May 20th, 2014

Labour Silent Over Councillor’s Holocaust Tweet

Labour MPs are queuing up this morning to voice their outrage at UKIP using a photo of the graves of war dead in their campaign material. For some reason they are however silent about this picture of a concentration camp tweeted by one of own their councillors, Mark Cherry, accompanying a tweet claiming “a vote for Tories in 2015 means more of the same”:

Chris Bryant was one of those itching to have a pop at UKIP over the cemetery poster. Guido has asked him if he condemns his own Labour councillor’s work, so far he has failed to do so. Wonder if this’ll make it onto the News at Ten…

UPDATE: Tory MP Tony Baldry has written to Ed Miliband:

“Councillor Cherry presumably thought this tweet was funny. However, you will see that it very clearly intends to depict Conservative Party policies on the unemployed and disabled as akin to being sent to a Nazi concentration camp. This is not in any way funny. It simply trivialises the horrors of the Holocaust.”


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    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

    We’re scum, aren’t we ?


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      Ukip caused aids, killer flu and the common cold says the Labour Party. says:



      • 175
        Corby says:

        Yes and the cold winter, the sinking of the Titanic, WWII, the plague of locusts, the R101 disaster etc etc etc.


        • 178
          Whiffler says:

          British war graves are not crosses – the ones shown here are probably French.

          On poster I believe it was some & some.

          All these experts. Pah !


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      Reality check says:

      Anyway. The UKIP material is not offensive.

      The handing over of British sovereignty to Brussels by the libLabCon is offensive and an insult to those who defended our freedom with their lives.

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        Anonymous says:

        Somewhat of an own goal on the part of labour as the Nazis were socialists. (National Socialist party na-see)

        All of the comments made by UKIP over the course of campaigning are probably taken right out of context. Now apparently it’s racist to be concerned about foreign gypsy gang crime and overwhelmed schools and hospitals. My grandfather lost the use of his legs in the 1st world war, and died an old man with shrapnel still lodged in his spine. My father was in the 2nd world war. They both be horrified at the establishments behaviour towards UKIP and by inference the British public. Their policies don’t cut the mustard any more so they blatantly lie instead and the public swalllows it whole and now falls for Labour, who’ll raise the minimum wage high enough to force ordinary workers out of jobs. The idea of having everybody on the same wage is typical Marxist rubbish.


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      Who let the dogs out? says:

      UKIP left the dogs out.

      Other smears on their way soon.

      Pip pip, rah rah rah, and Up the Workers!


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      dai stoned says:

      what’s wrong with cherry picking?


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      LibLabcon are taking the piss says:

      The war graves of those who defended Britain from an expansionist Germany.

      David Cameron is now begging for crumbs from the table of the Chancellor of Germany, so that he convince the British people that it is in their interests to remain subservient to Germany?

      The other two parties agree that Mr Cameron must grovel to Mrs Merkel.

      And they call UKIP offensive?

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        english minority says:

        ” The war graves of those who defended Britain from an expansionist Germany”
        The irony ! Britain in 1914 controlled only a quarter of the globe and by 1918 after stealing German colonies controlled another million square miles. Britain was of course not an expansionist power!


        • 104
          Maqb­oul says:

          A million square miles it did not want since it did not have the manpower to control it. Most of it was the former Ottoman empire.


          • English minority says:

            No most of it was in Africa actually. Britain desperately wanted the land in the middle east as well because of the oil. It had to fight tooth and nail for Iraq as the french coveted that .


        • 105
          Gerald says:

          You must be a National Socialist not to have noticed that Hitler was trying to take all of Europe and Eurasia beyond.

          And if you are in part also referring to the British empire, it was not on the whole the bad thing that the BBC these days likes to portray it as. Much good came out of the Brtish Empire and it is wrong to distort history


          • English minority says:

            Hit.ler was aiming to control the world…. yes thats right because the Daily Mail tells me every day.


          • Loony Left and the Rabid Right says:

            Indeed, it seems to me though that you’d happily gloss over the bad and only remember the good. An equally dangerous and intellectually dishonest exercise.

            But what do I know.

            I like to look at things and see all the facts not just pick and choose what suits my worldy outlook.


        • 180
          Anonymous says:

          That comment is actually quite insulting, there’s no comparison between the British who for example ended slavery, and the Nazis


          • Winston Smith says:

            Funny then that the British invented co.ncentrat.ion camps. They probably didn’t tell you at school that fact. Twenty thousand women and children died in them during the war.


          • Anonymous says:

            Erm, try living as a disabled person in this country and waiting for financial help from Iain Duncan Smith so you can eat and keep a roof over your head and then tell me that the Nasty Party arent alike to Nazis! The Nazis also exterminated disabled people, we are not wanted in their ‘super race’ and are literally starving to death and losing our homes. IDS should be trialled for crimes against humanity not praised for sanctioning the weakest of our country. I find THAT quite insulting.


    • 146
      Schnell... says:

      Have we all agreed yet that UKIP and Farage are indeed waaaaaaycist?

      Hurry up, guys!


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      Question Guido says:

      Guido how many disabled people is it claimed, by those on the left, have died as result of Government welfare reforms. In light of that then a mocked up concentration camp actually makes sense.

      The actual message is different, one is saying these men died for our freedom and we are the only party that represents them. A very poor tactic I might add, very tasteless.

      The other message says this Government is waging a war against the poor and vulnerable and disabled people are being targeted. Hitler as you well know targeted disabled people. The picture is again tasteless but is a logical extension of the argument being put forward by the left.

      When have people in politics cared about taste, using celebrities to win votes. It is no longer about policies but about style and apparently the more brash you are the more style you have.

      Guido do you like trying to control peoples thoughts?


    • 182
      Goodbye, Sorry, You Must Leave Us... says:

      Sorry Guido this sort of post is not going to win back your old constituency.


    • 192 says:

      I see the chief PIE eater is Andrew Marr again, whens he going to ask some serious questions?.


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    Whippersnapper2 says:

    Quite apart from anything else the moron Cherry has no idea whatever what a German concentration camp looked like. What a berk……


    • 61
      jgm2 says:

      It looks more like a POW camp than a concentration camp but I suspect that’s only because, as you say, Cherry has no idea what either looked like.

      He might get himself off the hook (slightly) if he claims it was a POW camp.


      • 84
        NWO says:

        We are all supposed to know what a German concentration camp looks like ! Surely you have been to school where the teaching of the official version of the H0l.o.caust is priority number one.


        • 99
          jgm2 says:

          I know what POW camps look like from reading ‘Battle’ and ‘Action’ comics as a kid.

          The c*unts of history teachers at my (all boys) grammar decided that what would really interest 14 – 16 year old boys for their history ‘O’ Level was British History 1815 – ~ 1910.

          Utter c*unts. Every other ‘O’ Level class in the entire fucking UK off to visit the battlefields and cemeteries of Europe and we were learning about the fucking Corn Laws.

          Utter, utter c*unts.


          • English minority says:

            Its changed since you were a kid; all schools have mandatory H.locause studies which the HET are aiming to introduce at primary school level. No doubts or questioning is allowed. The luckiest teenagers have a taxpayer funded trip to Pol.and .


          • Corby says:

            I read 19th cent history for A Level – utterly fascinating, especially the Corn Laws.


      • 91
        Anonymous says:

        A very small POW camp. Wonder what it actually is.

        A Google Images search finds the picture used seriously (I think) in this South African paper on ‘Sustainable advanced construction technologies':

        with a caption beginning ‘Portable modular buildings offer a wide variety in the military use …’
        The photograph is credited to Michael Shwarz, 04.2008.


        • 103
          Gerald says:

          You must be a National Socialist not to have noticed that Hitler was trying to take all of Europe and Eurasia beyond.

          And if you are in part also referring to the British empire, it was not on the whole the bad thing that the BBC these days likes to portray it as. Much good came out of the Brtish Empire and it is wrong to distort history


        • 112
          Maqb­oul says:

          Who’s to say it’s not a POW camp in Scotland built to house German prisoners. Clearly not big enough for Italian POWs.


          • jgm2 says:

            I didn’t think they needed to bother with guard-towers and such-like up in Fucking Scotland.

            Where are you going to ‘escape’ to?


          • Tim Yeo-Yo says:

            My grandfather was an Italian POW during WW2. After being captured in North Africa (and escaping and being recaptured) he was shipped back to the UK to work on a farm in Somerset. As far as I’m aware I do t think there were any guard towers put up to guard him.

            Not everyone was kept behind barbed wire. WOPs (and I can say that without being waycist because I am one) were pretty rare in the West Country in the 1940s so I think the authorities were safe in assuming he wouldn’t get far if he tried to escape.


        • 184
          thostids says:

          It’s a film set. Very few Camps had watchtowers. And the War Graves were French. Nothing is as it represented to be. Appearance over substance.
          Imagine, which if any of the Labour front bench team you can imagine having the gravitas or integrity to replace Chamberlain in the ” Peace for our time” newsreel footage.? Mil….Bal….Chukkie-egg, set of third rate tossers.


          • Angry on Benefit says:

            Agreed. How fortunate Britain was to have fearless leaders such as Churchill, Mr Attlee, Lord Beaverbrook and Herbert Morrison. The current “on message” scum would have sold us out to the”greatest German who ever lived” as soon as they could.
            Can you imagine Blair not finding an excuse to leave the country when danger threatened?


      • 95
        Gooooogle says:

        The search term used seems to have been ‘prison camp’.


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    Chris Bryant says:

    But..but..but…that’s different.


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      Ukip caused aids, killer flu and the common cold, the Labour Party. says:

      You should be saying butt butt butt according to the Tory book of Bumper Bumsex.


    • 161
      The Growler says:

      Ian Doughnut Smith, “Vee have vays of making the benefit claimants verk, trust me”


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    Anonymous says:

    Quoted in todays Spectator comments

    Last night on Newsnight Nigel Farage claimed that just over the past week 17 councillors had been ARRESTED on various charges, some quite serious.

    OK, so somebody may claim that it wasn’t 17, on their count it was only 15, but the point is that these are all people elected as councillors on the recommendation of the Tory, Labour or LibDem parties who have behaved in ways that have justified their arrest for REAL CRIMES.

    Meanwhile, during this election campaign maybe about the same number of UKIP candidates have been accused not of real crimes, but merely of THOUGHT CRIMES; and those people, fewer than 1% of all the UKIP candidates, have been assiduously drawn to the attention of the public through the mass media while the arrest of Tory, Labour and LibDem councillors has been largely ignored by the same media.

    And we know who has been principally responsible for trawling through the back stories of over 2000 UKIP candidates to dig up whatever dirt they can find, and we know who has been feeding the stories to the media, apparently even with an arrangement with the newspapers that they will be provided with a stream of salacious stories provided they go easy on the Tories.

    As I have repeatedly said, there are still many decent patriotic people who are members of the Tory party, and it may be asked how they will feel about the despicable behaviour of those leading their party; perhaps we will get some indication the next time that party publishes its membership figures.

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      The Public says:

      The smear campaign that has been conducted has killed what’s left of the Tory party – this will be clear in 2015; all it has achieved is to harden the UKIP voter and make it even less likely that they’ll want to vote for an establishment party in 2015.


      • 28
        road to serfdom says:

        I’ve had enough of the conservatives under present management. Cameron paraphrased that Lenny Henry tweet as ‘all blacks should go back to Africa’. ridiculous man. I’ll vote UKIP until we are out of the EU. Then I’ll make a further decision. Not interested in some ‘renegotiation’ stitch up where they pretend to give us some powers back until after a referendum which if we then vote to stay in will be the last chance I have as these referendums seem to come every half-century.

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        • 131
          Village Idiot says:

          …I voted “NO” in 1975, and have had to watch in horror as a once great country has slid into a cesspit of lefty utopianism,where free speech,banter and truth have been hijacked ,with the blessing of the Media and broadcasters!..Anyone with an alternative view is shouted down or prefixed with a modern term, be it, “Racism”, as it was yesterday,today it is “Sexism”…
          ..Back in the day when men were men,and women were fragrant,they worked hard in real jobs, producing real things, in the factories and in the fields,often being too tired to concern themselves with these modern expressions of “Racism”, or as today, “Sexism”…What will they find to offend them tomorrow?..Too many are employed in ridiculous non jobs,at taxpayer expense,producing zilch,but taking offence at the drop of a hat!


    • 12
      Grateful says:

      Thank you. The rotten truth will out.


    • 41
      Tony E says:

      Come on Guido – 15 arrested: Name them and their constituencies/ wards and parties.


    • 87
      Anonymous says:

      Technical/legal point – arrest does not mean the crime has been committed.


    • 145
      Taxfodder says:

      Such enjoyable stuff though, they are entertaining these pretend Tories not like Maggie T she was really boring and not at all funny.

      Can’t wait to laugh out loud at all the inevitable weekend huff and guff about how its the GE thats important now and this resounding kicking by an ungrateful British People was just a trifling protest vote.

      Coming soon…..Scottish Independence Vote….another fine mess

      (pop corn on order)


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    Ockham's Razor says:

    The cry of a frightened party whose days are numbered.


  6. 6
    Gary Barlow says:

    There’s a lot of that sort of thing going on in Labour.


  7. 7
    NuBoringLiars says:

    Don’t do what we do – do what we say


  8. 8
    Swinger says:


  9. 9
    Jen The Blue says:

    No of course it won’t make the television news. Labour’s fruitcakes and swivel eyed nutters never do.


    • 45
      Labour says:

      Our fruitcakes bring all the journos to the yard, cos our lies are better than yours, yes our lies are better than yours….


  10. 11
    still walking into darkness says:

    UKIP now at 4/11 to win most votes in euro election, was at evens a couple of weeks ago. That tells you the real polls. Paddy Power’s internal statisticians are placing UKIP at around 38% in their calcs


    • 24
      Common Purpose says:

      Labour have 99.3% of the postal votes. Not sure how that will affect things. We will just have to wait and see.


    • 93
      Anonymous says:

      I think Labour’ll now nick it – hope I’m proved wrong but this constant smearing from the media will have affected the mushy brained swing voter and don’t knows.


    • 124
      TE Lawrence says:

      40% is possible. There is no credible statistical basis for measuring the numbers whoo will hide their true intentions from pollsters in the current crimate of thought control and villification.


  11. 13
    Labour meltdown says:


    Labour need to get behind IDS. Tens of thousands of people have stopped claiming disability benefits and gone into work following controls and tests. Not since Jesus has someone worked miracles like this.


  12. 14
    Ukip caused aids, killer flu and the common cold says the Labour Party. says:

    Yes, you’re scum.


  13. 16
    Winston says:

    UKIP & Labour. They’re both a bunch of tw**s


  14. 17
    Hypocrisy Watch says:


    • 22
      Hattie Harperson says:

      Do as we say , not as we do.


    • 53
      intergalacticsuperhero says:

      It’s to avoid their own laws on unfair dismissal, sick pay, maternity leave, paid holidays, PAYE deductions—-.

      One rule for them, one rule for us.


      • 188
        Benefit Scum says:

        In a recent BBC interview, Miliband claimed ignorance of a report of 62 Labour MPs exploiting zero hours contracts. Is this credible?


  15. 18
    Jim says:

    Are you saying this is not a wacist attack on Nigel, but Labour will still not talk about Political Policy?
    Makes a change for the better I suppose.
    But is still a low, low standard.


  16. 19
    Sarah Millington says:

    Sorry, I fail to see why the outrage bus as been fuelled up over this leaflet – can anyone enlighten me?

    Perfectly reasonable political message.

    PS: Still voting UKIP.


    • 40
      You are correct says:

      Of course it is and it makes a good point too.

      The libLabCon are the ones who are handing power over to Brussels and destroying the country our parents and grandparents died for.

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    • 55
      intergalacticsuperhero says:

      I agree 100%


    • 73
      The Public says:

      “Sorry, I fail to see why the outrage bus as been fuelled up over this leaflet ”

      It’e because in Britain now, it’s a crime to tell the truth.

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  17. 20
    Papa Lazarou says:


  18. 25
    Oh dear! says:


    • 44
      Unfuckingbelievable says:

      Rather odd how Labour members have a habit of getting hacked whenever they post something offensive.

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    • 50
      Maqb­oul says:

      Not the hairy old, I was hacked, excuse. LOL

      Call in MI5, the CIA and MFI… this is phookin serious !


    • 75
      A big boy done it and run away says:

      Somebody broke in to the Bank of England and sold all the gold – he just looked like Gordon Brown.
      Crafty these blighters!


  19. 29

    Vote UKIP :-)


  20. 30
    Take That says:

    Comres for the Indy

    Female voting intentions

    Labour 37%
    Conservatives 30%
    UKIP 12%
    LibDems 9%
    Greens 4%
    SNP 1%
    Plaid 1%
    Others 7%


  21. 32
    Mock Outrage says:

    i agree with what you say, but I will fight to the death to stop you saying it.


  22. 33
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:



  23. 34
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

    Much better Guido, keep up with exposing the hypocrisy.

    Good to see you’re back on form and listening to your readers.


  24. 35
    Nigel Farage says:

    Have they sentenced Roger Helmer to a lifetime of servitude yet ?


  25. 38
    Unfuckingbelievable says:

    Mark Cherry’s suggesting Cameron wants to exterminate the disabled?



  26. 39
    Unfuckingbelievable says:

    Looks like the pressure’s got to Mark:

    @markmark859’s tweets are protected.


    • 58
      Maqb­oul says:

      Probably the hacker did that. Someone hacked his account to post something offensive but protected the account so that nobody could read it. Typical hacker is that.

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      • 111
        Diane Fatbutt says:

        It happens a lot, I’ve had my mouth hacked many times and even while I’m live on air on Brillo’s sofa.


  27. 46
    Witty Moniker says:

    The Tories are like Hitler!

    (Oops, sorry, I wuz hacked!)


  28. 47
    The socialists are traitors says:

    How dare these socialist MPs who wish to destroy British sovereignty call this offensive?

    Traitors and quizlings the lot of them.


  29. 48
    Peachy Schapps says:

    Hahahaha. Look at Gweeds – knows he’s p1ssed off loads of Kippers over the past few weeks, taking the Sun silver and joining the MSM pitch fork brigade. As per his grovelling in the comments yesterday, today he crawls back with a greatest hits run of stories on old favourites Bryant and Fatbot and about how weird Ed M is, hoping everyone will forget. Expect Gordon Brown and Huhne stories before the end of the day to top it off, then everyone’s back on side. CCHQ strategy 101. Swallow it plebs.


  30. 51
    King James 1 says:

    The aim isn’t merely voting for a party with the correct opinions i.e. Ukip it’s about destroying the old order. Nobody should return to the unConservatives regardless of what they pretend to be that whole system now must disappear. There’ll come a time when the Scamerons and Smeggs of the world will disappear into the dustbin of history. Along with their undeserved fortunes.


  31. 54

    UKIP are correct to use this example
    Millions died to protect our freedom ,
    to stop us being ruled by european dictators
    to stop us being invaded by foreigners
    and to protect OUR way of life traditions ,and values

    ALL which have been flushed down the shitter by the EU

    mornin Mr Cat if you are out there


  32. 57
    Will says:

    Amazing how many twitter users when they say something inflammatory that thier account has been hacked !!!

    Can dish it out but don’t like it when they get it back after making a controverse remark

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  33. 59
    Socialism is theft says:

    What is really offensive is that the media treat the public like idiots. It is all so trivial. When are they going to bother talking about the various policies of the parties? Or is the media as scared as the Liblabcons at discussing actual policy?


    • 71
      Socialism is theft says:

      It is like two poultry farmers arguing who has the best farm and one guy says ‘Well my cock is bigger than yours’.


    • 140
      Anonymous says:

      Agreed. Are we really going to get as bad as them that we’re reduced to dissecting every irrelevant tweet . Well Guido obviously is but there was a time when this would be brushed off as meaningless chaff rather being held up as proof of someone’s innate evilness.


  34. 62
    The Romanian government says:

    Our country was occupied by Socialists.
    That’s why it’s such a shithole. 50 odd years of socialists and so there isn’t a penny left in the place and everything is a crumbling ruin and everyone is poor.

    We promise not to send our Roma to you if you promise not to send any more socialists to us. The Roma do less damage over the long term.


    • 76
      Socialism is theft says:

      It is amazing how far socialists will travel to suck on the capitalist teat.


  35. 65
    intergalacticsuperhero says:

    It is easy to imagine the evil mastermind at CCHQ, sitting in a darkened room stroking the white cat on his lap while he dreams up new smears to be distributed to his evil henchmen in the media.

    Who is he?


  36. 66
    Seth the pig farmer says:

    Point of order – if you like to pedantic about these things, (and I do).

    The crosses at the centre of the image are almost certainly the graves of US servicemen. The standard Commonwealth war grave is marked by the simple slab type of headstone a the bottom right of the image.


    • 81
      Not the history we like to pretend says:

      Should take a moment to think on that.
      The US sent their soldiers to defeat Germany. In a war that was bugger all to do with them.
      Like the First World War.

      And the yanks paid for both wars.

      Well…we paid for 1939 and 1940 and up to march 1941. Then we stopped paying.
      And we never paid our First World War loans which were the equal of our Second World War loans.

      And we only paid back our post war loan after fifty years. At 1.5% interest. Which was pretty generous seeing what a lousy credit risk we were.

      Oh yes..and the foreign aid. Britain received the same foreign aid as Germany and France COMBINED. we never paid a penny of that back either. Never had to. It was all free. Billions and billions of dollars.

      Germany built their modern industry with their share. France their modern transportation.
      We built … . . ..?


      • 107
        Peter Mandevilperson says:

        The Millennium Dome.


      • 114
        Anonymous says:

        A Socialist shit hole.


      • 122
        Maqb­oul says:

        Britain used their share to nationalise the existing “means of production”. Nothing new was created. Existing facilities and industries changed hands from experienced businessmen to state employed bureacrats. And so the decline began until the downward spiral was arrested in 1979.


      • 187
        thostids says:

        The Yanks did not pay for either War. In WW1, we acted as fund-broker and Guarantor for US loans to the Allies (us, our side, the Communists France, Russia,). The Germans also borrowed. After the dust settled, France and Russia defaulted on the loans and we repaid them to the Yanks. WW2 was funded by all the Euro powers to bankruptcy. Lend lease payments continued to be paid by us until 1997. In addition to transfers of wealth, there was the surrender of intellectual assets, proto-computing, nuclear weaponry and power, medicines, jet material technology, geographic assets such as World-wide naval/strategic bases in “exchange” for 50 worthless, unseaworthy WW1 destroyers of which only “Campbeltown” used at sea as suicide weapon to destroy a Dry Dock.


  37. 69
    Now Mad Max is dumped by his wife says:

    I can’t imagine why?!!

    The jailed publicist, Max Clifford, and his wife, Jo, are getting divorced. They were granted a decree nisi by a judge sitting in the Central Family Court in London. Neither was present at the hearing, which lasted less than two minutes. Mrs Clifford’s lawyer said: “Everything has been settled amicably.”


  38. 70
    Gerbil 7 says:

    .. and the MSM remained silent.


  39. 74
    SS says:

    Bit rich coming from the party that is so alike the Nazi party, disarming people, banning hunting, reform of the Lords. = Hypocrisy.


  40. 77
    Roger Helmer,the fat controller says:

    There were some Romanians spotted on platform 18 apparently. Best to take all precautions. Just in case.


  41. 78
    non taxable pikey says:

    Another flagship looks like its manning the lifeboats and guess who will have to pay for the rescue?


  42. 83
    The EU says:

    It is offensive.

    You are all good Europeans now.


  43. 84

    Vote UKIP :-D


    • 115
      UKIP in bizarre racist love triangle with Top Gear Jezzer! says:

      Shock horror!


    • 163
      Dangerous Brian says:

      Now that really does bother me, Clarkson is a total tw*t, if he was getting his cash direct from the Social we would all be after him, but as he takes millions for talking tripe on the good old double standards BBC he’s treated like a prince.


  44. 94
    Anonymous says:

    Labour, the truly nasty party. Socialists in general the first to resort to violence. Thus ever it was.


  45. 97
    the homonculus says:

    People paid good money to stay in those camps
    The only difference was that it said BUTLINS over the gate rather than Arbeit macht frei


  46. 100
    WoRaft Chihuahua says:

    I thought it was a photo of Stafford Hospital.


  47. 101


  48. 108
    Mark's card is marked says:


  49. 116
    Penfold says:

    Hypocritical shit storm in the privy.

    They are all a bunch of useless tossers, who don’t give a damn for the ordinary voter.

    Oh Guido, who will rid us of these arses…….;D


  50. 117
    The Euro monster says:


    • 118
      Ask Nick says:


      • 169

        Why was it left to the people of Ireland who had already voted NO ! to determine the future of 750,000,000 people and how much did it cost you in bribes ?


    • 126
      jgm2 says:

      Why did you renege on your manifesto promise of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty?


    • 138
      taxpayer says:

      Just where do all the missing billions from the EU budget end up?


      • 141
        The British public says:

        Why can’t you understand that we don’t want to be ruled
        by a bunch of unelected foreign fascists?


        • 144
          also says:

          Exactly who is funding “An Independence From Europe” party- which will be at the top of the ballot paper and is aimed at splitting the UKIP vote.


    • 164
      Dangerous Brian says:

      How much do you personally trouser as a back hander for continuing to support nett contributions of over 50 million per day?
      Just thought I’d ask.


    • 189
      Sir Roger de Senseless says:

      What job are you expecting to get in Brussels when you’ve buggered Britain fully to your satisfaction?

      How much of taxpayer’s money will it enable you to siphon off?


  51. 123
    The tonk known as Roger Helmer says:

    You can’t use neoliberal tech-solutionism to fix problems caused by urm…. tech-solutionism.


  52. 128
    BBC NEWS says:

    …in other news Labour councillor Mark Cherry has his Twitter account hacked and now the weather with a Turkish homosexual.


  53. 133
    The British media are cunts says:

    Is Bryant still ofering himself on Twitter in his skidmarked knickers?


    • 162
      Anonymous says:

      No. He married.
      He is still being a bit of a tool though.
      Claiming his job isn’t to watch telly (re benefit st) whilst simultaneously it seems trying quite hard to appear on screen as much as possible.
      Whilst still sulking about the last shadow cabinet shuffle. But then again, ed wasn’t at his wedding, but bro David was.


  54. 135
    Anonymous says:

    Oh dear!!

    More publicity for UKIP; how will we cope with that.

    Most people recognise the war graves as a fact of history and continuing evidence of the sacrifice men and women made for our freedom. If the Labour Party does not recognise that many view the recent transfer of self-government to the EU as an example of dishonouring that sacrifice, then they need to think carefully.

    I could accept it if they woul;d openly argue for an end to the UK but their secret furtive dissolution of our democracy does not give thema ny tright to criticise the selection of images chosen by their opponents at election time.

    Quite how the holocaust equates with the Tories I cannot fathom.


  55. 136
    Godwyn says:

    I win


  56. 147

    Sad to see those who gave their lives in the struggle against the far right treated with such scant respect by the far right.


    • 165
      Dangerous Brian says:

      i’d argue, that far from being far right Adolf was a perfect example of the far left.
      A meglomaniac not averse to murdering millions to achieve his goals, a nationaliser of his countries assets and the perfect role model for Joe Stalin, Pol Pot et al.


  57. 150
    Smash the EU vote UKIP says:

    After all the Greif Guido has had, its good to see this Blog finding its feet again

    You don’t need to support UKIP Guido


    Hold Lab/Con/Lib to the same level of microscopic scrutiny UKIP is subjected to
    You’ll find there is loads of blog material like this article, or hypocritical Labour MPs employing people on zero hours contracts


  58. 152
    Oxbridge Buffoon, infecting all the echelons of the Police, NHS, MOD, Fire Service, Politics, etc says:

    Chris Bryant – another reason what’s wrong with this Country. A 2-Dimensional Oxbridge buffoon. Well ‘Chrissy-boy’ seen as a few members of my family are in those graves I think I’ve got just as much a right to be heard as you have you fucking left-wing ‘common purpose’ shill. I don’t find the photo offensive, but then, hey, wtf would I know?


  59. 153
    George Orwell says:

    I heard some total arse has reported Farage to PC Plod for his comments about people being concerned if Romanians moved in next door.

    What kind of a “free country” does this tosser think he lives in? A country where the police investigate someone for expressing a “concern”?

    As a nation, we are f*cked if PC Plod actually investigates this.

    Vote UKIP. Bring back freedom of speech and thought.


  60. 154
    Raptor says:

    “David Cameron last night suggested football boss Richard Scudamore should have been sacked for sending sexist e-mails” — news item. (The e-mails were private, and sent to a friend.)

    Is Cameron now the Conservative Party’s answer to Harriet Harman ?


  61. 166
    Anonymous says:

    The UKIP Leaflet is not one put out by UKIP .

    Some at the moment unknown individual has put it out using his own name on the imprint.


  62. 167
    Anonymous says:

    NOT British or Commonwealth war graves.


    • 171

      Probably American .


      • 191
        Cost-of-Labour-crisis says:

        Headstones UK. Crosses US or French.

        People of a not necessarily Christain persuasion fought and died for Britan.
        The Commonwealth Graves people realised this so that the ‘logo’ of the deceased’s
        religion could be carved on the headstone.

        Cross: Christian
        Star of David: J@wish
        Star and Crescent: Muzlim

        Brilliant idea. Not offensive at all.


  63. 168
    Anonymous says:

    I can confirm that this is not a leaflet put out by UKIP.

    The leaflet has the name of someone called Dai Jones on an imprint on the bottom of the page.

    There is no record of a Dai Jones or David Jones on UKIP’s Members list in Wales where this leaflet has been circulating.

    I’m sure that it suits the likes of Chris ‘underpants Bryant and the like to run with this though.

    Personally I’m just bored now rather than annoyed at the level of the many conjured up attacks on UKIP every single day in the run up to polling day.

    I suspect everyone else is with the total overkill also. It certainly doesn’t appear to be having the desired effect anyway.


    • 172

      If UKIP have no Dai Jones on their membership list in Wales they are in serious trouble !!!


  64. 170
    Rotherhampoofta says:

    Not changed my mind…still voting UKIP :)


  65. 173
    j says:

    Theyre both fine


  66. 177
    Anonymous says:

    Oi! Enough of the concentration camp jokes. I find them very offensive as my grandfather died in one.

    Aaahhhhh sorryyy…

    Yes, daft fecker fell out a watchtower and broke his neck.

    (C) home for old retired jokes.


  67. 183
  68. 193

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