May 15th, 2014

Q1 Donation Figures 2014 and Top Donors


Tories: £6,662,232
Labour: £4,409,167
LibDems: £1,074,482
SNP: £1,049,789
UKIP: £493,412

Labour got another £1,833,529 in short money.


  1. Unite the Union £1,839,838 Labour
  2. Sir Michael Hintze £1,506,500 Conservative
  3. USDAW: £692,311 Labour
  4. Mr Colin Weir £500,000 SNP
  5. Mrs Christine Weir £500,000 SNP
  6. UNISON £420,049 Labour
  7. Mr James R Lupton £257,500 Conservative
  8. Mr Michael S Farmer £257,500 Conservative
  9. Mr Alexander A Fraser £200,000 Conservative
  10. Mr David Lilley £200,000 Conservative 

Labour are still £12,216,375 in the red, while the Tories owe £1,853,232. Ker-ching.


  1. 1
    The Co Op Bank says:

    Dear Ed can we have our money back?


    • 4
      MrNedward says:

      I do not need to ask for any money back. I would never ever contribute to Ed’s party in any way shape or form…


      • 72
        The Awkward Squad says:

        Just received a Labour Party leaflet to encourage me to vote for them on 22nd!

        It’s a wonderful work of fiction:

        Leaflet: Only Labour will tackle the cost-of-living crisis

        Yup – created by Gordon Brown & Rich kids the Two Eds whilst in the Treasury. No thanks.

        Leaflet: Tories and UKIP – propping up privilege

        Yup – the Red Princes, Millionaire Kinnock, “Lord” Lardarse, Millionaire Mandelson, 8 houses & £70 million a year Multi Millionare Blair. No thanks.

        Leaflet: You can’t trust the Tories with the NHS.

        Yup – didn’t the largest peacetime kill machine take place at Stafford under Labour’s watch? No thanks.

        Leaflet: David Cameron’s cost-of-living crisis

        Yup. Labour mysteriously didn’t cause the longest, deepest recession in modern memory?

        There’s no money left.

        Only Socialists can afford to Vote Labour.


      • 98
        Pete says:

        Actually, if you pay taxes then you did. (and your grandkids as well thanks to the deficit.) Short money is just taxpayer funded compensation to the opposition for the fact that themail governing parties will abuse their position for free propaganda. It, of course, never occurs to the pols that a more honest approach would be to crack down on and indeed appropriately penalise the abuse.


    • 10
      More reason to Vote UKIP says:

      He who pays the piper calls the tune.

      Sir Michael Hintze = Banker

      Unite the Union = Unionised Labour.

      Vote UKIP

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      • 24
        Frank Keefe says:

        Definitely…. if only we could transfer the EU votes to the general election but its not going to happen the way our voting system is loaded…PR is the only way for us.


        • 33
          Lord Stansted says:

          The country reject PR – don’t you remember? The euro elections are only the beginning – there is no reason why UKIP couldn’t be in gov. with the Tories next year.

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      • 36
        Torontory says:

        So other than the £1m from the Weirs, UKIP only managed to raise <£50,000 from all other sources. Pathetic!!


        • 40
          Torontory says:

          Ooops Sorry SNP!!


          • Bosun Higgs says:

            67% of Labour’s money came from only three donors, if you exclude the subsidy from Muggins.


          • John Bellingham says:

            …………………..and the Weirs had just won 100 odd Million on the Lotto and had consumed much champagne (well, in Scotland, Irn Bru and vodka)


      • 50
        Maqb­oul says:

        Hintze plays with his own money not other people’s so you can’t call him a banker.


        • 60
          Ctesibius says:

          As you rightly point out Michael Hintze’s business is called CQS Asset Management and is a fund manager. If managing assets and investments is ‘banking’, then virtually the entire population of the developed world are bankers.


          • VOTE UKIP says:


            How many fund managers live in the developed world. and as these days the word Banker is a one sized cap that fits all then he is by every sense of the word a banker. The traders employed by the banks are now called bankers and not barrow boys.

            And read the dude’s CV. He is a banker right down to his little pinky.

            The LibLabCon are payrolled by vested interests. VOTE UKIP


    • 12
      Arbor Alma says:

      Short money – from the lower branches of the money tree?


    • 15
      the dude The Truth about UKIP that the Media Doesn't Show You says:


      • 29
        Frank Keefe says:

        UKIP the danger to Britain look at the thugs and homophobes in that crowd and then tell me which one is a danger NOT UKIP


      • 74
        Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

        Fuck Off UAF!
        Fuck Off UAF!
        Fuuuuuck OFF!


      • 99
        One good clout deserves another says:

        They’re nothing short of Socialist Brown Shirts. The literature on the table pointing towards the Socialist Workers Party says it all. They think that barracking and harassment are acceptable. This doesn’t phase the Government, who still fund them, but I wonder what would be done if a Labour, Conservative or a Libdem meeting was being attacked like this? They think they’re the new Militant Tendency, but w**kers like this need to realise, not all UKIP’ers are ‘Old Business Men’, and when provoked will fight back. Some of us will protect our right to hold legal public meetings without them being disrupted by Fascist Hippies touting Lies and Hate.


    • 78
      The Growler says:

      It bets me why any organisation or individual would give £50k or more without expectations of pro quo and favours should the party get into power, even in these days that is a lot of money, what is more would any of the present shower of parties be worth giving anything to. Geedes how much is News Corp donating to the Cons?


      • 84
        i want to know says:

        Do union members get any say in the donations?


        • 97
          The Growler says:

          Sort of, they can opt out of the political levy, I don’t say that union heavies don’t exert pressure, I didn’t pay the political levy 35 years ago


    • 90
      newly retired cop says:

      Based on these figures, why don’t the Conservatives pay off their debts and have a policy of a balanced budget each year.

      For a mere £1.8 million, they can then genuinely claim be be a financially responsible party compared to Marxist Labour who are £12 million in debt with no prospect of paying it of.

      It would be the gift that keeps on giving and a true reflection of how each party would govern.


    • 107
      broderick crawford says:

      Amazed ukip pulledin so relatively little .

      I thought Sykes was bankrolling them in millions .

      Why don t they try tapping the Barclay twins or are they still staunch Cameronistas ?

      What about the Candy twibs , they ve got loadsamoney .

      Or indeed the Hinduja Brothers

      Failing all these and keeping it familial , what about the Winkelviss twins .. if you don t mind payment in Bitcoin ..


  2. 2
    MrNedward says:

    That UKIP could actually win a national election from such a tiny level of contribution (the vast majority of which come from small anonimous donations which cannot “buy and dictate” policy, unlike the massive, strings attached donations to both tory and labour) Shows how effective UKIP’s message of national sovereignty and patriotism really is.


    • 21
      the dude says:

      Yes and with all the national media – and it must be said even Guido Fawkes – against UKIP and trying to smear them at every chance, it’s really quite inspiring how much support they get from normal people.


      • 39
        A normal person says:

        Vote UKIP.


      • 100
        The Growler says:

        Dude baby, Fawkesy is obeying the Master’s Voice, he pays the singer gets the song


      • 108
        broderick crawford says:


        ” Nigel Farage confirmed as a compos mentis functioning human being and not some japanese tamagotchy type bionic toy . Ukip poll figures expected to melt/decimate as a result ” The Crick/Robinson /Snow Media Mafia


    • 95
      UKIP Member.(OAP) says:

      I have been giving to UKIP – £5 per month for 12 months for the 2014 campaign, £5 per month in the Sovereign Draw and recently £30 towards the local elections. I’ve also bought campaigning material for our branch.
      Additionally, at each branch meeting we have a collection and it’s usually a fiver into the tin.
      That is how UKIP gets along, mostly!


    • 102
      After a long Racist/Homophobic/Xenophobic rant I like to settle down with a nice cup of Tea says:

      Most of the leafleting is done by local UKIP volunteers. I’ve never had a Labour or Conservative leaflet through my door so it begs the question “WTF are they doing with these funds?”. How many people on the Conservative Donors list will be in the Lords within the next few years? If this is how the Lords and Parliamentary system is supposed to work then a plague on both their houses.


  3. 3
    Koba says:

    It looks like Ukip needs a few more quid and that votes don’t necessarily torn into donations.


  4. 5
    Captn P says:

    Now the real story here …

    The SNP without the feather headed Weirs would have received a grand total of 46K.

    Sounds like a real ground swell of support for Scottish Independence. I really do hope they win the vote. It will be well funny seeing how the run a country with that level of support.


    • 82
      The Growler says:

      It’s the votes that count dear boy that decide the Scottish thingie parties in power.


  5. 6
    Mr nobody recommends a nobody says:


    • 8
      Biscuit says:

      And if an MP gave an “important speech” for operation White Vote. You would shout RACIST from the rooftops.


      • 20
        Trolling for Points says:

        I’d be interested to see that. Certainly a large number of white people will not vote on may 22nd or indeed next may for the GE.

        The UK has falling voter turnout across all racial groups, I think Operation Burst the Westminster bubble would be a more honest tag line.


    • 18
      Fishy says:

      About time…I’m with you Chuky.

      Why is my one WASP vote worth less than all of those postal votes in Tower Hamlets?


    • 25
      The Public says:

      Vote UKIP


    • 53
      táxpáyér says:

      “I have a dream, that voters will be judged by the colour of their skin, not the content of their character”


    • 56
      Bosun Higgs says:

      Chuckus Yammuni is a coconut. There, I’ve said it.


    • 68
      Jan says:

      As Sadiq Khan is a Caucasian (yes that’s right he is Caucasian) what is he talking about?? There are only five/six main races in the world.I am sick and tired of people who are supposed to be intelligent banging on about all the ‘races’ and inequality.From where I am standing the fact that a bloke who studied at the worst performing university in the UK is allowed to become shadow Lord Chancellor it just goes to show that he only got there because of his ethnicity.


    • 105
      Labour Voter-checking behind the couch for extra Campaign Cash says:

      Don’t tell me, his guest speaker will be Barrack Obama talking about how there’s a Political Glass Ceiling in US politics for Black People? The hypocrisy of the Chuka is ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ – with a cherry on top. There’s still discrimination in positive discrimination, this little fact seems elusive to the ‘learned gentleman’.


  6. 7
    Observer says:

    Short money takes a capital ‘S’, being named after Ted Short.


    • 13
      Anon says:

      Don’t you mean “T Dan Short”?


    • 46
      Ockham's Razor says:

      The man who banned pirate radio stations when the BBC would only play muck, of which Nina & Frederik was probably the best.

      Can you imagine how popular Ted Short was then?

      Never mind! The BBC set up Radio One for us and promptly employed Jimmy Savile so that went really well, didn’t it?


      • 55
        táxpáyér says:

        Knockout move.


      • 59
        Baron Van Pallandt says:

        Step away from the Mangoes OR, nice and slowly….


      • 109
        BBC Freeloader-because we're worth it says:

        There’s competition in the Radio Market. You’ve got Radio 1 competing for listeners with Radio 2. Radio 2 are competing for listeners with radio 3. Radio 3 is in competition with radio 4, et al and some other poncy words to make me look smart and stuff. The BBC doesn’t ‘stifle’ competition, it ‘enhances it!’. (now give us your £145.50 else your off to nick – innit)


    • 48
      Ockham's Razor says:

      Just thought.

      Ed Balls may set up a similar fund for unelectable parties who are in perma-opposition.

      It can be called Balls Money…


  7. 9
    Eh? says:

    There are still people who actually donate to the Limp Dumbs? :-D


  8. 11
    Anon says:

    Colin and Christine Weir decided to give their (lottery won) money to destroy the UK. They would have been better going to a health farm


    • 37
      Fattist says:

      It makes you sick that these fat useless lottery winners are breaking up the uk. Nobody who earned their money the hard way would be so fecking stupid.


      • 75
        Socialism = Starvation says:

        They are long-term SNP supporters and this is the luck of the draw. Personally, I think that they are a splendid advert for Scotland and Scottish independence, they have stayed in Scotland, they give some money to charities and they simply want Scotland to be independent. They still have money to burn, why spend it burning calories?


  9. 14
    13 years on credit says:

    Labour can’t even keep their party funds in the black and they expect to run the country? Actually, it all makes sense now.

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    • 52
      Maqb­oul says:

      They want to get back in so they can begin their r­aping and pillaging of the nation’s coffers,


  10. 16
    Westminster says:

    We love the smell of corruption in the mornings


  11. 17
    Diane AbbongoBongott says:

    if you vote UKIP you are a wacist. No ifs, no buts! A wacist.



  12. 22
    MayfairMagFan says:

    So when are the SNP going to be renamed the ‘Weir party’?


  13. 23
    The Public says:

    Time to kick the troughing fuckers up the arse.


  14. 27
    Rid us of these corrupt political machines says:

    If UKIP can run itself for £493,412, then all the other parties should have their budgets capped at exactly the same level.


    • 44
      Winston says:

      Paying off and entertaining all those hacks to smear UKIP does not come cheap. Guido’s bar bill alone dents the Tories Media Communication budget.


    • 45
      Trolling for Points says:

      Paul Sykes financial support is not included in this figure, not is the the amount diverted from the MEP allowances by existing MEPS.


  15. 30
    Jock McSubsidy says:

    Strange for the Weirs. They donate Pounds in the hope to get Groats, Drams or Poonds.


    • 87
      how about says:

      Or Euros?


    • 93
      John Bellingham says:

      If (when) Scotland becomes Independent, they will probably be the third largest asset in Scotland after North Sea Oil and Whisky. As the Oil is totally controlled by multinationals and the Whisky by English controlled companies, the Weirs are one of the few sources for Salmond to obtain any readies.


  16. 34
    Jeremey Sportscar says:

    I am proposing that next presenter of Top Gear be from an all
    women’s-disabled-gay shortlist.

    So far only Jack Dromey has applied.


  17. 35
    Londoner says:

    These are the kind of scum who David Cameron wants to join the EU. We’d be insane to stay in an EU with these kinds of people makign decision about our laws, freedoms and way of life.


  18. 38
    Frank Keefe says:

    UKIP will wipe the smiles off Cons..Labour Libdems..Greens lol in 8 days time UKIP will win by a large margin Cleggites will be crying into their green teas..


    • 42
      The Establishment says:

      Clegg is only an arsonist. For some reason that’s better than a person who loves their country.


      • 94
        Jack Ketch says:

        That’s a shame! Clegg as well? I was under the impression that he was the only member of the Lib-Dems who wasn’t an arse-onista. Just a sphinctriloquist.


      • 103
        8umboy 8illy Hague says:

        We’re all arsonists nowadays darling.


  19. 43
    MB. says:

    So the SNP are almost completely funded by the Weir family (Lottery winners a few years ago). They have also donated millions to the SNP Yes campaign in the referendum.


  20. 51
    Vote UKIP says:

    If Clegg has decided he now won’t block an EU referendum, there is nothing whatsoever stopping Dave Cameron from holding our In-Out referendum immediately. Other than it all being a fucking con trick.


    • 106
      Tooth Fairy says:



    • 110
      Winner on Benefit says:

      He cannot ‘block’ any referendum and in any case he will not speak against any Labour or Conservative party policy that might hinder his attempts to crawl into bed with either after the next GE.

      LibDims have now become rent boys rather than just using them. That’s progress.


  21. 54
    Bosun Higgs says:

    Good to see the Scotch being free with their money. £49,789 from the general population – why, that’s an average of 1p each!


    • 58
      Captn P says:

      .8p each. or if they win the referendum 1.6p each. Real commitment, start as you mean to go on.

      Looks like Sean Connery really opened the bank account. I’m sure he will be in Edinburgh after the vote looking for his £5 / s350 groats back.


  22. 57
    Chuks is going for the Black vote says:


    • 62
      Long John Silver' s parrot says:

      Bring back Beeching !


    • 65
      Sue Denim says:

      Do you have the same barber?


    • 67
      Chukka myringup says:

      If you want evidence that immigrants are seen by Labour as their own personal useful idiots look no further than operation bl*ck vote.


    • 77
      Dangerous Brian says:

      Yeah man cos like thats what vicars are supposed to be like ok, like dead cool and all that, with big watches like and sorta cool like shades and stuff.
      Piss right off Umoana you meat headed excuse for a human being.


    • 111
      Sugarbabes says:

      Great tits!


  23. 63
    Long John Silver' s parrot says:

    Mrs Balls says we must stop people voting for UKIP.

    I thought people were free to vote for who they wanted in a free democracy.


    • 64
      Mr Balls says:

      Nothing wrong whatsover with sticking the boot in when a new boy arrives threatening to gatecrash the party.


    • 79
      Dangerous Brian says:

      Instead we need to keep voting for the same expenses fiddling mealy mouthed apparatchiks that continue to f*ck our country up the bottom on a cyclical basis.
      Anyone for a flip and £400 a month food expenses claim (it’s all within the rule you know).
      F*ck right off the both of you, we hate your guts.


  24. 70
    Axelrod -Axis of Doom says:

    That’ll do nicely to pay my fees then and pay for my champagne on the flight home next May when Ed loses!


    • 73
      Honourable Tristram Hunt MP says:

      Hey Axelrod – can you please stay on to run my leadership campaign when Ed loses it?

      Mario Monti still hasn’ gotten over the amazing job you did for him. And he thought he’d come 5th and you made him 4th!


  25. 76
    The Matrix says:

    I see the prohibitionists doing a fine job in the nailing the coffin of freedom of choice. Must be pleased with themselves.


  26. 96
    Rob Roy says:

    Cameron is now saying if we Scots vote to stay in the Union he will give us more powers!

    With his track record plus that of his predecessors I think Scotland would be a better place with power over all matters.

    There may be problems but we can find our own answers without Westminster and that is the point.

    We can hardly do any worse.


  27. 101
    SackMariaMillerasanMP says:

    Lots of tory donors wanting a K real bad!


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