labour councillors in this neck of the woods are very active landlords?

      If they want to Make Work Pay, they could abolish employers’ NI. Forcing wages up without increasing the profitability of the work done will simply Make Work Very Unforthcoming, or add to the black economy, raising no taxes. Have these people ever employed anyone other than a cleaner? Don’t they realise that creating a FT job is the last thing that anyone who wants to make money is willing to do?


    • 137
      MrNedward says:

      Looks like an embyronic communist manifesto to me. Lots more bullying government interference and crackdowns on legitimate businesses. More corporatism more state control, more corruption, massive increases in borrowing and taxes.

      More of the same from the last 10 years.

      Much of it will probably be illegal under EU law anyway, especially their immigration policy.


    • 151
      Necrophiliac Dating Agency-Just Where Do They Dig These People Up From? says:

      Very voluminous and insightful. Now tell me again, why didn’t Labour do that in their last THREE terms in Government? In fact, they seemed to do quite the opposite!…Now, if I may, just point out a few things.

      Labour, undemocratically, signed-off the Lisbon Treaty. They don’t GAF about Local People as they’ve, through unneeded mass immigration, allowed the Local Council Housing Stock to be ‘shared’ with people who have NO roots in the area (and more precisely, have NO RIGHT to even be there in the first place).

      As for your ‘Localism’ claims, is that why my Local Labour Council have endorsed Fracking without a SINGLE person being asked or told?

      As for the Bookies and Payday Lenders, you can do it Online, you don’t need a ‘shop’ to do that nowadays. And BTW, if someone genuinely needs one, you’ll remove that accessible choice from them. So it’s ‘get on a bus or go hungry’ (or go to a food bank which you also object to as well).

      As for your House Building claims, how many ‘DID’ you actually build in your glorious year’s of Power? In fact, I’ll chuck in Banking Regulation into this paragraph as well, as it is quite pertinent. (and BTW, if you say ‘we inherited it from the Tories’ I’ll tell your mum you whack-off in the bathroom all day).

      As for the discrimination against Squaddies. I take it that means Pubs and Clubs. Trust me, it’s their loss. If it’s regarding T.A. and deployment, then that is a Business matter.

      As for your minimum wage proposal, UKIP’s raising of the Income Tax Threshold so as to not include them at all is donkey’s old. YOU, Labour, Scrapped the 10p Tax Band (don’t even go into pensions).

      As for your Jobs Guarantee, Government don’t create jobs, businesses do. A fatal blind-spot in Socialist ‘Thinking’ (and oxymoron I know).

      House Building. Just where are all these New Houses going to be built? I know you band-around the term ‘land banks’ like they’re hidden off-shore, but they’re not. They are encroaching evermore so into green field areas (and you know it).

      I’m going to leave it at that for the moment as I’ve booked the Hop Scotch Court at 9 (you’ve got to make the most of these long evenings!). Have fun, and try not to let your Oxbridge Buffoons copy too much homework from UKIP in the meantime.


  33. 71
    Harpic says:

    Hmmm, this is very suspicious. Sounds like Labour are scared of what a Tory/UKIP coalition might do to the BBC, so they’re trying to pre-empt that with their own plans.

    Labour’s deputy leader, Harriet Harman, says the BBC should investigate alternatives to the licence fee, in case a better option exists. “The licence fee is a means to an end, it’s not an end to itself,” Ms Harman told Total Politics magazine. She said if there was “a better way” to secure independence from the government, “let’s hear about it”.


    • 83
      UKIP Hacking at the roots with the truth says:

      UKIP are dominating the agenda in UK politics, it’s a good start, but all the serious tuff no longer belongs to the UK parliament; unless you think plastic bags is serious.


      • 152
        No Jail Can Hold Me As I'm Already Imprisoned In My Own Mind! says:

        I used to date a Resusci Anne, it lasted a few years, but she was a tart and was always off ‘kissing’ other people and stuff behind my back. She certainly wasn’t a ‘Bag for Life’. (Plus she had no legs, so Hill Walking, Ice Skating and all the usual ‘Couple’ things people like to do were out of the question)


    • 88
      BBC future model says:

      Subscription without subsidy so lefties can put THEIR money where their mouth is for a change.


      • 92
        BBC says:

        Haven’t we given you many years of entertainment?



        EastEnders omnibus


    • 105
      dogsled says:

      Harman would pry her own eyeballs out with a tea spoon if she thought it would get people to vote for her. It will be down to her and the British Obama for leader when Beaker gets the punt.

      The only bandwagon she wouldn’t jump on would be one driven by Jeremy Clarkson.


  34. 74
    Long John Silver' s parrot says:

    Whether you like Junker or not he is the choice of the majority block in the EU Parliament.

    The democratic will therefore is with him.

    Cameron is a minority voice seeking to bully others: he is convincing no one/


    • 85
      Having a Giraffe says:

      This is what happens when you sit in a corner and sulk on your own.


    • 87
      UKIP Hacking at the roots with the truth says:

      Cameron doesn’t care either, except how he looks vis-a-vis UKIP.


    • 103
      Britain has gone native says:

      Cameron and hysterical corrupt Britain are irrelevant to Europe…

      They are the poodles of the collapsing US

      Let them leave the EU and wallow in pillaging oligarchs and money laundering…


      • 144
        Cost-of-Labour-crisis says:

        Yes pleeeeeeeeeeeeze!!!!!


      • 153
        Victoria Nuland says:

        Yeah, and after the Ukraine, you now understand how much like a Neutered Dog you seem Militarily. As for the Economic side of life, how’s it going for you E.U.? A box of chocolates?

        Best Wishes

        Victoria Nuland

        PS. Fuck the E.U.


  35. 75
    Coincidence? says:

    Hurrah another dweeb from another country that’s also shit scared of the Germans.


  36. 76
    I-slam you big style says:

    Muslim students – do you want a sharia-compliant student loan?
    Since 2012’s changes to student loans, borrowing to go to university has involved a real interest rate (ie, above inflation). Some Muslim students believe this is religiously prohibited and thus are put off uni. The Govt is proposing a new (same cost) sharia-compliant scheme to sit alongside traditional loans. Would you take it up? Share your views on Sharia-compliant student finance by 12 June. Plus see the Student Loans Mythbusting guide for more info.

    Up with the zeitgeist as ever MR Martin Lewis.


    • 91
      Peter Robislamson says:

      I will apply, I respect the new masters. I am without worth.


      • 99
        The Loonies and Fruitcakes are in charge now says:

        I have heard some real bullshit in my time but frankly this lot are really starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel.


    • 112
      NE Frontiersman says:

      Those cowardly Tories are only doing this to appeal to the UKIP vote: er…

      Funnily enough the independent article shows that Muslims can see the snags to this much more readily than the government can: they have, after all, been lending and borrowing money for centuries without government help.


  37. 77
    Britain in 2020 says:

    “And now we go over to Tower Hamlets for the Imam’s Speech for the opening of the new Majlis. Prime Minister Anjem Choudhry’s government will be outlining plans to publicly execute non-muslims, women and gays and to legalise marriage to 6 year olds.”


  38. 82
    Bernard Tapie says:

    Christine La Garde would be a marvelous choice.

    Ex Goldman Sachs too.


  39. 84
    David iqbal mohammed cameroon says:

    Allah be praised


  40. 86
    Bill Quango MP says:

    Just heard Ed Miliband on the radio. I think he promised pretty much everything he could think of including coming round to tuck us up snugly in bed at night.

    Vote Labour!

    Better Labour Bacon Working Fair Freezing {this slogan is currently under construction}


    • 93
      Flying over the Westminster Village says:

      Did he promise to let us see the topless photos of that little filly in his party?


      • 96
        Men who have sex with their daughter's friends are disgusting says:

        You appear to have a fixation about Glenda Jackson.


    • 113
      NE Frontiersman says:

      Hard-working Green Bacon should surely be a priority?


  41. 90
    Old fart tells unfunny joke to make fellow braindead Labour cunts laugh says:

    Almost time for that waste of space Skinner’s annual shit joke.


  42. 98
    Roger Helmer says:

    Queens Speech: Zombie Parliament for a Zombie Nation



  43. 100
    squeaker tweaker says:

    No Black Rod jokes!
    Too late, even the Beeb are giggling about it.


  44. 102
    Anonymous says:

    It’s very important our response involves sex and travel.


  45. 104
    Pub Landlord says:

    Juncker is still barred as is Scameron!


  46. 111
    Robespierre says:

    Euro aristocrat! Bring on the guillotine!


  47. 114
    Tom Twatson says:

    Heard a bit of a backroom buzz today that although we have European Embassies, responsibility for our commercial interests has been divested to designated “Friendly” countries which look after the UK’s needs locally by region. One of those friendly countries is Poland!!! Now how does that work for the commercial interests of the UK???


  48. 116
    Cynic2 says:

    I think he should be appointed . One more reason to go


  49. 118

    smarmy git – the typical politico


  50. 122
    Anonymous says:

    Sounds like the perfect fit for Europhiles – French forename and German surname.


  51. 131
    Vinse Kabal says:

    I’m all for him if he raises taxes on the wonderful milch cow UK:

    tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax,


  52. 138

    Treeeble Gin ‘n’ Junckers all round, INNIT????


  53. 139
    krb981 says:

    Where’s an ack ack gun when you need one…..


  54. 154
    John Tandy says:

    But he is probably right since when was the EU concerned with democracy dirty word in that organization….


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