May 27th, 2014

Cabinet Fall Out Over SpAds Campaigning in Newark

Guido hears there was a bit of a barney at the political cabinet last Tuesday. The PM made it perfectly clear that he expects all of his colleagues to pull their weight in the Newark by-election and one claims that Dave “lost his rag” about taxpayer funded special advisers refusing to campaign. Guido understands there has been a bit of an email revolt to No. 10 by uppity SpAds who resent not getting a cheeky day off while their bosses tour the Nottinghamshire seat. When one Secretary of State gently pointed out to the PM that the civil service code of conduct bans SpAds from the stump, the PM’s ‘tiredness’ did not improve one little bit. Anyone would think he was encouraging them to ignore the rules…



  1. 1
    My crystal ball sees all. says:

    My antenna suggests a comfortable UKIP win in Newark.

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    • 6
      The Thick of It says:

      I don’t know about bacon butties….but Miliband is toast

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    • 17
      Deep Space says:

      should i stay or should i go. mother is pacified now. the golden hanger is out.

      headband down. so who is BOSS.


    • 33
      robocock says:

      Nice to know Cameron is so desperate to keep us in the EU and ensure we are invaded by millions of foreigners every decade that he will break the rules and have taxpayer funded workers campaign for him.

      This should be pointed out in advance to the police and/or electoral commission so they can politely mention it to Cameron so as to avoid any confusion.

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    • 35
      oikaphobia says:

      Cameron – the oaf who uses tax-payers’ money to fund left wing bully boys such as the UAF and HnH.

      Rules are for plebs and oiks.

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    • 60
      broderick crawford says:

      It s do able but it won t be comfortable.


  2. 2
    The Chipping Norton set says:

    ‘Newark’? Sounds suspiciously too much like ‘new work’ for our liking.

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  3. 3
    john in cheshire says:

    Dave, calm down, dear, it’s only politics.


  4. 4
    Nick Clegg says:

    LD party press office once considered getting T-shirts with Oakeshott’s face and the words ‘Senior Parliamentarian':


  5. 5
    Diana Abbott says:

    Dis Newarkshire is dat where all dem hobbits live?

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  6. 7
    Truthteller says:

    People of Newark, do your duty.

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  7. 8
    Alex Salmond says:

    I know what’s best for Englandshire and will be sending a crack team of cybernats down the A1 to help repel the tide of UKIP before they reach bonny Scotland. Oh, wait…

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  8. 11
    It's the law, surely says:

    Campaigning is a party issue. Taxpayer-funded anyone can not take part.

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  9. 12
    Axel Grease says:

    Hey Ed. I think I’ve come up with a winner here. Let’s go for the Hispanic vote.

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  10. 13
    David Axl Rose says:

    Noowark? Ain’t that in Jersey?


  11. 14
    excon says:

    I’m an ex member of the conservatives in the Newark constituency. I’ve done my duty with my postal vote, never enjoyed placing my X so much

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  12. 18
    Village Idiot says:

    ……The Heroics of UKIP has unsettled the cosy Cartel and they have been found out to be governing for themselves and not for the ordinary people of this once great nation, with the help of the biased media!..Now,they can see the threat to their cosy cartel,thinking they could continue with their treasonous behaviour,but a fucking big spoke has been stuck in their wheel,the ramifications of which, are still to be played out!!!

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    • 25
      My crystal ball sees all. says:

      Absolutely: the more those BBC and Murdoch gobshites – who haven’t got a fucking clue what your ordinary chap-about-town thinks – chat their shit about how UKIP dismissing them as a ‘flash in the pan’ and ‘their Euro win won’t convert to a general election win’ the more people feel compelled to vote UKIP again at the general election.

      The three main parties have fundamentally misjudged and misunderstand the electorate. UKIP are going to poll extremely well in 2015 and it will be entirely the three main parties own doing.

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  13. 20
    UKIP Voter says:

    The European pundits interviewed on Newsnight all said UKIP wasn’t a far right racist party like the French one was.
    How can they see it and not our own bunch of left wing tossers that infest the media and politics.
    Sorry answered my own question.
    It’s because they are a bunch of left wing tossers

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    • 50
      conmen sense says:

      How is Dan Hodges left wing, he actively supports the suppression of Trade Unions. He’s good mates with Mr Gove. He’s about as left wing as David Cameron.


  14. 21
    Nigel Farage says:

    And in the UK we must tiptoe carefully through everything we do and say to ensure we don’t offend such types,as the Tories in Newark.


  15. 23
    Boris - are the peasants still revolting? says:

    Don’t worry. Put me in charge and everything will go swimmingly – the peasants think that I’m such a card.

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    • 40
      Anon says:

      Well said from this Old Etonian Bullington Toff just like CMDD which
      is certain to go down well with the filthy stinking lower fcuking order
      who need to be told very frequently to stay in there fcuking hovels.
      While the favoured chosen elite who are ordained from on high to
      rule for every more & as they continue to plunder the land & all of the
      resources exclusively for there debauched life style which the lower
      fcuking order are forced to pay for, like it or not…….

      VOTE UKIP & rid OUR country of these parasites, pimps & leeches
      aka ConsLieLaborLebDims MPs……

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    • 41
      Tony Little says:

      Well, you got the ‘C’ correct but the remaining three letters were out.

      25% Boris, see me after class.


  16. 24
    Nick Clegg says:

    Said “good morning” to two people and both looked at me like I just farted in their coffee.

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  17. 26

    If I was War Secretary, and if I then found that “ministers” needed “special advisers”, I’d have them jugged for CV fraud.

    For example, it would not be suitable to have a bloke as “Industry Minister” (I have no clue whether there’s one or not) who hadn’t run a few biggish Private Sector Industries for many years.

    As for a minister for “Culture, media and Sport”, we have none of the first any more except in niches and crannies, there is too much of the second that’s at the bidding of the State, and we’re crap at the third. So the previous incumbents must all have been hitherto useless drones but who believe in their own indispensability.

    Parliament should not be “entered” (as a section of a career path) unless AND until the candidate has demonstrated much success over many years in one or more other unrelated Private-Sector careers.

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  18. 30
    Major Fuckup says:

    Go on Dave reinforce failure by draughting in unelected spad battalions to convince us we are all barbarians for voting UKIP.

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  19. 36
    RomaBobbieBooBoo says:

    Power certainly corrupts.


  20. 37
    Jet Wash says:

    If I was the Clegg I would go for a dirty protest


  21. 39
    Bob Rusk says:

    Like rats in a sack. Sweeeeeeeet.

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  22. 42
    Austin Tash says:

    Instead of listing themselves as “UK Independence Party (UKIP)” on the ballot paper, they should go with the short and sweet “UKIP” to avoid confusion with “An Independence from Europe”.

    UKIP will stand out so much better. The confusion cost them 1.5% of the vote and two MEPs:

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  23. 45
    Arshbutt Fayre says:

    If anyone finds a tax-payer funded person has been campaigning, Cameron should be arrested*.

    * and waterboarded, preferably.

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  24. 48
    James O'Bottom says:

    Why would anybody vote for professional politicians? All three Ukippers elected in Yorkshire are workers two successful businessmen one ex-Army. No wonder the establishment hates them.

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    • 51
      Vote UKIP get Tory says:

      I wouldn’t go so far as to say hate. There must be certain about jealousy though from Party SpAds who will struggle, many will fail, to get elected next year.

      All I hope is that UKIP are not another set of Bullshit Enablers.


  25. 49
    DaveA says:

    Any SpAd who campaigns in Newark should be sacked immediately by Wormtongue, aka Sir Jeremy Heywood.

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  26. 53

    leave the eu fuck the euro crats get our England back NOW.

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  27. 54
    Anonymous says:

    Don’t SpAds turn to dust if they travel more than 5 miles from Westminster?

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    • 57
      All party leaders are SpAds except for Green and UKIP says:

      There able to do so, but only on official party business before being hand-picked for a safe seat.

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  28. 58
    Apthorpe says:

    Our Westminster SpaAds have probably seen where and what Newark is like, a Midlands market town now enjoying thefull fruits of 40 years of neglect and enrichment. No wonder they don’t want to go, the place is Babbing for Bennies heaven. UKIP might just be able to appeal to enough of the original in habitants to win it but it will be closer than many think.


  29. 64
    broderick crawford says:

    Sorry to burst or at the very least deflate your euphorically stratospheric ukip bubbles ut as far as Newark is concerned this Helmer fellow looks abit of a dud.
    I ve not yheard him utter o e sentence to support his candidscy .

    Great pity ukip defenestrated Godfey Bloom for the rather venial sin of swatting cove with a leaflet . He was /is more fiinancially litera te than Nobsore .

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  30. 65
    Disheartened Patriot says:

    Can’t wait to see a “red eye” Dave the night after UKIP hammer him in Newark. Couldn’t happen to a nicer sleazeball – except Cleggy that is (who I’m sure will be holed up in his – taxpayer funded – country home; enjoying his last few months as our ludicrously titled “Deputy Prime Minister”.

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    • 69
      Dream on says:

      Helmer won’t win shit and he sums up the problem with UKIP and any minor party candidates.
      They are nearly always rejects from the other parties and they usually look it and sound it.


  31. 68

    Ahh, bless – he’s still throwing his little toys out of the pram about the severe drubbing he received on Sunday.


  32. 72
    Anonymous says:

    “the civil service code of conduct bans SpAds from the stump”
    If god had wanted us to obey that rule, wouldn’t he have ensured it made the cut? As commandment eleven.


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