May 7th, 2014

Exclusive: President of Oxford Union Arrested on Rape Allegation

The President of the Oxford Union has had a pretty bad few weeks after getting into a protracted legal dispute, that he billed to the august debating society, with the Oxford Tab. It emerged Benjamin Sullivan had lied about his involvement with a drinking society known as the “Banter Squadron” and the union withdrew his £1,200 legal war-chest. The Tab and the Times have the full story on the 21 year old History and Politics student at Christ Church.

The society, which boasts countless former Prime Ministers and politicians amongst its alumni, claim that they were only trying to protect their reputation by threatening to sue the scurrilous student rag. Guido can reveal that young Mr Sullivan’s woes have increased dramatically today though. Thames Valley Police have confirmed to Guido that a 21 year old male was arrested this morning in Oxford on suspicion of rape and attempted rape. Negative banter!


  1. 1
    Brittan of Leon says:

    I’m still free.


  2. 2
    Jabba Le Chat says:

    Sounds perfectly qualified to become a politician…


    • 20
      Un-named Tory / Labour / LibDem p'aedos says:

      Oh dear. Nicked at the very start of his political career.

      You really need to have the guile to hang on in until the very end, old chap.

      Like us.


  3. 3
    Caligula says:

    Born to rule


  4. 4
    Harry Macmillan says:

    Is he a member of the Bullingdon Club?


  5. 5
    Fidel Cuntstruck says:

    Ahhhh .. so *this* is where they learn the tricks of the Politician’s trade … who’d have guessed?


  6. 6
    London Dave says:

    As a former member of the vast majority group that used to think the UK police weren’t too bad, but now people are arrested for Tweets and upsetting Muslim Supremacists…

    I’ll hold back judgement till I find out who the kid’s enemies are. That’s all.


    • 8
      Arse says:

      Precisely. He probably made the mistake of sleeping with a Trot.


    • 10
      táxpáyér says:

      Unfortunate 2 year drop in diversity


    • 52
      Just trying to help says:

      Brillo idea!

      With less than a fortnight to go, a mysterious allegation of historic rape against a certain N. Farage. Big splash in the Independent. Alibi Brown telling us whiteys are rapists too! The Guardian throws its superior brand of designer shit…

      It might work and even if it all unravels after the Newark by election, LibLabCon can be well pleased.


  7. 7
    Arse says:

    Is he also supporting Oxford’s disaffiliation from the NUS? I’m guessing he’s been set up.


    • 14
      Eh? says:

      His enemies caused him to (allegedly) r@pe someone in order to discredit himself? How does that work?


      • 19
        jgm2 says:

        Errrrr – do you really not see how, if some woman was determined to destroy some chap’s life, for revenge, for political reasons, for whatever reason, that she might make herself ‘available’ and then claim that it was r*pe afterwards?

        Not suggesting for one moment that is what has happened. But for somebody to claim to not even understand how such a ‘set-up’ could arise is very surprising.


        • 24
          Eh? says:

          Not really. Just saying “he r@ped me” isn’t a case. The pol1ce in a university city must get that kind of thing every week. A false allegation could discredit him, obviously, but he’s young enough to recover.


          • jgm2 says:

            Just saying “he r@ped me” isn’t a case.

            Oh yes it is.

            How do you think Max Clifford ended up in jail? Those were 30 year old allegations. No physical evidence. No bruises. No DNA. Just ‘she says, he says’.


          • Eh? says:

            Clifford was in court because numerous un-related women made similar allegations. And because he kept a disturbing letter from one of them in his bedside cabinet, which an innocent person wouldn’t do.

            And it was still down to the jury to decide his guilt and innocence.


          • Arse says:

            But this isn’t a case yet either. Some guy was arrested. No charges presumably (yet). If it was a genuine thing I will retract everything I’ve written. It’s a bit suspicious though.


  8. 11
    Mr Plod says:

    Having read the story in the Tab my immediate response can be described in one word: Hunt.


    • 17
      Mitch says:

      Yes. What I read made him seem extremely pompous and ignorant, if true.


      • 29
        Grammar School Boy says:

        He may well be but being rude and boorish doesn’t mean he’s a rapist.


    • 22
      Unknown says:

      You are brutally correct. As a former friend of Sullivan and friend of some of the hacks currently pursuing him, the recent exercises have been planned for months and are part of a strategy to take him down.


  9. 12
    Mike Cancock CBE MP says:

    Nothing to see here, move along now.


  10. 21
    Some common sense please says:

    Most of the stories have been blown out of all accurate recognition in the virulent Oxford student press. That is not to deny any of the accusations – but the rape scenario is entirely foundation-less until the police – and not a well-known gossip monger Zachary Spiro at the Oxford Tab – have formally charged Ben Sullivan.
    People are intelligent enough not to buy into national tabloid hackery – don’t assume that the Oxford student media aren’t the same gossip hacks, if not worse…..


  11. 23
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Union President Ben Sullivan…
    • LIED, claiming he’d never heard of The Banter Squadron
    • Tried to BARGAIN with us, offering stories of other students taking drugs
    • THREATENED The Tab with an injunction to stop us reporting the story

    He’ll go far in politics!


  12. 28
    Winston says:

    Oxford PPE grads that come to mind:

    Crick C4/BBC
    Robinson ITV/BBC
    Tony Hall BBC
    Peston BBC
    Nick Boles
    Dave Cameron
    Ed Davey
    Alan Duncan
    Chris Huhne
    Jeremy Hunt
    Peter Mandelson
    Ed Miliband

    Vote UKIP to rid us of this establishment cabal.


    • 31
      Dangerous Brian says:

      Agreed (in spades), can I say that without risking a visit from the indoctrinators?


    • 32
      Arse says:

      Oh shut up Winston.

      Farage was a City Trader. He went to a private school. He’s been in Brussels for 20 years. You think he’s “anti-establishment”? Fuck off.


      • 34
        BliarStrawDromey etc says:

        A city trader might not be the ideal o0ccupation for a man of the people, but it’s better than being a sprog of a politician and spad or some other insider job.


      • 35
        Anonymous says:

        a city trader in Oxford?

        Keep up – or as you say – do fuck off


      • 53
        Daft Bugger says:

        A man is “Establishment” is he is accepted by the “Establishment”. Nigel is as welcome as a shit sandwich.


    • 40
      Tilly says:

      Sullivan studies History and Politics.


    • 48
      Ben says:

      Shock exclusive: several prominent political figures / commentators have previously studied politics.


  13. 36
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Banter Squadron:


  14. 39
    RomaBobbieBooBoo says:

    A bare bottom smack for the naughty boy!


  15. 41
    Oxford is elitist shite. says:

    How much did the university fees cost him? Paying to end up in prison?

    Oink! Oink!


  16. 42
    Piggy Trougher says:

    What a toad!


  17. 43
    catesby says:

    Why don’t we just wait and find out the truth knee-jerk reactions aren’t helping anybody.


  18. 44
    Roger Helmet says:

    I’ve engaged him as my campaign manager for Newark. Sound chap.


  19. 45
    Edinburgh University's Moral Philosophy Department Is In The Bog. says:

    Now jog along piggies. Oink! Oink!


  20. 46
    Anonymous says:

    Definite future PM material


  21. 47
    Roger Helmer (UKIP) says:

    Bitch was asking for it


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