May 29th, 2014

LibDem Hissy Fit at Being Dropped From Question Time

Guido isn’t sure that publicly declaring your relegation to the fourth party of British politics is a wise media strategy, but that is what the LibDem press office has decided to do this afternoon:

Turns out 7% doesn’t get you much representation on the Question Time panel. Instead tonight you can tune in to see Piers Morgan and Joey Barton. Who are still probably more popular than the LibDems…


  1. 1
    Nelson Muntz says:

    Haw haw


    • 9
      Son of Leon says:

      Cleggy should should complain to Uncle Leon !


      • 44
        not working and getting everywhere on benefits says:

        Who is joey barton?


        • 58
          Dolphin Square Boys' Club says:

          Luvvie elitists favourite bit of young, pretty rough.


        • 99
          Democinghell says:

          Another rich lovie who thinks his opinion matters, like the rest of the panel.


        • 131
          inside out says:

          Lowlife former jailbird footballer.He and Piers Morgan are well suited.


        • 143
          i want to know says:

          He’s a footballer.
          Does he invest in tax avoidance schemes?


        • 159
          Steve says:

          He’s a thug footballer whose thuggery is forgiven by the BBC and other socialists because, latterly, he has been known to tweet cliched leftist and anti-American drivel.


        • 185
          Anonymous says:

          He’s a know it all scouser, who is misogynist and unshakeably stupid. Something to do with football, a ball-boy or something.


        • 205
          Sleepless in Godalming says:

          He’s just another lefty twat. Teaming him up with Piers Moron, a Gordon Broon acolyte, just shows how the BBC has truly lost the meaning of the word ‘impartial’ to describe this god awful programme…


      • 59
        contact less lens says i am a bananna. bannana says:

        my birthday suit is in in wash and i just git .


      • 134
        Cinna says:

        I can’t believe that even Clegg could be less popular than Morgan.


      • 164
        no worries. here have leg to sit on. says:

        no leg to stand on?

        r vbeing assified. beats Dr Dre,s ossification anytime.


        • 165
          all the new is about maddie says:

          all the news is about maddie. what about the other one? this one is made in england.

          what happens in cheltenham.


        • 166
          shit hits the fan says:

          don’t make me laugh.
          just put your hand through mine. in the toilet i will take your skin off. at home I do not exist.

          who is wanking on whom now. the world is vicious.
          in a circle in a circle in a circle. even george davies is in.


    • 14
      light says:

      auto glass auto
      2D is being seen as 3D.


      • 17
        volvo glass says:

        i rather be 5D.


        • 38
          Morgan's Organ says:

          For Gods sake even Nick Clegg is a more tolerable option than the arse Morgan!!!! CNN have seen the light why haven’t the BBC? I only hope the Hacking Enquiry Police arrive in the studio at an opportune moment.


    • 26
      The Growler says:

      Who on earth is Joey Barton I’ve never heard of him?


      • 30
        TJ says:

        He’s the official declaration by the Beeb that Question Time is no longer a serious programme.


        • 47
          who why what where when says:

          Like the appearance of beardie Eurovision
          winner Conchita signalled Newsnight was
          no longer a serious news programme.
          Dumbing down is the only thing the BBC
          succeeds at nowadays.


        • 66
          On QT tonight says:

          Dimbledore ” what is your opinion on the Ukra1ne situation”?
          Joey Barton ” err, they’re rubbish. Not even in the World Cup “.


      • 69
        i am crrently ribbonised says:

        red socks in a yellow banana


      • 89
        License Payer says:

        Another millionaire who supposedly represents another minority opinion, bit like the rest of the panel really.

        Tune in and watch the rich people discuss your futures, peasants!


        • 220
          Bob cuntface Crow says:

          Yes Joey you fucking retard,please explain the benefits of enrichment to someone on minimum wage for the rest of his life while you get 40 large a week to get sent off and talk bollox on Twitter. You fucking scouse sack of shit.


    • 46
      Booger Wonderland says:

      maybe Gardener’s Question Time is more up the Lib Dem’s street?


    • 54
      Beaker says:

      Going by this week’s events, I would imagine that any Limpdem would be glad not to be on QT tonight.


    • 64
      Gooey Blob says:

      Haven’t watched the programme in years, I have better things to do on a Thursday evening.


    • 85
      how am i the food doctor? says:

      i nelson.
      i in diane abbot’s bum.


      • 110
        Anon & still Voting for UKIP ORG says:

        Does the Prison Service allow (future) inmates out on day release to
        take part Q.T which is recorded in the evening for late night transmission ??

        Perhaps someone will kindly advise as the former Mirror Editor may
        have an ongoing interest in this vexed question

        Thank you…….


  2. 2
    Socialism = Starvation says:

    The Lib deems have been replaced by a pigeon who will show them how to stage a coo.


  3. 3
    Mycroft says:

    Hahahahahahaha… oh how sweet that reads…


  4. 4
    Oh, really? says:

    First time “Piers Morgan and popular” have been used by anyone other than his mum, I’d have thought.


    • 98
      Piers's mum says:

      He a fake-picture-publishing insider-dealer who can’t bat and whose “friendship” encouraged England’s best batsman to fuck up his career. Is it too late for an abortion?


      • 126
        proddectice says:

        prod dect aal yhe i’s
        if u r my mum then I am emily falida. from the Homebase shop that I did last week. so.?


  5. 5
    Won't be nissed says:

    And in other good news, MP Gerry Sutcliffe is to stand down as an MP.


  6. 6
    PC Dixon says:

    Makes sense – but Piers Morgan – that means I won’t be watching


    • 63
      Broderick Crawford says:

      Ten four!


      • 130
        re,ove M says:

        my organ is now punctured.


        • 141
          the sum of all fear. says:

          motherhood is flat.
          no where to hied. let’s circulate earth. use the thumb and the first finger oboth from the right hand to close the nose. suddenly the mouth will open to breathe.

          do ravers like rockers amd do the pussycat dolls like church musis?


  7. 7
    Bogging Bullying Criminals ~BBC says:

    Piers Morgan should be in prison along with his Brown tVrd. Crap magic!


  8. 8
    Hatethelotofthem says:

    Lib Dems have had an over-inflated sense of their own importance and entitlement for the past 4 years: great to see them taking up the back


  9. 10
    Mycroft says:

    Piers Morgan… more popular than the Libdems… that has to hurt!


  10. 11
    c rennard says:

    Who are they ?


  11. 12
    Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:

    Are there ten LibDems left then ?


  12. 13
    We can judge what Cameron's like by the friends he keeps. says:

    To be honest, double incontinence and gonorrhea are more popular than the LimpDums.


    • 151
      break a brick, see the cement in shit ofrm. why is twikskenham cemented? says:

      what is inside wendy.


  13. 15
    Mycroft says:

    Is the reason tonight’s prog is at Heathrow so that the ‘bag of skin’ known as Piers Morgan can get out of here quick???


    • 23
      Motty says:

      Perhaps joey Barton will knee him in the groin.


      • 33
        The Growler says:

        Hello Motty where’s Botty


      • 37
        Mycroft says:

        Please don’t build up my expectations, that is so unfair, I’ll have to watch it now!!!

        Fingers crossed eh! ;)


      • 150
        Anonymous is a moron says:

        We ask again – who’s Joey Barton?


        • 161
          Mycroft says:

          Looked him up, Footballist plays for QPR (a footballist team), has a convicted murderer for a brother.

          He seems OK, his brother is another matter altogether I think, you wouldn’t ask him to go split some logs for the fire in fear of the possible consequences. :)


          • Anonymous says:

            “he seems ok”

            yeah, here he is now on a fun night out.


          • Mycroft says:

            Hmmm, on the face of it that looks like he has a violent streak too…

            I’ve changed my mind, I wouldn’t ask him to split logs for me either…

            Having had to get between two people in a street altercation in Croydon a while back, those images looked depressingly familiar.

            On a cheery note:- he did make a prize pillock of himself on QT this evening and that may well cause him long term angst, payback of sorts for the ‘rough-house’ in the above video.

            Thank you for putting me straight, appreciated.


    • 149
      Fishy says:

      It’s probably being filmed ‘airside’ so he doesn’t officially have to set foot on British soil.

      I wonder if they’ll ask him about the ‘City Slickers’ who got prosecuted for insider trading (but he, for some reason didn’t, even though he bought shares in the company they were about to tip – that decision not to prosecute made by a government dept, if I’m right a Labour Minister considering whether to prosecute the editor of a Labour supporting newspaper).

      Strange times those Bliar – Brown years.



  14. 16
    Tory Strategist says:

    Liberal Whatnow?


  15. 18
    Anonymous says:

    “Fourth party” eh?

    Lib Dems have more Ministers, MPs, Councillors than UKIP.

    The Greens have more MPs and control more councils than UKIP.

    The SNP, Plaid, DUP and Sinn Fein have more MPs and run more Governments than UKIP.

    UKIP aren’t close to being third party or even fourth or fifth party of UK British politics.


    • 31
      Prime Minister Ed Miliband says:

      But about 1 in 3 voters voted for them, and they came first in the Euro elections, and the LimpDums came.. ooh, fifth, wasn’t it? But let’s ignore that, tell the (misguided) people who voted for UKIP that they’ve “been heard”, and then “move forwards”.


    • 32
      Mycroft says:

      If I have a 4 year old car for sale… would you buy it off me as being brand new?

      Just saying, no insult intended but it does pay to keep up with events…


    • 35
      still walking into darkness says:

      UKIP has more MEP’s and voters than all those other parties put together.

      You’re right about them not being close to 3rd, 4th or 5th. They were first in the recent elections weren’t they?


    • 83
      Gooey Blob says:

      It’s MPs that count though, let’s face it. If farage throws a lot of money at a few Labour heartland constituencies where Labour cannot afford to spend their resources, he stands a chance of getting one or two MPs. Then Ukip will have more seats than those awful Greens.


      • 137
        Mycroft says:

        But that is a snapshot, we vote at intervals, we think and make judgements in a continuum, so if we stuck to the snapshot nothing would ever change and we’d still have Hogarthian rotten boroughs.

        I get accused of being a bit ‘1950s’ for being a UKIP supporter, but it seems the other side(s) can’t keep up or assemble a single cogent thought between them.

        Not you personally, it is just the lack of considered thought that I find depressing.

        Things change by not staying where they were in years past.


      • 156
        At the premer inn says:

        i have got my premium goggles from.
        no need fpr a mask
        a head cap
        an ingrown toe

        world is flat.


    • 94
      Democinghell says:

      Glad you received the message comrade.

      UKIP is no longer racist. Now they’re just a flash in the pan.

      Carry on, comrade.


    • 125
      Aswas Tiswas says:

      Calm down Nick, its only a blog post no need to get upset.


  16. 19
    daviejohn says:

    I am sure there will always be space for Diane Abbott tho’


    • 27
      Such an ugly cow too says:

      When the studio has had it’s floor reinforced.


    • 34
      Anonymous says:

      Oi! What about Jacqui Sm*th?


      • 41
        Diane Abo says:

        Fack awf Jarki Smith, I me twice the woman she is


        • 122
          BBC Spokeperson says:

          Paqui Smith was on Sky TV last night. Hence we will not be supplementing her Hospital Trust income until next week.

          Look – the Royal Baby


          • Twinkle toes says:

            When is this fat cow going to refund the tax she stole? Oh, and does her sister now have to pay the bedroom tax too?


    • 158
      at the krisna temple says:

      saysaysaysaysay all you want.
      there is nothing nder the elbow.
      The SHIELD is on. for tennis, table tennis and indoor football parties. when skaty perry comes to twickenham, the table will turn. qui music.?


      • 160
        virginity is the nectar says:

        should all babies cum

        was the royal baby born elsewhere

        are we all being nectarised

        will the real Holy Branson please speakUP


        • 162
          Anonymous says:

          in pursuit of the queen of the desert. who is super dry. who is the chairman. what is the asssociation

          am leads to an


  17. 20
    The Bog Standard Labour Party says:

    So nowt to watch on the BBC as usual. Who wants to pay £150 for left wing propagandists. Criminal.

    The whole of the BBC will be on crimewatch one day soon. Their crimes will be exposed!


    • 107
      Jackie Dromey says:

      £150 p.a. for six TV channels of BBC is a bargain!


      • 136
        JH3904023923-093-4 says:

        Given the typical number of non-repeated programmes per annum which can be watched without literally making your piss boil, I make that about £25 per hour.

        Not great value.

        Besides, the first £100 only pays for Lenny Henry.


  18. 21
    Champagne Socialist. says:

    As ever good to see the rich TV celebs, footballers and pop stars over-represented on BBC Question Time.


  19. 22
    Rock n Roll says:

    Frankly the majority of the honest, decent, legal, British people deserve representation on that show, people who are cheesed off at the mass immigration, uncapped intra company transfer visas being issued like confetti for roles where there is already an oversupply of Brits and so on, Europe and its waste. And not just the panel the audience too, I just don’t believe these audiences fairly represent the genuine average feelings re immigration on the streets. The BBC has a lot to answer for but keeping Lib Dems off the show is not one of them.


    • 211
      Twinkle toes says:

      If you are looking for honest decent legal British people you should try listening to the thickheads who phone in to radio chat shows.


  20. 25
    cheche says:

    Question Time
    Q 1 Is UKIP racist
    Q2 Why is UKIP racist
    Q3 How is UKIP racist
    Q4 What is UKIP racist about
    Q5 Taxi for Diane


  21. 28
    DerrIn Brown who sexually assaults and exploits vulnerable women. says:

    I hope Piers Morgan does not grass me up! I will be sharing a cell with Max Clifford!

    Stay Ginger!


  22. 29
    Mark Wouters says:

    Sovietsalami63 Here,
    The Dwp in Leeds and Leeds city council are Partners in Crime ,they’ve a nicelittle earner setting up you and me in a CRIMINAL SCAM to EXTORT money from us, its called council tax ,these so called courts are not courts at all but LOOK LIKE courts ,they Have no power in Law and are UNlawfull and illegal Proceedings.
    The Court Rooms are Hired by the council and so are all of THE staff Including the JP.


    • 96
      Tim Yeo-Yo says:

      What the fcuk has that got to do with anything you fcuking mong?

      Fcuking tw@!

      Either pay the money you fcuking owe or fcuk off, you sponging, whinging c’unt.


  23. 36
    Dee says:

    Whether you support them or not, they are the currently one half of the coalition government. The BBC is wrong not to have someone to represent them.
    Democracy is far more important than party politics.


    • 45
      Engineer says:

      That would be a good point if the other part of the coalition wasn’t represented, but I’ll bet it is.

      Nice change to see fewer politicians, I’d have thought. Though quite what a pig’s-bladder kicker and a fibbing hack can bring to the debate is yet to be seen.


      • 91
        BBC Spokesperson says:

        David Willetts is the Tory on. As he possesses two brains, this is sufficient representation of the Coalition.


    • 53
      Anonymous says:

      “Democracy is far more important than party politics. ”
      Don’t make me laugh;can’t remember when we last had a semblence of anything like democracy.


  24. 39
    Engineer says:

    A party with the support of about 7% of the population are bothered about not being seen on a programme watched by about 0.25% of the population?

    Who cares? Maybe a couple of Islington yoghurt-knitters and a beardy public servant in Oxford, and that’s about it, I’d have thought.


  25. 40
    Candy_Floss says:

    Mummy! Will the Oompa Loompas be on Question Time or not?


  26. 48

    Piers Morgan is a waste of fresh air. He should be keeping his best Max Clifford company!


  27. 49
    Gerhard says:

    Is their ‘official’ twitter account actually meant to have a little round badge that says “I like green crap”?


  28. 52
    Vince"The Cheeky Chappie" Cable says:

    Lord Oakeshott is going to save a fortune on postage stamps this Christmas.


  29. 55
    Simon's Bowell Talent Show says:

    Piers Morgan is human excrement! When you jog to bog you shit out a Piers Morgan!


  30. 56
    Hugh Janus says:

    Lib who…?


  31. 60
    Tide is turning says:

    Newly elected UKIP MEP Louise Bours is also on panel.


  32. 68
    MB. says:

    I was thinking earlier about Guido’s story yesterday about now being

    Can we look forward to next year becoming ?


  33. 70
    Nick Clegg says:

    I think my favourite disaster movie is Victoria Station.


  34. 72
    Is Rolf aware he's on trial? says:

    Not doing himself any favours with that kind of testimony!


    • 81
      Cyril Smith LibDem MP says:

      To be fair they do lose their looks after 14


    • 113
      Sir Roger de Senseless says:

      Yes, really! A last ditch attempt to deflect suspicion maybe. You’d thing he’d have done himself a favour and lied his bollocks off about that, wouldn’t you. I mean, I like the curves of women’s bodies as much as anybody else, but 13? Give ‘em another four years at least Rolf.


    • 157
      Rolf Harris says:

      I’d like to call Gary Glitter, my first character witness your honour.


  35. 74
    The BBC is a corrupt institution says:

    QT is about trying to convince the majority of people at home that they are in a minority because they don’t agree with the majority of people on the show.
    That majority on the show being hand picked left wing guests and audience.
    Thank god for the internet.


    • 82
      Men who sleep with their daughter's friends are disgusting says:

      I thought the programme passed its sell by date about twenty years ago.


      • 102
        Nuke London says:

        The One Show (which was past its sell-by date before the idea for it was even conceived – wife watches it, though) had some old luvvie on the other night who was (naturally) celebrating ‘diversity’ in his native Hackney (“it’s wonderful, one meets people of so many different nationalities and cultures,” he said, which is why Hackney is a shit-hole). Anyway, he proclaimed that ‘racists’ come from areas where there are very few non-white people. “They can go 7 or 10 days without meeting anyone who isn’t white, this is where the ignorance comes from.”

        Well thanks a lot. That’s about 80% of the UK’s population written off as ‘ignorant’.

        God, I hate London and c*nts who live there.


      • 108
        The BBC is a corrupt institution says:

        Yes which is about the time people started to get online and swap notes (e-mails) and realise ‘no’ they weren’t alone and QT had an agenda.


  36. 76
    Copper Top says:

    Piers Morgan has all the charm of a beloved skidmark.


  37. 79
    Lance Corporal Bill Bloggs (retired) says:

    If Mr Clegg had done the honourable thing then I am certain there would have been a place on that panel for a Liberal to spout the usual bollocks.


  38. 86
    Copper Top says:

    Time to clean up the Boggin media once & for all!


  39. 93
    Ed Twelvety Balls says:

    This week I’m going to concentrate really hard and see if I can count the panellists.


    • 106
      Norman says:

      I’m gonna count the plants in the audience, yes you angry Liberal at the back….


  40. 97
    Diana Abbott says:

    Heatrow if dats owtside the M25 me not goin on QT.


    • 103
      Hello Abbotapotamus says:

      See me no care, I’ll lick yah head.


    • 114
      Brush head says:

      No doubt we will see you soon on This Week, sitting next to Portaloo and giving your fantastic impression of a beached whale.


      • 213
        Rule waiving Britannia with her (t)rusty shield says:

        Now now! There are not many people who can give the impression of a beached whale and a hippo at the same time – although 5-bellies Smiff comes close at times.


  41. 100
    the braintree ripper says:

    I will be appearing Fridays Bargain Hunt on BBC1

    Please tune in


  42. 101
    Purple & Yellow People's Army says:

    If the Tories were certain of their ground at Newark not one of the cabinet would be anywhere near the place. The Kipper army arrives tomorrow.

    Hard lines Dave.

    Vote UKIP, get UKIP.
    Vote Tory, get Labour.


    • 104
      Raving Loon says:

      If UKIP win, that would be a bigger “earthquake” than the EU elections.


      • 214
        I snore while UKIP says:

        Provided the voters are warned in advance about the dirty tricks being played with the voting slips, they may well have a successful election.


    • 111
      Nuke London says:

      “Vote Tory, get Labour. ”

      The electorate outside the bubble looked from Tory to Labour, and from Labour to Tory, and from Tory to Labour again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.


  43. 109
    Not in my name says:

    And in favour of Louise Bours, brand new UKIP MEP!

    Oh the horror…..


  44. 115
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Morgan is establishment owned. Joey B – is the modern face of the thickest of the thick dumbed down – a ‘product’ / ‘graduate’ of the new labour projects real


    • 145
      Tim Yeo-Yo says:

      For a scouser Joey Barton is quite bright. He’s got 9 or 10 A grade GCSEs. That surely must put him in the top 0.01% of the intellectual elite of Liverpool.


      • 215
        Whirly Shillyams says:

        “A” grade GCSEs are roughly the equivalent of second year at a 1950s grammar school – and all thanks to my brilliant “reforms” of the ijikashun system.


  45. 117
    Tooting Tony from Tel Aviv says:

    Hello boys and girls

    Have you heard?

    Chilcot is going to tell the truth about me and George fabricating the evidence to go to war..

    And thet we secretly agreed to take out Saddam one year before without telling Congress or Parliament

    That was treason and a war crime

    I will have to seek political asylim in Y srael


    • 127
      Lord Chilcot says:

      Sorry…I’m still just ‘Sir John’ for now aren’t I? Now where was I. Ah yes, here we are, white emulsion…..but should I get silk or matt?


    • 138
      EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

      Save that George played you Tony – he didn’t sign up to the ICC – while Cherie – positively encouraged you to sign up and you did! … Oh dear you treasonous, murdering, duplicitous of the legal fraternity, moneygrubbing, narcissistic – bastard.


      • 216
        Psst... says:

        Since we now have the European Arrest Warrant which can be issued by any plod anywhere in the EU and under which the person named HAS to be surrendered (without trial etc) to the one issuing the warrant, why cannot somebody persuade a hick police sgt in a remote Romanian mountain village to issue one for Bliar and co – in exchange say for a four bedroomed house and 50k a year for him and his family in a leafy Liverpool suburb?


    • 221
      Hugh Janus says:

      And, lo, His Toniness did appear before the enquiry, place his hand on the book and pledge, “I swear to tell the truth, the gist of the truth and nothing but the redacted truth.” And behold; the book did thus bear a thin veneer of snake-oil.

      Lying, chiselling, morally bankrupt, politically corrupt bastard…


  46. 118
    David Dimbleby (son Of Rick, Bro of Jon, Old Bullingdonian) says:

    It was a tricky decision, but we thought on balance having a LibDem on the show would make him the whipping-boy, deflecting the concerted attacks on the kipper.


  47. 119
    Sir Roger de Senseless says:

    I haven’t watched that metro-elite programme since the old king died and Piers Morgan’s presence on it certainly isn’t going to induce me to start again.

    Good news about the Non-Lib/Non-Dems being given the push, though.


    • 222
      Hugh Janus says:

      If I watch it about halfway through my neighbour texts, “You’re watching QT again, aren’t you?!”

      Something to do with all the shouting at the telly giving it away, or something.


  48. 120
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    So … once again Ruperts sorry and dead(TP) organs are stealing in behind ‘public opinion’ and trying to claim that rupe’s rags are wot won it. Oh dear what a soory shambles the murdoch dtp are.


  49. 124
    Cleggo says:

    # Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, think I’ll have to go and eat worms…..


  50. 128
    David Dimbleby rehersals says:

    Dimbleby to the QT producer..

    “I I ask the Nigerian fellow in the third roow to ask a question and his question is going to just be a rant about how since people voted UKIP he has felt too scared to leave his house..

    I see…And then on page 4 here it says ..10.56pm – get left student to slag off UKIP..But it doesn’t say who the lefty student is? ..Anyone in the front row..They are all students? I see..they are all actors…and can pretend to be outraged students..

    Ok.. I get it..Pick any front row for a lefty..And the fruitcake and posh boy actors are in the middle at the back..

    Ok..Well..I think we almost ready to begin filming..


  51. 139
    John Ball says:

    What’s this we hear.
    The EU is to ban referenda (Bilderberg Agenda item no. 1)

    How then will the voice of the serfs be heard.
    What do you mean they have no value.


  52. 170
    Anonymous says:

    Morgan only I bet being used to have a crack at UKIP


  53. 172
    ukipper says:

    Yeah even typhoid is more popular than the libdems and not half as lethal.


  54. 175
    PD77 says:

    If QT was to invite every third rate party then that would mean they would have to invite the Greens, Monster Raving Loonies, The Bees & Pees (etc., etc.), QT would need a studio just for the panel.


  55. 176
    A Question Time viewer says:

    i had no idea Waynetta Slob had been voted a UKIP councillor.


  56. 177
    Thick as a Plank says:

    Oh dear! First comment from Herr Barton and he confirms he’s a complete clnut.


  57. 178
    BBC Producer says:

    Normal smearing service has been resumed.


  58. 179
    Reasonable bloke says:

    Congratulations to the BBC on putting together QT with a spectacularly thick panel and audience.
    That Morgan bloke should be serving time for perjury………..everybody knows that!

    BTW – Fu*k The Establishment.


    • 180
      BBC QT Audience Research Dept says:

      I would like to apologise for allowing the black man who voted UKIP in to Terminal 2. This was a mistake and he should have been a middle class Guardian Reader.


  59. 181
    Casual Observer says:

    Wow! Who was Mr Two Tone Voice? That was just weird!


  60. 182
    The People's Army says:

    Boy, that Louise has some balls. WIped the floor with the lot of them, including that thicko Barton.


  61. 183
    Cabbage says:

    This has really exceeded all expectations of thickness. 3 thickos, the Tory bloke and, possibly. The most annoying Scottish woman on the planet.


  62. 184
    Vidal Baboon says:

    WTF is going on with gobshite Morgan’s hair?


  63. 186
    Crimestopper says:

    I’m pretty sure that Morgan bloke should be doing jail time.


  64. 187
    Death to The Establishment says:

    That feisty UKIP bird could add another 5 million votes if she gets up and twats Piers Morgan


  65. 192
    BBC Dumbing Down Dept says:

    Objective achieved.


  66. 193

    What happened to the old rule where the leader of the fourth party had to be on every week?


  67. 194
    The People's Army says:

    New Survation poll from Newark

    CONservative 36pc
    UKIP 28pc
    Labour 27pc
    Cockroaches 5pc

    Game on.


  68. 195
    Margaret Curran's Agent says:



    • 204
      The Voice of Curran says:

      Or in her case: “Er – I would like to issue, well, er, not issue exactly but put into words here, in the present tense so to speak, an apology,or perhaps you could say a re-clarification…”


  69. 196
    The People's Army says:

    Well done, Louise. You did just great, love.


    • 197
      Anonymous says:

      Waynetta Slob. No more, no less.


      • 202
        Educating the Elite says:

        Slob? No way. Snob? Yes, in your case. The days of toffee nosed Tory toffs suppressing legitimate concern are long gone mate, so dream on.


  70. 201
    Dumblebore - Retire Now! says:

    UKIP seem to have some effective women in their ranks. They should feature them more as part of a visible leadership team. Was pretty clear from the UKIP Euro campaign that Farage can’t be expected to carry the whole thing solo.


  71. 206
    The Colonel says:

    The Elvis bus pass party also put forward a complaint to the BBC having defeated the Libdems at the latest by election.


  72. 218
    Candie_Floss says:

    It seems like UKIP’s chances in Newark are considerably worse than England chances against Italy.
    There seem to be a ‘rump’ of Conservative diehards who are too proud to admit that Ted Heath wounded this country fatally during his shambolic three and one half years in downing Street.


  73. 224
    coldwarkid says:

    Idiot footballer reveals his misogynism, who would have thought it.


  74. 225

    Footballer is more relevant than the lib dems!


  75. 228
    I hate PM and JB says:

    WTF , a show that’s meant to be a serious political debate forum , fields a soccer thug and and a hasbeen media hack! Well no wonder the licence fee is up for question. DUMBBED DOWN


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