May 23rd, 2014

WATCH: Mann v Dugher Ding-Dong

Quotable Labour backbencher John Mann has had it out with Michael Dugher live on the Beeb:

“[Who’s fault is it?] Ed Miliband and everyone at the top of the Labour Party called this wrong… Michael knows full well the Labour Party election strategy was not to attack UKIP. That was a fundamental error… If I were Douglas Alexander I’d be sending myself off to Scotland.”

Amusing for one crucial reason: Dugher in private agrees with Mann.


  1. 1
    Grab the popcorn says:

    Labour infighting. Magic!


    • 4
      Bert says:

      “Yesterday’s men”.


      • 6
        Bert says:

        PS Vote here to retain Ed Miliband as leader of the Labour Party :-)


        • 9
          UKIP massacred our fluffy bunnies Labour family says:

          Labour must keep Red Ed Multimillionaireband until 2020 at least. His Michael Foot qualities are admirable.

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          • bergen says:

            The comparison to Foot is a bit harsh. Foot ‘s politics were off the wall but personally he was a wonderful public speaker, a scholar ,a wit and a man of warmth and humanity.

            Compare and contrast with that weird nerd Miliband.


          • Bill the baker. says:

            Conservative/Labour warning: “Vote for UKIP, and you’ll let Labour/Tories in”.

            So bloody what?

            The Conservatives won’t give us what we want, and nor will Labour or the LibDems. They’ve collectively stuffed the country.

            Fuck ‘em all. I don’t owe them my vote, so I’ll vote UKIP anyway.


          • Nige - the N word - Farage says:

            Dave has “led” the Conservative Party into third place. He is so pitifully weak that he can’t even beat a Miliband led Labour Party. He is a proven loser.

            Vote Cameron, get Miliband.


      • 46
        while we were a kipper says:

        ukip came and then

        “A COMPANY that makes raw PLACENTA smoothies for new mums has been shut down amid fears they pose a serious health risk.
        The firm has made drinks and capsules out of the afterbirth for about 20 mothers in the last five years.

        iis alastair campbells soup? placenta is out hence pleased to mmet you.


      • 133
        land grab says:

        i want some land.
        to bury some bodies
        some bodies, not somebody.

        land wants land back.
        eng land.
        how laid back.

        eng land or neg land.
        no eggs no land.
        jump up and down.
        that is what pop corns do. let the corns bleed.


    • 59
      rimmmer says:

      John Mann is delusional.

      Ukip were under attack from:
      The Daily Telegraph
      The Daily Mail
      The Sun
      The BBC
      The independent
      The Guardian
      The Tory party
      The Labour Party
      The Liberal Democrat Party
      The great and good of every quango and campaign group
      Feminazis who obsess on twitter
      Far-left on twitter
      Owen Jones – who does get exposure
      Rigged Question Time audiences

      The list could go on and on. On what planet was Ukip not attacked. The point, Mr Mann, was that the attacks were just the sort of attacks that are made on ordinary working people who are told “look forget about all the unemployment that immigration causes, just enjoy being enriched or we’ll call you racist”

      The harder people attacked Ukip, the more popular they became.


      • 70
        Vichy ‘Dave’ says:

        I’m sure that with the help of the EUSSR Ministry of Propaganda, the BBC, LieBore, and what remains of the Limp Dicks – I can fool the Sheeple yet again!

        That surely must be the answer to my survival and future in the Brussels Pantheon.


      • 91
        And yet...... says:

        Mary Creagh just described Farage as a “media darling”.


      • 104
        John Bellingham says:

        Some Labour b*tch on Dimbleby’s autopsy show just stated “Nigel Farage is the Media’s darling-they have given him nothing but positive coverage”.



      • 123
        Politics of Hypocrisy says:

        You can should add Yahoo to the list, complete with endless interview with Martin Schulz President of the EU Parliament with ex communist leanings who declared that Nigel Farage disgusted him. In fact that was the Yahoo headline, Farage disgusts me says President of the European Parliament.


      • 177
        Cor Blimey says:

        Tonights Question Time on radio 4 made me very angry as it was the usual gang of 3 + the Champagne Socialist Dumblebore + a left wing selected audience and was remeniscent of what they did to Nick of the BNP.
        But at the end the UKIP Communications Leader got in a wonderful last sentence that Dumblebore tried unsuccessfully to drown out, which was that the “metropolitan” audience was obviously not on his side (to some boos) and that the programme fully exemplified the fact of a libdemcon alliance – which it certainly did.
        A magnificent own goal by the BBC with its usual biased chair.
        Of the 3 “major” parties, they proved to be totally indistinguishable from each other. The libdem was particularly odious.


    • 79
      veejay says:

      Dan Hodges has now written another article for the telegraph saying that today’s results show ukip is doing badly and slipping back. I kid you not, go check it out.

      The man is having a meltdown and it’s before out very eyes. Party of me wants to cheer – he has abused his position on a respected newspaper to try to demonise millions of normal decent people for wanting a democracy and was a cheerleader of the failed campaign to brand Farage and Ukip as racist.

      On the other hand we should have sympathy for a man who has really staked his reputation and hopes on something and then seen it turn to dust. It’s all in public, he is being humiliated across twitter and the blogosphere and I defy anyone not to have a tiny bit of sympathy. His rantings are becoming ever more deranged and mad, I genuinely fear for his mental health. Someone, perhaps his mum, needs to tell him to walk away from the internet for a few weeks.


      • 95
        Anonymous says:

        Of course Labour sat back and didn’t attack UKIP. They never get their hands dirty.They have third party groups to do that for them. £ millions was spent on it, so many pallets of leafets and newspapers they had to use fork lifts to get them off the lorries.

        The Labour Party have their own third party groups


      • 154
        An ugly cunt with an ugly mother says:

        Hodges used to stick his tongue up Blair’s arsehole: now it’s rammed up Goodluck Umunna’s.

        Sympathy? I don’t think so.


    • 86
      Mr Nobody says:

      Labour’s problem is that they think they can dictate what people can and can’t earn and will or won’t pay for their electricity, TV, car etc. Real people are more interested in having opportunities to get better paid jobs so that they can make these choices for themselves. The state has to get out of the way, not intervene.

      Labour are just out of touch.


      • 118
        JH326y345sd23432 says:

        They have long believed they can dictate what people are ‘allowed’ to say, think and aspire to so you can’t blame them for diversifying.


        • 168
          The British public says:

          They still don’t credit the electorate with any intelligence.

          Note to establishment-we can see through all the lies and
          spin. We understand the issues and will vote accordingly.


    • 173
      poli-waffle says:

      Is Dugher in a safe enough seat for a leadership bid?

      If Labour were able to be as ruthless as Tories and eat their own babies, now would be the time to strike… A new leader in the run up would have a fighting chance. Miliband and his front bench is crippling his party and they all know it.


  2. 2
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

    I shall be having a rather large drink tonight.


    • 58
      Ockham's Toothbrush says:

      There are too many structurally-interdependent known-unknowns to consider before I decide whether to have a drink tonight, let alone whether it shall be large, small or, (to be radically cautious) medium-sized. And shall it be a non-PC, intoxicating alcoholic drink, or what is misleadingly called a ‘soft’ drink (for are not all drinks soft, unless they are frozen, that is?). Meanwhile the nexus of imprecision that is being wilfully ignored by the soi-disant, metropolitan elite is….. [cont p.94]


      • 76
        p. 94 says:

        … about to become unravelled by means of classical philosophical inquiry, perhaps Socratean, perhaps Cartesian; I am currently reading Russell’s admittedly rather heuristic lucubrations on the disjunct between the daily, gritty life of the workingman and the airy theorising that goes on in the philosophy departments of our more … [cont. p. 135]


        • 129
          p.135 says:

          …hubristic academies. Beyond that I’d argue that the paradigm of the imbibing of falling-down water is synchronitic with the attention demanded by the swift moving, nay mercurial, disappearance of the pizza slices at the hands of youthful gobblers (that’s enough shite – ed).


    • 99
      e kip. says:

      e kip.
      u kip.

      ue rope.
      money for old rope.


  3. 3
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    Chortle.: All three Chipping Norton council seats are now Labour.


    • 107
      game and set says:

      match is on.


    • 169
      The Growler says:

      Tha nos wot Fawkesy, neither did the Conners attack UKip, I don’t know why as they say they are not looking for alliances with the Kippers, that is unless Duplicitous Dave has a cunning plan.


  4. 5
    SleeplessInKirkcaldy says:

    Labour should have won 300-500 council seats to have had any indication of momentum into the general election. Ed is now somewhere between Foot and Kinnoch. Unfortunately for the Conservatives, Dave looks like a Heath


    • 120
      salty balls says:

      Dave looks like a twat


      • 125
        Bill Quango MP says:

        Does that make Clegg Jeremy Thorpe?

        Interesting thing about Jeremy Thorpe’s wiki page. It doesn’t really answer or even pose very many questions at all.

        It looks suspiciously like a page with the least amount of truth possible on it.
        Much like Tony Blairs.


        • 170
          The Growler says:

          OK, having said all that, who is going to be asked to fall on their sword, someone is going to answer for the Conners terrible results, the Conners don’t like failures. Who is going to carry the LibDems blame for their disaster, they should have stayed independent, is it going to be a collective blame taker, still they should be used to such set backs over the last 90+ years.


  5. 7
    Name and address not supplied says:

    Good one Nige, on BBC News, telling the three parties what he thinks.


    • 12
      Peter Martin says:

      “Amusing for one crucial reason: Dugher in private agrees with Mann.”


      Small personal observation: parties (or their media toady PR divisions in the shamblocracy) saying one thing in public to what they think in private, or not saying anything at all for fear of having an actual sincere opinion they need to stand behind… does not seem to have resonated with the electorate so far.



  6. 8
    James O'Bottom says:

    I’ve actually listened to a Labour MP talk for more than two minutes without vomiting!


  7. 10

    I admit that I have been quite unfair, in the past, in singling John Mann out as a wanker.

    They are all wankers.

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    • 14
      Name and address not supplied says:

      Watched him, publicly throwing his toys out of his pram , unbelievable, these people are supposed to pillars of society, not nursery kids upset at some other kid taking a toy off him.


    • 43
      Carlo Gambino says:

      Mr Clean has Mrs Mann on the/his/our payroll but under her maiden sorry ‘professional’ name.


    • 171
      The Growler says:

      For some reason it seems that it is obligatory even for married men to be so, in all parties.


  8. 11
    Gerbil 7 says:

    There is a particular beauty attached to the comments in the left wing media today, knowing full well that these were entered whilst eating tear soaked artisan focaccia in Islington.
    I love the smell of distraught lefties in the morning.

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  9. 13
    The whole of Scotland says:

    We don’t want the useless arsewipe back!


  10. 15
    Raving Loon says:

    UKIP can win in London, but the message will have to be different. It can’t be anti-EU and anti-immigration (except the suburbs). Better to be anti-pointless foreign wars and pro-personal liberty.


  11. 16
    Theyre all smug, sneering, Labour luvin cunts at the BBC says:

    Finally,,…fuckin finally this blog which as bin so fuckin moribund since the fall of the one eyed scotch cu’nt is cummin back to life

    Fawkes as got summin to work wiv again, now these leftist filth/enemies of England begin to turn on each ovva

    In 12 mumfs time we’re gonna have a snivelling little Marxist shit in No10, courtesy of Labour’s UKIP proxies, so i wanna see some juicy fucking stories at long last Fawkes


  12. 17
    Labour Voting Doug Shite says:

    Both Labour and the BBC have gone into meltdown. Happy Days!


    • 41
      David Axl Rose says:

      See? I already made a difference.


    • 67
      Anonymous says:

      Lat time I looked at the numbers Labour were up 18% and the Tories down 15 %. Can’t understand Tory crowing!


      • 174
        The Growler says:

        They don’t know what’s hit them, they were born to rule (or think were) they just don’t believe it and they had the backing of the Master and two Fawkes and they still lost out, it’s excuses time now, spinning that it is not as bad it seems and that they are closing the gap on Liebore.


        • 180
          You heard it first here says:

          +++++++BREAKING NEWS ++++++

          Reports from Turnipland indicate that, following disastrous election results, right wing blogging granny has gone into terminal distress and will no longer bother us with her rantings.

          Flowers to the usual address.


  13. 19
    Autobahn says:

    I am not a criminal, in my entire life I have not done any criminal acts. I am interested in the mentality of criminals, why would they want to take from another?
    I can see that a criminal might regard themselves as above the law by means of mentality
    Some people might consider that the entire global infrastructure is / was established by criminal acts.
    I know that Tony Blair thinks that way.
    My argument is: If it is law that we are under then let us apply it to everybody.


    • 22

      But surely the theory states that already.

      It is the practice which fails to follow it.

      To an extent, it was ever thus. But it is true that, under Blair, it was elevated into an art form.


      • 35
        Autobahn says:

        well somebody called Chilcot has been given the task to report by examining evidence has there been any illegality involving the British people by their representatives and I anticipate that report.


  14. 20
    Labour Voting Thicko says:

    You what?


  15. 21
    Botus says:

    Fuucking Superb :)


  16. 24
    Peter Martin says:

    Possibly due to the edit (BBC or OO), but Mr. Mann’s ‘old mate’ Mr. Dugher’s sole argument seemed to be to list just what barely competent clowns can end up around a Shadow Cabinet table based on little more than seeing a lucrative career path in politics, ticking a few selection boxes, and managing thus far to outclimb others to the top of a greasy pole (like all the others I might add).

    Quite what the modesty of their origins means to a voter in the absence of any other ability remains unclear.


    • 138
      Soshalism is a terminal sicknessPolitics of Hypocrisy says:

      Yes I loved the bit about the bloke with no qualifications and another who is an apprentice engineer. Ha fucking Ha.


      • 178
        Big Momma says:

        Well it appears that being brought up by a single mum on a council estate is a new Labour prerequisite for the “shallow” cabinet.


  17. 25
    Rob Roy says:

    You can tell Mr Mann from England we do not want Alexander mixed up in Scottish politics.

    Scotland for the Scots not an English dumping ground.


    • 30
      William Wallace says:

      As a Scot I find Mr Mann’s comments deeply offensive as he is seeking to fob off a political failure on us for the good of his continued existence in Westminster.

      If ever there was a non economic reason for voting Yes for Independence Mr Mann most certainly has given it.


      • 90
        Bert says:

        But Wee Doogie is one of yours, is he not, sprung from the seething cesspit of Scottish Labour? So do please have him back, with the best compliments of your English neighbours — most of whom wish you well, though you might find that hard to believe with people like Mr Salmond around.


      • 144
        Goodbye, goodbye, you're leaving us goodbye, says:

        Yes. Please do take this as yet another insult to persuade you to fuck off.


      • 175
        The Growler says:

        They don’t know what’s hit them, they were born to rule (or think were) they just don’t believe it and they had the backing of the Master and two Fawkes and they still lost out, it’s excuses time now, spinning that it is not as bad it seems and that they are closing the gap on Liebore.


  18. 26
    Oh, really? says:

    So, Mann of the moment thinks Ed should have jumped into the sewer along with everyone else? Fool!


  19. 27

    Is H@rry on menstrual leave today?


  20. 28
    Just in says:

    Ukip tipped to come third, with a lower share than last time.


    • 33
      Westminster Human Centipede says:

      After the 24/7 smearing by everyone even including the Daily Mail for the last 3 weeks UKIP destruction hasn’t been achieved.
      Barely scratched the paint as Hodges would say.


  21. 29
    Jacobite half-seas over the water says:

    Out with you! South over the Tweed! And take the House of Windsor (Hanover) with you. Including that Defender of the Muslim Faith.


  22. 31
    David Axelrod says:

    Sorry fella’s but the lowdown is this.
    If you don’t want the public to know your party is full of retards don’t make a fucking retard your leader.
    Now where’s my 300,000 bucks?


    • 47
      Gawd Help Us says:

      They made the same mistake with Gordon Brown. Remember the constant ”’he’s the best man for the job”. People thought good god how bad are the others.


    • 179
      Labour economist. says:

      In the Co-op Bank.


  23. 32
    Prime Minister"Money's no object" Cameron says:

    Thank you for your support,all who voted Conservative yesterday.I can assure you that once I am in funds,I shall purchase my own support.! Our journey continues, are you in?


    • 42
      Name and address not supplied says:

      You have destroyed the Conservatives, your journey can continue, your taxi awaits.


    • 44
      Merkel siad I can't what's a c*nt to do? says:

      let me put it into language you don’t seem to have any trouble understanding.


  24. 36
    The snug at the wolfs lair says:

    Labour wheel out its big guns as Blunkett rushes to a BBC studio


  25. 37
    The British media are cunts says:

    These wankers just don’t get it do they? THEY are the problem. The years of lies, spin and deception, combined with the thieving and kiddie fiddling.

    UKIP is not the problem, it’s not the gurning of Red Ed, it’s THEM all of THEM.


  26. 39
    A cartoon warthog says:

    Labour won a lot of additional seats and it’s a failure?


    • 51
      A new dawn has broken...has it not ??(er Sorry Ed but no it hasn't) says:

      BBC gave some statistics on their results show…Labour’s lead has dropped back by 10% since 2012….which is er the WRONG way they should be improving NOT the other way Hardly inspiring stuff. Their lead is now down to 4% and given that we have had 4 years of austerity and the election is only just over 11 months away one could argue that it’s hardly a success. Miliband better keep hoping that firstly Farage and UKIP keep taking votes away from the Tories and secondly that Scotland votes to stay in the Union in September otherwise he’s…..”fooked”


      • 93
        táxpáyér says:

        “given that we have had 4 years of austerity”

        We’ve got 400 billion more debt… Not sure that’s austerity on this side of the looking glass.


    • 141
      Anonymous says:

      labour’s share of the local election is currently 31% the tories are on 29%, ukip of 17%

      that is a tiny 2% lead with 12 months of people who only pay attention to politics before the general election listening to the militwat.

      they are toast big time.

      its going to be another coalition. the way some of the council seats have clustered there is an outside chance of a couple of ukip mps


  27. 40
  28. 45
    Grant Shapps says:

    Tory MP Aidan Burley’s fiancee Jodie Jones has just announced she is stepping down from the Tory party to become an independent councillor.


  29. 48
    Radu says:

    Buna ziua! Noi suntem noii vecini!


  30. 53
    Labour voting thicko says:

    Why are Labour rubbish?


  31. 54
    the big question says:

    dimbly-bum: “what should the laeebah parteh do now?”

    everyone else: “shut up and fuck off”.


  32. 55
    Labour voting Dug shite says:

    Labour are poor losers.


  33. 57
    R G Bhargee(Mrs) says:

    I wonder how many UKIP voters eat at my restaurant and love getting served by my immigrant waiters.


    • 71
      Jezza says:

      UKIP are winning – get over it


    • 72
      The British media are cunts says:

      I wonder how many of those immigrants also voted UKIP because they’ve probably had enough as well.


    • 75
      Hypocracy stink is the worse of all says:

      If Labour barred racist sexist homophobes from voting for them the party would disappear.
      Take those dirty votes you know you need them.


  34. 60
    Drop a daisy cutter on David Cameron says:

    Labour gain all the seats in The People’s Republic of Chipping Norton.


  35. 62
    The snug at the wolfs lair says:

    Thanks t labour and the cons meet the neighbours


  36. 64
    Alice says:

    A reminder of what underlies so much of recent events.
    “They will have to police us on 32 kinds of crimes – two of which are particularly worrying, one is called racism, another is called xenophobia. … Someone from the British government told us that those who object to uncontrolled immigration from the Third World will be regarded as racist and those who oppose further European integration will be regarded as xenophobes….


  37. 65
    An Independence From Europe says:

    The Champagne is ready.


  38. 66
    Anonymous says:

    But oh, what about Cameron? He sacrificed many councils and hundreds of hard working tory councillors for the dream of a united states of Europe. Him and his cabal, heseltine Clarke, Howe Britain,etc. They would rather suck up to Holland and Merkel, than support a true conservative. They should be tried as traitors to the English people.


  39. 73
    • 82
      Hypocracy stink is the worse of all says:

      Tony Blair is a Hunt argument over.


    • 114
      Bert says:

      Blair failed to mention stagnation, mass unemployment, and the rise of ultra right parties like Golden Dawn. Likewise he failed to mention the “post-democratic age” which he and his little friend Mandelson are so keen to see made real, ushering in the new world order so often referenced by creeps like Barosso and Gordon Brown.

      No wonder he is one of the most hated men in Britain — including, might I add, in your very own, over-the-hill, pointless (because its raison d’être has disappeared) Labour Party.


  40. 74
    David Alexrod says:

    Tricky one this. We have already publicly conceded that the last Labour government got it wrong on immigration. If we attacked UKIP it might seem that our admission was insincere, which of course it was but the schmucks don’t know that. And what difference would it have made if we attacked UKIP? The world and its dog attacked them to no avail. I say the gimp called this one right.


    • 105
      voters know the truth says:

      Dynorod-you need to dig a bit deeper to clear out the shit.
      Actually Milibandwagon accused Farage of making “racial slurs”
      against Romanians.


    • 164
      Steve Right says:

      Labour can’t attack UKIP becauLabour can’t attack UKIP because they know most of their voters agree with they know most of their voters agree with them.


    • 165
      Steve Right says:

      Labour can’t attack UKIP because they know most of their voters agree with them.


  41. 77
    Thesnuga the wolfs lair says:

    This rung rady wuh prorobly frail basic engrish test so ban from blitain

    Meanwhile illiterate gypos and muzzies stream in

    I know who Id rather have as a neighbour


  42. 78
    Guffaws says:

    Labour can argue all they like but they’ve got everything wrong:
    – policies
    – leader
    – socialism never works

    Full marks for persistence and I love the hilarious Ed Miliband, the Franky Spencer of Westminster!!!


  43. 80
    if you want blood spill your own you cunts says:

    my sense is come sunday evening there is going to be significant evidence that many people across europe are very unhappy with the eu and quite possibly that is going to be the ready steady go sign for russia to take back when the eu tried to steal.

    big ears piped up about putin being like h!tler which is very telling. so if you do want to take on russia i guess we shall see you leading at the front! course not! royalty rarely put themselves in the firing line. they prefer to send other people to do it for them.

    the royal families of europe are all intertwined and in cohorts with each other. there is an element of the occult in all this too but know is not the time to be reeling out the tin foil. what they have trouble accepting is they are failures. they use mechanisms like privy councils to rule so that when things go wrong and unpopular fascist decisions get passed into law the blame gets placed on the politician puppets they control and ever onwards they waft about their lands with people waving flags and yeah you get the picture.

    it is not brain surgery to figure out what people need to live their lives. food, shelter, medical care. that is it. back in the day of slavery slaves were for the most part taken care off regarding those three essential elements. these days it is worse- if you don’t work you starve, you live on the streets, you don’t get medical care. that might not make sense in terms of the uk, but think about it. the only real reason we have had a benefits system, council houses and the nhs is just the same as to why there has been immigration from the “colonies”. it is to make the uk look like some progressive force for good, whilst in reality it is just a cloak so that nefarious royalist connections steal the natural resources of other countries.

    saddam was a tyrant and all that shit and uk forces were there to liberate the iraqi people. do you think they feel like they’ve been liberated? the country and its people have been fucking decimated. the only thing not decimated are the big four fuck off sized military bases that are protecting the oil assets that got pilfered whilst the iraqi people were being liberated.

    but not content with taking iraqi oil and libyan oil and this and that and and and, yep they’ve made moves on russian natural resources and a key russian naval base. but apparently, get this! putin is the new h!tler!!! fucking hilarious! this is from some cnut whom 4 of his aunts were members of the nazi party, whose son dressed up in a nazi uniform for a fancy dress party, a family that changed their german surname shortly before world war 1 kicked off.

    so to put it neat and concise if russia does take back what was always theirs in the first place and the uk royals want a grapple then they can be the first to fuck off to the battle front and fucking fight.

    fucking wankers.

    every fucking night there are about 1000 ex british armed services sleeping rough on london streets. meanwhile fuckingham palace has over 700 rooms most of which rarely get used. you do the maths.


    • 83
      Guffaw says:

      Hilarious satire! Bit long though


    • 88
      Anonymous says:

      Bollox 1,000.


    • 92
      Harry For King says:

      EU trying to get Euro sceptics angry at Putin by getting a member of the royal family to have a pop.
      I might have listened had Charles not already proved his loony shit eco credentials ages ago.


    • 98
      táxpáyér says:

      Brilliant, you really managed to get the whole Loon thing down to a T by not using any capital letters, yet you let yourself down by using paragraphs.


    • 147
      EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

      can i add one point which the msm don’t want to ‘see’ or ‘mention’

      Charlie boy is a fully fledged member of the Climate change brigade – he’s been filmed promoting the Brussels CC AGW B/S – and why …. Crown Estate Moneygrubbing.


  44. 84
    John Bull (British Bulldog) says:

    John Bull salutes John Mann – a true British patriot.

    We need men of his fibre in this Year of Destiny.

    117 days to go.


  45. 85
    Autobahn says:

    By misunderstanding reality people form wrong ideas from an early age.
    By being unfortunate to be born of a misguided person can effect your upbringing.
    If you are born of strong mentality then you can come in to our club.
    If you of the sort who is brought up by the misguided ( who is spelt Islamics or Muslims) and you do not see the idiocy then it is better that you fuck off now


  46. 89
    Labour Meltdown says:

    Michael Dugher live BBC 5 Live, he’s losing it


  47. 94
    Comical Ali 2 says:


  48. 100
    Pissing myself laughing says:

    George Galloway ‏@georgegalloway 2h

    It’s with regret I inform you that feudal reactionary “biradari” Labour politics is back in power in Bradford City Council. God help us.

    On yer bike,George.


  49. 101
    Adolph Hitler says:

    Nigel calling Nigel calling….


  50. 103
    Stupid Auld Leech says:

    Vote Labour.


  51. 106
    Grateful says:

    Very many thanks to all UKIP donors, including Paul Sykes, enabling a hard hitting, successful poster campaign.


  52. 108
    Peter Tapsell says:

    Friday Jukebox! I don’t care what anyone says – this is a stormer.


  53. 110
    Out & about with the Labour voting Dug crap in Edinburgh shitty says:

    Shurely Shome mishtake!


  54. 111
    Autobahn says:

    popular powerful and persuasive is the PPP.
    not just a business the PPP encapsulates by just being there as an attraction magnet high profile personalities who are individually wealthy by family or who have just stolen their wealth from the people.
    So just think PPP if you have a problem explaining your wealth, we are here for you.
    that is what PPP means


    • 116
      Autobahn says:

      this is free advice from PPP a company determined to be by your side.
      Do not spend money in the country in which you pay tax.
      free advice brought to you by PPP the company that wants to be by your side.


    • 117
      Now now says:

      It it what your eating or what your drinking your problem, you sound confused are you a Labour MP .


      • 137
        Autobahn says:

        just saying like, if you have too much money that you cannot explain away like saying ” Oh that is because of my parliamentary duties ” and ” Oh I needed that money for my fact finding mission to Timbooktoo. that is why we are here.
        we can help clear up any misunderstandings that might exist between the need to have a jolly good time at public expense and the actual taxpayer.
        there if you need us .


  55. 113
    Name and address not supplied says:

    That Hattie object is on, giving a free party political broadcast, how nice of the BBC to help out


  56. 115
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Dugher – he of Red-Star-Research … org of old the warwick Uni grad who would stab his own family in the back to get elected?


  57. 119
    The British media are cunts says:

    Highly amusing to hear Labour stating it was a good night for them. We haven’t got to the Euro vote yet.

    Also pathetic media letting Labour vermin spout their shit uninterrupted.


  58. 121
    The British media are cunts says:

    Tory scum. Fuck off with your fracking you bastards.


  59. 124
    Anonymous says:

    Cameron drove all his tory supporters and voters to ukip. Why would a political leader do that?


  60. 127
    Polly Pot says:

    The real reason I dislike UKIP is that if they vote to take us out of Europe I might need a visa just to visit my house.


  61. 128
    Haha says:

    Ukip = fart in the wind.


  62. 130
    The British media are cunts says:

    Does the BBC really think the English would tolerate a Labour government in coalition with a load of Celts passing legislation that for the most part effects only England.


  63. 132
    The British media are cunts says:

    UKIP needs to promise an English only parliament where you have to be born in England to be able to sit and a promise to scrap or wipe out the BBC vermin.

    Getting rid of the BBC would also make it safer for the children of England.


    • 142
      Anonymous says:

      The BBC are Ukip’s best mate. Ukip get too much air time.


      • 176
        Leftyballs says:

        Bollocks. The party which led the polling for Euros – UKIP -should get a fair slice of the air time. Shame it was relentlessly negative, but it didn’t matter in the end.


  64. 136
    Anonymous says:

    I can see all the tories lining up to praise Cameron for his campaign strategy of making sure his friends in Europe were not upset, especially his darling Angela, who he has to go cap in hand to when he wants something. So what if a few tory councils are lost and a few hundred councillors? It’s well worth it just to keep the EU and Angela on his side.


  65. 149
    Out & about with the Labour voting Dug crap in Edinburgh shitty says:

    Labour have only themselves to blame. They have destroyed Britain with their self- serving politics.


  66. 150
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Can anyone put up Level 42 ‘lessons in love’ – the words are ringing in my ears.


  67. 152
    Paul Psycho says:

    I spent how much on this shower?


  68. 153

    Muted :-( … Vote UKIP :-) !


  69. 155
    Paul Psyko says:

    I spent how much on this shower?


  70. 156
    Struggling not to Laugh says:

    How much did Ukip spend on this campaign?


    • 185
      Ukippian says:

      Very little on the Locals – we are self funding at branch level.
      I spent nothing and still got 27.3% of the vote in my ward!


  71. 158
    the wolfs lair beer garden says:

    Now just imagine if we were to join with our Germanic kin and Russian freinds

    We could crush the Chinese , wip the septics off the map and have a worldwide pogrom starting with that shitty little Bolshevik country


    • 167
      the wolfs lair beer garden says:

      Left – j3w$

      Russia crushed by self chosen bolsheviks
      Funded by Waeburgs , schiffs rothschilds

      Trotsky (real name Bronstein) a NY rab b i


  72. 162
    Steve Right says:

    Labour are where the Tories were in 2000. The train wreck of their last term is still fresh in everyone’s memory and their new leader is a twat.

    The only difference is the electoral system is now so skewed towards Labour that if Cameron gets as many votes as Blair and Miliband gets as many votes as Hague, there’d be no massive Tory majority, indeed there would another hung parliament as that is exactly what the numbers were like in 2010.


  73. 163
    Fat slug Dave (where's my brown trousers)? says:

    I get it, I really do.

    How about more bumsex legislation? That went well last time.


  74. 166
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    ‘Political Correctness’ – has been shuvved up their Rses overnight.


  75. 182
    Necrophiliac Dating Agency-Where Do They Dig These People Up From? says:

    John Mann “Labour didn’t do enough to attack UKIP”

    -Are you high John?! ‘Labour’ didn’t, but your fucking 5th Columnists (including HnH and UAF) in the MSM and the BBC did!, or weren’t you watching TV over the last 18 Months? Name me ONE policy that Labour have (apart from your ‘Cost of Caviar Crisis’) that sets them apart from the Conservatives?….


  76. 183

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  77. 184
    Ukippian says:

    John Mann is a typical Labour apparatchik. He runs Bassetlaw District Council – he is MP for Bassetlaw – as a personal fiefdom.
    His wife is a councillor on the planning committee (surprise!) and nothing happens in this Labour clique run council without his approval.
    At the Bassetlaw count yesterday he cut dead two of our UKIP candidates who wished him a pleasant “good morning”.
    He appeared to be dressed deliberately scruffily in a crumpled grey suit with grotty unpolished shoes, despite his MP’s salary and his wife’s council allowances (substantial because of special responsibility allowances).
    Presumably this was to “bond” with the working class Labour party members who were at the count in big numbers cheering on their not unexpected victory.
    The man is a truly professional politician – a descendant of the Tammany Hall system of politics.


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