May 19th, 2014

Rich’s Monday Morning View


  1. 1
    Nigel Farage says:

    Old McDonald had a farm. EU, EU,… oh.

    Old McDonald no longer has a farm.

  2. 2
    Nick Clegg says:

    The nasty party voted for by the nasty electorate of a nastry prefecture of Europe.

  3. 3
    Whore1979 says:

    I­­­­­­’­­­­­­m m­­­a­­­­­­­­­k­­­­­­­­­i­­­­­­­­­n­­­­­­­­­­­­g­­­ ­­­o­­­­­­v­­­e­­­r ­­­­­­­­­$­­­­­­­­­7­­­­­­­­­­­­k­­­ ­­­­­­­­­a­­­­­­­­­ ­­­m­­­­­­­­­o­­­­­­n­­­­­­t­­­h ­­­w­­­o­­­r­­­­­­­­­k­­­­­­­­­i­­­n­­­g p­­­­­­­­­a­­­­­­r­­­­­­t ­­­t­­­­­­­­­i­­­m­­­e­­­­ . ­­­I­­­ ­­­k­­­­­­­­­e­­­p­­­t h­­­e­­­a­­­r­­­i­­­n­­­g o­­­t­­­h­­­e­­­r p­­­e­­­o­­­p­­­l­­­e ­­­­­­­­­t­­­­­­e­­­­­­l­­­­­­l m­­­­­­e h­­­­­­­­­o­­­­­­­­­w m­­­­­­u­­­­­­c­­­­­­h m­­­­­­o­­­­­­n­­­­­­e­­­­­­y t­­­­­­h­­­­­­­­­e­­­­­­y c­­­a­­­­­­­­­n m­­­­­­­­­a­­­­­­­­­k­­­­­­­­­e o­­­n­­­l­­­i­­­n­­­e s­­­­­­­­­o ­­­I­­­ d­­­­­­e­­­c­­­i­­­d­­­e­­­d t­­­o l­­­o­­­o­­­k i­­­­­­n­­­t­­­o ­­­­­­i­­­t­­­­­­.­­­ ­­­­­­W­­­e­­­l­­­­­­l­­­, ­­­i­­­­­­t­­­­­­ ­­­w­­­a­­­s­­­ ­­­a­­­l­­­l­­­­­­­­­ ­­­t­­­r­­­u­­­e­­­ ­­­a­­­n­­­d­­­ ­­­h­­­a­­­s­­­ ­­­t­­­o­­­t­­­a­­­l­­­l­­­y­­­­­­ ­­­­­­­­­changed­­­ ­­­m­­­y­­­ ­­­l­­­i­­­f­­­e­­­.­­­ ­­­T­­­h­­­i­­­s­­­ ­­­i­­­s­­­ ­­­w­­­h­­­a­­­t­­­ ­­­I­­­ ­­­d­­­o­­­………

  4. 4
    Maqb­oul says:

    I think options 1 and 3 are the same.

    Romania has a very serious problem with their gypsies/Roma, which they have been unable to solve. They are more than happy that the rest of Europe is now sharing that burden.

  5. 5
    The lunatics have taken over the asylum.It's official says:

    Be careful Rich doing a cartoon which isn’t totally critical of UKIP is considered heresy these days so you may find a mob of shouty people picketing your workplace.

  6. 6
    Fishy says:


    Anyway, the BBC have moved on. The Premier League’s Richard Scudamore is the target of the Beeb today. It’s the big story for them, they’ve taken a position and want him out.

    How dare he share his thoughts about wimin in a private e-mail.


  7. 7
    Jenny Talwaught says:

    I have a Romanian cleaner. Very good.

    I’d be more worried if some Mancunians or Glaswegian men moved in next door. Time to fit window locks ;-)

  8. 8
    Spam and chips says:

    We know what you do you’re a fucking MP

  9. 9
    Pimp Guido says:

    Trade Union and Tory adds all over Guido’s site. Time for me to f*** off.

  10. 10
    Anonymous says:

    I’m looking forward to putting my cross in the UKIP box and awaiting the tears of desperation as the political/media class see their neoliberal dream begin to crumble before their eyes. It will be very satisfying.

  11. 11
    Owen Jones says:

    Racist. Yes you.

  12. 12
    Owen Jones,Socialist turned Capitalist says:

    Pfizer makes new £55 per share offer for Conservative Party.

  13. 13
    ancientpopeye says:

    You’re wrong, Rich has the X in the right place to rid this country of its EU fellow travellers.

  14. 14
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    Which Channel keeps showing Women’s Football?

    Scudamore may be a BF, but when you notice that Russia Today starts running programmes about political correctness and shutting down debate of ‘incorrect’ views; you have to wonder how Vlad’s tame broadcasters have such an easy run to have a pop at our politicians, opinion formers et al.

  15. 15
    Maria Miller says:

    What really is ending me up is Nigel Farage. “I’m not racist but I am when I’m tired”

  16. 16
    Patrick O'Flynn says:

    To be clear, Greens say YES to referendum, YES to staying in, YES to reforming Europe for people instead of for big business


  17. 17
    Biased BBC says:

    Unless my eyes deceived me, Marr showed Clegg a graph yesterday with a yellow ojne showing the slumping Lib Dem poll ratings for the EU elections….in addition there was a red line for the super soaring Labour Party and a blue line for the unimpressive Tories.

    No mention made of UKIP….no line for them.

  18. 18
    peoples glorious leader of Doncaster says:

    Its about all the left wing reporters moved into a street full of romanians just to show us how racist we all are.they also should get on the tube every morning with an open man bag with their wallet and ipad in it just to show us there is nothing to worry about

  19. 19
    Anonymous says:

    Vote AIFE

  20. 20
    Caroline Lucas says:

    What do big business have to say about mass immigration?
    Oh they like it.they like it very much.
    Well I suppose a I can suck cock on this occasion.

  21. 21
    Nigel says:

    Hang on. Are we married?

  22. 22
    Bob Rusk says:

    I’d be more worried if you moved in next door. You sound like a twat.

  23. 23
    Bob Rusk says:

    Is this supposed to be funny? Guido, go fuck yourself.

  24. 24
    Anonymous says:

    Is Scudamore being Dyked by current and past BBC mafia?

  25. 25
    Anonymous says:

    Piss off Bob.

  26. 26
    UKIP Voter says:

    The loony tune definition of a racist isn’t one shared by the majority of people in this country than fuck.

  27. 27
    Anonymous says:

    Very good.

  28. 28

    The rest of Europe will keep on sending them in a roughly north western direction until they arrive here , they are then on an island from which it will be easier to stop them returning.

  29. 29
    Anonymous says:

    We need a new people as the ones we have now are just not enough like us and our friends in the coalition, and the BBC, and the rest ofthe political class.

    (Stamp feet, thumb in mouth and look dejected)


    Nick, Dave, etc

  30. 30
    C O (Ξ7s1) says:

    Perhaps the R’omanian’s moved in upstairs, rather than next door.

    People miss the third room in this advert ?

    Very confused.

  31. 31
    Bob Rusk says:

    A problem that they’ve had for centuries and now, courtesy of the EU, they’re rid of them. Funny, I can’t ever remember voting for the deposition of European detritus on my doorstep.

  32. 32
    Maqb­oul says:

    I have an English cleaner, but I would never employ a pikey to dust my furniture. There is a distinction here between normal folk and members of the “travellers community”.

  33. 33
    Roger Helmer says:

    Normally I’d say I was tired at this point on Monday only thanks to Farage being tired means you are about to make racist comments.

  34. 34
    Maqb­oul says:


  35. 35
    Green Party says:

    When you have a chronic housing shortage that’s natures way of telling you the country is full.
    But what do we care about nature? first and foremost we’re left wingers.
    Build I say scrape the land chop the tree’s burn them all just to be sure.

  36. 36
    Normal ,decent person says:

    …..We will soon alter that!

  37. 37
    Wanker alert says:

    Wanker alert

  38. 38
    Pharisee says:

    Aren’t you a wonderful caring human being who likes everyone to know?

  39. 39
    Patrick O'Flynn says:

    On a scale of 1 to John Terry how rascist are UKIP?

  40. 40
    Sir Jimmy Savile, made in Bitain by the BBC says:

    I never used email.

  41. 41
    Spock says:

    …..Illogical, and a bit twisted!

  42. 42
    Taxfodder says:

    Cross out Lib/Lab/Con and insert “Robert Murdoch Holdings”

  43. 43
    Michael Howard says:

    Are you thinking what I’m thinking but are too afraid to say let alone do bugger all about it?
    Then Vote Tory in the coming Euro election.

  44. 44
    Iain Duncan Smith says:

    EU Elections 2014…where are the good politicians???

  45. 45
    Mr & Mrs Hamilton says:

    Remember ukip aren’t racist just extremely xenophobic ;)
    they hate everybody on their list equally .

  46. 46
    Village Idiot says:

    ….You do not get a vote in a dictatorship,and if you do,you have to keep voting until the distant dictatorship,that ruins countries, gets the answer “IT” wants…

  47. 47
    BBC apologist says:

    Don’t forget – we knew nothing about Savile or any of our “talent”.

  48. 48
    Bill Cash says:

    Hi I’m Bill Cash and I’ve been entirely ineffective for decades and remained in the fold … And now I’m miffed that Farage has stolen my thunder.

  49. 49
    Richard North says:

    Me too

  50. 50
    Lord Stansted says:

    We don’t care – try remembering that.

  51. 51
    The Young One says:

    One lefty troll using many monikers must have shit the bed this morning.
    Hey it’s only 8am you should be asleep with your hand around your knob dreaming of being the people’s poet.

  52. 52
    Wanker alert says:

    Wanker alert

  53. 53
    David Axlegrease says:


  54. 54
    Iain Duncan Smith says:

    Schoolkids lives at risk for £3k: Tory cuts have seen 1,000 low-paid lollipop ladies axed

    Right,that’s it then !…………..I’m voting Green on Thursday.

  55. 55
    Gideon George Osborne says:

    Hear ! Hear !

  56. 56
    Ockham's Razor says:

    Peter Ellis made the excellent point over the weekend that it is the Roma people, disliked in Romania itself, who cause the trouble and give the Romanians a bad name.

    But for the establishment to say these things cannot be discussed, as a form of mind control, is exactly what we should be fighting against.

    It is easier to find out about this situation by going there and seeing for oneself as the media seldom produce anything balanced.

    I have already voted UKIP, but had I not, I would still be doing so. This is all a distraction.

  57. 57
    FrankFisher says:

    Guido, what is this trade union lying shite all over your site? It’s a plain fucking lie that UKIP intends to remove ANYONE’S paid holidays.

  58. 58
    Wanker alert says:

    Wanker alert

  59. 59
    Moley says:

    The three options are not mutually exclusive because it is perfectly possible to vote UKIP and help a Romanian family move in next door as well.

    As a UKIP member I would help and support any neighbour, regardless of race or nationality, who respected me and my property in the same way as I respect other people’s.

    There are many people in this country who have to deal on a daily basis with the problems caused by mass immigration. The commentariat have completely failed to understand that there is a real difference between them talking theoretically about how they think we all ought to be nice to each other (from the safety of their wealth and privilege), and real people talking about the reality of the problems which they and many other English people (of all races) face on a daily basis due to uncontrolled immigration).

    The opinions of those who face those problems need to be acknowledged and respected and those problems need to be addressed. Shouting “racist” at them and feeling smug about your own “niceness” when you have never been and never will be in their situation is simply not good enough.

  60. 60
    Nick Clegg says:

    The Liberal Democrats have been left all shook up after being beaten by the Elvis Party in a by-election.
    More voters backed a candidate calling for a 30 per cent discount in brothels for OAPs than Nick Clegg’s party in the election to Nottingham City Council.

    I can now reveal my pledge to give a 50 per discount in brothels for OAP’s.

  61. 61
    Toxic Labour for Spongers, Parasites, Criminals, Green Nazis, Peedos and other Wasters says:

    A truly massive kicking on the way to the smug, scummy political class on Thursday. Get ready to celebrate!

  62. 62
    Workers vote UKIP. says:

    Lol stopped reading Dr North several weeks ago.

    Will stay here just to see Guidos output until thursday.

    Then piss off laughing

    Vote UKIP
    Again and again and again and again. ….

  63. 63
    Rob Brydon says:

    i think it’s hilarious. It really tickles my funnybone!

  64. 64
    C O (Ξ7s1) says:

    Peter Ellis would be spreading a myth.

    The R’oma do a lot of petty thieving etc. but are very seriously discriminated against in R’omania by the R’omanians.

    It is the R’omanian’s – like the guy in the C4 interview yesterday with H’arry – Those are the ones which run the organized crime etc.

    They generally exploit poorer R’omanian’s – particularly women in the sex trade – and very much the R’oma – but not so much for the sex trade as the R’oma are generally not desirable.

    The C’eaușescu regime was pretty screwed up, and was more than just the guy.

    National Socialism did not expire in R’omania at the end of WWII – but was merely contained under Sov!et rule.

    The real political picture in R’omania is similar to N’orth K’orea: They are nationalistic, statist and ultra rac!st.

  65. 65
    Prince Andrew's liver salts says:

    I’m a racist, I fully admit it. However, I’m an equal opportunity racist, I hate everyone equally. It’s right to be suspicious of outsiders anyway, it’s a legacy of our once tribal society. And anyway, what’s so wrong thinking your race is better than everyone else? We had the biggest fucking empire the world has ever seen, ffs. If that isn’t evidence that we’re the best, I don’t know what is.

  66. 66
    Austin Tash says:

    “they hate everybody on their list equally”

    Not true, EU-funded troll – we hate you most of all.

  67. 67
    Oh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    Ukip founder claims Farage ‘used N-word to dismiss black vote’

  68. 68
    Bosun Higgs says:

    That’s not a ballot but a voting slip or ballot paper. A ballot is the entire process of voting by completing voting slips as opposed, for instance, to a show of hands.

  69. 69
    Anonymous says:

    BBC fail to put Miliband on the spot regarding Labour M.P`s zero hours contracts. If he hasn`t read the Daily Mirror report, why the hell not?

  70. 70
    Owen Jones says:

    UKIP, -The vilest of the vile.

  71. 71
    Pfizer says:

    The Conservative party will provide a good source of jelly for the bottom of our petri dishes.

  72. 72
    The British media are cunts says:

    BBC males like small children.

  73. 73
    Bosun Higgs says:

    Is there, actually, a proper definition of ‘racist’? Isn’t the requirement or request to state one’s ‘ethnicity’ racist, in that assumes that people may be assigned to ethnic groups and that this is important.

  74. 74
    Alex Salmond says:

    I’m a racist but it’s ok because I am Scottish.

  75. 75
    Natural England says:

    We certainly don’t care about birds like Robins and Magpies. We want to kill them all.

  76. 76
    C O (Ξ7s1) says:

    On the matter of R’omania: People still do not really get that the orphans which were not – discovered rotting in ‘orphanages’ after C’eaușescu was shot and people could go into the country – were the rejects from a particularly nasty eugenics program which was running in the country.

    Personally, am not convinced that program ever stopped: The R’oma situation there demonstrates its continuation.

    Treatment similar to how native North A’merican’s were treated in US, and are now treated in C’anada.

    The only reason the R’oma are being encouraged into the EU is because the land they were on has large gold deposits under it – which are now being mined.

    The truth of the EU is that they really do not care about the R’oma: But they perhaps have cut a deal with the R’omanian government to cash in on the new gold production which is starting.

  77. 77
    Wanker alert says:

    Wanker alert

  78. 78
    Moley says:

    There are lollipop men as well.

    The language police will be visiting you shortly and you will be subjected to three days of ritual outrage.

  79. 79
    The British media are cunts says:

    So Owen the BBC that allowed the r@pe of hundreds of children on its property by its employees isn’t really the worst?

  80. 80
    non taxable pikey says:

    So, why the moniker. A while ago a young Plumber in our village discovered his van, complete with all his work tools had been stolen from outside his house. One of the most despicable things to do in my opinion is to steal tools that someone uses to keep his family.
    He more or less immediately thought Pikey and decided to take a look at the fixed Pikey camp in Peterborough. He could equally have gone to Newark. There about 100m inside the camp was his van. So he headed to the Plod station and reported it, asking Plod to go and get it back.
    Plods response “We can only go into the camp on the first Tuesday of the month and have to be accompanied by the Council’s Gypsy Liaison “Officer.”

    One law for them, another for the rest of us.

  81. 81
    Thought you were a libertarian says:

    Bet UKIP wouldn’t block references to “ay”bbl”oh”ck”plus”, as they do here.

  82. 82
    Moley says:

    That comment is every bit as revolting as racism and for exactly the same reasons.

    Try to engage your brain before you speak.

  83. 83
    Alex Salmond says:

    If UKIP are so vile then that means that 30% of the country are vile. But the other 70% are fucking morons who would welcome a cannibal for dinner just to prove how politically correct they were.

  84. 84
    Torquemada says:

    Yes the solution is to cripple us all with higher interest rates rather than simply closing the open stable door.

  85. 85
    The Dancing Priest says:

    It’s also tautological.

  86. 86
    SS says:

    Last time I was in London last week in March, all the whores when I walked down the street were Romanians. Bet they not on the working statistics.

  87. 87
    Maelstromer says:

    Rather schoolboyish really, don’t you think?
    There are reasons why the LibLabCon do not like this person at all.
    Popularity perhaps?

  88. 88
    Brighton Resident says:

    Come and have a quick look at our shambles of a City before you vote Green, IDS!

  89. 89
    Deep fried marsbar says:

    Oh where is the Glasgow where I used to stay?
    With the white wally closes done up wi’ pipe clay.
    Where you knew everybody, ground floor tae the third,
    And to keep your door shut was considered absurd.

    Where are the weans that played in the street?
    Wi’ a jorrie, a peerie, a gird wi’ a cleet.
    Can they still cadge a hudgie or dreep aff a dyke?
    Play hunch cuddy hunch, kick the can and the like?

    And where’s the wee shop where I used to buy
    A quarter o’ totties, a tuppeny pie?
    A bag of’ broke biscuits, a wee sodie scone.
    An’ the wummin aye asked, “how’s yir maw gettin on?”

    + several hundred more verses.

  90. 90
    The LibLabCon vermin in Westminster says:

    “the fixed Pikey camp in Peterborough.”

    Any criticism, real or imagined, of the ‘travelling’ community and their fixed camps is… WAYYYYYCIST!!

  91. 91
    C O (Ξ7s1) says:

    This Syr!a debate in the European Parliament is very much worth watching.

    Ioan Mircea Pascu MEP – S&D / Romania – argued for intervention in the civil war, but opened his speech with a direct defamation of F’arage accusing him of calling R’omanian’s pigs. That was done under the cover of Parliamentary privilege, and also in opening statements on the matter of the proposed military intervention in Syr!a: Hardly an appropriate time to sling such mud ?

    Start @ ~5min : N’igel responds and clarifies precisely what he had said and the corrected the slur before continuing to answer the question that had been asked.

    That is what you are dealing with as far as the non-R’oma R’omanian mindset is concerned.

  92. 92
    Wanker alert says:

    Wanker alert

  93. 93
    fhip says:

    Nigel is only voicing concerns that the man in the street thinks which is why I personally believe that main stream politicians will get a good kicking in the elections.
    The trouble with our political class, the MSM including the BBC and the “pains and pullovers brigade” of pressure groups and minority causes, is that they are chronically out of touch with the electorate on most concerns be it gay marriage, the anti smoking gestapo, billions borrowed to give away to third world dictatorships under the guise of aid and mass immigration to name but a few.

  94. 94
    UAF spokesmong says:

    Only white English people are capable of racism.

  95. 95
    Bob Rusk says:

    Green policy, that is mass immigration, mass house building and the inherent problems associated with a larger population, are utterly at odds with a so-called Green Party concerned with the environment or carbon reduction. Their policies are utterly illogical, proving perhaps that they’re inherently red rather than green. A shame no one ever calls them out on their views, especially that thick, ugly, Aussie bitch.

  96. 96
    Owen Jones,Guest Moderator says:


    Certain of the above comments may contain sensitive material and the N word,

  97. 97
    Monster munch says:

    I may not have a second class PPE degree from Oxbridge, but even I can see a strong vote for UKIP strengthens Dave’s hand in any negotiations with the EU

  98. 98
    Wanker alert says:

    What medication are you on?

  99. 99
    A Right Fucking Bastard says:

    I’d be more worried if a load of Scousers moved in next door. Fucking thieving cünts.

  100. 100
    The LGBT community of utter tossers says:

    What about transgendered lollypop operatives, you GENDERIST!!

  101. 101
    One hundred and one says:

    Morning. Any craic?

  102. 102
    White Tee says:

    A Preview of the new Tarzan film —

    TARZAN: (Russell Brand) “Ungawa! Dave Cameroon ask Tarzan to come from Cameroon to help him hunt, trap, wild Forage beast. Dave promise new tree-house and wedding dress for Tazan and Cheetah gay marriage. No more Jane. Chimpsex better! Dave offer plenty bananas and bennies to Tarzan and Cheater. Tarzan say, Give bennies now!…before Ebola reach bennies office. Ungawa!”

    A GREAT WHITE HUNTER: (Samuel L. Jackson, for it is he. Again) “Shake a leg, Tar Baby. The Roache wants this Forage critter’s head on her wall by Happy Hour. Grab that machete! Let’s move ‘n’ groove!”

    CHEETAH (Andy Circus): Where da white boys at?

    CINEMA MANAGER: Cough cough. The Management would like to remind patrons not to breathe in during the screening of TARZAN AND CHEETAH: A FAIRY TAIL as they may contract Ebola from the newly-arrived British citizens sitting behind them. Thank you. Kof Kof. Groan. CRASH. *The End*

  103. 103
    Looney Left says:

    The definition of racist is as follows: “anyone who I wish to intimidate”.

  104. 104
    The Growler says:

    There two comments either Rich and Fawkesy have gone off piste and will feel the worth of an outraged Master or the Master always wanting to be on the winning side is now about facing and backing Murdoch.

  105. 105
    Greymeat honkey white trash says:

    What is the N-word, out of interest? I’d like to know, just so I never say or think it.

  106. 106
    ex-Labour voter says:

    Trevor Kavanagh is asking who is Nigel Farage? Doesn’t he know?

  107. 107
    UKIP Comms says:

    Going to have to stop you there. You were about to ask about dodgy ‘allowances’

  108. 108
    UKIP Comms says:

    Going to have to stop you there. You were about to ask about a policy

  109. 109
    The Growler says:

    Sorry what a Gordon of me, last word should be of course be UKip, where’s ma Nokia!

  110. 110
    Anonymous says:

    Before that interview NF could just about get away with being a wolf whistler rather than a proper bigot. No longer

  111. 111
    UKIP Comms says:

    Going to have to stop you there. You were about to ask a difficult question

  112. 112
    The Tit in No. 10 says:

    I plead with you all to Trust me! – I give you my word! – and you know me well enough by now!

  113. 113
    Dave says:

    24 hours to save The Nonce Establishment!

  114. 114
    The British media are cunts says:

    Isn’t it interesting to see how Fawkes has changed since becoming a Murdoch lacky?
    A few years back Guido would have focussed on how the media are just targeting UKIP using smears and lies (for example on Sky News on several occasions the LBC interview has been misquoted stating instead that Farage preferred Germans to Romanians when in fact it was German children) now Fawkes just joins in.

    Just shows how easy it is to buy someone, especially when it involves Tory scum.

  115. 115
    The Growler says:

    Eh Popeye, tha doesn’t look any older than when is first saw you over 60 years ago!

  116. 116
    The British media are cunts says:

    So now feminist lesbians want to take control of football. I thought feminist lesbians hated football?

  117. 117
    Anonymous says:

    No it means that they don’t mind electing someone vile to the EP. They wouldn’t dare give them power. Ukip aren’t trusted.

  118. 118
    Freddie Starr and Jimmy Tarbuck says:

    and for your children

  119. 119
    Nasty Nick says:

  120. 120
    Ockham's Razor says:

    OK. We do have a difference of opinion here on some aspects.

    I have known Peter for some time and we do meet from time to time. I do not agree with all his views but, on this (and I was unaware of his views about it before yesterday), his experience matches mine.

    I have been to Romania four times in as many decades including in the time of Ceaușescu. He was very screwed up but, in the manner of these things, there were some refreshing differences with the Soviet overlords. One could roll up on the border and get a visa on demand, they welcomed visitors. Ceaușescu also eschewed public debt but at a terrible cost to his people.

    But both Peter and I have both had extensive experience of Romanian business people and they are no better, or worse, than those in most other parts of Europe or Britain.

    For my part, I have also met a number of people there through my interests in art and philosophy and would say the same of them.

  121. 121
    UKIPPER says:

    The Times they are a changing

    Come all the electorate throughout the UK
    It’s time to ignore what the LIBLABCON say
    Lets face it these parties have all had their day
    Our politics need rearranging
    So go out and vote UKIP lets sweep them away
    For the times they are a changing

    Not one of them listens to our point of view
    They’d sooner give our cash to the EU
    So lets kick them out and try something new
    We can’t afford this lot remaining
    Political rethink is long overdue
    For the times they are a changing

    They lied about Lisbon and promised a vote
    There all Europhiles and in the same boat
    Their treachery just bring a lump to my throat
    As each other they just keep blaming
    So send them a message and let them take note
    That the times they are a changing

    We will no longer tolerate lies being told
    Tax breaks for the rich but more tax for the old
    Ruled from the EU and our birthrights sold
    They ignore us when we are complaining
    If we all vote UKIP there out in the cold
    For the times they all need changing

    Now that the EU elections are near
    The full UKIP smear campaign slips into gear
    But UKIP aren’t crooks so there’s nothing to fear
    Establishment over reaction
    UKIP don’t swindle there well in the clear
    For the “TIMES” they are a changing

  122. 122
    Guido supports UnionsTogether says:

    They Guido, Murdoch called and ask if you want More pieces of Silver. is simply Murdoch’s establishment Bitch now,

    Where did it all go wrong?

  123. 123
    Lord Stansted says:

    Agreed. Time to drift away.

  124. 124
    Anonymous says:

  125. 125
    Moley says:

    I mean real racism.

    Discrimination and persecution of somebody on the grounds of race is no different to discrimination and persecution of somebody for supporting a party you don’t like.

    I don’t agree with most labour policies, but that does not mean that I am entitled to scream insults at Labour Party members and supporters.

  126. 126
    The Growler says:

    I would feel very unsafe if a load of Londoners came to live in my area, everything starts in London and then spreads out like an evil cancer, and once it has a secondary growth there is little hope of a cure, just like the illness of cancer.

  127. 127
    Guido supports UnionsTogether says:

    Its become an establishment joke…… a off Shoot of The Sun

  128. 128
    Patrick O'Flynn says:

    Farage wants his country back? Is he reclaiming it for the Normans, the Angles, Saxons, Celts or Homo Erectus?

  129. 129
    jgm2 says:

    You should see the picture in his attic though.

  130. 130
    Farage gets my vote says:

    Superb performance again from Farage.
    It’s lucky for that idiot Tory MEP Tannock that nobody knows who he is…and the telling of that dodgy greasy bastard Verhofstadt to shut up was priceless.

  131. 131
    Nasty Nick says:

    There is no definition of race that does not beg the question.

    Apparently religions are races, as well as ephemeral regional geographical identities.

    When we’re being racist to Romanians – are we bring racist to them because their Hungarian Romanians or Romany Romanians or Muslim Romanians or…

    The word means nothing at all – you may as well use it to describe anything you like.

    Lewis Hamilton likes racing cars – does that maje him racist daddy?

  132. 132
    Makey uppy Oirish word says:

    What the fuck is ‘craic’? The word is crack

  133. 133
    ed milliband peoples representitive of doncaster says:

    more minimum wage slaves for amazon please

  134. 134
    Sell out says:

    Yes, very disappointing to see how Guido jumped at the money,

  135. 135
    Four legs good, two legs bad says:

    Pavlovian hate training by the left…

  136. 136
    Guido supports UnionsTogether says:

    Order Order….. aka The Sun cartoons section

    “Plots, rumours and Conspiracy’s……. and what Rupert Murdoch tells us to write”

    Funded by adverts fro the Tories and anti UKIP Unions

    You’ve sold out Guido…. you are just another establishment MSM c unt now,

    Order Order media equivalent of Johnny Rotten, advertising Country Life butter, I hope Murdoch’s 30 pieces of silver weigh on your conscience like they did Judas Iscariot’s with the same end result.

  137. 137
    Steve Miliband says:

    Didums. Bit of success in the polls = scrutiny. The Emperor is not wearing any clothes.

  138. 138
    ed milliband peoples representitive of doncaster says:

    very racist,i think they might even up to dianne abbot

  139. 139
    Ockham's Razor says:

    Again, I must draw out some differences here.

    Eugenics programs (I don’t know what a nice one is) were running in a number of countries in the Soviet Bloc including the then Czechoslovakia. Do not forget the Ustaše either.

    Am at a loss to understand what you mean by “the land they were on” as they were essentially nomadic, not dissimilar to many of them in the UK.

    The Romani and para-Romani have a very different culture, sense of ethical propriety, with influences of Hindu and the Punjab.

    Some of these differences go way beyond what anyone can regard as law-abiding. This is not a case of racism but of bald fact.

  140. 140
    Guido supports UnionsTogether says:

    Guido’s site is now totally full of shite that Murdoch wants him to publish,

    that’s what you get for selling out

  141. 141
    The British media are cunts says:

    What scrutiny? I don’t see the media going through the Labour candidates outing all the vile scum there.

  142. 142
    jgm2 says:

    Yeah. That’s right. It’s all a question of priorities you see.

    You could go without a 30% payrise for all councillors or you could get rid of the lollipop ladies and blame it on the Tories.

    Tough call.

  143. 143
    ed milliband peoples representitive of doncaster says:

    well it was them or the shiny new £100million council offices in the labour controlled peoples republic of doncaster,fucking tories forcing us to make such a horrendous decision.

  144. 144
    The British media are cunts says:

    Anyone who doesn’t think bumming kids is fine or that the Guardian is a good read.

  145. 145
    Wanker alert says:

    Wanker alert

  146. 146
    VOTE UKIP says:

    Question for all the ConLibLabbers —

    How high should the population of the U.K. be before you think net immigration should be stopped?

    70 million?
    80 million ?
    100 million?
    250 million?
    1 fucking billion?

  147. 147
    jgm2 says:

    I don’t think Guido is in the business of fact-checking his ads beyond making sure he gets paid. It might be worth taking the Unions to court though if they’re publishing lies.

  148. 148
    Green Shoots...Self says:

    The Green Party says that to remove Japanese knotweed from your garden pond is ‘deeply racist and offensive.’ My gold fish has more sense!

  149. 149
    still walking into darkness says:

    did you see the f*cking Sun this morning and Trevor I’m a cun$ Kavanagh, pathetic bit of neuro linguistic programming I think it’s called, with a semi demon picture of Nigel, pathetic, at the end of the day that’s all they’ve got.

    Even Blair’s less evil than Murdoch

  150. 150
    Tosser Dave. says:

    I’m really proud of my Bumsex Marriage legacy — bollux to traditional marriage — Gayers Rule O.K.

  151. 151
    jgm2 says:

    Nonsense. Screaming abuse at Labour politicians and supporters is an entirely rational thing to do after the c*unts destroyed the economy and still 28% of the population voted for them.

    That 28% are c*unts. Make no mistake. Every single one of those 28% is a c*unt. They have no excuse. They can’t claim they had no idea. They (Labour) destroyed the economy right under the nose of that 28% and the c*unts still voted for them.

    Only a c*unt would do that.

  152. 152
    Dung says:

    ie most of us.

  153. 153
    Stat-Man says:

    Freedom of Information Request to the Met Police

    “Arrests of Foreign Nationals by Nationality”

    German = 2068
    Romanian = 27725

  154. 154
    Patrick O'Flynn says:

    Also time to drop the term native American seeing as they migrated there from Siberia

  155. 155
    Turncoat says:

    We’re changing the name to “”, media Guido will be called “”

  156. 156
    jgm2 says:

    Oh they’re being scrutinised all right. I just wish they’d done a bit more scrutinising when the Maximum Imbecile was destroying the nation’s finances or Blair was inventing ‘evidence’ to justify a war in Iraq.

    The ‘scrutiny’ is all one way.

  157. 157
    Steve Miliband says:

    Ukip candidates vile scum then?

  158. 158
    himindoors says:

    If the ads are here then so is the targeting. Has GF just become a false flag honeypot to tag right wing nutjobs?

  159. 159
    jgm2 says:

    What do you think most female football players are?

  160. 160
    Anonymous says:


  161. 161
    jgm2 says:

    It’s a question of priorities.

  162. 162
    Balls of steel says:

  163. 163
    Farage under constant artillery fire now. says:

    bloody hell.

    The established media and political parties pulled just about every dirty trick in the book this weekend and it was mainly against the man himself Nigel Farage.

    It may not work though as it was so obvious and in this internet age people are more able to see what is going on behind the scenes. But the average voter, will he fall for it?

  164. 164
    A subtle but important point says:

    Assuming Dave wants to negotiate in the first place which he doesn’t.

  165. 165
    Guido says:

    It’s not so bad really sucking cut cock for a living. Because their shmekels are so small even deep throating hardly touches my tonsils.

  166. 166
    Infinity and beyond says:

    It’s their pyramid selling scheme. immigrants needed to look after the population, immigrants become the population, more immigrants needed to look after the larger population and so on to infinity.

    By the way I do not believe a larger population is required at all and quite the reverse actually.

  167. 167
    Use (ay)dbl(oh)ck(plus) says:

    Spot on!

  168. 168
    Anonymous says:

    Middle ranking managers are asked to make budget cuts. EIther their own cushy jobs or half a dozen workers on the “front line” services.

    So Lollipop ladies aren’t voluntary?

  169. 169
    What's good for the goose says:

    So when the EU insults Russia, is that racist?

  170. 170
    Anonymous says:

    butch and crap

  171. 171

    The problem is the man in the street only sees the tip of the iceberg. To give you one example of how some Romanians operate. Garnered first hand I might add. I was involved in “removing” a family of Romanian failed asylum seekers sometime between 2001 and 2003. ie years before the visa restrictions were lifted and they started turning up en masse. The only reason they had agreed to be removed was that their criminality was catching them up. On the way out Customs searched their baggage and found £50,000 in cash. This was a family of eight or nine who all lived on benefits and all had a string of convictions for assault, pick pocketing and robbery. Charming people. No doubt they are back here now doing it all again.

  172. 172
    Tom Catesby. says:

    ‘Stay home and help the Romanians move in next door’, votr UKIP Thursday and help to wave them off.

  173. 173
    Shoot a poof, ra-pe a woman, vote UKIP says:

  174. 174
    Anonymous says:

    I liked this

    How about ‘Thumbs’ instead of log in boxes?

  175. 175
    Tom Catesby. says:

    That’s the benefits of eating lots of spinach!

  176. 176
    Nelson's Eye says:

    I “like it” that no one bothers to “like it” !

  177. 177
    Henry says:

    Nothing much changed in Romania, all the communist officials became the unelected civil service and their leaders became elected leaders.

    Try getting anything done in Romania without paying bribes, it’s just about impossible, that’s why the EU is so popular with their mega infrastructure schemes. There are now many many millionaires in Romania on the back of EU cash flow into their pockets.

  178. 178
    LibLabCon/MSM EU Election Campaign Grid (Final Coup de Grace Week) says:

    Monday 19th May: Attack UKIP.
    Tuesday 20th May: Attack UKIP.
    Wednesday 21st May: Attack UKIP.
    Thursday 22nd May: Attack UKIP.

  179. 179
    Maqb­oul says:

    Even the BBC website has this headline:

    Scudamore’s Comments Unacceptable – Dyke

    So it’s official.

  180. 180
    Spotting for the guns says:

    We only have enough ammo to last until Thursday.

  181. 181
    Everyone else I know apart from her is voting UKIP says:

    My sister in law (who also happens to be the most selfish self centred person I’ve ever met) has absorbed a little of the racist accusation propaganda but knowing her will be doing something to do with herself on Thursday so wont be voting anyway.

  182. 182
    Wanker alert says:

    Wanker alert

  183. 183
    Green Party Political B'Cast says:

  184. 184
    Shoot a poof, ra-pe a woman, vote UKIP says:

    True, Demetri is a wanker. Glad you agree.

  185. 185
    Me on Thursday says:

    Vote UKIP

  186. 186
    Get Farage says:

    They have now moved on to a full assassination attempt on the UKIP leader himself. Having failed to destroy UKIP by picking off errant soldiers, they are now gunning for the commander in chief in a last ditch attempt to win the war.

  187. 187
    Any excuse to import cheap labour says:

    Mass immigration began during a baby boom so there was no demographic time bomb excuse back then.
    Just good old fashion doing the jobs the white people didn’t want to do codswallop.

  188. 188
    Village Idiot says:

    …A strong vote for UKIP , strengthens UKIP and weakens the lib/lab/con con!
    They (liblabcon), desperately want to hang on to Europe,and,will do everything to kick the can down the road! e.g. You can have a ref if this ,if that etc ,in 3years time,total bull, wont’ get fooled again!!!

  189. 189
    JH326y34523435432 says:

    Said c*unts did quite nicely out of it though. From White Dee right up to the Council ‘CEO’ (read: Town Clerk). They know what side their bread is buttered – Labour vote = more cash for them.

    On it went. Unfortunately many of that paid-for drone army now have the jungle creeping up to their door as it were, and are considering a UKIP vote.

  190. 190
    Wanker alert says:

    Wanker alert

  191. 191
    Ockham's Razor says:

    10:15 am

    Isn’t it about time we had a piece about how all the UKIP MEP candidates have been found in bed together with a dead boy?

  192. 192
    Moley says:

    Googling “Daily Mail Romanian Beggars” brings 33,200 results. Why, anyone might think they’re being a tad hypocritical this morning..

  193. 193
    Raving Loon says:

    MSM, LibLabCon & Guido Fawkes: Attack UKIP!

    Roll on 22nd May, can’t wait!!!

  194. 194
    Lemongrass says:

    Even when he’s tired, he tells the truth. How many people in Westminster can you say that of?

  195. 195
    Shoot a poof, ra-pe a woman, vote UKIP says:

    I agree, Demetri is such a huge wanker, it’s worth mentioning twice.

  196. 196
    intergalacticsuperhero says:

    In the interests of impartiality; here are some of the views of a Labour supporter.
    There are those who have been on this site who have been able to put a name to him.

    I haven’t pasted all his comments because they are boring, repetitive. unimaginative and tedious; but we have to make allowances, because he IS a Labour supporter.

    Demetri Marchessini says:
    May 17, 2014 at 9:12 am
    If Vicky isn’t wearing a skirt, I’ll have to fuck her senseless and then give her a smack.

    Demetri Marchessini says:
    May 17, 2014 at 10:11 am
    I know it’s wrinkly but we still managed to have four children. Unfortunately all four of them are of the whore gender.
    Shoot a poof. Smack a woman.

    Demetri Marchessini says:
    May 17, 2014 at 10:25 am
    That fucking leftie cartel stooge Daily Mail reporting that one of the tattoos shows German planes flying towards the Jèwish Star of David coloured yellow, same colour as the badge Jèws were forced to wear during the Holocaust. Fucking homosexual leftie Mail.
    Shoot a poof. Smack a woman

    Demetri Marchessini says:
    May 17, 2014 at 9:25 am
    Don’t you dare call me nasty, you homosexualist abomination. I bet you had a single mother who deserves a smack. And if you have any daughters, I hope you make them wear skirts and tell them there’s no such thing as date ràpe.

    Demetri Marchessini says:
    May 17, 2014 at 9:49 am
    Shut up, you fudgepacking abomination. Send your wife my way for a few hours. Whatever she tells you on her return, just remind her there’s no such thing as ràpe. And if she wears a skirt, give her a smack.
    Shoot a poof, smack a woman.

    Demetri Marchessini says:
    May 17, 2014 at 9:49 am
    Shut up, you fudgepacking abomination. Send your wife my way for a few hours. Whatever she tells you on her return, just remind her there’s no such thing as ràpe. And if she wears a skirt, give her a smack.
    Shoot a poof, smack a woman.

    Demetri Marchessini says:
    May 17, 2014 at 9:28 am
    I saw that MP Charlotte Leslie wearing trousers. She deserves a smack.

    Demetri Marchessini says:
    May 17, 2014 at 11:03 am
    Glad you agree with me. I can’t see what all the fuss is about. Women in trousers are asking for it and ràpe doesn’t exist. I trust you’ve told your daughters to do as they’re told by men and not cry ràpe. And I hope you give them a good smack if they ever wear trousers.
    Shoot a poof. Smack a woman.

    Demetri Marchessini says:
    May 17, 2014 at 10:03 am
    Don’t you call one of your biggest donors a twat, you homosexual abomination. I bet your wife wears trousers, the filthy whore.

  197. 197
    Jezza says:

    Roll on Thursday. Everyone I know tells me they will be voting UKIP, even people who don’t normally vote…

  198. 198
    FIFY says:

    I don’t think neo-Guido is in the business of fact-checking his opinions beyond making sure he gets paid.

  199. 199
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:


  200. 200
    dr who says:

    i am in the toilet.
    kill the father. kill the house. childern needs to be abandoned.

  201. 201
    The dustbin for calumnies says:

    It allegedly took them 17 years to get to the bottom of that particular barrel. Something tells me that story is an utter lie put out by a bitter man who failed in polticis and want revenge, motivated by jealousy at Faraage’s success. The fact it appears in the Daily Mail reinforces that.

  202. 202
    That's it, he's hit upon the solution says:

    If you pay people more, they will be more productive…according to shafow business secretary Chukka Obama.
    Jesus wept.

  203. 203
    The hue of shite says:

    The Greens has been a home for barking mad lefties for quite some time. They do a sop to green but they are red.

  204. 204
    A Statistic says:

    66% of the population don’t trust any of the Westminster parties and refuse to vote for them.

  205. 205
    Take it from me says:

    Balls will lose his seat at the next lection

  206. 206
    Maria Millar says:

    Can I claim expenses for turning up to vote on Thursday?

    How much longer do I have to wait to get my 11% pay rise?

    Anyone know where th

  207. 207
    we agree with nigel says:

    My main memory of a long weekend with the kids in Paris
    in 2009 is gangs of Romanian men colliding into tourists and
    pickpocketing.Plus gangs of Romanian women jumping over
    the train/underground barriers to avoid payment and using
    distraction techniques to steal from tourists at all the attractions
    we visited.
    It was endemic and the police seemed powerless.

  208. 208
    Pharse that have launched a thousand quips !! says:

    The Tectonic Plates are shifting; we will not see them re-lit in our lifetimes(b*gg*r you get the drift(sic))

  209. 209
    i bet says:

    Must be a Lib Dem.

  210. 210
    A Neighbour says:

    Some of them are very good at football. I lived next door to a top-flight female football player for some years and watched her play. She was a strong tackler but not at all butch off the field. Her girlfriend, however, was another matter and once had to be told off for doing too much DIY in the evenings and weekends.

  211. 211
    Vlad the Loudhailer says:

    Vote Labour “Poverty for All”.

  212. 212
    A Cow says:

    At least Johnny Rotten was kind of funny.

  213. 213
    msm says:

    Was he Romanian? Contact us asp. We pay top rates! – ask Guido.

  214. 214
    fight the fascists says:

    The EU is a cancer.
    You have no control over it and it won’t stop spreading.

  215. 215
    Maqb­oul says:

    Lighten up for fuck’s sake you mug. Who do you think he is, Che Guevara?

  216. 216
    Hang all Tories says:


    “A man may build 100 bridges in his lifetime, but if he sucks just one cock, he will not be known as a great bridge builder….. But a cock sucker”

    And you are definitely deep throating Rupert Murdoch.

    Sad to see what was the best politics blog in the country sell out to the very establishment you once claimed to despise.

    But they say that every man has his price… And Murdoch has bought you!

  217. 217
    Bedblocker Bill Cash says:

    That trying to reform things from within not working out so well is it Bill.

  218. 218
    well i never says:

    I do my own cleaning.

  219. 219
  220. 220
    The tit in no. 10 with the traitorous genes says:

    Hey Angela

    Have you heard ?

    Some UK voters want me to renegotiate terms with the EU.


    And the rest just want the UK to quit the EU right now.


  221. 221
    intergalacticsuperhero says:


  222. 222
    The N word that really counts says:

    The N word being nonce and the sensitive material being the list of main stream party members and BBC employees who are kiddy fiddlers.

  223. 223
    Hang all Tories says:

    Sexual perversion isn’t a UKIP trait

    Paedophila and rape seem to be hobbies of LibDems and Labour. As is paying rent boys to defecate on your face. (Oaten)

    Tories just prefer to dress up in stockings and suspenders, put a Bonn bag on their head and hang themselves while wanking.

    UKIP are refreshingly normal

  224. 224
    racist loon says:

    No on the whole they don’t seem to be. Have been doing a lot of leafletting for UKIP and there are many angry people out there who are fed up with the lot of them. I did ask someone if he thought people were being influenced by the media and he just laughed and said no one takes any notice of that lot.

  225. 225
    Norma Stitz says:

    Late News Bombshell! Maddie McCann found in Nigel’s garage!

  226. 226
    Proud UKIPer says:

    Ouch that was close to the bone

    GF gets a dose of reality.

    Not nice when people throw mud is it

  227. 227
    Big D says:

    I dont know anyone who isnt voting UKIP.
    We have had it up to our ears with the rest of the lying scum bags.
    They are practically in hysteria mode with Nigel Farage but still dont get it .
    We are all sick to death with the way they look down upon the rest of us when telling us that we are all racists who have got it wrong !
    We are not , we are just the same as the Brits have always been , caring to those from abroad in genuine need but understanding that as a small island we simply cannot accomodate everyone who simply wants a better standard of living .
    Roll on Thursday the day when the boat comes in .

  228. 228
    Fucka Chuk says:

    With so many workers to choose from why the fuck would we want to pay them more Chuka?

  229. 229
    Someone else says:

    He is right.

  230. 230
    The British media are cunts says:

    No, but Labour are.

  231. 231
    Shoot a poof, ra-pe a woman, vote UKIP says:

    His left arm is covered with a series of offensive images – including a German eagle, used by Hitler during the Second World War, and two German planes diving towards a J*wish Star of David, coloured in yellow — the same colour as the badge J*ws were forced to wear during the Holocaust.

  232. 232
    what a gay dave says:

    The uk is racist towards non europeans

  233. 233
    Working class bloke says:


  234. 234
    The British media are cunts says:

    Guido is missing the point. In the past you’d have commented on the unending slurs on UKIP from the media, in particular the Murdoch press and the BBC.

    Yet now you say nothing except cheerlead for the MSM.

  235. 235
    Just looking says:

    Have 100 likes!

  236. 236
    Daily Mail Editor says:

    We can’t press this. This is a family newspaper. Now where’s the story about Maddie been found in a UKIP garage?

  237. 237
    Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

    It depends what bollocks is selling, if your just selling to the uncivil service then money is no object, if your a banker you have your customers by the throat and you sell them what crap you want to get rid of at a high price, if your selling to the real world then it’s what the buyer values what your selling is a fair price, if not the buyer will go elsewhere, business is not a philanthropic thing so it has to balance what it charges and what it’s expenses are, plus the management who just want to be greedier and will pay pennies because the country is saturated with people who will take lower pay and just want to get a job.

  238. 238
    Lord Stansted says:

    Well said. 100+ likes.

  239. 239
    The British media are cunts says:

    Radio 5 just tried to stitch UKIP up once again. They called a woman from UKIP gave her 10 minutes notice then Victoria Derbyshire started firing all sort of questions at her. The BBC deliberately tried to stitch her up by not giving her any time to prepare for the interview.

    Derbyshire then questioned some of the statistics in Farage’s letter, but then Derbyshire couldn’t provide any evidence the stats were wrong.

    Typical media stitch up.

  240. 240
    Cinna says:

    The trouble with our political class is they think we all believe the b*ollocks they espouse. They’re wrong on every count. Immigration, the EU, overseas aid,etc, etc. Wrong on everything.

  241. 241
    Flash Mob says:

    The last person who wanted a united, federal Europe was…..Adolph Hitler

  242. 242
    President Cheery B. Mahmood says:

    I wouldn’t want to live next to a LibDem, they are just nasty.

  243. 243
    Mr Average with a mortgage says:

    1 million from me too.

  244. 244

  245. 245
    actually says:

    It’s not racist to want to protect your borders.
    It’s not racist to want your taxes spent on the
    needs of your fellow countrymen,rather than
    millions of immigrants.

  246. 246
    Derry Cocksporn (LibDem) says:

    Agreed. They are truly nasty.

  247. 247
    Maqb­oul says:

    I was undecided about who to vote. But you’re such an irritating little shit I’ll vote UKIP. So well done, that’s one up.

  248. 248
    Former Order-Order Fashion Editor says:

    Wear a purple shirt on Thursday.

  249. 249
    Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

    Still trying to work out why the media are pushing Political Correctness, a few months ago it started it’s slow down, but now the word racist seems to be in vogue over all the tv channels and newspapers, why?, the media rely on customers to keep going and the more you piss your customers off the less money you bring in and the less you have to pay for your luxury yachts expenses, the BBC well it once was a great media network now it’s a shell full of rubbish, your time will come when the public will bite your head off and force you to be sold or broken up, your job is to inform not be the PR to any political party.

  250. 250
    I used to be a respected blogger says:

    The Truth hurts.

    Guido is on Lynton’s daily UKIP smear briefing sheet.

    Good puppy Guido, good puppy

  251. 251
    hang on a min says:

    Our lollipop lady was axed in 2007 when Labour were in power.

    Local councils make those decisions and they would rather pay
    Chief Execs ridiculous salaries, employ gender equality officers
    or,like West Yorkshire,help fund the Tour De France,than fund
    lollipop ladies.

  252. 252
    Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

    I will have normal clothes on, but will wear a massive smile as I vote UKIP and yes I will check.

    Please vote on Thursday, it’s your vote and which party you vote for, but go and vote,
    if you don’t vote your a fool.

  253. 253
    guess what says:

    I’m still voting UKIP.

  254. 254
    Patrick O'Flange says:

    A trillion would not be enough. More! More!!

  255. 255
    Guido... says:

    The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says..The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says..The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says..The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says..The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says..The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says..The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says..The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says..The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says..The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says..The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says..The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says..The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says..The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says..The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says…The Sun says..

  256. 256
    it's not rocket science says:

    LBC had an interview with Tony Parsons yesterday
    but failed to ask him about his plans to support UKIP.

  257. 257
    The customer is king says:

    Who are the media’s customers?

    No their readers and viewers.

  258. 258
    what a gay dave says:

    Is there any possibility of a group of romanian men movibg in next door to any of the mp’s in westminster?

  259. 259
    muggins says:

    Well done for speaking up for us Nigel.
    Keep up the good work.
    They don’t like it up ‘em!

  260. 260
    I used to be a respected blogger says:

    You would think the Organised anti-UKIP smear campaign by the Establishment would give Guido endless material to attack vested interests and anti democratic practices in the big three parties and Media.

    But no….. Guido joins in.

    No one expects you to support UKIP in this blog, but you have proved that you are just singing off the same establishment song sheet by running Lynton Crosbys preplanned smears

    It’s the end for this blog, you have officially ‘jumped the shark’ if I want establishment shit I’ll just go and buy The Sun

  261. 261
    Figel Narage says:

    Nail on head, well said.

  262. 262
    Shoot a poof, ra-pe a woman, vote UKIP says:

    Good to hear, old chap! I hope you smack your daughters if they ever were trousers!

  263. 263
    Here it Comes! says:

    23rd.May Get the shits
    25th.May Blind panic. Enter headless chicken mode
    1st.June Eject Dave & Nickelarse from leaderships of busted Parties

  264. 264
    Tarquin & Justin says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Prime Minister.

    Kiss, Kiss, Kissy Kiss.

  265. 265
    Casual Observer 2 says:

    Gone on Roma! Set up a big caravan and shacks site in Witney. Slap bang in the middle of fucking Dave’s constituency.

  266. 266
    Dave and the Westminster Gay brigade. says:

    Actually, we rather like it up the arse.

  267. 267
    Rightallalong says:

    So today they are smearing Nigel Farage with the ‘N’ word. I bet they are saving something big for Wednesday’s final, desperate attempt to stop UKIP.

  268. 268
    Village Idiot says:

    …I was censored when I flippantly answered that?????

  269. 269
    non taxable pikey says:

    I like it but, the word is “they’re” not “there” in third and last verse.

  270. 270
    Bluto says:

    … and only using Olive Oyl?

  271. 271
    Bluto says:

    Firefox with Adblock renders all this advertising a complete waste of money. Change today and get some peace.

  272. 272
    Jack Ketch says:

    Your point is well made, however I went through the document in detail. Are Scotland Yard still living in 1914? Maybe this is Sherlock Holmes list–it enumerates inhabitants of “German East Africa”, “Bosnia-Hertzogovinia”, The French Soudan, British North Borneo, Dutch Guiana and other long-dead places. I am intrigued that 8 offences were committed by a citizen of the “Ross Dependency”–a part of the Antarctic mainland and I had to look up Yanam, a former French colonial outpost of the French in Pondicherry that ceased to exist in 1948.

  273. 273
    Jack Ketch says:

    When I went there (1998) I was struck with how slim the girls walking around in Unitas Square were. Then I ordered lunch.

  274. 274
    Jack Ketch says:

    Dear Occi,
    Didn’t the Ceasescu regime put the Roma into really shitty concrete block flats (no running water, no inside plumbing) in areas in the middle of nowhere?

  275. 275
    Axe is a magnificent cunt says:

    It pays really well, too.

  276. 276
    Jack Ketch says:

    Isn’t lollypop a bit sexist? We all know what it means.

  277. 277
    The Growler says:

    Whatever the Sun says and does Geedes is painted with the same brush, and no the free blogger that he used to be, as far as B’liar and Murdoch concerned they operate in the same way. I think Geedes secretly admires B’Liar and the way he operates.

  278. 278
    Axe is a magnificent cunt says:

    Well how do you feel about North American detritus?

  279. 279
    John Bellingham says:

    My cousin’s daughter is an England Woman’s Rugby International. She is normal, but the only one in the team. Some of the “girls” shave their heads! I am not sure how long she will last.

  280. 280
    Bluto says:

    How much extra is being paid to the EU vote counters to ensure the right result on Sunday?

  281. 281
    Hengist says:

    What about us Jutes?

  282. 282
    The Growler says:

    You do have admit eating too many greens has certain unfortunate effects

  283. 283
    Bluto says:

    If some media cow tried that with me I would simply put the phone down on her.

  284. 284
    Jack Ketch says:

    Googling “Labour Party, sex crimes” gets 3.75 million results.
    Googling “Tory party, fraud charges” gets 2.8 million results.
    Googling “Lib-Dem Arrested” gets 1.75 million results.

  285. 285
    Big D says:

    They can try all they like they have been outed .
    They hate UKIP and Farage because it / he speaks the truth and states what everyone else is thinking including themselves .
    They are simply too cowardly to stand up and be counted .
    Mustnt rock the EU gravy train .
    We are sick to the back teeth with the ” political classes ” and the likes of Polly Toynbee have been conning us for years .
    All while they go to war with any and everyone ( surely racist actions ! )
    and fiddle their expences forms .
    The plague all on their houses .
    Thursday cannot come soon enough , wish I could be a fly on the wall at number 10 , Milbank and where ever the LDs hang out as the results come in.

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