May 21st, 2014

Top Tory Attacks Cameron Euro Strategy

The awkward squad are getting their verdict – and attack lines – in early on the Tory European campaign. David Davis lambasted the coordinated CCHQ attacks on UKIP last night, telling Guido that they have only driven more voters to UKIP:

“The only way to fight UKIP is to occupy their ground. Cameron has started to try and do that, but it’s too late… They only react when they are panicking and then no one believes it.”

Basher says he has come round to Lord Tebbit’s ‘forgotten Tories’ idea; Thatcherites who abandoned the party in 1992, and have not voted since, have been awoken. They’ve not come back to the Tories though. He predicts a 32 24 22 win for the ‘kippers, with the Tories in third and an unexpectedly high turnout for a Euro-vote. Consider this a preview of next week if those numbers are correct.


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    domino says:

    Tories, coulda, shoulda shalla…Call me Dave is in for a long week.

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      U&KIPPER says:

      T’was the night before Voting and all round the place
      Tories have realised their losing the race
      UKIP have gotten them right on the rope
      In the EU election they haven’t a hope
      EU immigrants let in by these fools
      Will all require healthcare, housing and schools
      The Tories it seems obey EU orders
      And flatly refuse to shut down our borders
      So it’s good-by to Cameron and all of his mates
      And hello to someone we know Cameron hates


      Good Luck Tomorrow Nigel

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        PC Dixon says:

        And its all Dave’s fault !


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        Anonymous says:

        “their losing the race”?
        they’re losing the race.


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          Vlad the Loudhailer says:

          Cameron has just admitted on R4 World at One he has presided over 4 EU treaty changes while being PM. One was rejected and three accepted. What was Dave’s caste iron guarantee again?


          • We Need Regime Change says:

            He’s a fraudster. He is a liar. He should be under arrest for treason.

            Lucky for him, he is the ‘heir to Balir’. Who abolished that crime. So how does the public obtain justice for his crimes against us now?


          • UKIP if you want to says:

            We Need Regime Change, aren’t you busy standing for election in Southport?


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          Folk of the UK says:

          Cameron talks about new treatys i one breath, but in the next gasp of breath, he is, as you say, completely silent on where the referendums were ?

          He is all but admiting, I am a liar and a cheat.

          And yet now he claims he wants to renegotiate the EU deal, somthing Merkal has told him he has no chance of doing, many many times.

          And Cameron, the great defender of the UK, that great Christ1@n beliver, that cast iron negotiator, tells us with a straight face (and no doubt his toes crossed) that he doesn’t need a plan B, he hasn’t got a plan B, because he will be sucessfull……

          Does Cameron think we are fcuking imbiciles ?

          He really is the boy who cried wolf over the EU far too many times…..

          He cannot be trusted.
          He is a liar.


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        duty pedant says:

        Liked it but second line their should be they’re.


      • 32
        Dirty Cameron says:

        I know what you’re thinking, punk.

        You’re thinking “did he tell six lies or only five?”

        Now to tell you the truth I forgot myself in all this excitement.

        But being this is a Tory smear campaign the most powerful smear campaign in the world and will blow your mind clean out, you’ve gotta ask yourself a question: “Do I feel lucky?”

        Well, do ya, punk?


      • 35
        jimmy the fish says:

        Go on Nigel!

        But let’s not forget there may well be a big smear coming tonight or tomorrow morning. I don’t see Hodges, DailyMail, Sun, telegraph, Guardian and the hordes of miserable feminazis and other trouble makers on twitter being able to resist one last big smear.

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      • 111
        Like says:


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      Johabn says:

      It’s not too late. Just get rid of Europhile liberal Cameron and give the job to a Conservative.

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        Anonymous says:

        There aren’t any Conserviatives left…

        The last one turned the lights out and left the place to neo Liberals like Cameron and Boris many years ago.

        You will need to knock that house down and rebuild it before any half respecting Conservative wants to call that their home.

        Cameron – too little, too late, too many lies, too liberal, too bad

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      • 176
        The Oracle says:

        David Davis is the leader they should have had.
        David Miliband is the leader that Unite did not want.


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      táxpáyér says:

      Top OO commentators attack BoryTears blog strategy.


    • 48

      I’ve been saying that all along. All our leadership had to do was deliver on our promises and get us out.

      But they didn’t, did they.


      • 63
        Anonymous says:

        But their promises were never to get the UK out of the EU….

        So there was nothing to deliver on…

        Just vague sounding half wishes and gone in a week soundbites, a few go home vans quickly cancelled, but on the other hand virtual open door immigration to the rest of the world as long as you study here or can get your employer to sponsor you.

        Turkey immigration rules to the UK are now massivley weakened, they are allowed to study for a 3 or 4 year degree in the UK, then they get a 2 year work visa, thus they have been in the UK for 5 or 6 years, that entitles them to STAY IN THE UK FOREVER….

        The public are not aware how easy it is for foreign nationals to gain permanant residency status in the UK.

        The Conservatives are promoting this sh1t…. not cancelling or reforming it…. the are promoting it and enhancing it….

        The Conservatives have to go, they are a legacy party and basically ‘Light blue Labour’.


        • 84
          the hangman says:

          I’m ready when you are, mate.


          • Vote David Cameron, that famous Christian and great defender of the UK says:

            Vote FGM
            Vote Hallal
            Vote Kafirs & Infidels
            Vote Trogan Horse school governers
            Vote Permanant leave to remain in the UK
            Vote Child @buse of white under age girls by muuuslims
            Vote Immigration
            Vote Conservative
            Vote Dave


        • 110
          Anonymous says:

          As one who is married to a foreigner, I can tell you that from experience your comment about the ease of which foreigners can gain permanent residency is far from accurate.
          It is expensive, difficult and time consuming, not to mention condescending.

          I will confess however in partial agreement that the uk citizenship test / exam is a complete farce.


          • Likewise says:



          • Anonymous says:

            Residency ?

            It should be work permits for a fixed 3 yr period. Renewable if you are still in employment and haven’t been in trouble with the law.

            Why is anyone getting residency ?

            Residency for wives and spouses excepted.


          • ann onnymus says:

            If memory serves, it was also related to having work. The employer had to demonstrate that the job cannot be done by a native and that they have tried to hire a native.
            It also has limited time validity (although I can’t remember the details).

            So all this unevidenced comment about how easy it is for furrinners to come here and work is a bit wide of the mark.

            (Unless from the eu)


          • God's Holy Trousers says:

            Whilst it may be difficult for say someone from Australia to gain residency. There doesn’t seem to be the same issue with ex asylum seekers from places like Somalia and Iraq to gain UK passports. Having worked for UKBA I have seen first hand how many “new Britons” have been granted UK citizenship mostly it would seem under the previous administration.

            I agree that a UK national who marries a non EU national has to jump through hoops. However an EU national married to a non EU national can tip up without a visa and “exercise their treaty rights” thanks to our friends in the EU and we cant do anything about it. Look up EU family member permits if you want the full gory details.


          • Pseudanonymous says:

            We need the Swiss system… every county is a Canton, and after 10 years of residency, integration, and being a generally desirable human being, they should be allowed to stand as an MP.

            Actually, I would say MPs should be chosen at random like jury service, and the Swiss system used for citizenship, after we’ve had a 10-year moratorium on immigration, left the EU and voted on whether to rejoin EFTA or join NAFTA – North Atlantic Free Trade Area.


          • Pseudanonymous says:

            I also speak as a xenophile misceganist when I say, spouse visas should have nothing to do with citizenship and passports – you marry for love, not for immigration.
            A spouse can live fine as a resident, and any application for naturalisation should be right to the back of a separate queue, and their case judged on its merits in terms of skills and their desirability as an individual – no shortcuts or loopholes.


          • Roger Dewhurst says:

            No doubt your foreign wife is white, probably Australian, New Zealand or Canadian.


    • 133
      The Growler says:

      The LibLieConners are going to get a really good metaphorical kicking in the EUs, they just don’t get it. They might take comfort from the fact UKip, if they get the majority vote they have only 12 months to prove themselves, if they make a complete louse of it they will get nothing in the GE, BUT, if they make a good showing goodbye Dave, Teddy boy & Cleggy


      • 199

        There’s no way of proving themselves as MEPs because an MEP is basically a mannequin designed to give the EU the appearance of being democratic. All our MEPs do is provide us with the representation which we wouldn’t get using FPTP.


    • 135
      no star dust. says:

      who wanked in outer space and the wank has not reached earth.
      always leave on a high. there are no stars there is no dust all that is is here. so .


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    "Toilets" Farage says:

    People used to laugh at me for being too naive.
    They’ll wish they hadn’t when they find out I’ve won the Nigerian lottery twice in one week.

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    • 71
      Socialism is theft says:

      I have often wondered why it is considered racist and xenophobic by some for people in Britain to want to run their own country but not for those in China, the USA, Russia and … well … EVERY other country.


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    veejay says:

    I am a forgotten Tory. I supported Thatcher and since then nobody. And I’ve been told my ideas are too nasty by the likes of Cameron. First time in years that I’ll be voting and it will be for Ukip. And just to say thank you for all the smears, I’ll vote Ukip in the general election too. Conservative, Labour and LebDem are now all on the left and that is just plain bad for democracy.

    As a break from the endless ukip fun, the telegraph has gone even lower. Not only hosting Hodges with his Ukip smears it is being taken over by the worst type of feminists. The odious and rather silly Cathy Newman often gets mentioned here with her bleating that women should be 50% of every parliament and other dopey ideas. But yesterday they took a step further with a moron called Louisa Peacock.

    She wasn’t dressed appropriately and refused to take her coat off to demonstrate what type of top she was wearing so was refused entrance to a swanky restaurant. Basically the same kind of thing that happens to men all the time – I’ve been out with large groups of women before (where I was the only man) and it’s amazing how they can go straight into clubs, often get given free drinks etc. She of course cried to the “everydaysexism” cretins, they got a campaign going, the doorman lost his job and she is now crowing about it on twitter and the telegraph.

    Next time someone says “oh but there are 50,000 examples of sexism on everydaysexism that proves that society is sexist” remember that some of them are cases like this, a stroppy cow who didn’t like having to follow the rules, rules that are invariably applied far more harshly to men and decided she should get special treatment for being a woman.

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      rimmmmmer says:

      I read the article and was pleased that 95% of comments called her out for being an absolute moron, as nearly all feminsts are.

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    • 28
      intergalacticsuperhero says:

      The Telegraph has become the Daily Mirror of the Conservative party, but without the regard displayed by the Mirror for it’s reader’s intelligence.

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      • 47
        rimboooo says:

        Basically that’s it. By employing Cathy Newman and Dan Hodges they show they’re not a serious newspaper just a campaigning platform for the worst aspects of the smug metropolitan elite.

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        • 85
          Anonymous says:

          “the smug metropolitan elite…”

          Cameron and Boris are leading members of the Notting Hill and Islington chapters of said smug club.

          How on earth can those two privalged Eton, Bullingdon Oxbridge elite metropolitan and highly wealthy liberals have absolutley any idea, what it is like for the rest of the country and normal voters.

          They are in their own privalged little bubble and have no clue.

          Where as Conservatives of old may have not had much in common with blue colar Labour voters they would at least claim to represent the ‘middle classes’.

          The problem with Conservatives now, is clearly they don’t represent blue collar workers, but they now, also dont represent white collar ‘middle class’ workers…

          Hence all the sqeezed middle discussions – globalization has made white collar workers a commodity to be offshored or tendered out to cheaper immigrant workers in the UK, a rubbish education system failing to equip our kids with the skills they need to compete in a global work force.

          The middle classes and working classes now suffer similar problems, and crucially, they are problems that that posh rich miilionaire Conservatives and Eton old boys like Cameron and Boris, have absolutley no concept of in their Islington and Notting Hill mansions.

          The Conservative political class has abandoned its own people – the only suprise is that their vote has held up this much at all…… Expect it to depart in increasing waves to Political parties like UKIP who represent real people and real problems.


          • intergalacticsuperhero says:

            Miliband and many on both front benches need to be included as members of the smug metropolitan elite.

            And don’t forget the BBC.

            And the media.


          • Pseudanonymous says:

            A lot of Conservatives of old were working class.

            The Tory party walked away from them, and then disgusted them; as did Labour; as.did the LibDems.

            UKIP was created by them – they thought they’d won; they’re about to find out they’ve lost.

            Every 100 years the political establishment crumbles in the UK through hubris and decadence, whatever the splenetic haters say, this is such a time.


        • 100
          Boris and his lunchmates says:

          …you got a problem with that, pilgrim?


    • 33
      Harriet Harperson says:

      Having a dress code is inherently sexist. Unless it applies to men, then it’s fine.

      I think everydaysexism project is an honest, accurate and well-verfied and unbiased look at the truth of British society.


    • 190
      The Bishop of St. Buryan (aka Jethro)Jethro says:

      3 Quick! Fast-track her to the House of Lords!


  4. 4
    Dave says:

    So anyway, back to Gay Marriage…

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      rimmmmmer says:

      That sums up Cameron pretty well. Desperate to please the Guardian but forgetting that there are millions of us who are patriotic and decent and want out country back before we are made a minority in our homeland.

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      • 17
        Wake up & vote UKIP says:

        He should perhaps check out the circulation stats before he jumps into bed with the Guardianistas.

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        • 30
          BBC says:

          Here the Guardian is the most widely circulated newspaper. What’s your problem?

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        • 34
          táxpáyér says:

          He could also end funding for Broadcasters who only follow the ultra minority view of the grauniad.

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        • 45
          Anonymous says:

          The Guardian would apprear to be the Conservatives natural idealogical home based on their current policies.

          The Conservative party has been infected from within, it is now intitutionally left wing in its outlook.

          Dave / Boris et all are merely the latest in a long line of bleeding heart millionaire Liberals who have destroyed the Conservatives.

          You only have to look at the likes of old guards like Ken Clarke to realise where this utter traitorous rot started and how the party has failed.

          It needs root and branch reform to stand any hope of being electable over the next 15 years.

          It is far from clear the current Conservative party even realises the trouble it is in, let alone has the politicial will or nous to do anything about it. It could well be doomed for a generation.

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  5. 5
    Forgotten Tory says:

    Time for David Davis to join a party that appreciates him.

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    • 20
      JH34891230-48-92 says:

      The careening liberal stranglehold on our national discourse is actually very weak.

      All we need to say is, ‘No’.

      That’s it. Aside from histrionics about ‘bigotry’ that sound more hollow and ridiculous with each passing day, they have nothing else left.


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      • 79
        Raving Loon says:

        The biggest achievement the metrosexual liberals have made is convincing people they are in the majority and that their views are “normal”. Now their lie is falling apart and they can’t take it.


    • 41
      bryanodell says:

      Now that would be a real Game Changer! We can but hope.


    • 152
      The Growler says:

      David Davis would not jump ship now it would look too opportunistic and he has toconsider his majority as a Tory that depends how many Cons in his area would follow him


  6. 8
    Roger"Toilets" Helmer says:

    That light at the end of the tunnel may just be my gravy train.


    • 76
      Toilets Maguire says:

      I can say from experience I’ve never seen Farage or Helmer in any of the toilets I frequent.


  7. 10
    Grant Crapps on Sunday night says:

    Protest vote …. UKIP voters will return next May… Only the Tories can deliver a referendum …. Protest vote…..Is this alright Dave?


    • 38
      Call Me Dave says:

      Mention that it was a protest vote a few more times.

      Also stress that the people have heard kip’s message and agree with Nick, Ed and I that it is “appalling” and they will not support it. Then walk out the studio before the interviewer points out they just did.


  8. 13
    Dave Axelrod says:

    Listen up people,
    Yesterday was a complete Milishambles and there’s no way of getting that shit back in the horse.
    What we can do however is keep the gimp in the box.
    Hey where’s the gimp gone?


  9. 14
    Gunnery Sergeant Hartman says:

    I abandoned it in 1992 and have voted for any available EU exit party since.

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    • 160
      The Growler says:

      So where is this Aussie whizz kid who is such a good spin merchant, is he earning his keep, the Conners seem to be like a bunch of kids who thought they could walk through a field of mud so easily but are struggling to get to the other side, trapped in the gooey stuff


      • 188
        Axe is a magnificent cunt says:

        The Oz is working for me. Didn’t you know?


        • 200

          They win and election somewhere because the tide has turned and next thing it’s all down to their genius and they’re talking born to rule. People are already telling me how well organised UKIP is. UKIP are run like Dad’s Army ffs.


  10. 15
    Defectors please form an orderly queue says:

    Read some article in the Spectator today about how 7 MPs were talked to about possible defections, but turned the chance down. I don’t think Cameron is doing badly in his party, it’s just the grassroots and everyone else that hates him. But who has the say in these matters? The Conservative PPC.

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    • 26
      Mark Oatibix says:

      Defec… ah, defectors!

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    • 115
      UK voting public says:

      “……………I don’t think Cameron is doing badly in his party……….”

      Haaaaahahahahahah ooooohhhhhhh haaaaaa hahahahahah woowooohoooo haahahahahahaha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahha haaaa stop it, its hurting… wooooohaaaahahahahah hahaaaaa


  11. 16
    timbo46 says:

    What’s more, as more Tories “see the light” of UKIP, they begin to turn it into what John Major called “a Conservative Party at ease with itself”.

    Mind you, if the Tories had had proper Conservative leaders who shared the grassroots’ instincts and attitudes, UKIP might never have arisen in the first place.

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    • 43
      non taxable pikey says:

      However, they don’t, instead they chose “clone of Blair” and he has landed them in the shit.

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      • 125
        Anonymous says:

        But what about the old guard like Ken Clarke…….

        He is even more odorous than Cameron.

        Look more closely, and the rot goes a lot deeper than merely Cameron, he is just the latest outbreak of dry rot that has risen to the surface….

        The rotten tentacles go a lot deeper.

        As I say, root and branch reform is required – however there is no appetite for it within the party… The similarities with the CoOp are strong here, a deluded and incompetent management team, blinded by ignorance and strangled by an outdated ideology. Intent on self destruction and completely out of touch with the public – the CoOp or Conservative party… you discuss….


        • 143
          jgm2 says:

          strangled by an outdated ideology.

          I don’t think the Tories are strangled by an out-dated ideology. Their problems stem from moving away from that ‘outdated ideology’.

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          • Tim Yeo-Yo says:

            Couldn’t agree more!


          • JH34891230-48-92 says:

            Run for your life from anyone who wants you to do something different because what you are doing is ‘out-dated’, ‘old fashioned’, or – worst of all – ‘you are afraid of change’.

            I love using the last one against them. Aghast at UKIP’s poll dominance? ‘You are afraid of change!!!’.


    • 173
      Generic PPE Oxbridge Buffoon-All things to a few men (and a few of them non-men thingy's) says:

      Well, maybe they should do a Course of ‘I’ve spoke to the fucking General Public in the last decade, said a few words, and now fully understand all they’ve ever wanted’ at Oxbridge. Throw in a bit of Financial Astrology, and a bit of that ‘Thinky’ subject (neither studied individually to degree level) and we’ll be away!


  12. 19
    intergalacticsuperhero says:

    The tide has turned.

    Cambridge News;
    ” Liberal Democrats in Cambridge are campaigning for a “Living wage”, but they refuse to pay it to the people delivering their leaflets”

    In the same paper.
    And another “hacked” twitter account from a Labour candidate who described a 79yr old woman as”Gaga”.

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    • 55
      intergalacticsuperhero says:

      I missed the significance of this.

      Cambridge has a Liberal Democrat MP and used to be a one party city run by the Lib Dems for years.

      And now they have to pay people to deliver their leaflets!


      • 66
        Londoner says:

        They have been in that position for a couple of years now. Nick Clegg is a dead man walking.


  13. 21
    Anon. says:

    Can you see what they are doing yet?

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    • 40
      Tim Yeo-Yo says:

      Is the right answer no?


    • 158
      A 'Dedicated' Politician and sticking to my views-Oxymoron Times scoop says:

      Putting MY money where MY mouth is!? Never. I’ll have a little love heart tattooed on my left cheek – no, the ‘Other’ cheek – thanks..


  14. 29
    FrankFisher says:

    I am so looking forward to next week – the mea culpas will be thick on the ground. But UKIP voters are not coming back to Dave, or to ed for that matter.

    Here are those accurate final figures, for anyone who cares to call me out on it come Monday

    UKIP (Once and future kings) 35%
    The war war war party (Labour) 28%
    Call me Dave (shitbag pretend tories) 22%
    Hairy legs and scary minges (Greens) 12%
    Buggery and dog murder (LimpDumps) 3%

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    • 42
      veejay says:

      The smears have hardened my resolve. I freely admit I was considering voting Tory at the next general election to keep Ed out. Having heard Cameron once again smear honest decent patriotic men and women, sod it, I’ll stick with ukip tomorrow and the general.

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    • 68
      Anonymous says:

      We’ll if that’s the true face of ukip, the true face of political commentary from a “spokesman”, the true face of complete contempt and disprespect for the millions who have voted for any of the above political parties, then you, Mr Fisher, are despicable. If as spokesman, your comments above represent the party line on what constitutes such things as buggery and dog murdering, then I hold your party in equal contempt.


      • 103
        FrankFisher says:

        Lighten up mate.


      • 107
        FrankFisher says:

        On second thoughts, your lot, chum, your LibLabCon who you will no doubt say you don’t support, has labeled every UKIP supporter and voter as a racist, a knuckle dragging moron – yet UKIP can’t have a pop back? I’ve been called racist by hundreds of people these past few months, fascist too. Nazi c***, been told I’d never work again. I’ve had my wife in tears in consequence, so anonymous coward, screw you.

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        • 124
          Like says:

          Sorry to also pull you up Frank but you left out kiddy fiddling from your description of the LibDumps.

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        • 127
          Anonymous says:

          When you feel the need to resort to online abuse and thuggery in response to some quite (in my view) reasonable dislike of your earlier comment then I’m even more pleased that my comment was anonymous.
          Your further comment has simply further highlighted what I thought. My comment was not abusive, yet you respond with abuse and presumptions about me based upon zero knowledge. You choose not to justify what’s you have said, but simply to lash out.

          It is deeply saddening that you have been subjected to abuse by those who have different opinions to you. It is equally saddening that your family has suffered. I have some sympathy for that.

          That others choose to abuse you is, in my view, no excuse whatsoever for you to be abusive to others, as you were in your earlier post.

          A political commentator of quality, somebody capable and willing to engage in debate, (of any political persuasion) should be easily capable of rising above abuse, not respond in the same way, and should be capable of concentrating on the political issues without resorting to abusive stereotyping thereby disrespecting millions of people.

          Frank I’m afraid all you have done is reinforce my view that you are not fit for politics.

          Very sorry to hear about your family suffering however. With sincerity, I Hope it doesn’t cause harm to your relationship.


          • Anonymous says:

            Ps you get points if you can state that you have yourself never commented anonymously or with alter ego either here or anywhere else.


          • jgm2 says:

            The only non-factual comment in Frank’s list is ‘scary minges’. The rest is fair comment.

            And by the way ALL Labour voters are c*unts.

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          • Anonymous says:

            Ps a key facet of the democratic freedom is anonymity in my view. It is to be protected, not vilified.
            Not that the internet is really anonymous anyway.


          • FrankFisher says:

            Please take every opportunity offered to not vote for me. Thanks.


          • cured lefty says:

            Dear annon you sound way too much like a progressive wanker for this site trust me move on to more fruitfull soapbox


        • 166
          Observant says:

          Nice one Frank, got a lefty frothing like a slug in salt.
          Truth = kryptonite for progressives.

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          • Progressive wanker says:

            Dear cured lefty. I fear you might be right. Too much of a progressive wanker by half. There I was thinking that a party spokesman might respond with consideration to a point raised. I clearly,should have known better, both in terms of Frank and in terms of this site.

            Small mental relief that Frank has shown his true colours to me. No debate, just abuse. If that’s what can be expected from a party spokesman then no respect to him or his party is due

            Further abuse from observant who calls me a lefty! Well that’s a step too far

            I’m no lefty by any means, but I am married to an immigrant, which does influence my opinion of ukip and their histrionics somewhat.

            Future posts under my new username, many thanks.


      • 130
        jgm2 says:

        I have nothing but contempt for anybody that voted Labour in 2010. Because even with the evidence of their own eyes that Gordon Brown had utterly fucked the UK economy and with the option to vote for anybody else or even stay at home and not vote at all the c*unts still thought ‘No, what we need is more of the same’.

        Utter fucking c*unts the lot of them. All 8 or 9 million of them (or however many it was). Each and every one of them individually and as a group – utter c*unts.

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        • 168
          Tim Yeo-Yo says:

          Sadly it appears that somewhere between 25 – 30% of our population are brain dead, mouth breathing fuktards. Or as you correctly point out…”utter Huntz.”


      • 157
        ed milliband peoples representitive of doncaster says:

        i think buggery and dog murdering are liberal democrat policies


      • 181
        ned ludd says:

        Frank off, fuck.


    • 114
      Unbalanced Views says:

      looks about right to me, maybe less Labour and a touch more Lib Dem (you forgot the impact of Care in the Community)

      I always voted for Maggie, the second best Englishman ever – since she went, the tailors dummies that have paraded into No. 10 have been a laughable shambles – UKIP for me, if just to shake the buggers awake if nothing else


    • 175
      The Public says:

      You’re expecting a last minute surge for the Lib Dems then – ha ha.


  15. 31
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Yesterday’s Man being criticised by the Day Before Yesterday’s Man.


  16. 39
    Anon. says:

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    • 46
      veejay says:

      Thank you, I just read it. Very sad and something must be done. The anti-racism campaigners have shown themselves to be mendacious liars with their smears on ukip.

      Ever notice how most are white and enjoy most attacking black ukip supporters.

      The government must stop supplying them with money but then you learn David Cameron is a member!!

      A couple of years ago guido would have been all over the story you linked to. How the mighty have fallen for a few quid from

      Liked by 2 people

    • 58
      Outraged says:

      So the Tories have stolen taxpayers’ money to fund their party poltical attack campaigns. As clear a breach of the spirit of the electoral laws as I can think of. The question is, what loophole are these thieves going to purport permits this?


  17. 44
    Tina Thatcher says:

    Too little, too late.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. 50
    Anonymous says:

    Can anybody recommend a website/forum that offers good political insight and commentary? If such website is not continually bombarded by kipper trolls, and if frank fisher is absent, that would be even better.

    Or perhaps things might calm down a bit here next week.


  19. 51
    BBC 24hr rolling bollocks says:

    As a coppers son who went to a south London comp I got used to taking shit from a young age but would never deny what my dad did for a living I was proud of him.
    In other words I’m not one to shy away from supporting ‘unpopular’ things in the face of hostility and derision.
    That fortitude used to extend to supporting the Conservative party.
    Not anymore it doesn’t.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. 57
    Winston McKenzie says:

    I’m voting UKIP because I just love their stylish logo and tasteful yellow-on-purple colour scheme.


  21. 59
    The last Bastion says:

    David Davis hasn’t been a “Top Tory” for a long time, he is a bitter failure of a man.


  22. 64
    clarence dubstep says:

    just a reminder to prince chaz that 4 of your aunts were members of the nazi party.


    • 83
      Socialism is theft says:

      Just a reminder to all non-UKIP voters that you are voting to be dominated by Germans who are nearly all descendants of Nazis.


      • 144
        qui tacet consentire videtur says:

        we’re all get fed and hosed if the world was one big happy capitalist dictatorship.


  23. 65
    intergalacticsuperhero says:

    I think there is a possibility that the Tories won’t break 20%, because those who haven’t switched to UKIP might have been so disgusted by the campaign that they simply don’t vote.

    And I would encourage them to do so; there can be only one reward for gutter politics.


  24. 67
  25. 69
    Roger Helmer says:

    I’m voting UKIP because I was short changed by a shopkeeper who’s brother’s mate’s daughter’s friends’ uncle is Romanian.


    • 72
      the UK is a land fit for people who execute kittens says:

      Good for you.

      Let us hope no one turns up to interfere when you visit the Polling station.

      Liked by 1 person

  26. 74
    Floating Voter says:

    I’M voting UKIP because when I took one Somalian girl to the cinema…I ended up paying for her 8 brothers and 7 sisters.


    • 132
      Now taking bookings says:


      Something similar happended to a mate of mine. Met the lass for a date at a restaurant to find about a dozen other people all sitting at the table waiting to be fed. The sensible chap turned round and walked out.


    • 182
      ned ludd says:

      You could have shagged them all for the price of one ticket. Or a bag of popcorn.


  27. 78
    John Bull says:

    I’m voting UKIP as only Nigel Farange can stop them bloody foreigners coming over here and winning Britains Got Talent.. is his name Farange?


  28. 82
    R G Bhargee(Mrs) says:

    I’m voting UKIP because the packing tables by the tills in Lidl confuse me .


  29. 87
    Taffy Jones says:

    I’m voting UKIP because even though a UKIP MEP stated that Bongo Bongo land doesn’t exist, its still above Wales in the FIFA world rankings.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. 88
    Yasmin wants to control the press says:


    • 95
      BBC 24hr rolling bollocks says:

      Politics aside she is the dumbest person I have ever had the misfortune to see on my telly and I used to watch Family Fortunes.


      • 116
        Different day, me Iam same fruitcake says:

        If she waits a while, she will find the media has destroyed itself, it’s tried to circumvent democratic processes namely with it’s tirade on UKIP, they in their wisdom have tried to make fun of their customers by demonising the political party that a lot of them want to vote for, they won’t have many people on their side anymore and that thing will get her way.

        Liked by 1 person

      • 119
        Mongily Fortunes! says:

        It was a good laugh though.


    • 183
      ned ludd says:

      Bick thitch.


  31. 89
    Pass the parcel says:

    The Conservatives strategy is the same as labours.
    Have a leader that even your own voters think is an arsehole and hope you don’t win the 2015 election.
    It very almost worked for the Cons in the 2010 election but not quite.
    You see the shit is going to hit the fan and no party wants to be there(in office) when it happens.


  32. 90
    intergalacticsuperhero says:

    Another foreign policy success for the EU.

    I don’t believe that it’s a coincidence that China has recently started to push a territorial dispute with Vietnam.

    Russia and China have got their heads together and are co-ordinating their foreign policy to put pressure on the USA.

    Having EU leaders who cannot be democratically removed from office ceases to be a joke when they are so dangerously dim witted and incompetent.


    • 98
      Europhile says:

      Decadent beardy men in dresses will keep our lights on.


    • 102
      Different day, me Iam same fruitcake says:

      EU leaders, didn’t know we had any, we do have pen-pushers who pretend to be leaders, you can tell they are pen-pushers as they spend most of their time on Twitter and Facebook telling everybody how great they are.


  33. 93
    Anonymous says:

    He did that because he is no longer a top Tory.


  34. 97
    Mrs Hamilton says:

    I’m voting UKIP because I once had a curry and a month later my aunt’s friend’s goldfish died.


  35. 99

    Vote UKIP :-)


  36. 105

    2 Minutes that can make a Big Difference!

    The Government says one thing,and local government is not listening!

    Here’s a quick and easy way to help a lot of people disrupt a nasty network of a few greedy local councillors!

    Join us in telling Eric Pickles ” Hands Off the Green Belt!


    • 121
      jgm2 says:

      Fuck off with your ‘green belt’. What you really mean is ‘keep property really expensive so that I can retire and down-size and spent the next 20 years cruising around the world while some other poor bastard works like a dog to buy ny old house’.

      No. Seriously. Fuck off.

      We have no shortage of land. Most people’s only contact with the ‘green belt’ is while they dr*i*ve through it at 70mph on their way to some where else. Why should the ‘green belt’ be protected just so you can dr*i*ve past it at 70mph and just to keep your fucking house pr*i*ce inflated.

      Just fuck off.


      • 128
        Farmer Giles says:

        So that’s a ‘no’ then?


      • 149
        Low interests and something else have been at work says:

        Sorry Jgm2 but I have to disagree.
        I know it is awful but the more people who suffer as a result of a housing shortage the quicker people will come to realise what has been done to them and more to the point who is to blame.
        Not immigrants I may add but the people who facilitated mass immigration.
        No one will learn from this mistake if the effects of the mistake are mitigated by kicking the problem into the greenbelt.


        • 154
          jgm2 says:

          I agree that immigration really hasn’t helped. Quite the opposite. But we are where we are.

          Perhaps UKIP will make a huge breakthrough and form the next government and go door-to-door asking for people’s proof or right of abode but I doubt it.

          So we are stuck with the enriching fuckers. Your point that perhaps one day when their kids can no longer afford a house – any house, it will finally dawn on them that importing 10 million Labour voters wasn’t worth the social upheaval is optimistic. The psychology of the UK voter is such that he would rather his kids were destitute trying to pay for their own house if it meant that his house kept its value. And the proof of that is that we don’t allow enough homes to be built.

          Collectively we force the next generation to repeat the over-committed mistakes of the previous one.

          I might rail against it. You might rail against it but collectively, the great British muppetariate fucking well relishes it.


    • 122
      the homonculus says:

      Has he tried to eat it?


  37. 109
    Anonymous says:

    I’m voting Ukip because I’m sick of the Romans.


    • 120
      the homonculus says:

      What have the roma ever done for us?


      • 138
        Lumpen kipper says:

        They built Adrian’s wall I suppose.


        • 153
          the homonculus says:

          Then stole the bronze plaques of it for scrap


        • 156
          Stripping infrastructre is the first sign of third world status says:

          No the Romans built the wall the Roma are pulling it apart to sell the stone to salvage yards who specialise in reclaimed building materials.


          • Jack Ketch says:

            Similar, but true story. Across the road from Rochester Cathedral, the footpath was made up of early 17thC Kentish ragstone. It was dug up one weekend by Roma “tourists” and the material—gone!.
            The gang was reported captured a couple of days later, yet the ancient footpath has only been replaced by some crummy tarmac (laid by Irish cousins of the thieves probably).


  38. 116
    the homonculus says:

    My local Conservative party office has shut and there is a “VOTELABOUR” poster in the window
    No doubt when the building is relet it can be yet another shishs cafe, I mean there are nly three thers within a 2 minute walk amd 100’s more within 10 mins

    Dont these rag headed wankers ever consider a businees that involves anything other than serving coffee and rotten fruit?


  39. 126
    Cameron says:


  40. 129
    Mehdi Hassan says:

    I’m voting UKIP because halal Haribo just don’t taste the same!


  41. 137
    Diane Abbott takes up a new career says:


  42. 141
    the homonculus says:

    Sing along for thursday

    Just look at the faces of Clegg and Cameron at the end where they clamber into their tax payer funded car on the way home to brokeback mountain


  43. 146
    the homonculus says:

    Cameron and Clegg discuss the Greek issue with Nigel Evans looking on and wanking like a demented chimpanzee


  44. 147
    Old Hockum says:

    Ed Miliband is a Capricorn with Neptune on his Mars…


  45. 161
    Anonymous says:

    A) That presumes its ground you want to occupy.

    B) That presumes there’s a net gain in terms of the people you lose bby occupying that ground.

    C) That presumes it doesn’t legitimise the stance of that party, resulting for people voting for it anyway.

    With nous like that, thank fuck he lost the leadership election.


  46. 170
    Long John Silver' s parrot says:

    His own kind will get rid of Cameron just as they did with Thatcher.

    Mark my words.


  47. 172
    Anonymous says:

    Trouble with David Davis is that he seems to be in a perpetual mid life crisis(I`ve never taken him seriously since that by-election). The Conservatives need to start looking for a new leader beyond the so called front runners. Boris is good for a laugh and that`s it; Teresa May never in a million years (one of natures head girls). It will need to be someone with a previous career outside politics. Starts to narrow the field doesn`t it?


    • 202
      Tom says:

      David Davis would have been a better choice than Cameron in 2005. Unfortunately, waging a two-year campaign on behalf of Andrew Mitchell (whatever the rights and wrongs of Mitchell’s case) rules him out of serious contention. And there is no one else.
      If UKIP triumph tomorrow, the Tories are well on the way to being finished, and Labour may well be too.


  48. 178
    King James 1 says:

    Before the Tory leadership election of 2005 there were warnings about Scameron the clueless Tory meeeedja got behind him and persuaded slow Tory party members to vote for him. If Britain does completely go down the pan the 3 unwise monkeys who ‘lead’ these hopefully soon to be obsolete Whitehall/EU controlled machines will still be incredibly rich. I shudder to think how much Scameron will make after his useless political career has ended.


  49. 179
    j says:

    Who did he predict 2nd?


  50. 186
    right old tosh says:

    the big 2 and half parties have told MSM to smear Ukip or face the wrath of Levinson. unDems, Laborious and Conmen have proven themselves to be dispicable charlatans. stand up a decent politician in Westminster who wants Britain to rule itself and make yourself known!


  51. 187
    Raptor says:

    The Cameroon leadership — not just Dave and George, but also Frankie and Ollie and Stevie (Hilton, remember him ?) and chubby Matt D’Ancona as an honorary member — decided in 2005 that the way forward for the Tory party was to pander to the BBC/Guardian/Green mentality.

    Or to put it geographically, to move Notting Hill up closer to Islington.

    They also thought it would be a good idea to insult and alienate their own traditional supporters, without acquiring any new ones.

    We will discover on Sunday what the electoral results have been.


  52. 189
    broderick crawford says:

    Verily verily I hope it pisses down on Thursday with torrential downpours interrupted by thunderclaps and possible drops in temperature as the Met Office are predicting .

    This will keep all the occupants of Benefit Streets up and down the country in their pits fearful that their mollycoddled immune systems may implode at the first sign of reversion to normal weather accustomed as they are to excessive home heating and air conditioning respectively , funded from the myriad benefits the y receive . Obviously a life of sloth alienating the human constitution from the self imposed resistance conferred by a routine of work and self control will not aid matters on a wash out day.l

    So — if tomorrow is a wash out so are Labour and the Yellow Party .

    If not Lord help us it will probably be the same old stalemate with With Nicholas the Ridiculous surprising everybody by taking enough votes to rescue his tail from between his kegs .
    lYou heard it here first …..


  53. 204
    Bill Smith says:

    It’s only the beginning! UKIP bashers still don’t twig it that this party will move on to success in the 2015 election


  54. 205

    Davis is a duplicitous prick, if he want to fight UKIP it makes him just another eurotraitor.


  55. 206
    Anthony Borrowdale says:

    Ha Ha….I have two houses with no mortgages. One of them is an ex council house that I got on the cheap. Kiss my ass.


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