May 16th, 2014

WATCH:  Killer Quotes From Farage LBC Interview

Asked whether he feels “uncomfortable” about his wife speaking German, Farage replies “I don’t suppose she speaks it on the train”. Then on whether he would rather live next to German children or Romanian men: “you know what the difference is”.

A traditionally painted train crash.



  1. 1
    Welshracer says:

    Also that line “I got the feeling it was not the language of choice” is weird from Farage – I don’t get that.

  2. 2
    Roger"I'm so sexy it hurts" Helmer says:

    James O’Brien absolutely nails Nigel Farage on “children who don’t speak English”. Around 15mins in

    Get in there James.

  3. 3
    Steaming Truths says:

    If you don’t know the difference between a train full of German kids and train full of Romanians, childrenor adults, you will find it statistically much harder to get off with your wallet intact. That, sadly, is the way of the world.

  4. 4
    Anonymong says:

    Sorry Guido are you seeing something I’m not?

    How does this differ from any of the other supposedly devastating anti-Farage interviews.

    What the average ‘kipper will see is a hostile interviewer barracking someone over a couple of feeble questioning lines. It’ll work in Farage’s favour, just like the last hundred interviews of this type.

  5. 5
    No 6 says:

    Our elites haven’t understood the ‘UKIP Paradox” – the more the party is smeared, the more support it garners.

  6. 6
    Aardvark says:

    Oh Lord James O’Brien, another fucking Public School Guardianista Lefty pretending to speak for the poor and downtrodden.

    The BBC/Guardian is full of them.

  7. 7
    String Vest says:

    Seems to be a lot of paid pro EU trolls around these days.

  8. 8
    How's about actually coming up with some decent policies? says:

    How much are CCHQ paying you?

    I appreciate the need to change tactics, but a herd of on message commenters suddenly appearing btl on various blogs and news sites won’t win you back any voters.

  9. 9
    Herr Hitler says:

    Est is zeit fur rach

  10. 10
    The Victoria Line says:

    I travel by public transport all the time and for most of it I don’t have a problem with hearing other languages on the underground. Like most Londoners I can block out the other people in the carriage quite effectively.

    But I do agree that there are times when it is a little wearying not to hear any English at all.

  11. 11
    The Lone Ranger says:

    +1 I fear Guido is now among those who “don’t get it”. Vote UKIP and fuck the lot of them – including Guido.

  12. 12
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    These are just the vital questions that voters on the doorstep want answered.

    Forget uncontrolled immigration, loss of our sovereignty and the £12 billion in foreign aid.


  13. 13
    SpAd says:

    Dear Bourgeois Commentariat,

    Unless you actually live on a street where a group of Romanian men is likely to move in next door to you, your opinion on this subject is null and void.

    Yours sincerely,

    The Public.

  14. 14
    MSM says:

    We are ready, with our “is it starting to unravel for UKIP” articles already written.

    But I think we will wait a few more days nearer the election before we publish them

  15. 15
    Hobo humping Slobo babe says:

    The Germans were very good at grabbing wallets at Auschwitz.

  16. 16
    Johnny English says:

    It really pisses me off when you get woken up in a Hotel by some idiots yelling in a foreign language, and you can’t even tell what they are arguing about

  17. 17
    Laura Norder says:

    The skull cracker has been remanded in bed and breakfast accommodation until he feels like going back to jail.

  18. 18
    The Lone Ranger says:

    Have you got a load of “how did we get it so wrong” articles too?

  19. 19
    String Vest says:

    I fully endorse foreign aid, provided it is paid for out of any surplus. When the govt has to borrow to fund foreign aid then its just piling up the national debt.

  20. 20
    Steve Miliband says:

    The Emperors not wearing any clothes!!

  21. 21
    Mary Contrary says:

    Farage’s “problem” is that he clearly doesn’t believe any of this stuff, he’s a an old-style Thatcherite without a racist bone in his body, and really has no problem with immigration. But he’s cynically exploiting the anti-immigration vote nonetheless.

    It’s almost inevitable that the discrepancy will cause him to come unstuck, it’s just a surprise it’s taking this long

  22. 22
  23. 23
    Ukipper says:

    Stop smearing us as xenophobes. We just deeply hate Romanians.

  24. 24
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    It’s easy to tell the difference.

    The German children won’t be trying to flog you a copy of the Big Issue :-)

  25. 25
    The Victoria Line says:

    I speak a number of languages. Most of the time it is banal stuff – often just people talking about lunch.

  26. 26
    bob says:

    Hell Yeah. When we have a SPARE 1BN lets help the needy but for christs sake when we have no F**KING MONEY stop borrowing more to just give away.

  27. 27
    bob says:

    ….whilst trying to steal your wallet, phone etc

  28. 28
    Anonymous says:

    So foreign languages are fine, except when spoken on the train?

    What a muppet.

  29. 29
    Roger Helmer says:

    Mark my words, Nigel. Sinister forces are at work.

  30. 30
    Der Fat Kontroller says:

    Not actually on the train itself.

  31. 31
    what price freedom? says:

    The very odd radio presenter misses the point either on purpose or he is totally stupid.

    UKIP have no problem with Europe or Europeans. Their reason to exist is the undemocratic totalitarian EU that has now taken over our country and systematically destroying it into a homogenous mush

  32. 32
    A Tory says:

    Farage was good, honest and frank. O’Brien was bitter and pompous. Win for Nige I think.

  33. 33
    Bob Bob says:

    Am I missing something? There doesn’t really seem to be anything in this at all?

  34. 34
    @mrjamesknob says:

  35. 35
    Judge Pickled says:

    O’Brien is such a c’nut, awful. I gave up listening to him years ago, same old interruptions, stupid questions. Nige should have said something like ‘ask me a proper question and I’ll answer, stop asking this sixth form lefty shite. O’Brien is a tedious, smug, lefty bore. A few more votes for Ukip.

  36. 36
    Rickytshirt says:

    Not even remotely witty.

  37. 37
    Rickytshirt says:

    It’s not just me then.

  38. 38
    Ukipper says:

    Exactly. Who wants to live next to some Romanian scum? You know what they’re like. And they have the cheek to call us xenophobes.

  39. 39
    Passenger says:

    People yabbering away loudly on trains can be quite annoying, to be fair. The people having to listen to it are a captive audience. I don’t even like people who speak too loudly in English, especially into their mobiles.

  40. 40
    String Vest says:

    Looking at it, over the five years of this parliament we have had £20BN per year going to the EU. £12BN per year going on foreign aid.

    All borrowed money. Total it up and that is £160BN.

  41. 41
    Steve Miliband says:

    1.1% of spend to help people in real need

  42. 42
    Socialism Ate My Future says:

    As much as I disagree with his politics and his leftard views the mystery hour is good though.

  43. 43
    David Cameron says:

    Well played. Go for the man, not the ball. That works.

  44. 44
    Nick Clegg says:

    Roger Helmer (UKIP) tells the Daily Politics it’s “possible” that gay marriage caused flooding in the UK.

  45. 45
    Rickytshirt says:

    I’m going to take out a huge Wonga loan and give it to the Indian Space Agency.

  46. 46
    Nigel Farago says:

    A right flap. No wonder Paddy Flynn said it was time to go!

  47. 47
    Rickytshirt says:

    It doesn’t get funnier with repetition.

  48. 48
    Mrs James O’Brien's Mum says:

    How dare that awaful Mr Farge argue with my lovely boy – he wouldn’t let him get a word in edgeways the cnut.

  49. 49
    Halal Consumer says:

    I must be missing something, all I saw was the usual desperate social justice warrior interrupting everything Nige said and deliberately misrepresenting his words *yawn* Liberal tears will flow next Thursday

  50. 50
    wellBowMan capsule says:

    why me?
    why moi?

  51. 51
    Bulls**t Baffles Brains says:

    Politicians know not to appear in TV studios without makeup, and have known since Nixon debated Kennedy.

  52. 52
    UKIP forever and fuck Lib/Lab/Con says:

    Wrong train wreck……The train wreck is the establishments policy trying to deal with UKIP.

  53. 53
    EU lickspittle Clegg says:

    Actually, list the streets that this can’t happen. You can’t because there are no residential streets in this country where a group of Roma are not allowed to live. Therefore we all have a valid opinion on this subject.
    Shithead lefty troll trying to stifle debate as usual.
    Unless you were being facetious…

  54. 54
    Steve Right says:

    I would have thought even the left can understand the difference between opening your borders to a rich, successful country and opening them to an imporverished shithole. If they see no difference then why do we not have open borders to all of Africa as well as Europe? Are they racist?

  55. 55
    EU lickspittle Clegg says:

    Al Gore?

  56. 56
    The Lone Ranger says:

    Fear of UKIP seem to be your “problem”.

  57. 57
    anon says:

    What a terrible interviewer.

  58. 58
    Maqb­oul says:

    But it’s a radio show.

  59. 59
    Anonymous says:

  60. 60
    EU lickspittle Clegg says:

    Why is it that the trolletariat have such a problem understanding that it is NOT racist to be anti uncontrolled immigration?

  61. 61
    Winston says:

    James O’Brien is an absolute hypocritical champagne socialist c**t of the highest order. He only likes the sound of his own voice.

  62. 62
    Golders Green Central Casting says:

    The Holohoax must go on!

  63. 63
    Tim Yeo-Yo says:

    Nor have the MSM.

  64. 64
    SpAd says:

    I’m anything but a lefty, mate.

    I was trying to highlight the fact that most of people yelling “waycist” at people’s immigration worries tend to live in agreeable tree-lined suburbs, where the likelihood of a van-load of immigrants pitching up next door is slim to none.

  65. 65
    AC1 says:

    Good on Rolf Harris for schtupping all those gagging for it shiksas. But I draw the line at 7 yr olds. The good book Tal Mud says the goy should be fucked at 3 yr old.

  66. 66
    The Lone Ranger says:

    Nobody is allowed on studio TV without make-up. It’s to do with lighting, but you seem too dim to understand.

  67. 67
    It's Chelsea Flower Show on Monday says:

    You are losing your touch.
    You have in the past week completely misunderstood what is going on in Ukraine and now misunderstand that UKIP not only deserve to but also must do well in the Euro elections. I met an (ex) Minister last weekend whom I know well and told him I was voting UKIP. his only comment was that they would not be able to govern, having no one of the right calibre.
    I think in the circumstances that is the weakest argument I have ever heard put forward by an politician.
    Are you taking the EU shilling?

  68. 68
    Guido's mammy says:

    oy vey, how else is a homosexual mongrel to make a living but shill for 3 cm-dicked j*w oligarchs?

  69. 69
    That presenter.. says:

    I recognise him – he turns up on loads of panel shows and spouts the usual leftwing dogma and always seems so angry – like most on the left he needs to just sit back and chill and try not to make everyone as miserable as him

  70. 70
    Popcorn says:

    I trust you’re all stocking up on popcorn and drinks for next Thursday night when the fun begins.

  71. 71
    Guido's mammy says:

    circumcised cock, thrice daily.

  72. 72
    Tim Yeo-Yo says:

    It’s the lack of understanding of basic British common decent manners that grips me the most. Things like giving your seat up for the old/infirm/preggers women/mothers with kids, letting people off a bus/tube before trying to get on.

  73. 73
    Maqb­oul says:

    Belgium managed perfectly well without a government for quite a long time. Provided you have a decent civil service, judiciary and police force the country can trundle along just fine.

  74. 74
    wellBowMan capsule says:

    in an wmergency kill the feet, let the finger do the talking, fingers are hands .

  75. 75
    sixupman says:

    O’Brien was his usual neurotic self, not to mention his ‘bleeding heart’ approach!

  76. 76
    JH3254623412312 says:

    Unless they are there to fit a new luxury bathroom of course.

    Would usually be Poles though.

  77. 77
    Jack Ketch says:

    When I posted yesterday using Y1ddish words ( a language, Mr Moderator, not an insult), it was removed within 20 minutes.

  78. 78
    String Vest says:

    Labour used that tack in the run up to the last general election, they claimed that no one in opposition had the experience that the Dear Leader Mentalist had. Give me strength.

  79. 79
    JH3254623412312 says:

    ‘We were for them all along’, more like.

    I don’t think even the current media is stupid enough to vilify half its audience. If nothing else the advertisers would crucify them.

  80. 80
    Rickytshirt says:

    I think we’ve had enough of politicians of the current ‘calibre’.

  81. 81
    Anonymous says:

  82. 82
    Anonymous says:

  83. 83
    wellBowMchi Meaisteran capsule says:

    i flash.
    i yheob.
    i incessa
    in the recess become an ant.
    now take that DEC. pdpeleven,s are monsters.

  84. 84
    ex-Tory Voter says:

    No matter what the +ve or -ve spin by the media morons – UKIP has my vote.

    NOTHING has made Tin Can or the others so uneasy – and that in itself is a great achievement.

  85. 85
    Labour are cunts says:

    Ex-BBC broadcaster Stuart Hall has been cleared of r*ping two young girls.

    Hardly matters. He’s still been convicted of other crimes which he’s admitted and he’s still locked up in chokey.

  86. 86
    today000 says:


  87. 87
  88. 88
    Anonymous says:

    Wrong to report them,just another open door lefty.

  89. 89
    Ctesibius says:

    Couldn’t help noticing that Martha Kearney, talking to Ed Millionaireband on WATO just now, referred to the Liebour Party as ‘us’.

  90. 90
    Natureitis says:

    Better still, shove a grenade up his arse and let nature take its course.

  91. 91
    Tim Yeo-Yo says:

    Are your the CCHQ version of ‘cool dude’ who was on here making retarded remarks yesterday?

  92. 92
    Worried Elite says:

    It would also help if an actual genuinely damaging scandal within Ukip. This fabricated stuff doesn’t seem to be gaining much traction.

  93. 93
    The public says:

    TaTs back then.

    Thought the mentally challenged little tosser was dead.

  94. 94
    Peter Expat says:

    Can anyone tell me what the UKIP’s policies are on anything other than the EU and immigration and if they were ever to become the government, what expertise lies within their potential parliamentarians to rnanage anything more taxing than their local British Legion ?
    Any captains of industry, respected economists, etc. ?

  95. 95
    Anonymous says:

    True. Ukip hypocrisy/persecution complex is disturbing not amusing.

  96. 96
    Roger "Hear ! Hear !" Helmer says:

    Fury as Tory councillor tells independence debate Yes slogan ‘sounds better than a woman closing her legs and …

  97. 97
    Beyong London says:

    Who on earth is this idiot interviewer who asks a question/makes a statement, but isn’t the slightest bit interested in hearing his guest’s response?
    What exactly is LBC anyway? No doubt some London based outfit which has no experience beyond the small acreage in which they are interested.
    Who pays for their output?

  98. 98
    Bewlidered of Chatham, Kent says:

    I live on a street that, at one end, has been taken over by Roma. Supposedly Slovak, but apparently flexible. One side of the street is now a permanent rubbish dump with broken furniture, old TVs and general crap simple thrown onto the pavement. Come rubbish collection day, some Roma houses appear to produce several dozen bin bags that block the pavement, split open and are then ignored by the Rubbish collectors. Police cars arrive every night in threes or fours to break up fights or extricate some screamer from one of the houses. Hardly any adults can speak English. Gangs of younger swarthy folk congregate at weekends to set off for shoplifting expeditions in town. Until last week a score or so of young Roma girls aged about 12-14 tarted up in make up and dresses that are singularly inappropriate for their age would drift from house to house each evening and approach passers-by for “pocket money”.
    I say until last week, as Kent Police have now arrested dozens of Roma involved in a child prostitution ring and the kids and many of the adults have just disappeared.

  99. 99
    Say what you will says:

    I think most people couldn’t give a sh1t with controlled immigration, seeing we are still a seagoing nation and a Commonwealth country, people have always been coming and going, it’s when we get groups all coming at once with very little help or shelter to give them, that’s the problem, time to restrict all immigration including the EU one’s, how about training up our 2 million unemployed juniors into the trades we need and stop importing others until needed,

  100. 100
    Ampleforth's Finest says:

    He missed it on purpose. He’s a total cock.

  101. 101
    Labour are cunts says:

    Damn, that looks good!!! Snickers popcorn and Caramel apple popcorn sound tremendous.

  102. 102
    Sorry you asked? says:

    That will be in their GE manifesto, which, in common with other main parties, has yet to be released.

    Their local and European manifestos are readily available online and include the following:

    Reducing Fuel Poverty:
    • Outside the EU, we can abolish EU
    laws that add hundreds of pounds to
    household energy bills. EU rules keep
    energy bills high by forcing taxpayers’
    money into wasteful wind turbines and
    solar arrays.
    Lighter Regulation for
    Small Businesses
    • Only 5% of British companies export
    to the EU. Why should 100% of our
    businesses be subject to harmful EU
    regulation? Only outside the EU can
    we have more flexible regulations to
    create more jobs.
    No Votes for Prisoners
    • The European Court of Human Rights
    – which the Lisbon Treaty forces all
    EU member states to sign up to – still
    wants to give prisoners the vote. It
    also prevents convicted terrorists from
    being deported. UKIP will leave the EU
    and the jurisdiction of the European
    Court of Human Rights. Parliament
    should decide fairer human rights laws.
    Reclaiming our waters
    • Over the years, Britain’s coastal
    communities have lost thousands of
    jobs due to the EU’s Common Fisheries
    Policy. It has been an environmental
    disaster with fish stocks dangerously
    low. Outside the EU, we will reclaim our
    territorial waters, revive our fishing
    towns and ports and end discards.
    Saving Taxpayers’ Money
    • The EU costs the UK Government £55m
    a day. As the EU’s biggest customer, we
    are in an incredibly strong position to
    negotiate an amicable exit and free trade
    deal under existing treaties. The savings
    to the taxpayer would be huge.
    Local Homes for Local Families
    • UKIP will prioritise social housing for
    those with parents and grandparents
    born locally.
    A National, Not International,
    Health Service
    • It is important that everyone in the
    UK has access to free medical care.
    Visitors and migrants to the UK must
    show proof of health insurance as a
    condition of entry to the UK.
    Trading Globally
    • On leaving the EU, the UK will keep
    the trade agreements we entered as an
    EU member prior to the Lisbon Treaty.
    Outside the EU, we can negotiate our
    own trade deals, but be in a stronger
    position, as we will be negotiating in
    the British interest.
    Cheaper Petrol and Diesel
    • UKIP will seek to reduce fuel duty and
    reduce the disparity in price between
    diesel and petrol. Fuel duty is too high
    and has held the economy back.

    • Council tax should be as low as possible
    • Immigration must be controlled to relieve pressure on our health,
    education, housing and welfare services
    • Green spaces should be protected – we oppose excessive
    housing development, wind farms and HS2
    • We need more police on the streets, cracking down on crime and
    anti-social behaviour
    • Councils should cut highly paid council executives, not front-line
    staff and services
    • Real decision-making should be given to local communities
    • Money should be used for local services, not the EU, foreign aid
    and foreign wars

    • Council tax should be as low as possible
    • Immigration must be controlled to relieve pressure on our health,
    education, housing and welfare services
    • Green spaces should be protected – we oppose excessive
    housing development, wind farms and HS2
    • We need more police on the streets, cracking down on crime and
    anti-social behaviour
    • Councils should cut highly paid council executives, not front-line
    staff and services
    • Real decision-making should be given to local communities
    • Money should be used for local services, not the EU, foreign aid
    and foreign wars

    • Council tax should be as low as possible
    • Immigration must be controlled to relieve pressure on our health,
    education, housing and welfare services
    • Green spaces should be protected – we oppose excessive
    housing development, wind farms and HS2
    • We need more police on the streets, cracking down on crime and
    anti-social behaviour
    • Councils should cut highly paid council executives, not front-line
    staff and services
    • Real decision-making should be given to local communities
    • Money should be used for local services, not the EU, foreign aid
    and foreign wars

    • Council tax should be as low as possible
    • Immigration must be controlled to relieve pressure on our health,
    education, housing and welfare services
    • Green spaces should be protected – we oppose excessive
    housing development, wind farms and HS2
    • We need more police on the streets, cracking down on crime and
    anti-social behaviour
    • Councils should cut highly paid council executives, not front-line
    staff and services
    • Real decision-making should be given to local communities
    • Money should be used for local services, not the EU, foreign aid
    and foreign wars

  103. 103
    Cyril Smith LibDem MP says:

    A libdem can tell the difference between a German and Romanian child just by sniffing their pants.

  104. 104
    slapperyourle says:

    please. youlee.nwhy have babies. they are a stain and create a atain.
    why shoot the messenger
    shoot me or shoot at me. when bamboo shoots aee here under the hilltop naked or not take my knight take my hood .

  105. 105
    The British media are cunts says:

    Interesting that Farage is held to account over every word uttered by any UKIP member but Ed Milimong is given a free ride over Austin Mitchell’s behaviour.

  106. 106
    Prescott from a northern terrertory says:

    Having a go at kids whos english ain’t good enough. Next in line for your gibes is me.

  107. 107
    Ey-up Lad says:

    What a smug little know it all that LBC man came over as. We know what the difference is, and if anyone is telling me that there has not been an enormous impact on uncontrolled immigation from the EU accession countries – then he is not actually living here. The fact is we have 2 million+ out of work; lots of graduates cannot get jobs; lots of self employed British tradesmen are out of work because they are undercut by foreign workers who work for very little because their tax credits -paid direct into a bank in Romania or Bulgaria – provide them with a bigger income that they ever had in their lives. On top of that there is pressure on housing, health services and school places. This entire fiasco was totally unplanned for New Labour and the current generation are paying the price for their negligence. And this little tosser on the radio has the gaul to question Farage about racism. What he is saying therefore is that anyone who supports UKIP is a racist – which will include many many elderly people who fought the Nazis and many younger people born since the war who have fought against racism all their lives. Is he says 25 per cent of the British population are racist. I am reminded that Gordon Brown at the last election labelled as “bigot” an elderly lady who raised the issue of immigration. He reaped the whirlwind. I am also reminded that in 1964 a Tory candidate famously told his constituents “If you want a nxxxer for a neighbour – voteLabour”. Did that make the 11 million who voted Tory in1964 racists? Mrs Thatcher warned against Britain being ‘swamped’. Was she a racist? And is he saying that there are many millions of decent British people who are equally concerned about the dangers posed by continued membership of the EU, and that they are racist also? The guy is simply burying his head in the sand. These same idiots thought Enoch Powell was racist – and a more decent, honourable, man never existed. He did not have a racist bone in his body – but he did have vast experience of serving as an Army Brigadier in the Indian sub continent during the war and experienced first hand how Muslims lived and that their culture was totally at odds with Christians living in a liberal Western democracy called Britain.

  108. 108
    John Bellingham says:

    Wikipedia says of Mr O’Brian that “He reviews video games and films for the Daily Mail.”

    This modbot is tedious.

  109. 109
    The public says:

    That isn’t what he meant. He meant ‘where are all the people that used to live in this area and used to travel on this train?’

    They’ve buggered off .

  110. 110
    Casual Observer 2 says:

    What expertise have the ConLibLabbers got?

    Eton — paid for by Mummy and Daddy
    PPE at Oxford
    Making the fucking tea as a SPAD
    Wasting taxpayers’ money on vanity projects.

    The lot of them are useless corrupt fucking bastards, that have never done productive jobs

  111. 111
    Tediousssss says:

    Couldn’t AxelF suggest they rename the party Labore….as each and each one of those media cocksuckers bores the bollocks off me.

  112. 112
    Anonymous says:

    Not a car crash not even a `bump`.

  113. 113
    Dick Klak of Kennington says:

    The charming James O’Brien, who announced on LBC that Frank Lampard,
    was; “Weak and scum”.
    O’Brian then proceeded to stink the studio out when Fat Frank phoned in.

  114. 114
    jgm2 says:

    Provided you have a decent civil service, judiciary and police force

    I think I can see a flaw in your argument.

  115. 115
    Adolph Hitler (UKip). says:

    Anyone who doesn’t know the reasons why Romanians or German children living next door to an English family is wrong doesn’t know the first thing about racism.

    Any decent Nazi would execute the Romanians and intern the English with a view to execution.

  116. 116
    Ellen Ripley says:

    Did IQs suddenly go down while I was away ?

  117. 117
    Anonymous says:

    What’s the fuss, Rolf was only following official guidelines and policy of the Labour supported P I E.

    Maybe P@triccia H3ewett and J@ck Dr0mey can explain to the c0urt.

  118. 118
    Torquemada says:

    Oh oh Brien the overgrown student with the immature brian, oops I mean brain.

    Why not just throw Farage off a bridge and see if he floats or sinks. That’s how we conducted a proper witch hunt in my day!

  119. 119
    Dirty girls says:

    Sucking the balls of a Lord to get on the candidate list….

  120. 120
    +1 thousand says:

    +1 thousand

  121. 121
    Bill Quango MP says:

    That was funny. Almost felt sorry for James OB.

  122. 122
    Bill Quango MP says:

    The Romanians were allies of the Nazis.

  123. 123
    Anonymous says:

    “Then on whether he would rather live next to German children or Romanian men: “you know what the difference is”.” He would if they are millionaire types but not if poor gypsy types.

  124. 124
    Time 4 Change says:

    I’ll wait until the results are imminent – on SUNDAY 25th May!

  125. 125
    Well said says:

    Good for you. Ring OBrien up and tell him that…and call him a cùnt too for me

  126. 126
    Say what you will says:

    Carry on, you’ve lost the argument, keep calling names , instead of figuring out how the hell he became so popular and the reasons behind it, 6 more days and we go to vote in the EU elections, lets see how your argument works out when the results are published, maybe we will be able to edit photos of Camoron and silly ED and gangs after Sunday.

  127. 127
    Torquemada says:

    Where does O’Brien live and who are his neighbours?

  128. 128
    Edna in Clapham says:

    Loads of them. Here’s the ad from the H of C on behalf of EUnify….

  129. 129
    Tim Yeo-Yo says:

    Good point. The dozy 21 year old ‘spokesperson’ resigning hasn’t appeared to gain any traction at all. I’m struggling to work out why the MSM and commentariate are trying to smear Ukip so much? Clearly the traditional relationship between the ruled and the rulers (on the left and right) has fundamentally changed.

    How have they not noticed this? Surely they must have some interaction with people outside of their bubble?

  130. 130
    The Growler says:

    It will not unless the other person speaks through a pint pot.

  131. 131
    Anonymous says:

    Every single polish builder I’ve met works cash in hand, whilst the wife and kids claim housing benefits and unemployment benefit.

    The Romanians just go out theiving copper memorials and lead from church roofs as well as claiming benefits.

  132. 132
    Expat Pat says:

    If, in your mind the current crop of troughing clowns (so called parliamentarians) who sit in Westminster have experience, why is the UK a basket case, with debt rising by £4,000 a second, immigration out of control, whole towns being overwhelmed by foreigners, roads gridlocked to the point where 40mph speed limits are to be introduced, not enough schools, armed forces reduced to the lowest levels for years,
    health service not fit for purpose, etc, etc , etc.
    It may have conveniently escaped your attention but next weeks election is for the EU, not national parliamentary elections. No other party have yet produced a manifesto, so why are you singling out UKIP.
    Perhaps if Establishment puppets like most of the mainstream media, and people like Mr Fawkes concentrated on policies rather than pathetic continuous smear stories everyone might learn something.

  133. 133
    Peter Expat says:

    I find having a go at elderly people, whatever their crimes, for things that happened almost 50 years ago or in the case of ex nazis, longer, disturbing. That is not to exonerate them. My concern is with their younger relatives, many not even born at the time, who wind up being stigmatised for something that is no fault of theirs.
    The trials won’t put the clock back and are obviously traumatic, even for the victims. Little purpose exists for banging up 80 or 90 year olds, who are likely to be spending much of their time in the hospital wing, with no financial worries. They are not going to be held in some dungeon.
    The defendants can hardly be expected to defend themselves fully when in all likelihood they cannot remember any details of something so long ago. If someone, perhaps falsely accused about something a year ago, can show that they were somewhere else at the time, this is a defence that is hardly possible after a long time lapse.
    If you can catch someone within a sensible time frame, fair enough.
    The irony is that the daddy of them all, Saville, died a happy man, having never been investigated in his lifetime.

  134. 134
    Anonymous says:

    Shuuushhh you dare not speak the truth or you will be arrested

  135. 135
    British Citizen says:

    I am not interested in sending a bill to my grandchildren to pay the interest so some some twat politician on an index-linked gold plated pension can go self-aggrandizing around the third world and giving money to every undeserving charlatan and extremist he can find. It is immoral. We also don’t have the money.

  136. 136
    inside out says:

    The three main stream parties just don’t get it,people are fed up with professional politicians who are all left of centre,pro EU,pro letting unelected officials run our lives.
    They hate the thought that UKIP are unlike their cosy cartel, and might even offer an alternative for voters. You could find that the more voters are preached at, that a UKIP vote is racist, the more people will vote for them. Should be a fun Friday morning for Cameron, Clegg and Milliband,bring it on.

  137. 137
    Edna in Clapham says:

    But it was filmed (see above)

    Who was it who said that the internet empowered idiots? They were so correct.

  138. 138
    Anonymous says:

    Its live on the web as you well know Muppet….

  139. 139
    Edna in Clapham says:

    Well he’s nothing to look at.

    Probably has the usual socialist hang ups….feelings of social inadequacy etc

  140. 140
    slapperyourle says:

    theow all.
    bored with the sky now. so hello virgin from the branson burner,
    tired now.

  141. 141
    British Citizen says:

    Which is filmed?

  142. 142
    Expat Pat says:

    Mr Fawkes, perhaps you can tell us all in your next little piece why you consider them to be ‘Killer Quotes’, or is it just wishful thinking.?
    Methinks you have spent too long in Londonistan.

  143. 143
    And on it goes... says:

    The big give away with the presenter James O’Brien is that he consciously mispronounces Farage’s surname – on purpose – week in week out.

    Bully-boy O’Brien sticks his vindictive boot into UKIP and Farage at every tenuous opportunity. His sole objective today was to punch Farage in the face.

    O’Brien probably came in his pants when the interview finished.

  144. 144
    Torquemada says:

    Just finished a book called The Last Escape. Contains many eye witness accounts of UK & USA POWs of mass killings of Je’ws & Russians. POWs died in their thousands also from poor treatment and executions for being too slow on the ‘death marches’ in 1945.

    UK POWs telling lies?

  145. 145
    Roll over and over and over and over until you get dizzy says:

    Shame nobody has said anything about a Ukip hypocrisy/persecution complex, does it itch, do you have cream for it, can you wipe the tv screen with it or is is just your wishful thinking

  146. 146
    still walking into darkness says:

    James, well done, another few votes for ukip

  147. 147
    The Growler says:

    It is not CCHQ that is paying him, it’s the Master. the Master stopped supporting UKip some time ago Geedes has to do as he is told or else.

  148. 148
    John Bellingham says:

    Powell had an ambition to be Viceroy of India while still an undergraduate and thus studied Urdu at the School of Oriental and African Studies and learned Hindi while in the Intelligence Corps in WW2 to add to his Modern and Classical Greek, Latin, Portuguese, German, Russian and working knowledge of several other tongues. The closest he ever had to a “best friend” was General K M Cariappa, India’s first Army Chief. In 1959 he was the first (and only) MP to denounce the Government of the day for the mistreatment of Mau-Mau suspects and until 1948 was convinced that a multi-racial British Empire was a great force of good in the world and the 1948 Act that destroyed “Britishness” was a disaster.
    …and the onanites who no know better call him a “racist”.

  149. 149
    absolutelypassionate says:

    If I were a gambler I would put money on the chances that the percentage of Germans in uk prisons is significantly lower the the figures for Romanians.–68-000-living-here.html

  150. 150
    Jack Ketch says:

    Do not confuse “Romanian” with “Roma”. Or Bulgarian with Bulgar.

  151. 151
    Expat Pat says:

    Mary Contrary are you being paid by the Tory Party or EU ?

  152. 152
    Expat Pat says:

    April 2013, former Liberal Democrat chairman, Geoffrey Ray, jailed for 4 years 4 months for sex offences against children.

  153. 153
    bingley bongley says:

    James Rob would have me hanged for eating fish and chips

    stupid left wing fucker is trying to shut down a legitimate debate

    I am voting UKIP as a protest to people like James Rob

  154. 154
    Cardinal Biggles says:

    You hard hearted curmudgeon; you must be a ‘Kipper’!

    Don’t you realise that the Indian space programme, P*k!stan! submarine fleet and uncle Bob Mugabe’s Swiss bank account enrichment programme, do not pay for themselves?

  155. 155
    Alan Douglas says:

    Not normally given to violence, me, but that LBC presenter would have had a smack in the mouth from me. How rude, choppy, and know-it-all arrogant can you get. Iain Dale, you do have some mouthy colleagues.

    Alan Douglas

  156. 156
    Expat Pat says:

    September 2013, Former Liberal Democrat council leader, Derek Osbourne jailed for two years for Child pornography offences.

  157. 157
    Roll over and over and over and over until you get dizzy says:

    Do any of these so called interviewers have any idea’s what the public really want answers about or are they trained in the same school of arrogant sh1ts, still no answers as to what UKIP is about but plenty of trying to get one up on Farage, does that interviewer get paid to bet one up on his guest or is he paid to inform by questioning his guests on what their political party is about and what to expect from it in the future, arrogant sh1ts are two a penny, we have very few interviewers who inform the people.

  158. 158
    Anonymous says:

    Farrage is FOX TV from the shires.

    See the continual bleating about main stream media. Which verges upon persecution complex.
    The attempt to put across a “respectable” image whilst the racists and other idiots offer their support, the supporters being somehow convinced that FOx/ukip are the voice of reason and moderation, and only fox/ukip can put across the other side of the story.
    The attempt to put across the “anti establishment” image.

    It would be fun if we had something of the calibre of Jon Stewart and The Daily Show to rip into them. But hey, that would simply be another case of MSM picking on them in some sort of deliberate conspiracy waged by the establishment liblabcon oligopy of power in this country aided and abetted by the Death Star of the EU.

  159. 159
    Peter Expat says:

    And this has been costed ?

    Incidentally, ‘Only 5% of British companies export
    to the EU’ is probably true for exporting anywhere. ‘British companies’ covers everything under the sun, from your local car wash on. Most of them would have no conceivable reason to export anywhere and couldn’t speak a foreign language to do so anyway. On the other hand, the value of the 5% will be enormous, encompassing the likes of aircraft manufacturers and oil companies, plus the foreign car manufacturers who have set up factories in the UK to supply the rest of the EU. Are they to be abandoned?

  160. 160
    And on it goes... says:

    Not really. O’Brien is still smug and superior during the mystery hour.

    And did you know, he doesn’t let any of his stand-in presenters do the mystery hour.

  161. 161
    Anonymous says:

    I stand corrected and apologise accordingly. Fox refer to ukip/Farrage as our very own tea party movement. (Suggestions that fox is the voice of the tea party are a different matter)

  162. 162
    Dung says:

    Can’t see a problem. Farage was harangued by a twat and could barely get a word in edgeways. Can’t see that he said anything daft.

    Sounded similar to the sort of shit the SWP fling at UKIP outside meetings.

  163. 163
    Major Cockstand says:

    The fat boy is beginning to sweat……..I bet that’s how Cyril liked them. UKIP all the way less than a week now…….come on UKIP throw some shit back at the fuckers

  164. 164
    Dung says:

    They eased off on the DT blogs for some reason recently.

  165. 165
    Doom Raiders says:

    This is my comment ‘Blaaaargh!’

  166. 166
    David Alexrod says:

    Fcuking leftwits can’t even spell twat properly :-)

  167. 167
    Doom Raiders says:

    I think that … er, no, it’s gone!


    No, it’s gone again !

  168. 168
    Ctesibius says:

    Or perhaps it was ‘we’.

  169. 169
    Doggie Fashion says:

    James O’Brien is a bully and a c**t. If anyone comes on his programme who doesn’t agree with his leftie view of the world he bullies them, relentlessly. As to his attitude to Ian Duncan-Smith it venal.

  170. 170
    Anonymous says:

    Would Obrian be quite the same pompous bigot
    if his daughter was being abused and sold as a child prost titute by Romanian or Mussie neighbours ?

    Champagne bloody socialists.

  171. 171
    Steve Right says:

    He’s Guardian reading North London trash.

  172. 172
    Anonymous says:

    The vast majority of companies are tiny and dont export at all.

    For services only, Europe represents 50% of exports.

    For the Economy as a Wohle, Exports represent over 30% of GDP.

    Farrage is being more than a little misleading by inferring that exports to Europe are not that big a deal.

  173. 173
    Anonymous says:

    The LBC radio shows like call Clegg are all filmed in the internet you Christian Hunt

  174. 174
    Anonymous says:

    The vast majority of companies are tiny and dont export at all.

    For services only, Europe represents 50% of exports.

    For the Economy as a Whole, Exports represent over 30% of GDP.

    Farrage is being more than a little misleading by inferring that exports to Europe are not that big a deal.

  175. 175
    Anonymous says:

    Cameron gave a cast iron guaranteed on a referendum.

  176. 176
  177. 177
    Everybody who supports UKIP says:

    Look mate/guv/fella/old boy (insert appropriate accent)

    I’m not a racist but….(insert rest of predictably racist comment here)

  178. 178
    manacles tim says:

    Nige will still cream them, even if he was caught on camera having sex with a dead baby goat in a petting zoo. I kid you not.

  179. 179
    Tel E. Caster says:

    Long may their ignorance continue.

  180. 180
    Maimed Codger says:

    In Burgas on the Coast, you are much more likely to hear English being spoken, than Bulgarian.. there are a lot of ex-pats in Bulgaria.

  181. 181
    Moley says:

    I watched this interview and what I saw was a rude and obnoxious interviewer who took advantage of the politeness and decency of the person he was interviewing.

    Farage was not given time to answer before the next hectoring question was thrown at him, and he did not say anything remotely contentious or improper.

    Attacking UKIP has become a form of insanity which has infected the chattering classes to the point where they appear deranged, compared to those of us who actually live outside the Westminster/ media bubble.

  182. 182
    Austin Tash says:

    The government just donated £1 billion of our money to the Bill Gates Foundation. That’s the equivalent of the income tax from over 100,000 people.

    Meanwhile, the Coalition will have almost doubled the National Debt by the time of the next General Election.


  183. 183
    Austin Tash says:

    Back in the late 80s, my local corner shop was taken over by immigrants. I was just a kid back then, but it was very uncomfortable to enter the shop while the staff all spoke in a foreign language and didn’t bother to say ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ when they served you.

    I’m sure you would have loved it, though.

  184. 184
    Lies statistics and EU Bollox says:

    Because most things going overseas from the UK now seem to be trans-shipped in Rotterdam, the UK-EU figures are extremely misleading. Onward transmission from Rotterdam shows up as either EU or Dutch exports.

  185. 185
    Lies statistics and EU Bollox says:

    Yes, from outside the UK borders all this crap-splashing is debilitating to watch. Fawkes’ blog is going rapidly to the dogs and he needs to get his backside in gear or he will be losing half his readership ere long.

  186. 186
    Fred the pensioner says:

    here bloody here

  187. 187
    Fred the pensioner says:

    See! There are still lots of sensible Brits who buggered off when the Blair/Brown tyranny came into the country. And I suspect none of them have any plans to return.

  188. 188
    Peter Expat says:

    Not from choice. The Peasants Party was trying to get the UK to support them, but with Greece going down the pan, they were left with little choice as they couldn’t resist the Germans, who were keen to get their oil, on their own.

  189. 189
    Dung says:

    I suspect you start these sentences with “I’m not a total c’unt, but…”

  190. 190
    Anonymous says:

    It would be most unfair to go for Nigel’s remaining ball.

  191. 191
    Bob Cuntface Crow says:

    OBrians A Hunt,all u can do is vote UKIP or maybe we could all club together 2 rent out OBrians neighbours house for a few months and fill it up with a few Romanian families.

  192. 192
    Shurdyrover says:

    Thank fcuk I don’t have to listen to thus drivel daily as I live in real sticks!!!

  193. 193
    B!tch says:

    The train crash worked well for Blairite Manuel Valls – he is not Prime Minister.

    French Interior Minister Manuel Valls says he stands by remarks calling for the country’s Roma (Gypsies) to be expelled.

    He said few Roma could ever integrate into French society and “the majority” should be sent “back to the borders”.

    He has been criticised by human rights campaigners, the European Commission and one of his cabinet colleagues.

    Amnesty International is calling for a ban on forced evictions of Roma people in France in a report out on Wednesday.

    It says more than 10,000 were evicted from temporary camps in the first half of the year.

    It has said Mr Valls’ remarks were likely to “perpetuate stereotypes and encourage animosity” among the approximately 20,000 Roma who have settled in France, mainly from Romania, Bulgaria and the former Yugoslavia.

    “A theory that such and such a person or such and such a people will never, ever be able to integrate just doesn’t stand up,” said Mr Valls’ cabinet colleague, Arnaud Montebourg, according to Agence France-Presse news agency.

    “That’s what they said about the Italians, that’s what they said about the Spanish, it’s what they said about the Portuguese, and what they said about the Arabs.

    “Decreeing in advance that it is impossible seems to me excessive and is worthy of being corrected.”

    Mr Valls was also criticised by the UN human rights body, the European Commission, other rights groups including Roma organisations – some of whom are pledging to take Mr Valls to court for incitement to racial hatred.

    ‘Nothing to correct’
    But Mr Valls – a dapper 51-year-old who polls suggest is a rising star in Francois Hollande’s Socialist administration – said he saw no reason to correct comments that Roma lifestyles were “clearly in confrontation” with French ways of life.

    “I’ve got nothing to correct,” he said. “My remarks only shock those who don’t know the subject.

    “The majority [of Roma] should be delivered back to the borders. We are not here to welcome these people.

    “I’d remind you of [former Socialist premier] Michel Rocard’s statement: ‘It’s not France’s job to deal with the misery of the whole world.'”

    The treatment of Roma people – who face widespread discrimination in Europe – is a political hot potato in France.

    Mr Valls has encouraged local councils to systematically dismantle illegal Roma slums, and offer the expelled residents free flights back to their countries of origin.

    He has also been at the forefront of French opposition to allowing Bulgaria and Romania full access to the passport-free Schengen zone.

    Mr Valls is himself the Barcelona-born son of Spanish immigrants Mr Montebourg pointed out on Wednesday.

  194. 194

    Nazi loving anti-Semites or Wahabi muslims. Same thing.

  195. 195
    Peter Grimes says:

    O’Brien is a droning, aggressive, opinionated Leftoid goon.

    Our Nige should have told him to fuck off back to his undoubtedly white, safe posh neighbourhood, or alternatively to actually spend some time travelling around the very many hell hole areas of once great London.

  196. 196
    Halibert Hall says:


  197. 197

    …and you’ve met all of TWO Polish builders.

  198. 198

    Bet the rubbish is still there though.

  199. 199
    JH3254623412312 says:

    4 If you’ve just been dragged into some undergrowth and subjected to a three hour sex attack by four assailants of non-western appearance.

  200. 200
    JH3254623412312 says:

    Those things will not stop if we leave the EU. Japan is not in the EU, and it trades with it just fine.

    You are being more than a little misleading by inferring that.

  201. 201
    cured lefty says:

    Yeah and I bet your wallet/handbag is gripped tighter than a boa constrictor

  202. 202

    Definitely the buildings were racist.

  203. 203
    Anonymous says:

    How intelligent of you.

  204. 204
    Pitkapoika says:

    It’s Radio Clegg.

  205. 205
    broderick crawford says:

    “kid” in this case being the operative word .
    ( goat — geddit … oh never mind … )

  206. 206
    broderick crawford says:

    Advertisers I m afraid pay for its existence .. whose products /services are then purchased lemming like by its sheeple listeners .

    Veritably I say unto you .. takes all sorts to make a listenership.

  207. 207
    broderick crawford says:

    You might be a pillock John ….. but you re OUR pillock.

  208. 208

    That arrogant, Lefty c*nt does a great job of interviewing himself by asking questions to which Nigel is not allowed to get an answer in edgeways.

  209. 209
    Sir Marmalade-Troughchum says:

    Not to mention an utterly pretentious arse.

  210. 210
    ron Vibbentrop says:

    The trouble with James ‘Obrion’ is that he has never got over being buggered by the jesuits at his school. He is probably one of LBC’s most balanced reporters as he has a chip on both shoulders. Go suck a monk Jimmy.

  211. 211
    Jacky Treehorn says:

    Nails him you wish.
    UKIP ain’t anti Europeans it’s anti EU
    You know it. People like you make me sick, no backbone and thick as pigshit
    You’re even too thick to be a traitor

  212. 212
    Halibert Hall says:


  213. 213
    Tonto says:

    Is it because I is black?

  214. 214
    Ducksmakelovelycurry says:

    If you think that is “killer” Guido you are a sad F*ck. O’Brien is a moron who asked NF questions and repeatedly wouldn’t let him answer. He is a smug little shit. There . . . . got that off my chest.

  215. 215
    Mrs James O’Brien's Mum says:

    You cruel and heartless w*nker you have driven me to a life of gin and endless sex with strangers. I hope you are proud of what you’ve done.

  216. 216
    Anonymous says:

    Aye, and many a nazi claimed they had a german wife,but they were still racist

  217. 217
    Anonymous says:

    LBC is owned by Global Radio – tax dodgers who have paid no corporation tax ever. They use a Jersey ruse involving big loan interest payments which wipe out their tax bill. It is chaired by a labour peer! The left wing Hunt ‘O’brien criticises everyone for not paying enough tax but he gets paid through a personal services company, thus avoiding what he wants the rest of us to pay!

  218. 218
    Peter Ellis says:

    Of course the UK will still be able to trade. However, since it will no longer have the advantage of being tariff free, the price of its exports to the EU end users will inevitably rise, because they will have to pay import duties that they don’t currently, reducing their competitiveness. It will have to compete with manufacturers still in the EU who will not face the same tariffs. Japanese and Korean companies have invested in new factories in the UK from which to service the rest of the EU. This is how they deal with being outside the EU themselves. If the UK leaves the EU, British manufacturers will start opening factories within the EU, taking manufacturing jobs from the UK, in order to remain viable. The Japanese and Korean owned UK plants will go the same way if there is no longer an advantage in a UK outside the EU.

  219. 219

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