May 20th, 2014

Labour Candidate Who Attacked Miliband Back on Message

Tristan Osborne, the Labour candidate turned over by the Sunday Times after being secretly recorded slagging off Ed Miliband and Labour’s strategy, has had a remarkable turn around in opinion, if his Twitter feed is anything to go by:

The candidate in Chatham has taken to robotically pushing the very Labour message that he said was failing just last week:

Tristran Osborne lives in a posh gated development in Rochester (not actually in his prospective constituency) and he is an old boy of the supposed second oldest public school in the country, Kings Rochester, whereas his opponent Tracey Crouch is state school educated… hasn’t Labour already got one posh Tristan? At least Ed now knows who he is…


  1. 1
    A criminal organisation says:


  2. 2
    thostids says:

    Tristan is soooo “down-market. Can only afford one ‘r’. Not like the upper case “Tristran”. Now that’s what you can call posh! Must have gone to a better class of school.


    • 92
      John Bellingham says:

      If anyone with a poofy name like Tristan get elected in this constituency, I will start wearing a dress and drinking Pimms. When the Constituency was Rochester AND Chatham we had Julian Critchley for a while, but he was mocked something rotten. I still remember the banners outside one of his meetings at the Central Hall that said “No Pooftahs!” (Barrie McKenzie was popular just then). Chatham has become a very, very downmarket, immigrant-stuffed dump. Most of those who do vote around here are signing their names on a ballot paper. Tracey has cross-party appeal–she has the worst hair-do in Parliament and is a professional soccer coach.


  3. 3
    Ed Miliband says:

    I think all the young jim’s are doing a great job especially Jim the single mum and her mother Jim.


  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    Len’s boys hav ad a quiet word……………


  5. 5
    Night All says:


    • 6
      Take Hart says:

      Get back in the box Morph


    • 22
      Gooey Blob says:

      Is Miliband copying a certain North Korean haircut? His hair has been puffed up to make him seem taller…


    • 39
      JH453453255er says:

      Christ, someone was a bit keen with the forceps.

      His eyes are mounted fully one inch to the right of where they should be. Is he related to the Flatfish family in any way?


    • 47
      Wah wah pedal says:

      Please stop posting pictures of this pathetic, afflicted creature – it’s just fucking cruel.


    • 75

      This one will go down as one of the all time ‘stonkers’ in the Militwat photo exhibition ,an absolute blinder !!


    • 79
      broderick crawford says:

      Too many hand shandies Teddy . Bed is sometimes for sleeping you know !


  6. 7
    The Bog Standard Labour Party says:

    Labour R 2 faced. What’s new?


  7. 9
    TUC says:

    Well rip up my copy of the sun have you seen what’s written on the side of that cab Ed is stood next to?


  8. 10
    White Slavery says:

    Labour are two faced scum. They would sell us all into slavery if they could. The tax payer is just a charity for their vanity projects.


  9. 11
    My cost of living crisis says:

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  10. 12

    Vote UKIP :-)


    • 19
      Anonymous says:

      Why am I being denied access to the official UKIP website? Who has pulled the plug? Another dirty trick.


      • 46
        Nigel Fartage says:

        The computer we were hosting it on crashed this morning. We’re trying to get it up and running again but it takes a while for the ZX81 to load everything from cassette.


  11. 14
    Fookin Scary says:


    • 89
      Cost-of-Labour-crisis says:

      That old Axelgrease magic is casting it’s spell. My legs turned to jelly.


  12. 15
    Anonymous says:

    Why does Labour constantly have an oddball as leader (Blair excepted whatever he was)?


  13. 16
    Will says:

    Well we have euro and local elections on Thursday, how many potential candidates have visited me to date. Precisely zero. So as the main candidates don’t give a toss about the electorate why should I vote for you. I think it’s ukip for me at both local and euro levels as the main parties don’t care about the electorate why should I care about them.

    I don’t care if ukip are a bunch of misfits at least they seem to want to get elected. The main parties need a good kick in the ballots.


    • 24
      Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

      Tomorrow is the last day they can try kick the fck out of UKIP, I wonder what surprises we will get get to comment on, a cornered rat will take every opportunity to escape and use anything that will help, I wonder what the media rats will regurgitate .


  14. 18
    Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

    So Ed’s found a real job, advertising for the sun newspaper, I bet he comes home tired after a real days work and complains the taxman has shafted him again and won’t let him buy more than a cheap meal on expenses.


  15. 21
    Labour are cunts says:



  16. 23
    Winston says:

    Breaking news: a UKIP councillor farted last night on the doorstep of a black lesbian in wheelchair.


  17. 29
    Miliband's researcher needs disciplining says:

    How will Swindon voters react on Thursday to Miliband’s ludicrous radio interviews today ?
    Labour are defending 23 seats there, and Conservatives barely have overall control and may need help from smaller parties/independants.


  18. 31
    Vote UKIP says:


  19. 37
    RichUpNorth says:

    Labour are all ball-bags, as are their BBC barsteward chums.


  20. 41
    ahmonika says:

    Sex of mummy with ‘breasts’ and beard puzzles experts. Sky News.

    Surely just a contestant in the North African Song Contest 3001 BC.


  21. 44
    Thank you please! says:


  22. 45
    King James 1 says:

    Some eu country will get her/him to represent them next year! A sure-fire winner! As for Tristan these people resemble the old privileged Soviet establishment. I’ve said before that they should be forced to give up some of their own property to asylum seekers/ illegals it’s only fair.


  23. 49
    Maybe he was saying "there's a Bond on the plane". Perhaps he lost his James Bond DVD? says:


  24. 51
    Diane Abbott shouldn't dance says:


  25. 52
    Maimed Codger says:

    Realistically then the Laborious Party should make up the difference between what industry can afford or is the going rate for the Job and this idea of a Minimum Wage.


  26. 54
    Winston says:

    Look at Guido’s link to buzzfeed:

    White middle-class trustafarians calling working-class black Londoners racist/fascist scum. Hilarious!


  27. 55
    non taxable pikey says:

    Police raid home of British teenager killed in Syria


    05/20/2014 17:33

    LONDON – Police investigating the death of a British teenager who was
    killed fighting in Syria last month raided his family’s home on Tuesday
    with warrants issued under anti-terrorism legislation.

    Abdullah Deghayes, 18, died after traveling to Syria with his two
    brothers to fight alongside rebel forces against President Bashar Assad.

    Police and counter-terrorism forces said they were searching four houses
    in southeast England as part of an investigation into the teenager’s

    They said the raids, which began early on Tuesday morning, were not in
    response to any immediate threat and that no arrests were expected.

    Abdullah Deghayes’ father, Abu Bakr Deghayes, said he was being held with his family in a small room inside his Brighton house.

    “It’s very upsetting and frustrating. If there was another way to deal
    with this I would have happily complied. I just can’t understand why
    they would put my family through this,” he said, speaking by phone to
    the support charity CAGE.

    “No arrests expected.” So basically Plod is just being a pain in the arse. Still haven’t caught the bastard that nicked my mum’s tv though.


  28. 56
    Common sense says:

    Of course nobody with any kind of brain cell in the labour party associated the pressure that has driven wages down with labour’s open door policy on immigration, noooo no link there, no sir


  29. 57
    Just an average day for Miliband says:

    No sooner does Axelrod arrive the wheels fall off!


  30. 59

    Ed Millitwats constituency is Doncaster north
    his constituency office is in Bentley a place which i very much doubt he ever visits except in the run up to an election
    Bentley like all Yorkshire pit towns is now a run down shit hole swamped with immigrants from all corners of the globe It would appear that the immigrants know to target these areas as if there is no work for the British people who live there , then it means that they also will never have to work

    It’s common knowledge that Labour closed far more mines than Thatcher did , but as we all know , these brainwashed folk and their benefit grabbing new neighbours would vote for a dog turd if it was wearing a red rosette (as they did last time)
    A safe Labour seat if ever there was one


  31. 60
    Labour 2015 Campaign says:

    Vote David Axelrod.


  32. 63
    *Like this? says:

    You fucking Hunt……

    ………… serious?


  33. 65
    C O (Ξ7s1) says:

    Now, where is the Maximum Imbecile when you need him…


  34. 68
    willie Thorne says:

    Seriously, Labour, your leader is an absolute ballbag


  35. 72
    The Ghost of Crippen says:

    Milibland cannot spell Alexrod and Alexrod calls him Milliblnad. (Try pronouncing that in Welsh)


  36. 73
    Real Conservatives vote UKIP says:

    The EU is totally corrupt, wicked and evil

       SSS   A   V     V EEEEE     EEEEE U   U RRRR   OOOO  PPPP  EEEEE
      S     A A  V     V E         E     U   U R   R O    O P   P E
       SS  AAAAA  V   V  EEEE      EEEE  U   U RRRR  O    O PPPP  EEEE
         S A   A   V V   E         E     U   U R  R  O    O P     E
      SSS  A   A    V    EEEEE     EEEEE  UUU  R   R  OOOO  P     EEEEE
                DDD  EEEEE  SSS TTTTT RRRR   OOOO  Y   Y
                D  D E     S      T   R   R O    O  Y Y
                D  D EEEE   SS    T   RRRR  O    O   Y
                D  D E        S   T   R  R  O    O   Y
                DDD  EEEEE SSS    T   R   R  OOOO    Y
                  TTTTT H   H EEEEE     EEEEE U   U
                    T   H   H E         E     U   U
                    T   HHHHH EEEE      EEEE  U   U
                    T   H   H E         E     U   U
                    T   H   H EEEEE     EEEEE  UUU


  37. 74
    (I've been renamed) DA-Notice says:

    I see Axeldynorod ‘Deleted and Retweeted’ once Guido’s observation of having the wrong Ed Milipede Twitter account was made known.


  38. 80
    Ciaran Adolf Goggins says:

    Can I just say that Poles and Romanians would not want to live next to me!


  39. 82
    Transparent politics says:

    Do his prospective constituents really want such an obvious brown nosing arselicker as their representitive in Parliament.


  40. 84
    Cost of Labour crisis says:

    So, it comes as little surprise that Abbott’s blatant (not to mention, ironic) racist outburst slips past the media hounds without so much as a sniff, whilst agitprop mobs assault UKIP supporters and brandish “racist scum” placards.

    Is there any hope of some mainstream media comment on the many Labour MPs employing staff on zero-hours contracts? Whilst bleating endlessly about poverty and zero-hours contracts and the “cotht of living cwithith”?!

    “A Labour spokesman said the party had a policy of not using zero hours contracts.

    But he said it was possible some MPs used the contracts when taking on casual staff.”

    I can only assume that these are not rent boys and prostitutes shared with oligarchs and Labour-funding offshore tax dodgers.

    “He added: ‘A Labour government will give new legal rights to workers on zero hour contracts, including the right to demand a fixed hours contract when they have worked regular hours over six months with the same employer.'” ”

    So in the meantime, whilst Labour is campaigning against the exploitation of workers, it will carry on exploiting workers… no doubt those workers will be busy calling UKIP supporters racists, through the medium of racist slurs?

    Are there any depths…?


  41. 93
    Obama beach says:

    Google brian gerrish common purpose exposed.


  42. 95
    Cost of Labour crisis says:


  43. 96
    Man at the Bar. says:

    Working class tory candidate v Posh kid from a posh school, liebore are telling us, they really understand the plight of the working poor, selecting candidates like this demonstrates they understand nothing.


  44. 97
    Anonymous says:

    “At least Ed now knows who he is…”
    Ah! Finally… A credible explanation for why he won’t engage in open debate. It’s because he might let that well kept secret slip out.


  45. 98

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