May 22nd, 2014

Leaders’ Wives: Polling Day Fashion Edition

All the party leaders have now voted, with Dave and Ed convincing their wives to join them for the usual polling day shot. Nick Clegg appears to have brought a confused looking older friend along with him – believed to be his last remaining local supporter.

On the fashion front Justine played it safe, if a little mumsie, with a simple white tee, a causal navy blazer and some snazzy check print trousers. The epaulettes on the military jacket hardly scream femininity though. Meanwhile, SamCam is bang on trend in cropped navy trousers, complimented with blue court shoes and her favourite metallic dusky-rose silk top. Guessing Mrs Farage has returned to Germany to vote…


  1. 1
    Steve Right says:

    Have you got a poof on your staff now?

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    • 7
      Respect says:

      Nigel’s wife never plays that sordid game. good on her and Nigel.


    • 35
      Putin says:

      they’re all fucking boynobbers


    • 36
      rimmmer says:

      Nick Clegg appears to have brought a confused looking older friend along with him – believed to be his last remaining local supporter.

      Fair play, that made me laugh.

      Just voted UKIP, felt good, first time since I was 23 that I’ve voted for anyone other than Tories but enough is enough we have to stop immigration and get free of the EU.

      Well done on getting that ranting BBC feminist removed from election coverage – the far-left are infecting every part of the establishment and the idea that someone like that would be even remotely suitable to cover an election is even laughable. But until yesterday she has been there putting out anti-Ukip stories at every moment (eg see what they did with Peter Hitchens). The BBC needs selling off.


      • 43
        Vince Incapable says:

        I could get around a hundred quid for the BBC.
        I think that’s a fair price


      • 49
        veejay says:

        That woman should if there is any justice face serious disciplinary hearings and be never again allowed an editorial position. To abuse her position the day before a national election is a disgrace and the BBC needs to show it won’t behave in that sort of way.


      • 57
        stevesurrey1 says:

        I see a few people in here, like Farage, educated beyond their intellect. ;-)


      • 124
        broderick crawford says:

        La Senora s hair seems to have gone a granmotherly white and she appears to have taken to wearing hoodies .

        What fashion statement is that then ?


    • 47
      You don't have to be a shitstabber to work here - but it helps says:



    • 63
      UKIP MAN says:

      UKIP will win in all the civlised places where there are few oiks, except we will do well in the south west where they are all inbreeders who have 6 fingers on each hand.


    • 87
      Fashion Ed. says:

      I see Sam Cam is not wearing her “let’s bomb Syria” t-shirt today.


      • 121
        Anonymous says:

        This year Charles will be wearing
        a nice little number – with the words:

        ‘I can be rude as I
        like about Russia,
        because I am not elected
        and don’t have to worry
        about the outcome of my
        mindless remark.’


    • 120

      What? Your gaydar twitching?


  2. 2
    fashion police says:

    Oh god is this turning into the loose women gossip column – “her plain white t-shirt was so last year”


  3. 3
    Steve Miliband says:

    Ed had to change his tie – he got ketchup all over it. #edeats


  4. 4
    Jabba Le Chat says:

    “Guessing Mrs Farage has returned to Germany to vote…”

    Probably can’t read English…


  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    Frau Farage should register to vote in Britain.


  6. 6

    Vote UKIP :-D


  7. 8
    Steve Right says:

    I’m seeing an advert on this page for new apartments in Camberwell.

    A mate of mine lived in Camberwell. It’s a nice place apparently if you don’t mind listening to police sirens and gunshots quite a lot, and occasionally coming across two Jamaican women fighting with machetes on your street.


    • 26
      Bill Quango MP says:

      They used to put signs up for new builds in Camberwell.

      If you lived here you’d be selling already!

      But the worst scummy area must be stone bridge park. White trash trainers walking over a sea of broken glass.


  8. 10
    El Sid says:

    Proves who wears the trousers in those households…


  9. 11
    Lizzie says:

    “Nick Clegg appears to have brought a confused looking older friend along with him – believed to be his last remaining local supporter.”

    That’s not his supporter, it’s his carer!


  10. 12
    Anonymous says:

    I wonder what a ” causal navy blazer” is. Is it a blazer that sets things in motion? Or is there something about a blazer (épaulettes, mind) that refers to a navy that gets things going (wars, for example). I think we should be told.


  11. 13
    Anonymous says:

    And Senora Clegg to Spain? – but you do not mention her?

    And Guido to Eire? or him either

    Conflicted much??


  12. 13
    Chuka's election car parked on the RED line says:


    • 21
      Jim says:

      Was the photo taken by a Traffic Warden or has he nothing but absolute contempt for traffic regulations?


    • 27
      The great I AM says:

      Judging by the angle of the speakers, Chuka is talking down to people.


      • 75
        Anonymous says:

        The speaker installation is a mess, the poster on the side window isn’t even straight.

        Just the kind of job you get when you rely on hopeless lefty “activists” to do anything practical.


        • 119
          Anonymous says:

          They can’t even push their leaflets all the way through a letter box. Which is a shame.


    • 39
      Dan the mans great B*ck hope says:

      It’s MC Chuka pumpin out some wicked tunes at ya get down with the sound and also the polling station….I said polling station not the PO-lice station muddafucker.


  13. 15
    The Lizzud Returns says:

    Couldn’t Miliband wear a suit that fits him? What is up with the way it billows around his pigeon chest, before bursting at his squeezed middle? And it was plainly cut (or picked off the M&S shelf) for someone with considerable longer arms than his.


  14. 16
    Jim says:

    That is the Thought for today. Mrs Farage going back to Germany to Vote, but no Scots person is allowed to return to Scotland to Vote.
    One is Democracy and the other, Control.
    Which Vote is more valid?


  15. 18
    Breaking News says:

    Live from Tower Hamlets polling stations


    • 70

      Like the video but it should be stressed that it is only representative of an extreme.
      The turds in the scriptures are fair enough but I personally feel that the bacon was a little gratuitous.
      Perhaps they just have to learn to live with other people’s freedom of expression.
      It is only freedom of expression if it is actually used.
      Civilised people feel disgust and anger at the excesses of religion.

      Don’t like it?
      put your house in order.


  16. 19
    Nick Clegg says:

    I’ve booked a phone box for the Lib Dem members’ post election celebration.


    • 32
      non taxable pikey says:

      You’ll never find the other guy.


    • 59
      Anon & Voting for UKIP ORG says:

      Typical of EUSSR Cloggy being very over optimistic yet again !!

      when he should have reserved a pigeon hole at his OWN expense

      not OURS……..

      Bye Bye Leb Dims the first of the political has beens to be exterminated !!

      VOTE UKIP to take OUR Country back from the

      ConsLieLaborLebDims Anti-Democracy Alliance……..


    • 65
      cleggnut says:

      coffin more useful


  17. 22
    Send in the tanks to Tower Hamlets says:

    ░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄
    ▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ ☻/
    Il███████████████████]. /◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤


    • 52
      suissebob says:

      ░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄
      ▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ ☻/


    • 54
      A citizen of Tower Hamlets says:

      … and we’ll steal the wheels.


  18. 25
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    Just under 600 minutes left to cast your vote . Vote For The Green Party,Sam & I did.


  19. 28
    Anonymous says:


  20. 30
    David Cummerbund says:

    I urge you not to vote UKIP.
    Cut out the middleman and vote directly for Miliband.


  21. 31
    Ed Milibellend says:

    I think Juphsteem thoted for me


  22. 33
    Nigel Farage says:

    After reading a book about Bipolar Disorder I had mixed feelings.


  23. 34


    {___}                                       *** ## ***    
     | |_________                           *##             ##*                   
     | |`-._`-._(___________            *##                     ##*
     | |`-._`-._|   ;|    |(__________##                           ##*
     | |    `-._|   ;|    || _.-'_.-'|                               ##*
     | | _ _ _ _|._ ;|    ||'_.-'_.-'|                                 ##*
     | |--------|._`;|    ||'_.-'    |         *#      *#               ##*
     | |        |----      |' _ _ _ _|         *##     *##               ##*
     | |________|          |---------|          *       *                 ##*
     | |- - - - |____      |         |                                    ##*
     | |     _.-|.--;|    ||_________|                                    ##*
     | | _.-'_.-|.-';|    ||- - - - -|                                   ##*
     | |'_.-'_.-|   ;|    ||`-._     |       *##          ##*           ##*
     | |~~~~~~~~|   ;|    ||`-._`-._ |         *##      ##*            ##*
     | |        '~~~~~~~~~~|`-._`-._`|           *######*            ##*
     | |                   '~~~~~~~~~~*#                            ##* 
     | |     UUUUUUUU     UUUUUUUU       *##                     ##*
     | |     U::::::U     U::::::U           *##             ##*             
     | |     U::::::U     U::::::U               *** ## *** 
     | |     UU:::::U     U:::::UU
     | |      U:::::U     U:::::U
     | |      U:::::D     D:::::U
     | |      U:::::D     D:::::U
     | |      U:::::D     D:::::U
     | |      U:::::D     D:::::U
     | |      U:::::D     D:::::U
     | |      U:::::D     D:::::U
     | |      U::::::U   U::::::U
     | |      U:::::::UUU:::::::U
     | |       UU:::::::::::::UU
     | |         UU:::::::::UU
     | |           UUUUUUUUU
     | |
     | |     KKKKKKKKK    KKKKKKK
     | |     K:::::::K    K:::::K
     | |     K:::::::K    K:::::K  
     | |     K:::::::K   K::::::K
     | |     KK::::::K  K:::::KKK
     | |       K:::::K K:::::K
     | |       K::::::K:::::K
     | |       K:::::::::::K  
     | |       K:::::::::::K
     | |       K::::::K:::::K
     | |       K:::::K K:::::K  
     | |     KK::::::K  K:::::KKK
     | |     K:::::::K   K::::::K
     | |     K:::::::K    K:::::K
     | |     K:::::::K    K:::::K
     | |     KKKKKKKKK    KKKKKKK
     | |
     | |         IIIIIIIIII        
     | |         I::::::::I        
     | |         I::::::::I
     | |         II::::::II
     | |           I::::I
     | |           I::::I
     | |           I::::I
     | |           I::::I
     | |           I::::I
     | |           I::::I
     | |           I::::I
     | |           I::::I
     | |         II::::::II
     | |         I::::::::I
     | |         I::::::::I
     | |         IIIIIIIIII
     | |
     | |     P::::::::::::::::P    
     | |     P::::::PPPPPP:::::P   
     | |     PP:::::P     P:::::P  
     | |       P::::P     P:::::P  
     | |       P::::P     P:::::P  
     | |       P::::PPPPPP:::::P   
     | |       P:::::::::::::PP    
     | |       P::::PPPPPPPPP      
     | |       P::::P              
     | |       P::::P              
     | |       P::::P                
     | |     PP::::::PP            
     | |     P::::::::P                              _=___=_
     | |     P::::::::P                          ___|_>-o-<_|___
     | |     PPPPPPPPPP                         [/___U_K_I_P___\]
    £££££££                                      \=\>-------</=/


  24. 37
    Readers Wives says:


  25. 45
    Private Widdle says:

    Why is it that whenever the press discuss the euro-election they always seem to insert the most unpleasant photo of Nigel Farage they can find. And yet in the same piece they will nearly aways insert likeable photos of Fat Face Cameron, ‘Read the small print’ Clegg and Ed Miliprat?

    A very infantile practice.


    • 56
      BBC is shit says:

      On BBC’s look North they were doing a piece about the euro elections and had some bloke wearing masks of the various leaders as he was rowing up a river.
      The one of Farage was quite deliberately the worst and where they found the mask that made ED look normal fuck only knows.
      The Dr Who props dept I reckon.


    • 60
      Village Idiot says:

      …It stiffens our resolve, by now we are well aware of the pathetic games deployed to show UKIP in a bad light; it has the opposite effect,but don,t tell the media!


  26. 46
    Ed Moribund says:

    I really think I might win this.. I can feel it.
    Everything is against UKIP. No one likes Tories, not even Tories,

    And all those we agree with nickers! How do they feel now? So they will vote for me!

    I really think I’m going to win this!


  27. 48
    Lunar house - Croydon says:

    You take this slip here and go to the polling station, tell dem you you only want to vote labour..ok? Do dat now..

    Den come back here after lunch and and I give you a nice house..


  28. 61
    Blap blap! says:

    A man has been shot by armed police who entered a house in Liverpool, police investigators have said.

    The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said investigators were at Shellingford Road, Dovecot, after a “non fatal police shooting”.

    Neighbour Craig Chadwick said he saw armed police “move in with all the shooting” after seeing “the fella with a knife to his wife’s throat”.

    Merseyside Police said no officers had been injured.


    • 67
      Something wrong with our ammo guv says:

      Thank god the Police use those new Duggan rounds.
      The bullets that don’t kill people especially bl*ck ones.
      If the killers of Lee Rigby had died of their wounds there would have been riots.


  29. 64
    Raving Loon says:

    Has anyone noticed the huge amount of anti UKIP stuff on Facebook?


    • 73
      I use FB to keep in touch with relatives abroad keep your hair on says:

      Yeh I never realised how many of my friends are mongs till this election.
      get on posting my unfriend requests after I’ve voted UKIP.


    • 103
      Dangerous Brian says:

      One of the millions of reasons not to get infolved in it, its for the really sad fu*kers that don’t get out much.


  30. 66
    P l e b says:

    Hasn’t Cameron got work to do, like being Prime Minister or something? He should vote in his own time. Unless of course he’s on a day’s leave.


    • 82
      You don't have to be a shitstabber to work here - but it helps says:

      Every day’s a day’s leave for that fat useless slug.


      • 105
        Spartacus says:

        perhaps he is working on the next big thing:

        two votes each for black chinese islamist homosexuals

        they are of course more noble than the middle aged white tax paying classes


  31. 68
    Anonymous says:

    Green isn’t the only colour missing.Why not have all the balls the same neutral colour? Biased BBC


    • 74
      you silly tart says:

      something that small wouldn’t show up on TV


    • 76
      BBC 24hr rolling bollocks says:

      Mix red blue and yellow together and you get green policies anyway.
      Fuck me these eco loons are poor winners.


  32. 72
    Taxpayer says:

    “Guessing Mrs Farage has returned to Germany to vote”

    I’m guessing Farage doesn’t subscribe to this daft requirement for politicians to arrive at the polling station hand in hand with the other ‘alf.


  33. 81
    the homonculus says:

    voting in leicester


  34. 83
    Seems like a nice boy says:

    The local Tory candidate was at at polling station around 12.00
    He went straight up to the old lady collecting the polling cards, and demanded to know how many had turned out. She said polite “I dont really know, but alot first thing this morning”

    He then stormed off in a rage, and left the building.
    I crossed the UKIP boxes (white n yellow papers ) and left.

    Outside the polling station was the Tory candidate, this time with his agent who slapped on a big blue rosette, and shouted out “I’ll fuckin’ sort this out…”


  35. 84
    Northumbrian says:

    The Conservatives are in better spirits than almost anyone expected them to be on election day. Weeks of careful expectation management have ensured that a third-place finish in the Europeans has been priced into David Cameron’s political share price, with potential rebels appeased in advance, while the narrowing of the national polls has reassured Conservative MPs that they can win the next general election.

    But the day has not started well for the Tories, with new figures showing that they’re off course on two key targets. The ONS estimates that net migration rose by 212,000 last year, up from 177,000 in 2012 and far above the “tens of thousands” Cameron is aiming for.

    In addition, the deficit stood at £11.5bn last month, a year-on-year increase of £1.9bn. With borrowing still rising, despite the return of growth, there is no prospect of George Osborne meeting his pledge to reduce the national debt as a share of GDP by 2015-16 and to eliminate the structural deficit by the end of this parliament.


    • 93
      táxpáyér says:

      Net migration is BOLLOCKS

      Net migration means if a million British emigrate and a million non-British arrive, we have zero “change”, however Britain is 2 million people less British.


  36. 91
    JB says:

    Does being a UKIP supporter mean you have to spew out crude and remarkably unfunny comments at every chance? See above.
    It seems Guido only has to post a picture of a female and the lewd, vile gruntings come flooding in.
    Whatever your politics for goodness sake try and keep your base instincts under some form of control.
    I appreciate this is somewhat of a self-fulfilling comment – see what happens next.


  37. 98
    Smack My Nigella Up says:

    Mrs Farage is on Holiday, spending all her out of court settlement for libel from the Daily Mail


  38. 117
    Jack the Ripper says:

    I see Dave’s still drifting leftwards. He arrives on Sam’s right and comes out on her left.


  39. 118
    Larry Livingstone says:

    Why is Mrs Miliband wearing pyjama bottoms when she goes out to vote ?


  40. 125
    Richard III says:

    Justine says:

    Ed, walking’s a simple act, you put the left foor down, then the right


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