May 15th, 2014

Mo Ansar Exposed

Mo Ansar, the British Muslim commentator known for his regular television and radio appearances as the self-declared voice of moderate Islam, has been exposed as a fantasist. Three separate reports today reveal the truth about the Muslim Walter Mitty. 

Historian Jeremy Duns has been working on the Ansar story for weeks. Today he writes:

“Mo Ansar is far from moderate. He has some very immoderate views indeed, and is a devious charlatan to boot. With no serious base of expertise to draw on, he has created a media profile for himself built on sycophancy, evasion and deception. He has smeared perceived rivals, promoted extremist views and inflamed tensions. He may seem like a buffoon at times, but his ruthless pursuit of more airtime has been toxic.”

Journalist Milo Yiannopoulos has a forensic account of Ansar’s untruths:

“Ansar has fabricated an extraordinary number of jobs, lied about professional qualifications and invented work experience, causing distress and harm to many, misleading the public and most likely breaking the law. He has bullied ordinary members of the public, filed nonsense police reports and failed to declare taxable income… Ansar has also been revealed as the man behind at least one anonymous “sock-puppet” account on social media, through which he has supported his own opinions and even had conversations with himself in order to give the impression of support for his views. He also used the account to attack prominent media personalities, in order to raise his own profile.”

In this week’s Spectator Nick Cohen concludes:

“If producers dropped Mo Ansar, he would have nothing to fall back on. He would become what those who have felt the thrill of fame fear most: just another face in the street. Some minor celebrities respond to insecurity by being brittle and melancholic off camera. Others go on the attack. No one has experienced Ansar ‘s fury like the men who have threatened his career as an ‘opinion former’.”

The allegations are far too numerous to list on this blog so it is worth reading each of these reports in full. Given what we know know about Mo Ansar, it is difficult to see how television and radio producers can ever book him for a media appearance again…


  1. 1
    Common sense says:

    He has a bright future in politics ahead of him.


    • 16
      varucci one varnassi one says:

      does he have a hbright future behind him.
      fulgright scholarship says: either you are in front or in front or behindbehind


      • 102
        broderick crawford says:


        I didn t get a Fulbright !!

        Or a Rhodes ( which that philanderer Billy Clinton did ! )


    • 59
      7i6t5h says:

      Hasbara propagandists do the same every day, funny how they never get investigated.


    • 76
      Tony B£air says:

      Taqiyya ( تقية )

      it’s just Mo being Mo

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    • 83
      Is this some cult thing says:

      Who the fook is Mo Ansar? Never heard of him before.


      • 104
        Tom Catesby says:

        He’ll be standing for the limpdicks soon. Just the right kind of candidate for them, classic track record.


  2. 2
    Ockham's Razor says:

    Except they will.

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  3. 3
    Anonymous says:


    • 21
      varucci one varnassi one says:

      v v.
      liara liars pants on fir know the reality that is coming to an end. delusional fantasy est.
      come from the future. future is coming, blame thacha.
      what a fantasy of a wee
      weewee or vv . it is all about the “we”


    • 28
      Fishy says:

      So this post about the fantasist Ansar gets a pathetic irrelevant comment from one of the UKIP brigade.

      It’s true! They’re single issue bores and they’ve got nothing to say on anything else. Actually not bores but hypocrites who complain that their great leader – Homer Simpson – is lied about and misrepresented, while misrepresenting something that Cameron said in opposition.


      • 39
        (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

        UKIP smear du jour!


      • 40
        The Public says:

        You don’t like it when the mainstream media agenda distractions are ignored and the Dear Leader comes under scrutiny from the public, do you? Why is that? Does something feel threatened?


        • 75
          You Kipper says:

          On the contrary, we like it very much when people like you reveal that it is you, not we, who feel threatened. Every smear is a few thousand more votes for UKIP. Keep it up. The real Public are changing the face of British politics.

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      • 77
        Compare the Smear Cnts says:

        Boo Hoo!

        someone has a different opinion from me


  4. 4
    Welshracer says:

    Walter Mitty.


    • 8
      Everyone's a critic says:

      The recent remake of Walter Mitty was a surprisingly good film. Excellent soundtrack.


  5. 5
    Highlighter says:

    There are loads of these charlatans hawking their wares round the media. Owen Jones springs to mind.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 27
      Anonymong says:


      They really are everywhere if you care to look. They fill a hole created by our 24 hr and web news explosion. None have ever achieved or learned or experienced, but they all have opinions.

      This piece on Sunny Hundal by Douglas Murray sums it up quite nicely:

      Hundal, Owen Jones, Laurie Penny, Medhi Hassan, Johan Hari and probably just as many on the right of the spectrum. Scrutiny makes you realise they’re the last people whose opinions you want.


      • 41
        KAOS says:

        You forgot Mo Shafiq, “Oprah” Nolan’s resident Muzzie mouthpiece!


        • 93
          Tim Yeo-Yo says:

          Add the wacist Diane Abbotpotumus to that list. She takes the space of 2 talking heads.


          • broderick crawford says:

            I bet Portillo insists she douses her chops with bottles of breath freshener before he agrees to crush up against her on that snoggers seat in the studio ….. dispel the fumes of pizza , kebab , kenkie and peri peri chicken wings .


      • 58
        Village Idiot says:

        …The regrettable truth is,they are all like that,it,s in the DNA and while there may be exceptions,they are the minority!..From experience,i personally would never trust an arab,and the same applies to devout followers of islam!…This opinion has only come about from my own worldly journey through life and I would love to be wrong!..If the islamists and others could prove me wrong,i would be delighted,but that is my limited experience!..The English look for the good in people,often trusting them to their own great cost!,marriages are one example!


        • 60
          Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

          Churchill nailed it with regards to Islam.

          He was also right to warn about Hitler back in 1933 and the Iron Curtain in the 50s.


        • 82
          Cinna says:

          Straight from the BBC’s breaking news:

          “Sudan woman sentenced to be hanged for apostasy for refusing to return to Islam, after marrying a Christian man”.



          • Shooty* says:

            The protests show a stunningly callous disregard for the cultural sensitivities of others.

            Do Amnesty not realise that the entire world will be behaving in this way in about 20 years time?


          • Tom Catesby says:

            The decision to hang this women should come as no surprise to any sane person, it’s what these ar$eholes are all about. BTW, does the UK government currently give these bastards our tax money in ‘aid’, if so it should stop today.


          • says:

            The Establishment will see a nice earner, up the foreign aid on humanitarian grounds, set up a Sudan Women’s Rights Group and trouser millions in expenses.
            Maybe fit in a first class trip via the Seychelles to check on lava slugs on the way.
            Ching ! Ching !


        • 112
          soporific says:

          That must’ve been an easy one to compile for the Hasbara manual with so much history for projecting reference.


    • 30
      Arnold the Anarchist(weekends only) says:

      x 1000


  6. 6
    Anonymous says:

    Oh look another media celeb built on fantasy and the media bought it…who could have guessed, could it be, they did’nt question anything for fear of being labelled with the usual racist card.


    • 42
      (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

      A Muslim lying? Never! That I will not have!


      • 64
        Addolff says:

        Have worked with a Moslem for over ten years. One of the honest, respectful and trustworthy ‘moderate’ kind.
        Asked him about Mo’s last wife. Specifically, her age.
        This guy said she was 14 when she got married.
        Now, he either knows nothing about his religion or
        deliberately lied to hide the unpleasant truth.
        Never trust a Moslem.

        Google taquiya

        Liked by 1 person

        • 100
          Ali Whackbar says:

          Or Taqiyya, Tawriya, Kitman or even Muruna. All ways of Islamic constructive lying.


        • 110
          soporific says:

          Why not save everyone the bother and paste a reference from the Quran that explains ‘taquiya’ dic****d?


  7. 7
    Anonymous says:

    He’ll still keep getting work as trying to find a “acceptable” face of Islam is nigh impossible so it has to be created.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. 10
    Anonymous says:

    “Water Mitty”? is that Walt’s blues singing brother?


  9. 11
    BBC News Editor says:

    It won’t persuade us to take him off speed-dial.


  10. 13
    Labour are cunts says:

    , it is difficult to see how television and radio producers can ever book him for a media appearance again…

    Are you kidding? The BBC will keep inviting the c-unt on again and again. He’s on their shows more often than Carolina Lucas, and she’s practically got her own Green Room she’s on the BBC so much.


  11. 15
    fedz says:

    There are enough lefty producers in the BBC to keep him going, regardless.


  12. 17
    Anonymous says:

    “He has some very immoderate views indeed”
    Newsflash Jeremy. Odds are, we all have some very immoderate views. They’re just hidden beneath a microscopic veneer of civility. Waiting in reserve, for fate to create the conditions where survival becomes the paramount incentive. Simply pose yourself a few pertinent ’impertinent’ questions, and shudder at the answers you give.


    • 22
      JH-23091840231 says:

      Yes, but strangely enough it is only people with pale skin who are vilified for allowing the mask to slip.

      Funny, that.


  13. 18
    Time 4 Change says:

    When did our MSM inform us of the political situation for other EU “partners?
    For example Beppo Grillo, in the blink of an eye, seems to have caused a political tsunami in Italy.
    It could start to happen here too if voters have the courage of their convictions next week.
    Is it time contributors on here broadened our horizons to comment on the situations in other countries?


  14. 19
    Tachybaptus says:

    As P J O’Rourke said: “politics is like vivisection—disturbing as a career, alarming as a hobby.”


  15. 20
    JH-23091840231 says:

    Anyone – anyone – who would self describe as an ‘opinion former’ is a prize cúnt.

    The BBC is to blame for this shit. They have the likes of Mo ‘Taqiyya’ Ansar and Owen fucking Jones on quickdial, thinking that the public can be pummelled into adopting the ‘acceptable’ position – usually silence – on the very things that make them seethe with anger.


  16. 23
    inside out says:

    Sloppy journalism from a new generation of graduates of Media Studies courses.Nobody checks anything anymore, takes the word of these so called experts as gospel.No indentures for journalists working on local papers to learn their trade. Its never been easier to find information or check backgrounds,trouble is you have to know what you are looking for,thats instinct,can’t be taught.


  17. 24
    The religion of piss says:

    This country is fucked. 13 years of Labour and 4 years of Camoron have left the UK beyond repair. I’m planning and saving to leave asap. Britain has been handed over to the muzees with the help of their leftie apologists. It saddens me to see what’s happened to this once great nation, but it’s best to just get out and let it rot.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 99
      Bob c untface Crow says:

      Book me a seat mate I will come with you,let the c unts ruin whats left of England.


  18. 25
    Anonymous says:

    Wont stop the beeboids booking him. They like cnuts especially leftie ones and muzzies.


  19. 26
    • 51
      Las Vegas says:

      What goes on in Liverpool stays in Liverpool. Hopefully.


    • 66
      Cinna says:

      If he’s a Lib nothing would surprise me less. Anything is possible with that lot. They have form.


      • 70
        Anthony Nesbitt says:

        Ansar’s strategy was simply. Play the role of moderate in Western garb whilst acting as a defender of pisslam. Didn’t quite work, got picked up and exposed earlier, now he’s neutralised. If he’s the moderate, can you imagine what the rest are like! How many UK passport holders are there in boko haram? We know of one, he was arrested in Kenya last night.


  20. 31
    Max Clifford: Hero of the left says:

    Off topic

    Can anyone give advice on this please

    I have just received a Labour election leaflet, of which one of the lies is
    ”The Conservatives and UKIP want to scrap your rights like paid holiday and maternity leave”

    As this is a lie, where and to whom can i report it??


    • 53
      Sarah Millington says:

      Please pass it on to your local UKIP Office.

      Many thanks


    • 54
      Cynic says:

      The Electoral Commission. Not that they will give much of a shit if it is the Labour Party.


      • 106
        Tom Catesby says:

        Bring it to the attention of the parties and the commission as suggested, you may want to contact your local elections officer at your council.


        • 108

          Apparently election leaflets are not controlled by typical trading standards or honesty controls.


  21. 32
    chris says:

    I must lead a sheltered life – I have never heard of this guy!


  22. 33
    Anonymous says:

    “Walter Mitty.”
    Wasn’t he a fictional eponymous hero, who wandered around playing out pretend parts in a perpetual day-dream? Well, given that we are all prepared to invest total belief in the reality of an experience occurring inside a hermetically sealed enclosure. Only to recognise that illusion for what it really is, when we awake. How do we know we don’t also engage in a form of wakeful dreaming? When denied the higher level of consciousness needed, to expose the non-reality in parts of it? For example, the paradox that we all believe our personal ‘reality’ is the correct one. Yet every single one of those is different.


  23. 35
    Iam Donut says:

    I have never heard of Universal Credit


  24. 36
    Ragheads r us says:

    Is Mo short for Maurice?


  25. 43
    Tim Yeo-Yo says:

    In answer to your question Guido – they won’t. The real question is why we’re the pinko, lefty media so keen to use him without any questioning of his background or ability?


    • 46
      Anon says:

      You can ask youself the same about many people in the public eye. What has Gok Wan ever done to merit his levels of exposure?


      • 68
        Cinna says:

        He has all the credentials he’ll ever need..


      • 73
        Anonymous says:

        It’s hard to say where, when and why the decision is made that a person shall be declared a media personality and given a seat on the gravy train, but it is obvious when it happens as they are suddenly all over the place, often given presenting gigs which have nothing much to do whatever they were originally known for.


      • 89
        Dangerous Brian says:

        Excuse me?
        He is an ex fat gay man you know, and he does a wonderful turn adverising yoghurt


  26. 44
    Ed Miliband says:

    can we recruit him?


  27. 47
    JH-23091840231 says:

    I recall a story by Charlie Brooker, back when he was angry and funny rather than a member of the lefty commentariat as now.

    He was writing for a computer games magazine, and the BBC called him in to be interviewed on some state-of-the-industry thing. He admitted he went on quite pissed, and had no idea what he was talking about.

    These talking heads you see are just asinine padding. No research, no real insight, but as long as they tick the achingly correct lefty boxes the BBC will keep spunking them up on to our screens.


    • 69
      Cinna says:

      Wasn’t there the case on Newsnight some years back when they dragged a guy in for comment on the assumption he was somebody else? Shows the level of identity checking at the BBC.


      • 72
        Anthony Nesbitt says:

        Sky News and the BBC never check anyone’s background. Which is why mudslum immigrant psychopath mo rafique is still used as a streetcorner immigrant rent-a-quote’. Rafiq was the loon who used his Twitter account to call Western women ‘sluts’ and ‘whores’ whilst wanting to know how much inflatable sex dolls cost. I told him if he had a sexual problem he should go down to his local private store and ask. By the way, another mudscum immigrant was convicted of sex crimes against English children yesterday, in Blackburn.


      • 81
        BBC Obergruppenführer says:


  28. 48
    BBC, the Broadcasting wing of the Guardian says:

    If we can ignore what Jimmy Saville and Stuart Hall were doing Ansar will be a piece of cake. And all his critics are racists.


  29. 52
    Ohthisbloodypc says:

    I don’t live in Westminster Village and I only come on this site as it’s an uglier form of showbiz gossip.

    So I haven’t got a fucking clue who Mo Ansar is or why he’s important

    Can anyone tell me? (Without posting links to long tedious articles on other blogs)


  30. 55
    not a believer says:

    Who is he lying to, who is he creating smoke to decieve, it us the ‘Kuffar’ who as the Koran says it is his and all followers of Islam duty, lets have a media crusade to sort this piece of ‘dog doo’ out


  31. 56
    Anthony Nesbitt says:

    Ansar, intellectually ugly and physical ugly. No wonder the mudslum immigrant community is finished in England.


  32. 57
    anon says:

    “difficult to see how television and radio producers can ever book him for a media appearance again…”

    The meeja will be booking him more now to show that they’re “not one of them racialist islamophobes innit”


  33. 61
    Nick Griffin had a point says:

    Have said it all along. The real threat to this country is not a handful of Muslim terrorists (like the 7/7 bombers), nor the preachers of hate. It is the so-called moderate Muslims, who year by year grow in strength and numbers, while being fawned over by Cameron, Clegg, Milliband, Salmond, etc.


  34. 62
    Shooty* says:

    He’ll be hosting The One Show or R4 today before the end of the week.


  35. 63
    EU Commissioner says:

    Prickly Clegg launches incendiary attack on former Conservative advisor on Today programme this morning.


  36. 65
    Mr Bridger says:

    Mo has a bit of a habit, of telling porkies!


    • 67
      Anthony Nesbitt says:

      Aww poor Ansar. He was busy yesterday calling Churchill an ‘islamophobe’ for his opposition to pisslam. I kindly had to remind him via Twitter that PM William Gladstone was also a staunch opponent of pisslam at the dispatch box in the Commons. I took him down! Guess mudscum leaders and countries over 900 years were Christianophobic, homophobic, blasphemophobic, anti-Semitic, Hinduphobic, Sikhophobic, etc.


  37. 71
    ansar phone says:

    i’ll Jihad your ass, init


  38. 74
    Anthony Nesbitt says:

    Ansar. Not so much ‘jihad’ but ‘jihadn’t’.


  39. 79
    keith says:

    Funny when Mo was only attacking the general public he was a media darling, but as soon as he had a go at the people who had been wheeling him out all these years, they take notice and realise what a nutter he was all along, strange that


  40. 80
    Corby says:

    What a surprise!

    When I hear someone labelled as an “opinion former” or” community leader” I know they are a charlatan.


  41. 84
    Anonymous says:

    Legal cheek have a piece on him too


  42. 85
    Anonymous says:

    Tells you everything you need to know about the quality of BBC news reporting.
    Self proclaimed ‘experts’ with no relevance promoting their own agenda are one of the reasons i take BBC ‘news’ with a pinch of salt.
    The other is the ‘parroting’ of the latest political attack line.
    Newsnight had one last night, too busy pushing the pro immigration line to do ANY basic checks on the facts they were using as the basis for their headlining piece.
    Paxman [re-immigration from Rumania/Bulgaria] ” It has all turned out to be a pile of scaremongering though hasn’t it”
    Mark Reckless MP ‘”The whole hullabaloo today is based on the responses of five people ”
    Paxman ” five !!! ”

    At which point Paxman has a conversation rather than an inquiry.

    Either the BBC is too lazy to check a few facts , particularly the margin of error associated with statistics, or they don’t care. Either way it is not a news service, just a taxpayer funded platform for those who have something to gain.


    • 87
      Cinna says:

      They care alright. What they care about is getting the message they want to push get out.


  43. 86
    2 Unlimited says:

    Mo, mo, mo, mo, mo, mo, mo, mo, mo ,mo ,mo, mo there’s no limit!


    • 90
      Libby Tard says:

      There is only one Mo, he won the only Gold Medal by a British athlete at the Olympic games, in fact the only medal won by anyone ever…


  44. 91
    Graham says:

    Probably on the BBC payroll. Most of the scum seem to be.


  45. 92
    All the World is Fluffy Bunnies and all mistakes are 'innocent' says:

    Come, come now Guido. What’s with all this ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation. ” when what I’ve said is true? Was it the name I used? Does it cut too close to home with your boss’s approach?


  46. 94
    Allahu Akbar says:

    The MSM fall over themselves for a bit of Taqiyya…


  47. 95
    Alterius non sit qui suus esse potest says:

    Who in their right mind thinks slavery is acceptable?


  48. 101
    B. Honest-Ffolkes says:

    Big surprise there (not) – Muslim cleric conceals his extremism.

    T Robinson is history but we know Sharia is a dagger aimed at everything we hold dear.


  49. 109
    Yvonne says:

    Coming soon to a Sky Box near you: British Muslim TV


  50. 111
    Anonymous says:

    Sadly, I think the media will continue to go to him because he is such an easy person to get a hold of. He gives them what they want. He is a good speaker with a perfect English accent in a goofy little costume that gives him some sort of authenticity which provides a great visual on the television. He doesn’t appear to have any job whatsoever. All he appears to do is tweet all day. So, the media can call him up and know that he will be there immediately. And, frankly, the media gets a tad lazy. So, sadly, I think Mo will still be gracing TV sets and radio speakers. But any outlet that does use them is questionable to say the least. If you have a lying fraud on your station who is being peddled as a commenter or expert as some kind, it doesn’t look good. At the same time, although on social media, he has been outed as a fraud, it is hard to say if the average TV watcher who doesn’t engage with Mo online know about this controversy and as a result won’t question him. It will be interesting how this plays out, but I don’t think we have seen the end of Mo.


  51. 113
    zoid says:

    odds on for a gig on ‘the big questions’ this sunday then…


  52. 116
    HappyAbdul says:

    Peace, my friends. Now that the take over is well underway, I thought you would appreciate this guide:


  53. 117
    nattalie says:

    he covertly recorded me threatened my life edited it then put it on u tube and twitter with my full name and phone number the police have done nothing even though he broke laws telecommunications act rippa etc please feel free to contact me these last few weeks have been hell because of him


  54. 118
    Anthony Nesbitt says:

    A pregnant convert to Christianity was sentenced to death inSudan yesterday. Fourteen more were killed today by missing immigrant terrorists in Kenya today. The fate of the 256 Christianschoolchildren hangs in the balance. TIME FOR PEACE. TIME TO BAN PISSLAM N ENGLAND.


  55. 119
    Anonymous says:

    He sounds like he should be a front bench MP.


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