May 20th, 2014

Dougie v Dugher: It’s a Deathmatch

The splits in Labour boiled over again yesterday, as Ed Miliband pointedly refused to call Farage a racist, only for Yvette Cooper to emerge on TV an hour later to do just that. Despite public assurances to the contrary, inside tension is still high as Labour realise they have the most to lose if this week goes badly wrong for them.

As revealed over the weekend, the fight between Douglas Alexander, who is running the election campaign, and Michael Dugher, who wants to run it, has reached a point where some colleagues can’t see a situation where they both survive. ‘It’s a pub car park fight and only one of them is walking away,’ says one. “That’s b*****ks” says Dugher, adding “the only fighting that’s going on is the election – and that’s against the Tories, Lib Dems and UKIP!”

However, party sources claim the latest barney is over tonight’s episode of Newsnight where either Wee Dougie or Dugher will appear to talk about Labour’s campaign. It’s just they can’t decide who. Guido suggests they go discuss it in the street like gentlemen. 



  1. 1
    Old Nick Heavenly says:

    Coo Coo


    • 5
      Dave says:

      48 hours to save The Nonces!


    • 13
      Desmond Morris says:

      By the way there is no such thing as a Romanian race or an English race. All this talk about racism is pure political nonsense.


    • 23
      Oh the Irony says:

      When I watched the Eurovision song contest. I heard all those anti racist, loving, Europhiles booing two innocent young girls, not because they were bad singers, but because they were Russian singers.

      What would the BBC make of a crowd of UKIP supporters booing two Romanian teenage girls purely because they are Romanian? Not that UKIP supporters would be so racist or rude anyway.


      • 44
        Ed Miliband says:

        The BBC showed that on television as popular entertainment? They should have their licence revoked.


        • 64
          The Biased Bullshit Corpse says:

          World will end Thursday if UKIP wins. UKIP will not win Thursday. UKIP racist. Global warming will bring end of World. Global warming impossible to stop. All will drown unless build more Wind Farms. Gordon Brown proved Right and will return in Triumph to lead us into a New Age. EUSSR most wonderful thing ever! World will end Thursday if UKIP wins. UKIP will not win Thursday. UKIP racist. Global warming will bring end of World. Global warming impossible to stop. All will drown unless build more Wind Farms. Gordon Brown proved Right and will return in Triumph to lead us into a New Age. EUSSR most wonderful thing ever! World will end Thursday if UKIP wins. UKIP will not win Thursday. UKIP racist. Global warming will bring end of World. Global warming impossible to stop. All will drown unless build more Wind Farms. Gordon Brown proved Right and will return in Triumph to lead us into a New Age. EUSSR most wonderful thing ever! . . . .


        • 66
          i think says:

          They probably have to show it in order to secure all
          those millions they receive in funding from the EU.


    • 48
      The Establishment Don says:

      C’mon guys, we’ve got to nail Farage as a certified waaaaaaaaaycist.

      I want that certificate on my desk. You’ve got 48 hours.


    • 71
      The Growler says:

      “However, party sources claim the latest barney is over tonight’s episode of Newsnight where either Wee Dougie or Dugher will appear to talk about Labour’s campaign. It’s just they can’t decide who” Well if they cannot decide who is going to run the campaigne and associated telly appearances they really have left it too late. Folks are going to vote UKip, they are fed up with the self serving professional politicians we have now, they think the bulk of MPs have become detached from real lives of the bulk of the population, the Lib LabCons will ALL lose votes to UKip in the EU, if UKip do not deliver on their promises they will disappear forever. Various members of the LibLabCons have been found dipping their sticky little fingers into the expenses pot (claiming for things that had nothing to do with their job as an MP) only a handful have gone down the line, even Farage is not clean but he may offer the chance of giving the self satisfied, born the rule types in the LibLabCons a good sound kicking. This is viewed as a run up for the GE GET OUT AND VOTE GIVE THE TRIUMVIRATE SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT UKip is doing what Fawkes says he wants to do (metaphorically of course)


  2. 2

    They will both be crying on Monday I suspect after that nasty man Nigel takes their toys away.


    • 8
      Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

      Still want to know why we haven’t had any UN voting monitors sent to the UK, trust the LibLabCons and the uncivil service, do I hell’s like.


      • 59
        Torquemada says:

        Is Putin sending any monitors? I’m sure Russia Today could make something up for the Occasion?

        (Did anyone see the special report on Hawaii based nuclear weapons targetting billions? Trouble is there are none in Hawaii.
        Or the 30 million American Spring revolutionaries marching on DC to remove Obama? Turned out to be around 200 eccentrics.)


  3. 3


  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    Why is anyone voting for Labour in the EU elections when they’re clearly such a shambles and stand for nothing? Why are the public so stupid?


  5. 6
    Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

    ‘It’s a pub car park fight ‘

    What with handbags.


  6. 11
    Weed Uggie says:

    I’m vertically challenged and intellectually challenged.


  7. 14
    gramma says:

    Surprised to hear about Yvette.
    Thought Mrs Balls was keeping a low profile prior to a forthcoming leadership challenge?


    • 26
      Aesop says:

      She is a Labour politician. Being a shit is in her nature.


    • 45
      I want to know says:

      She’s marking her territory.

      On the night of the “hit and run”,did Balls tell his
      wife what had happened?
      If so,did she advise him to go to the police and fess up?


    • 46
      Torquemada says:

      Please nooooo watching Ed Millllliband (Axelrod spelling) is bad enough. Not sure what good Yvette would do. Stranger and more humourless than Militwit or her husband. Nevertheless a deal with Unite could see a turnip elected as Labour leader.


      • 87
        i think says:

        They could elect her Labour leader.
        People wouldn’t be any more inclined to vote
        for her than for Miliband.


  8. 15
    Ockham's Razor says:

    09:19 am

    Coming up:

    Nigel Farage killed 25 million on behalf of Stalin.


    Liked by 1 person

    • 21
      Anonymous says:

      AND THAT WAS BEFORE BREAKFAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • 27

      Had he done so on the behalf of Stalin he would be the idol of every lefty commentator ,and eulogised by the BBC !


    • 56
      It's Must Be True... says:


      Nigel Farage ordered the US Coast Guard to call off the search for our missing Atlantic sailors.



      • 86
        Tim Yeo-Yo says:

        Did you see panorama on the U’kraine last night?

        Apparently it’s all Farages fault.


    • 68
      Anonymous says:

      Fast forward a bit and substitute Putin for Stalin and it doesn’t seem quite so implausible – with all the aircraft carriers and what not NF will have at his command.


  9. 18
    • 28
      Cast Iron Bumsex Snake Oil Dave says:

      Sounds about right.


    • 58
      Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

      By concentrating on Mr Farage (respect to the man) and the frenzy the media used to attack him , UKIP as a party slipped past these these evil people and the BBC to push further ahead, I hope Sunday shows how nasty these people have been in their own destruction, the media and the BBC have proved how untrustworthy they all are in supplying the public in this country unbiased and honest news.


      • 62
        • 67
          A Romanian says:

          “Romania is not a nice country”

          “I don’t think Nigel Farage is a racist”


          • Jon Snow says:

            “You two look quite nice to live next to.”

            Hitting on the guests ?

            Where is Newman with the feminazi bolt cutters ?


        • 74
          Anonymous says:

          It’s all unravelling for the MSM and politicial blogs….

          Even Romanians don’t want unruly Roma living next door to them….

          Hilarious if it wasn’t so tragic.

          Jon Snow is a sneaky little slimy disgusting media shrill and shit.
          That should be his epitaph.


        • 90
          Alas, Poor Albion says:

          “This country has a proud tradition of gypsy travellers …”. Snow doesn’t even live on a different planet, he’s a lickspittle X9 Galaxian from the zeroth dimension.


    • 63
      Anonymous says:

      zzzz. That attempt to trivialise the issue is not even remotely witty.


  10. 19
    The EU says:

    Meanwhile, while Labour squabble among themselves, Kanzler Merkel and the Emperor Rumpy plan their latest strike against what remains of our freedom and democracy…


  11. 20
    Roger Helmer says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; there’s nothing more irritating than UKIP supporters who repeat themselves.


    • 24
      Cast Iron Bumsex Snake Oil Dave says:

      Vote UKIP.


    • 76
      Anonymous says:

      Say this again troll…

      An In-Out Referendum on Europe ?

      The LibDems are the EU
      Labour wants to stay in the EU
      Conservatives can’t be trusted on the EU
      Only UKIP offers a real chance, and real hope


      • 91
        Alas, Poor Albion says:

        Read it again. It was a joke – a humorous statement that is not meant to be taken literally.


  12. 22
    Navel-Gazing says:

    Meanwhile outside of the Westminster bubble in the real world people are voting UKIP in droves.


  13. 25
    Jenny Talwaught says:

    Why would anyone vote for Ed Miliband and Labour? They have nothing to say on Europe except “oui” and “ja” to Mad Franky Hollande and Herman Van Rompoy.

    These prize plonkers shouldn’t be fighting to control the campaign but fleeing from all association with such a dismal effort.


    • 77
      Anonymous says:

      An In-Out Referendum on Europe ?

      The LibDems are the EU
      Labour wants to stay in the EU
      Conservatives can’t be trusted on the EU
      Only UKIP offers a real chance, and real hope


  14. 29
    Winston says:

    No link to Farage again demolishing Paxman on Newsnight, last night. His retort to Paxman’s questions on Roger Helmer with “he was still born in the same year” was a classic.


    • 39
      F##k the LibLabCon says:


      • 78
        Kilroy says:

        Good interview.


      • 79
        Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

        Apart from the racism question, we finally heard a bit more as to what UKIP is about, we’ve been denied this type of questioning by the media, while they tried to destroy Farage, democracy at it’s best, democracy lost by the baying media, sad for all.


      • 82
        Avg.Joe says:

        Nigel gave a very strong interview last night with Paxo who at least allowed him to get a word in edgeways.

        Althought the BBC was up to its usual disgusting tricks and NLP.

        When have they ever, ever zoomed into an interviewee at macro * 20 so we can see their nose hairs and individual pores on their face, and then hold that zoom for 5 minutes.

        You can just imgaine a fly on the wall in the BBC control room,
        “find some sweat on his face and zoom in” –
        “for how long”
        “the whole interview”
        “just do it and find some sweat on his face to make him look stresssed”
        “but there isnt any sweat”
        “what theres no sweat there…?”
        “turn up the heating and bloody zoom in some more, make him look like he’s sweating”.

        They didn’t zoom in like that David Cameron or Nick Clegg on the Andrew Marr interviews last week ? Why Nigel ?

        That is what UKIP is up against, a concerted dirty tricks and smear campaign, sprearheaded by our own National Broadcaster, the Biased Broadcasting Corporation.

        Expect more outlandish smears in the next 3 days.


    • 83
      Anonymous says:

      Good interview.

      Although Nigel needs to learn how to answer questions like Cameron and Clegg.

      I agree Nigel is probably too honest when he speaks, by that I mean he treats interviews like a normal conversation. If someone interupts him, Nigel will answer the interuption, rather than sticking to his original point.

      The interviewers seem to have all cottoned on to this, so as soon as Nigel is about to make a good logical point, he is cut off and interupted with a banal new question, time and time again. He rarely manages to get each of his points accross.

      Compare that to Cameron and Clegg and other political heavy weights, when Cameron and Clegg are interupted, their hand will go up and very insistantly they will reply, no let me finish my point, or no I will not be drawn on that.

      Nigel simply falls for the interviewers trick every simple time, he is too trusting and too honest – yes his plain speaking is attractive in many situations, but when you are dealing with a bent and twisted bigoted media who are intent on tripping you up, you have got to meet them halfway.

      Nigel needs some media training lessons on how to keep his point. When you are up against people like Prick Robinson, Paxo and James O’Brian on LBC, masters of their art and top of their game, you have got to be on the ball.

      Nigels chummy style is being ruthlessly taken advantage of. Time for Nigel to up his game.


      • 94
        Slagbank, London WC1 says:

        Yet again Paxo got himself stuffed – cynical cvnt that he is. When is he retiring/getting booted out?


  15. 32
    Peter Hain says:

    I’m sure Ed Miliband will move swiftly to resolve this, demonstrating his famous talents for decision and leadership.


  16. 38
    Milimonged says:

    Ed Miliband got savaged by two TVAM chicks this morning, Charlotte from Sky and that dancing gurner from the Beeb.

    He thought he was in for an easy ride until they tackled his cost of living crisis, turns out that millionaires Ed and Justine are having a cost of living crisis because their groceries cost £70 a week.


  17. 51
    C4 Producer says:

    Ok Tarquin, here’s the plan, we’ll hire a voice impersonator, then we get Farage to debate with the handsome, ooh I shouldn’t, Chucka, you have to admit he is dishy, now where was I, oh yes, then while the camera is on Ms Newman, our impersonator shouts out the N’ word * shudder*. At that point the camera goes straight on Farage. Of course Newman and the hunk have both been prepped to look outraged. With in minuets all the back up staff will have their prepared tweets and blog entries ready to go, as will the press and other agencies.

    What do you think, Tarqua’s old fruit? Brilliant eh? That should nail him and his common voting oik’s.


    • 61
      Ockham's Razor says:

      That sounds almost ethical for C4 and is considered normal practice at BBC who would also tee-up their Grauniad obersturmbannführen.


  18. 52

    Vote UKIP :-)


  19. 53
    A lifelong Tory voting UKIP for EU elections says:

    So the Conservative leader has made it clear in the last couple of days what he thinks about natural Tories who are voting UKIP because of his attitude and Kowtowing to Brussels.



  20. 72
    Hidden Agenda 21 says:

    “..either Wee Dougie or Dugher will appear to talk about Labour’s campaign.”

    Don’t be such a tease, Guido – what are they really going to be talking about ?


    • 81
      Bill Quango MP says:

      Cost of living crisis probably.
      You know, energy prices too high.

      Hope paxo remembers to ask them who it was who added the 100% green levy to those energy bills.


  21. 84
    Anonymous says:

    The problems aren’t all with Wee Dougie.dave was asked on the Today prog.why given his cast iron referendum pledge UKIP’s support is still growing?The answer I’m afraid is simple-they believe Farage!


  22. 85
    Anonymous says:

    “Guido suggests they go discuss it in the street like gentlemen.”
    Surely the euphemism “discuss it in the street”, relates more to settling disagreements with brawn rather than brain, mate. So such methodology might better refer to primates rather than people. Here we have all the establishment politicians trying to conceal the reality that a democracy devoid of referendums isn’t a democracy. Plus one new kid on the block, trying to conceal the reason why a referendum is mandatory for one policy. But optional, in respect to all other issues that affect the nation’s people. If only they could all be brought together in a TV studio, to have rational debate/qestioning rip each of them an aperture into the same single common reality.


  23. 88
    King James 1 says:

    To be fair on the Taffies the ‘conservatives’ did top the poll there in the Euro elections of 2009. Perhaps Ukip will do well there. Better than voting for the pro-eu communists of Plaid that’s for sure. And yes the leftie intelligentsia did once favour Stalin and the mass-murdering Mao.


  24. 89
    Labour voting dug shite says:



  25. 92
    Maimed Codger says:

    Perhaps at 10 paces turn & fire, would be better for Britain


  26. 95

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