May 21st, 2014

BBC News Channel Editor Broadcasts Anti-UKIP Rant

Jasmine Lawrence is the editor of the BBC News Channel, where it is safe to say she has significant influence over the BBC’s coverage of the European elections and politics in general. Lawrence’s Twitter feed largely consists of retweets of Labour MPs and left-wing journalists. Today she has been sharing her thoughts on UKIP, joining those using the anti-UKIP parody #WhyImVotingUKIP hashtag to attack the party:

The BBC’s Charter requires its journalists to be impartial, something you would have thought they might be particularly careful about at election time. For such a senior BBC journalist to openly broadcast an attack on a political party the day before an election is inappropriate to put it mildly…

UPDATE: Lawrence has now deleted her Twitter account.


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    táxpáyér says:

    Rich multicultural enrichment ensuring jobs for key-workers


    • 4
      Genghiz the kahn says:

      @Journomummy is about to become #journoninny.


    • 23
      The Grauniad / Biased.Bullshit.Corpse Axis of Evil says:



      World will end Thursday if UKIP wins. UKIP will not win Thursday. UKIP racist. Global warming will bring end of World. Global warming impossible to stop. All will drown unless build more Wind Farms. Gordon Brown proved Right and will return in Triumph to lead us into Golden New Age. EUSSR most wonderful thing ever! World will end Thursday if UKIP wins. UKIP will not win Thursday. UKIP racist. Global warming will bring end of World. Global warming impossible to stop. All will drown unless build more Wind Farms. Gordon Brown proved Right and will return in Triumph to lead us into Golden New Age. EUSSR most wonderful thing ever! World will end Thursday if UKIP wins. UKIP will not win Thursday. UKIP racist. Global warming will bring end of World. Global warming impossible to stop. All will drown unless build more Wind Farms. Gordon Brown proved Right and will return in Triumph to lead us into Golden New Age. EUSSR most wonderful thing ever!


      • 56
        average joanna says:

        I’m not a racist,sexist,middle aged man.

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      • 117
        After 3 pints of Organic Red Wine says:

        BBC HYS says “Your comment has been removed for further moderation”

        AKA-we don’t listen to people or consider facts applicable unless it suits our (MY) point of view.

        Now give us your £145.50 Hunts. We are here to serve…(ourselves)

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        • 278
          Anonymous says:

          Yes it is policy that the BBC does not listen to people or consider facts applicable – unless it suits their point of view. Then again, does not that apply to order-order/most of us?


          • also says:

            The BBC2 presenter of Chelsea Flower Show this evening clearly
            stated it was being sponsored by M&G Investments.
            Surely this breaches advertising and sponsorship guidelines?


          • Anonymous says:

            But does not this site want the BBC to go private?


          • Anonymous says:

            P.: In light of any sponsoring of The Chelsea Flower Show – which would breach their advertising and sponsorship guidelines – have the BBC made any reply?


    • 61
      inside out says:

      Even the Met should be able to catch this one.


    • 70
      Gerhard says:

      Good to see that the BBC no longer mention the suspect’s ethnicity:

      “He is about 5ft 7ins tall, slim, with short black hair and a French accent.”


    • 77
      Baron His Majesty Lord Reith says:


      How unusual.


      • 281
        His Shadow says:

        The hashtag, you bozo, was from the UKIP itself. Like all hashtags, it got hijacked.


    • 87
      peterthepainter says:

      I am not going to vote UKIP because I already have.

      Get a postal vote, vote early and often. You know it makes sense.

      Complaint submitted.

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    • 115
      Anonymous says:

      Why does she chose to live in Henley-on-Thames rather than say Hackney or Slough?


    • 166
      hello fuckers says:

      i have just o,d,d on .10 extra strong mints


    • 186
      broderick crawford says:

      Sack the mong .

      She s obviously contravened the small print of her contract .

      No redundancy cushion or golden goodbye /pension either .

      Dismissal on grounds of extreme indiscipline waives these perks automatically.


    • 205
      broderick crawford says:

      Henley on Thames s eh !!

      Joris Bonson won ‘t be happy .

      Or is he a BBC lickspittle too ?

      ( Fat Blondie replaces Fat Pang perchance .. what odds is Paddy quoting ?)


    • 256
      The Central Scrutinizer says:

      And she lives in Henley-on-Thames. Very multi-culti….NOT.

      A white female hypocrite who shops at Waitrose and John Lewis.

      Why don’t you move to Luton? Or Slough maybe?


    • 273
    • 325
      Sheffield fight club says:

      Why’s it called diversity when they all look the same?


      • 351
        Should have gone to Specsavers says:

        That is because they all have moustaches so they can look like their mothers.


      • 352
        Nigel Farage IRL says:

        As a white male, I agree wholeheartedly. All these white pricks should do more to look different from each other…


    • 331
      Him here says:

      Presumably she thinks that white, middle-aged, middle-class women with racist/sexist views are adequately represented in government.


    • 339
      Scrat says:

      the BBC is a wonderful organisation , they have done so much in securing our Gay rights.


  2. 2
    One solution says:

    Sack her.


    • 3
      JH34891230-48-92 says:

      Sack ALL of them.


      • 13
        The Public says:

        Sack her first. No notice period. This is gross misconduct in a BBC journalist of this seniority. The rot has got to stop now.

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        • 67
          still walking into darkness says:

          The BBC has received hundreds of millions of pounds as a ‘loan’ from the European Investment Bank, an offshoot of the EU. To date virtually zero of this ‘loan’ has been repaid. I wonder why the place is riddled with such horribly left wing views


          • Looking for my Arse with my Elbow says:

            I’m sure there’s some kind of “Conflict Of Interest” in there somewhere. Now, let met settle back and think about it for a while….ZZZzzzz…


        • 206
          broderick crawford says:

          yeah , personally i think jeremy clarkson should take over .

          Might have some unadulterated newsflow then .


        • 246
          The Intelligent Public says:

          We don’t want to pay her a fortune in damages for wrongful dismissal, thanks. Give her a disciplinary hearing, on notice with a rep, and then sack her. It’s cheaper that way.


    • 19
      BBC, the television wing of the Labour Party says:

      You are clearly sexist.


    • 51
      Anonymous says:

      Hang her!


      • 207
        broderick crawford says:

        …. or just put her in the Thames with stones in her pockets .

        If she drowns the poor girl is innocent , if she floats ……


  3. 5
    Dan Hodges says:


    Someone agreed with me! I knew it would happen one day. Ok it’s only one person, and a loony from the BBC at that, but I was right.

    Look mummy, someone agreed with me, it worked! All those blogposts!

    I did it. Nigel is running scared now!



    • 93
      endocrinologist says:

      The female menopause can be strange.
      One day a competent journalist [ if I may use the phrase loosely in Jasmine’s case], and the next the idea that the world is ignoring them at a time of need.
      Enjoy the hairs on your chest and lips Jasmine.
      Happens to us all. ;)

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    • 247
      A pseudonym says:

      You are an unfunny tw@t.


  4. 6
    Biased Beeb says:

    Is anyone surprised?
    This is the BBC, where Today presenter James Naughtie called the Labour Party “we”.

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    • 14
      pmt? says:

      And she is a girly, so excuses need to be made for it’s probably that difficult time of the month for the sweetie.


      • 39
        Gordo McDoom, cut price gold for sale says:

        That “I was hacked” defense will be trotted out again no doubt.


      • 48
        Member of LieBore Clitorati Co-operative says:

        Ooohhh!!!! did you hear what he said???!!!! I am gobsmacked – no – really gobsmacked – you could knock me down with a tamppax!! We progressive wimmin don’t ‘av timeso the munth – do we girls? we is always on the job, fannies akimbo you could say – and bugger! – that copper got me on a speed gun and I’m not speeding – what’s 50 in a 30 mile zone? – and I wasn’t doing 50 – my fanny is swollen and the tits are pretty full too – bugger – I need a bloody good . . . . . no coz that would involve a man . . . sod this – I’m just gonna keep goin


      • 85
        inside out says:

        These lefty loons don’t get it,the more they attack UKIP the more votes they will get.The pleb voters have had enough of being preached to,and called racist,by the Guardinetas and twittering classes.They have been effectively dis-enfransised by the main parties and this is the one way to hit back at the ballot box.


        • 208
          broderick crawford says:

          Sadly I don t think so inside out .
          the pleberiat are called that for a reason .Nothing between the ears except a vacuum
          And Nature abhors a vacuum .

          So immediately an intermittent barrage of multiculturalism ,political correctness and socisl justice /human rights is inculcated into their cerebral cortex on a daily basis by daily papers ,tv, radio and even video cllips in stores , doctors surgeries and the post office , their little brains get tired , overloaded and incapable of separating the chaff from the … chaff.

          So they dutifully digest it all and emerge Stepford Wife-Like into the voting dawn convinced that voting for one of their traditionsl Big Three is the “right” thing to do not having given it a great deal of deep meditative thought between Break fast TV and Eastenders .

          I hope I m wrong but we shall see tomorrow …..


  5. 7
    Smash the EU vote UKIP says:

    Complain here….. get the Bitch sacked

    Don’t leave it to someone else, make sure you complain


    • 22
      Will says:

      Whilst these are private views, the fact that the individual is able to influence the media and news coverage, is thier not some form of purdah that applies to media outlets in the weeks before elections and thier employees.

      Definately worth bbc human resources looking at.


      • 268
        The Central Scrutinizer says:

        I would like to know how many followers she had, and what kind of work they are involved in.

        By re-tweeting the slanders and propaganda she was in effect distributing it to her followers with the intention of humouring them, persuading them – or perhaps even bullying them (if they had any UKIP sympathies).

        Caught in the act. Now let’s see the BBC act.


    • 29
      The BBC, because of the unique way we're funded says:

      Thank you for your letter.

      We find that many people would like the BBC to be more sympathetic to their political views. Complaints are roughly 50:50 split between those who would like the BBC to be more Left wing or more right wing.

      We feel that this shows that overall we present a balanced view on political issues.

      Now, fuck off and pay your telly tax. We’ve got your address now.

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      • 141
        Gerbil 7 says:

        You’ve had this shitty ‘go away prole and bother somebody who gives a shit’ reply too have you?
        Privatise it.


    • 30
      The Public says:

      Have you actually used that yourself?

      That is the shittiest site i have ever had to look through. They talk about themselves but do everything they can to prevent anyone actually making the complaint. Utter shit. The BBC should be shut on the strength of its bogus defensive blocking complaints systtem alone.

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    • 43
      Anonymous says:

      done – i don’t think it is appropriate to discriminate against people based on their white skin of contents of their trousers


    • 86
      Ed Miliband says:

      Just filed my complaint. Their website doesn’t make it easy, but hey….. I did go to Oxford.


      • 124
        Sue Denim says:

        I went to Oxford too – to do some shopping. I couldn’t find anywhere to park the car so I went home. (I also have the same story about Cambridge).


      • 330
        Anonymous says:

        I went to Oxford, for a football match and to Cambridge, for a wedding. Lord Archer went to Cambridge for a typing course, now that’s ‘going to Cambridge’.


    • 114
      Baon Hogwash says:

      Thank you for taking the time to write to us.
      We value your opinions. We will be sure to pass on your comments to the relevant departments.

      NOW FUCK OFF !

      The BBC Complaints Quango


    • 142
      Loads of us says:



    • 151
      Anonymous says:

      Sent one off. These people are such pieces of shit claiming to be impartial while they steal our money.


  6. 8
    Paxo was right says:

    Unfuckabale lardarse bitch!


    • 11
      Harriet says:

      Jack is right.


    • 34
      rimmmmmer says:

      Pissing off hags like her is the best reason yet to vote Ukip. Well obviously getting democracy back and stopping immigration would be nice too!

      If everyone who is planning to vote ukip can take his wife or her husband, a friend or two, a grandparent – we could really increase the vote turnout. It’s now or never, let’s support Nigel.


  7. 9
    Outrageous BBC left-wring bias says:

    She must be sacked. This is worse than that footballer bloke. Neither should spout this crap, but license fee payers should never have to listen to a biased rant.

    Resign today or be sacked.

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    • 20
      String Vest says:

      The pro Labour bias of the BBC is worked into every program they make, from childrens programs to current affairs and everything in between.

      The BBC should be privatised and self funding.

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      • 57
        Privatise the BBC says:

        Excellent! – they can privatise their global fucking warming crap – and pay the grants and salaries of all the shills who make their living out of it.

        Com’on Nigel – so much to do!!!


        • 118
          rotting manure says:

          Even BBC coverage of the Chelsea Flower Show manages
          to weave in climate-change crap.Plus they’ve got rid of
          experienced horticulturalists and handed over coverage
          to favourite BBC celebs and their mothers!Nice freebie eh?


      • 131
        thostids says:

        Don’t bump into “the One Show”. Unfuckingbelievable propaganda. Global warming no trouble, we’ll be swimming for it next year if we don’t all club together for 1,000s of acres of sun-cells. They even had a woman on saying that there were grants to buy and install these things but it might take “a while” to pay back. Yes, a lot longer than they’re going to work. And Spain is going bust having cut down the subsidies so they can’t even service the mechanism to turn the aspects of the units.
        Come the GE, this lot of cnuts need to get proper jobs shovelling shit.


  8. 10
    rimmmmmer says:

    As ever Dan’s blog post today is worthwhile comedy reading if anyone needs a laugh.

    He is very angry that Ed Miliband won’t sink quite as low as Hodges in trying to smear Farage. He uses the word racist about 25 times. He gives every impression that he was foaming at the mouth as he typed. And, as always, he gets torn to shreds by the readers. Being a decent man that I am, I confess to feeling a little concerned for him, he is displaying outward signs of some emotional problems, ranting away, howling at the moon and clearly slipping ever further from reality as it becomes increasingly clear that most people simply ignore his insistence that anyone who disagrees with the think tank he works for called MigrationMatters must be racist.

    On a good note for women I suggest reading this piece – it absolutely, and correctly shreds the piece in the telegraph yesterday by louisa peacock where she was celebrating getting a man fired and claiming that a dress code being applied to women is “sexist” with those utter morons at the everydaysexism campaign.

    Proof at least that not all women are as stupid and shallow as Cathy Newman, Caroline Criadoperez, Harriet Harperson etc.

    Which man has never heard “Sorry lads, only letting in groups with women tonight”? Feminists now have labour held seats for parliament where men are banned from running. They have special bursaries set aside for them at nearly every university. The majority of golf clubs that admit only one sex discriminate against men (never heard that on the BBC?) And now they want to be able to not have to abide by dress codes.


    • 38
      Dan Hodges Cat says:

      I have a feeling Dan has seen my comments about him on here.
      Got a very frosty reception when I walked through the catflap this morning.


    • 90
      SisterAnna'sBanner says:

      My old man can’t cook, I can’t put up a bookshelf – upshot is, he’s nicely rounded on great dinners and my books have a nice tidy home, that’s how we roll. Any bird calling me a ‘sista’ or insisting that I’m a member of the ‘sistahood’ can shove their well manicured teeth up their arse.


  9. 12
    FrankFisher says:

    Take off, nuke the BBC from orbit. Only way to be sure.

    I would too.


    • 15
      B3 says:

      Is the BBC running the “labour neighbour stabs ukip candidate” yet?



    • 27
      táxpáyér says:

      Wouldn’t it be more amusing to stop extortionforTV and see it starve and die slowly & gradually shedding staff who’ll continuously drop massive insider gossip?


    • 47
      rimmmmmer says:

      It would be funnier to close every quango, every “charity” that pays high wages, every local campaigning group that pays people to campaign for it…

      Then close the BBC and watch them try and fail to get a job in the real world.

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      • 229
        well says:

        When a Christian Aid volunteer called round for his envelope last week, I politely told him we’d decided not to donate this year because the Chief Exec was paid
        in excess of £125,000. We shall continue donating to small local charities.


        • 312
          Orson Kart says:

          Please do not confuse “paid” with “helping himself to”.

          Thank you. That is all.


    • 75
      Gorgon McRuin says:

      Melt it doon. Sell ut off cheap!


    • 181
      Anonymous says:

      Thus speaks the mature political voice of ukip.
      Await new ukip manifesto, nuke the bbc.
      Details, details….


    • 183
      Anonymous says:

      Thus speaks the mature voice of ukip.

      Is that a manifesto pledge?


    • 192
      Overton says:

      Nice one on the great, and rather appropriate, ‘Aliens’ reference!


  10. 15
    BBC, the television wing of the Labour Party says:

    We have examine Jasmine Lawrence’s tweets and found them to be totally impartial and if you disagree we’ll stitch you up like we did McAlpine.


  11. 17
    Labour HQ says:

    If you DARE vote Ukip you plebs we’ll come round and stab you!

    Ukip has no right to a piece of our LibLabCon PIE.


  12. 18
    BBC is shit says:

    Of course the BBC and the EU construct have an in built leftwing bias otherwise leftwingers wouldn’t be defending them to the death like they do.
    I wouldn’t mind but I have to pay for this shit in taxes and licence fee’s.


    • 32
      JH34891230-48-92 says:

      You don’t have to pay the Licence fee. It’s completely voluntary.

      If they turn up, tell them to go away and not to come back.

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      • 45
        BBC is shit says:

        I wouldn’t pay it but my missus is a bit windy when it comes to breaking the rules.
        In fact just the sort of person the establishment relies on not to rock the sinking boat.
        Bless her heart and damn to hell the c*nts who take advantage of decent people like her.

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        • 129
          me too says:

          I wouldn’t pay it either but my hubby feels like he should
          because he listens to the Archers.But he’s abandoned BBC
          News,Today,Newsnight,HIGNFY, and I don’t think it’ll be long
          before he cracks.


        • 214
          Anonymous says:

          Same here!


        • 313
          Orson Kart says:

          Just get on and bloody do it. Cancel the direct debit today and give yourself a 145 quid tax free pay rise. When the Crapita goons (who get 18 quid per licence sale) come knocking just tell them to get off your property or you’ll call the police.


  13. 21
    Anonymous says:

    That’ll be some more votes for UKIP then!


  14. 24
    Long wanking session perhaps? says:

    The Duke of Edinburgh has had a “minor procedure” on his right hand, Buckingham Palace has said. The 92-year-old’s hand was visibly bandaged during a visit to a specialist health clinic in London on Wednesday.


  15. 25
    DavetheCoachDriver says:

    It’s not as if the BBC hasn’t given UKIP plenty of coverage. They’re never off Question Time either! Who cares what someone puts on their personal twitter account. It even says: “Any views displayed are my own & not those of the BBC”. But the BBC itself definitely isn’t politically impartial. Absolutely nothing of the Tory/LibDum privatisation of the NHS, where 70% of contracts have gone to private firms. Nothing of when section 75 was voted through the House of Lords. Enjoy having to pay for American style health insurance and slipping into even more debt, lining the pockets of those who have sold you down the river to profit from their friends who own these private firms. BBC won’t tell you that.


    • 33
      táxpáyér says:

      I hope we can finally end the dismal health-polluter called the NHS, it’s target #2 directly after information-polluter BBC is removed from taxpayers backs.


      • 46
        DavetheCoachDriver says:

        Haha!! Well, I hope you can afford it then! Instead of having to have people organise fundraisers to pay for your treatment should you happen to “become ill”. enjoy your debt.


        • 66
          táxpáyér says:

          We have enjoyed the debt. 100 billion a year.

          Enjoy your meagre ration of treatment you fool.

          The government extortion model makes people pay twice, once for their own treatment and again for the shirkers.


          • DavetheCoachDriver says:

            That figure has been pulled out of your ass and is meaningless. The privatisation of the NHS will cost you personally more than you currently pay, as they sell off the service and rent it back to you at a profit making cost. You only have to look at the States to see the damage it does over there. Sounds like you’re the fool that has been eating up the propaganda garbage spewed. You don’t pay nearly as much now as you will have to do in future. depending on if you can afford the right kind of insurance. But keep your head buried in your own ass. I’m sure you’ll be willing to pay through the ring piece to have that rectified. Mug.


          • thostids says:

            Don’t forget that it’s our National Debt that is providing the liquidity in the Euro. No £Sterling no F in money. As the Euro is playing at being a Reserve Currency (ever wondered where the majority of our “cheap” gold was “sold” – yep, Europe. Reserve Currencies need a lot of Gold and it helps to knock the price down if you tell everyone you’re going to flood the market at a particular time.
            We might be having it thin but the Euro is sucking our savings into the Euro and out if our Banks – again.


        • 144
          Postal voting should be stopped says:

          I’d be happy to pay my NI contributions to a private health provider and more simply because it will be better.
          Show me a private hospital where the patients are left in their own faeces, have to drink from a vase or starve to death and nobody notices.
          You won’t now take your shitty, socialist system and shove it.


          • DavetheCoachDriver says:

            You’re painfully naive. You’ll certainly be paying more than what you currently pay into your NI, and privatisation definitely doesn’t mean that it will be “better”; profit is put above your healthcare. It’s nothing but pure ignorance that you think because healthcare is privatised, that there suddenly won’t be any scandals, malpractice, mistakes, abuse, corruption, or neglect. If you knew what you were talking about, you’d know that all of that happens in US hospitals, not to mention patient dumping — the refusal to treat people because of inability to pay or insufficient insurance — which is unheard of over here. That shouldn’t happen under the most expensive healthcare in the world. Our NHS gets starved of funds by our government (first under Labour, now under the coalition who under the ideology of austerity are deliberately priming it for back-door privatisation, as they have vested interests and are set to profit from selling to their donor chums), and those inevitable mistakes are then used as a black mark against the NHS.
            You also slate the system here, but it’s funny how France has the best rated (SOCIALISED) healthcare in the world which is an almost identical model to the UK (who came 18th in the world, and we spend less on our NHS than France), while the US has the most expensive in the world and doesn’t even come close at 37th according to the World Health Organization’s ranking, which is pitiful.


    • 215
      The BBC says:

      Down with whitey
      Down with men
      p.s. Dear plod, this is irony


    • 255
      GDS says:

      The highest rated NHS hospital in the country is entirely outsourced to Circle Group. North Staffs, entirely NHS run, killed thousands. Afraid of competence are you?


  16. 26
    Reeves Corner says:

    “UKIP if you want to. The Lady’s NOT for kipping!”


  17. 28
    Dick Skidmore Premier League Tvrd Prodder says:

    BBC’s political opinions are garbage.


  18. 31
    Taxfodder says:

    The BBC don’t care what you think because profit performance and responsibility are not on their agenda or indeed of any consequence to them.

    Go swivel and pay your license fee plebes……


  19. 35
    Anonymous says:

    Just look at her Linkedin profile. She’s been working at Millbank.


    • 54
      Will says:

      Guido try checking the timeline of her tweets you might find that if any are conducted during the normal working day then the person could be subject to displinary action as they are guilty of spending time on activities other than work.

      It could be a good idea to report this to the bbc as they could be guilty of spending time tweeting during working time.


      • 135
        stench says:

        Oooh how super- she’s got her private pilot’s licence.
        Really empathising with the downtrodden working class
        suffering from the cost-of-living crisis.


    • 152
      El Sid says:

      Educated on the mean streets of Holland Park I see. Love this quote too :

      “I have impeccable editorial judgment.”


    • 198
      tomfiglio says:

      Just read it. Is English her first language?


  20. 36
    Anonymous says:

    I think she’s talking about Nigel Farage, by the description of the man she gives.


  21. 37
    Persona non grata says:

    Anti EU demonstration in Berlin.


    • 72
      táxpáyér says:

      There’s no-one there. You can see from the camera angles used.


      • 91
        Monika under fire says:

        There’s a sizable crowd? Very anti EU,US, Warlike language coming from both.


        • 112
          Hpocrites anonymous says:

          he’s half right but twisting the message to appeal to an anarchic greeny idiocracy.


          • broderick crawford says:

            yeah .. but at least he can SPEAK .

            without notes without autocue without back seat prompters

            If Milliband could speak half as well as him even in fluent German he d make a better impression on the British people than he does currently …in English !


        • 153
          Eine Volk Eine Reich Ein Schnitzel unt Pommes mit mayo bitte! says:

          I do have to hand it to the Krauts. They have a handle on certain things, especially when it comes to the REAL effects of war. Although what would I know?, I only grew-up there and had 13 long, happy years living there. I need and Oxbridge buffoon to tell me what to really think about ze Krauts.

          A UKIP Racist/Xenophobe/Causer of Ulcer’s to the Far-Left.


  22. 41
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

    I wonder if she lives in a nice enriched multicultural area?

    I’d wager not.


    • 109
      El Sid says:

      Says Henley on the Twitter header above.


    • 120
      Fat Northerner says:

      If I’m honest…I AM a fat white straight middle-aged male. I am also a bit racist and homophobic. This is because I have seen work colleagues from minority groups (black/asian or gay) get advantages over me purely because of their minority status. They are given ‘light’ jobs and can take time off when they like – if their line manager says no they bleat on about prejudice. Meanwhile I am usually the first in to work and the last to leave with no light workload or time off to slaughter a pig inhumanely for some festival event or attend a rainbow ‘pride’ march.

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    • 217
      broderick crawford says:

      Well not if she signs herself
      Henley on Thames and journomummy she doesn t !

      Picture it now two young blond sprogs , subservient adoring banker r husband , pied a terre in Blommsbury , children at dancing and horseriding lessons at weekends .
      Dinner parties at Hampton Court friends’ houses , membership of the Young Townswomens Guild . Pastries and coffee for Sunday morning late brunch , to in-laws for Bank Holiday foxhunt . No property abroad yet but eying Spanish market now prices embarassingly cheap dahhliing …..

      Ring any bells ?


  23. 42
    Jenny Talwaught says:

    I’ve never heard of her. I love it how the Cyber-Kips get into a strop over such an irrelevant person’s tweet, such political passion!


    • 52
      jgm2 says:

      I’ve never heard of her either. She’s just another little Winston Smith in the state-run organ of ‘truth’ and impartiality.

      I long for the day when it’s shut down and either sold to Murdoch or the Russians or bulldozed and developed into luxury central London apartments.

      Liked by 1 person

      • 220
        broderick crawford says:

        Bit late there jgm 2 .

        They ve already bulldozed and razed an area to the ground to make ginormously expensive central London appartments a stone s throw from Langham Place .
        Previously known as the Middlesex Hospiital an estate covering a good square mile and housing an irreplaceable centre of medical excellence .

        Obviously the planners landed their dart on the wrong location !


    • 59
      Yeh whatever man says:

      Irrelevant tweets have made headline news for the last few weeks if you hadn’t noticed.


    • 167
      I'm above Contempt, I've surpassed that and am now in the area called Reprehensible says:

      She’s “Jasmine Lawrence, the editor of the BBC News Channel”. So some UKIP potential Council candidate reaches for a camera and gets rimmed as a Nazi, but what she says is suddenly ‘nothing to see here’? Jog-on.


    • 248
      cured lefty says:

      You should have stopped at “I’ve never heard of her”


    • 259
      The bleeding obvious says:

      Indeed. Nothing she said was racist, sexist, homophobic or just plain bonkers. Unlike certain other tweets that have made the press recently.


  24. 44
    Anonymous says:

    Henley-on-Thames will be moving soon to P45-on-Table


  25. 49
    Josef Stalin says:

    I should have lived longer. I should have invaded Britain. I should have upheld democracy. The BBC journos and particularly this twat would have been delighted to portray me in a good light and – what do you know – they would have urged all BBC viewers and listeners to vote for me.


  26. 50
    Mornington Crescent says:

    “To stand up for white, middle class, middle aged men…”

    That doesn’t seem to stop her living on Henley-on-Thames, does it…?


    • 83
      Winston says:

      She lives in the ghetto part of Henley-on-Thames, on a tough council estate, with her bros. She’s actually from Jamaican descent and just whites-up for photos


  27. 53
    Reconstruct says:

    Nonsense, it’s entirely appropriate that a BBC journalist should put her shoulder to the wheel along with all her other colleagues. What’s the matter with you?


  28. 55
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    How many employers would be happy for staff to tweet in a personal capacity in the same way as BBC Jasmine?


  29. 58
    white, middle class, middle aged men w sexist/racist views says:

    “…..white, middle class, middle aged men w sexist/racist views…”

    This is about 30% of those who will vote.


    • 65
      jgm2 says:

      As long as it’s more than the 28% of mouth-breathing utter fucking morons who voted Labour in 2010 then it’s a start.


  30. 61
    Hpocrites anonymous says:

    ” to stand up for Islamic, middle class, middle aged men w sexist/racist views, totally under represented in politics today— “


  31. 63
    willie Thorne says:

    The BBC’s credibility takes another kicking


  32. 64
    The British media are cunts says:

    Yes the BBC newsroom is full of Romanians. Not.


  33. 69
    neitherdeadnoralive says:

    When the LibLabCon is defeated, we can then start dismantling the BBC !!!


  34. 71
    General Pinochet says:

    “The BBC is facing tough challenges ahead. We have to offer audiences something they don’t get elsewhere, whether it’s original stories, creative treatments, more thorough analysis, or ideally all of the above.

    Put bluntly, we can’t justify the licence fee if we simply give audiences the same stories and same approach they find elsewhere. We need to be at our best when the audiences (new or otherwise) turn to us.”

    From her profile.


    • 79
      táxpáyér says:

      MY ideas for shows were turned down.
      Aneurin Bevan killed more Brits than Hitler.
      Why working classes are right to oppose immigration
      NIMBYS, the ultimate anti-capitalists.


  35. 73
    Jollyman says:

    She’s an idiot – and I work for the BBC. It’s crucial we are impartial and that’s drummed into us. Social media is no exception. It’s no excuse to put some rider on about it not necessarily being the views of the BBC. You are effectively broadcasting as a BBC staff member. This is a no-brainer for even the most junior member of staff but for some reason it hasn’t applied to this no doubt highly-paid senior manager. In all honesty I am astonished not just by the UKIP tweets but also by the tone of her Twitter feed going back weeks and months. Completely unacceptable.


  36. 74
    Graham says:

    F**king Leftie cow. Should be sacked.


  37. 76
    BBC 24hr rolling bollocks says:

    The lefties hatred of white middle class middle aged men starts with their father and then progresses to anybody else that fits that description.
    Some real Freudian shit going on in their heads.
    No matter how old they are even into their 70s+ they are stuck in this perpetual teenage strop.


    • 84
      táxpáyér says:

      Neoteny is the technical term.

      It’s one of the symptoms of leftist mental illness (the others being narcissism, projection envy & a lack of stoicism)


    • 106
      John Bellingham says:

      Shouldn’t have employed Jimmy Saville as a babysitter then.


  38. 80
    The Mummy Awakes says:

    By god, the mummy has cursed us! We’re doomed!


  39. 81
    Anonymous says:

    Firstly, I hope she is sacked. She is in a privileged position whereby, for fear of jail, people are Forced to pay the licence fee tax regardless of whether they watch the bbc or not.
    I guess as usual at the bloated beeb no one will give a shot, in which case, I belive in what goes around comes around and I wish her all the many disasters and tragedies in her life as possible.she is an insult to many British people who hold genuine views. She is just another state puppet who believes in demo racy ad long as they share her views. Her bbc views are totally repugnant and indeed racist!


  40. 82
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    I’m a lefty. Sack her. They talk the same about the left. If you’re not part of that tight little cosy centre you’re outsiders.


    • 92
      táxpáyér says:

      I think the groupism of the leftist cliques is a a symptom of a kind of Autism (except at the other end) rather than low oxytocin, their minds hate consistency, chatter alot, and are totally zealous about their own little group.


    • 95
      Dans the man with a plan says:

      See Dan Hodges for details of how to reclaim the Blairite centre ground.


  41. 94
    Anon. says:

    Given the time of the tweet was Lawrence using a BBC computer or supposed to be working at the time?


  42. 97
    Taking bets on her being brought before OFCOM says:

    A Twitter by the Editor of the BBC News Channel !!! Wow, silly girl – Jasmin needs to consult a media lawyer quick – that disclaimer will not hold water in front of OFCOM or indeed the Electoral Commission. Twitter is these days construed as a broadcast by many and the EU Elections are clearly a major matter……

    My first trawl of the OFCOM code on elections-
    “Any personal interest of a reporter or presenter, which would call into question the due impartiality of the programme, must be made clear to the audience.
    In addition to the rules above, due impartiality must be preserved on matters of major political and industrial controversy and major matters relating to current public policy by the person providing a service (listed above) in each programme or in clearly linked and timely programmes.”


    • 100
      Jasmine of media says:

      General Election Duty Editor
      BBC News

      Millbank News Organiser
      BBC News.
      Ran the Westminster newsdesk co-ordinating story coverage and deployments in the lead up to Tony Blait stepping down as Prime Minister and Gordon Brown’s take over at Number Ten.


    • 182
      I-KIP, WE-KIP, THEY-KIP, Guess she didn't think she'd be caught with her KIP'ers in a twist says:

      I’m all gob, but when the Fuzz turn up I’m off quicker than my proverbial knickers are in an Oxbridge Cardigan jumble sale…


    • 197
      BBC propaganda unit says:

      I don’t think the producers of Question Time or Newsnight have ever read that.


  43. 99
    King James 1 says:

    This is my final comment I’m off and abdicating. Love Guido but I won’t be reading no more . With the Peter Hitchens thing this could be the beginning of the end for the Bolshie BC i’ve been on Twitter and it’s full of leftie rants from BBC types many presenters and ‘comedians’. The licence fee will go eventually. My last word to the people on here is just stop watching the bloody BBC at least its news and political programmes oh and vote Ukip!


    • 185
      English Republican-my guillotine doesn't have wheels so you may just be able to elude me says:

      As the mighty Spock one said “live schlong and prosper”


  44. 102
    the homonculus says:

    Fucking dried up bitter old crone would kill for a good shag from a white racist male rather than being Kow towed to by the cockless knojockeys who inhabit the cesspit that is the BBC
    She suffers from penis envy
    as in she rearly craves some, trouble is no real man would touch her with a metrosexuals cock
    Give her a few more years and she will be munching rug


  45. 103
    Cynic2 says:

    Even better shes now tweeted advice that anyt=e thinking about voting U KIP should go to this site for advice


  46. 104
    Smash the EU vote UKIP says:

    Shes now bleating it was a ‘Private tweet…….UKIP candidates lose their jobs because of ‘crack pot’ Private Tweets so why shouldn’t BBC executives who have a legal obligation to impartiality.


    • 165
      stench says:

      The BBC has been gunning for FA Chief Peter Scudamore
      to be sacked over some private emails he sent.


    • 316
      Orson Kart says:

      She should follow in the footsteps of that BBC local radio DJ fellow who inadvertently played a naughty (to some thick-headed lefty mouth-breathers) song a few weeks ago and ‘get tae fuck’ as our northern British friends have it.

      I am glad I stopped paying the tv tax a few years ago. Think of all the money I have saved over that time – and none of my non-contributions have gone towards paying her overly-high and completely undeserved salary.

      Oh, and vote UKIP – it may be your last chance to save the country.


  47. 107
    Tom-UK says:

    It’s simple go to the BBC site and write a complaint, it takes a couple minutes and every complaint makes a difference.

    1. She has been racist.
    2. If she has reached the position of editor the bbc clearly has a biased culture.
    3. The BBC still has not published the story of Bobby Anwar’s stabbing despite several main news companies publishing it, again how can the BBC claim to be unbiased.

    Write a complaint and make a difference dont just sit there and grumble, think about how much difference a complaint would make to you in your job (if applicable)


  48. 111
    BBC 'Mommy'-used to passing large amounts of shit out of a small hole says:

    I’ve been on the BBC HYS for years. Their ‘Impartiality’ isn’t just in question, it’s questionable as to just how they keep on getting away with it. They’re OWNED when it comes to the E.U. (and don’t they just know it). They don’t seem to understand that they’re aiding and abetting the anti-democratic choice that Brown made when he signed the Lisbon Treaty. Maybe if the tart had been elected into her post she’d be a little more sympathetic. She’s not. She thinks the BBC is some kind of ‘Civil Service’, IT ISN’T. Privatise the BBC and let the left-wing shill make her own way in the ‘Commercial’ World.


  49. 119
    WhyImNotPayingtheBBCLIcensefee says:

    It’s not just that one. Check out her other recent anti-UKIP tweets

    Liked by 1 person

  50. 121

    Have just made a compliant to the BBC about this woman suggesting she should be sacked for breaching the BBC Charter


  51. 122
    WhyImNotPayingtheBBCLIcensefee says:

    O, look, her twitter account has suddenly disappeared. Wonder why? Has she been fired yet?


  52. 123
    the homonculus says:

    Russia seems like a good place to emigrate to
    Its Christian
    poofs are locked up
    Muslims are shot or have their towns levelled
    Prince charlie doesnt live there
    Russian women are dirty looking bitches
    taxes are low
    Journalists like the above are assasinated


  53. 127

    Note she claim the opinions are hers & not the BBC. Won’t wash I’m afraid as she clearly allows her account to show who she works for. The BBC are vicariously liable for what their staff publish on a BBC Twitter account


    • 234
      licence payers have a right to know says:

      And is the equipment she used supplied by the BBC,
      paid for by us?


  54. 128
    Anonymous says:

    Looks like the perfect person to be the next Chair of the BBC Trust.


  55. 133

    She’s deleted her account now.

    So I guess she probably paniced.

    Make sure you report her to the BBC complaints board:


  56. 136
    Gerbil 7 says:

    The left wing cancer at the heart of the BBC is too ingrained to be removed.
    Privatise it, let the market deal with it.


  57. 137
    Knighty48 says:

    Be glad when this election is over, then all the left wing loony media can crawl back under their rocks and with a bit of luck stay there. I’m ashamed to say that I think I could vote for any party who promised to shut the BBC down within a month and throw the staff out (without their fat pay-offs).


  58. 138
    Baon Hogwash says:

    Has @journomummy disappeared from twitter?


  59. 139
    Jasmine Lawrence says:

    I have deleted my Twitter account as you will see.

    But I will have the last laugh because you will continue to see what I want you to see on the BBC News Channel.

    So F*** You


  60. 145
    BBC HR Department? says:

    Was Jasmine tweeting all this during work hours? What is the BBC’s policy on tweeting at the office?


  61. 146
    Postal voting should be stopped says:

    This is where Police will be present tomorrow to stop ‘voter intimidation':

    Tower Hamlets,
    Blackburn & Darwen

    Source – Sky News.


    • 149
      Baon Hogwash says:

      Makes a change – police being present anywhere..


    • 174
      Join-the-dots says:

      Tower Hamlets, 34.5%
      Slough, 13.4%
      Woking, 6.7%
      Coventry, 7.5%
      Birmingham, 14.3%
      Walsall 25%
      Derby, 7.6%
      Peterborough, 9.4%
      Hyndburn, 10.3%
      Pendle, 17.4%
      Burnley, 9.9%
      Bradford, 24.7%
      Kirklees, 14.5%
      Oldham, 17.7%
      Calderdale, 7.3%
      Blackburn & Darwen 27%

      National Average 4.8%


      • 187
        JH34891230-48-92 says:

        Once it goes over 10% you are on the one-way train to Ghetto-fabulous.

        I left Peterborough when it hit about 8%. Upsetting to see whole tracts of the city you lived in your entire life rendered third-world. I’ve been chased, spat at, threatened and insulted, all for the colour of my skin. I was half a mile away when Ross Parker was butchered.

        Go UKIP.


    • 188
      Pastimes says:

      For Kirklees read The Emirates of Dewsbury though there was an investigation last time around and zilch happened despite evidence of misdeeds. In case you’ve missed the 2014 result, Labour have retained their local seats solely on postal votes: UKIP nowhere in European vote. The local Sharia court will sit on Monday next to re-educate those who sided with the kaffirs.


  62. 147
    Steve Right says:

    Perhaps the stupid bint could point us to all the parties led by teenagers and black men and homeless people and Korean lesbians. Oh wait, I forgot the Greens, which is led by a white, middle class, middle aged woman.


  63. 150
  64. 157
    Toast anyone ? says:

    A comment on the day before an important election by someone who is clearly a senior member of the national broadcaster probably violates a number of criteria –

    1. Her terms and conditions of employment. A matter for the BBC & OFCOM.

    2. The Electoral Law of England & Wales. A matter for the Electoral Commission to whom anyone entered on the Electoral Roll can complain.

    Kairen Zonena
    Secretary to the Commission Board
    The Electoral Commission
    3 Bunhill Row
    London EC1Y 8YZ.


    3. The European Parliament is another body which will certainly take an interest in the News Editor of the National Broadcaster of a Member country, making these remarks on social media on the day before the EU elections.


  65. 160
    Anonymous says:


    Her job must have been under threat – it won’t be now, she will be embraced by the Bbbe as a true believer.


  66. 164
    the homonculus says:

    She looks like Jimmy Saville
    Just what is it with the BBC and deviants?
    Personally I think it explains their politics, bitter and twisted and resenting all that is clean and normal

    B itches
    B uggers
    C ommies


  67. 169
    IQ_of_154 says:

    She should be sacked…no question…and no licence fee funded exit package either.


  68. 170
    Anonymous says:

    Someone else has noticed – retweet this.


  69. 171
    Anonymous says:

    The BBC regards an anti-UKIP rant as perfectly normal, and hence proof of impartiality.

    Keep paying the Licence Fee.


  70. 172
    Lubbly Jubbly says:

    If UKIP for example, take her to court she could be in for paying about 500K in fees and damages.

    Since she has probably violated the BBC rules, they will be unable to pay the sum on her behalf.


    • 194
      Walk softly and carry a big keyboard says:

      And roll into the bargain a few other upstart MP’s who’ve perpetrated the ‘UKIP Wacist’ smears. Let’s be having your fucking money now gobshites!


  71. 173
    Stu says:

    I’m a white middle aged man and Jasmine Lawrence can f….ck off. Brain dead lefty bitch.


  72. 175
    RomaBobbieBooBoo says:

    Watta a silly biatch !!


  73. 176
    Anonymous says:

    Why is anyone surprised the BBC is statist? Privatise or stop moaning.


    • 228
      David says:

      Privatisation is too good for them. Close it down, sack them without pensions, and burn the records.


  74. 180
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Complaint submitted – and I don’t even have a fucking TV Licence.

    Now, only 12 hours to go before the Polling Station opens. My Polling Card is ready, a lovely bottle of Fitou is open for this evening, a good night’s sleep beckons before a nice early start…

    …to Vote UKIP.


  75. 184
    Anonymous says:

    Impartial journalism. No such thing.


  76. 189
    dogsled says:

    I am sure the BBC will pursue her for making basically racist statements (inferring that all members of UKIP are of one ethnic group.) in the same manner as they did Mr Clarkson. In other organisation (probably even in any other news organisation.) she would be shown the door in short order for posting a comment like that during work hours and possibly work hours. I can’t see how her position is even remotely tenable. Mind you it is the BBC.

    Hopefully they might be next line to receive a stiff kicking from Theresa May.

    I don’t actually mind paying the licence fee. What I object to is part of it going towards a clearly biased politicalised news channel. It needs to have a root & branch clear out.


    • 200
      Walk softly and carry a big keyboard says:

      If you don’t mind it, then it should be Privatised and you should buy a chuffin’ subscription. Don’t, in your self-professed nonchalance, force everyone else to pay for it..Some of us don’t WATCH THE FUCKING THING.


      • 230
        dogsled says:

        Do you kiss your mum with that mouth? Don’t worry, I’ll ask the next time I fall out the back of her and just before I wipe my dick on the bedroom curtains that she picked out with your Dad.


        • 348
          Walk softy and carry a bit keyboard says:

          And you’ve just done the same thing in response mate. Also, how long have you been a necrophiliac?


  77. 190
    Scrapper says:

    Scrap the licence fee.


  78. 201
    Anonymous says:

    @journomummy is now coming up as ‘user not found’ – has she turned tail?


    • 213
      Anonymous says:

      I’m angry that she can write disgusting things about my husband and son without even knowing them. She is a racist.
      My husband has worked all of his life in a menial job for very little reward. Never moaned and worked really hard. Despite losing his father in world war 11 and having very little education he is a carpenter,metallurgist,artist and good at many things. He is white,middle aged and a great guy. He is not racist or sexist and this female,Jasmine Lawrence has no right to say he is. I think her own father must be white and I wonder if she includes him in her rant.
      My son, also white,is a scientist working long hours in chemistry labs attempting to improve people’s lives by improving and discovering drugs.
      I’m sad and horrified that the BBC can employ ignorant personnel such as Ms.Lawrence and let such people vent their spleen with impunity. Shame on you all.

      Liked by 1 person

      • 225
        sellout says:

        Don’t be angry, vote UKIP


        • 243
          average joanna says:

          Lawrence has insulted millions of decent,honest people without
          knowing a single thing about them or their lives.
          I’d expect such pathetic tweets from teenage members of the
          SWP,certainly not from a BBC News editor hours before a crucial
          She has lost all credibility and her position is untenable.


      • 275
        cured lefty says:

        Annon you have problem you’re being far too polite this fucking cow is paid by you to provide you with facts in a professional manner ………reminds me of a Scottish woman Kay Adams
        a few years ago.(another so called professional journalist ”
        lying pissed out of her lefty mind on some foreign holiday beach twitting tories were all sorts of bastards these fuckers are just a cancer


        • 287
          well i never says:

          Kaye Adams is a presenter on Loose Women.


        • 320
          Me again says:

          Just why is it that women with the surname Lawrence seem to cause us all lots of unneeded problems? Must be room in the Lords somewhere for another one.


  79. 202
    Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation says:

    I would get angry about this, but alas, I don’t pay the licence fee. I have one of these great new things called a “computer”.


  80. 203
    Pitchfork says:

    Complaint filed.

    How dare she!

    Liked by 1 person

  81. 216
    Smash the EU vote UKIP says:

    She has closed her Twitter Account


  82. 218
    Laugh? I nearly paid my licence fee. says:

    She thinks she has deleted her account.
    She does not understand the internet.

    Go to Google, search for “journomummy”.

    Under each headline link there is a the URL link with a little down arrow, from which you can click “Cached”.


  83. 223
    Anonymous says:

    Was Jasmine Lawrence News Editor UK during all those years when the BBC turned a blind eye to grooming gangs destroying young girls lives?



  84. 224
    Anonymous says:

    Under represented in politics, but not in the population at large.


  85. 226
    Anonymous says:

    When UKIP has been successful in the E.U.elections tomorrow,it should seriously think about setting up a national newspaper. Enough people would buy it if it told the truth without bias. It could hire 1st class journalists,reporters and editors. Maybe Mr Sykes would support it financially until it got on to its feet. And why not a broadcasting company. We are sick of hearing bbc bias and left wing claptrap. I could go on but what about these ideas to start. You know the saying, from little acorns,mighty trees will grow.


  86. 231
    howdi says:

    What do people expect from the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation. Arrogant smug and totally convinced of their own moral superiority.


  87. 232
    Anonymous says:

    bbc business news

    what an oxymoron.

    jasmine Lawrence.

    what a fuckingmoron.

    i bet shes looking over her monitor now and can hear the giggles behind her. quick jasmine quick delete your twitter account.

    too late your toast.


  88. 235
    Anonymous says:

    Here’s Robert Peston keeping it impartial with a nudge and wink:

    Retweeted by Robert Peston
    Pete Fraser ‏@petefrasermusic May 19
    DO go and vote on thurs. It isn’t hard, and a lot of people who are MASSIVE pricks definitely will, so every normo who shows up is a bonus.

    Perhaps Robert can say who these massive pricks are who pay his fucking wages?


  89. 236
    Another Engineer says:

    Even for the BBC, the stream of lefty bollocks on her twitter feed is pretty awful. Most of it during working hours.

    The disclaimer has no meaning. Merely mentioning that she works for the BBC is enough. If it had been a suitably anonymous account with a pseudonym she might have got away with it, but OFCOM should throw the book in this case.

    If she’s not sacked, then there’s something very wrong.

    Google Cache here:

    At least until she claims the ‘right to be forgotten’.


    • 241
      String Vest says:

      If she claims the “right to be forgotten” then we should claim the right for the BBC to “honour its charter” which it has not done for the last 30 years.


      • 242
        String Vest says:

        Make them earn their money, Privatise the BBC and if they are as good as they keep telling us, they will thrive.


  90. 240
    Graham says:

    In view of the way Jeremy Clarkson was dealt with , Jasmine Lawrence should be sacked with immediate effect.


    • 244
      also says:

      Don’t forget how appallingly the BBC treated Radio Devon DJ
      David Lowe after 32 years loyal service for playing
      “The Sun Has Got His Hat On”.


  91. 250
    Hairy Porter says:



  92. 251
    One cocky tweet too many says:

    Hope she is feeling the heat right now. Fuck her.


  93. 257
    Anonymous says:

    Have you seen her LinkedIn page?
    ” I have impeccable editorial judgment. ”
    The rest of it is hilarious too. A Mock Doc wouldn’t come close…


  94. 261
    You kip if you want to says:

    I hope someone complains about her to the police. Her tweet is inciting racial hatred as well as being sexist and ageist.

    It’s about time nasty lefties were hoisted by their own petard.


  95. 262
    Anonymous says:

    Liked to share Guardian links, more than the BBC. She was followed by
    Owen Jones.


  96. 264
    Ironicist says:

    Sack her and give her job to a Romanian.


  97. 270
    GDS says:

    Keep the heat on Guido. That disclaimer will definitely not stack up against BBC rules and a very public sacking, for her arrogance, casual racism/sexism and sheer, rampant stupidity must be the final outcome here


  98. 274
    Anonymous says:

    I remember james whale being sacked from lbc for saying vote for boris Johnson


    • 276
      cured lefty says:

      Sacked !in your dreams mate


    • 291
      Leamas says:

      That was that fucking dope Asha Gould’s fault really.

      If James Whale hadn’t got sacked we could hear his thoughts on the recent problems of his great mate Abu Hamza.


  99. 279
    Rob says:

    Has she got no ironing to do?


  100. 280
    Anonymous says:

    #Jasmine Lawrence #BelovedLabourParty #HowDoesThatSit


  101. 282
    What a predictable BBC cow says:

    She lives in Henley-on-Thames FFS.
    Any middle-aged, middle-class white people there sweety?

    At least her vote won’t count for much there.


  102. 283
    Another Engineer says:

    I notice her twitter feed also contains this:

    In the light of another acquittal over historical sex abuse allegations, this infographic says it all #ibelieveher

    Contempt? Or libel?


  103. 286
    James Purnell, head of strategy says:

    Is there anybody in the BBC news/current affairs dept. that isn’t a Labour supporter? Such one-sidedness of opinion just has to affect the output and it obviously does. Why is it that our national broadcaster can get away with this state of affairs?


  104. 288
    By the way says:

    Is it appropriate for hard-right Blog sites, and the Daily Mail, to make vile and shameless attacks the Labour Party, every-day-of-the-year?


    • 296
      Another Engineer says:

      Yes, because they aren’t funded by the taxpayer. Anyway, Labour are the vile ones.

      Do you work for the BBC by any chance?


      • 342
        By the way says:

        Nice Tactic. No, I do not, nor have I ever worked for the BBC. Nor do I consider they are very good at listening to viewers. That said, I do question all the attacks the BBC. Nothing to do with it being Election Time?


      • 353
        The most right-wing leftie you'll ever meet says:

        UKIP are worse. I’d stab the whole fucking lot of them and ship all their supporters in chains to Africa to be used as cattle fodder.


    • 298
      Austin Tash says:

      I imagine the BBC must be quite a toxic working environment, if you don’t share their anti-middle class, anti-middle aged, anti-male, anti-white, anti-capitalist prejudices.

      So much for diversity and inclusion, eh? Don’t forget, it’s thanks to the unique way they’re funded.

      Are you really going to renew your TV licence?


    • 305
      Smash the EU vote UKIP says:

      Take taxpayers money, you live by the rules….. its a simple as that!

      Jasmine Lawrence cant live by the rules, so she can be anti UKIP in her own time without being funded by the tax payer


  105. 300

    Damage is done.
    Pictures of tweet have gone viral.

    She should resign.


  106. 301
    Anonymous says:

    Look Like she’s got previous for this sort of thing. She appears on Biased BBC blog re Tweets Sept 2013 – Anti Cameron. Looking through her tweets could well be a feminist (not a criticism just an observation)


  107. 302
    Glenn says:

    It says it all. Pluse we now know the the BBC has been receiving millions of funding from the EU so hardly surprising is it.


  108. 303
    Roger Dewhurst says:

    Why was she not sacked within hours?


  109. 304
    Smash the EU vote UKIP says:

    UKIP have sacked all their people who have committed twitter gaffes.

    So will the BBC do likewise …… or is the BBC just a corrupt left wing cabal?

    Sack Jasmine Lawrence


  110. 308
  111. 309
    Telegraph is becoming Guardian Light says:

    And they wonder why we might think the BBC is a teensy-weensy bit biased.

    Still this explains the Daily Trashograph’s recent shift left. They want to increase their share of sales to the Beeb and make inroads into the Gruaniad’s market.


  112. 326
    Dogsled says:

    Announced this am that she has been removed from coverage of the election.

    Good. Next up, hopefully a full disciplinary inquiry.


  113. 328
    Why I'm paying for the BBC ... says:

    … because it’s the law.


  114. 332
    Ed Jong-mil says:

    I give her medal in special ceremony.


  115. 335
    JR says:

    Just enjoyed putting my Official Complaint into the BBC about this creature. I am sure they will come up with some claptrap of an excuse and say a Private matter.


  116. 336
    Mr Woy says:

    what do you expect from a commy Hunt


  117. 341

    Jasmine who ? LIttle Beeb fucker, they should promote her to toilet duties.


  118. 343
    Anonymous says:

    Same old Right-wing, good at giving it out – but don’t like it when the joke is on them? Come on, it was only a little fun. (And no, I am not fan of the BBC)


  119. 347
    Lockhouse says:

    For all the good it will do, complaint duly made.


  120. 350
    Nigel Farage IRL says:

    As she is a journalist for the BBC, personal viewpoints of any description shouldn’t be made public if she’s associating herself with that organisation. In that stance, keeping personal viewpoints personal should have been paramount. The BBC are meant to be impartial and this adds a dangerous bias to the democratic process especially since there are so many weak-minded and impressionable fools that make up the majority of the voting populace.

    She’s got a valid point though. And if this thread is anything to go by then UKIP supporters are scum who should be burned instead of being allowed to vote on things they don’t fully understand.

    Bring on the hate, it’s the only thing those divisionist idiots are good at.


  121. 355
    Chairman Al says:

    She has now deleted her twitter account but presumably her impartial views remain intact?


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