June 4th, 2014

Gove/May Terror Row – Revealed By Guido – Escalates

Back in April, Guido revealed in the Sun that Gove and May were at war over over who is toughest on terror, as the extremists in schools scandal grew:

‘Supporters of Michael Gove are scathing about Theresa May, suggesting the Home Office is failing to “nip extremism in the bud” and that it only cares about terrorists “once they’re buying the actual fertiliser”.’

A friend of Theresa hit back:

“The Department for Education failed to notice alleged extremists running state schools on their watch. Theresa is very hot on tackling all forms of extremism – which is why she changed the present strategy.”

Today they go further. Speaking to the Times, who a month later have put the row on their frontpage, a Home Office source says:

‘Why is the Department for Education wanting to blame other people for information that they had in 2010? Lord knows what else they have overlooked on the subject of protection of kids in state schools. It scares me.’

Interested spectators familiar with the situation, point out to Guido that No.10 approved Gove bringing in anti-terror chief Peter Clarke to tackle radical Islamists. A clear signal of how seriously this is being taken. And a clear signal of whose side the leadership is on…


  1. 1
    porche says:

    what is a ferrari when not be “selfi” hey ed, I know u are watch.

    buffalo girl or baga. why is london swinging?


    • 9
      táxpáyér says:

      T May blocked an American who told the truth about iSlam from coming to the UK.
      Numerous jihadi favouring koran-warblers can waltz across our borders though.

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      • 22
        lickalory says:

        who has the belgium biscuit?


      • 37
        Stella Creasy MP. aka raving loon says:

        Open the gates and flood our towns, cities, fields and factories with immigrants. It is the patriotic thing to do.


        • 108
          Cinna says:

          Thanks Stella, for enriching us all.


          • I want to know says:

            When will Stella start breeding?


          • Kick out Shar ia says:

            Meanwhile poor old Robinson is wheeled on camera with normally dressed smirking mooz to either side to apologise for not welcoming SHAR IA !!

            It should be the other way round. Getting to grips with this should be in the Queens Speech before we have another so vile type public enquiry in ten or fifteen years time by some one like the Wright bloke on TV crucifying Edwina today.


          • cured lefty says:

            The wright show is one of the most blatantly biased on telly.
            he doesn’t even try to disguise it


    • 24
      apparently naked table top. Balls says:


      the world will be cru s hed.
      the new princess is R hi anna

      who is a nana. the green martian?
      who the belgrano named after

      bummers in. italy. spring water in. paris. in th biscuit run, Belgium waffle leads.


    • 34
      Dave. Man of the Guardianistas and voice of the BBC. says:

      Dave is frit of Mrs May.

      She is a Tory and she has balls.

      Qualities that Dave does not possess.


    • 48
      Barry Gone says:

      Hopefully things will start to change when the free world gets rid of its worst US president of all time.


      • 84
        Mycroft says:

        Pointless distraction to keep UKIP off the headlines, the real headline is the ‘unavailability’ of mini-me in Newark.

        Storm in a tea-cup.

        Briefing all the media about this so it starts the day off was the dead give-away. It is a dead story.

        Sorry to pop the bubble but someone has to do it.


    • 155

      Who are those two in the photo ?
      Morticia and Batman s “Robin ” without his mask for once ?


  2. 2
    East India Company Wallah says:

    The entire plot reeks of bull
    My own personal view on this is that Labour run Birmingham City Council were losing control of schools and suddenly their memory is awoken and now they can find evidence that indicates that close council supervision is a must
    Labour MP khaled mahmood suddenly decides that his co-religionists are a tad naughty deapite the fact he promotes a fund which lends to businesses which was started in the UAE purely because of the palestinian situation
    When Labour are involved,follow the money
    Aint that right Tone?


    • 4
      who wear the prada in da house. girls alousD says:

      in the middle all girls who wear prada know.
      fear not, ahem as a detachable ahem.

      no need to go to dundee to discover your crocs.
      hey missus.

      it is all aboit porcha. the sex queen.


    • 86
      Village Idiot says:

      ….It is and has been obvious what the followers of Islam have been doing and want to do for years;warnings of a 5th column infiltrating this and other countries have, like immigration, been shut down by accusations of racism and intolerance!…Now, we reap the growth of years of lefty blindness, with schools infiltrated, british born muslims being mercenaries, terror on the streets of Londonistan, and all avoidable if our politicians had understood history and islam!


      • 97
        joeb says:

        They are not “mercenaries”, they are islamic jihadists.


        • 107
          counting cretins says:

          Or criminals.


          • and says:

            Extremists infiltrated councils,schools,unis etc countrywide. Birmingham is just the tip of the iceberg.
            Labour did nothing and members of the public who raised concerns were accused of racism.Glad the issue is finally being tackled,but it needs to be taken seriously and not just used as a political tool.


          • Flaming Torches R Us says:

            yes – best just to shut the borders against any more and send anyone who has been here less than 3 years back where they came from.


  3. 3
    Pub Landlord says:

    Theresa May is scratched!


    • 6
      Son of Leon says:

      Michael Gove wrote an article in support of Kate + Gerry McCann ! Theresa May was railroaded by Murdoch media over Maddie McCann Op. Grange ! ferrets in a sack ?


    • 7
      prince of ed,s and a duchess of "i am all ears" shy of onsiw says:

      why do i like posh?
      does she like to get sloshed?
      sshhh. under the bonnet…tap.
      apologises for the basel treated dumas.

      it is all russian to me,


  4. 5
    Minority in My Own Country says:

    Are they arguing in Urdu; hindustani; cantonese; nigerian dialect or some other english language?


    • 8
      jack the ripper is a sealant. ask holly, nolly. Bolly says:

      just as well there is someone reliance industrues is misconstruin COW.
      brothers will be Squabblers. scarmbles for the scrabble when burrowed in a godown. when in turkey rip.


  5. 10
    joystick says:

    who do you trust with my life.
    the baby Hunt or the bigger Hunt.
    #ask edward. the custodian.


    • 12
      who reads the far pavilions ? wins says:

      may is past june. hey jude. so who is telling the truth about musty “. ”
      must go gov to lpoppadom loo in lew of all the michaels i ate.
      are either twosums fit to “play misty ofr me”

      travel lodge recommends 3sum.
      money man will decide.


  6. 11
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

    All will become clear to you filthy kaffirs…


    • 14
      gay s are buoy ed. adidas says:

      japanes e have slippery hands.

      talk about dead (c) salt.

      the battle of the hands has been won. #askgregg


  7. 13
    • 21

      This is a non-issue. It barely matters which of them, or both, or neither is correct here.

      The overall strategy has been wrong for approaching two decades now. Everyone knows it. Nobody does anything meaningful about it.

      Time to cut out the middleman and buy direct.

      Vote UKIP

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  8. 15
    Here is BBC home service says:

    Is this all about positions whilst rearranging the Titanics deckchairs, or after they dump Camoron, if Newark is a rout or +- 1000 votes between UKIP and Camorons Conservatives, as far as anything else is concerned the schools takover is nothing to do with them, it’s the EUs orders, as far as these pair are concerned, screw what happens to the plebs, it’s who takes the power and money .


    • 29
      Mornington Crescent says:

      +1. The only thing being taken seriously by Cameron is, we learn this morning, a plastic bag tax.


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      • 146
        Fred the pensioner says:

        Yes, just who was that idiot female sofa sitter this morning who thought that a 5p plastic bag tax was just about the best thing since sliced bread.

        WTF do these tv stations find these people?


  9. 16
    Tachybaptus says:

    Congratulations, Guido, you’ve just added a new definition to the dictionary. As far as I can find, ‘infight’ has never before been used to mean an episode of infighting (in the sense of internecine fighting), and until now was a fairly rare boxing term meaning a fight at close quarters. It’s a perfectly good coinage.


  10. 18
    Sharia, Coming to a Town Near You Soon says:

    Our political culture has become deeply weird. On the one hand no one is allowed to criticise Islam (even in Northern Ireland, Peter Robinson has had to apologise for doing so) but on the other hand our government would seem, in private, to be more worried and obsessed about it than anyone…does that tell you something?

    The reality is, as reported by the BBC recently, that most Muslim parents in the Birmingham area actually support the Islamic tone to the education their children receive. To criticise what has been happening in those schools, is to criticise mainstream Islam.

    Sharia, which the European Court of Human Rights found to be incompatible with human rights, should of course be banned under UK law and its propagation also banned. Most people would be horrified to find out to what extent there is a parallel legal and education system in operation in this country.

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    • 52
      Flaming Torches R Us says:

      If that is the case then “most muslim parents” – and their sprogs – should be required (forcefully if necessary) to return whence they came – and preferably before the end of this month.


      • 81
        Bob cuntface crow says:

        This country is fucked,its gone past the point we can control these problems,pack up your bag and move out of this once great shithole,I am.


    • 122
      faux-phobia-phobe says:

      Bear in mind that most media outlets self-censor the crimes committed by islamos (and other non-British) to prevent “islamophobia”.


    • 135
      Mr. (You've had your) Chips says:

      The Islamified schools are at least safe from getting the ‘Beslan treatment.’ Not so the more traditional schools which still have Christian assemblies, teach English kids the ‘3 Rs’ and don’t segregate the sexes. Anyone doubt there are already lists of suitable targets in circulation in certain quarters?


  11. 20
    Jacobite half-seas over the water says:

    England is down the tubes and up the wazoo. Scotland, push off while you still have the chance. That is, presuming you haven’t been already infected by the sharia virus.


    • 132
      Jock Mc Jock says:

      It was the last surge of anti-fundamentalism that led to the Union i.e. no pope here.

      So the heir to the throne cannot marry a catholic if he/she wishes to ascend to the throne. But he/she can marry a muslim.

      Meanwhile the world moves one while little englanders examine their navels and run back to the womb of the empire.

      Vote UKIP – it keeps them away from normal countries.


      • 150
        Jack Ketch says:

        Hmm! New legislation also seems to allow the heir to the throne to marry a man. What that does to the constitution, I am not sure, but it probably buggers it.


  12. 23
    Paxman's Y fronts says:

    Can Mrs May please let us have a comprehensive list of all the schools involved and the names and addresses of the people she is accusing, together with in each case details of the allegations .

    At the same time can she please advise of the dates upon which all individual allegations came to light and a summary of all remedial action taken.

    If no or insufficient action was taken in each individual case please provide a synopsis of the remedial action or actions not taken.

    Clearly you will never get a clear answer from her in a month of Sundays and therein lies the problem whilst the taxpayers of this country pay their taxes like lemmings.


  13. 25
    Shameful says:

    It’s absolutely sickening the way muslim c-unts have been allowed to infiltrate schools. The blame rests mostly with the left, who have been nothing but despicable apologists and useful idiots for islamofascism. The left are just evil.

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    • 42
      M52 says:

      Just as the Germans in 1917 helped Lenin to return to Russia to cause trouble, so the left help muslims into Britain to cause trouble here.

      Of course it’ll all come back to bite the left in the arse, as Tower Hamlets shows.


      • 53
        Flaming Torches R Us says:

        Better get the pitchforks sharpened…


      • 68
        JH326ya34523432 says:

        What amuses me is that the religion of piss is basically a programmed eradication system for so many of the left’s anointed lifestyle choices.

        I think they are slightly over-estimating the goodwill that will be displayed in return for their useful idiocy.


        • 102
          Curtis Crunch says:

          BBC R4 this morning referring to infiltration of Birmingham schools by “conservative Muslims”?? Misrepresentation or what!? Typical Beeb trying to smear the Conservative Party as usual……


  14. 26
    albacore says:

    Don’t know about you lot but up to adolescent youth
    Way back when I was at school, kids took as absolute truth
    Whatever all the teachers and the text books fed them on
    We’d better hope that those ingenuous days are long gone
    Because the treacherous arseholes governing the nation
    Indoctrinate British children to their own damnation


    • 40
      Real Conservatives vote UKIP says:

      I’ve been thinking this for years.
      It’s no wonder the government has clamped down on parents taking their kids on holiday during term time – they don’t want the kids to miss a moment’s indoctrination.


  15. 27
    Shameful says:

    Here’s hoping for a UKIP victory tomorrow in Newark. Time to end the rot that’s been caused by 13 years of Labour and 4 years of the coalition.

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    • 41
      The tit in no. 10 for the duration of the fourth coalition war says:

      Able was I ere I saw Elba.


    • 45
      Joe90 says:

      Unfortunately, the rot goes a long way further back than 1997.

      Ray Honeyford, the Salman Rushdie affair, The Notting Hill, Britxon, Toxteth, Tottenham riots, Enoch Power’s warning and sacking, Ted Heath, Wilson…

      It’s just now the effects are becoming so apparent and so wide spread, the lying state media can no longer keep a lid on it.

      And of course we have the internet. The authorities can no longer control the flow of information.


      • 58
        Patience is running out says:

        Maybe, but what are the sheep going to do about it and when? It may be that next year’s GE will be the start of something big…especially of nothing is done about multi and postal voting.


        • 134
          Kick out Shar ia deck chair arranger says:

          Action time. No point jockeys squabbling for position when the knife comes out on Camo. Friday?

          Sort out this nation now you scumbags, immediately. Man up.


  16. 28
    Cameron is a liberal says:

    vote ukip the real thatcherite conservative party, not camerons liberal conservatives.

    there is no difference between the liblabcon partys, all for a united states of europe without a vote.


    • 47
      UKIP Hacking at the roots with the truth says:

      The ‘United Sates’ (US) has a vote; the model the European Union (EU) is following is the Soviet Union. No democracy.

      Calling it after the American model is misleading at best.


      • 59
        Patience is running out says:

        As somebody said on here a few days ago, you don’t really think that Americans actually vote for their President, do you? Their ‘college’ system is as corrupt as the count at Tower Hamlets.

        It has still to be explained why this system is required. A straight fight between 2 candidates should see the one with the most actual votes win. So why is that so difficult even for Americans to understand?


        • 93
          Socialism is theft says:

          It may not be perfect but it is far better than what we have with the EU.


        • 124
          Info says:

          The USA electoral college came about originally because it was possible for the elected president and vice-president to be of different parties.


          • Flaming Torches R Us says:

            Bit like Dave and Whatisname then?


          • Flaming Torches R Us says:

            I thought that potential Presidents avoided that by choosing a like-minded colleague as his running mate. All this stuff about dream teams and that…

            So why can’t the two main contenders just have a one v one competition? I suppose the chosen ones in Wall Street have to have their say somewhere along the line.


          • Jack Ketch says:

            More complex that that. The electoral college system as with the appointment (not election) of senators until 1913 was established in 1787 as a method of faux-democracy, i.e. not allowing the popular vote to interfere with the choices of the elite, a system not dissimilar to the EU where the Commission do not have to subject themselves to popular election. Until the 12th Amendment in 1804, the VP was the runner-up in the Presidential election and thus the winner’s opponent. The system was changed after a dead-heat gerrymandered in the 1800 election.


    • 51
      Ditch the Liblabcon and become a patriot says:

      Perhaps we don’t need a Thatcherite conservative party any more than we need a Brownite, Blairite or Milliwatt Labour party.

      Perhaps Britain needs first and foremost a patriotic party, something that will put the short, medium and long-term interests of the British people above all other considerations, even gosh, business interests.

      If the UKIP is to be something worthwhile it must NOT become a Tory party Mk II, because it will instantly have lost half its potential support base.

      There is enough common ground between ex-Tory and ex-Labour supporters to unite for the very serious work ahead, but only if both groups honestly admit the great damage their previously supported parties have done to Britain.


  17. 30
    Cameron is a liberal says:

    vote for daves liberal conservative party if you like getting conned.

    Backed by those who stabbed thatcher.

    heseltine, brittain, howe, & mandelson, kinnock all true unites states of europe followers, without a vote and who believe in mass immigration because they have enough money to make sure it doesnt affect them.


    • 38

      They only think it will never effect them , but history tells us they are in for a bitter disappointment.


  18. 31
    Cameron is a liberal says:

    what has dave achieved in these four years on mass immigration and in repelling the eu advance over our country?

    absolutely nothing.

    just a wolf in sheeps clothing as far as the eu is concerned

    vote ukip to make a difference.


  19. 32
    Round_or_Flat says:

    The implications of the islamo-positive subtext are pretty far reaching, from what is served up at school dinners to what BA allows you to eat at 8000 metres. That is what “threat probability” does to change business practice.
    Is television more censored today than in the 1980s because people are genuinely more offended by casual nudity, or is it a part of the big, corporate “play safe” policy, which allegedly “protects” us from seeing our own bodies, whilst taking care not to offend religious extremists?
    People who are offended by halal slaughter get only contempt after being weighed as innocuous in the face of bigger opposition.


    • 143
      Flaming Torches R Us says:

      BA has always provided special meals eg vegetarian etc – by request for its passengers so there is/was no need to change the menu for the interlopers as all they had to do was ask when booking.


  20. 33
    winston churchill says:

    The world leaders gather to remember those who died and gave their lives to liberate europe from nazi germany.

    What a bunch of hypocrites.

    they now want to give away those freedoms to a bunch of non elected eurocrats, run by germany, to create a united states of europe without the peoples consent.

    Those brave soldiers gave their lives for this bunch of power hungry wealth seeking hypocritical politicians. so nothing changes.

    vote ukip


    • 60
      Liblabcon not welcome says:

      The quisling political class turning up at these events is truly stomach churning.

      Their mere presence defiles our war dead.

      Do Britain a favour for once and stay away.


    • 98
      Socialism is theft says:

      This is probably why more older people vote UKIP. They can remember their relatives who fought and maybe died in WW2 to save us from domination by other European powers. The youth of today haven’t a bloody clue what sacrifices were made on their behalf.


      • 126
        Anonymous says:

        and the Youth of Today are not taught this history. Instead, every subject is tainted with Global Climate Warming Change propaganda, and the history is about how naughty the British were.


        • 144
          Irate headmistress says:

          .. and it looks like history, as a ‘soft’ subject will disappear completely from the curriculum any day now. Is Gove going completely round the twist? Why cannot he just implement a simple 5 or 6 core subject curriculum eg, English (inc literature), Maths (up to the 1960 ‘O’ level standard), Science (physics/chemistry), History/Geography (according to pupil choice) and at least one proper useful foreign language (ie not Ancient Greek or Latin).

          Anything else pupils wish to study can be extra-curriculum activities.


  21. 35
    winston churchill says:

    do your best to prevent the eu and islamic flags flying over no 10 in 5 years time, vote ukip.

    the politicians are always well behind the thinking of the people. they worry about it when its already too late.


  22. 36

    Strange how the leftie liberals encourage sharia until it comes to the bits about the punishment of thieves, murderers, and rapists.


  23. 44
    ned ludd says:

    Mohammed says whack off their wazoos. Allah knows I am with him on some things.


  24. 46
    A spokesperson for the Conservtive led Zombie Government says:

    Dear Hard Working People, how about having a 5p Plastic Bag Tax, No roots,principles or values .


  25. 49
    EU Spam says:

    Why am I getting adverts on this page from the EU regional development fund?


    • 56
      José Manuel Bunda de um Urso says:

      Perhaps you have a region that needs developing ? I can make you into a big boy.


      • 100
        Socialism is theft says:

        Well if it you want to know where your taxes go, you need look no further.


    • 66
      Patience is running out says:

      Because you have failed to install Firefox-with-Adblock. Those of us with it see none that or any other tripe. All is does is slow the site down.


  26. 50
    The British media are cunts says:

    If we are going to have s bag tax will that apply to all the ugly bags at Westminster?


  27. 54
    We need to be out of the EUSSR before the cell door is locked says:

    European Union more readily translates as Soviet Union.

    This is the model; hence the words Union in both.

    The words United or States are not in the European Union.

    There is also no democracy in the European Union, or was there in the Soviet Union.

    There is democracy in the United States (of America).


    • 67
      Len McInsky says:

      There is no democracy in my union either. Ask Ed, he’ll confirm it.


    • 88
      Victoria Nuland & Ann Applebaum says:

      Naive nonsense. The US is an oligarchy, vide the very recently published Gilens and Page study. Democracy is dying out everywhere.


      • 117
        We need to be out of the EUSSR before the cell door is locked says:

        Ah you must be one of the people who voted for comrade Barroso, who you gonna vote for this time?


  28. 55
    Shooty* says:

    In other news today: Man in Ireland forced to apologise for saying thing that everyone not a terrorist agrees with. No one believes his apology, recognising that he’s been forced into it.

    The BBC repeats it every hour. No doubt, in a decades time, under the merciful Kaliphate that they are so desperate to install, the man will be beheaded and the footage played every hour.


  29. 57
    allan hewitt says:

    Guido why can’t we see the ‘comments’ on your report – has it be blocked by the Tory party because its too embarrassing? Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2014 22:42:59 +0000 To: allanledwith@hotmail.com


  30. 60
    Good PR says:

    UKIP couldn’t have asked for better advertising than when Blair showed up last week to call them nasty. Millions will be saying: if that mass murdering c-unt dislikes them, they MUST be doing something right!

    Thanks Tony. By the way, I look forward to you dying painfully from cancer.


    • 77
      Son of Chilcott says:

      “UKIP couldn’t have asked for better advertising than when Blair showed up last week to call them nasty.”

      Millions will be saying:

      “Nasty? It takes one to know one!” :-(


    • 96
      Bob cuntface crow says:

      I don’t think even cancer would want to be associated with him.


  31. 63
    Frank Carson says:

    A gunman has gone on the rampage in Tower Hamlets shooting every single English person in sight.

    So far, the death toll is two.


  32. 64
    Moohammad was a kiddie fiddler says:

    Is deodorant forbidden in islam? You’d think so, judging by the way muslims smell.


    • 70
      Red Ken Lyingscum says:

      Celebrate the rich multi-cultural diversity !


    • 75
      Mother Mary says:

      Muslims smell with their noses like we all do. You, on the other hand, STINK!


      • 85
        Moohammad was a kiddie fiddler says:

        Oh look, a leftie’s popped up. Do you enjoy the enrichment of female genital mutilation, child brides, honour killings, suicide bombings, barbaric slaughter of animals while some bearded c-unt spouts mumbo jumbo? Course you do. You’re a good obedient little useful idiot.


        • 152
          The Mad-Mullah says:

          Islam requires muslims to adopt a very high degree of personal hygiene. For instance, did you know that when a muslim man has sex with a goat, he is required to rinse out his mouth and nose, wash his face, hands, lower arms and feet–but strangely not his private parts. Should he not do this, his sweat will remain impure.


  33. 65
    A friend of Theresa? says:

    Is that a modern derivation of Friend of Dorothy?


  34. 72
    Quasimodo says:

    Let’s face it, if you encountered either of those two when opening your wardrobe in the morning, you would be in serious terror.


  35. 73
  36. 76
    Here is BBC home service says:

    BBC dripping their knickers about plastic bags being banned, is that all Camoron has got left, banning plastic bags, to think I voted for Camorons Conservatives in 2010, 2015 he can go to hell, I just can’t tell the difference between Camorons Conservatives or Liebour any-more, both just believe in banning everything in life.


  37. 78
    Gordon the Great ? says:

    I can’t see any problems!


  38. 79
    ewok says:

    Sticks and stones may be the way forward?


  39. 80
    Jen The Blue says:

    Much as I like Michael Gove this pathetic spat is a bit like two senior officers on a sinking ship squabbling about who should succeed the Captain.


  40. 82
    Shameful says:

    Make no mistake. The muslims are evil but there’s no way they would have taken root in Britain and infiltrated our institutions if it wasn’t for the left. It is only because of the left acting as apologists and enablers that islamofascism has encroached on our way of life and exposed children to horrific extremism. Every step of the way, concerns have been shouted down with screeches about “islamophobia”. The absolute grotesque irony is that this has come from left wing women and gay men, the very types whoo muslims want to annihilate. Owen Jones, Laurie Penny and the middle class Guardian set wouldn’t last 5 seconds under islamic rule. The women would be r*ped and stoned to death, the men hung in public.

    The left are nothing more than traitors. In any decent society, they’d be charged with treason and either imprisoned or deported.


  41. 83
    non taxable pikey says:

    The French have 3 of these in their Navy and are building 2 for the Russians. At last count we had 40 Admirals and 260 Captains in the Royal Navy, I wonder if we can hire them out?



  42. 87
    UKIP the voice of reason says:

    Enabling and helping radical extremist islam taking over schools began under labour, the BBC has simply airbrushed labour out of the picture all together and is desperately trying to pin the whole scandal on the liberal regime of Cameron.

    Yes the current liberal regime simply followed labour policy on helping islamists take over schools but they didnt begin the process and yet time after time the BBC simply airbrushes labour out.

    The infiltration of schools began under labour and was tolerated by the liberal regime out of fear of offending the islamists, the establishment is terrified and cowed and seeks to appease islamism which to dummies dont realise is nothing more than collaboration as far as islamism is concerned.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 128
      Anonymous says:

      Liberals are not liberals, they are totalitarians, and they are not afraid of Islam, they are afraid of other ‘liberals’. It is the Stazi informer and the revolutionary committee that drives their fear.


  43. 89
    The Jizzlamic Republic of Tower Minarets says:

    In the interests of fostering mutual understanding and enhancing multiculturalism, I nominate Owen Jones to live openly with his boyfriend in Tower Hamlets for six months so he can experience the enrichment first hand. And then we’ll see how pro-islam he is after.


  44. 90
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    This site is absolutely disgusting.

    Can I have a job please?


  45. 94
    Shameful says:

    Apologies for indulging in an example of Godwin’s Law, but I must say that the left are so wretched, if Nazi Germany existed today, they’d be acting as apologists for them too. They’d be screaming Naziphobia and would be silent on concentration camps, gas chambers and genocide. I don’t think that’s an exaggeration. Replace silence on concentration camps, gas chambers and genocide with silence on female genital mutilation, suicide bombings, honour killings, child marriage, infiltration of schools, mass murder with acts of terrorism, and you’ll see the left are evil to the core.


    • 104
      Southern Softie says:

      Absolutely agree. The hard left were against the war against Hitler until he invaded Russia. If the Nazis had invaded in 1940 the Labour Party would have been falling over themselves to colaborate with their fellow (National) Socialists.


    • 123
      Turn Another Blind Eye says:

      I might add, government would be headhunting to see if a few of them might be lured over here, given suitable jobs within government, as they all seem such a decent bunch of people and look what has been achieved in Germany, they all seem jolly good eggs!


  46. 99
    Nigel Farage says:

    The Queens Speech in one sentence: build new cities so we can drill under them.

    Hear ! Hear !


    • 101
      UKIP Press Office says:

      Fracking hell !


    • 113
      Socialism is theft says:

      We need a new city every year just to keep pace with mass immigration. And what are all those houses in these new cities (assuming we can find the land, which is highly unlikely unless you don’t mind it flooding) going to use for electricity and water? And what happens when there is a drought? How much extra rainfall and land is there to keep pace with the increase in immigration?


      • 154
        John Bellingham says:

        The average 70kg human produces 750g of faeces per day. That means that 200,000 new immigrants per year produce an extra 54,750 tons per annum, the 4 million known immigrants who have arrived since 1997, plus their estimated offspring, are therefore creating an extra 1,368,750 tons of pooh per year (depending on diet)-or some 23.3 million tons since 1997. The soil excavated for London cross rail was a mere 5 million tons.


    • 130
      Cameron says:

      More cities for more moslems.

      Vote for me and I’ll make it happen.



  47. 103
    Skinned says:

    Every year we have to endure that twat Dennis Skinner making some pathetic joke before the Queen’s Speech. This utterly useless, ineffectual c-unt, who’s achieved precisely nothing in his entire worthless life, has got delusions of grandeur because so many idiots laugh at his so called jokes, a prime example of someone believing his own hype. Just once I wish someone would deck the bastard when he makes his joke.

    When he croaks, his epitaph should be: He came to parliament, he sat, he made some shit jokes, he died.


    • 116
      Halal Pork Pie says:

      I’m hoping that when his coffin is carried out of the church, someone will come out with a pithy little wise crack, like ‘There goes a complete cvnt!’ perhaps.


  48. 110
    Socialism is theft says:

    By-products of mass immigration include the increase of terrorism, racial tensions, drug trafficking, slavery, traffic congestion, train overcrowding, soaring house and land prices, shortage of housing and school places, higher energy, water and sewage requirement, lower wages and increased poverty. Innit bloody marvellous?


    • 111

      How much did Dave and Sam pay their immigrant nanny?

      Why didn’t the stinking hypocrites employ a British born girl?


  49. 114
    Halal Pork Pie says:

    But what about the cultural enrichment?


    • 121
      Ban All Faith Scools It's Not Rocket Science says:

      Speaking of halal pork pies, surely it must be Gove who is responsible for all school dinner meats being halal just for the sake of simplicity and economy.

      Just because the non mulims never complain!!

      Tell them to bring in a packed lunch, now that would be simply but a bit scary for the current wave of gutless politicos.


  50. 120
    Ban All Faith Scools It's Not Rocket Science says:

    Until dumb politicians stop imagining that their is a good or moderate side to Islam the country is lost!

    All followers of that cult have a loyalty higher than Queen and Country and that of course is Islam, with a preference for and Islamic state and Sharia.

    It is an evil cult, and May and Gove should stop pussy footing around and they should all stop giving cult members jobs, just because it is seen as the correct thing to do!


  51. 125
    Turn Another Blind Eye says:


    Dave has already made a good start! Always sound advice to follow America!


  52. 131
    Anonymous says:

    No such thing as an ‘Islamist’, it’s just all Islam.

    You either believe in the Koran or you don’t. No moderates, no extremists, just Muslims.

    Accept that, then deal with it.


  53. 138
    Anonymous says:

    Dave sides with bloke over bird?

    In other news, bears shit in tree infested areas and pope is RC!


  54. 139
    Klaus-Fritz Focker says:

    I am more confident than ever that I will be the next European Commission President.— Jean-Claude Juncker (@JunckerEU) June 04, 2014


  55. 149

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