May 18th, 2014

Mail Outrage at Farage Romanians Comments


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    The Poof In Residence says:

    Nigel Farage defends Ukip politician who wants to ‘shoot poofters’


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      lojolondon says:

      Thanks for exposing the hypocrisy of the Mail, Guido – Not sure why you are doing this good work but at the same time also promoting the ‘Car crash interview’ article last week that was a planned MSM campaign to protect Liebour from UKIP, seems contradictory to me?


    • 18
      Grown-up says:

      So desperately keen to be seen as victims. There is no evidence, none whatsoever, that Sullivan wrote this. It just as well could have been a Stonewall sock-puppet. Grow up, for God’s sake.


    • 41
      Harry says:

      Good. Got my vote then.


      • 61
        Stat-Man says:

        Freedom of Information Request to the Met Police

        “Arrests of Foreign Nationals by Nationality”

        German = 2068
        Romanian = 27725


        • 63
          fact checker says:

          Arrests of Foreign Nationals by Nationality & Specific Arrest Areas
          For the period 01/04/2008- 31/12/2012

          Poland 34905
          Romania 27725
          Lithuania 18594
          Nigeria 15600
          India 15204
          Jamaica 14072
          Somalia 10688
          Irish Republic 9688
          Portugal 9557
          Pakistan 8513
          France 7994
          Afghanistan 6813
          China 6700
          Sri Lanka 6160
          Italy 5976
          Turkey 5488
          Bangladesh 5446
          Ghana 5214
          Algeria 4744
          Iran 4691
          Latvia 4690
          Brazil 3855
          Eire 3807
          Bulgaria 3781
          Congo 3322


          • Oh, really? says:

            The answer is clear. Throw out all the Eastern Europeans and allow people from the Congo in, instead.


  2. 2
    Jesus says:

    Still voting UKIP.

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    • 16
      The Lizzud Returns says:

      But of course you are, you brainless muppet.


      • 29
        Dittery old git who plays senile but should be in jail says says:

        Go-on Guido! Let’s have NO MENTION of what your boss should be banded-up for. Complicity, duplicity, Invasion of Privacy, etc, etc. If your boss seems to think that I’m talking shite, then let him drag my rather shapely butt into Court. Also, Blair is a War Criminal, I’ll see him in there too!…..


        • 43
          Steve Right says:

          So why didn’t you and your hooker-friendly Hacked Off mates concentrate on strengthening the right to privacy, and maybe firming up the definition of “in the public interest” so it doesn’t, say, include the private grief of murder victims’ families?

          Because you didn’t fucking care. Because you just wanted to “get” Murdoch and you allowed the politicians to turn Leveson into a chance to muzzle the press that actually do some good.


      • 32
        Socialism is theft says:

        That is because we are voting for UKIP policy and we are not brainless, gullible sheep who are happy to vote for corrupt, deceitful politicians who don’t want us to have democracy or any say in who runs this country. Why would we NOT vote UKIP when mass immigration has caused so much damage already?


        • 60
          lolwut says:

          That’s a fancy way of saying you’re a brainless muppet

          Not helped by the fact you think Farage is any less of a corrupt, deceitful politician than the other three


      • 33
        Obi Wan Kenobi says:

        Lol. It must be very frustrating for you — the more you attack us, the stronger our resolve to vote UKIP becomes.

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      • 65
        Jim says:

        What about the Voters who vote Labour just because they get money from them?


  3. 3
    Fart says:



  4. 4
    Handycock from the £1000 a day Priory Clinic says:

    There is no room for politicians like Farage in British politics . Boaz.


    • 21
      Anonymous says:

      It’s a very dangerous world when you exclude people from politics. That’s what happened in the USSR. Communism kills.

      In a democracy, you debate the arguments and the electorate decides. It’s not your arbitrary decision I’m afraid.


      • 35
        Axe is a magnificent cunt says:

        Whyever not? It’s been working spectacularly well here in Illinois, so why not there just as well?


  5. 5
    Love_Mail says:

    The Mail loves Rumanians. Rumanians love mail.


  6. 6

    One has only to look over the borders to Germany, where break-in crime is on the increase. Strangely, after the Romanian/Bulgarian opening this year. Such crimes are taking place during the day time, presumably using small kids, who cannot face prosecution. I have written this warning to UK blogs months ago and was called a racist etc.etc for my remarks. Must be some good prospects for anti-break-in businesses. Know what I mean?


    • 19
      Ray Cyst says:

      Don’t worry, kered. If you haven’t been called a racist, then you are either a budgie’s cage, or an automaton low on battery power.


      • 36
        Axe is a magnificent cunt says:

        Ray, by the time I’m finished with you lot you’ll be either a cage’s budgie or snorting battery acid.


  7. 7
    Grumpy old man says:

    I’m voting UKIP because I want to give LabLibCam a black aspirin.


  8. 8
    Peter Ellis says:

    Having spent time in Romania and knowing many Romanian professional people, I can assure him that not all Romanians are like this. The Romanian gypsies, on the other hand, are widely reviled in Romania and no amount of political correctness is going to change their behaviour in several lifetimes ! The gypsies are the ones sprawling all over Europe in search of rich pickings and giving regular Romanians a bad name.


    • 17
      Ockham's Razor says:

      Important distinction made here which I can confirm as a result of my travels there.


      • 25
        broderick crawford says:

        I agree . On reflection Farage should have made the distinction . It s the ROMA people be they Romanians Bulgarians or from any Eastern Europe /Slavic Origins that will always be the problem as their wandering lifestyle and traditional exclusion from mainstream veer a lot of them towards the illegal side of existence .

        I believe it wss the Mail or one the the other right leaning papers who themselves highlighted months ago the obscenity of bands of unkempt itinerants with their sleeping bags/shopping trolley-belongings scarring the environs of Marble Arch some time ago with the police able only to move them on temporarily.
        Now the meejia seem to be changing their tune in dancing to the revised beat dictated by their proprietor masters .

        This country has LOST the previously sacrosanct right to control the admission of non British citiizenry . Full stop .
        Thank you in advsnce Gweeds for spiking this .


        • 26
          broderick crawford says:

          Gweeedo !!!

          Respect !!!!!!!!


        • 67
          Jim says:

          You are not given time in the interviews to go into detail. You must give an answer in a five to ten word sound bite or answer a different question.
          Nigel keeps trying to answer the question he is asked. It is so unusual they have to jump on certain words in his answer to create another story.


      • 42
        EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

        It isn’t just the political pygmies in parliament who are found out – look at all the press-hounds – who called it wrong in the public discourse between Farage and Clegg.

        The Press-Hounds have been blooded too and their are known publicly now.


    • 22
      Alas, Poor Albion says:

      Would you like a few thousand Irish travellers in exchange? We wouldn’t like to be hogging all the diversity and cultural enrichment.


    • 23
      Maimed Codger says:

      We have many Roma from other countries and with their way of life and culture comes… Rats from the filth produced by their lifestyle, these people are transient and will just move on with no regard for their environment… now that much is fact.


    • 31
      EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

      See below box 10.


    • 38
      Axe is a magnificent cunt says:

      How is it Causescu never got around to shooting the gypsies? He shot everybody else.

      When we Chicago boyz get Red in, we won’t be making that same mistake.


  9. 9
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    So – an ex tory MP and Cabinet Minister is being ‘protected’. It won’t take long to narrow down the individual – after all there can only be a list of say 10-20 who fit the bill.


  10. 11
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    What are the Romanian Government doing to relieve the poverty in their own back yard … nothing – because it appears as if it is easier for their government to use the UK as a dumping ground.


  11. 12

    There will be an all-out war of words against UKIP from the mainstream until election day. Best to just ignore them (best to do that anyway) and give the LibLabCon a good roasting.


  12. 13
    SAZ says:

    Only UKIP can solve these problems… Love UKIP… Vote UKIP.


  13. 14
    Anonymous says:

    It’s a statistical fact. Romanians are one of the most arrested groups according to MET statistics:


    • 34
      tigerowl says:

      With the Mets record how can you take what they are saying as true?
      People believe this because they want to believe it. If they were told the moon was made of green cheese by Farage they would agree. THINK. It is a way that distinguishes humans from animals. The way we can check out the rubbish Farage and UKIP are pushing and getting the real facts.
      AND THEN THIS….. ‘Only UKIP can solve these problems’ No they can’t. They talk the talk but you can only solve things that are real.
      If a UKIP candidate still thinks you can apply medicine to ‘cure’ a gay person, there is no hope for us if twits believe it.
      We have turned the election into the biggest hate pushing party ever.


    • 39
      Axe is a magnificent cunt says:

      Come on, you lightweights. In Chicago, those Roma could pass for cloistered monks. Well, you’ll see, after we get it sorted next May.


  14. 15
    joekano76 says:

    Reblogged this on Floating-voter.


  15. 20
    Maimed Codger says:

    Simple question, is he saying anything which is Wrong ?


  16. 24
    Maimed Codger says:

    Their seems to be quite a difference between the number of Poles in Britain, according to the Polish Government and the British Government, someone has to be wrong.


    • 40
      UKIP Geography Lesson says:

      The North Pole can be found at the top
      The South Pole can be found at the bottom
      Every other Pole can be found in the UK


  17. 27
    The Silent Majority says:

    Great! More free front page publicity for UKIP! Must be making good ground to have the gutter press after them. They got my postal vote last week – and no regrets!


  18. 28
    what a gay dave says:

    I have more in common with british people than with romanian people

    Why is it racist to say I would rather have British neighbours than romanian neighbours

    I’d I wanted romanian neighbours I would move to Romania


  19. 30
    Dittery old git who plays senile but should be in jail says says:

    Mail Outrage at Farage Romanian Comments…

    Question. How many Romanians work at the Mail?

    Ever had a boss that was complicit in invading privacy? Ever had a boos that patently LIED to ministers when asked about it? I’ve not. Guido may have however..


  20. 44
    Steve Right says:

    I don’t want Romanians next door, or a mosque on my street, or a gypsy camp in my town. Shall I turn myself in?


  21. 46
    ukipper says:

    Don’t care a jot. I’d vote for vlad the impaler if he was anti eu. Vote ukip


    • 62
      jgm2 says:

      Vlad the Impaler is a hero in Romania. He stopped the spread of Is*l*am by out-Is*lam*ming the Mu*sl*ims.

      Greased spikes all round.

      They didn’t like it up ‘em.


  22. 47
    Colin Shepherd says:

    This is just part of the establishments attack on UJKIP.

    Just like allowing a rogue UKIP person to have a party name that comes at the top rather than the bottom of the ballot paper. Hey’re scared that the people might revolt. Get out there and vote UKIP. Put the S**t up them


  23. 48
    An old P.I.P. customer-just needed to get that off my chest says:

    Contradictions Today.

    A media that pushes sexual equality yet stands back and allows discrimination in Religious Institutions. (take your pick as to which one’s)

    Environmental Hippies that take the lead on policies but do fucking nothing when it comes to connecting the dots between ‘man made’ and ‘Climate change’. If they’re pro-EU then building another Birmingham every 5 years is just fine. Pro-homosexuals who’ll bark and bite every fucker to yield to their will but will do NOTHING, that’s NOTHING, to the Catholic or Muslim faiths approach to life…

    Appeasing food hygiene so that Halal meat is sold and severed because ‘it’s just easier that way’, yet the Animal Rights Activists are SILENT on it. SILENT. (BTW Halal food is not welcomed by Hindu’s- but who cares about them hey?)

    Not allowing either Fracking or Nuclear Power in the UK but importing it from EDF or by buying US Fracked Gas is OK. Saying that Wind Farms are ‘environmentally better’ when they’re just a big blender of birds and insects.

    It has been a long weekend and I’m a bit grouchy, but that’s no reason to be ‘un-cynical’


    • 58
      Anonymous says:

      The average Catholic family is no bigger than yours
      Thats an old cliche
      Here in Birmingham Indian muslims average 2,Pakistani muslims 4 and the creme de la creme Bangladeshi 4.5
      No figures on Somali muslims but since the unemployment rate is 90% go figure
      Catholic parents (of which I am one) are more likely to fund their offspring without handouts


  24. 49
    Tony B.liar is going to hell. God will be his judge not the pope. says:

    They are a lot of people who want closure on that painful war on Iraq. But selfish B.liar is stalling for his own selfish ends.


  25. 50
    alanis morissette says:

    Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think?


  26. 51
    Colin Shepherd says:

    Steve Right says:
    May 18, 2014 at 6:07 pm

    I don’t want Romanians next door, or a mosque on my street, or a gypsy camp in my town. Shall I turn myself in?

    Lucky old you. When I go back to old old town (Oldham) two streets away is a massive mosque. Even a friend of mine who is very liberal said don’t walk up the street you were brought up on.could be dangerous.


  27. 52
    DMReporter says:

    Hello. I’m the DMReporter. I made the image above that you’re all using as a basis to talk about statistical accuracy, Romanian characteristics and which of you are / aren’t racist.

    I find it really interesting that no-one has mentioned the one and only reason I made and posted this image in the first place; to show how our press regards it’s readers and the public as chumps.

    The Mail will gladly print a 2 year narrative of blaming Romanian hordes for all crime in Britain, and Farage will gladly use this source as a basis for policy and promotion. But it when it suits them the Mail will happily blast Farage as a racist without ever acknowledging their role in the formation of the idea.

    This image was meant to explicitly show the hypocrisy of the newsmedia – I focus on the Mail predominantly but this extends to pretty much any news source to varying degrees. They will say and do anything to secure that click, that hit, that purchase – and they do not care for consistency, accuracy or detail.

    Finally, can I just say that I am astounded to the point of depression that anyone regards UKIP as some kind of rebel outsider party. Support their values if you wish – they are no better or no worse than the big three – but to believe that they are anything other than another slice of well marketed establishment is foolish, and naive, and dangerous. LibLabCon are pretty much transparent in their vested idiocy and institutional corruption, but UKIP are riding some kind of creepy duplicity and people seem to actually believe this man-of-the-people, pint-pulling, telling-it-like-it-is crap.

    The world has now changed. It’s the messenger who needs shooting, not the message. Vote for who you like. It won’t change a damned thing.


    • 55
      Anonymous says:

      What a load of smear ridden tosh.


    • 57
      Workers vote UKIP. says:

      I agree with your conclusion (unfortunately)
      so I’ll keep voting UKIP and take heart that it seriously p’s off the Loony Left, The Faux Center and the MSM

      Vote UKIP just because..


  28. 54
    Neitherdeadnoralive says:

    Some insane woman on Sky Murnahan this morning said Farage was getting an easy ride from the media….. Even Murnahan was gobsmacked at that one !!!”


  29. 56
    Anonymous says:

    Guido does seem to be even handed = equally caustic to all – that is part of the appeal of the site.

    What I find interesting is the way newspapers which claim to be Eurosceptic and which question unlimited immigration, PC etc are nevertheless keen to damage UKIP at election times. We expect the Guardian, BBC, Times, Mirror to be anti-UKIP as a matter of policy. But for the Daily Mail to adopt such aggressive reporting of UKIP just before an election can only be explained by tribalism – they want a Tory government regardless of its enthusiasm for the EU.

    We really do have to break up this tribalism and political class mutual support system.


  30. 59
    Muggins says:

    All these attacks on Nigel confirm that I am an outcast in my own country.

    I was content in my intention to vote UKIP this time and keep an open mind for future elections. Not any more. All these attacks have convinced me that I must vote UKIP for evermore! And I shall! No other party cares for or represents the responsible English citizen.


  31. 64
    Nick Griffin had a point says:

    The Daily Mail is an establishment plant – a sounding board for folks to express their frustration while continuing to vote for the status quo. It rants and rails against mass immigration, bogus asylum-seekers, criminal asylum seekers whom the courts refuse to deport, etc. YET it is now turning on UKIP as it once did on the BNP – two parties outside the political elite who are pledged to do something about the very problems the mail complaints about.


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