May 22nd, 2014

Electoral Commission Investigating “Folded” UKIP Ballot Papers

The Electoral Commission guidance to polling station staff is clear:

“Fold the ballot paper, then hand it to the voter unfolded. Ask them to re-fold it once they’ve marked their ballot paper in the polling booth.”

Dozens of voters including UKIP candidate Suzanne Evans are reporting that their ballot papers were handed to them with the UKIP section folded, contrary to the rules. The Electoral Commission has confirmed it is “monitoring the issue” and say that “staff have again been instructed to hand papers to voters unfolded”. This does seem widespread, though if you can’t work out how to find the box that says UKIP on your ballot paper you probably should not bother.



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    arthur says:

    “though if you can’t work out how to find the box that says UKIP on your ballot paper you probably should not bother.”

    we get to vote rarely. some people are nervous, there is a sense of occasion. its quite easy to get wrong which doesn’t help if someone folds your choice over. not everyone is that bright. if thas has been proved to have happened, all parties except UKIP should be docked 50% of their votes (95% for labour to take account of postals and vote rigging amoung labour supporting election staff)

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      Fony Blair says:

      I unfolded the ballot paper and looked down the list looking for UKIP and couldn’t see them.

      I went down the long list again and noticed a final small fold at the bottom of the ballot paper that had 4 folds. Because it was so small it didn’t naturally open.

      I was beginning to think they hadn’t put up a candidate but knew that couldn’t be true.

      For anyone not marching in knowing exactly who they are voting for, this could have an impact. It’s especially has an impact when at the top of the ballot paper is a party that called itself ‘An Independence from Europe”.

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        Concerned says:

        This does seem like systemic abuse of the electoral process.

        Who is driving it?

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        • 71
          Throg says:

          In order to show my disgust at the whole political class, I soiled my ballot paper.

          That’s not a typo ;-)


      • 22
        UKIP MAN says:

        I heard one tory say that they planned this to cause problmes for the UKIP. It is conspriacy by the liberal extremists of the tory party. They want to rip us up.

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        Round the Bend says:

        That’s exactly what I found at my polling station.


      • 25
        FrankFisher says:

        Which polling station was this in? This is rigging – needs to be exposed and prosecuted.


        • 121
          ArchBishopOfArchway says:

          This was the case in my ward in north London (Hillside).

          I thought I’d fully unfolded the ballot paper, couldn’t spot UKIP, and was about to go to one of the staff to ask why there was no UKIP option when I noticed an inch-wide fold hiding at the bottom of the ballot sheet.

          I then moved onto the council elections ballot form. My choices were Labour, Lib Dem or Greens. That’s democracy for you. So, I wrote “Hunts” on it and popped it into the box.


          • Molly says:

            I voted in Archway today and at the door of my polling station was a woman with a red Labour rosette. She was asking for people’s voter numbers or addresses. I asked her why and she vaguely replied that they were just counting the voters. It did not seem kosher. Is this allowed?


          • broderick crawford says:

            Unfortunately yes Molly this IS allowed although it is a travesty .

            What happens is councillors will count the votes and the names then go round to the ones who have nt voted and “offer” to take them to the poll booth by car at the same time fostering the view that as xyz party kindly took them to vote it was incumbent on the poor sad saps to give xyz party their vote ….alll for a four minute car ride .

            On such bagatelles does our democracy endure .


          • Him says:


            They are nothing to do with the voting process – they are party apparatchiks – but they are allowed to do this.

            IMHO they should be forced to announce that they are not part of the formal process.


          • yawn says:

            How stupid do you have to be to not be able to unfold a piece of paper? Stupid enough to vote UKIP, I suppose…


      • 40
        a voter says:

        In the South East region the papers were handed to myself and son folded.
        The electoral officer said they’d been told the papers had to be folded in
        a certain way to fit in the ballot box.


        • 109
          Moley says:

          Why don’t they have to be “folded in a certain way to fit the ballot box” in my ward in Cambridge?

          The EU papers are being provided to the voters unfolded in my own ward.

          Which party runs the council? Can you let us know? Lib Dems? they are usually the ones for dirty tricks.

          If this is evident and appears to be electoral fraud, shouldn’t the police be guarding the ballot boxes until Sunday, on the grounds that once someone has crossed the line, they will do it again?


      • 49
        Balls to the liblabcon. says:

        My experience too.

        Fortunately we had been warned about this trick.

        Doubtless the liblabcon are funding the phony Independence from Europe party.

        Are there no levels to which these arseholes will not sink.


        • 64
          Mohammed says:

          I can confirm this – seven of the nine ballots I cast today for Labour in Tower Hamlets had folds above the UKIP box.

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        • 110
          John Murray says:

          “Doubtless the liblabcon are funding the phony Independence from Europe party.”

          I was saying the same thing to someone earlier after I returned from the Polling Station. The above were the first party listed on the ballot paper with UKIP being right down the bottom.

          Just below the name of this ‘party’ it said “UK Independence”, now I wonder how many elderly folk might have fallen for this and put their cross next to them thinking they were voting for UKIP.


          • Egdibrub says:

            The Independence from Europe is connected with UPSU which is Plymouth University Students. It all seems rather strange that they can register their name and appear at top of paper. Never seen anything about the party in a leaflet or in press. Who are they? Just a UKIP blocker.


          • Taxfodder says:

            Not many we ain’t as daft as we might look…

            Politics is a nasty business that attracts crooks shafters and layabouts like flies to shite.

            Attention to detail is your friend, and in my experience (75+ years) political animals are long on generality and short on specifics……..


      • 57
        Anonymous says:

        spot on…..the one at the top will catch people out..


      • 59
        Anonymous says:

        mine was folded too. not good practice really


      • 63
        veejay says:

        You are quite within your rights to report that to the police. Even though this country has problems with postal vote fraud, in general electoral law is one of the few areas the police still take seriously (along with thought crimes and so called “racism”) – look how swiftly the BBC pulled that mouthy bitch from her position. They know that getting prosecuted for breaching electoral law is a huge deal.

        If I was in your position of being given a ballot in that way I would right now go to the local police station to report it or phone on a non-emergency number. At worst the police will send someone to the polling station to stop them doing it again. At best we might see a crooked Labour or Tory supporter or just some far-left fanatic get his collar felt.

        If anyone else experiences it – confront them when they do it and explain that they are supposed to hand it out unfolded and then if you’re not convinced it was an accident go to the police. This is the sort of thing that could easily throw a few elderly voters enough to take some votes off Ukip.

        The feminists in parrticular are very good at using internet and technology (all created by men!) to advance their hateful extreme ideology. See how a few hundred complained and got inverdale thrown off wimbeldon coverage etc. So I wouldn’t be shocked if they are involved in this, they know ukip might be less scared of them.


        • 69
          ocoro02 says:

          Folded here – South Twickenham ward.


          • Anonymous says:

            Folded (x4) in Twickenham Riverside too. Young lady told me that it had to be folded in a certain way to fit in the box. Pointed out this was against the rules and then when in the booth heard someone newly arrived being asked, “Would you like that folded or unfolded, sir?” Strange day!


        • 169
          Guido is a Jeremy Hunt says:

          Mine was unfolded down here in Denton/Newhaven so UKIP got my vote


          • Old Codger. says:

            Same here in Wolverhampton.
            Unfolded though the folding of it to fit the box was strange as the boxes are not deep enough.


      • 88
        Anonymous says:

        had the same in Islington – I don’t think it was intentional though as she did unfold for me, it had just curled back up again by the time I got to the booth.


      • 96
        Anonymous says:

        Agree – if you are in a rush the ‘Independence from Europe’ could be the one that gets lots of votes. i notice that myself when I looked at the sheet.


      • 131
        Nobby Nomates says:

        They did it at Tower Hamlets St Edmunds School on the IOD this morning.


      • 180
        Gail says:

        The same thing happened to me and I actually marked the top one. I realised my mistake when I went to fold the sheet and noticed the bottom part. I told the two women and asked what I should do and they just looked at me dumbstruck as if I was stupid (which I am not). I asked for a rubber as they said they didn’t know what to do and I erased it and put it in the correct box. I just hope it doesn’t get classed as spoiled. They definitely should not be folding them in that manner. If they have to fold them why not do it as you would a letter, at least then it would open fully.


    • 33
      jexrab says:

      What a load of rubbish! The UKIP morons think that because they have a fold on the ballot sheet, it is a conspiracy. Well no doubt there is a conspiracy in favour of the BNP because they are at the top of the list.
      You UKIP morons are showing yourselves to be the biggest piss artists in Britain.


    • 157
      broderick crawford says:

      1.29 pm on 22 May tweet from Electoral Commission saying they are monitoring HELLO !!???

      Votingday is half freaking over .

      Is this their version of proactive early action ???


    • 158
      broderick crawford says:

      Postalvote then …. and sell your ballot paper to a radicaliser .


    • 168
      Unbalanced Views says:

      Just voted Sunderland South _paper handed to me folded I pointed out they were doing it wrong _blank looks all round


      • 171
        Anonymous says:

        Just experienced the same thing in maidenhead, people in a rush could easily put a cross for the top slot. It stinks.


  2. 2
    Bugner says:

    I noticed it this morning, so I tore off that little bit and put it in the box and chucked the rest away.


    • 32
      Round the Bend says:

      That means you have not voted as your reference number has to be on the voting paper so that you can be identified.


      • 107
        Lord Voldemort of Hamlets says:

        so you can be identified for re-education


      • 108
        Tom Catesby. says:

        I thought everybody knew there was no such thing as a secret ballot. The number on the back relates to each individual voter.


    • 161
      broderick crawford says:

      Tough titty then …disfigured , soiled , or damaged ballot papers are null .


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    Anonymous says:



  4. 4
    Westminster intern says:

    FFS. How moronic can people be not to open it up and read it? Who on earth came up with ridiculous rule? It really is pathetic that it’s so petty!


    • 86
      Anonymous says:

      If it doesn’t matter then fold so the others are invisible and only UKIP can be seen.

      This folding issue has arisen at previous elections.


  5. 5
    dai creasing up says:

    it may show the results of generations of inbreeding within the dronocracy – given a piece of paper they have to do something with it – in order to give the impression of useful activity – so they fold it


    • 12
      Westminster intern says:

      a bit of international immigration should reduce the inbreeding. Another reason not to vote UKIP!


  6. 6
    First Time Voter says:

    This happened to me this morning the bottom section was folded over when the lady handed the paper over to me. I had to unfold the bottom section when I was in the booth.

    Shows how dishonest the Metropolitan Elite is.

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  7. 7

    VOTE TODAY. THE TIME HAS COME for voters to show who is really in charge…



  8. 8
    Charlie Boy. says:

    One is in a real quandary.
    LibDum because they don’t like that nasty f ascist Pootin?
    Or Green, as one’s plants said to one.
    Priscilla’s voting for the printed ciggy packet Party.
    Anyway, I’m not sure whether I’m allowed to do this voting thingy. Mummy says I’m too much of a fucking idiot.


  9. 9
    UKIP MAN says:

    UKIP will win in all the civilsed places, and the south west of england where they are all in breeders with 6 fingers on each hand.
    Labour will win in the the oik places and the lib dems will be wiped out.


  10. 10
    James Dunlop says:

    This also happened at the sheen lane SW14 polling station at c08.40 today

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  11. 11
    Working Class Geezer says:

    Everybody I now are voting UKIP – This will be a landslide.

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    • 19
      UKIP MAN says:

      That is brave of you to vote UKIP. Most of you oiks will vote Labour , because you want the state to look after you. I support the rich, and sucessful most of you working class chavs support the scum, wgho expect the goveernment to pay for their health and edcuation and to tax rich people to pay for it.
      They want to take money from the rich and give it to the chavs.
      We will win in the rich places, you labourite scum will win in the oik places.

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      • 37
        domino says:

        You are Ed Balls and I claim my £5 (Euros not accepted).

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        • 61
          Observant says:

          Even testy Ed wouldn’t sound this mentally challenged, its probably the GordonBroon indulging in a (for him) subtle trolling session.


      • 81
        sarcologist says:

        Why bad-mouth the illiterate with reference to ‘oiks’, chavs etc etc.
        Am sure the majority of voters in places like Tower Hamlets, are just suffering from some form of Stockholm syndrome- traumatic love for their political captors- unable to destinguish between right and wrong. Mis-education has paid dividends for Labour on so many fronts.


  12. 14
  13. 15
    Investigate this cunt too - he's committed vote tampering says:


    • 53
      who's the sick one? says:

      Tricking a sick patient to commit electoral fraud.
      Surely this is a sackable offence?


      • 55
        Investigate this cunt too - he's committed vote tampering says:

        I hope Guido or someone chases this up with the Electoral Commission, the police and the hospital where this prick works. Before the day is over, I want this slimy arsehole arrested.


  14. 16
    DiAbbott says:

    In Tower Hamlets the ballot papers are pre-printed with an X for Labour. Works every election.

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  15. 17
    String Vest says:

    If this in any way affects how people vote then the head of the electoral commission should be sacked.

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    • 31
      haddock says:

      should be sacked for allowing ‘An Independence…’ to appear, it was a clear case of ‘passing off’

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      • 43
        domino says:

        Apparently the Labour apparatchik and quango queen Jenny Watson offered to resign over the use of “”Lee Rigby” on the ballot paper (same daft cow responsible for the 2010 shambles) but Burka, sorry Bercow wanted her to stay.

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  17. 20
    CaptBlack says:

    After receiving a folded ballot paper this morning in Windsor+Maidenhead, I emailed the local returning officer, highlight the Electoral Commission Guidelines to polling staff. Fold – then open fully, so whole paper visible. Pretty simple instructions!

    The Electoral Commission PowerPoint briefing for polling station staff states (slide 25): “…Ballot papers – Open up fully so the whole paper is visible…”

    Page 12 of the Polling Station Handbook: “…Fold the ballot papers, then hand them to the voter unfolded so that they can see all of the parties and candidates on the papers….”


  18. 27
    Round_or_Flat says:

    That’s odd.
    I can’t find Mugabe’s party anywhere in the listings.


    • 83
      Jack Ketch. says:

      I don’t think they ever needed the folding trick in Zim. Mugabe was such a saint that he brought the dead back to life–at least 300,000 dead people voted for him last time round and the indelible black ink for voter’s fingers was changed to a water-soluble red type. The LibLabCons have a lot to learn.


  19. 28
    Alan Douglas says:

    Mine was folded in half horizontally, then into quarters the long way, so no chance of covering anyone over. They said it would not fit in the box otherwise.

    It is an awkward size.

    Alan Douglas


    • 65
      Silly Berk-Cow says:

      I can accommodate it.


    • 98
      Tom Catesby. says:

      Yes the European paper was large and awkward sized, but the clerks asked us to fold our own and place them in the same box with the local election paper.


      • 118
        Moley says:

        Shouldn’t they be in separate boxes so that the EU votes can be sealed until Sunday?

        If they are all in the same box they will have to be separated and tallied at the local count, then sealed for Sunday which is open to lots of opportunity for abuse.


        • 143
          Jim says:

          Where were the second set of boxes kept?
          Did they have a second set of ballot papers as well?


  20. 29
    Politics is LOL says:

    Anyone remember the controversy in 1997, or it might have been 1992, when a party calling itself the Literal Democrats, scored a surprisingly high number of votes? The Liberal Democrats saw their share of the vote in several seats drop sharply and they claimed it was because voters had accidentally voted for the Literal Democrats instead of the Liberal Democrats. They demanded a re-election in those seats, which of course didn’t happen.


    • 74
      JH2382198409283 says:

      Same thing happened four years later when the Yoghurt Knitting Whiny Sandal Wearing Arsehole party was on the ballot.


    • 144
      Jim says:

      I understand they changed the UK law to stop that in UK elections. This is the EU law allowing it to happen again in EU elections.
      Still, it is a surprise that the EU election is so badly protected against political cheating.


  21. 30


  22. 34
    Rickytshirt says:

    If this is this happening all over the place then you would have to suspect that the people doing the folding are receiving their instructions from one source? If so, who is that source?


    • 46
      Common Purpose says:

      Head scratcher isn’t it?


    • 139
      Eve Iscerator says:

      Nah, it just that they only recruit lazy eejits to work in the polling stations.
      Read to page 12 of the handbook? F**k that, waste of good drinking time.

      No conspiracy. Unlike with the alien lizards who shot JFK


  23. 35
    CaptBlack says:

    We should measure the size of the fold in each region – and then see if this correlates to an over or under indexing of the UKIP vote

    i.e. a small 1 cm fold will probably suppress the UKIP vote, and under-index the region. A larger 3cm flappy fold which is more noticeable will probably over-index the UKIP vote.


  24. 36
    NE Frontiersman says:

    Living in a borough where last time Labour won three seats in a ward on a 125% turnout, I’m fascinated to see what this year’s trick will be.


  25. 38
    UKIP Vote Support Crew says:

    Quick, get some Polish workers in to unfold the paper


  26. 39
    Winston says:

    I agree that its not difficult to find the correct box to vote for the party you prefer. However, as its clearly a widespread ploy (if only a petty one), it demonstrates that there are people involved in the running of the vote, who are motivated to disrupt and are deliberately targeting UKIP. What else will they do? What happens with the count? The Left have infiltrated all parts of the State and they will stop at nothing.


  27. 41
    Anonymous says:

    Happened in southwark this morning, one fold at the bottom to obscure UKIP.


    • 95
      Mohamed says:

      “It’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the people who count the votes.


  28. 44
    Jazz says:

    Now You are in trouble geedo.

    Showing a ballot paper with X 4 UKIP on election day.

    The impartial BBC will be on you like a ton of bricks.


    • 122
      haddock says:

      the impartial Beeb showed this image of a folded ballot paper, they removed it at about 12.45 after comments about ‘rigging’ by folding on blogs


  29. 45
    Roger Helmer says:

    Don’t forget to vote today in Euro & local elections. Important to add your voice to what happens next (no surprises my end: I voted for The Green Party)


    • 124
      Lord Voldemort of Hamlets says:

      counting started yesterday here in Tower Hamlets and was only just completed before the ballots were handed out at 7am this morning


  30. 47
    I want to know says:

    Are the votes counted in local areas- or sent off to central locations?
    And when does counting in the UK begin?


    • 127
      Lord Voldemort II of Hamlets says:

      counting started yesterday here in Tower Hamlets and was only just completed before the ballots were handed out at 7am this morning


  31. 48
    Common Purpose says:

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  32. 50
    Seth the pig farmer says:

    It should be pretty easy to spot irregular or unusual folds at the count. Particularly if the paper was folded backwards at the bottom just above UKIP.


    • 147
      Jim says:

      There is no practical reason to fold the paper anywhere near the bottom.
      You would fold in half, quarters, or thirds.


  33. 51
    Anonymous says:

    Handed folded ballot paper at Banstead Road Baptist Church Polling Station, Carshalton


  34. 54
    Lord Swanbourne says:

    If you can’t find the candidate you want on the ballot paper, just add their name at the bottom.


  35. 58
    Glyn H says:

    I had a PV as likely to be working away today. Amazed to seen ‘An independence from Europe ‘ at the top. I emailed the E/Commission to complain that this was a deliberate spoiling tactic and they wrote back by return, same day, to say nobody could possible confuse this with UKIP!

    Turns out it is some nutter called Nattrass who was deselected by UKIP so is doing it for revenge.

    The EC is not an independant outfit. It is following the usual Common Purpose agenda; look at the PV scandal which it is done nothing useful to combat the appalling abuse that Labour has committed not had it sought to uphold the Boundary folk over the gross distortion labour have in their moribund desolate heartlands (caused in large part by union intransigence).


  36. 60
    sixupman says:

    In the Manchester area the first candidate on the EU ballot paper was a faux-UKIP one, in that position as its name began with “A” taking it to the top. At a glance, it could easily be mistaken for UKIP.


  37. 68
    A green person who likes talking utter crap says:

    It sounds as if this whole Election will have to be set aside even before the votes have been counted.


    • 73
      Long John Silver' s parrot says:

      If you are very quick you can redo it on Sunday when most of the other European Member States vote.


  38. 72
    Smack My Nigella Up says:


    – A two month long relentless organised media smear campaign

    – Fake Parties on the ballot paper “An Independence from Europe” at the top

    – Polling staff deliberately folding ballot papers so voters see the fake party not the real UKIP

    Mugabe would be proud of Britain today

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  39. 77
    Not right says:

    Both ballot papers given out folded.


  40. 82
    Tim Greene says:

    Seriously? I agree with the paragraph about not bothering if you can’t unfold a ballot paper. It’s not hard, is common sense and a child can do it. Why do Ukip supporters see a conspiracy at every opportunity? What utter tosh.


  41. 85
    Vote with a Pen says:

    When voting, do NOT use the supplied pencil, use a ballpoint so it cannot be tampered with.


  42. 87
    Tom Catesby. says:

    Electoral Commission advice to polling station staff…..
    ‘Fold the paper, then hand it to the voter UNFOLDED’.


    • 154
      Jim says:

      It has to be a certain size to fit into the box. Some politically motivated staff are folding it to hide the real UKIP box at the bottom of the ballot, whilst letting everyone see the dummy UKIP party at the top of the ballot.


  43. 89

    So the consensus seems to be that Lemon Party voters are the most likely to be confused by the concept of folding paper?

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    • 99
      táxpáyér says:

      Typical Labour Drone ignoring Fraud.

      Celebrating diversity in ethical standards are we?


  44. 90
    Tom Catesby. says:

    BTW. handed two ballot papers not folded at my polling station this morning, so was everybody else while I was there, everything in order, polling clerks acting properly.


  45. 91
    Autobahn says:

    This is out and out rigging of the electoral process which deserves 10 years in solitary confinement (if you are against the society, you can leave it ).
    Wherever this has happened the election needs to be re-run.

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  46. 92
    ron says:

    I wrote a note on my ballot paper saying I didn’t fully understand the issues and I vote again if I’d put my cross in the wrong place this time.


  47. 93
    Walk softy and carry a bit keyboard says:

    Are there no depths that these schmucks will stoop to to subvert and basically cheat the GBP out of their rightful choice? This is turning out like some tinpot African Election – and don’t the MSM and the LibLabCon love it! It’s a fucking disgrace.


  48. 100
    Anne says:

    At the top of our ballot paper (S.E. London) is “4 Freedoms Party – UKEPP”, even above the “An Independence from Europe” one. We had a leaflet delivered by “UKEPP” last week – it arrived folded inside a Labour leaflet, same deliverer! (But perhaps both parties are using paid deliverers rather than volunteers.)

    Also I voted at two different polling stations this morning, one as a proxy vote. Both ballot papers were folded and not re-opened when they were given to me.


  49. 103
    Elroberto says:

    They’ve got more complaints than an hospital pisspoint. FML, it’s almost enough for me to wish for a Labour win.


  50. 111
    Anonymous says:

    I spotted this at 8 this morning at Tower Hamlets, they’d folded it so well they’d creased it back on itself. Glad I called UKIP and told them.


  51. 112
    The Electoral Commission says:

    We will make a decision on whether a re-run is required when we have found out how many votes UKIP got.


  52. 113
    John Page says:

    No problem at our polling station


  53. 114
    Anonymous says:

    I have just voted – in the traditionally Conservative constituency of East Northamptonshire. The officials manning the polling station have done so for as long as I have lived in the village (i.e. more than 30 years) and are treated as friends. After reading on Guido about ‘folding’ still happening, I was surprised that the ballot paper was folded twice before it was handed to me (but the ukip line was not folded over again). To my gentle query, they said they did not know of the Electoral Commission guideline which states the ballot paper should be handed to the voter unfolded. So even blameless and fine retired folks with decades of experience have not been instructed properly.


  54. 115
    tigerowl says:

    Perhaps the ballot paper was too big for UKIP voters to hold. Or they could not understand how to put a cross in a box.
    Folded or unfolded it makes no difference. Once inside the polling booth you unfold it, find your candidates and vote.
    How difficult can it be? It is known many who are voting UKIP have not voted for decades, but please, it is the simplest thing in the world. Putting a cross in a box.
    Electoral fraud? Stupid voters.


    • 135
      Captain Chaos-Dum, dum, dum! says:

      And wouldn’t you know about that then, having relied on ‘Stupid Voters’ to get your party elected. You and your ilk have avoided fighting on policy and now chastise people when they have the ‘audacity’ to raise valid polling rule violations. It must be nice living in your ‘perfect world’ where only you are right.


  55. 116
    This was the point? says:

    I got mine folded. I managed to find my choice of party just fine. Really scraping the barrel here ukip, do you think your own supporters that stupid?


    • 125
      Hmmmm says:

      Maybe some are. Do you withdraw their right to a fair vote? If so, we are going down a very slippery slope.


  56. 117
    Anonymous says:

    My ballot papers was handed to me folded.
    UKIP’s ‘£’ sign was on the inner most fold of the EU ballot paper.


  57. 119
    UKIP Forever says:

    With not only the EU, but all of the UK’s elite shitting themselves over the UK vote and with 3 whole days to do it in, I’ll be amazed if they don’t rig the vote…..

    The least we should do is release exit polls….


    • 128
      ArchBishopOfArchway says:

      It’s illegal to release exit polling data until the polls have closed.


  58. 123
    Hmmmm says:

    Postal votes, ballot paper rigging, pencils, counting “stations”……it just stinks, doesn’t it?


  59. 129
    Autobahn says:

    this electoral fraud is serious not just for its effect on the tally but that people cannot be trusted. We cannot shrug this off.
    I did doubt the people here who are saying Common Purpose and I thought it was just misguided socialist who are a bit thick and incapable of independent thought but now I am realizing that there may be some deliberation behind these instigations.


  60. 130
    Walk softy and carry a big keyboard says:

    When I went to vote, my Ballot Paper was handed to me by someone called ‘Mr Miyagi’ and it was folded into the shape of a swan. It took a while to unfold, but after that I found my UKIP choice on it quite easily. The next person’s paper was shaped like a Dragon. Her’s looked well better than mine did! Where do I go to complain against this blatant origami sexism?

    A cardigan-wearing Guardian-reading Oxbridge buffoon.


  61. 132
    Fruitcake and swivel eyed loony loving the panic and utter desperation says:

    How we laughed at the USA and their hanging chads.


  62. 134

    Don’t care what people say.

    This Election is not democratic.

    First the Electoral Commission allow a party with a similar name to UKIP to confuse.

    Then they allow polling stations to hand out ballot papers folded to obscure options.


    • 138
      Vote with a Pen says:

      Welcome to the people’s banana republic Britainistan.


    • 152
      Henri says:

      I think Nigel Farage got wind of this confusion in name with another similar named United Kingdom party.

      In his last party political broadcast on BBC he stressed to only vote for the UKIP symbol next to it.

      I’m not usually one for conspiracy theories but ?


  63. 137
  64. 140
    Vote Early, vote often says:

    Just finished my voting run, so I thought folks would be interested in the statistical snapshot offered by my, albeit, small survey.

    Polling stations voted at: 18

    Ballot with folds present, but handed out unfolded: 8
    Ballot with one or more folds: 7
    Ballot totally unfolded: 3

    Can’t say I was affected by the folds though, ‘cos the Labour box was near the middle of course.


  65. 142
    Ukip first says:

    Shocking what I am hearing – keep up the good work guido.

    Here in West Sussex I got an unfolded ballot paper. Cross at the bottom for ukip.


  66. 149
    Henri says:

    Yes, me too got a folded ballot paper, with UKIP at the bottom (probably alphabetical order?)

    But I agree, the ballot paper should be handed to you UNFOLDED and then you mark your X in whatever box, then you fold it and put it in the ballot box.

    Does seem a bit suspect as I am sure on every other voting day the ballot paper is given to you UNFOLDED if I remember correctly?



  67. 150
    JR says:

    My Ballot paper was handed to me fully folded in Barrow upon Humber in sunny Lincolnshire. Pointed it out to the nice ladies it should be open. They had been told by the Electoral Commission that is was to be folded.

    Is this not a Quango run by a Labour lovie???


  68. 153
    Phuquit says:

    I’ve just voted, (UKIP, naturally) and thanked the officer for not folding my paper. I then mentioned the various anomalies as described upon these pages and asked if he would open his handbook to page 12.

    Sure enough, there it was – fold the paper and then hand to the elector unfolded.

    What’s all that about?


    • 156
      Should I have chosen the Pirates Party? Sounds fun! says:

      At my polling station (in south Manchester) the Euro paper was absolutely massive, a full A4 if not larger. The chap swiftly and approximately folded it into three while I watched, and handed it to me, along with the local ballot which I saw him fold top to bottom.

      I can imagine more than one or two people faffing to get the Euro paper in the slot…

      Was everyone else’s Euro ballot paper as big as this??


  69. 163
    Pete Hodge says:

    I don’t understand the need to have a paper folded. Mine wastorn off a pad and handed to me open. Over A4 size. I then recorded my vote, and folded it myself. No one else touched it. It has come to something when we can’t hold an honest election. We shoul stop this practice of postal votes for everyone. The biggest con going, specially where there are lots of swarthy men women of a particular ethnic and religious back ground.


    • 172
      Guido is a Jeremy Hunt says:

      My ballot paper was the same as your’s. The lady behind the trestle table checked my number against my address and then tore the ballot paper off the pad and gave it to me unfolded.


  70. 164
    Anonymous says:

    Just voted Could not spot ukip only the anti European party at the top. Until noticed the fold. Shocking


  71. 165
    Martin Dorsett says:

    Absolute disgrace. I just voted and had to read the ballot paper three times before finding UKIP box. Clearly the ‘establishment’ put the spoiler Uk independence party at the top of the list to split the vote…which I am sure it will have that effect. We complain about fake elections in the Crimea and allow this to happen in the UK. For me it invalidates the whole process. BTW…I have a PhD so I am not stupid!


  72. 167
    Anonymous says:

    Me to I,m just about to send this off to …. not sure , any suggestions ?

    Dear Electoral services
    During the voting process taking place at the Methodist Church Hall, Barrow Upon Soar. Leics at approximatly 19.15 I was handed my voting paper in a folded state, I pointed out that this was against the rules having read somewhere ”
    Electoral Commission Investigating “Folded” UKIP Ballot Papers, The Electoral Commission guidance to polling station staff is clear: “Fold the ballot paper, then hand it to the voter unfolded. Ask them to re-fold it once they’ve marked their ballot paper in the polling booth.”

    Dozens of voters including UKIP candidate Suzanne Evans are reporting that their ballot papers were handed to them with the UKIP section folded, contrary to the rules. The Electoral Commission has confirmed it is “monitoring the issue” and say that “staff have again been instructed to hand papers to voters unfolded”

    The manager at the polling station checked this with her supervision and returned to me saying this was within the rules and as I sat waiting for perhaps 10 minutes that they were continuing handing ballot papers in a folded state to everyone. I have photographic evidence to support this.

    Regards David Allen


    • 174
      Anonymous says:

      autoreply from

      “Thank you for contacting the Electoral Commission. Your feedback will help us to improve our service.”

      which raises the secondary issue that even when I joe public see irregularities in the polling station and report it in writing by email immediatly it doesnt get read until after the poll has ended, there ought to of been somebody on it immediatly, there was no electoral commission staff there and theyve issued folded ballot papers all day


  73. 170
    Dan says:

    how many ballot papers should I be given today, in a rush while neighbour was looking after kids I went to vote and when I got home realized only been given one paper? for euro which was folded but not near ukip


  74. 173
    Jimbo says:

    Voted in Highbury (London) today. Was handed the ballot paper FOLDED with a fold right at the bottom that covered UKIP and the next group up. I’m no electoral novice but I had to spend a bit of time and fingernail effort to open it up.

    Can anyone suggest how to complain to the Elec Comm about this?


  75. 176
    Anonymous says:

    Jeezo – how to confuse a UPRICK voter :-

    fold ballot paper – check

    put them in a barrel and tell them to pee in the corner – check

    give them 3 shovels and ask them to take their pick – check

    ask them how to spell X – check

    if the above fails, run through again, this time with their carer or mental health professional in attendance


  76. 177
    Escape from Banana Republic says:

    Report from 2009:


  77. 178

    The ballot paper in Bradford, West Yorkshire wasn’t in alphabetical order. UKIP was at the bottom, but Yorkshire First was above it. There was also a fold that obscured UKIP. This looks like an organised attempt at vote rigging, as it’s clear that they wanted UKIP at the bottom despite the rules, just so that they could hide UKIP.
    Thank ye gods I saw it, as it was hard to spot especially for the old or partially sighted.
    It’s well out of order & something that needs a proper investigation.


  78. 179
    Peter Hudson says:

    I voted in Lambeth.

    It was OUTRAGEOUS that a small fold at the bottom obscured the UKIP candidate. And why were they at the bottom? ….QED to enable folding them out of the visible list.

    There must be a full investigation .


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