May 9th, 2014

Labour Would Cut an Oligarch’s Shopping Bill By £125,000

Labour’s VAT cut would do nothing to cut the costs of fresh fruit, veg or canned goods, despite what their new poster implies. It would however cut an oligarch’s £5 million shopping bill for a yacht, a Bentley, some jewellery bling and champagne by £125,000. Finally a One Nation Labour policy Guido and Peter Mandelson can support…


  1. 1
    The only Country in Europe not to have a Parliament is England says:

    They would only buy a yachtt in the lowest VAT EUSSR Country as Usual


    • 28
      the plain english society says:

      for oligarch please read kleptocrat


    • 40
      Scrap VAT on fuel says:

      VAT affects most things indirectly, because it is applied to fuel and most things need to be transported, and this includes clothes and fuel.

      VAT is also imposed on the cost of fuel *after* the fuel duty tax has already been applied. It is double tax.

      Fuel is of course, not a luxury.


      • 50
        Apthorpe says:

        Indeed true. Any party that has the real interests of commerce and wealth creation for this country would drop vat at once. But then they’d have to bill you some other way for the pleasure of being in the EU. It is also a tax that puts the burden of collection on the very people that have to pay it, it is simply evil and a clear sign that all our political parties have no undertanding of business or commerce outside of how big a bung they can get off a banker. Labour of course have less of a clue than any of them since none of them have ever worked in a real wealth creating sector in their lives.
        Vote UKIP in May and keep the pressure on Dave the Heathite and Ed the Bubble Boy


      • 62
        Django says:

        The current amount of VAT in £5,000,000.00 of vatable purchases is £833,000.00.


    • 48
      chriselee says:

      I’ve just seen this nice little boy on the Daily Politics called Owen.He’s very pretty and speaks very nicely.He keeps wriggling in his seat though,I think he’s got a sore botty.


  2. 2
    Nick Clogg says:

    2% WTF!


  3. 3
    Claude the impressionist says:



  4. 4
    Owen Jones says:

    I’m back on the Daily Politics on BBC2 at 12pm today for more jokes and hilarity so don’t forget to tune in kids!


    • 11
      Repay the Co-op Loan with interest says:

      Venezuela Tourist Board agent.


      • 72
        Baal the Seal says:

        Socialism of course provided Owen with his ipod, iphone, his wages, shoes, nice trousers, haircut, food, alcho pops, car, watch, holiday, toilet paper, jonnys, tampons, teeth whitener, zit cream, ky jelly, crayons, comics, jellybabys, hanging baskets, petrol, electricity, bubble bath, camphor balls, crisps, xmas baubles, roller skates and tea bags.


    • 12
      Andrew Neil says:

      I think I will ask him if he is pro EU

      Let the little squirt babble on about the wonderful the EU is and then point out his hgero Tony Benn led the OUT of EUROPE campaign at the last referendum.


  5. 4
    Podiceps says:

    Soak the rich in champagne.


  6. 7
    Shadow Cabinet says:



  7. 8
    Ed Milibandwagon says:

    VAT hits the rich harder because it applies to yachts, jets and fine wines but it’s zero on food, books, kids clothing and other essentials plus low-rated on other vitals like energy bills.

    Labour want to subsidise the conspicuous consumption of the rich and spray money on benefits claimants. They’ll squeeze the middle until the pips squeak.


    • 32
      Old Nick Heavenly (alive and kikin) says:

      Ed, if you get into power I might just come back to live in England.


    • 55
      Apthorpe says:

      That both Labour and Conservatives seem unable to produce policies to support and grow the wealth creating middle class is a further sign that their time is up. Dave is locked into the rewarding the failure of the finnancial sector and getting us all to pay for it whilst looking after his chums. Ed Bubble Boy can only come up with giving others peoples money to encourage ongoing failure at the bottom end of society whilst looking for odd ways to cock up what is left of the economy.

      Time for a proper middle class party made up of people who work and create wealth.


    • 78
      The only Country in Europe not to have a Parliament is England says:

      If its registered in the channel islands or a like so long as you don,t keep your boat here for over certain period each year you won’t pay tax. that’s presuming the boat is in an individuals name ans not thy company.


  8. 13
    Max says:

    Vote ukip


  9. 14
    Right Full Rudder says:

    Why are we, as right wingers, supposed to be in favour of keeping VAT high?


    • 21
      Index Finger says:

      Good point.


    • 77
      Labour's Policy Chief-In touch wiv' the Public and their needs says:

      Let’s rename it VAG!, it’ll go down a lot better with Men (and even some of the Women-especially in Brighton!)


  10. 15
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    There is some retard called Owen Jones on the Daily Politics. Why has Brillo got a thirteen year old on the show. Well I suppose it is the BBC.


  11. 16
    Ribald says:

    Labour is controlled by an elite cabal who use government as a stepping stone for lucrative sinecures in corporate boardrooms.


  12. 18
    Steve Miliband says:

    The tax on the Bankers the bonuses the bankers the bonuses would also be cut, thus allowing it to only underwrite 35 Labour policies


    • 20
      nell says:

      My word do you think labour are capable of coming up with 35 policies? – they’re struggling to come up with even one at the moment and even that one is not very coherent!


  13. 19
    nell says:


    labour no more understand the effect their policies would have on anything than they understand the economy.


    • 25
      Ockham's Razor says:

      But you would allow them to debit your bank account without question?



      • 30
        nell says:

        As I said before there’s not enough money in my pensioners bank account for them to debit . And as I understand it they are only asking for the power to debit bank accounts of people who owe them money and won’t pay up .

        Mind it will be interesting to see whether this government grants them that request especially just prior to an election.


        • 33
          Old Nick Heavenly (alive and kikin) says:

          Sod that! Forget me coming back!


        • 37
          jgm2 says:

          they are only asking for the power to debit bank accounts of people who owe them money and won’t pay up

          The way it works with HMRC is that they decide you owe them money and then you have to hire a tax lawyer to explain that, actually, no you don’t – if anything you’ve paid too much tax.

          This can all go on for a long time and tie up a huge amount of an individual’s time and energy.

          You don’t want to be trying to do all that and have the bastards looting your bank account.

          This will certainly be used at some point in the future for a massive flat tax on all savings a la Cyprus. Or, more likely, on anybody with savings over £X where £X is (say) twice as much as a typical Labour voter has got saved up.


          • nell says:

            Ah now that cyprus style raid on savings thingy is a very different matter – no I wouldn’t be in favour of that!


          • C O (Ξ7s1) says:

            There are already powers available to freeze assets and pursue monies owed through the courts.

            If HMRC get direct access to bank accounts then close the bank accounts and revert to cash.

            Britain would clearly not be a safe jurisdiction within which to do business.


          • JH3243262345645 says:

            Anything over three grand overdrawn then.

            HSBC once transferred money from my business account to my personal one – without asking – because their computer expected my personal one to go overdrawn.

            God, I gave them hell.


          • Ockham's Razor says:

            Which was my original point.


          • purveyor_of_turds says:


            and bank account debit powers given to councils for parking tickets


          • John Bellingham says:

            The important point is that HMRC would not be raiding the accounts of Vodaphone or Amazon or Google, but they would strip the accounts of small and medium businesses with whom they had disputes or who were behind in their payments due to cash flow problems, thus closing those businesses down. This is how Mugabe squeezed out hundreds of White businessmen.


  14. 26
    Not in my name says:

    Those with a memory span greater that that of a goldfish may recall that Labour cut the rate of VAT from 17.5% to 15% between 1 December 2008 to 31 December 2009.

    Net result: vast loss of revenues with bugger all net impact: rate tinkering simply does not have sufficient incentive to make material changes in consumer behaviour. pdf


    • 57
      C O (Ξ7s1) says:

      Cutting VAT rates just after the credit crunch hit was not going to have a positive effect.

      Recall that during that period under Labour GDP itself shrank by about 4-7%.


  15. 27
    Owen Jones 13 3/4 says:

    I know I am only really 10, but I can’t understand the ad, is it for toys?


  16. 29
    Oh dear says:

    This is gonna get even murkier and it’s only the first day.

    Rolf Harris groomed and molested a friend of his daughter from the age of 13 onwards, a court has heard. The children’s entertainer is accused of indecently assaulting her and three other girls between 1968 and 1986. Mr Harris, 84, denies all 12 charges. Outlining its case at Southwark Crown Court, the prosecution described him as a “Jekyll and Hyde” character. His alleged victims were aged between seven or eight and 19 when the offences are said to have taken place.


  17. 31
  18. 35
    'arry 'enfield says:

    But the posh shops that sell to the Oligarchs would put up their prices to reflect what their clientele can afford, or are they stupid?


  19. 35
    Chuka ( you can call me Harrison ) Urmunneyaround says:


    • 50
      C.O.Jones says:

      Yes he may talk about fair salaries but he doesn’t walk the walk the hypocrite.


      • 70
        Chukka Khan says:

        Did anyone see Question Time last night?

        The way the representatives of the Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dems and Greens all agreed with each other – and all ganged up on Nigel Farage – spoke volumes.

        And the big black lie they told at the end about the Astra Zeneca/Pfizer deal – a straightforward, bare-faced lie pretending that they could change the law when the EU forbids it. A graphic illustration of who really rules Britain – and how the mainstream parties conspire to pretend otherwise.


      • 71
        SIZE 15 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

        When will these idiots realise the word ‘fair’ in this context should never be uttered by adults but left behind in the school playground amongst seven year old children .
        The world is not fair, get over it ,learn to live with what you’ve got and stop whinging like infants!


    • 74
      Liebour says:

      The thing is, though, the intern comes away with first class lying skills. Being taught the art of barefaced lying is surely worth a salary, is it not?


  20. 38
    Dave Cameron Captain of the ship says:

    So you have a bit of success in life and make a few bob and there is always some fucker who wants to take it off you in taxes.


  21. 39
    C O (Ξ7s1) says:

    Guido and Peter Mandelson ? I have heard of keeping your enemies close, but that is pushing it a bit ;-)


  22. 43
    non taxable pikey says:

    Proof if ever it was needed that Shit rises to the surface. Lizzie Phelan promoted to Head of Newsroom at Russiia Today.


  23. 47
    bergen says:

    This is the result of politics being run by people who went from university to intern to spad to MP etc. They have no idea of the real world at all.


  24. 58
    Rickytshirt says:

    An interesting post in the UK polling report website comments:

    Populus unweighted base;
    Con 28
    Lab 39
    LD 8
    Ukip 25
    The times they are a-changin’
    Report comment
    May 9th, 2014 at 11:09 am


    • 61
      JH3243262345645 says:

      Before Labour get cheered by that, maybe they should think about the fact that (supposedly) right of centre parties and those in coalition with them currently poll 61%?

      Hardly reeks of a mandate for Labour, does it?


  25. 59
    Anonymous says:

    Also,Jones said that the Tories said they would clear the DEBT.

    Pig Ignorant or wilful liar?


  26. 75
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