May 19th, 2014

WATCH: Establishment Lackey Disowns Nigel Farage

To summarise some of the politer Twitter responses, Neo-Guido, a salad-dodging establishment stooge, has sold out to the “LibLabCon”. Speaking on Channel 4 News last night he warned that Eurosceptics have growing concerns about UKIP’s impact on the Europe debate, saying that Farage’s comments on Romanians had “gone too far” and the relentless focus on immigration is damaging to the wider anti-EU cause.

Next this “EUSSR crony” will be “defending ZaNuLiebor”…


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    Hell Al's Bacon Butties is that Cosher says:

    They still Don’t get it

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      Oh how they selectively report says:

      Young H@rry was lying. Farage was only referring to a group of Romanian men moving in next door and the rising crime figures from such groups would cause concern, he was not referring to all Romanians.

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        Turncoat says:

        And they twist and they turn. Too late Guido et al have realised that their hard-won credibility is torn to shreds.

        You are using sophistry and bollocks to try to cover your rather exposed arse.

        Too late.

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          The Times They Are A Changing says:

          What the Establishment/Liberal Elite who have had it so cosy over the years cannot comprehend is that there is a huge wave of silent anger from the disenfranchised indigenous population of Britain.

          The vote for UKIP will be massive – hitting the Westminster Ship of Fools like a huge bow wave. It is vote of protest. A vote saying: we have had enough. The conspiracy of political correct debate stifling, the tacit agreement by our political leaders & the MSM which is long past it’s sell-by date. Protest has changed and the internet has opened up new forces of democracy.

          We are sending you a message, Ship of Fools, shape up or ship out.

          “No taxes without representation” was the message of the American Revolution. And it is ours today faced with the EU tyranny. No matter what cr*p is thrown at UKIP and what protection is afforded the dodgy Limp Dims, the Labour Party (still fighting late 19th century battles) or the antique arrogance of the Conservatives or the bonkers human hating Green Party the polls will be a shocker for the plutocrats in power.

          The opinion polls confirm this insistence on change, despite you best efforts. Get the message.

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          • Pi**sed-right-ff says:

            We have 4 polling cards in our house, all on the mantlepiece behind the clock… there they may have stayed till after polling day. Now Im absolutely convinced to go and vote UKIP. Same with other family members of our household.

            I have some issues with voting UKIP, (not keen on Fracking), but I have more against an establishment that seeks to bully voters, and subject them to inane propaganda, and con-lib-lab stooges.

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          Wittgenstein says:

          So after the election, Farage will yet again be leader of a bunch of people troughing off the State in a Parliament they don’t want to be members of and never vote at.

          Here are my predictions: Approximately half of them will leave the party because they think Farage is full of shit. Approximately 1/6th of them will be arrested, charged and convicted of fraud, either benefits or expenses. And the rest of them will sign in for their allowance and then fuck off for the day like the Lords do here.


          • The Cheshire Cat says:


            You are referring to the Westminster troughers and the MEPS from all parties…..surely….what’s the difference?


          • Jacky Treehorn says:

            I think you are confusing your predictions with what you want.
            If you are stupid enough to vote for Cameron or any of the other two idiots when you know they have conspired and lied to you I can only hope a family of Romany gypsies move next door to you.
            And if you think I’m racist ask yourself this, given a choice between a German family being allocated a house next to you or a Roma family who would you prefer? If you anything other than a German you are a bloody liar.


        • 197
          Guido loves Murdoch says:

          Now Guido is panicking because he has just realised that his page clicks are falling. Remember he lives off clicks.


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        LabourNutter says:

        The linen suit is a dead give-away.

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          rick says:

          By daring to speak up for ordinary people and their fears, Nige is certainly showing up the cowardice of so-called media ‘rebels’.

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          • The East of England says:

            Indeed. The text above appears to suggest that ordinary voters are unhinged conspiracy nuts (hence use of phrases like EUSSR and ZaNuLeibor) while the only true Eurosceptic position is that of our betters, which somehow the owners of this site have become.

            This would appear to be the same “respectable” “Eurosceptic” position of cast-iron Dave.

            And look how that turned out.

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          • The Lone Ranger says:

            Well said.

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          • Bob Rusk says:

            What have these so-called Eurosceptics done? Sweet FA, that’s what. Farage has achieved far more than the whole lot of them put together.

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          Maqb­oul says:

          Looks like something from a Graham Greene novel.

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        • 195
          Dammit Janet. says:

          Whiter than white in attempting to mimic Nick Clegg and appear sane.
          Meanwhile BBC promoting Apple products – wonder how much they get paid for such obvious product placement.


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      Not in my garden...tessa Jowell says:

      Wiill Ha rry be going on the telly and criticising all LibLabConers who complain when a group of pikeys move next door?

      Remember Tessa Jowell when it happened to her, she went spaz.

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        Toxic Labour for Spongers, Parasites, Criminals, Green Nazis, Peedos and other Wasters says:

        This relentless attack on UKIP is driving more and more voters to them. I don’t think that was the original intention? Get read for an almighty kicking LibLabcon.

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          The Real Population says:

          UKIP people never seem to be very bright. How can you simultaneously say that the “relentless attack on UKIP is driving more voters to them” and then moan about the “relentless attacks?” Surely, if you really believed they were helping, you’d be encouraging more of them?

          Anyway, I’m sure you’re right. Please wheel out more nutters to blame gay people for the weather and call for the mass hanging of non-UKIP voters. They are helping you in the polls. No doubt about it. Keep them coming.


          • ^75 says:

            there’s only one loon here, and you see him every time you are forced to apply soap and water.

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          • Watcher says:

            75:”there’s only one loon here, and you see him every time you are forced to apply soap and water. ”

            He doesn’t, he moisturises with skin cream instead every night.


          • Poe says:

            All is spin.

            Don’t know who’s playing who in this game?

            Keep it coming.


          • Steve Right says:

            Well next time you take abuse for an entire month, see how much you like it, regardless of whether it helps your cause.


          • Jacky Treehorn says:

            What a prick. People are being driven to UKIP that doesn’t mean we aren’t tired of the puerile and unfair attacks. You well know that if you trawled the Facebook/twitter accounts of any of the liblab con brigade you would find loads of fruitcakes so go do one you Two faced liar.


      • 37
        The East of England says:

        Immigration is good if other people have to suffer the effects. I now consider my nose well and truly rubbed in it.

        Thank you, establishment.

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    • 61
      Love Thy Neighbour says:

      Freedom of Information Request to the Met Police

      “Arrests of Foreign Nationals by Nationality”

      The top three:

      Poland = 34,905
      Romania = 27,725
      Lithuania = 18,594

      Germany = 2,068


      • 125
        Gazza says:

        What’s really worrying about this list is the strange (and non-existent) nations included on it such as Abyssinia, Dutch East Indies, Aden, etc.
        Even more worrying is that some of these “nations” have crime statistics associated with them. How weird is that?
        I wonder if the Met can invest in a modern atlas, the current one seems to date from the 1930s!


        • 204
          spanows says:

          Worrying that they been here that long? Old or out of date passports (or maybe the old passports didn’t have an expiry date?)


      • 131
        Statsman says:

        The raw figures don’t tell the whole story. The ONS 2012 figures, for the whole country not just London, gives estimates of the populations as

        Poles 643,000
        Romanians 94,000
        Lithuanians 61,000
        Germans 297,000

        If the London populations follows the same distribution, that would give the Romanians and Lithuanians an staggering arrest per head of population compared to the the Germans or the Poles.


      • 158
        Jim Halpern says:

        I notice the other interviewee calls himself “Dr” Tommy Tomescu. However, he’s a dentist with no medical qualifications. The BMA and ASA say he shouldn’t. Typically shady behaviour, or am I generalising?


    • 155
      J Enoch Powell. (Brig. Retd.) says:

      This is not what I had in mind.


    • 183
      broderick crawford says:



    • 199
      Nonbeliever says:

      The ‘anti-establishment’ of Nigel Farage comes from the fact that he actually answers the question put to him and not the question that he would prefer to be asked. Quite a novel idea don’t you think?

      This is just one of his likeable attributes – if more politicians adopted the same tactic then maybe we’d warm to them.

      Then again, look at the MSM storm when somebody ‘dares’ to put a few words out of place…



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    Gerbil 7 says:

    Hair carefully arranged and a respectable dress sense?
    I demand to know what you’ve done with the real Neo guido you imposter!


  3. 3
    Man in a Suitcase says:

    Are only fat men employed to edit this blog?


  4. 4
    A EUSSR Crony says:

    Shut the f*ck up and send the maaany !


  5. 5
    Woman in a Handbag says:

    “gone too far” for whom exactly? 27000 + Romanian criminals arrested by the MET in the last year alone.


  6. 6
    JH326y34523435432 says:

    Oh drop the fainting-fit bullshit. The fozzy-haired one doth protest too much.

    Given the choice between living next door to a German family or a gaggle of hot-bedding Romanians males, 99.9999% of people would choose the former and you fucking know it.

    Just fucking stop it. The country is tired of it.

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    • 9
      Clown (Ex Swivel-Eyed Loon) says:

      And who wouldn’t want the whole 27,000 criminals deported back home?


    • 96
      The Real Population says:

      I live next door to a group of hot-bedding Romanians. Those bastards. They get up in the morning at 4AM and go to work! To fucking work! Makes those of us who just want a lay in and then go collect the dole look fucking terrible! Then at various times during the day they come home and go to bed and sleep! Fuckers.

      When one of them asked to borrow some sugar I was terrified he was going to kill me. When he returned the sugar the next day, I felt sure that my stuff needed to be nailed down.

      But what really, really, really gets my goat is when those bastards save up enough money to OPEN A SHOP in MY TOWN!!!!! HOW DARE THEY! Don’t they realise that shops are only for indigenous people? It’d be better to be closed down and boarded up than have them selling their dodgy foreign-language milk in there. Can English people even DRINK that foreign milk? I think not.


      • 122
        AC1 says:

        Free Rolf Harris!


        • 185
          broderick crawford says:


          What dyou think of it so far Max?

          Max : It s all cock and balls !


      • 126
        Steve Right says:

        Great. The minimal tax they pay will cover a small fraction of the cost of keeping the lazy mouth breathers who should be doing those jobs sleeping till noon in their council homes. Well done.


      • 160
        Dangerous Brian says:

        “The Real Population”;
        I have tried really really hard to make sense of the above.
        All it does is make me ask the question, If these people really are the hard working, dilligent and lawabiding tax payers you (unfunnily) make them out to be, why aren’t making an absoloute packet (and maybe a difference) in their homelands?


      • 161
        JH326y34523435432 says:

        Well done. You are clearly a ‘good’ person.

        I wonder what it will take to make your rictus grin at how-wonderful-immigration and-diversity-is wear off.


      • 190
        Paid Troll says:


        “Are you a social media enthusiast? Do you engage on a variety of different social channels? We’re looking for someone creative and dynamic that has a natural flair for social media engagement. You will work closely with International Alert’s Communications and Europe Teams, and be responsible for running a short-term social media campaign (#EUnify) to counter racist and xenophobic discourse in the UK in the run-up to the European elections.”


  7. 7
    The vast majority says:

    Sooner live next door to krauts…thanks for noticing.


  8. 10
    Anonymous says:

    Mr Del Monte speaks.

    He is bound to be anti UKIP in that outfit

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  9. 11
    Bulls**t Baffles Brains says:

    It seems only yesterday that UKIP was being criticised for being a one issue party that was obsessed with the EU. Then they talk about something else that’s an even bigger issue with voters, and suddenly they’re not talking about enough about the EU.


  10. 12
    Double standards says:

    It’s OK to slag off Russians then?


  11. 15
    C O (Ξ7s1) says:

    Nice agitprop.

    H’arry was right in principal, but should be careful before throwing his hat in with the likes of T’ommy T’omescu – who is part of what is essentially the R’omanian version of ‘Hope Not Hate’, and is a total c’unt.

    In other news, this is interesting reportage on the Greek election:

    It should be noted that 2 G’reek military generals are running as MEPs for GD in the Euro’s:



    • 23
      JH326y34523435432 says:

      Yeah yeah yeah.

      I think the metropolitan liberal establishment is going to spend much of the next 40 years ‘in shock’.

      Fucking bring it on.


      • 31
        Sparky says:

        They need a shock preferably 25kV up the harris.


        • 150
          Jabba Le Chat says:

          25kV only gives b&w images to the recipient, up it to 45kV and you’re talking full colour…


      • 101
        The Real Population says:

        Yeah. Bring it on! It’s been too long since Europe enjoyed mass graves and evil dictators. You mindless twat.


        • 110
          C O (Ξ7s1) says:

          Not that long. Recall the B’alkan’s conflict ? U’kraine likely to go the same way.

          Should be careful what is wished for, but England will prevail :-)


        • 163
          JH326y34523435432 says:

          When this blows up – and it will – it will be because of the likes of you having had your ikkle way for forty-odd years.

          All people like me did was warn you all along, and you hated us for it.


        • 164
          Dangerous Brian says:

          Yes, its great that we have progressed as a Nation to having open borders, tacit legitimisation of grooming and murderers, rapists and convicted armed robbers walking out of open prisons.
          Don’t you just love liberal/left wing inspired progress, no criminals, only victims and if you don’t like or agree with anything they say you just become an “ist” or “phobic” of one kind or another.

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  12. 17

    Didn’t he work for this site?


    • 24
      Malcolm Tucker says:

      He mumbled a lot and generally slobbed around, is that what you mean?


      • 64

        If you want to put it that way. I’m not up to speed on the internal politics of the Guido media empire and its offshoots; just curious about the working relationship between one Guido and another.


        • 133
          Guido says:



          • Howzat1932 says:

            Seem since the dirty diggers money has flowed the the way of this blog we see a nicer dressed staffer,reminds of an obese version Our man in Havana
            It seems as if all the political parties have joined up to the nastiest clique hell bent on saving their own very privileged position.A seat at Brussels he been the preserve of their own not some upstart who refuses to follow the party line. Listen to Nigel Farage on u tube the way he ruffles the feathers of the likes of Cathy Ashton who incidentally is the highest paid unelected politician in the WORLD.It is pleasant to see them twist and turn out right lie even only to see the polls go further their way come Thursday bring out the tumbrels.


      • 145
        Bob Rusk says:

        That’s like, totally untrue, he slobbed around outside YoYo’s house, in between bacon butties, I presume, looking at the fucking state of him, anyway.


  13. 19
    Winston says:

    Guido is now just another “useful idiot”. Plenty of other blogs out there.


  14. 25
    F##k the LibLabCon says:

    Is he still at it?


  15. 26
    British Bulldog says:

    Farage doesn’t have a stiff upper lip.

    Farage is undermining the Eurosceptic case.


    • 105
      Steve Right says:

      Which is what? Let Dave renegotiate back some powers, which Labour will give back as soon as they get in, and promote it as a triumph for Britain? Hold a referendum where the Out option is EFTA? Terrorise the public night and day with lies about how 3 million jobs will go the day after we leave? And if the Out vote somehow still wins with 52%, call the result “too close to jeopardise our economic future over”?

      No thanks.

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    • 128
      When you're licking windows says:

      You are undermining the retard case.


  16. 27
    Moley says:

    Guido,do you have undeclared income offshore?
    Overview of how to disclose your overseas income to HMRC. (To follow)
    Come to us before we come to you.


  17. 28
    Sarah Millington says:

    I was not aware that there was a debate or a wider “anti EU cause” until UKIP forced the issue.


  18. 29
    UKIP4ME says:

    You cartel stooges can twist the words of Farage all you want, we know what he meant and you stooges know what he meant and in a few days the electorate is going to show the cartel exactly how they feel.

    VOTE UKIP, if only to spit in the eye of the cartel.


  19. 32
    Raptor says:

    These increasingly-hysterical media attacks on UKIP are not just coming from the usual suspects, the BBC/Channel 4/Guardian types, who for years tried to pretend that UKIP didn’t exist.

    These attacks are now coming from across the board of the MSM, as well as the mainstream parties. Perhaps there may be people behind all this who are calling in favours, twisting arms, reminding public figures of certain incidents in the past that could be embarrassing if disclosed, and so forth…

    Might they have a Purpose in Common ?


  20. 33
    The Tit in No. 10 says:

    I plead with you all to Trust me! – I give you my word! – and you know me well enough by now!


  21. 35
    Working class bloke says:

    Fat cat businessmen who want imported labour and fat pratt socialists who want imported labour voters join forces to attack good Englishmen.

    Englishmen who use the democratic process rather than slinging petrol bombs or blow up tube trains like other communities do.

    Even after the most extreme provocation where our young girls are raped and a soldier so recently hacked to death the English still choose the ballot box over the bomb to express their feelings.
    No commendation for this will you hear just criticism and insults.

    The last time a corrupt elite supported by dogmatic zealots joined forces to oppress the English we had a civil war.

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  22. 36
    I like the way this guy thinks says:

    Tell serial r*pist John Worboys his 100 victims were full of shit! Free the Worboys One!


    • 169
      how about says:

      I’ll take your John Worboys and raise you Jeremy Thorpe, Cyril Smith,
      Mark Oaten, Lord Rennard,Ron Davis, Iestyn Tudor Davies.


      • 186
        broderick crawford says:





  23. 38
    Working class bloke says:

    Fat cat businessmen who want imported labour and fat pratt socialists who want imported labour voters join forces to attack good Englishmen.

    Englishmen who use the democratic process rather than slinging petrol bombs or blow up tube trains like other communities do.

    Even after the most extreme provocation where our young girls are r*ped and a soldier hacked to death the English still choose the ballot box over the bomb to express their feelings.
    No commendation for this will you hear just criticism and insults.

    The last time a corrupt elite supported by dogmatic zealots joined forces to oppress the English we had a civil war.


    • 45
      Powder Cake says:

      Indeed, they’re a lot of pissed off people out there trying to do the right thing.


    • 198
      Anonymous says:

      No.38. I really like what you have said.The possibility of civil war is growing ever more stronger particularly as our press and politicians are using their might to take on ordinary english people.We will not take it lying down.
      Everyone, just get out there and vote UKIP. Give them your backing and they will prevail.


  24. 41
    The customer is king says:

    I merely observe that when when an oily creep becomes the story because he has an over-inflated sense of his own importance, then it is time to show him the door.


  25. 42
    Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

    I think I will wait until Thursday, then wait until the poll results are announced and see how much UKIP have destroyed the LibLabCons and then take the p1ss out of Neo until the end of the year, no doubt Neo will be back on tv spouting crap in May 2015, one day he may just be right.


    • 57
      Vidal Lampoon says:

      He’s a child who thinks he’s a man. You can tell he is immature by the way he can’t even decide what to do with his hair.


  26. 43
    Carry Holes Hairdresser says:

    My work deserves an MBE, no ?


  27. 46
    Yuri Nate says:

    Guido Fawkes is set to retire, where does he rank amongst the right wing blogging greats?


  28. 47
    Anonymous says:

    Ed, Dave and Nicholas could all promise me a million pounds if I voted for their respective puddles of shit on Thursday, I’m still supporting Nigel.

    The rest of you can burn.


  29. 51
    • 74
      Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

      Hucking Fell, that article by the schoolboy is tantamount to violence against Farage, can plod still read newspapers or do they only look at Twitter and Facebook for nasties, if he carries on like that we could end up with civil disturbances, is that what he’s after, I hope not.


      • 188
        broderick crawford says:

        well albert 74. I take a contrary view . I never thought i d say this but i find myself agreeing (!) with some of the boy s points especially the uprating then destroying of nick clegg before may 2010 to further the tory election ffigures .

        I agree jones’ article may be a tarting up of farage in order to denigrate him ( “i come to bury Caesar not to praise him ” ) but he has made the basic point about hedonistic manoeuvres by two big guns to keep the small fry in line and protect their Status Quo .from …..rocking all over the world.


  30. 52
    Tuscan Polly (put the kettle on) says:

    Welcome aboard Guido. I’m having a little soiree dinner party down in Tuscany this coming weekend. Do come along and join my fellow troughers at the establishment tit. No Romanians anywhere near – in fact our nearest neighbour is a couple of miles away. Bring a few of your new Islington chums with you. I bet you’re glad you’ve got shot of all those loud-mouthed UKIP politicos…


  31. 55
    Yes, but says:

    I take Neo Guido’s point about Euroscepticsm being much more than just immigration, but who is driving the debate in this direction? I genuinely don’t know. Is Nigel going about the country talking only about immigration, or are microphones being thrust in his face with questions asked about UKIP immigration policy only?


    • 80
      Cameron Lord of the ringpiece says:

      Hands up it was me branding UKIP supporters closet racists that pointed the media in their direction.
      There’s not a lot to show for all those closets which have been ripped open by the press.
      But I knew that all along.


    • 95
      Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

      I expect Nigel would be glad to talk about anything but racism and immigration but all the media has done is try to fight him personally on those points and not allowed him to tell people what UKIP is about, they tried to destroy UKIP by going for Farage, they lost and allowed UKIP to grow because of them, the arrogance of the LibLabCon and the media deciding what political parties they will allow know no bounds, they will lose the public will see to that.


      • 205
        Anonymous says:

        And, since it is their only selling point, why would UKIP want to stop banging on about race and immigration? Try asking about any issue and see how UKIPPERs turn the subject back to all the millions of people ‘about to flood in’ and take our homes, use the NHS and take our jobs. See how they avoid mentioning bread and butter issues, such as the underfunding of the NHS, housing/homelessness, workers rights and wages. Then again, given its’ big business backing – why would UKIP be for-the-people?


  32. 56
    OxtedTory says:

    I thought Guido was the mainstream these days. I therefore see no irony in your blog title :-)

    100% spot on though.


  33. 58
    Monika under fire says:

    Just like the Tories, Guido is in danger of alienating his natural supporters, and maybe he has forgotten that without his supporters this Blog, and the income it generates, will disappear quicker than John Prescotts breakfast.

    Just thinking out loud.


    • 77
      I used to be a respected blogger says:

      I don’t think he cares, he’s just following the money.

      The political blogger equivent of Johnny Rotten selling Countrylife butter.

      When Guidos biggest paying advertiser is an Anti UKIP WebAd by the unions. You know Order Order is finished!


  34. 59
    I used to be a respected blogger says:

    GF on damage limitation.

    To quote a fantastic comment I read about GF

    “A pre eminent man may build 100 Bridges in his lifetime, but if he sucks one cock – He will not be known as a great bridge builder….. But a cocksucker”

    And Guido definitely has his mouth on Rupert Murdoch’s member.

    You’ve jumped the shark GF by supporting the MSM anti UKIP campaign.

    Anti establishment blog my arse!


  35. 62

    Now you all see the face of the LibLabCon do you like what you see?


    • 127
      Monika under fire says:

      There is a British Citizen ceremony, very day. A British citizen is created every two minutes.Every day at least 200 Foreigners are given a British passport, and are allowed to call themselves Brit’s. Huge no’s do even speak recognisable English.

      Plastic Brit’s, voting fodder, whatever label are given them. British Citizenship, British passports must now be the most de-valued in the entire Western


      • 140
        HM says:

        I think the Spanish, Italians and Belgians are still well up there in the useless passport stakes, but I get your point.


  36. 65
    An Old Etonian says:

    UKIP wants to divide our society on a basis of ethnicity, we must resist this, because we should be divided on the basis of religion instead


  37. 66
    Up yours says:

    Does anyone still bother about this site? When you have to make up news about yourself it really is scraping the barrel.


    • 98
      I used to be a respected blogger says:

      It’s had the Murdoch kiss of death.

      Order order is going to be political blog equivalent of MySpace.

      It’s over Guido


  38. 69
    LibLabCon mass debate says:

    What we need is a grown up debate about (Fill in the blank) and only include people in that debate who largely agree with each other and who are largely happy with the status quo.


  39. 70
    Ockham's Razor says:

    11:36 am

    Next piece:

    Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 found in Nigel Farage’s garage.



  40. 73
    Steve Right says:

    Why not let the Tory party do its own dirty work? Rather than let them sit innocently in the background while their media whores call UKIP the names they want them called?

    For once Private Eye scooped you on the story that the Tory party has just such an arrangement with the Guardian. Any reason this is not on your site?


  41. 75
    • 94
      Steve Right says:

      Lithuania’s score is particularly surprising, considering it has a population of 2 1/2 million.

      Why are there results for the USSR and the Irish Free State though??


  42. 76
    Onyer Pykee says:

    So (Neo-)Guidos,

    the Romanian police who have been brought to London to help the Met fight the 50,000 crimes committed annually by Romanian immigrants, are not an indication that there is something amiss?


  43. 78
    An LibLabCon Funded Pro LibLabCon Troll says:

    Is this a poor example of satire?


  44. 79
    Johnny Norfolk says:

    Fawkes has left his roots and is now part of the problem. No one from UKIP to answer just one side. Shocking. He is now just part of the media.


  45. 82
    Rotherhampoofta says:

    I’m still voting UKIP.


  46. 84
    Real Conservatives vote UKIP says:

    It’s plain to see that the LibLabCon has no legitimate defence for its years of treachery.
    Its current barrage of shit has been launched with the intention of maintaining the cosy cartel which has enabled it to repeatedly rape the UK for so many years.

    This is no time for faint hearts.
    Ignore the taunts of the hypocritical LibLabCon-merchants. They have already lost the argument.

    Stand firm and regain control of your country.
    Vote UKIP.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 115
      Farages codpiece. says:

      Goodbye guido. You are no longer relevant, you are withering away as I write.


  47. 86

    Who now will speak for moderate racists?


  48. 88
    Steve Right says:

    Does Kay Burley remind anyone else of the Medusa from the original Clash of the Titans?


  49. 89
    I used to be a respected blogger says:

    Guido… Lynton says keep up the good work, only 3 more smearing days left.


  50. 91
    Dave's piece of fruitcake. says:

    Neo Guido, just another establishment lacky out to destroy the indigenous population of this septic, thoroughly unpleasant, over crowded isle!

    Keep up the good work Nigel, show the b’stards that we the disenfranchised, responsible people have had enough of their lies, greed and corruption.

    Nigel rules OK!


  51. 97
    Young geedo has lost his plot. says:

    How come young Geedo did not correct the two lefties. Farage never said all Romanians, he was referring to the Romanian crime gangs, something that Romanians don’t like either.


    • 139
      Woman in a Handbag says:

      Unfortunately Farage flusters when facing a barrage of questions. He didn’t actually mention criminals. He needs to think carefully before he speaks to the baying media mob.


      • 148
        Stop whining says:

        See if you can do better.


      • 154
        jgm2 says:

        Farage’s ‘mistake’ was to answer the question honestly.

        It’s why his popularity is soaring.

        The rest of them answer a question with an entirely different answer to the one the question was asking.


        So ‘Mr Brown, why did you arse-r*a*p*e the economy?’ gets the ‘answer’ ‘We invented the NHS and we will protect the NHS’.

        ‘Mr Brown, why did you lie about giving us a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty’ gets the ‘answer’ ‘The NHS is safe in our hands’.

        etc etc.

        And who would want a bunch of Romanians moving in next door anyway? Any more than they’d want a bunch of asylum seekers.

        Why apologise for being honest?

        ‘Racist’. Oh do fuck off with your invented crimes.

        Liked by 1 person

  52. 104
    C O (Ξ7s1) says:

    Greek local election results:

    New Democracy / Pasok down, far left Syriza up, as are GD (XA) : Looks like G’reece is polarizing.


  53. 113
    I used to be a respected blogger says:

    So Guido , does Murdoch’s 30 pieces of silver weigh heaviest in your pocket or on your conscience.

    Sell out!


    • 135
      No-one likes a willing traitor says:

      The ridiculous thing is, he is so eager to please his master he probably did this for peanuts, if not even gratis. My advice to Guido is to wake up.

      Did you not learn anything from seeing how willing Murdoch was to betray the loyalty of his hacks at NoW?


  54. 137
    Wotdifference says:

    Just goes to prove again that Guido and his minions are as much part of the London liberal media as Rusbridger and Polly are.

    Please God, let a dozen or so Romanians move in next door to Guido.


  55. 141
    Frank's Son says:

    Guido realising he is alienating the majority of his readership thinks it funny to mock their concerns with a failed attempt at satire.


  56. 142
    Lydia Dustbin says:

    My guess is he never supported Farage in the first place and is joining in with the criticisim so as not to feel left out.
    Sorry to dissapoint but I’m more determined than ever to vote for UKIP.


  57. 143
    Still voting UKIP on Thursday says:

    I could understand what Tommy way saying, but the fat lad just mumbles like Rowley Birkin QC.

    Liked by 1 person

  58. 144
    Anonymous says:

    The British people, long denied their voice as this country has been completely transformed in the course of a generation have at last found an acceptable voice in UKIP. As UKIP supporters they continue to be reviled by a liberal elite who not only do not acknowledge their right to such views but despise them for holding them. To take one example, the Labour Party, who have shamefully neglected the working class to which they owe their existence, always qualify their `apology` for excessive immigration with regard to transition arrangements and then imply that the problem is that too many immigrants do not get the minimum wage. This is insulting nonsense. UKIP has an obvious problem with a number of idiots drawn to their ranks and no doubt have a need for more talent at senior levels but I am unconvinced that our existing political class is that much better. Government and Opposition front and back benchers are in general an uninspiring lot with a surprisingly high proportion of chancers, criminals and perverts. Let`s throw up the cards and see where they land, what have we got to lose?

    Liked by 1 person

  59. 151
    Wotdifference says:

    We now have a new political party; it’s called the London Media Party, the LMP for short.

    The LMP has one objective – the destruction of UKIP, with its tactics entirely consisting of faux outrage and the smearing of all UKIP supporters and of Farage in particular.

    Liked by 1 person

  60. 157
    Wotdifference says:

    Echoing Nick Clegg on CH4 – you can tell a lot about a man by the medium he chooses.


  61. 159
    Mick says:

    Straw men.


  62. 168
    Austin Tash says:

    Me: “Romanian immigrants commit crime on a more frequent basis than many other nationalities.”
    Lunatic Lefty Bed Wetter: “THAT’S WAYCIST!”
    Me: “What ‘race’ are Romanians?”
    Luncatic Lefty Bed Wetter: “YOU’RE A WAYCIST!! WAYYCISM!!”


  63. 170
    Jim says:

    What a stupid interview. The final insult to public intelligence was filming another political party and calling it UKIP because a UKIP advert drove passed the camera. Never thought I would see such a day in England and this blog was cheering it on with another load of rubbish!
    Why do the Media stay with immigration instead of Political Policy?
    Oh Yes, Labour have no political polices and no joined up thinking either.
    Look over there! Quick.


  64. 171
    ned ludd says:

    What a cat funt.


  65. 174
    bryanodell says:

    You know what? I was really disappointed to watch that video, it was surreal, a bit like a hostage video where the guy is being forced to read a statement supporting his captors.
    WTF is going on ? Please tell me the Salad Dodger has been captured and was being forced to read that statement.
    If not, its the end of a blogging era.


  66. 179
    Guido supports UnionsTogether says:

    Guido is even taking Len Mccluskey’s money to run THAT “Unions Together” UKIP attack WebAd.

    Even prostitutes suck less cock than Guido has this month

    Liked by 1 person

  67. 182
    Jan says:

    The Romanians are waaciiist as they are trying to get rid of all the R O M A in their country and ship them to the west.They have treated the R O M A abominably.Here in Ireland a few years ago the Romanian ambassador actually apologised to the Irish (who let’s face it have also tried to get rid of their own travelling band of troubadors) for the trouble the R O M A were causing living on a roundabout outside Dublin.


  68. 189
    broderick crawford says:

    Hows about the Transylvanian Plenipotentiary to London apologise for the rag tag and bobtail of humanity that congregate under the Marble Arch subway system abusing tourists locals et al when not favoured with a ” gift”.


  69. 196
    The Right Honourable Francis Urquhart MP says:

    tut tut tut neo guido, those hair straighteners need to go out the window.

    Mr Farage (as in Garage) was merely pointing out what we watched on Benefits Street, a bunch of Romanian men (about 10 of ‘em (I could tell by the whites of their eyes)) moved into a 2 bedroom house in brum. Is it not reasonable for White Dee and Black Dee to question that ya? UKIP only want to protect the rights of Black and White Dee (White and Black Dee to the Neo Nazis).

    Go on Nigel, put a bit of stick about.

    Call me Daddy Guido?


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