May 11th, 2014

Read Guido’s Column in the Sun on Sunday Online

In today’s Sun on Sunday column Guido exclusively reveals that the Conservatives have received their largest donation ever under Cameron. Find out who cleared their debts exclusively in The Sun.


Don’t miss out on all the latest gossip, including:

  • Labour infighting over Dougie Alexander’s strategy of attacking LibDems rather than UKIP – “confused and worried”, “We’re all over the place… Our messaging is not working.”
  • Dubious expense claiming to the end – Tim Yeo’s claim rejected, Charlie Kennedy’s too
  • Where was David Axelrod this week?
  • Ed Miliband is a fan of the old “mass debater” pun

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  1. 1
    Rolf Harris says:

    I’m disgusted with myself.

    I’ve been married to a munter for over 40 years.

  2. 2
    Gonzo says:

    Broadcaster forced to quit by BBC after accidentally playing a song with the N-word

    David Lowe, a veteran radio broadcaster, played a song on his show which, unbeknown to him, contained a phrase using the N-word.
    When a listener complained Mr Lowe offered either to apologise on air or resign. His BBC managers initially said he would have to resign, but after the affair threatened to become public the corporation underwent a sudden about turn and has now stated he can have his job back.
    However the broadcaster said he had been left so stressed by the BBC’s attitude that he no longer feels well enough to continue working.

  3. 3
    BBC News says:

    Tories clear their debts by robbing the poor.

  4. 4
    Cameron is a conniving kleptomaniacal cunt says:

    So which stupid woman left her life savings to the government this time ?

  5. 5
    The Lone Ranger says:

    Good for him. The BBC is a bad employer – ask the victims of Jimmy Savile.

  6. 6
    Brillo says:

    Nigel Farage is on Sunday Politics, as well as Wee Dougie Alexander. The only thing I don’t like about the show is the panel of smug annoying lefties on every week, Nick Watt, Janan Ganesh and Helen Lewis.

  7. 7
    dai eurovisually says:

    the WURST moment of my life

    you’ve been a great audience

    eurovison’s my favourite gig

    where’s the lolly?

  8. 8
    The Taxpayer's Alliance says:

    With the recent announcement that HMRC will bable to raid peoples bank accounts to recover unpaid tax. Will HMRC equally be given the same power to raid the likes of Starbucks’ and Google’s bank accounts as well?

  9. 9
    Pookie Snackumberger says:

    So, Cameron ‘get’s it’ does he?

    No he doesn’t, because if he did, he’d be saying what Farage and all the people who will vote for UKIP are saying.


    He’s not saying that, or anything like it.

  10. 10
    Joss Taskin says:

    Isn’t his real name Nick T Watt ?

  11. 11
    The British media are cunts says:

    So David Laws is spitting his gay boy poison all over Gove. Remind us Laws when it comes to diverting tax payers money are you not king of that?

    Remind us of why you had to resign again because the BBC seem to have forgotten as they always do unless it’s a Tory.

  12. 12
    HMRC Apologist says:

    Of course not. We have agreed their tax bill with them and they have paid all of the money we asked for.

  13. 13
    The British media are cunts says:

    Why would they? They all get brown envelopes off these companies to say and do nothing.

  14. 14
    dai unhealthily says:

    just like the NHS – witch-hunting its own employees, using kangaroo disciplinary court procedure and abusing the patients – all at the same time with our money

    how some folks get their kicks?

  15. 15
    Two Dogs of Empiricism says:

    Yes, but the BBC have a quota for these people. A minimum of 80% of any panel must have members of their set to ensure balance.

    You know it’s the right thing to do.

    Don’t forget to pay your telly tax!

  16. 16

    ‘Get’s it’ ? No. He ‘gets’ it.

  17. 17
    Dodgy D. Laws says:

  18. 18
    HMRC Apologist says:

    They even paid for their lunch with us!!!!

  19. 19
    Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP, Climate Change Chieftain says:

  20. 20
    Sordid says:

    It’s pretty grubby of Rolf Harris to seek sympathy by bringing his wheelchair bound wife into court with him.

  21. 21
    F##k the LibLabCon says:

    He we ‘get it’ and sooner rather than later.

  22. 22
    F##k the LibLabCon says:


  23. 23
    The bearded lady says:

    You ain’t seen nothing yet.

  24. 24
    Anon & Voting for UKIP ORG says:

    Wee Dougie getting skewered by Andrew Neil on Sunday Politics……

  25. 25
    Brillo says:

    Brillo is tearing Douglas Alexander to shreds.

  26. 26
    F##k the LibLabCon says:

    Lost all the main arguments so they’re now scrape the bottom of the barrel.

  27. 27
    F##k the LibLabCon says:

    Now being moderated again so I’ll take my leave.

  28. 28
    Taxation is theft says:

    Saw someone refer to “government money” the other day but there’s no such thing; all the money which the government presumes to control has been extorted from the populace under threat of imprisonment. Think about it, and then tell me if you still think you’re “free”.

  29. 29
    Watch Dougie squirm and wriggle like an eel says:

  30. 30
    Nigel Farage says:

    I just farted on a train forgetting I had headphones in. I don’t know if it was loud or quiet, guy next to me is smiling. My bets are on loud.

  31. 31
    £750 'Loire' table says:

    Gove’s luxury furniture claims were also disgraceful.

  32. 32
    Brillo says:

    Douglas Alexander is a truly evil man. He refused to apologise for their broadcast in which they show the Cameron parody saying let’s attack the disabled because they can’t fight back. Brillo pointed out Cameron had a severely disabled son and it’s a shameful attack. But Wee Dougie refused to. What an utterly odious man. I hope he gets cancer and dies in agony.

  33. 33
    Anon & Voting for UKIP ORG says:

    Wee Dougie is proving what an absolute Zanu@Lie*Labor fcuking
    wa*nker he really is LOL

  34. 34
    Watch Dougie squirm and wriggle like an eel says:

    Just saw Nigel Farage’s socks on Sunday Politics – brilliant.

    From now on I will start wearing purple and yellow items of clothing just as a subtle sign of my support for UKIP from now until the forthcoming elections.

  35. 35
    Brillo says:

    Tune in to bbc1 now. Brillo interviewing Nigel in a minute.

  36. 36
    Iain Duncan Smith says:

    Tory leaders accused of repulsive double standards on ballots

    Hear ! Hear !

  37. 37
    Weed Uggie says:

    Thank you. Please contribute here

  38. 38
    Roger Helmer says:

    I have no comment to make.

  39. 39
    RED LEN says:

    Up the workuz !

  40. 40
    Mangochutney says:

  41. 41
    Guy News Room says:

    Nigel_Farage tells bbc “I’ve never seen a single comment by Roger Helmer on bumsex that would be deemed to be offensive”

  42. 42
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Brillo is ripping Farage a new one. When it comes down to it Farage has as many lies as Ed Balls.

  43. 43
    Rogered Helmet says:
  44. 44
    Anonymous says:

    I hope Cameron is really happy.

    Just as they shut down Milford Haven refinery as there is nothing left in the tanks. I am sure all those that will be out of work will love to vote for Cameron while they stood by and lost our counties ability to process oil.

    We are now the street urchins dependant on the good will of the Indian refineries.

    An American company was allowed to turn off a national asset. Why not just turn off all the foreign owned assets like power stations. We could just put in an even bigger cable to Europe. That might sound ridiculous, but so does tanker carrying final products. In a world that can not defend itself from piracy, why would you want to carry final product through the worst zone.

    It is like shipping bullion.

    When will you politicians see we are at war. The bullets are P45s.

  45. 45
    Mangochutney says:

  46. 46
    Brillo padded says:

    Very good interview so far. Thanks. He’s ripping Brillo up good and proper.

  47. 47
    Guido Fawkes says:

    Brillo, throw a bucket of water over Nigel Farage and see if he melts

  48. 48
    A resident of Newark says:

    He’s got my vote!

  49. 49
    Farage has really found top form says:

    Well done Nigel.

    I hope some mad bad leftist doesn’t try to take him out.

  50. 50
    What a bloody idiot this twerp,Nigel Farage really is says:

    Farage suggests Unite Against Fascism and Hope Not Hate are inciting violence against him, hence his 4 bodyguards.

    Farage is a knob,make no mistake.

  51. 51
    Brillo out brilled by Farage says:

    It’s not often that Brillo is taken apart in one of his own scripted interiews. Farage just has.

  52. 52
    Brillo says:

    I wasn’t aware Unite Against Fascism and Hope Not Hate have made death threats against Nigel and physically attacked him. Absolutely disgraceful. The irony is that they’re both fascist organisations. Look at any protest by the EDL that’s met by a counter-protest by UAF. Every single time, UAF members attack first, whilst EDL members try and avoid violence.

  53. 53
    Anon & Voting for UKIP ORG says:

    Oh what a brilliant interview by Andrew Neil as he was well & truly
    shredded by Nigel Farage………

    It was upto the normal fcuking low standard of research the Now Rudderless
    Biased Broadcasting Company which is increasingly not fit for purpose !!!

  54. 54
    jgm2 says:

    In a world that can not defend itself from piracy, why would you want to carry final product through the worst zone.

    And how will we be any more secure carrying bulkier raw product through these zones?

    We’re already dependent on Russian gas so either way we freeze.

    Time to get fracking. That’ll secure our energy needs for a generation or more.

  55. 55
    The violent Left says:

    They are though and they are getting ever more violent. As lefties always do when they are losing.

  56. 56
    What a bloody idiot this twerp,Nigel Farage really is says:

    Give us proof,you lying twerp,Farage !

    “I need bodyguards because organisations supported by Labour figures are threatening me with violence”

  57. 57
    broderick crawford says:


    Away from the glitz and limelight of the main Eurovision event tonight, the Eurovision Bong Contest remains ever-popular in its niche. Top runners and riders tonight:

    Boom bong a bong by Lulu Bong & de bum-bums

    Conbongulations by Cliff Bongard and the Elmers

    Bongit on a Shlong by Bongi Bore

    Dopa Co-op Ding Ding by Ed Bong & The Milibangs

    Waterbong by Abbong

    Ooh-eee, nosey-nosey sniff-sniff by George Osbong

    Let’s Bong Again by Dave Camerbong & the Bungs

  58. 58
    Vote UKIP! says:

    Brilliant stuff from Nige. Got all the points in about BBC refusing to discuss Europe and Union funding of UAF thugs. Brillo didn’t know what to say.

  59. 59
    A resident of Newark says:

  60. 60
    Herr Hitler says:

    Nigel Farage is on Sunday Politics. Does he sleep at the BBC?

  61. 61
    The violent Left says:

    All the proof you need is on the floor of the BBC editing room. Violent attacks on Farage have broadcast by the BBC and the attacks are getting more frequent as the far left panics and resorts to ever more violent means.

  62. 62
    Brillo says:

    They ARE inciting violence against him. Whatever you think of Farage personally, it’s unacceptable and disgusting for anyone to threaten him and attack him. UAF are a vile fascist outfit who hypocritically say nothing about fascist muslims. UAF are completely evil c-unts.

  63. 63
    broderick crawford says:


    We HATE this !

  64. 64
    jgm2 says:

    It’s the EU Parliament. Nobody gives a fuck and nobody there can influence anything. They’re an expensive rubber-stamp for EU stitch-ups.

  65. 65
    Fuck the LibLabCon says:

  66. 66
    Anonymous says:

    Because crude needs processing. For that you need a refinery. Final product is just sold on the street, literally.

    It is just basic security.

  67. 67
    Village Idiot says:

    …What is with the blue star and “Like” thingy…? Every post I read,i end up reading, “Like”….and …I dont’ like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…Going off!

  68. 68
    The bearded lady says:

    I am the Queen of Europe.

  69. 69
    What a bloody idiot this twerp,Nigel Farage really is says:

    Hmm, here’s the UKIP local election manifesto, which Brillo just claimed contains income tax policy. It doesn’t.

    Another crate of beer,Nigel ?

  70. 70
    You Tree says:

    So how much longer do we have to wait for the fuzz to arrest Leo Brittanica and Riff Clichard?

  71. 71
    jgm2 says:

    But we have little/no crude in England. When Fucking Scotland fucks off we will no longer have a guaranteed supply of crude. So either way we are no longer energy secure.

    No point having a refinery without crude.

  72. 72
    The Beats of Bolsover says:

  73. 73
    Labour the party that doesn't work. says:

    Brillo has, of course, to acknowledge now and then that he takes those thirty pieces of silver from the BBC. Having dared to mildly challenge that small odious Alexander he will have had his producer screaming in his ear that he must attack Farage.

    BBC are in full Labour supporting mode for the general election next year.

  74. 74
    broderick crawford says:


    I have nt gone away !!

  75. 75
    farty animal says:

    Way to go Nige, you’ve got my vote!

  76. 76
    Anonymous says:

    Bad interview by Andrew Neil, same old same old.

  77. 77
    Anonymous says:

    Freezing is not the issue. Not moving at all, and financial collapse is.

    The inherited infrastructure of liquid fuelled transport can not be ignored during policy decisions.

    We are being set up for a fall. Without any leadership we will continue to be closed down.
    Fracking is like eating the cherry on a drink when you really need the drink.
    Coal is our only hope to survive this attack.

  78. 78
    Ever hopeful says:

    Shouldn’t that be Hate not hope, because that’s what your doing , your showing your true agenda.

  79. 79
    Labour the party that doesn't work. says:

    FYI – example – Farage was attacked by the UAF in Scotland not long ago.

  80. 80
    Guardian-reading BBC Komandant says:

    Just a moment…

    This David Lowe. He is:

      1.) White
      2.) Male
      3.) Heterosexual
      4.) Law abiding
      5.) Decent
      6.) Has not sponged off the state
      7.) Has worked for us for many years
      8.) Is over 25 years old
      9.) Pays his taxes
    10.) Is liked by his audience

    This won’t do! He ticks all our disapproval boxes. Let’s creep up behind him and shout BOO before we give him his cards. Might not need to pay him a pension that way.

  81. 81
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Well they were discussing the 1000 page document on the curvature of bananas at the time :-)

  82. 82
    Ridiculous says:

    The BBC Eurovision jury is an outrage.
    Why should five have the same 50% value as the rest of the country?
    The country wanted Poland to win…these politically correct five voted Poland last, just because the babe had her big tits out.

    Time the BBC Trust investigated.

  83. 83
    Piss Artists against UKIP says:

    That Yorkshire Ukip candidate doesn’t appear to be entirely sober.

  84. 84
    C O (Ξ7s1) says:

    Separating how the EU and Non-EU countries voted among eachother in the Eurovision last night yields some interesting results:

    Non-EU     | 1st       | 2nd           | 3rd
    Jury       | R'ussia   | M'onten'egro  | A'zerbaijan, B'elarus,
               |           |               | I'celand, U'kraine           
    Televoting | A'rmenia, | A'rmenia      | R'ussia
               | R'ussia   |               |

    2 of these countries jury voted R’ussia first, 3 televoting voted R’ussia first:

    R'ussia 1st - Non EU only:
    Jury         | Televoting
    A'zerbaijan  | A'rmenia
    B'elarus     | B'elarus
                 | M'onten'egro

    One EU member state voted R’ussia first also in televoting: L’atvia.

    EU         | 1st       | 2nd           | 3rd
    Jury       | A'ustria  | N'etherlands  | N'etherlands
    Televoting | A'ustria  | N'etherlands  | P'oland

    In the jury / televoting, 7 countries each voted A’ustria first among the EU member states which took part:

    A'ustria 1st - EU only:
    Jury          | Televoting
    F'inland      | F'inland
    N'etherlands  | N'etherlands
    S'lovenia     | S'lovenia
    S'weden       | S'weden
    G'reece       | G'ermany
    I'reland      | P'ortugal
    L'ithuania    | M'alta
  85. 85
    Ed Miliband and the Meek says:

  86. 86
    How the fuck did he tweet this whilst presenting a live show? says:

  87. 87
    Roger Helmer says:

    UKIP are not just a rascist party.
    They are also a misogynistic and homophobic party too.

  88. 88
    Ridiculous says:

    Surprised at Brillo delivering such a feeble effort.
    I thought he was better than that, and wouldn’t be arsed with the cheap shots against Farage.
    He’s passed his sell by date, just like Paman was a few years back.

  89. 89
    C O (Ξ7s1) says:

    The egg guy seemed much more centre left than far left.

    No evidence of nose rings, tattoos and he seemed to know how to use soap.

  90. 90
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Yep and it’s ALWAYS twisted by the BBC: if an EDL berk misbehaves, it’s “EDL supporters arrested at EDL rally.” If the UAF kick off, as they always do, it’s “people arrested at EDL rally.”

    The BBC – nation shall spe’ak utter bollocks unto nation.

  91. 91
    broderick crawford says:

    Ed Balls tweeted last night :


    Says it all about our pols IQ what ?

    I absolutely HATE this ( tweet )

  92. 92
    Anonymous says:

    True. Tax payer funded and backed by current MP’s too.

  93. 93
    the bolshevik broadcasting says:

    Yep, he shares a dormitory with Owen Jones, Diane Abbott and a shed load of assorted lefties.

  94. 94
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Is that Paxman?

  95. 95
    The perverted elite says:

    Metrosexuals believe that a desire to insert ones penis into another man’s bottom and swap spit at the same time is perfectly normal.

  96. 96
    Anonymous says:

    Post office cheque was it?

  97. 97
    Senior Tory says:

    No, I am the Queen of Europe!

  98. 98
    Anonymous says:


  99. 99
    green grass says:

  100. 100
    Ladyboy votes for ladyboy says:

  101. 101
    One hundred UK billionaires says:

  102. 102
    Anonymous says:

    Used to be a singing competition.Now it’s a circus come freak show with vote overtones.

  103. 103
    Euro trash says:

    ironic that a supposedly peaceful and loving audience should boo two innocent teenage girls.

  104. 104
    broderick crawford says:

    Yes Gweedo and Team , I ve just finished reading the Sun cover to cover and replaced it on the Sainsbury rack duly creased for someone to purchase.

    Thanks . Not a bad freebie read .


  105. 105
    Joss Taskin says:

    Why isn’t Chuck Urmunney around not in Nigeria rescuing the girls from the mozzies ?

  106. 106
  107. 107
    Anonymous says:

    Chuckie out with the trash.

  108. 108
    Jezza says:

    Is this the view from Nigeria?

  109. 109
    C O (Ξ7s1) says:

    Are the left having some sort of collective mental breakdown ?

    In her earlier tweet, Ms Ward expressed fatigue at the ‘anti-fascist’ groups accusing UKIP of being mysogynist, when she herself is a female chairman (her word) of the Camborne/Redruth UKIP branch.

    Come on lefties – you can’t really argue against this, can you.

  110. 110
    Niger Ia says:

    Because he’s busy doing much the same in his constituency?

  111. 111
    Ever hopeful says:

    Never watch it, it just shows how closely Euro countries are together, in other words there will never be a united states of Europe, because all states still have individual people living in them and most are still tribal, we will end up in a European war if these Euro loonies get their own way..

  112. 112
    The violent left says:

    The left really are running scared now and all their raw basic instincts of violence, intimidation and bullying coming to the fore.

  113. 113
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    And the meek will inherit… oh dear!.

  114. 114
    Increasing number of voters says:

    Better out than in

  115. 115
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Chair person.

  116. 116
    Nermal says:

    Looks like an outing for care in the community.

  117. 117
    Anonymous says:

    Thought Wee Dougie was going to burst into tears at one stage.

  118. 118
    Paul Daniels says:

    I think you’re going to

  119. 119
    jgm2 says:

    Brillo is the only person who ever challenges a Labour talking head. That’s why they so rarely go on the show. Because they’re full of shit and he’s not afraid to challenge them on it.

    Andrew Marr, on the other hand, has Labour talking heads lining up to appear.

  120. 120
    Talking Bollocks Watch says:

  121. 121
    Leftie Listener says:

    Just been listening to the You tube version of the Sun Has Got His Hat On. Not only is the N-word used, but later in the song there is mention of little girls. Clearly this is a paedofilic reference and the song should be removed immediately and any remaining copies burnt on a large bonfire.

  122. 122
    Rickytshirt says:

    Thatcher failed in two attempts to win a seat before finally succeeding. Didn’t stop her becoming the greatest P.M. ever.

  123. 123
    jgm2 says:

    The power of propaganda is extraordinary.

    How is it possible to get 10,000 people who, six months ago couldn’t point to Crimea on a map to suddenly be so excitable about an outbreak of democracy? So it breaks away and joins the USSR? So what?

    Are they going to booing Fucking Scotland when it breaks away from the UK and joins the EU instead? Are they going to be booing the EU?

    Why not?

    What’s the difference?

  124. 124
    Hope Not Hate says:

    We really are c’unts.

    You see, anyone who doesn’t agree with us is guilty of thoughtcrime and is fair game to be publicly shamed & browbeaten for their non-approved opinion.

    If that doesn’t work we try a bit of shrieking, heckling and physical intimidation in the street and at meetings – we’re quite the fans of 1930’s tactics you know.

    We count many MP’s amongst our supporters and are untouchable. Anyone who criticises us must be wacist, EUr’acist, a homophobe, xenophobe etc etc.

  125. 125
    Jack Ketch says:

    Here is the non-racist version–however the Lezzies might not like it.

  126. 126
    Jack Ketch says:

    I would suggest that Brillo tried, but failed. He may have exposed a small chink or two (can I still say that?), but after Alexander had just appeared as a mendacious, vile, bare-faced, lying cnut–it fell flat. Farage is covered in Teflon–Labour is covered in sh1t.

  127. 127
    Jim says:

    What Lie is he broadcasting today?

  128. 128
    Jim says:

    And rich people £125,000.
    And still no Political Policy in sight.

  129. 129
    John Bellingham says:

    The UAF and “Hope not Hate” have a serious problem. They have expended years of work, a few forests of leaflets, several walls of half-bricks and lots of twitter air-time in agitation and violence against the NF, the BNP and the EDL. Suddenly those organisations have become totally irrelevant and the nasty thugs now need a new target–so they choose UKIP. If UKIP didn’t exist they would be smearing excrement on the walls of the stock exchange or undergoing state-funded potty training lessons.

  130. 130
    Liblabcon go to hell says:

    The state funded UAF thugs know full well they have the state funded BBC to cover their backs.

    What a sh!tty corrupt little country Brtain has become.

  131. 131
    John Bellingham says:

    The correct word is misarsenokoites. No fear, just dislike.

  132. 132
    sniffsniff says:

    looks like the militwit doesn’t like the smell around him…

  133. 133
    We dohn need no ejacashern says:

    The British so-called education system has a lot to answer for…

  134. 134
    John Bellingham says:

    Chukka is half-Igbo, the kidnapped girls are Kanuri people. There is serious racial discrimination and hatred in Nigeria. That is why the government in Abuja didn’t give a monkey’s about the kidnappings until International pressure appeared.

  135. 135
    We dohn need no ejacashern says:

    Pisov and get back in your bowl, freak.

  136. 136
    Jack Ketch says:

    Not so much lies as pig-ignorance.

  137. 137
    We dohn need no ejacashern says:

    If they lose their referendum, the Scots can follow Ian Smith’s lead and just declare UDI. Now there’s a thought!

  138. 138
    The Major, Fawly Towers says:

    Of course, technically speaking, the inhabitants of Timbuctoo are w*gs, not n*****rs

  139. 139
    Moral degenerates says:

    Were they not booing Russia for its entirely reasonable stance on bumsex propaganda to children in schools?

  140. 140
    LOL! says:


    “Brillo is ripping Farage a new one. When it comes down to it Farage has as many lies as Ed Balls.”

    Dan…it that you?

  141. 141
    @jonno says:

    Call me Dave and his equally incompetent chums have shown to all, that they can’t manage.

    £400m taken by Gove from the Basic Need fund which should go to local authorities for Free School’s which are a disaster.
    NHS Choose and Book due to be replaced by yet another expensive system.
    The legal system on the point of melt down, because of funding £13m being denied – but that fits in with the plan to let fraudsters in the banking sector off
    Over 5000 nursing jobs lost in acute trust, yet a report says the country needs 20,000
    Support for Pfizer bid for AZ, yet AZ don’t want to be taken over
    HMRC being allowed to sell peoples personal details, as well as having the right to take money out of peoples bank accounts
    Sanctioning the poor, unemployed, disabled but not having the balls to actually bring in laws that stop corporates and others who ‘play’ the system
    The list goes on

    Yes, Cameron and the Tories have wasted more money because they don’t know what they are doing, they are incompetent, vile, ideological, nasty, bully boys, who have, and are, damaging this country… their chickens will certainly come home to roost in less than a year, when they get kicked out

  142. 142
    UKIP4ME says:

    Special Ed is rounding up elderly people to transport them to an NHS hospital for…er…uhm…the special handling for which the NHS is world famous and includes its famous and effective fluids diet, but obviously he made sure their postal vote was sorted first. He promised such transports would increase if labour are elected.

  143. 143
    Overton says:


    Speaking of crime, I wonder if this will finally be the year that the EU accounts will be signed off by auditors?

    We’ve been waiting what, about 20 years so far?

  144. 144
    jgm2 says:

    Tee hee.

    The country ‘needs’ 20,000 nurses. Not until we imported 2,000,000 third worlders to cook currys and dr*i*ve taxis (dangerously badly) they didn’t.

  145. 145
    UKIP4ME says:

    Thats strange, I didnt know ‘hope not soap’ were putting up a candidate to fight the coming election…oh thats right they are not because they would lose their deposit.

    This is the extreme left for you, they try to interfere in democratic elections but dare not actually take part in one to challenge UKIP and Helmer properly in the democratic manner and see who gets the most votes.

    Hope not soap are simply filled with hatred and rage that they have no popular support and Helmer does.

  146. 146
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    I never get out of my bowl, I would be gasping for breath (rude person).

  147. 147
    Dirtbox Dave - queen of the homos says:

    Hands off – I saw him/her/it first.

  148. 148
    Dirtbox Dave - queen of the homos says:

    I’m so in touch with my feminine side.

  149. 149
    Backs to the wall says:

    An audience full of sodomites and other sexual deviants is hardly going to show much affection for teenage girls.

  150. 150
    They're Frit says:

    Jose Manuel Barroso tells David Cameron, ever so politely, he’s lost the game

    “One of the greatest assets of the “European project”, I have more than once observed, is that it is so stupendously boring that few people bother to understand how it really works. This was exemplified by the almost Soviet-length speech on “the future of the European Union” given in Berlin last week by José Manuel Barroso”

  151. 151
    £40,000 I tried to steal says:

    I’m going to cry if you continue to be a beastly boy to me.

  152. 152
    I don't envy the person who will have the job of Courtroom Artist at Rolf Harris' trial. Pressure!!! says:

    Wheelchair bounD?
    Was she tied in with leather straps?

  153. 153
    R H says:

    Douglas Alexander is not a nice person from my personal experience.

  154. 154
    Desperate Dave says:

    Cameron is like a wife-beater when she’s finally had enough beatings and is leaving.

    oh come on luv, it’ll be different next time – I’m a changed man, I’ll never punch you again, I swear it’ll never happen again -bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

  155. 155
    An Earl, an OBE, hence an Earlobe says:

    You are HM the Queen, and I claim my Knighthhod.

  156. 156
    A Phoenix rises says:

    It’s Russell Brand I think.

  157. 157
    MarriotsDead says:

    In your fantasy world.

  158. 158
    Anonymous says:

    Who do you think was posting bricks, blood and faeces to UKIP last week?

    It was various assorted lefty thugs from SWP, UAF and HateNoteHope – they bascially take their tactics from the BenP, another lefty bunch of extremists.

  159. 159
    that all ya got, punk? says:

    Faux phobias fill no fantasies

  160. 160
    Balloon seller says:

    If ya like balloons, vote Labour!

  161. 161
    Dave T says:

    That Owen prick was on prog after,is he getting younger?

  162. 162
    Dave T says:


  163. 163
    Bloomers in rain-soaked Bongo Bongo Land says:

  164. 164 says:

    Any company that employs James O’Brien needs avoiding. O’ Brien is so clever as he presses buttons and bullies his dwindling audience.
    He will read this, so well done Jimmy. Whatever happened to you, you probably deserved it.

  165. 165 says:

    Why subtle ?
    You can buy badges and polo shirts via the UKIP website so get stuck in.
    My next flowers will be as purple and yellow as possible.

  166. 166 says:

    Unite are pro EU and open borders.
    How will allowing millions of workers in to the UK help British workers Len ?

  167. 167
    President Cheery. B. Mahmood says:

    a sausage moment ??

  168. 168 says:

    spelling racist wrong is embarrassing.

  169. 169 says:

    why not ask someone over 70 ?

  170. 170
    Anonymous says:

    Cameron is like the boy who cried wolf over the EU once too many times.

    He is a liar and cannot be trusted.

  171. 171
    Anonymous says:


    Three peas in the same EU pod.

  172. 172
    Anonymous says:

    Brillo was awful with Farage today.

    He wouldn’t let Nigel get a word in edge ways, cut him off midway through answers and tried to focus on tired old smears.

    Brillo scored an own goal and merely looked as crooked and bent as the rest of the LibLabCon and smear addicted MSM who are only interested in UKIP bashing, patriot hating, democracy denying, sovereignty surrendering, Christian undermining, Isl@mic apologists and general disgust of the indigenous English.

    A sorry day for the often challenging Brillo.

  173. 173
    Anonymous says:

    Brillo repeating the same tired old smears and completely failing to discuss any of the EU issues people want to hear debated.

    Typical of the BBC shutting down debate which doesn’t suit their own political agenda.

  174. 174
    Anonymous says:

    Not sure I agree.

    The egg man had quite a big smelly beard, looked like an ex tree hugger or soap on a rope dodger activist that had been persuaded into thuggery.

    We will probably find out he was set up by BBC researchers who had a few unused Labour and union activists left over from a recent question time programme.

  175. 175
    Anonymous says:

    Brillo even had to make an apology live on air directly after the interview.

    A massive own goal by Brillo and the BBC, quiet a climb down for them.

    Don’t think I’ve ever seen Brillo so badly prepared or have to issue a live apology.

    Shows the smearing depths to which the BBC and the usually straight talking Brillo will plummet to when they feel their backs are up against the wall.

  176. 176

    Starbucks and Google paid no less tax than they were legally obliged to , indeed any other course of action would have been a dereliction of duty to their shareholders.
    Any individual or corporation who pays more in tax than the absolute minimum is stark raving bats hit bonkers.

  177. 177
    Anonymous says:

    Ed is ushering them to hospital as fast as possible so they can deal with the old people the way that NHS hospitals know best, the Liverpool Care Pathway way…

    That way Labour can free up these old peoples houses and give them to some freshly arrived immigrant hard working Mussie families or some other Romanians or Bulgarians.

    We have to make room for them, and ki11ing off the old, is one of the easiest ways..

  178. 178
    Anonymous says:

    Maybe the BBC have some long forgotten tape of Brillo using the N word innocently, but have blackmailed him into being their smearing lying stooge, just like Mr Prick Robinson.

  179. 179
    Anonymous says:

    Never trust a man in suit when those around you bare Labour placards.

  180. 180
    Anonymous says:

    I don’t think many in the photo were educated in Briton.

  181. 181
    Anonymous says:

    Which is why Poland with its heterosexual young boobies came first in the UKs public vote, but last with our ‘professional’ judges.

    When the Polish band were interviewed by a Polish TV station, they said they were the only hetro group there and were surrounded by weirdos, transvestites, gays and immigrants.

    A bit like the HoP then….

  182. 182
    Thoughtful says:

    He’s probably right.

  183. 183

    What is the fuckers name??

  184. 184

    Fucking Kraut puff!

  185. 185
    Speed freak says:

    yeah, more like Brixton!

  186. 186
    Fred the over 70 pensioner says:

    As an over 70, may I just say it does not make me feel ‘uncomfortable’ at all – it makes me feel utterly sick and disgusted from top to (er) bottom!

    We have always had these types in our midst, but thy had the common decency to keep their personal perversions private and to themselves and made no fuss about them. What is totally sick-making nowadays is their constantly flaunting their ‘in yer face’ attitude to the rest of us normal people (who really don’t give a flying fuck what they get up to).

  187. 187
    The view fom Haifa says:

    As a ‘gold’ fish one wonders whether or not you may be one of we chosen ones tribe.

  188. 188

    Is there problem with your keyboard ?

  189. 189
    (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

    Makes more sense than the main event!

  190. 190

    I hope he is writing the book about Little Ed , he can title it
    “The man who never was “

  191. 191
    (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

    Fucking freak!

  192. 192
    SackMariaMillerasanMP says:

    Interesting that there are no comments about that famous roman catholic Michael Hintze bank-rolling the tory party and in particular Liam Fox and Adam Werrity.
    Good to see that this mixed nationality (British – Australian – how did that come about?) has been given a K for his philanthropy!

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