May 28th, 2014

Ex-Labour Liverpool Councillor Calls Cops on Old Holborn


Readers will remember Jake Morrison, the slightly special Labour councillor booted out of the party after his very public theatrics during a spat with Luciana Berger. Morrison is now throwing a hissy fit at Twitter mischief maker and agitator of the city of Liverpool, Old Holborn, calling the police in over a series of tweets taking the mickey out of him. Old Holborn has finally found the ideal forum to spread his message, giving a statement to the Liverpool Echo:

“Naturally, those who don’t share my views or choose to take offence can find ample succour in the simple retort of ‘vile troll’ – water off a duck’s back to me, I’m thick-skinned enough to know that it’s only Twitter. I’m passionate about free speech. There are demented trolls out there, happily breaking the law by targeting individuals and we already have laws to deal with them. Twitter is possibly the greatest tool that free speech has ever possessed and is quite literally capable of bringing down tyrants and despots. Governments are desperate to control it, censor it, silence it – and if a few unwelcome trolls are the price we pay for every voice on the planet being free, it’s a price worth paying. Censoring words is one step away from burning books and we all know where that leads. If you don’t like it, don’t read it – yes, it’s that simple.”

Young Mr Morrison has not always been so keen to silence dissent:

You’d have thought our elected representatives would realise this, but involving the police whenever someone says something mean about you on the internet probably isn’t the best use of their time.


  1. 1
    Mark Menzies,Moderator says:

    Order ! Order !


    • 29
      Playground name calling sledgehammer says:

      You’d have thought our elected representatives would realise this, but involving the police whenever someone says something mean about you on the internet probably isn’t the best use of their time.

      Quite. But why do the police encourage them?


      • 37
        Golden Virginia says:

        Guido is a hypocrite too. Just see what hapens when you criticise the chosen ones from the stolen land.


        • 47
          Guido's Hasbara handler says:

          The Holohoax must go on!


          • Free perch is the freedom to be a survivalist looney says:

            Shouldn’t you be shooting tourists in a museum, you racist Knut ?

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          • Toxic Labour for Spongers, Parasites, Criminals, Layabouts & other Wasters says:

            Yet another disgusting Socialist!


          • William Joyce says:

            There’s no business like Shoah business!


          • broderick crawford says:

            Okd Holborn ?

            Golden Virginia?

            I bet none of you remember a young upstart competitor to these two particularly market – entrenched “shags”

            It was called Western Gold and the strapline was

            ” Western Gold comes rollin’ intah town ! ”

            Unfortunately it didn t put down roots . It was off the market in two years ….


        • 74
          the wolfs lair beer garden says:

          I bow to nobody in my instinctive dislike for the skull cap wearng ones and dont like Guido fucks on a personal basis,however, n that case he us right Would you lie it if black people were refered to as “Nigels” ?


      • 45
        Aardvark says:

        Leave him alone, he’s a useful idiot, and rather dishy.


        • 79
          Scouse Labour says:

          Morrison is a first-class flouncer. The Plod should be arresting him for wasting their time.


        • 175
          fgbh7 says:

          You wouldn’t be defending him if you knew that he had a spat with the former director of the traitorous Labour friends of Israel gang.


      • 184
        Builder Bert says:

        Plod loves this sort of non crime. Two or three squad cars to sort OH out.


    • 75
      The Tosser in No. 10 who indubitably took pride in calling himself ‘The Heir to B£iar’ says:

      It was so jolly spiffing to be amongst one’s own people at the EUSSR Dinner last night, – and I didn’t have to pay a thing!

      Who says the EUSSR isn’t worth it?

      And an added bonus! – they plan to stop any nasty criticism by the Common People of their betters!


    • 99
      FFS #2 says:

      You see, there really is a reason why we used to protect the freedom of speech.


    • 190
      roger says:

      I grew up when we used to say ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me’, It should be on the masthead of twitter, facebook et al.
      We have a too thin skinned population because they do not all share the same disposition.
      We also used to say ‘ eeny meeny miny mo ……………..’ but these days i flip a coin.


  2. 2
    retardEd Miliband says:



  3. 2
    This was the point? says:

    That old Holborn bloke is deeply unpleasant though.


    • 11
      Son of Leon says:

      Not as vile as Lord Brittan.


    • 13
      Roger Clague says:

      That is why I support his right to be offensive and funny. I have been a Liverpool Supporter for 50 years. Liverpool people do whinge too much.

      There is no need to defend politeness. No one is trying to ban it.


      • 89
        RomaBobbieBooBoo says:

        Liverpool and whingers?

        Never thought we would see the day when someone would admit it.


    • 14
      suissebob says:

      Have you met him?

      I have and he’s a funny guy. He likes taking the piss and taking it to the limit and I guess he sometimes crosses that, for which he will no doubt pay.


      • 31
        The moveable feast limit says:

        And this limit of yours, is it a scientific thing or is it just you opinion?


        • 35
          suissebob says:

          No you dipshit, it’s the number of times he’s been in trouble with the police.


        • 105
          Wittgenstein's Wooly Ones says:

          You do not seem to even understand the question you are trying to ask. Are you just an argumentative twat?


    • 20
      burn him! says:

      Isn’t that part of his charm? (or at least entertainment value)

      At least he lands his insults in an eloquent and semi-civilised way – unlike most lefties


    • 28
      The Ferret says:

      No he isn’t unpleasant. Just very clear thinking & even more blunt. Uses bold language to make very serious points. Difficult for some to take, and even more difficult for some to understand.


    • 40
      FFTFToff says:

      People who whine about Holby are the vile ones.


    • 56
      Emperor of All Universes says:

      I’ve only ever read him take the piss out of the people that pushed, not the real victims.

      People that have taken offense have just taken a dislike to their own short-comings being shown up to everyone else.


      • 70
        jgm2 says:

        Aye. The story is that Liverpool fans had a reputation for being the most well-mannered people in British football at the time. They certainly didn’t shove a wall on top of a bunch of rival fans and get English teams banned from Europe for years and they certainly didn’t show up ticketless to a match in massive numbers in the expectation they’d be let in free to avoid public disorder like they had every other time they’d shown up in such large, intimidating and intoxicated numbers.

        Neither was their behaviour in any way responsible for crushing to death the people who had got tickets and did show up in time.


        All the polices’ fault. And the stadium designers. And every other British club whose thuggish supporters of the day dictated that they be kept apart lest they kill each other.

        Nope. Not their fault at all.

        And while it turns out it wasn’t true the sad fact is that Liverpool FC’s supporters reputation was such that when it was reported that they (Liverpool fans) were looting the dead nobody thought ‘Naaaah, that doesn’t sound like Liverpool fans. They don’t have a reputation for stealing anything that’s not nailed down..’ Nope. The rest of the country just shrugged their shoulders and gave it ‘Yeah, sounds just like the c*unts…’

        It’s a bit like when the NoW was reported to have hacked Milly Dowler’s phone (even though they didn’t) their reputation by then was such that the general public would believe anything. Even Brookes and Murdoch couldn’t be sure their underlings weren’t lying to them.

        And Liverpool’s reputation is not enhanced by the fact that they still insist on voting Labour even though Labour has presided over their post-industrial shithole for generations with the result that it is …. still a post industrial shithole.

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        • 71
          The Internet Plod says:



        • 104
          Eye witness says:

          The Hillsborough police reported Liverpool fans on top of the turnstile booths before the crush. This was their standard tactic. Don’t buy a ticket, spend the cash on booze instead, go to the match by train without paying, storm the entrance en masse. It worked over and over again in grounds throughout the country and everyone knows it.


        • 148
          carefulnow says:

          Best be careful with your comments regarding Hillsborough during the inquests . Contempt of Court is in play at the moment.


          • jgm2 says:

            There’s an inquest on?

            I thought it had finished.

            Fuck me. It’s like Bl*o*ody Sunday or Chilcott.

            They just keep going on and on and on until they get the ‘right’ verdict and then … they do it all over again.

            It’s almost as if the whole thing is run for the benefit of the legal profession.


        • 150
          Tim Yeo-Yo says:

          Like dat do don’t dey!


        • 186
          DM says:

          Never a more accurate or concise set of words said about the whole episode. The fans turning up at the ground later than the ticket holders were drunk and hell-bent on disorder and misbehaviour – and they got it. Just a shame that it is everyone else’s and not their fault for the deaths.


  4. 4
    Jimmy says:

    Is there some way they can both lose?


  5. 5
    Mitch says:

    Poor bunny is cracking under pressure. It wasn’t meant to be this way?


  6. 6
    Cynic2 says:

    Oh come on. Hes a Councillor. We must all doff our caps to him. Precious


  7. 7
  8. 8
    Will says:

    Old holborn may be unpleasant but if you go on twitter expect to have abuse. I find it strange that he doth protest too much. In politics you need to have a thick skin .


  9. 8
    Steve Right says:

    I swear I used to make him cry at school.


    • 23
      Anonymous says:

      Yup, he’s the type that if he was being beaten up in school the teachers would turn a blind eye and whisper under their breath, “Give him one for me son !”

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    • 69
      Old Holborn tw@t says:

      Show me ya face ….. You probably did you mush


  10. 10
    robocock says:

    Anyone else notice in Oakeshott’s letter this lovely line:

    I pray that they win, and that the right man, or preferably, woman is now elected to save the Party.

    It reminded me instantly why virtually every LibDem is an utter twat. Sooner or later, to the cheers of the morons such as Harperson, Cathy Newman, Stella Creasy, Hadley “a bit spesh” Freeman, Laurie Penny etc, there will be more and more laws banning men from increasing numbers of areas of life. They are already (special exception for Jack “big black cocks” Dromey) banned from running in various labour seats on account of being men. Just what will the screaming banshees as liddle called them demand next?

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  11. 12
    Free Advice says:

    Block…. and move on with your life…


  12. 15

    Vote UKIP :-D


  13. 17
    BBC 24hr rolling bollocks says:

    Typical scouser.
    Easily offended but never ashamed.


  14. 19
    Lefties are a hoot says:

    Jake looks the bedwetter type.


  15. 21
    Kelvin on Labour voters says:


  16. 22
    Sir Mary Flappes says:

    He’s not cut out for politics. Perhaps the life monastic would suit him better.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. 24
    rollo57 says:

    Well Labour don’t want you, grow a pair and move on! I did go UKIP!


  18. 25
    Soap dodgers says:


    • 43
      jgm2 says:

      ‘And a free press starts with the shut-down of the Daily Mail.’


      Do they even realise what they’re saying? How is it possible to breath and yet be so fucking stupid?

      Plankton in a blue beenie.

      Liked by 1 person

      • 64
        Metropolitan Police Agent Provocateur Dept says:

        He probably works for us.


        • 140
          Bert says:

          Notice how he crooks his little finger while drinking out of his bottle … then, remembering how much he despises his middle-class upbringing (i.e. his parents, and himself), he wipes his nose, underclass style, before resuming his tedious rant.


          • Soap dodgers says:

            I’m surprised no one’s commented that even this beanie wearing cock refers to Ed Miliband as David Miliband.


      • 135
        Blue Beanie Wearer says:

        Look, I have the megaphone, and I’m gobby…intellect and intelligence are not a requirement of the SWP ‘k?


    • 142
      Comrade Epsilon says:

      Which one is the r”pist?


    • 187
      DM says:

      Presumably this was his job interview for Radio 4? Doesn’t seem left wing enough to me – I think Naughtie’s job is safe.


  19. 26
    Will says:

    Bless him he is only 20 years old and yet to realise that politics is a dirty business and everyone slings mud at you. Mind you not toeing the line and thinking he knew better meant he threw a bossy fit and resign as a labour cllr. Mind you goven labour majority on council I doubt if they gave a damn. Better to be inside the tent possibly out than outside the tent pissing in.


    • 36
      jgm2 says:

      Only 20 and already on the political bandwagon.

      What a c*unt.

      The problem he has is that now he’s nailed his colours (red) to the mast at such a young age – when he grows up he’s stuck with that teenage idiocy.

      That’s why you end up with the likes of Miliband and Balls talking utter self-evident shit. It’s acceptable or, at least, expected when you’re a cocky I-know-it-all teenager and mummy and daddy can’t be bothered to argue any more. It just becomes risible in an adult.

      Yet there they are. Stuck with an ideology they were too stupid to see through as kids and now dare not abandon as adults for it would be to admit they were wrong their whole lives. All they can do is try and stop people taking the piss or shout over them or try and label them as ‘racists’. Anything at all to avoid coming to terms with the fact that they grabbed the wrong end of the stick in their teens.


  20. 27
    What sort of coke would that be? says:


  21. 32
    James O'Bottom says:

    Scousers are somewhat whine some and self-pitying.


  22. 33
    Dear sir says:

    To Plod

    Lord Oakshott told me to fuck off because I’m a useless C unt.



  23. 34
    Freya says:

    What does “I’m getting you spayed” mean?


  24. 39
  25. 41
    Old Holborn tw@t says:

    Old Holborn is a desperate old man with no life but to spend 24 hrs a day on twitter and stalking scousers especially cllr morrison. Robert (oh) is vile and had already been arrested over tweeting vile things about hillsborough victims and James buglers killers! I hope he rots !


    • 48
      jgm2 says:

      Did he tweet anything vile about the Heysel victims?

      ‘It’s never your fault….’


    • 173
      Poor sensitive little thing says:

      He has not been arrested – Plod questioned him about tweeting after the employees at the firm he works for received death threats and threats to burn their building down from irate Scousers.

      Needless to say, nothing was done about them


    • 180
      frt54gbh7 says:

      You sound like another whining scouse Mong.


  26. 42
    My,my says:

    I’ll put whatever the bloody hell I like… get a life.

    A lefty turns out to be a hypocrite. Whatver next?


    • 53
      Old Holborn tw@t says:

      That comment was about his problem with work, NOT abusing people online like a sick b@st@rd !
      I can see half of OH’s sheep are on this page too


  27. 44
    gildedtumbril says:

    Beware the brainwashed unwashed.


  28. 46
    What a big woman's Mickey says:

    He’s a smart Alec looking toss pot. I hope he takes offence at that.


  29. 49
    James O'Bottom says:

    Sorry about the last comment it was tongue-in-cheek and I retract it. Scousers are great really.


  30. 54
    My mum says it's time to go back to school says:

    Flippin heck OH, I’d forgotten all about you being the windup merchant, I haven’t been to your blog for ages, keep going mate Liebour and their braindead gang of idiots have destroyed the North West, even down to Liverpools mayor deciding by himself he would be lord mayor without any public votes, is
    if a politician changes from one party to another then you have to ask who is he working for.


  31. 60
    Rupert Murdoch says:

    I have never read or found anything Old Holborn has written or “tweeted” unpleasant.
    Followed him once.


  32. 61
    Rolf says:

    One peg short


  33. 62
    • 80
      Onward to Newark says:

      I shall never vote Tory again while Camoron is leader.

      I guess I’m just one but I don’t think I’m alone.

      And I don’t really care if Millitwat gets in.

      It will serve the imbeciles right for voting for him.


    • 87
      Dirty Tricks says:

      Politics is shockingly unprincipalled


    • 90
      Democracy in Action says:

      Yet more proof that he and his merry band cannot be trusted


    • 95
      Ever hopeful says:

      Camoron still thinks he will be PM after 2015, his mates and Ashcroft can tell him as well, Camoron is a one term clone of Tony Bliar and will be gone, he has shown himself not as a Conservative but as a Libcrap, and he will go the same way as Clegg , P45 for two please May 2015.


    • 155
      Mornington Crescent says:

      Interesting stuff.

      Sad – but not surprising – to see Dan Hannan is doing Dave’s dirty work; another traitorous little shit who talks the talk but hasn’t got the balls to walk the Eurosceptic walk.


  34. 65
    Nick Griffin says:

    Sir Menzies Campbell tells Guido Fawkes ‘We haven’t heard from Vince Cable… we will have to wait until we hear from him’


  35. 66
    Ever hopeful says:

    So long as the schoolboy doesn’t try and migrate to UKIP Liverpool, OH can have his toy to play with, put yourself into the public eye, taking public benefits from it, then expect an occasional public stick pushed in it.


  36. 67
    Double Vision says:


  37. 72
  38. 76
    the wolfs lair beer garden says:

    This dick looks like a scouse Gok Wan
    I bet he has an arse like the mersey tunnel
    I say this in a non discriminatory manner


    • 122
      Old Holborn tw@t says:

      And I bet you can’t even see your tool under that big fat gut you’ve got, best go downstairs an look after your mum b4 she croaks it! You can play on your games anytime.


  39. 77
    Mr Farage(rhymes with garage) says:

    Nick Clegg still odds on to lead the Lib Dems into the next general election:


    • 83
      Onward to Newark says:

      It wouldn’t matter if they were led by Alexander the Great,

      the result would be the same.


  40. 92
    A Councillor writes says:

    And another thing I’m sick off. These self-propelled twitter police.
    I’ll put my cock wherever the bloody hell I like… get a life


  41. 100
    Smack my Nigella up says:

    The Left … Don’t like it up ‘em!


  42. 101
    Nick Clegg says:

    You don’t give a fuck, I don’t give two.


  43. 103
  44. 106
  45. 108
    Moley says:

    On “seen elsewhere” is this; “Cameron flirts with far right to block UKIP”.


    “Instead of accepting UKIP’s victory, Cameron has started a drive to cut off the legs of “the people’s army” in Brussels and Strasbourg. He has assigned Conservative Party fixers to do deals with hard-right and populist parties which, until now, the Conservatives claimed were “unacceptable.”

    So having alienated the right wing of the Conservative party with gay marriage, Cameron is now going to alienate the Liberal left wing of the party by forming an alliance with EU Parties on the far right.

    Cameron’s intention is to poach UKIP’s possible allies in the EU Parliament, and prevent UKIP from forming a grouping with other parties, and so deprive them of funding from the EU and seats on influential committees.

    The dafties will then be able to scream “Racist” at Cameron and his cronies instead of UKIP, which is, I suppose, an improvement.

    It seems obvious to me that the Conservatives should be working with UKIP in the European Parliament, if they don’t that tells us a great deal about what the Conservatives are going to do in Europe, which is as usual, totally different from their meaningless rhetoric on the subject.

    Reading the article leaves one with the impression that Cameron has lost the plot completely and is utterly determined to ensure that UKIP voters will treat the Conservative Party with complete revulsion. Cameron wants to win the election in 2015, and if the Country suffers as a result of his spiteful stupidity, that is just too bad.


    • 113
      Jack says:

      Cameron never had a plot

      Except to kiss Blair’s arse and smoothe the way to £10 million per year in bungs when he gets kicked out

      He is as sordid as that…


    • 119
      non taxable pikey says:

      See #62


  46. 111
    Danny"It wasn't me who just farted" Alexander says:

    Poor old Vince Cable is in the shit again after Baron Oakeshott of Segrove, left some cryptic clues…. Lib Dems go into meltdown


    • 114
      jgm2 says:

      Cryptic clues? He’s just implicated his own (ex) party in cash for peerages.

      Oh fuck-a-loo.


    • 133
      Garage says:

      Where is Vince when all the wheels came off Clegg’s pram? In China. Nice long way away. Promoting the U.K.s interests (Ha fucking Ha) of course.


  47. 115
    Roger Helmer says:

    Senior LibDem source on Oakeshot: “He undermined Minge all the time,the perverted swine”


  48. 121
    Ukrainian oligarch says:

    I’m just writing to thank you window lickers for all your support

    We now have one of us as President

    I continue to pillage the country with the support of Laundry London and Tony Blair and Bill Clinton

    I will soon put in a bid to buy Clarence House, I think…


  49. 124
    You Would Think That By Now.... says:

    What! There are still prats out their called Jake!!


  50. 126
    Ed Miliband The Second says:

    We came second that’s progress.

    I shall continue to treat the electorate with contempt and support endless immigration and NO to a referendum. So there!


  51. 127
    William Parker, 4th Baron Monteagle says:

    How about the news that Scameron is prepared to team up with the ‘far-right’ in Europe to block Ukip isn’t this just slightly hypocritical?


    • 130
      Democracy in Action says:

      Yet more proof that he and his merry band still cannot be trusted.


    • 134
      non taxable pikey says:

      One of the great pluses of the Internet (currently, before the EUSSR goes the way of China, Iran and Saudi) is that crap like this is disseminated very quickly to a large audience. It appears that our chosen politicians don’t fully understand this and keep getting caught out.

      “Slightly hypocritical” doesn’t even come close in this case. The incompetent moron masquerading as British Prime Minister (and, deity of choice help us, First Lord of the Treasury) has now got himself even deeper into the excrement. Long may he remain there, sinking slowly.


    • 138
      Marine Marianne says:

      No way am I having anything to do with that useless gay loving tosser Cameron — the FN doesn’t want or need to be associated with pretend right of centre losers.


    • 139
      Democracy in Action says:

      Tell it to the Newark electorate


  52. 130
    Lord_ShotOak says:

    I did not resign. I disaffiliated.
    How do I know that? Because I’m still here!


  53. 147
    LOL says:



    • 149
      Timing is All says:

      Let’s hope Newark voters are made aware of this published just after the EU vote.


      • 160
        Lord High Executioner says:

        Get lots of copies out to those 1000 boots on the ground before Friday so they can be delivered to every household there over the weekend.


      • 163
        Enough says:

        They ask all EU members for the equiv of an extra £3.8 BN, £200m “to help Ukraine” which isn’t even a member!
        Where is our extra £½BN coming from?
        UK TAXPAYERS that’s who


        • 164
          Enough, Enough says:

          Tell em we’ll consider it AFTER their accounts have been audited and signed off


    • 151
      Dave Cameron says:

      I like to touch my toes while I bend over.


    • 153
      British Taxpayer says:



    • 156
      Ever hopeful says:

      Champagne prices gone up again or have they found another country they want to invade, have political bribes risen even higher.


    • 167
      Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

      Wonder if the BBC and Sky along with the Sun will they all report this, our ears are still ringing from the Euro Elections why is this slap in the face being reported now, Camoron must have known before the Euro elections or is he so out of touch, he wasn’t listening


  54. 157
    Jake says:


  55. 159
    Lord High Executioner says:

    Sky presenters were chuntering on about immigration this morning when one of the female ones got herself so excited she said: “Well, even the Queen is married to an immigrant”…. and then rapidly ran away and changed the subject.

    As a minor study of history showed, that entire family are immigrants (House of Hanover before they carefully changed their handles to Windsor as a safety precaution) which goes a long way to explaining why QEII was happy to sign herself and this country over to EU – ie German – bondage a few years ago.

    Somebody had better mention that royals in Europe are literally a dying breed.


    • 166
      Stapler says:

      At least Prince Philip saw action in the navy and learned how to play cricket. What was Ed Miliband’s family up to at the time? Looting bombsites?


    • 171
      Pedant says:

      They changed name from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor.


  56. 168

    You are of course aware that while Robert Ambridge, Esq, is not part of the worshipful brothers he has links to Essex Constabulary HQ. Michael Barrymore?


  57. 185
    Nonny Mouse says:

    Dear Cllr Jake, it is “sick of” not “sick off”. Learn the English language before using a forum that requires the use of words.


  58. 189
    Say NO to European Onion says:

    The lad is clearly a total prick.


  59. 199
    r i n k y _ s t i n g p i e c e says:

    “Marxist-style histrionics… – Marxists are a fan of this sort of debating style. Marx called it labelling. Stick a label on your opponents and they then have to argue with the label before they can argue with you. ”

    hence: bigøt, råcist, -phobe, etc… …just do it back to them to neutralise their attacks.


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