May 22nd, 2014

Andy Burnham is a Millionaire

Andy Burnham has written to Nigel Farage to complain about a UKIP leaflet suggesting he was a millionaire. Which is true.

Burnham owns at least two properties, and estimates by local estate agents say his house in the nice leafy bit of Warrington would fetch at least £350,000. Then there is his flat in Kennington, which he rents out. Flats round there don’t go for less than £350,000 at a very conservative estimate. 

After nearly two decades on the public teat, Burnham’s pension assets will push him into millionaire territory.  Not only does he have 13 years of absurdly generous MPs’ pension, he also spent four years as a SpAd and five years as a government minister. The public sector pays.

The elder Burnham will have pension of at least £30,000 per annum and this asset, along with the property, easily pushes him over the mark. He may be ashamed of his wealth, but he can’t just ignore it.


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    Anonymous says:

    We need more normal people in politics. Politics can’t be a sport for the rich.

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    • 23
      Ockham's Razor says:

      Neither can it just be confined to murderers.

      We need to be more inclusive.

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      • 83
        The BBC is full of bigots says:

        How dare anyone suggest that Burnham has any experience of business?


        • 89
          Ockham's Razor says:

          I would wish to make it entirely clear that I never meant to imply that he was smart enough to make money out of it.

          Regret if any one thought otherwise.


    • 28
      The Public says:

      It isn’t, they are poor when they start, but somehow when they leave politics they are filthy rich, funny that.

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      • 91
        Tony(straight kinda millionair) says:

        Oy! Are you suggesting I took enormous bungs to influence Middle East policy ????


    • 105
      The Growler says:

      “Andy Burnham has written to Nigel Farage to complain about a UKIP leaflet suggesting he was a millionaire. Which is true” Eee Fawkesy lad, tha’s a millionaire, Andy just wants to be like all ex ministers and go in with nought and cum art a millionaire, I thought that’s what you wanted all folks to aspire to. The value of property is not the same as the equity in the property. Get in there Fawkesy you know you want become a Con MP climb the money ladder than if you were Liebore, even they can do it.


      • 114
        Alas, Poor Albion says:

        Dear Growler, that Andy Burnham is a millionaire is probably the least obnoxious fact about him. Because of his denial, the least obnoxious thing you can say about Burnham is that he is a liar and a hypocrite.


  2. 2
  3. 3
    Anders says:

    Burnham is also a mass murderer. 1% of the population of Stafford executed by the NHS in only 5 years .


  4. 4
    Fred the pensioner says:

    He forgot to add he never did a thing for the NHS either.. Lazy bugger.


  5. 6
    Anonymous says:

    Those leaflets are not offical UKIP. Looks like Burnham is barking up the wrong tree.

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    • 41
      Jack Ketch. says:

      This is the bloke who smeared that Chakrabati women from Liberty and had his Wiki page heavily edited to “remove inaccuracies” (i.e. the truth).

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  6. 7
    Stating the bleedin obvious says:

    Have you not contemplated the idea that he might have mortgages on the properties ?

    Straw clutching shoddy journalism.

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    • 10
      Raving Loon says:

      Maybe he’s claiming for them all on expenses?


    • 15
      Ockham's Razor says:

      Yes! Quite right! And a mortgage on his pension too. Poor bloke hasn’t got a pot to piss in.

      Let’s send him a food parcel!

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    • 17
      The Critic says:

      Of the same standard employed by the Guardian and the Mirror -presumably you see their shoddy efforts as shining beacons of truth?


    • 22
      ex Tory Voter says:

      You mean he has *no savings?!?!?*


    • 25
      Blue Peter Goldfish says:

      I have contemplated that he might also have investments and a huge chunk of cash in various accounts (probably offshore), cash rich people don’t pay mortgagees off anyway, not sensible @ only 1.5 % interest.


  7. 8
    ex Tory Voter says:

    A million is not what it used to be.


  8. 9
    Tony "no top up fees yes wmds" Blair says:

    Same old Labour same old lies


    • 35
      Lipstick on a pig says:

      His cosmetics bill alone must be staggering. Eye make-up doesn’t come cheap.


      • 97
        Fuck The One-Eyed Scottish Fucker says:

        Aha! So you’re implying he’s a shirt-lifter? He certainly looks like one.


  9. 11
    Winston says:

    What if they had said he was “a complete c**t”? Would he deny it?


  10. 12
    Anonymous says:

    So what you’re saying is that he’s not a millionaire by any normal person’s definition of millionaire.

    You were more interesting before you became a UKIP press officer.

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    • 27
      Tired of it all says:

      He has assets worth over a million pounds. How does that not make him a millionaire ?


      • 96
        Progressive wanker says:

        Is he has assets of£1,000,000 and debts of £0.01
        Then he’s not a millionaire .

        Just considerably more wealthy than yaow, as it were


        • 108
          The Growler says:

          “If he has assets of £1,000,000 and debts of £0.01
          Then he’s not a millionaire”
          If he has assets cash assets of £100K and houses worth £700K but equity of only £400K he is going to be in trouble when rates start rocketing


        • 111
          cured lefty says:

          PW is that you I mean really you


          • Progressive wanker says:

            If you mean the anon poster you called pw just recently then, yes, it is.
            I quite like the moniker so I adopted it as my own.


    • 48

      It seems you don’t visit very often.

      Why only a few days ago the comments were filled with people bemoaning the fact that Guido had joined the Establishment ‘Bash Nigel Farage and UKIP’ consensus.

      Some of you are never satisfied.


      • 60
        Cinna says:

        Why is it that lefty trolls always sign in as “Anonymous”? Not got the wit to think up a suitable moniker?


        • 62

          Nothing to say and always keen to say it. It’s in the genes.


        • 65
          Dangerous Brian says:

          You forget Jimmy.


        • 74
          Ed (Anonymous) Milliband says:

          Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom…bacon…nom, nom, nom!!!!


          • Spartacus says:

            12 Anon. You were more interesting before you became a UKIP press officer

            UKIP press officer – guiders, you are kidding. f’ing kidding right? first time on this blog? Or you are a racist? And do you employ your wife as all mps do and their children? do you take expenses instead of flat rate allowances that . . . and put your anon name on, otherwise f’k off.


  11. 14
    JH2382198409283 says:

    Don’t forget his Lancomé mascara contract.

    Got to be worth £££ for that level of exposure.


  12. 16
    Newsfox says:

    Nah, you’re a millionaire if you’re worth that right now, not based on yer pension. He, like everyone else in politics, is certainly doing well out of it clearly.


  13. 20
    Mrs Marie-France van Heel Burnham says:


  14. 21
    Anonymous says:

    Have you deducted his mortgage liabilities from his housing asset to determine his wealth?

    Thought not.

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  15. 24
    An Ex-Tory chav says:

    I’m voting UKIP coz I’m sick of this crap weather that’s come over here from another country made by blokes bumming each other.


  16. 26
    Anonymous says:

    Just found the account that made the pictures. The person is very anti Tory, Labour ,Lib Dem and UKIP. All parties attacked except one.


  17. 30
    So there you have it ! says:

    UKIP candidate Peter Lello arrested for sex assault on homeless Bulgarian man

    Just another UKIP bastard like Roger Helmer.


    • 38
      Steve Right says:

      He’d be more at home in the Tories then. That’s where gay fiddlers are at home. The LibDems are more the party of straight sex cases. Labour are merely the party of convicted thieves and PIE enthusiasts.


    • 87
      Maqb­oul says:

      So you’ve decided he’s guilty before any trial?

      Typical leftard.


  18. 31
    ed milliband peoples representitive of doncaster says:

    “We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions.”
    adolf hitler


    • 57
      Autobahn says:

      there’s not really a lot wrong with that in my opinion.
      A person is born from a woman, could be anywhere. Nobody can say
      “that baby is inferior to me, that baby belongs to the parents and to their circumstances, it is the responsibility of the parents, that child is nothing to do with me.”
      It is not the child who has any stigma of social standing or any idea of anything at all but it’s genetic makeup and memories.
      each person born can contain genus of expression.
      better a society that evaluated born humans by capabilities than who’s womb they came out of but that might be eugenics or something ?


      • 82
        Autobahn says:

        In the beginning of understandable time all sorts of creatures evolved and the one that won out [for now] was us, We fucking did it !! Our DNA, us has fucking made it to now. Do you know ? what we had to do to get to here ? fucking horrendous journey, but we made sharp sticks,–

        Hudson: I’m ready, man, check it out. I am the ultimate badass! State of the badass art! You do NOT wanna fuck with me. Check it out! Hey Ripley, don’t worry. Me and my squad of ultimate badasses will protect you! Check it out! Independently targeting particle beam phalanx. Vwap! Fry half a city with this puppy. We got tactical smart missiles, phase-plasma pulse rifles, RPGs, we got sonic electronic ball breakers! We got nukes, we got knives, sharp sticks…

        so now we are here with a vista of new technology and space exploration before us and
        Oh what is that ?
        it is some fucking retarded islamic fucking idiot who does not want to be part of society and wants to hold us back.
        well can she/he be fucking of somewhere else ?


  19. 37
    Autobahn says:

    reassuring to see that you have evacuated the anti-Ukip bias Guido was concerned there for a bit that you were more concerned to be a mouthpiece for others than the Great British Public.


  20. 39
    Powell E says:

    Just been to vote. End to end ukip because we need to kick scrounging immigrants out to put the great back into Britain.

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  21. 40
    Maybe it's mass murder, maybe it's Maybelline says:

    How nice for that rich mass murdering c-unt.


  22. 43
    Neocon is a stupid word. says:

    Labour put out LIE-flets saying UKIP were going to charge people for GP visits and other nonsense while forgetting the disastrous Labour PFI hospital rebuilding programme, privatising GP surgeries and mass murder at Mid Staffs and various care homes.


    • 51
      String Vest says:

      And all these nice new schools that Labour built, guess who will have to pay for them? The kids that are studying in them now!!



      • 54
        String Vest says:

        Labour, the party that hates children! (and they can pay off the national debt as well).


  23. 44
    The public don't like Ed says:


  24. 45
    Ordinary geezer says:

    I’m just an ordinary bloke but my house (which I totally own) is worth £500,000 and my savings total £366,000.

    Having said that, a million quid isn’t what it was.


  25. 47
    Ockham's Razor says:

    Jenny Watson’s Electoral Commission says “fuck off”.


  26. 50
    Anonymous says:

    Life insurance policies on patients at Mid Staffs!!!!


  27. 53
    Anonymous says:

    What about Kinnochio then? Not a penny to scratch his arse with when he started and now he hardly knows what to do with all that money and neither does his wife and neither does his son…all good socialists.


  28. 55
    Red Ed. says:


  29. 56
    Lukewarm says:

    Owning property worth a million doesn’t make you a millionaire. Selling it and trousering the cash might.
    There’s probably a definition somewhere.
    Try wikipedia


    • 69
      Cinna says:

      Don’t talk bollocks.


    • 70
      Hmmmm says:

      A millionaire (originally and sometimes still millionnaire[1]) is an individual whose net worth or wealth is equal to or exceeds one million units of currency.

      So he, by definition. Who’d have thought it?


  30. 58

    You really are just phoning it in these days aren’t you?


  31. 63
    Sadiq Khan 4 Mayor says:

    Andy Burnham is a millionaire with a substantial property portfolio


  32. 63
    Anonymous says:

    Shame that Burnhams secretary spelt Lexdrum incorrectly, makes his sarcastic comment about spelling look a bit silly.


    • 100
      Fuck The One-Eyed Scottish Fucker says:

      It’s a shame you can’t write English as well as an eight year old.


  33. 66
    Champagne Socialism says:

    He is a mass murderer in the NHS. Crime pays!


  34. 67
    C O (Ξ7t1) says:

    Active Measures / Maskirovka / Dezinformatsiya

    Can our R’ussian readers please ask Putin to lay off G’oogle, UKIP and R’euters, Europe and the EP2014 in UK : It is not fooling anyone.

    #FAIL !!!


    • 85
      Ockham's Razor says:

      Thanks for your previous response. Well constructed, as always. I drafted this earlier but decided not to post immediately and left note to that effect.

      In case you didn’t see that, I repeat that it is a fascinating subject where I feel we are tiptoeing around the edges of what is, and what is not, humanly possible.

      Where it takes on Rococo form and breaks its own space, therein lie considerable pitfalls!

      For now:

      I admire so much of Montesquieu. You will surely know how he regarded the British model as an exemplar, even despite its Monarchy.

      Were he to come back today, would he think the same? One must allow considerable doubt about that given the levels of corruption which exist.

      For that matter what might he make of modern America? What would Madison make of it were he to come back and see how his thoughts, inspired by Montesquieu, had been emasculated in the USA?

      The point I had in my mind last night is that one has to take the people with you. If those who govern (or misgovern) move too fast, they will lose support. We saw that with Blair. We are seeing the other side of the same coin with Farage today. Note he identifies himself as a warrior and not a leader – certainly in terms of leading the effort to leave the EU. But here the people are finally prepared to move fast because it is now dawning on them that they have been led into a trap.

      Politics is the art of the possible.

      There is a huge problem with the use and misuse of symbols of the “Good servant Bad master” type. The words of Schiller are stirring for sure. One evening, around 1964, I stood up on the stage in Central Hall, Westminster and sung in my school choir Beethoven’s Ninth.

      “Seid umschlungen, Millionen!” sounded so heady then. I still discover myself singing it unconsciously nowadays! But semiotic forms serve to illustrate an idea in concrete form. They cannot explain what it is. The conjurer performs his trick, he diverts attention at the critical moment and the audience is fooled and delighted. The politician goes through the same routine but is subjected to more scrutiny. The moment when the scales fall from the audience’s eyes can become ugly, especially when the cost is realised. The knowledge that the cost falls on us and not the politician becomes the breaking point.

      The way in which both the US and the EU have manipulated noble sentiments has now become applied psychology rather than optimistic idealism.

      So we get revolution, hopefully less bloody than that of previous years. Often the baby gets tipped out with the unwanted bathwater.


    • 117
      Anonymous says:

      But nowhere near as bad as this standard N@to operational Bullshit?

      “N@to bolsters the Baltics

      In light of the crisis in Ukraine, NAT0 is boosting its presence in Alliance member state waters in Eastern Europe. We’re on board HMS Valkyrien, the current flagship of one of N@to’s four naval fleets… During their deployment, the ships – from Belgium, Estonia, the Netherlands and Norway – will carry out manoeuvres to reinforce their capacity to work together and guarantee the security of Baltic waters.” Posted on YouTube – May 21, 2014.


  35. 71
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Burnham has his own personal “cost of lying crisis”.


  36. 72
    Larry Livingstone says:

    Why should anyone have to apologise for making a bit of money ?


    • 86
      Anonymous says:

      They shouldn’t well unless they dodge the tax payable on said sum or go round saying how ‘every other rich person should be punished except me ‘ or running your mouth off for a party that claims to hate the rich and wishes to see all money given to them to spend of P”£$% all over Dee from Birmingham ! oh and if while making that cash you accidentaly let thousands die on you


      • 101
        Fuck The One-Eyed Scottish Fucker says:

        For fuck’s sake, Anonymous. LEARN TO WRITE ENGLISH OR GO BACK TO SCHOOL.


        • 115
          Anonymous says:

          Dear “Fuck The One-Eyed Scottish Fucker”

          Are not aware that all-caps is considered rude on the internet? That said, are the following corrections reasonable – or can they be improved?

          ‘Anyway, they shouldn’t. Well, unless they dodge the tax payable on said sum. Or go round saying how ‘every other rich person should be punished’ – except me! Or running your mouth off for a party that claims to hate the rich, and wishes to see all money given to them to spend of P”£$% all over Dee from Birmingham! Oh, and if, while making that cash, you accidentally let thousands die on you.’

          To Sir, with love.


  37. 73
    A Slave says:

    Those socialist MPs who advocate a minimum wage should be paid a minimum wage. Lead by example. It is not as if Labour do much good anyway. Waste of good money funded by the tax payer.


  38. 75
    UKIP after tonight says:


  39. 77
    ahmonika says:

    Thailand military seizes power in coup.

    Storm in a thai-cup?


  40. 80
    Roger Helmer says:

    Exit polls indicate that the European Commission will win a record-breaking eighth successive term in power.

    Hear ! Hear !


  41. 81
    Diane Abbott tries a new campaign tactic says:


  42. 84
    ahmonika says:

    When UKip win on Sunday, can we all get in our cars and blow our horns.

    It’s sooooo European.


  43. 90
    The Leeching Labour Party on the Daily Parasites BBC2 says:

    The tax payer has been sold into slavery.


  44. 94
    The Field says:

    ‘The public sector pays.’

    Wrong, should have been..

    The public sector pays handsomely but PAID for by the long suffering taxpayer and the private sector with no pensions to talk of!!


  45. 95
    the homonculus says:

    Simple solution dont pay any of them
    it wont cause corruption they already are corrupt


  46. 98
    Jim says:

    But come on, he spelled ‘spelled’ wrong….


  47. 102
    Max Clifford: Hero of the left says:

    The funniest thing is he got that Jamie Carragher to give him money whern he ran for the leadershit


  48. 103
    Round_or_Flat says:

    Orthographically not a mistake between the use of “spelled” and “spelt”, however there are reasons of euphony when one is better than the other.

    “I am very upset that you spelled my name wrong.”

    “If you keep on forgetting you’ll soon get it spelt out to you.”

    Generally speaking rich people use others to do their spelling.


  49. 104
    Corby says:

    you are way out date on Kennington flats – worth at least 1/2 MILLION


  50. 120

    Only a rich socialist tries to hide his wealth especially when it is ‘earned ‘ on the backs of the taxpayer.


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