June 4th, 2014

PICTURE: Pageboy Faints During Queen’s Speech


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    Liverpool Victim Culture says:

    He should sue the Royals for compensation


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      dai fawning says:

      from the bbc’s report on a fainted pageboy (no rude suggestions please – however helpful) during mrs queen’s speech:

      ‘The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, who were sat nearest to the boy, showed concern as help was called to assist him and he was carried out of the chamber.’

      gosh – that was big of them – and they allowed the rest of us to know it?

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      • 17
        Every Parent's worst nightmare says:

        What would you want them to do? Release a charity single?
        Pull out magnums and start capping motherfuckers so that “this kind of thing will never happen again”?


        • 20
          They are only council house scroungers after all says:

          Notice from the Palace:

          Their Royal Highnessess will be releasing a Charity single and starting a ‘Justgiving’ twitter account, besides staging a Live Aid concert, to assist in the payments to assorted psychiatrists and homeopathic loons, that need to be made regarding their Royal Highnessess trauma at seeing the page boy topple.


        • 25
          roooth orcher says:

          when ah’m aboot t’ave a panic attack – ah asks for me microphone so ah can share it with yers all – yer my fairvorit audience yer knah!

          ah wouldn’t let yers doon!


    • 9
      Toxic Labour for Spongers, Parasites, Criminals, Layabouts & other Wasters says:

      He was probably terrified of the LimpDumb “handshakes” he would have to undergo.

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    • 35


      “How inconsiderate of him ….was he sponsored by Simon Cowell.. could he not have just fainted at the Dress Rehearsal and got it out if his system rather than let the whole side down on the big day ? If it had been on the Hindu Kush he d have been court marshalled then shot for dereliction !”

      ( I see Camilla and Charles react with greased lightning speed in a show of support –they both actually lift one each of their hands from the arm rest and look concerned !)


    • 40
      Tom Catesby says:

      What the hell is the bloke in front holding?


  2. 2
    SS says:

    Better watch some politico does not bugger him while passed out.

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  3. 3
    Observer says:

    He saw a LibDem peer…

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  4. 5

    Vote UKIP :-D


    • 38


      You were backing me yesterday!!! Make your mind up ??

      Bad move Angie baby … you can say goodbye to the cosy lardarse rumpy pumpy sections at the Reichstag each time Dave visits Berlin ….. Perhaps I can finally win him from you with my famous “quantitative easing ”

      Losers weepers Angela !!


  5. 7
    David iqbal mohammed Cameroon says:

    We need some Asians to do this in future, these white boys just aren’t up to it…


  6. 8
    Thomas Arnold says:

    He’s drunk, drugged or starved; perhaps all three, depending upon which Public School he attends.

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  7. 10
    Lord Mandelson says:

    Have the boy washed and brought to my room


  8. 11
    My government will tackle plastic carrier bags says:

    Bill Bailey compares Labour leader Ed Miliband to ‘a plastic bag caught in a tree’: “No one knows how he got up there and no one can be bothered to get him down”


    • 13
      frankie boyle says:

      Doesn’t be my comment on McMental.

      “Gordon Brown looks like a sad face drawn on a scrotum.”


  9. 12
    Ed Balls says:

    Quick! Nick his wallet


  10. 15

    “have you been involved in an accident thats not your fault….”


  11. 16
    peoples glorious leader of Doncaster says:

    There was a stampede of lib dems offering to give him the kiss of life


  12. 18
    the Flashing Blade says:

    Attention seeking behaviour.


  13. 19
    DCI Morse says:

    Acting on a tip, we have dispatched a team of detectives for a fortnight on the Seychelles to search for evidence regarding the pageboy.


  14. 21
    ron says:

    Maybe the lad is on the same poverty wages as the Westminster cleaning staff and hasn’t eaten for days.


  15. 22
    What a total fooker he is says:

    Mark Pritchard, the Conservative MP, : “As ever, Her Majesty was the consummate professional”.
    And the poor child?
    Jeez, you brown-nosing fucker, get your priorities right.


  16. 24
    Inspector U. Tree says:

    Officers have dismissed initial reports of MPs in the vicinity at the time of the incident and arrested the host of Radio Stoke’s 1970’s programme Pick of the Pops who was seen acting suspiciously by demanding a glass of water at the N. Staffs Hospice for teh Statisitcally Inconvenient.


  17. 27
    Anonymous says:

    Story about Queen`s Speech is not a page turner.


  18. 28
    Anonymous says:



  19. 29
    olden1936 says:

    The poor lad probably fainted from boredom at the bland governmental contents of the Queen’s speech.


  20. 30

    Coalitions last fall, innit?


  21. 31
    Sir Cyril Fat C*NT says:

    Pass him over here.


  22. 32
    Fred the pensioner says:

    Didn’t Skinner shout “Timber” as the lad fell?

    Missed a trick there the daft old fart.


  23. 34
    Pub Landlord says:

    God I fancy that Camilla lucky old Charles! Yes I am a virgin!!


  24. 42
    Stinton says:

    ER2 worked a magisterial pronunciation of PLASTIC (as in bags).
    Our ears are all offended by the hard A as PlAAstic,
    Or the soft A, as in PlaSStic.
    Her Maj worked a creditable Pleerstic.
    Liz Rules Woo-Hoo


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