May 8th, 2014

WATCH: Caller Calls Clegg a Suit Wearing Lunatic

The Deputy Prime Minister fielded a call on knife crime from a Paul Whitehouse impressionist on LBC this morning:

“How are elderly people meant to sleep in their beds when they’ve got lunatics in suits like him who are looking after this country? You created these momsters out there, you like it. You’ve got all your lawyer mates all earning money out of it, the system. Helping all the criminals, Clegg.”

Sobering stuff.


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    Iain Duncan Smith says:

    Working people have seen their wages fall by £1,600 since 2010.

    Hear ! Hear !

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    • 12
      brown-dog says:

      Note how so called shock jock nick Ferrari wanted to dodge a serious accusation from the caller.. he clearly didn’t want to shock then.
      Just another msm establishment lackey.


    • 28
      Beer talk says:

      “sobering stuff”. Quite the caller sounds as if he’s pissed up.


    • 32
      The Growler says:

      Aye, IDS, and how much has MP and ministerial salaries gone up plus expenses and allowances, talk aboiut lunatics in charge of the asylum


    • 47
      WTF is Cameron up to now? says:

      Nick is of course correct. It is sheer madness and totalitarian to imprison everyone who carries a knife. Those who want to stab yoofs must be outnumbered thousands to one by those who carry a pen knife to cut string, peel fruit, prune wood etc.


      • 69
        Loon says:

        Is there actually anyone who carries a penknife to peel fruit?


        • 79
          Anonymous says:

          Organically grown overseas fruit yes – they are regularly lab tested with more pesticides than uk fruit that has been grown using pesticides.


      • 75
        Maximus says:

        It’s a metaphor for “sensible, pragmatic, English”.


      • 84
        Lezzer on Benefit says:

        Cut string? Peel fruit? Fend off the Swiss Army?

        The proper purpose of pen knives is for sharpening quills from swans or geese in preparation for blogging just as that for index fingers is the picking of the nose!


      • 114
        Jacky Treehorn says:

        We all know what is meant by carrying a knife. If you are not sure then perhaps the knife could be shown to the court and it could be judged wether it is acceptable or if it is purely offensive. Also where you are when caught with it, I find it hard to understand why you would have a six inch sheath knife in a nightclub.


        • 126
          Answer the quesion you useless twat says:

          Of course Nick Ferrari is over protective of Clegg as he is arselicking at the moment not wanting to fuck up his chances of being given one of this leadership debates at the next election. Meanwhile everybody else who hasnt got a vested interest wants clegg to give a fucking answer !


  2. 2
    Jim Davidson says:

    You’re Nicked


  3. 3
    Lenny Henry says:

    I’d like to see more black criminals on television.


    • 17
      jgm2 says:

      Tune in to Crimewatch.


    • 97
      Examples says:

      Some very nice black persons ,were on telly having kidnapped nearly 300 girls,who I expect they will treat very nicely,and,that fellow who chopped the head off in London,in daylight was a fine example: a lot of our English Roses have married black persons to help them in life,especially those from Africa,and it has worked out wonderfully!…there, that was balanced and inoffensive?


    • 106
      Jabba Le Chat says:

      If you watch Law & Order UK you get the impression that most of the police are black and all the criminals are white like, innit…


  4. 4
    Ed Waddock-Hunt says:

    What legal aid? It’s all been abolished!


    • 31
      Drew Peacock says:

      I think pollsters are perhaps seeing too much in past results and applying them to comfortable predictions for 2015. Two years ago UKIP was only seen as a small irrelevant political party inhabited by such a small number of the electorate that the media and other parties could insult and ridicule with impunity. However since the last GE when UKIP polled only 3% there has been and is a fast growing resentment about immigration and our creeping loss of sovereignty to Brussels. This resentment has been transformed after Farage took apart Clegg’s arguments in the TV debates. The general public now know beyond any doubt and regardless of Cameron’s ultra spin that a) he cannot control our borders and b) he cannot deny benefits to anyone from the EU or for that matter anywhere else. They also realise that this unprecedented and uncontrollable rise in immigration has overloaded our schools social housing and NHS not to mention the fierce competition in the jobs market. Cameron has claimed in the last couple of days to have cut immigration and it is this propensity he has to assume that the electorate are stupid that turns many against his party. The Internet now is a means whereby the truth is available as never before and the political elite are exposed. Yes there may well be some who return to their old allegiances in 2015 but there is nothing to even remotely suggest that the growth of UKIP support will slow. No one even UKIP themselves were prepared for their spectacular rise in popularity or even dreamed of the possibility they could win a national election. The disregard of UKIP’s influence in the 2015 GE is I fear based more on hope than reality. If the orchestrated smear campaign is failing (which it undoubtedly is) then one could ask what would be the catalyst to turn voters against UKIP and expect them to vote for the politics they are abandoning today en-mass?
      Interesting time ahead I think.


      • 43
        Anonymous says:

        People are only interested in ukip as a protest, if anybody seriously thinks Nigel capable of running the country they want their head examining urgently !


        • 51
          non taxable pikey says:

          A lot of people feel that he couldn’t do any worse than the present bunch of scumbags.


        • 56
          Job done says:

          MPs don’t run the country, that’s what the civil service do.

          All Nigel has to do is make some policy, which he has done:

          0) Exit the corrupt and anti-democratic EU

          1) No more pointless foreign wars

          2) Reduce mass immigration to a sustainable level which is beneficial to the UK

          3) Interfere as little as possible with the lives of the citizens


        • 57
          RickB says:

          I don’t think that Cameron, Milibean and Clegg are remotely capable of running the country so why can’t Farage have a go ?


        • 80
          The only Country in Europe not to have its own paliament is England says:

          That’s why they used to vote Lib Dem until they realize what they stood for and then got a sniff of power


        • 86
          still walking into darkness says:

          No one person actually runs the country, I think they call that a dictatorship. But if Nigel Farage became Lord Protector that would be an impossibly large improvement


        • 91
          Nick Clog says:

          IF Farrage has no qualifications, then waht are Cameron. Milipede and Clog’s qualifications apart from training in spin/PR and having (initially)shiny faces


        • 99
          IMHO says:

          Anonymous,you are deluded,or thinking wishfully,but,time will tell!….or you are seriously out of kilter with the zeightgeist!


        • 123
          Tony Blair - Everyday I'm Hustling says:

          It’s strange that Cameron, Clegg, and Milliband are all thought capable of running the country, seeing as that none of them have any experience of running anything whatsoever.

          At least Farage has been successful outside of politics.


      • 107
        Rinka the Dog says:

        Nigel Farage is on Question Time this evening. For those brillo-bearded simpering lefties who plan to shout in outrage at the screen, please be careful that you don’t choke on your halal pizzas.


    • 39
      No where near enough yet says:

      Not all by a long chalk. There are still too many loopholes for ambulance chasing lawyers to make a mint,

      Taking divorce out of the courts is a good start though


      • 49
        Anonymous says:

        I forget the figures, but our legal aid system is one of the most costly in the world.No wonder the Lawyers are all whingeing !


        • 66
          A £900-pounds-an-hour solicitor says:

          That may be so, but I should need to obtain Counsel’s opinion before advising you.


  5. 5
    Ockham's Razor says:

    Vote UKIP


    • 36
      The Main Stream Media says:



    • 50
      The Growler says:

      O R , yup, give the three big parties very bloody noses (metaphorically speaking) just remind them who is really in charge when deciding government, people vote (or they should do, make that it a legal obligation to vote) the one time big business and friends in the City cannot. Limit Postal voting to those that are house bound as was the original intension of postal voting, to stop vote fiddling mark evry voter’s hand with a dye that lasts 24 hours if they can do that in third world countries, they can do in the UK.


      • 64
        Ockham's Razor says:

        I am an exception to the postal voting rule! My papers have already arrived at a UKIP “safe house” and my vote will be cast for that party.


  6. 6
    Mr S K Ull-cracker says:

    Morning All.

    Bulgarian car key cloning on the increase. Nothing can be done. We must have these people here.


    • 45
      Norm Normal says:

      Nothing can be done. Remember when Sarkozy tried to deport Roma that descended on villages and holiday homes like a thieving plague?

      The left and meeja friends started a hate campaign. Then they got what they deserved: François Holland.


      • 61
        Old Nick Heavenly (alive and kikin) says:

        Well said Norm.

        One is met by astunning silence by the idiots who bigged up Frankie goes to Nowhere, le pauvre tâche

        Sarko was the most honest politico that Herr Froggy has has in générations.
        A gioant of a man,


        • 93
          HM the Q says:

          Except when it cam to acknowledging who rescued them for the Nastis.
          What a shame Blakey wouldn’t let Petain join the Axis — they’dhave had a lot more trouble rewriting history after that.


      • 118
        Lezzer on Benefit says:

        I live under the government of Francois Hollande. He was elected because he claimed that austerity was unnecessary and industrial recovery would be achieved by growth. Hollande is a Socialist liar whose only policy is to increase taxation, already stifling, beyond the point of diminishing returns.
        What he knows about “industry” you could write round a gnat’s arsehole with a thick pencil. Miliband is a similar gobshite.

        The weird thing is that french women think the sun shines out of his arse! In the UK this friend of Miliband would be binned.


    • 124
      Tony Blair - Everyday I'm Hustling says:

      They’re good for the economy, creating work for the police, car mechanics and extra business for insurance companies. People who’ve had they’re cars stolen are forced to use public transport, which is good for the environment and helps fight global warming climate change climate distruption.

      We need more immigrants, not less! Stop being so waycist.


  7. 7
    lolathebeautiful says:

    Clegg? – WTF?


  8. 8
    Mr S K Ull-cracker says:

    Bit nippy today. Good day for a walk around the South East however. I’ll give it an hour to finalise. BTW good brekkie today, thanks taxpayers.


    • 14
      Mr mcKay says:

      Don’t forget to call by the building society on the way, cash is king.


    • 19
      C O (Ξ7t1) says:

      I think Mr Skull Crusher is best kept inside for everyone’s safety.

      However, his commitment to his craft perhaps demonstrates the type of strong ethic which Aaranovitch is advocating with his somewhat divisive and rac!st advice to white Brits on immigrant work ethic.

      That perhaps should be put to Aaranovitch, as Mr Crusher has proven that there are no real barriers in modern Britain to pursuing your chosen career path.


  9. 9
    C O (Ξ7t1) says:

    That was a bit off narrative, wasn’t it ? ;-)


  10. 10
    Puzzled says:

    Is it my imagination or is Nick Ferrari inflatable?


    • 15
      Mrs Ferrari snr says:

      He’s a bonny boy, just big boned.


    • 16
      life in the real world says:

      At least Ferrari and Iain Dale cover news stories.
      James O’Brien totally ignored the Nigerian schoolgirl
      story for 3 weeks.


      • 25
        Join me says:

        I’ve ignored the three of them forever.


        • 34
          life in the real world says:

          I started listening to LBC occasionally when I could no longer
          stand listening to the smug bollocks on BBC radio. O’Brien
          would be better suited to the BBC.


      • 73
        Sarf Efrican says:

        Why is it suddenly news, number involved? Children have been abducted in sub-Saharan Africa for centuries.

        Girls for slavery or brides. Boys were taken by sangomas (witch doctors) and body parts used for traditional medicine. Albinos are particularly prized as those with light skins have more magic. Bodies are also stolen from cemeteries.

        Al-Jazeera did a story on the practice recently. Cultural differences are somtimes fascinating?


        • 104
          Missionary says:

          …This is why we need more black persons on the telly so we can learn about their culture and use it to enrich our lives as examples on how we white honkies
          should live our lives,…perhaps!


      • 100
        Mangochutney says:

        Well i walk on water O’Brien could hardly cover a story that shows people of faith in a bad light remeber the less we talk about christianity and slavery the better.


    • 46
      Michael and Latoya Jackson says:

      Ever seen the Elvis Part Candidate and Ferrari in the same place at the same time???


  11. 11
    DaveA says:

    At last, the voice of the common man is heard


  12. 13
    Rubesy says:

    Cultural Marxism


  13. 18
    Pizza Al Express says:

    We have freshly beheaded goat and camel urine pizza.


  14. 21
    PC 99 says:

    Clegg: I’ll mark you down as a ‘don’t know’ then.


  15. 22
    neitherdeadnoralive says:

    Doe’s Clegg do these ‘phone ins, and the debates with Farage thinking “even bad publicity is better than no publicity” ?


    • 98
      Dangerous Brian says:

      No, he does them because he is a self deluding little s*it with a massive ego and a complete disdain for those within the populace he considers beneath him.
      I.E. everyone that doesn’t agree with his childish and simplistic world view.
      Calling him a childish moron would be insulting, in the extreme, to both children and morons.


      • 105
        Kipper says:

        ..Jo Coburn tried to use every negative connotation possible in a miserable attempt to undermine and smear UKIP,using the old favourites,xenophobic,racist,etc,hoping association would stick….. Sorry to tell you luv,but it no longer works and you could try to hide your contempt a bit better,now go and put the kettle on!


  16. 23
    Anonymous says:

    Love Nick ferrari, jumps in immediately knowing that Cleggy didnt understand a word that caller said. It would need to be translated into “poshspeak” first by an interpreter.


  17. 24
    john in cheshire says:

    If as a country we stopped voting for socialists and communists we would go a long way to marginalising the psychopaths in power.


  18. 29
    Nick_Canute says:

    “I think we’ll avoid that question…….
    …………… like countless other policy decisions not seen by the Public, because they would naturally become very restive.
    Keep the fools ignorant and label anyone who speaks out of turn as a bigoted ranter.
    22 May marks the beginning of Scaramouche’s fightback.


  19. 30
    C O (Ξ7t1) says:

    Listening to the full quote, the caller is calling Cameron a ‘lunatic in a suit':

    Caller (John): ‘Well say, so if Mr Cameron’s saying if they get caught twice, how many times are these people being caught in the first place, and how are elderly people meant to sleep in their beds when they’ve got lunatics in suits like him who are looking after this country? You created these monsters out there, you like it. You’ve got all your lawyer mates all earning money out of it, the system. Help all the criminals, Clegg’

    And he is implying Clegg has the lawyer mates who earn money out of the criminal class which Clegg enjoys creating. The caller rhetorically asks Clegg to help all the criminals.


    • 70
      The Growler says:

      When I were a lad, way back, 50% of school boys carried penknives, it was almost obigatory, and cubs and boy scouts used to have them + something to get stones out of horses hooves, very few stabbings, obviously I cannot speak London and other big cities, they act and always have acted as magnets for thieves, vagabonds, gangsters (it’s like if you crowd a load of rats in an area so they have very little space they will turn on each other). Something has happened in the past 60 years that has caused this violence to spread to small towns and villages.


      • 77
        C O (Ξ7t1) says:

        The violence may have spread back to towns and villages from the cities as those who acquired the means to in the cities were able to leave.

        Those who acquired the economic means to leave the cities on their own merits would be a mix of violent folk and smart folk: Violence and intellect being the two key qualities by which people acquire wealth.

        The effect of government through social engineering, artificially advantaging the lower ranks would enable people who rely more on violence to leave and relocate to the towns and villages.

        However, violent crime overall has dropped since leaded petrol was discontinued (the effects on IQ biasing people towards using violence as a strategy). Now people’s perception is distorted more by the media lens and outright propaganda.

        The numbers need to be looked at.

        Classifying anyone who is found in possession of a knife, which itself does not imply any intention of criminal wrong doing, or intent, is stupid.

        All of this b/s is easily fixed by allowing people to acquire and hold firearms – in particular allowing law abiding folk to apply for concealed carry permits. That would cut knife crime figures very quickly, not that they are a massive problem.


        • 95
          Yankee Go Home says:

          Or you could go and live in the projects.


        • 101
          Dangerous Brian says:

          You’ve obviously been to Clacton on Sea, which is full of violent and horrible faux cockernees, who, having sold council properties in East London, live high off the hog on bennies by the sea.
          Proper social engineering that.


      • 78
        Under Siege says:

        Labour built council houses in every small village then Maggie allowed certain people to buy their council houses.

        Now they are everywhere and their culture spread with them. I have looked and looked for somwhere peaceful to live away from drugs, hooligans and van driving chavs, it doesn’t exist any longer.


  20. 37
    care to explain says:

    Why does Dave want to lock up people who carry a pen knife? I always have one in the car, bike bag rucksack etc and do not understand why Dave thinks I must go to prison for this.


    • 41
      Izzit Gonnaappenreally says:

      It’s in case you decide to convert to moslemism and go berserk running down, butchering and beheading British soldiers in broad daylight on a London street.

      Mind you, it’s easier with a meat cleaver than a pen-knife, apparently.


    • 54
      Chuka ( you can call me Harrison ) Urmunneyaround says:

      Cos times they are a changing and as ever the majority have to be subordinate to and suffer for the lunatic minority.


    • 59
      C O (Ξ7t1) says:

      If Cameron targeted real crime he would have to lock up most of his colleagues, and perhaps even himself.

      Wait for a bit, we have not had him roll out the global warming link to Swiss Army knives put out there yet.


  21. 44
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:

    Close down the prisons, release all the inmates, hand them a ballot paper and instruct them to vote LibDem.


  22. 55
    Prune & whittle says:

    So are the police going to raid pensioners’ allotments and boy scout camps under Dave’s zero knife tolerance diktat?


  23. 58
    Liberals make money from crime says:

    The caller was 100% correct – I have had a knife held to my ribs by someone who was not a paleface and I can tell you that the contorted look of hatred on the bastards face still haunts me.


  24. 60
    Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:

    Nick isn’t the only LibDem who has problems with numbers.


  25. 62
    Anonymous says:

    “Caller Calls Clegg a Suit Wearing Lunatic”
    Compliments fly when the ‘inhabitants’ of two seeming disparate renditions of reality chance-meet? You’d think that some programme maker might take them and a camera on a voyage of discovery. To reveal which is the more real.
    Certainly officers telling members of the public that they are on their own, has to be experienced first-hand to be believed.


  26. 65
    catesby says:

    Well I’m in Yorkshire and I sometimes listen to LBC on digital it is actually brilliant. It’s a great alternative to the BBC. O’Brien can talk some tripe but you must have a reasonable diversity of views. Most broadcasters on there are pretty conservative in their leanings. Miss Hartley-Brewer is superb!


  27. 67
    HenryV says:

    There is something else about all this knife crime and the rise in violent crime since 1997. What it is I just can’t grasp. Suggestions please because I am flummoxed.

    Strange times when a homeowner has to weigh the pro’s and con’s of being arrested for using too much defending his own home. While inner city youths are recycled back onto the streets quicker than you can say “I know my rights…”


    • 82
      A leftie wanker says:

      A homeowner allow the burglar free run of your home. You should let him take what he wants. In that way you may come to no harm. Of course, he might stab you or batter you anyway, but this is your best course of action. What you have to remember is that he is the victim, not you.


  28. 74
    Old Nick Heavenly (alive and kikin) says:

    What I want to know is if British women ask themselves

    “Do my eyes look big in this Burqua?” before they go and buy you men your linch at the Kentucy


  29. 81
    Round the Bend says:

    I find it funny that Clegg, who wants to represent the ‘Man in the street’, cannot understand what the ‘Man in the street’ is saying in the first place!


  30. 83
    Anon & Voting for UKIP ORG says:

    Question Time tonight will be very interesting tonight as Nigel Farage
    will have not just four panelists against him which includes Grant Shi*tes,
    Chucka Mona but also Chairman Dimbletw*at & of course the now
    Rudderless Biased Broadcasting Company infamous audience selection
    exclusively from Zanu*Lie* Labor sheepe

    Wonder who TV viewers decide the winner is ??


    • 88
      i think says:

      The more they gang up on Farage, the more votes will go to UKIP.

      The public is completely sick of being lied to,fleeced,patronised and ruled by
      unelected fascists in Brussels.

      While we remember the sacrifices made by our ancestors in WW1,
      van Rompuy declared that the EU will continue despite voters intentions.


  31. 87
    Anonymous says:

    Clegg will soon change his mind when his three young sons are teenagers and cannot go out for the evening without the fear of being mugged at knife point.

    Every parent of teenage boys is only too aware of this.

    Tom Utley wrote an excellent piece on this subject several years ago in the Telegraph.


  32. 92
    molene says:

    Yes it did sound like a caller from’Down the Line’ didn’t it?

    If it is known that you will go to jail for carrying a knife, second offence, just don’t carry a knife, of any kind.Pretty obvious.


  33. 94
    jexrab says:

    I bet none of you even wear a suit. Except when you go to court.
    Up with Hearts FC.


  34. 96
    Jimmy Cricket's Wellies says:

    Why don’t we just adopt Saudi Arabian justice! Then the state can be the ‘knife-wielding lunatic’ instead! Off with their Head! ATM, the only ‘Knife-wielding lunatics’ we have in the UK are working in Halal Slaughter Houses..


    • 112

      The only part of sharia law the liberal lefties dislike is the retribution faced by thieves murderers and rapists and the like ,the rest of it they are wetting themselves to introduce!


  35. 103
    Cyril Smith says:

    That boy Clegg, he’s a grand lad.


  36. 111
    Anonymous says:

    Clegg is half-Dutch and quarter Russian — which is why he has that broad stupid face — and only a quarter English. He is married to a Spanish Roman Catholic harpy.

    The pair of them should move to Brussels, where they belong.


  37. 119
    The Singing Oyster says:

    When I was at school we where often told that “anyone heard talking during the lesson would receive one stroke of the cane”. There where no ifs, no buts, no second chances, therefore, unless you wanted the cane you didn’t speak.

    In Clegg’s classroom you would probably be given 25 chances not to speak, then be told that you are a very naughty boy and please do not do it again.

    Alas, in this progressive brave new world, the teacher who carried out the caning at my school would now be seen as the aggressive bully and the pupil who couldn’t keep his mouth shut the victim.

    Welcome to the world of the gobby kid.


  38. 127
    Caldicott former Head teacher jailed for years of abuse and many other teachers also investigated says:

    Remind me what School did Clegg attend again ?


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