May 8th, 2014

SPEAKER WATCH:  Bercow Gets His Weapon

What pervasive influence the Speaker has in the Commons, and how systematically he is extending it.

Is it proper that he chairs a debate on further increasing his own powers?

That sort of consideration is a nicety now, as fastidious as crooking one’s little finger on a teacup.

Andrew Lansley brought the proposal to the House to allow the Speaker to call four Amendments to the Queen’s Speech.

Not a move to restrict Mr Speaker from calling amendments, he said, but to give certainty. Because one reading of Standing Orders (the Speaker’s) suggested he might call unlimited amendments to the Queen’s Speech. So he is giving certainty by restricting Mr Speaker from calling amendments by increasing the number of amendments he can call.

There are times when procedural debate is a snake swallowing its own tail.

Charles Walker, chair of Procedure committee and a senior placeman in the Speaker’s party, brokered this proposal and congratulated “a certain maturity” in the Leader’s office in accepting it. He really must have got knocked about at school.

Angela Eagle described it as “a welcome Government climbdown in the face of defeat.” She welcomed it “with a little snigger”. She recalled the rebel amendment to the Queen’s Speech, signed by130 MPs, and described it as a “humiliating blow to the PM’s authority.”

It is entirely possible to agree. And to see how the extra power will allow the Speaker to organize behind the scenes further “humiliating blows to the PM’s authority”.

And with what relish will he put himself to the task.


  1. 1
    Guido's old House Master says:

    Bomb Russia. Make the whole world safe for man-boy love.


  2. 2
    Donetsk says:

    Where’s Hague? Fucking rent boys?


  3. 3
    Eva Bercow says:

    He’s a fucking little Hitler!


    • 7
      Corporal Jones says:

      But they still don’t like it up ‘em !!!

      & its what is going to happen,very frequently

      & right up until May 2015 when he’s going

      to be well & truly ejaculated……..


      • 15
        another says:

        Don’t hold your breath, they will stich up something for him


        • 18
          The Great British Public fed up with being swamped by unwanted multi culteral diversity says:

          Hopefully his fcuking egoistic gob & permanently !!

          along with her always wide open legs…….


        • 29
          ukh5 says:

          Oy Vey! Send him back to Romania.


      • 31
        Ciaran Goggins says:

        I on the other hand cannot get too much of man sausage.


  4. 4
    Ockham's Razor says:



  5. 5
    albacore says:

    Negligence over some Points of Order?
    Immigrants pouring over our border
    Not repelled but enticed by Parliament
    But for minutiae it should repent?


  6. 6
    sometime I wonder, then I think who cares says:

    Do they ever get any real work, you know work that helps the people of this country or are they all too busy swinging handbags at each other.


    • 14
      Isaac Hunt says:

      Is the phrase “swinging handbags” a euphemism for deviant sexual behaviour?


      • 24
        sometime I wonder, then I think who cares says:

        You have a vulger mind, it means what it says, tsk.


  7. 8
    still, it could be worse says:

    I know the dwarf is keen on democracy as he spends a lot of time, at our expense, telling people about it in far off sunny climes so I can assume that these proposals are beneficial to the people’s representation.


  8. 9
    Bill Quango MP says:

    Eagle is even dimmer than she appears.

    If, as she expects, Miliband is the next PM, then the Queen’s speech problems will be his.

    And Bercow will court the labour lobby for sure. But he is still, unbelievably, A Tory MP.

    A few murmurs about deselection, loss of office, moving from his grace and favour home whilst Miliband finds him a safe seat..etc.. should prod him into line long enough to give Miliband the amendment treatment.

    And, of course, the leader of the Tory opposition to Milibnand wouldn’t be timid Dave and soft Nick.

    It could be May. Or Gove or Boris.
    None of them afraid to topple turncoat Bercow.


  9. 11
    Off topic says:

    Seen elsewhere:

    “Middle Eastern tourists are biggest spenders in Britain, followed by UAE and Egypt”.

    Headline in national UK newspaper, duplicated in the story’s introduction.

    (Still on public show, nearly three hours after being posted)

    So much for Blair’s “Education, Education, Education.”

    Sort of tallies with that MP’s point of order snafu, unable to get even the basics right.


  10. 12
    Vlad the Loudhailer says:

    Come on Buckingham Conservative Association, deselect this most useless, pompus, self opinionated wet wipe and he and his misses will evaperate from public life.


    • 19
      Pookie Snackumberger says:

      Not if they make him a lord. A little bitty lord, but a lord none-the-less.


  11. 13
    BBC 24hr rolling bollocks says:

    Trouble at Englandthorpe regional council.
    What this time?
    A Tory offended the Chairman’s wife by rejecting her buttered buns?


    • 17
      Bill Quango MP says:

      A Tory Councillor wrote to the BBC in 1972 “Black and White minstrel show is very entertaining.. Keep up the good work”

      Now he says he’s UKIP. lets go and hound him until he resigns.


      • 26
        Dangerous Brian says:

        Or throws himself off a bridge, the racist, homophobic, climate change denying scum bag.


  12. 20
    C O (Ξ7t1) says:

    Is this another unintended consequence of the new fixed term regime which was brought in, or something more.

    Perhaps worth digging through some of the history books / archives on Parliament itself to find out if there is precedent for the moves being made by this Speaker, and what the broader implications are.

    It is wrong to attack Bercow himself per se, advice which MPs who are expressing open dissent in the House may be wise to heed.

    This is the Speaker role itself which is being altered, or maybe just brought forward. But why and at who’s behest ? Is it really being carried out with a political objective, or just simply a responsible authoritative one.

    There is much which is arcane in Parliament, it is a medi-eval institution with a long and learned history. This Speakers actions may just be a defensive move of Parliament to protect itself. Is this reflective of standard procedure perhaps having become too dysfunctional, or perhaps the Crown feels itself to be in peril ?

    The Speaker is one of the most powerful roles in Parliament, certainly with authority over and above the PM, but the current Speaker’s exercise of governance is indeed curious. Uncertainty as to whether it should be welcomed or feared perhaps is generating desired tension.


  13. 23
    Ouroboros says:

    Angela Seagull? Sqwaking for the Labour Party and conspiring with a pint sized dwarf to undermine Cameron! How tedious.


  14. 28
    Bonar Law says:

    Charles Walker is “chairman” of the Procedure Committee, not its “chair”. Let’s cut out the political correctness, Simon Carr.


  15. 33
    Ciaran Goggins says:

    Does anybody else agree that there is too many adverts for Premier Inns featuring a black man?Let get some balance back.


  16. 34
    Ummm... says:

    Reminds me of the Lottery’s early days, when there was an issue over whether three-number-winners, if there were over a certain number of winners, would get their automatic £10 winnings or a lesser sum.

    The bloke (Davies?) who was/is charged with making sure the public weren’t excessively ripped off by Camelot/Government sought ‘clarity’ on the matter.

    Guess what advice Camelot gave him.


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