May 19th, 2014

YouGov: Public Rate Only Nigel Farage Positively

yougov approval ratings

YouGov’s fieldwork was done on Thursday and Friday, so only partially covering the recent furore. Even so Nigel is way ahead of the other political leaders in terms of public approval. That is why they are all ganging up on him…



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    Maqb­oul says:

    taxi driver asked me which way I intended to vote and he said he’d been asking everyone for the last two or three weeks the same question. He said overwhelmingly the answer was UKIP. People can send a strong message without risking that numbnutz Millibland getting into government.


    • 49
      rimmmmr says:

      Guido 0
      Dan Ho.dges 0
      Cathy N.ewman 0

      British public 1

      By recent furore you mean the pretend media storm you helped whip up on m.u.r.d.o.c.h.’s orders? That not a single person in the real world gives the slightest shit about? Dream on fat boy.


      • 52

        Yes, Rupert is never off the phone, he’s particularly worried about anonymous commenters on the internet.

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        • 74
          GCHQ & NSA says:

          Which “anonymous” commenters?

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        • 76
          Anonymous says:

          Guido I fear you protest too much…..Never seen you reply so much lately…….Any reson for this ?…..


        • 80
          Anonymous says:

          Guido I Like the Unison advert NOT……Together lol, you couldnt make that shit up…..


        • 100
          Guido supports UnionsTogether says:

          How about “Unions Together”

          How much are they paying you for that WebAd

          Taking len mccluskeys money too eh

          Even prostitutes suck less cock


        • 121
          Doom Raiders says:

          Guido, should you not be somewhere – like bringing down Westminster Palace or something ? : )


        • 123
          EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

          Surely his legions of legal parasites have worked out who BW / EYBW is by now … and want to launch umpteen legal actions for defamation, libel, slander … et fucking cetera

          Only problem for them is they know i got more than enough evidence against the fucking lot of them.


    • 92
      Corby says:

      Yes and note that it is the racialist EU which is impoverishing Indian farmers by its biased ban on their mangoes, and pushing the costs of mangoes in the uk while lowering their quality. So simultaneously the EU manages to hit the Indian poor, the hard up Brits, and the Brits from India, and the mangoes eating Brits by depriving them of Indian mangoes


      • 143
        Bluto says:

        The new Indian govt should shut down all the EU offices in the country and chuck out all their employees. That’ll learn ‘em.


    • 124
      A Person says:

      There always comes a point when people will no longer feel comfortable with the blatant bullying of an underdog, whatever they may think of the underdog.


    • 151
      roger says:

      The ‘elite’ are running scared, time to give them a fatal shock.


    • 169
      brwims says:

      “That is why they are all ganging up on him…” said the hypocrite who is part of it.


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    Peter Grimes says:

    Go, Nigel, go!!


  3. 3
    FrankFisher says:



    • 9

      “You know what I mean.”


      • 18
        Beanbag says:

        No-one knows what you mean Guido. You have too many hidden agendas.

        No-one knows what you stand for – except for your bank account these days

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          A Massive over-reaction says:

          So 2 negative UKIP and 2 positive posts.

          Calm down Kippers. No one is ‘dissing your hood’.


          • Guido supports UnionsTogether says:

            In other news:

            Lab, Tory, Green, SNP, Nick griffins mob, the welsh nutters I cant spell, EDs etc etc are all standing too on Thursday

            Not that you would know eh!


          • rimmmmr says:

            Haha, yeah right. He came out with a smear against ukip, linking them in a ridiculous fashion to the b&p. He got called out, his readers are deserting him, he got absolutely destroyed in the comments.

            So he quickly rushes out a couple of half hearted, well yes the other parties have weirdos and here’s a poll (as if the truth is an article) to try to restore it.

            Those of us who have followed politics a long time can see very clearly now where guido stands – against ukip and for the mainstream.


          • Smash the EU vote UKIP says:

            Guido has had his Gerald Ratner moment over UKIP, to be fair its been building up a while now since he’s been taking Murdoch’s money.

            No amount of reverse ferreting is going to save his blog from oblivion now.

            Not now Breitbart has left its tank tracks all over Guido’s neglected lawn

            “you’re either ahead of Guido, or behind”…..

            Sorry but you were so busy sucking off the establishment, you failed to notice you are miles behind Breitbart now.

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      • 30
        FrankFisher says:

        I really don’t mate.

        I understand your dilemma, you are at once trying to extend your reach within the media, while also standing outside the cabal, but you must know that’s just not a viable or credible position. In some way you’re mirroring the LibDem’s problem – nuzzling up to power, making compromises, but trying to have it both ways and not be tainted – doesn’t work. They’re universally despised.

        The campaign against UKIP is disproportionate, dishonest and is uniquely skewed against us – Joe Public knows this. You know this. So why add to it?

        Come next Monday half the media world is going to be prostrating itself saying “why did we get it wrong…. how can we learn…” but it, again, will not be credible. No one is making mistakes here – it’s all intentional.

        UKIP are a bloody long way from perfect, but we are not crooks, not liars, not racists and we are the best chance this country has got. Ordinary people who are mightily pissed off and have come together to kick arse. Far and away the least shit option on the ballot.

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        • 43
          Dangerous Brian says:

          Well said that man.


          • Guido supports UnionsTogether says:

            The campaign against UKIP is disproportionate, dishonest and is uniquely skewed against us – Joe Public knows this. You know this. So why add to it?



          • RichUpNorth says:

            Ditto x 1000


        • 63
          rimmmmr says:

          A very good post, I hope Guido reads it and thinks carefully.


        • 83
          The East of England says:

          Excellent post Frank.


        • 84


          We report UKIP’s fuck ups, not pretend they don’t happen, what the legions below the line don’t seem to get is that we’re not going to ignore that even if we sympathise. The idea that this is something to do with The Sun column is bonkers. Nobody at The Sun has ever ever said a word to us about the political line we take. If you look at the output of The Sun it gives qualified support to the Tories in editorials and the reporting slant, columnists like Trevor Kavanagh, Tony Parsons and Guido are not without sympathy for UKIP, Jeremy Clarkson is Clarksonite and Ms Mensch is uber-Cameroon.

          No one gets sent a memo. No one with any self-respect is going to take the party line with unquestioning fidelity.

          That is the reality. Nigel knows he is under the microscope because he is approaching the tipping point. His political-crack-smoking followers think there is a conspiracy and nothing will change their mind.

          We’re not UKIP or Tory fan boys, we’re a news site, with strong views.



          • My AB Positive is Boiling says:

            The trouble for you Guido is that we only have your word on that. And your word is a debased currency when you have become a conduit for continual smears.


          • Gerbil 7 says:

            Please continue taking money from unions and other lefty organisations!
            This is the free market at work and if the bruvvers hand over money for some space on (I think most would agree) a blog staffed with right leaning tendancies, well that’s just hilarious *and* pays the bills.
            As you were.


          • Busy Bee says:

            We know how the Hive survives.


          • David says:

            When Tory Boy wannabe neo-Guido appeared on C4 and said that Farage had “gone too far”, it revealed how out of touch he is. If he had any experience of life outside of the Westminster bubble, he would know exactly why Ukip will do well on Thursday, despite the coordinated campaign of smears. It is very simple really. We are fed up with the ruling class. We are fed up with their wars. We are fed up with their lies. We are fed up with their taxes. We are fed up with their regulations, their bans, and their “behavioural nudging”. We are fed up with the consequences of uncontrolled immigration, which is testing the traditional tolerance of this nation to its limits. And on all of these matters, we agree with Nigel. So, Guido, which side are you on?


          • Taxfodder says:

            Oh dear Guido….

            You have always in the past favored the Tory over Socialist, your choice, your site and nobody minds you making a few bob out of it….however

            The current proven liars in government ain’t real Tories (in MY opinion) and playing the “news site” card is a poor old excuse that just ain’t going to wash, why? nobody is really sure anymore that the strong views about your “cherry picked” news events are actually yours.

            As for Murdoch…he likes to lead opinion to suit his strong views.

            Funny that…

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          • Nonbeliever says:

            When you get married, for example, you do rather tend to take your partners views into account, even if there’s no formal agreement…


          • Fruitcake and swivel eyed loony loving the panic and utter desperation says:

            Reporting it isn’t the issue. Balance is the issue. As I long time reader/contributor on this site I and many others have seen the not so subtle switch since you took up your column in the Sun. Red top sensationalist language where previously it was incisive and to the point. You claim to be not part of the MSM but the words aren’t backed up by the deeds. MSM go wild on a subject, you follow. Previously you set the agenda on many occasions.

            Are you getting it yet?

            You’re right, this site is for news, that can’t be ignored. But do you really, really believe that the full blown attack, for that is what it undoubtedly is, on Farage and UKIP is news? It was, but now it’s common knowledge what’s going on. I come on your site for something different, something the MSM will not report for fear of upsetting the applecart. I used to get it, no longer.

            I would be thinking the same if the majority of the subjects were attacks on Cameron, Milliband or Clegg.

            You just ain’t the bloke you were, and that’s a shame.

            Vote UKIP, get UKIP.


          • Nadia Cummycrotch says:

            Don’t talk such shit, it’s not news, half of it is trolling to keep the hit rate up. You know very well that all you have to do is put a few posts on every week with ukip-related non-stories following the msm’s lead and you get a hit storm.

            Your bits on the speaker, in contrast ARE news, but it’s drowned out with all the UKIP tits n arse drivel.

            Nothing some kipper rants about actually has any impact on anyone’s lives – but Bercow undermining the workings of Parliament actually does.

            Stop treating your readers like cretins – not all of them are political smackheads.


          • FrankFisher says:

            Mod my response would you Guido…. S’been sitting there all day


        • 107
          Wittgenstein says:

          Oh fuck off Fisher you twat. Ukip aren’t beyond criticism. Farage isn’t the Messiah. He’s not even a very naughty boy. He’s a guy who looks like a fish with a massive gob.



          • Anonymous says:

            But it’s so not criticism…

            It’s unprecedented smearing, it’s actually worse than that, it’s tri party propaganda.

            The actions of the msm and government are dangerous and deeply undemocratic.


        • 111
          Anonymous says:

          As Private Eye exposed. Conservatives in cahoots with the Media to run a biased propaganda war on UKIP.


          • Wittgenstein says:

            So let me get this right: You believe leftie liberal twat Ian Hislop’s rag but you don’t believe a Murdoch rag as that’s LibLabCon?

            Fucking moron.


        • 118
          Dr Evil says:

          Absolutely spot on. The East is……………purple and yellow! Roll on Thursday. A smear a day keeps……me determined to vote UKIP.


        • 153
          Reigate public says:


          Excellent summary Frank. Voting UKIP here on Thursday and with a good chance of getting our first UKIP councilor too given there was only around 30 votes in this ward at the last local election.


        • 156
          Arthur Scargill has left the Building says:

          Could not agree with you more Sir.The Establishment has shown it’s true colours in trying to bring down UKIP….You can almost smell the fear….The Schoolboy tactics employed in a futile attempt to stain Mr Farage has only helped UKIP in my opinion….The word RACIST is no longer VOODOO…And it would appear that anyone who tells the truth about immigration (if they have any association with UKIP that is ) is a racist…What pathetic crap they try to peddle to joe Public….


      • 51
        gravatarmysteryman says:

        Haha, touché.


      • 68
        Unbalanced Views says:

        Would I be right in thinking you’re one of the They ?


  4. 3
    haddock says:

    That is why they are all ganging up on him…

    typo, it should be we, not they.


    • 96
      Common Man says:

      Why is UKIP getting such strong support ?

      Well part of is that the public are so tragically unrepresentated by Politicians and the MSM.

      With the unprecedented and completely disproportionate UKIP smearing taking place across all media platforms including political blogs such as this, voters are rightly feeling less and less represented.

      We all understand the spring revolutions in the middle east against establishment dictatorships like Egypt have to a large degree, only been possible because of the internet and the free dissemination of information. No one argues with that thesis.

      However, the similarities between these spring uprisings and the UK are strong. Now, we haven’t had a dictatorship, but we do have an establishment cartel / duopoly….

      5 years ago who had an internet enabled smartphone that could see UKIP tweets and speeches in live realtime… And be able to fact check them on Wikip edia…Noboddy had that ..

      There has been an internet revolution in the middle east, only because of technology it’s happening in the UK at the same time…

      The dissemination of information is blowing wide open the middle east dictatorships, just as it is the UKs establishment political elites cartel.

      That’s why UKIPs support doesn’t fit the “normal” models… That’s why it transcends historic tribal party loyalties.

      Which is why smears from the msm and political blogs just won’t work… It’s 15 years out of date, like a doctored photo of Kim Jongs new satellite that we all laugh at because the propganda is so childish … So the public treats with disdain the UKIP smears by the MSM and blogs.

      Things are a’changing, and they are chang’n for the better.

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      • 130
        Wittgenstein says:

        It’s not a smear if it’s true.


      • 136
        Another Common man says:

        Absolutely spot on.


      • 167
        Anonymous says:

        Oh Dear!

        Has anyone forgotten that we now live in a ‘ Globalised ‘ world?

        Tish -tish.

        We can’t turn the clock back to Nuns cycling to Matins and children playing Hop- Scotch in the streets.

        My elderly mother longs ( nay prays ) for a world where 24 hour news doesn’t fill her head with wars and takeover bids and tales of derring do from various besuited individuals talking of the need for Austerity ( no one actually knows what this entails) with a wave of the hand etc etc and yearns for a world of simplicity and kindness to fellow men ( sic).

        Nigel and his mates could share a cheering cup of tea and a cream scone with my mother and wander pointlessly ( but lovingly ) into a lost world of what was and can never be again.

        I personally blame the Yanks and all their vulgarity after all they gave us Burlesque and Bob Hope and Las Vegas. This is their way and if we let them they will force us to go further by buying up all that is British and sacred ( say the City of London) and make us work 89 hour weeks for the sake of the worship of Mammon when all we English require is Cricket a small Sherry and the re-emergence of John Arlott in a younger form obviously.

        There is a lot of growing up to do amongst all the politicians not just UKIP.

        p.s Where’s John Major just when you need him?


  5. 5
    Tron says:

    “THEY are all ganging up on him”
    Don’t you mean we ?


  6. 6
    The East of England says:

    General Fawkes to his minions: “RETREAT!”


    • 13

      Have been dealing with a newsroom mutiny by the establishment lackeys.


      • 16
        The East of England says:
      • 21
        is it too much to ask. says:

        Can you not just reflect public opinion in an entertaining,
        informative and unbiased way?
        We’re used to the mainstream media bullying and demeaning
        Farage and UKIP. We expected better of you.


        • 88

          There is no such thing as “unbiased” reporting.


          • The Archbishop of Stinkfinger says:

            But there is such a thing as dishonest reporting, taking part in smearing and insulting your readers’ intelligence. There is also such a thing as being wrong.


        • 108
          Wittgenstein says:

          If he were to reflect public opinion around 80% of his articles would be anti-Ukip. And for GE polls around 15%, going down to 6% (residual racists) at the next general election.

          So you really don’t want him to do that do you you complete Hunt.


          • Anonymous says:

            Wrong again… If Geedo reflected public opinion, he would only post positive stories about Nigel and negative ones about the other party leaders.


      • 22
        Beanbag says:

        Sack them.


  7. 7
    Realist says:

    I see Guido is at the forefront of those ganging up on UKIP and Farage.


    • 10
      we're still making plans for Nigel says:

      Yep-sad and very disappointing.


    • 17
      North Country Boy says:

      Because UKIP are interesting. Can you blame him for being bored of covering the rest of the quivering shitpile of LibLabCon? At least UKIP stories are worth reading – good or bad.


      • 34
        Beanbag says:

        Then he should get his staff off their backsides and get them out working for stories instead of greasing their hair round the TV studios.


      • 67
        rimmmmr says:

        He could write real stories about them. They represent an incredibly exciting new current in British politics, coming from nowhere in the teeth of media opposition the likes of which we’ve never sen before to in many polls be over 30% beating all other parties. The recently had an amazing meeting where one after another non-whites lined up to say how much they love ukip and want to fight for it – the mainstream media buried it and guido’s response? He joined in, linking them in an absurd fashion to the b&p.

        He could write balanced, nuanced, funny and interesting stories about UKIP, criticising them where due, praising them where due. Instead he joins in the smear campaign. Really, who the hell thinks Farage has anything to do with the B&P – just ridiculous. But Hodges and Guido know it’s a smear that might scare off many normal people.


    • 131
      Wittgenstein says:

      You sound like a right Hunt Realist. “ganging up on him” – are you still in fucking primary school or something? Get a clue.


  8. 8
    Bring Back Our Boys says:

    How come our Government can send RAF, financial and other military
    assistance to try and locate the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls,but
    don’t give a flying fuck about 4 British sailors in the Atlantic?


    • 23
      Woman in a Handbag says:

      Cameron is trying to court the black vote because he knows no white person will vote for him.


      • 35
        Bring Back Our Boys says:

        How many thousands of foreign sailors have our RNLI and RAF search and rescue teams saved over the years?
        For the US to abandon it’s search for these men is absolutely disgusting. They’re
        experienced,they could have had time to get into their life rafts.


    • 32
      The Establishment says:

      Are you joking? They are hideously white and male.

      Fuck ‘em, they can take care of themselves. As long as they keep paying their taxes, especially the telly one.


    • 114
      Smash the EU vote UKIP says:

      They are ‘hideously white ‘ and British citizens;

      Therefore are a low priority for the incompetent PC government .


    • 133
      Wittgenstein says:

      Yes because there’s absolutely no way whatsoever that you can do both things at once is there you massive twat.


      • 140
        a taxpayer says:

        By both things do you mean search for the schoolgirls and the sailors at the same time?

        I deplore the way the Nigerian schoolgirls have been treated by their Muslim
        captors and the way their plight was ignored by their own Government for weeks
        until it hit the international news.

        But if our British sailors are in the upturned hull or a life-raft they need help urgently and should get priority.


      • 162
        Tel E. Caster says:

        You have a real fixation regarding the female genitalia don’t you?


      • 164
        Get Your Lady Parts Here says:

        Wittgenstein … are you a gynaecologist or something? Unless you actually own a massive twat … shuddup! You just sound like an angry little man, tossing his er … toys out the cot.


  9. 11
    Andrew Efiong says:

    UKIP should rename themselves as a “The Farage Party”!


  10. 12
    Innit says:

    Fave part was: “Y el derecho quiere que ellos emigren, como el UKIP” “Comó Nigel Farage” “Sí, destesto este hombre” “Yo también”


  11. 14
    Gunnery Sergeant Hartman says:

    Before any of you ladies get off my island you will have learned to love Nigel.


  12. 15
    Howzat1932 says:

    This blog used to break new ground,now it rakes over all the other things brought up checks with the dirty digger if he nods that’s what we get.Take care if you get too close Wendi might make her play.


  13. 18
    JH326y34523435432 says:

    I imagine Farage would be even further ahead if the poll was re-done now.

    When are the establishment twats going to realise that calling him WACIST is not making the slightest impact?

    Still, when you only have a hammer everything looks like a nail.


    • 104
      Rip van Wrinkle says:

      We’re all WACIST now!!


      • 119
        JH326y34523432 says:

        Well, that’s it – they are saying UKIP, and by extension its voters are all nasty WACISTS.

        The fact that this once-powerful magic incantation no longer deters voters must be causing some severe brown pebbledashing in MSM underwear.


  14. 20
    Poor Bloody Taxpayer says:

    My admiration for Farage goes up by the day, he is coming in for heavy flak on a daily basis. It is going to get a lot nastier in the next few days, stand firm Nigel.


    • 27
      North Country Boy says:

      Expect an historical, unresearched and unqualified sex abuse rumour about him on Wednesday’s 6 and 10 o’clock news, with follow up on BBC Breakfast.


  15. 24
    Miriam Dago says:

    Kinell Nickelarse.

    Shall I book Eurostar to Brussels for Friday, or do you want to watch the results shit hit the fan on next sunday?


  16. 25
    The real Peter Hitchens says:

    Rolf Harris is more popular than either Clegg or Cameron
    UKIP could field Ian Brady for Saddleworth North and still gain more trust amongst the voters
    That will probably be the last ditch attempt at smearing our Nige
    I can just see the headlines

    ” Filthy nonce Farage kisses baby in public”

    “UKIP filth have offices within 5 miles of local kiddies playgroup”


    • 28
      String Vest says:

      Even worse

      “UKIP filth have offices within 2 miles of BBC studios in Salford”


  17. 29
    Mister Ed says:

    Hooway! I am more popular than Cleggy.


  18. 31
    The real Peter Hitchens says:

    “Fascist Farage plans labour camps for coloured folk”

    “Was Farage one of the Brinks Mat gang?”

    UKIP secret plans to invade germany via poland!


    • 40
      String Vest says:

      New evidence proves Peter Sutcliffe was innocent, it was Nigel Farage all along.

      Harold Shipman used Nigel Farage as a role model!


  19. 36
    Anonymous says:


    • 72
      Ex Conservative voter now I've seen the BBC. says:

      I’ve always been a Conservative supporter but after this display on Daily Politics, allowing this completely biased unfair untrue attack on UKIP, then UKIP get my vote and the vote of everyone else I can persuade to vote for them, not that so far I have found anyone who doesn’t support UKIP.


    • 102
      That's my BBC says:

      The host: “UKIP seem to have combined the worst attributes of the Lib Dem and the Tories”[Note: which party is missing here?] in that that they are divisive, and unrepresentative, and incompetent and incapable.”

      A stab at hooking a Tory with some racism bait. “Would you like Germans or Romanians living next to you – yes or no”, he is asked. He’s too slick for that.

      Impartial BBC my arse, but I suppose I should be grateful for the expose of other parties’ candidates misdeeds.


  20. 37
    Guido supports UnionsTogether says:

    And this, despite the shameful organised Media smear campaign against him, by a terrified old political establishment.

    Go UKIP


  21. 38
    The real Peter Hitchens says:

    “Farages eyes too close together, sure signs of a self hating homosexual”

    “Slum landlord Farage rents garden shed to Taiwanese garden gnome”


    • 56
      Bill Quango MP says:

      I heard that Farage was intimately involved with writing a dossier for Alistair Campbell.
      I heard Campbell refused to publish what he perceived as “45 minutes bollox”, but Farage swapped the dossier on the lectern during Tony Blair’s speech on Iraq.

      led directly to war..All Nigel’s fault apparently.

      Read about in Tomorrow’s soar away SUN/Mirror/Express/Mail/Guardian..etc


  22. 44
    40% is possible says:

    As far as I can tell, the UKIP vote is holding up just fine.


  23. 46
    Of course says:

    The vast majority would rather hang themselves than vote Ukip.


  24. 48
    Lover says:

    Please, I am tired to hear that he is different to the rest of them……on one front he is, the guy you would talk and listen to in the pub. But when is he in Brussels representing and voting for us and why won’t he account for his spending of European expenses?
    He does say what most people think but how does he move himself from a one man party to government?


    • 54
      +++ Breaking Smears +++ says:

      He has accounted for his allowances.

      Expenses are what David Cameron fiddled. UKIP are winning. Get over it.


    • 59
      String Vest says:

      Please listen carefully, I will say this only once – MEP’s do not get expenses, they get allowances.


  25. 50
    +++ Breaking Smears +++ says:

    ++ NIgel Farage caught pickpocketting on the Jubilee Line ++


  26. 53
    North Country Boy says:

    I hope it’s an absolute landslide for anti-EU parties all across Europe, not just here in the UK.


  27. 57
    Anonymous says:

    Guido you must try harder…..Just think of the money….


  28. 64
    Wotdifference says:

    “That is why they are all ganging up on him…” including you Guido.

    But perhaps after the kicking he got earlier for his ToryBoy piece, the penny’s dropped that he’s alienating his co-conspirators even faster than Dave is shedding Tory members.

    That headline should really read “Guido rows back”


  29. 65
    The British media are cunts says:

    Despite the efforts of the media.


  30. 69
    Louche Lawyer says:

    Word from my ‘contacts’ in the UK military is that if anything ‘iffy’ was to happen to Nigel or senior UKIPers after the Eurosleaze Elections, most sensible UK military officers (i.e. NOT the lesbeen, homo, effnik ones) would be seriously considering ordering their subordinates down Whitehall way.
    That’s a genuine titbit the Police and MI5 can grill me on when GCHQ snitch on this post
    Time for the Popcorn.
    Go Nigel!


  31. 70
    Raving Loon says:

    Headlines we’ll see this week:

    “Nigel Farage eats babies”

    “Jimmy Saville voted UKIP”

    UKIP council candidate in obscure Hampshire village said homosexuals should be stoned”


  32. 71
    DD says:

    As I said in an earlier post, I fail to see how being gratuitously offensive to Guido Fawkes can further UKIP’S cause.
    I like to think that UKIP in government would bring a new kind of politics to the UK of honesty, transparency, integrity and respect.
    Once you stoop to the level of obscene abuse, you’ve lost.


  33. 74
    Fruitcake and swivel eyed loony loving the panic and utter desperation says:

    Never thought I’d say this but thank fuck for Man Utd. Van Gaal will give the MSM something else to ram down our throats for a while.

    Vote UKIP, get UKIP.


  34. 77
    Dangerous Brian says:

    I happened to catch the Clegg one on Marr yesterday.
    He seemed to be almost wetting himself trying to come up with a way of smearing UKIP without smearing UKIP!
    Apparently they are now the “nasty racist” party.
    If telling the truth about a number of people from a certain ethnic group (wherever in the world they hail from) being dirty, thieving, child abusing scum is “nasty and racist”, then I must be, by extension, a nasty racist.


    • 81
      Common Porpoise says:

      You are!

      You should be arrested.


    • 147
      Bluto says:

      Time this foreign cvnt was sent back where he came from. How on earth do all these bloody foreigners reach the pinnacles of the UK’s political system?


    • 166
      Cost-of-Labour-crisis says:

      Nige wiped the floor twice with Clegg in the face-to-face debates. Now he can be a brave boy when Nige is not in the room.


  35. 85
    Corby says:

    To judge by previous reactions farage’s stock will be driven higher.

    The real racialists are the EU and its supporters as illustrated by the ban on Indian mangoes. thereby impoverishing the Indian farmer, pushing up the price of mangoes in the UK and driving down their quality.


    • 148
      Bluto says:

      The new Indian government should respond by chucking the EU and all its works and minions out of the country by Sunday lunchtime – and don’t let them back in again either.


  36. 87
    The Times, Daily Express, Morning Star, The Guardina, Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror and The Sun... says:

    Nigel Farage’s early singing career exposed.


  37. 89
    Anonymous says:

    Yehbut, Nige has not actually DONE anything, only protest.


  38. 97
    Guido supports UnionsTogether says:

    “In a time of universal deceit — telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

    — George Orwell

    Voting UKIP!


  39. 105
    Henry V says:

    I can’t remember the last time I saw Fawkes post so often in a thread.

    Doth he protest his innocence too much?


  40. 112
    Dr Evil says:

    Farage says what a lot of people are saying or at least thinking. I saw Yvette Cooper come out with the racism word today regarding his comment on Romanians. When will these idiots realise Romanians are not a race of man, but a nationality of our fellow Europeans and the same race as Nigel F and her? Any of the readers to this site ever been scammed by Romanians clustered around an ATM? I’ve seen it happen and that was 10 years ago.


    • 127
      Commen Man says:

      Decent Romanians are racist against Roma from their own country.

      If anyone should know if they are theiving criminals it’s their own people.

      Ukips position is clear and unchanged.

      If you are Romanian and have the skills and points to earn £50k pa, and pat your own private healthcare, then your welcome to live in the UK.

      If you’re a theiving illiterate b@stard who is claiming benefits, skimming cashpoints and nicking brass plates from our memorials and lead from our churches and then running child prostitu tes as well….. Then you’re not welcome.

      That is not racist…

      That is fcuking common sense…..


    • 150
      Pollster says:

      Dammit! David Lammy and Yvette Cooper have spoken, there goes the left-wing, mentally-impaired, Nigerian and Lesbian votes in Hampstead!


  41. 125
    mrgarethm says:

    Interesting that every one was asked how they were performing as leaders of their respective parties, including the DPM. Except Cameron, where people were asked about his job as PM and not party leader.


  42. 126
    Pozie says:

    Bye Guido , I’ll spend my time with Breitbart.


  43. 141
    Wotdifference says:

    I’ve taken the Telegraph for yonks and back in February one of its telesales girls sold me a subscription @ £65 per quarter. That has just been cancelled and the DD terminated. After all the other smears it’s been running on UKIP and Farage over recent weeks the I Martin one linked to by Guido today on “Seen elsewhere” was the final straw.

    I wonder how many other Telegraph cancellations there are.


  44. 144
    Raptor says:

    Commentator No. 11 above suggested renaming UKIP as The Nigel Farage Party. That could start a trend.

    The Conservatives could be renamed as The Notting Hill Dinner Party
    (with chubby Matt D’Ancona as a guest member)

    LibDems up Sheffield way could rename themselves as The Wooden Cleggies

    The Labour Party could rename itself as “We Live Off Other People’s Labour, ‘Cos All Our Voters Are On Benefits Or Employed In The Public Sector”

    That should make for a more honest list on the ballot paper.


  45. 152
    Pollster says:

    I have a piece of software that checks for plagiarism. Its main use is to check student essays to see how much they cut and paste from Wiki articles and it works by picking up key phrases and even the paraphrasing of similar sentence constructions.
    I ran a few articles published this week through it. Interestingly almost every article about UKIP threw up….
    car-crash interview
    election hopes/ campaign de-railed.
    racist gaffes
    One or two the same OK, but 12 articles all included the same terms–it smells of someone copying from a crib-sheet or a PR handout.


  46. 155
    The Right Honourable Francis Urquhart MP says:

    Put a bit of stick about, Nigel…just like the old days!


  47. 157
    Brian says:

    Remember the Roy Orbison song, Running Scared? That`s what I am seeing now. Earthquake is not the word!!


  48. 159
    sellout says:

    What recent “furore?”


  49. 170

    Out with Clegg, what a loser


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