May 23rd, 2014

Leading Rebel Tory MPs Kick Back at UKIP Pact

Though Carswell, Bone, Jenkin and Rees Mogg broke cover last night to call for a UKIP pact, Tory high command seem pretty relaxed about it all. Grant Shapps even just took the mick out of Rees Mogg on live TV, and the fact it is four particularly suspect members of the usual suspects seems to have dampened the noise.

Interestingly, there has been an outbreak of loyalty amongst rebellious MPs, who have had their clashes with the leadership before. Previous troublemakers are pouring cold water on the pact idea. Philip Davies, a rebel with numerous causes, tells Guido:

“A national pact with UKIP is not going to happen so it is a pointless argument – that is probably one thing that Cameron and Farage do agree about! However, obviously I hope UKIP will stand aside for Better Off Out MPs (which may actually include some Lab ones like Kate Hoey) as they have in previous elections but that is a decision for them rather than us. Clearly though we need to focus on how we can win back Tories who have left us for UKIP.”

Senior insurgent Mark Pritchard adds:

“There is no need for a pact with UKIP. UKIP may have achieved a political tremor – but they are well short of the political earthquake they were predicting. There are still some good results for the Conservatives. A pact with UKIP would tie the Conservative Party’s hands when negotiating powers back from Europe – negotiations which need to be a realistic and achievable – rather than unrealistic” 

Even Michael Fabricant, who once called for a pact with UKIP, is now against it:

No.10 will feel rather chuffed if they can get the awkward squad to hold this line all the way until Monday. Whether they will feel that way in May 2015 is a different matter.


  1. 1
    Nick Clegg says:

    Younger bloggers wondering who Neil”Brown Envelope” Hamilton is can catch up here:

  2. 2
    Willy says:

    Just waiting for the first MP from Liblabcon to “Cross the Floor” and join UKIP.

  3. 3

    What would Farage’s reaction been if Shapps had suggested a pact so soon?

    They have got to look like a ship turning slowly or they will lose the 20% they have left!

  4. 4
    do me a favour says:

    Is Jasmine Lawrence back on duty at BBC News?
    Coverage seems to be remarkably pro-Labour.

    Meanwhile in the real world on Sky, Dan Hodge has
    just stated Labour would need ” a miracle” to win the GE.

  5. 5
    The Public says:

    Too little too late. If they loved their country they wouldn’t still be following Cameron. They would have axed him or be in another party by now.

  6. 6
    Lib dems says:


  7. 7
    The Public says:

    UKIP should tell them to fuck off. They are too late. Such moves will just be insincere cowardice by people trying to save their skins.

  8. 8
    That reminds me.. says:

    How have the Greens been doing?

  9. 9
    Wotdifference says:

    Never lose a chance to spin for Dave, do Guido and his ToryBoy minion.

  10. 10
    Ffyon says:

    Has anyone seen my Willy?

  11. 11
    Steve Miliband says:

    If Labour offer in/out referendum will UKIp do a deal with them? That would concentrate a few minds

  12. 12
    still walking into darkness says:

    Should talk to some Tory MP’s in some marginals, which is about 50 of them, they might be a little more vocal come Monday, that is if they can remove themselves from a bathroom

  13. 13
    nell says:

    I don’t see why either UKIP or the Tories need a pact. Surely the next twelve months is for both of them to really establish their individual political identities and what they stand for. UKIP need to consolidate their gains if they can. And the Tories need to shake off the cloud of the coalition that’s hanging over them and establish themselves as an independent party again.

    If UKIP manage to get some MP’s into the HoP next year and I hope they do and the Tory’s get into no10 proper without a coalition UKIP MP’s are going to be far more likely to vote with Tories than with labour and the libdems so why do they need a pact? Just let them both be themselves.

  14. 14
    nell says:

    No I don”t think UKIP are like the libdems who will sell their souls to anyone who’ll help them get into power.

  15. 15
    still walking into darkness says:

    where’s that smug little cu*t Ian Hislop, I’d like to hear that snivelling guttersnipe talking about the rise of UKIP he predicted wouldn’t happen like he was paid to say

  16. 16
    Socialism is theft says:

    The Tory toffs are still in denial about UKIP.

    It will be interesting to see if Labour are as arrogant as the Tories now they too have lost large swathes of voters to UKIP. True some will move back at the GE but the GE will be decided by which of the two parties reacts best to the new climate of politics.

    It is not inconceivable that UKIP will make some pact with Labour. Say Labour not standing in many southern seats giving UKIP a chance to oust Tories, while in the midlands and north, UKIP not challenging Labour.

    There is now a clear market for a UKIP deal.

  17. 17
    Anonymous says:

    “UKIP may have achieved a political tremor – but they are well short of the political earthquake they were predicting.” This arrogant, ignorant attitude is exactly why people will keep going back to UKIP. They really do not get it. It is head in the sand politics.

  18. 18
    The new way says:

    UKIP must not make any overtures to the traitorous Tories.
    Fuck them.

  19. 19
    keith says:

    That ship has sailed there wont be a pact, UKIP have shown their not a tory party mark two. As for earthquakes they are usually preceded by minor tremors

  20. 20
    The EU is the new USSR says:

  21. 21
    One N, Two Bs, Two Ts says:

    I’m black Dee, and I’m remaining on loads of benefits.

  22. 22
    Grant smugs says:

    I say very little, it’s all just warm air.

  23. 23
    nell says:

    I hope ukip are going to put up a candidate against Bercow in 2015. I know it’s traditional that the parties don’t put up candidates against the spe a k er but hopefully UKIP will make an exception in his case . Be good to see bercow ousted by a ukipper.

  24. 24
    Sarah Millington says:

    Typical public sector management mentality amongst the Tories, Labour & Lib Dems today – they all had one task, stuffed it up royally & all keep their jobs.

    Watching them all squirm is utterly delicious.

    Thank you UKIP.

  25. 25
    No deal with Dave says:

    Why on earth would Nigel dirty his hands and do a deal with Cameron?

  26. 26
    Neil Hamilton says:

    Sorry you’re lumped with me. lol

  27. 27
    Two reasons why it's illegal to marry your sister says:

    Where’s my gun?

  28. 28
    The Sun says says:

    It’s their job.

    Incidentally, we shuld ask what are they deliberately holding back from us to put in their Sunday column?

  29. 29
    Snigger says:

    Dick Dastardley & Muttley

  30. 30
    UKIP massacred our fluffy Bunnies Labour family says:

    It’s wonderful to see LibLabCon taking a kicking. Maybe they will carry out the will of the electorate now instead of their own selfish agenda.

  31. 31
    Blue Teamster says:

    We don’t want the Ukip turd in the pudding.

  32. 32
    Parliament is a Gay Disco says:

    For the first time in ages I watched the BBC coverage of the results last night. Struck by a couple of things;
    pleasantly surprised by how much fun the BBC presenters were having piling misery on Chukka and the other LIBLABCON commentators.
    LIBLABCON just don’t get it. Constantly reverting to default mode and reeling out the same tired platitudes and clichés, partisan bullsh*t which the public are just sick of.

  33. 33
    Wacky says:

    Dick Dastardley & Muttley

  34. 34
    David, Nick and Ed says:

    Have I resigned yet?

  35. 35
    Mod test says:


  36. 36


    The Tory party Got It Wrong!
    The LibDem party Got It Wrong!
    The Labour party Got It Wrong!
    The BBC Got It Wrong!
    The C4 types Got It Wrong!
    The Dead Wood Press Got It Wrong!
    Some Bloggers (no names, no packdrill) Got It Wrong!

    Nigel Farage Got It Right!

  37. 37
    ahmonika says:

    I’m late to the party.

    Whats this about?

    Steve Right says:
    May 22, 2014 at 11:47 am
    Have you got a poof on your staff now?

  38. 38
    Wacky says:

    Lucky you got away with that. Just been modded for using the sni*ger word. Still PC are we. That word has nothing to do with person of colour.

  39. 39
    Steve Miliband says:

    It’s easy to forget that we have a coalition Government and the drag that the Lib Dems have on sensible policies.

  40. 40

    They have less than one year to perform a 180° turn!


  41. 41
    Jean Greenie says:

    What about us, oh great one?

  42. 42
    The Public says:

    Sorry why would UKIP want a pact with a bunch of lying sh1ts that are tory MPs?

  43. 43
    you couldn't make it up says:

    Headline on BBC Surrey news website-

    “UKIP fails dismally in election”!

  44. 44
    Anonymong says:

    Pritchard also needs to check his language. He’s dismissing the result and by inference the voters with that statement. It’s the same mistake Cameron keeps making, and it’ll come back to bite Pritchard just as hard, rebel or not.

  45. 45
    The Public says:

    He won’t – at least not unless there’s a hung parliament and a free and fair vote on Europe is on offer.

  46. 46

    Perhaps we should enquire why you are interested first…

  47. 47
    The BBC find the positives says:

  48. 48
    don't sup with the devil says:

    Voters wouldn’t support UKIP if they did deals with
    any of the three parties the public have rejected.

  49. 49
    Socialism is theft says:

    David Cameron,Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband – your guys took one hell of a beating.

  50. 50
    Sack Cameron says:

    Sack Cameron

  51. 51


    Oh! What?

  52. 52
    Nige - the N word - Farage says:

    Vote Cameron, get Miliband.

  53. 53
    Socialism is theft says:

    I wonder what the immigrant population of London is.

  54. 54
    nell says:

    Theresa May for Leader!

  55. 55
    Jean Greenie says:

    Have you looked in the woods, love?

  56. 56
    fight the fascists says:

    Hands up anyone who voted for Cathy Ashton…

  57. 57
    ahmonika says:


    Don’t know sir.

  58. 58
    The Problem with Cameron says:

    Exactly. The British Public don’t trust Cameron. They don’t believe what he says about Europe. Every time he says he’s going to ‘renegotiate’ he fails to say what he want to renegotiate and in any event his potential negotiating partners have already said they will agree to no such process. Cameron is a liar who the public, indeed the whole of Europe, can’t believe. Nigel Farage should not trust him either.

  59. 59
    Adolph Hitler says:

    The Conservatives of Great Britain (Great my fucking arse) have now put their faith in the brown envelope brigade and then send the flower of England’s youth to Iraq and Afghanistan to ‘defend’ this Island and to show to the rest of the world what freedom of speech is all about.


  60. 60
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    The last thing the Conservatives need is a pact with the new “acceptable face of the B&P”

    Pathetic turn-out levels producing a protest vote (because the Lib-Dems cannot achieve this anymore)!

    Labour are the ones who have suffered big-time! Loosing protest votes to a bunch of disgruntled right-wingers, whilst they are in OPPOSITION, in areas they should win easily! Despite the usual efforts on harvesting up postal votes.

    The un-holy trinity of Miliband, Balls and Harman are certainly not marching back to power.

  61. 61

    Take your hands from your pockets, boy…

  62. 62
    nell says:

    Well hopefully we’ll see the end of the libdems in government very soon and a proper Tory government in power from 2015. Then we’ll see whether cameron does have anything about him – I keep saying he can’t help being wet because of the effect of the coalition on everything – but once he’s in no10 under tory steam – there’ll be no excuses for him to keep on as he has done.

  63. 63
    Postal Vote says:

    We helped enormously.

  64. 64
    Nige - the N word - Farage says:

    Wait until Sunday evening – this is only the warm up.

    The shit coming from the “mainstream” parties will have to go up a few notches to cope with the Euro results.

  65. 65
    Anonymous says:

    If any pre-election deal was done wouldn’t that be perverting the course of democracy? Can we complain to the electoral commission in the event of a deal being made public?

  66. 66
    T May says:

    I have no idea. You want a guess to the nearest million?

  67. 67
    @bbcleftyjourno says:

    Some evil Tories consider pact with even more evil UKIP. Yuk!

  68. 68
    CCHQ bumboy alert says:

    Buy a dictionary or learn how to use spellcheck.

  69. 69
    ahmonika says:

    She certainly put the plebs down a peg or two.

  70. 70
    Acca says:

    She’s the moron who has been keeping the borders jammed wide open. She should be on trial for treason.

  71. 71
    Don't delay the says:


  72. 72
    Fat slug Dave (where's my brown trousers)? says:

    Not large enough for my liking.

  73. 73
    tigerowl says:

    Not much of an earthquake was it? Now that UKIP have councillors we MAY get to know what UKIP stand for. We know what they are against. So Education, do they still want to bring back grammar schools? Like the Tories do. Still want to cut public spending and make public sector workers redundant? Like the Tories do. Still want to make more of our health service private – UKIP even want to charge to see the doctor – like the Tories do?
    Seems you vote UKIP you get Tories.
    Twelve months to see just what UKIP stand for. Could be like the Lib Dems. Say one thing in a Labour area and the opposite in a Tory area. Often with opposing views from the same party. No real national ideas. Just political opportunism.

  74. 74
    Dave says:

    What we need are more gay marriages.

  75. 75
    PV Sucks says:

    This requires forensic exploration, definitely a bit of a whiff here.

  76. 76
    ahmonika says:

    Can’t sir, they’re stuck.

  77. 77
    It's not the man in your life, it's the life in your man says:

    No – but I have beaten about the bush.

  78. 78
    Close Down the BBC Now says:

    I was particularly sickened by the arrogant prick Nicky Campbell’s interview with Michael Gove on Radio Five Labour this morning. Not fit to lick Gove’s boots as a human being, yet allowed to treat a democratically elected, diligent politician with swaggering, hubristic contempt. All he wanted to do was throw the old ‘Eton toffs’ crap at him again – you could see he was dying to get it in. Pathetic, sickening left-wing bile from a ‘politically impartial’ BBC ‘journalist’. Like they all are at the BBC.

  79. 79
    socialists detest freedom says:

    Have a problem with reclaiming our democracy back from a totalitarian regime in Brussels do we.

  80. 80
    Steve Miliband says:

    Agreed. personally, I think DC will move over post 2015 whatever the result, maybe even before

  81. 81
    Ab Dull's paper waste collection service says:

    It was a good weeking work please. Now more bennies please. Or we tell .

  82. 82
    ahmonika says:

    Hurry up with the answer. Have to get to our artisan bakery for muesli loaf and order the pain au raisin for tomorrow’s b’fast

  83. 83
    People Power says:

    They also plan to hold referendums at a local level. This could prove very popular indeed.

  84. 84
    Close Down the BBC Now says:

    Don’t worry – the BBC will revert to type next year when it’s serious and their licence fee revenue is at stake.

  85. 85
    The British public says:

    We don’t want renegotiation.
    We want out.

  86. 86
    Close Down the BBC Now says:

    the BBC?

  87. 87
    A new dawn has broken...has it not ?? says:

    Tories in full panc mode and not even heard the results uyet re European Elections…They are “p*ss*ng in the wind” as farage has already ruled out such a pact this morning as UKIP is also targetting Labour voters and he makes the point that if asked he suspects a very small percentage of UKIP voters would want a pact with the Tories… no go lads

  88. 88
    Tieland and Egipt Army service says:

    We note general mayhem requiring resolution and forthright management. Please enquire our rates.

  89. 89
    the homonculus says:

    T good people of south korea celebate UKIPs stunning results
    They know only to well the perils of living close to a socialist paradise

  90. 90
    Long John Silver' s parrot says:

    The Torygraph have just likened Farage ‘s Election successes to someone getting into “the hen house”.

    No words of congratulations on having polled well from a low start.

    Just an attempt to undermine him with words.

    A cheap stunt which might backfire badly methinks.

  91. 91
    Anonymous says:

    Real Conservatives will want to keep UKIP seperate and independent.The tidal wave is a little distance away but should reach our and European shores on Sunday.I suppose there’s always the danger of a tsunami after an earthquake.

  92. 92
    she's not fit for purpose says:

    She went to Wigan Tech,has a degree in Sociology and worked for
    CND before joining some Social Workers quango.

    And now she’s ordering the Russians around.
    God help us all.

  93. 93
    Arthur Scargill has left the Building says:

    Let he who hath committed no sin cast the first stone….WHO THE FUCK THREW THAT…

  94. 94
    Eddie Booth, plinky, plonky, me white honkey says:

    Why would Farage do any kind of deal now with the Tories? He’s got them where he wants them now. He can turn the immigration screw as tight as he fancies and they are powerless to react as their mates in Brussels say they can’t.

    As for Tory MPs defecting they can go and do one. There may have been a chance for 1 or 2 but that time has passed.

  95. 95
    Willy says:

    You mean like a Liblabcon MP ?

  96. 96
    Robespierre says:

    Number of people unemployed in France in the last 12 months three million.

    The number of gays being married in France during the same period, five thousand.

    Yet gay marriage has been hailed the flagship policy.

  97. 97
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    if i may – and their grossly overpaid monied up to their eyeballs lobbying agents (provacateurs) got it wrong too – and they will take the money for their ‘failures’ no matter what. Ironic and surreal.

  98. 98
    well done Nigel says:

    Not only did they all get it wrong.
    They also lied,bullied,intimidated,patronised and insulted
    UKIP candiates,leaders and voters.

    It’s quite heartening to know that the British public could
    cut through all the crap and vote positively for what they
    truly believe in.

  99. 99
    Farage was Hitler's love child says:

    Rumours of total Lib Dem wipeout in Brent. I never thought I would say this but I feel a bit sorry for them.

  100. 100

    Anal Bakery

    Brown Bread

  101. 101
    the homonculus says:

    Korean Schools declare national holiday
    A hail to the great leader Nigel Kin Ell

  102. 102
    you know it makes sense says:

    Has the Electoral Commission started investigating
    in the capital’s results yet?

    Now perhaps Pickles could get off his fat arse and tackle
    the well publicised problems of electoral fraud and postal

  103. 103
    well says:

    Let’s hope the dodgy way some EU ballot papers were folded
    doesn’t affect what we all know the results should be.

  104. 104
    don't forget says:

    She stood up to the Police Fed,got shot of Qatada and Abu Fatlardarse.

  105. 105
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    The schoolboy bullies who grew up into adult bullies – who now reside in their bubble at Westminster along with their msm bullyboy press-hound attack dogs – have had their ‘bubble’ – PRICKED!

  106. 106
    Anonymous says:

    Neither Wee Dougie nor Gove have got the point.There’s is nothing they can do to control European immiggration and since free movement is a basic that the Germans and others will not conceed it is dishonest to pretend anything meaningful can be achieved short of leaving.It looks like the penny has finally dropped with the electorate.

  107. 107
    Vlad the Loudhailer says:

    Another incompetant Socialist who has become a millionaire thanks to the EU taxpayer.

  108. 108
    actually says:

    I think it’s based on a statement from UKIP candidate Winston McKenzie.
    Sadly, but not surprisingly, McKenzie failed to get elected as a Croydon
    councillor after describing the town as ” a dump”.

  109. 109
    Dr Richard Referendum says:

    I am jealous as fuck of Nigel

  110. 110
    Peter Martin says:

    One does wonder.

    “No.10 will feel rather chuffed if they can get the awkward squad to hold this line all the way until Monday.”

    Yes, keeping a half dozen staff chipper does seem a real cause for celebration.

    Though maybe ignoring the 69,999,994 rest of the country may still lead to disappointment.

    The electorate does have a choice, and telling them the ones they make are wrong does not so far seem to have worked too well.

  111. 111
    well says:

    I don’t.
    They’ve been a total pain in the arse throughout the Coalition.

  112. 112
    and says:

    The electorate are way ahead of the establishment parties and
    most of the mainstream press on this issue.

  113. 113
    Anonymous says:

    Any chance we could have that hit record by the Surfaris one more time?

  114. 114
    Taxfodder says:

    Forget about it……these grasping MP’s have been quite happy to sign over the country to a Euro stitch up, so they would be more than happy to sign up to anything if it means they can keep on toughing to avoid real work.

  115. 115
    Velly nice says:

    Oh lala

  116. 116
    Twampersand mk II says:

    Hands up anyone who voted for Kerry?

    Yanks and Europe and war never usually ends well. Still, if war does break out, at least we can be sure that the yanks will not show up until about a week before the end.


  117. 117
    Throw them from power says:

    Oh they’ve got the point alright but they think they can fool the public. Time for them to get the wake up call.

  118. 118
    the homonculus says:

    No but try this, guaranteed to turn off most Tory and Labour politicans

    This one goes out to Nige “queen of the valleys” Evans

  119. 119
    the homonculus says:

  120. 120
    Cold wind of change says:

    We all must record here each and every biased BBC presenters activity. I believe the time is rapidly approaching when this taxpayer funded propaganda machine will be dismantled. The best bit is they still live in denial.

  121. 121
    Fred the pensioner says:

    Who is that gorgeous sexy dolly bird standing next to Mr Kerry?

    What? Oh Specsavers is >>>>>>>>>>that way? Thanks

  122. 122
    Fred the pensioner says:

    You just wilted in the heat of the night. Now kindly effoff to the compost heap.

  123. 123
    lojolondon says:

    I kindof agree – the idea of UKIP doing a deal with Tories is being punted by the Biased BBC, because they think if they say it often enough it will happen. Thus driving all the ex-Labour now UKIP supporters back to Labour. They are in denial that UKIP take votes from Labour, which we know is a fact – all workers should vote UKIP for a stronger economy, less EU legislation. Labour is the party for people who have no interest in working for a living, asylum seekers and those on benefits.
    Looking forward to seeing the results of a police investigation into postal vote fraud!!

  124. 124
    Fred the pensioner says:

    We all heard about hanging chads a few years ago, but I think deliberately (and illegally) folded voting sheets is a new one on me.

  125. 125
    Fred the pensioner says:

    Good. So now she is free to get on with the real job of evicting all these illegals.

  126. 126
    Fred the pensioner says:

    Sorry pal, they are all out to lunch for the next 12 months.

  127. 127
    Concerned voter says:

    Take a look at Bolton’s results please

  128. 128
    the homonculus says:

    the celebrations continue to west country beaches

  129. 129
    Fred the pensioner says:

    He was also acting like a demented Lenny Henry (or maybe I mean David Lammy; they all look alike to me) on Sky early this morning. Not at all surprising nobody voted for him.

  130. 130
    Kinnock says:

    ……Choo, choo, whoooohoo……It was meeee!!!!

  131. 131
    Village Idiot says:

    ….UKIP stands for “United Kingdom Independence Party”…free from the wretched EU that only benefits those who are in receipt of the “Merkel Mark”……

  132. 132
    Necrophiliac Dating Agency-Just Where Do They Dig These People Up From? says:

    “A pact with UKIP would tie the Conservative Party’s hands when negotiating powers back from Europe – negotiations which need to be a realistic and achievable – rather than unrealistic”

    Two words….Realistic and Achievable.

    Now who’s being Unrealistic about what is ‘Achievable’…

  133. 133
    Labour Voting Thicko says:

    Nah! Vote Conservatove get a referendum. Vote U-kip and get sweet F.A.

    Wakey! Wakey!

  134. 134
    Big D says:

    What is it about the words ” we have had enough of you ” that these people dont understand ?
    We arent going back next year to voting for all the snouts in troughs previous politicians and we hate the EU .
    We were lied to decades ago and they havent stopped lying since , remember it was just going to be a ” Common Market ” not the Germans in charge ( as they tried to do since 1914 onwards ) and control of every aspect of our lives and country.
    We beat them twice before and the third fight back has now started.
    Mrs M can keep pulling the French poodles tail the British Bulldog is about to get started.

  135. 135
    Angela's Choccies says:

    If the Conservatives think the UKIP vote will evaporate in the General Election, they are wrong.

    People are sick of being hoodwinked.

    Voting UKIP is no longer ‘fringe’, and they’re winning stuff.

    The dinosaur parties have only themselves to blame.

  136. 136

    Not bugging or hugging UKIP. Having seen protest parties, doing very well over in Germany in the last 30 years. Sadly most of them lasted a year or three and then had arguments amongst themselves and disappeared up their own thingies!!!!!

  137. 137
    broderick crawford says:

    ” Brown Envelope ” had to resign from DTI when I was working there and that was in a previous life!!

  138. 138
    broderick crawford says:

    U nfortunately they cannot cross the floor as there is no floor to cross .

    You cannot cross to a faction /party who does not have at least one MP
    They could of course cross to one of those bastions off stability , tradition and statesmanship who ALREADY have ONE MP ….. the Greens or Respect !!!

  139. 139
    broderick crawford says:

    From a socially contributive viewpoint Radio Five Dead was already Dead before it became even more lifeless by moving to “Trade Hall ” Mancheste r . It should thus be put out of its misery snd physically shut down .

    I would even undertake to listen to two hours a week community service of BBC Three re runs and /or ditto London Live if BBC obliged .
    (i realize London Live /Dead is owned by Ledbeden but surely BBC could coerce a fellow left winger to acquiesce to his station taking an early bath … it will save him the money he will lose by keeping open until the numbers force him to close it in12 months )

  140. 140
    James O'Bottom says:

    No ‘protest’ party has done anything in Germany! They like the EU because they run the damn thing! Anybody like me who once voted Tory please don’t be fooled and go back again pleeeease! They’re bloody awful!

  141. 141
    broderick crawford says:

    The day is coming fast
    And the time is here at last,
    When each Tone Hall will be cast aside before us,
    And if there be a need
    Sure my kids wil sing, “Godspeed!”
    With a verse or two of Alan Yentob s chorus.

    ( acknowledgment to ” Come out ye Black and Tans “)

  142. 142
    broderick crawford says:


    that reminds me ….

    What d’you of todays new sentence Stewart .

    Stewart ( for it is he ) : Despondent . At my age could have done the 18 months and been out in nine for good behaviour but another two and a half years on top , well……Bubba s even told me I ‘ ll be too old for service in 12 months …..

  143. 143
    broderick crawford says:

    I ll tell you the headline


  144. 144
    broderick crawford says:

    I think he s chilling out luv .

    Listening to his favourite Meatloaf track

    ” I would do anything for love — including that ! “

  145. 145
    broderick crawford says:

    yeah nell …… and then in Feb 2015 they announce a non aggression pact ie winnable ukip seats not contested by tories and vice versa .

    If this gains the right power then a Con /Ukip coalition or at very least an
    ” outside government support ” understanding by ukip for a minority Con govt. will materialise after May 2015 .

    It s how life is luv …just ask the “Fib”Dems

  146. 146
    broderick crawford says:

    I see Kerry has a pukka twitter account .

    Is Ashtray such technophobe she has not even been able to open her own and must be simply referred to as Baroness AshCan … with no ampersand ?

    And this is the EU s putative Foreign Secretary .

    So when Doc Kissinger wants to tweet Eurooe what does he do …. get on her ansafone snd leave an urgent message about the imminent outbreak of WW3??

  147. 147
    broderick crawford says:

    You forgot Croydon .. w@*ker.

    If you re gonna be openly partisan do it properly .

    ( And yes I do know Croydon is in Surrey but it is regarded traditionally as a Greater London commuter dormitory — which means most sleepwalked in and voted Labour )

  148. 148
    broderick crawford says:

    yeah , but don t fly too high yet Nigel , keep your powder dry .

    Euro results in today from Holland the only other state to have voted Thursday shows Geert Wilders party actually LOST one of their four MEP s .
    No hubris yet . Pride comes before a fall …

  149. 149
    broderick crawford says:

    Whst about Dave Davis for PM .

    HAVE a putsch and get him back .
    Keep Nobsore as Chancer as no one else has a clue about finance and bring Moris Bonson in as Minister for Work and Pensions . Afriye at the Home Office . Fox as Foreign Sec .

    Okay not brilliant but more of a chance than current cadre .

  150. 150

    If Davies wants the half of the voluntary party who have left since 2007 back, defenestrate Cameron. Simples.

  151. 151
    broderick crawford says:

    Not so sure Christ ,
    When AxelGradGrind gets his Big End pumping at full throttle there may be another 13 years of Dark Age to look forward to come next May.

  152. 152
    broderick crawford says:

    Yes you CAN complain …. insist they keep it secret !

  153. 153
    Essexman says:

    Love to see this neil, but the bias in the electoral system won’t allow it. Too many safe labour seats with small populations.

    Had the Tories got their boundary changes through (not agreed by the vindictive libdems) it may have been a different matter

    It’s likely to be another hung parliament

  154. 154
    Mark Wouters says:

    sovietsalami63 hers,
    West Yorkshire police ,Leeds city council and Ministry of Justice along with Local coucellors and MPs are all partners in crime .
    The council tax courts are liability hearings ,not courts at all theyre corporate and there are no signed contracts at all ,no bills of exchange and that’s criminal ,for any English stautes to become Law, they need your Personal consent in Writing ,they don’t have it so they are committing fraud ,perjury ,theft and extortion.all criminal offences etc etc etc.
    The Crown say they own each and every one of us ,as our parents registered our Birth(registering our Births actually means giving ownership of us to the crown)so the state think can do with us what it wants ,NO WAY it cannot as it still needs our Personal consent in Writing.
    I will not be entering my name on the Electoral rolls anymore as this also gives the state consent to do with me what it likes .
    our Local councellors and MPs know this and the Police who are corporate officers Know this as well.
    Making a payment to these corrupt so called courts is a contract giving your name to the Jp is also a contract ,but there is no court and no contract as there are no signatures.

  155. 155
    Anonymous says:

    I must say that I cannot have any truck with a man who’s name may be synonymous wih a brand of clothing softener.

    Farage : Sounds French, but isn’t. That’s good enough for me.

    Rosbifs Unite!

    Have at thee etc etc……

  156. 156

    go nigel ukip fights back

  157. 157
    (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

    I would!

  158. 158
    (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

    I DEFINITELY would!

  159. 159
    (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

    How many times have I got to tell you? I said I WOULD!

  160. 160
    Disillusioned says:

    Lib Lab & Con Career politicians are only interested in retaining their careers and will say anything or do any deal with anyone to cling on to the gravy train- why would UKIP want to deal with any of them? By doing so they become part of the problem.

  161. 161

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