May 16th, 2014

WATCH: UKIP Comms Chief Interrupts Farage LBC Interview

Nigel Farage’s LBC interview with James O’Brien went so badly that UKIP comms chief Patrick O’Flynn felt compelled to interrupt the presenter live on air to tell him he had gone over time:

Farage did not look impressed, presumably because he knew it would look absolutely horrific. 


  1. 1
    JH29327573322534 says:

    Well, the 21 year old student going off in a huff didn’t prove as ‘explosive’ as some hoped. In fact, it went off like a damp fart.

    Let’s hope the establishment gets more mileage out of this one eh.

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    • 15
      LBC is 4 londonstanis. says:

      Geedo. It doesn’t look “absolutely Horrific” at all. The presenter comes across as a confrontational gobshite ignormaous though.

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      • 62
        GetReal says:

        O’Brien certainly comes across as an ignorant, nasty, aggressive, smart ass cvnt. Who is he trying to impress with that approach? The majority of London residents?

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        • 72
          Bob C untface Crow says:

          Come on we all know what filthy scum Romanians are.


        • 73
          John Humphrys says:

          O’Brien just likes the sound of his own voice and is more interested in asking questions than he is in listening to any answers.

          Much like myself.

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        • 78
          Knighty46 says:

          Why do you waste your time commenting on a ignorant cvnt like O’Brien. Don’t forget the shit he spread about Lampard who then came on and creamed him. Don’t listen to him or comment then perhaps the pr1ck will piss off for good.

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      • 70
        broderick crawford says:

        Well I can assure you number 15 he (O ‘ Brien ) WAS all the things you ascribe to him when I stopped listening to his programme and all LBC presenter output years ago based on a slew of interruptions and self serving self important “statements “.

        Obviously my years of auricular absence have taught them nothing as it is clear they CONTINUE on their ill bred path to soi disant aggrandisement .

        Commpared to this one even Ferrari oozes breeding and elan !

        Anyway ,as they –LBC — have now gone national and presumably make money it seems I am in the minority in liking my debates to be civilised question /answer dialogue and not being treated when a caller as time fodder to be interrupted /cut short on the whim of the presenters political views or indeed the time limit imposed by the next ad break …

        I only heard the above clip but Farage was as usual far too gentlemanly– a virtue not returned by this jumped up pierrot .

        Learn to street fight Nigel …. if they interrupt you raise your voice and drown them out … voters will love you for it . Otherwise you re open to a charge of going soft . Learn from Galloway !!!!!


        • 71
          broderick crawford says:

          Wot does Rupe own LBC as well then Mod ?

          My what a tangled web he weaves …..


      • 77
        LionelDemocratic says:

        O’Brian used the same old trick of asking questions and interrupting before the interviewee has time to reply. They ALWAYS talk about expenses and allowances.
        The facts are that MEPs are GIVEN ALLOWANCES! Not like our MPs who CLAIM Expenses. I agree that MEPs should state, in writing, how their allowances are spent. THAT’S open Democracy!


    • 16
      Anonymous says:

      No one said it was explosive – it just adds to the general narrative that UKIP is full of unsavoury chracters who you wouldn’t want representing the UK.

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    • 67
      I'll give it a go.. says:

      After watching the Galaxy advert 5x (for some reason) I still don’t want one. I’m still waiting for the video to play..


      • 68
        I'm dittery old Merdoch, watch my accountant go! says:

        I flatly refuse to listen to this drivel 6x because you and your boss cannot get your shit together. BTW, I DON’T WANT A FARGIN’ GALAXY!


  2. 2
    Londoner says:

    Guiido, in a week’s time we will all be happy. But you will still be sad.

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    • 50
      Fuck The One-Eyed Scottish Fucker says:

      Correct, Londoner. Many of my friends have joined UKIP in the last two months. I’m joining today.

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  3. 3
    • 74
      broderick crawford says:

      Well done Vincent , you were so close this time .

      We ll try again Monday after you ve had the weekend to rest .


  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    Didn’t think Farage sounded flustered or anything tbh, Wiki looking for a Job in the mainstream slander mongering media?

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  5. 5
    strawberry says:

    i am ahuman too.
    i ma plant,
    i am veggie.


    • 12
      strawberry says:

      i am a bananara.
      i am a sai. i am modest.
      i am bland. dip me
      where the sauce of the spurce fawkes


  6. 6
    Viewer says:

    30 second advert before your clip runs. What a piece of click-baiting shit this blog site has become.

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  7. 7
    Rabnawaz Akbar says:

    Farage is finished. Wow, I’ve never seen him interview this badly. Just wow.. another bigot party bites the dust

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    • 17
      Mustafa Begtuhd says:


      This time they’ve really got him for sure. It’s much better than yesterday’s bad news story, much more damning. I’m sure tomorrow’s story will be even worse.

      Farage is finished I tell you. Inshallah.

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      • 21
        Rupert says:

        Actually, he’s so finished I have already decided on the date of Guido’s payrise.


      • 59
        Destroy The Tories.. says:

        Undecided until now but have just completed my postal vote with a great big cross for UKIP. The more they knock em’ the more will join the fight. Thanks.

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  8. 8
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

    ‘Farage did not look impressed.’

    He didn’t look particularly arsed to me.

    Must try harder Fawkes.

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  9. 10
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:


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  10. 11
    Say what you will says:

    Thought LBC being in London would have heard how many times Farage has answered that question, if the presenter feels it’s wrong get plod involved or HMRC, we want to hear what plans UKIP has if next Thursday goes well and what will his MEPs get up to in what’s laughingly called the European Parliament but is just a place to rubber stamp what’s been dictated by the undemocratic unelected dictators.

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    • 43
      Anonymous says:

      Why doesn’t UKIP actually turn up to votes to put in opposing votes? Or are they just in it for the cash and the Brussels beer?


  11. 13
    La, la, la says:

    It was good that occasionally O’Brien let Farage get a word in.


  12. 14
    Mouthy knob says:

    That OBrien has always been a wanker.
    Can’t stick him. Wouldn’t listen to him in a million years.

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  13. 18
    Nick says:

    James O’Brien , ah yes , thinks he’s cleverer than he is and mortally ashamed of his privileged upbringing. Heard him once bullshit about how his impoverished parents sent him to public school and , like all champagne socialists , now spends his time trying to deny to others the privileges his (families) money brings.

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    • 66
      Funambulist says:

      Sounds like one of those ‘socialists’ who did well in life because they went to grammar school, and spend their time trying to get all grammar schools shut down. They enjoy pulling the ladder up once they reach the balcony.

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  14. 19
    Anonymous says:

    I thought o’Flynn was meant to be a a seasoned journo whose appointment showed that UKIP was heading to the big leagues.

    Guess being Political Editor of the Daily Express is the actual equivalent of an intern.


  15. 22
    Mrs. O'Brien says:

    I have to say that having had the bad luck to hear the aforesaid smug, self-satisfied, public school educated class warrior spout off his bleeding heart, rich-guilt hatred, I’m amazed that NF didn’t lamp him.

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  16. 24

    More slippery than a buttered eel! Typical politician.


  17. 28
    Rickytshirt says:

    ‘Farage did not look impressed’

    His expression didn’t change at all and looked pretty calm to be honest.

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    • 45
      The BBC, The Guardian and all the other lefty twats says:

      No! No! No!

      If you look carefully you can see him jump up out his chair and do a full Nazi salute.

      Yes, you can.

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  18. 29
    Roger"I'm so sexy it hurts" Helmer says:

    Maybe James O’Brien should get the Newsnight job.


  19. 30
    Geedo geedo geedo says:

    The presenter comes across as a right lefty wanker. Farage was OK WTF are you smoking Guido? Mehinks you are too close to the luvvies these days to be properly objective

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  20. 32
    Anonymous says:

    So, UKIPs press officer feels the need to jump in and the cyber Kippers are still saying that Farage was doing well.


    • 46
      JH3254623412312 says:

      Farage has to deal with relentlessly hostile interviews, day in, day out. A whole broadside of lefty media figures, doing their damnedest to trip him up.

      I’d like to see how the likes of Miliband and wee Dougie would cope under that sort of constant pressure. They would be torn to pieces when faced by anything more than the soft soaping they are so very used to.

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    • 58
      Up yours Herman says:

      In an interview the host normally allows the guest to answer questions, Obrien is more like an the fucking gestapo..what a Hunt he is.

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  21. 33
    Observer says:

    I wonder what revelation LibLabCon and their cronies in the civil service are planning as the clincher, in their eyes, of their campaign?. Every time they play this game, it just adds more votes for UKIP…
    Actually it’s already too late for them to attempt to change people’s minds. I recall that the stats say that voting decisions are usually made a couple of weeks before polling day.

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  22. 34
    Man in a Suitcase says:

    The media still don’t get it. People will vote UKIP not because of their awe inspiring policies or their saintly candidates but because they are fed up with lying, hypocritical, out-of-touch, gobshite Con/Lib/Lab politicians.

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  23. 39
    Bill Quango MP says:

    Not a good interview.
    Nigel should have been slightly better prepared when going up against the radio version of Polly Toynbee.

    He lacks honesty. Or rather, when put on the spot, over his directorships or expenses, he is evasive and appears concealing.

    needs to work that out. His comms man should have worked out credible answers to these questions by now. All the presenters use the same lines. It isn’t that hard counter.

    Farage even began to get it right when he just said the company failed.
    O’Brien says “And that';s why you left before the inland revenue arrived?”
    “businesses fail Mr O’Brien. You have never owned one. If LBC closed tomorrow I could describe you as taking the last shilling from the amount owed the taxman. That would not be true anymore than what you imply occurred in my case.”

    Must do better Nigel. Its only going to get harder.


    • 47
      JH3254623412312 says:

      Er, that sounds like a pretty good retort to me.

      Will O’Brien ask how Miliband’s dad wound up a millionaire when interviewing his arsehole son next? Or about the exact tax affairs involved in the transfer of the nice big Primrose Hill house?

      Nah. That wouldn’t do, would it?

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      • 60
        Bill Quango MP says:

        I didn’t make it clear. The retort was mine. Farage was just evasive.
        He needs more honesty. Mustn’t be afraid of his past.

        He also needs a much better comms team.


  24. 40
    Anonymous says:

    O’Brien just wants more of the same and is happy to shout racist at anyone who doesn’t share his view. Typical labour voter.


  25. 42
    679 says:

    I’ve seen that presenter on the telly – rarely if ever have I seem someone so punchable


  26. 48
    The Colonel says:

    Apparently that smug twat O,Brian cannot tell the difference between a houseful of Romanian men and a houseful of German children,truly pathetic.I think that his wife might.


  27. 49
  28. 51
    RickB says:

    That twat O’Brien has made me even more determined to vote UKIP.

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  29. 55
    Sarah Millington says:

    Still voting UKIP – this did not even register as a fail to me. J’OB does what he always does – pander to his privileged friends in the metropolitan elite.

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  30. 56
    Anonymous says:

    Not a dent on Farage…..I would have been tempted to give that whining teenager a slap.


  31. 57
    Nat says:

    “Absolutely horrific” ????

    Nah ….
    this is ‘absolutely horrific’ –

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  32. 64
    Observer says:

    I see that the newspaper owned by 2 tax evading multimillionaires who operate from their private fiefdom off the coast of France have picked up this story! Not surprising as their minions fight to preserve the old parties and the old media. But of course, a total waste of space and time.

    The UK has moved on.


  33. 69
    Geoffrey Brooking says:

    More reason for Guido to come home to the blues :-)


  34. 75

    What a smug, Lefty, ignorant Hunt that beardy bastard is!


  35. 76
    Sir Marmalade-Troughchum says:

    Excellent definition of a non-story.


  36. 80
    Hilda says:

    I bet this interviewer doesn’t give Labour a rough time.


  37. 81
    Hilda says:

    Stuart Hall LibDem candidate for 2015 general election.


  38. 83
    Anonymous says:

    Farage did well. Obrian is a prick !!!!


  39. 84
    Guidoisesxplosive says:

    nothing there, Guido. Please stop wasting my time.


  40. 86
    Johng680 says:

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