May 28th, 2014

Callanan Does Not Rule Out EU Commissioner Bid

Martin Callanan, Former Tory MEP and grassroot favourite to be Britain’s next EU commissioner, is being extremely tight lipped about the gig. When Guido asked if he was interested in the job he said “I’m sure you’ll understand but I can’t say anything about it. I cannot comment about this.”

We’ll take that as a yes then.


  1. 1
    still walking into darkness says:

    Perfect for a Commissioner role. Just be voted out, so the perfect record of failure to fit the bill.


    • 10
      Anonymong says:

      And they still can’t figure out why UKIP keep gaining votes.

      Looks like the ‘elite’ aren’t all that good after all.


      • 13
        Kinnockio says:

        The EU is the place to be for a failed politician, boyo.


        • 20
          A Voter says:

          Shut it down


          • Touching cloth says:

            I initially thought he would make a not-terrible appointment, but it does pass the smell test as others have described it sums up the Nonsense that is Europe quite well. Voted out – put back in!


    • 23
      Lard Patten says:

      Losing your seat is just the start of your career.


    • 51
      Ex Tory voter says:

      Is he another old Etonian?


      • 52
        Anonymous says:

        Nope, local (to Newcastle upon Tyne) boy born a bred, got a degree in engineering from Northumbria University. Used to work for the breweries!


        • 58
          Real University Man says:

          It would have been Newcastle Poly. It only got called a University in Major’s farcical changes to HE.


        • 71
          Morgan's Organ says:

          Brewery, piss up – obviously the job’s his!


    • 64
      broderick crawford says:

      Lansley will be spitting nails … will Cleggie .


  2. 1
    LB says:

    Kick out by the electorate as not fit for the job.

    Parachuted in to dictate to us by his mates.


  3. 3
    no I thought not says:

    Do we get a vote?


    • 17
      Dave "unlimited immigration is cool" Cameron says:

      Democracy is too important to be entrusted to plebby little voters such as yourself.


  4. 4
    Breaking News says:

    Nick Clegg has said Lord Oakeshott is seeking to “undermine” the Lib Dems after the peer commissioned an opinion poll suggesting the party would do better with a new leader. He described Lord Oakeshott’s actions as “a great pity” and accused him of taking “pot shots” at his own side.


  5. 5
    The Electorate says:

    Tell this loser to fuck off and get a proper job. Not at the taxpayers’ expense.

    We rejected him. What is it about the meaning of the word ‘no’ that the government doesn’t understand?


  6. 6
    Puzzled of Peckham says:

    Fungus the Bogeyman lookalike Callanan would be perfect for the job!

    He has spent years raking in the shekels for betraying Britain in Brussels.

    Now that the voters have given him the boot back he goes.

    What could more perfectly summarise Cameron’s complete contempt for democracy and the Plebs who dared to kick this EU collaborator out on his sorry arse?


  7. 7
    Pat's right as always says:


    • 9
      The British public says:

      Publish Chilcot.


      • 67
        broderick crawford says:

        Blair s losing his hair .

        Call mr Berlusconi to recommend a good “rug ” maker
        ( or perhaps in his case not so good )


    • 16
      Miliband says:

      Don’t tell me what to do you criminal fucktard.


    • 22
      String Vest says:

      A very odious man IMO. I do not trust him at all.


    • 62
      Drink this and sh*t away all your troubles says:

      This lying tw@t had the look of a snake oil salesman about him from the day I first laid eyes on him. The only thing missing was a covered wagon behind him and a bottle of turpentine in his hand. In another age he would have been tarred and feathered before being strung up.


    • 66
      broderick crawford says:

      you resemble max clifford in your inset photo Pat .

      Was that intentional or just serendipitous ?


    • 70
      RichUpNorth says:

      When you hear pronouncements from scum like Blair doesn’t it just make you more determined to give the LabLibCons an ongoing kicking?


  8. 8
    average joanna says:

    I’m sure the £157,000 pay-off for losing
    his MEP post will soften the blow if he
    fails to become a Commissar.


    • 28
      A reminder says:

      As he has lost the MEP post, he will probably also get it anyway! It’s the way these things work.


    • 32
      WoRaft Chihuahua says:

      Don’t forget the amazingly lush pension you are paying for him. It is bound to kick in from age 55, and he’s 53 now. He can manage for two years on his pay-off, then settle down to about 50 years of very plumptious retirement on our dollar. No doubt somebody will find him a few directorships in order to try to gain unfair advantage and access to the EU, selling privately what was acquired in the line of public work.

      It is hardly the same as three months in jail, a summary trial and then the guillotine. The next time the French kick off a revolution, we should join in.


    • 68
      broderick crawford says:

      Not really ? On his accustomed lifestyle that will only last him a year !!


  9. 11
    Realist says:

    Yet again the poisonous legacy of Blair and Brown’s ‘ethical’ foreign policy lingers on. And nothing’s been done about it by the apology for a government we have.
    British firms operate in foreign markets with one hand tied behind their backs:


  10. 12
    This would be the same Sudan which has put a woman on death row for being a Christian says:


  11. 14
    Round_or_Flat says:

    So they want to make some bod Head Boy to get all his Gang to reconsider having any vote at all on the Big Question.
    They are trying to nobble the horse again.


  12. 15
    Does Rolf realise he's on trial? says:

    Yesterday he sings to the jury. Today, this:

    TV entertainer Rolf Harris admits he is good at disguising a “dark side” of his character as he begins evidence at his indecent assault trial.

    Can you tell whose career is fucked yet?


    • 21
      Mr Logic says:

      He’s about 84 years old, so I doubt he gives a toss about his career any more.


      • 33
        well says:

        And he must be rich after spending so many years at the BBC.


        • 36
          Rolf thanks the BBC for all the oppurtunites he was given over the years says:

          Rich in memories of all those little arses in wet swimming costumes he used to see while hosting ‘Swim’.


      • 39
        Anonymous says:

        I give a toss about how this country will not listen to those that criticise the famous.

        OK they are targeted by the nutters and need protection. But after whistleblowing on some public servants and seeing how everyone closes ranks, or just ignored us, I can see how some can get away with even murder.

        Cameron, you were the one that ignored us. You could have saved lives. You still can. I know that one of your senior ministers was fully aware of the issues. What was done: zero.

        Your political life is far more important than a voter.


  13. 18
    Mornington Crescent (with apologies to NT9OCN) says:

    What a professional! What a contender!

    What a prick…


  14. 19
    Maximus says:

    Is he as tight lipped on where he stands on TTIP? Enforcer, perhaps?


  15. 24
    Fruitcake, swivel eyed loony and closet racist says:

    So, let me get this straight. Matthew Oakeshott faces expulsion from the Limp Dumbs for ‘undermining’ the party.

    However kiddy fiddlers and sexual perverts get away scot-free.

    And they wonder why they’re on the road to oblivion.

    Vote UKIP, get UKIP.
    Vote Tory, get Labour.


  16. 27
    James O'Bottom says:

    Callanan headed the Conservative and Reform grouping in the eu a grouping entirely opposed to eu withdrawal as is Callanan. Ashton, Mandelsohn, Kinnockio, Patten All either failed or non-elected politicians. A certain Chris Soames who lost his parliamentary seat in 1966 became an eu commissioner it’s nothing new.


  17. 35
    More votes for UKIP tehehe says:

    Cananan was voted out of office after a prolonged innings!
    Reward Failure !
    Nothing new then


  18. 40
    Flying over the Westminster Village says:

    Callanan has been sent packing by the Electorate once and here he is again seeking to get his nose in the trough.

    Lets have it written in tablets of stone that anyone in the EU entering and losing an Election shall be banned from holding office in the EU for five years.

    That would sort out the freebooters.


  19. 41
    Brussels bogey says:

    Wtf has Callanan got over Cameron? Story about an affair or a dodgy deal?! This nasty man clearly has a dark secret about something. It makes no sense. Please give us a single indication of a credible source saying he is being considered by Downing Street. Or is this is one band order-order campaign to stroke callanan’s battered ego?


  20. 42
  21. 45
    cured lefty says:

    Whatever his faults if it was a choice between him and that talent free hag Ashton………………………..?


  22. 47
    Geoffrey Johns says:

    Hannan says he’s a good man. That’s enough for me


  23. 50
    Axle Grease says:

    If he’s appointed, will he return the £157,000 Golden goodbye?
    Will the new pension be added to the old one?


  24. 56

    Grass roots favourite? He’s unheard of outside the bubble.

    Just another loser political crony getting looked after by his friends


  25. 57
    ali baba's chief thief says:

    If this tale is true, we need a few firebombs in Whitehall to reinforce the message that the UK public do not want him in Brussels any longer. May be we can embarrass him in not putting his name forward any further.


  26. 59
  27. 63
    The Colonel says:

    Big Chief Murdoch says do not trust snake oil salesman Tony Blair .He entered my teepee and shagged my squaw.


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