May 7th, 2014

Defence Select Committee Chair: Rory Stewart v Julian Lewis

The vote to decide the Defence Select Committee chairmanship is a week away on May 14, Guido understands Rory Stewart and Julian Lewis are the two frontrunners. Both men are attracting support from Labour ahead of their hustings. Stewart needs to win more Labour votes because support is lacking from Tory colleagues, wary of awarding a plum job to another Old Etonian and do not forgive him for missing the Syria recall vote. He is also seen as too much of an eager beaver by some in the Tory 2010 intake. Lewis meanwhile is a staunch campaigner for keeping the Trident nuclear deterrent yet is drawing high profile Labour support from voting with Miliband on Syria. Hague’s PPS Keith Simpson has briefed the Indy that he was in the lead, in a revelation yet to be picked up by other newspapers.

Julian Brazier and Bob Stewart are the other names being pushed to Guido, though colleagues suggest that they both lack the numbers. Crispin Blunt, Tobias Elwood and James Gray are also running. Presumably for a laugh.

In other select committee news, Tory MP Steve ‘sound as a pound’ Baker has been elected onto the Treasury select committee, beating ultra-loyalist Mary “Maria would appreciate your support” Macleod to the position. The Austrians are coming…


  1. 1
    Tony Blair says:

    Can we have a new war please? Need to top up my millions in blood money.


    • 5
      Time served says:

      It’s procurement that is the millstone around defence. they need a bean counter or at least someone who knows business and the civil service inside out and certainly not a soldier.


      • 50
        The City of London says:

        But Rory Stewart as a chosen Bilderberger member. He is the chosen one.

        He is our place man.

        This is a nonsense piece by GF.


    • 8
      Old Nick Heavenly (alive and kikin) says:

      Spongebarry Nobrain, who’s a straight sort of guy if ever I smelt one, has a job for you in Kiev, Tony.

      If you could just get your sticky fingers ensconced there then World War 3 is a done deal.

      Then you could go back to telling the world to bomb Syria;

      How’s Wendy?


    • 9
      Dial 999 for gordon says:

      I see the new in fashion cause for MPs this week is rescuing Nigerian school girls. Not withstanding that there are loads of other countries with ties to Nigeria and Africa, our MPs will no doubt think that Britain is the only country in the world which can do something about it.

      Also it’s not a real WAR and it is a romantic endeavour to send in the boys from Hereford to rescue the dusky maidens, something that MPs can not resist. WQhat can possibly go wrong?


      • 39
        C.O.Jones says:

        Would rather the army was put to good use than to fight wars on false pretenses where nothing was gained by the sacrifice of so many of our soldiers.


        • 81
          Mine d'Boggles says:

          WRONG. Keep out of this religious or sectarian warfare. UK cannot have any impact now and will have less as the M&slim popukation here increases.


    • 32
      Ex Military says:

      Tell you what.

      Tony Blair was good news for our armed forces. After years of decline and falling public concern since WW2, Blair turned that all around almost overnight. I fear that the new mood within parliament to avoid conflict will reinstall that decline and lack of concern.


      • 38
        B3 says:

        What with sn@tch landrovers and no protective equipment you mean?


        • 47
          Ex Military says:

          The poor equipment was a result of that decline. That was not Blair’s fault, it was what he inherited and the chiefs of staff would have told him that all the missions he proposed were achievable.

          But what we have today as a result of Blair’s ventures is equipment that is second to none. Bit I fear that we will now revert back into decline as politicians and public once again become wary about spending money on a defence force that spends all its time either in barracks or on exercise with friendly nations.

          It may not seem so to many, but I am certain that Tony Blair was good for our armed forces. I am of course not looking at the loss of life, which is another matter.


          • Tim Yeo-Yo says:

            I do however, share your sentiment towards the chiefs but….Blair politicised the senior military just like he did with the police.

            The senior military leadership have done as much damage as the politicians. No one above the rank of Brig has ever resigned out if a matter of principle.


          • Marge says:

            Ah ok – if you ignore the bad bits then it’s not too bad. Good philosophy.


          • jgm2 says:

            So, 500,000 Iraqi deaths so that you lads would have some nice Land Rovers to dr*i*ve around in.

            I’d have solved the reliability problem at a stroke by crushing all the piece-of-shit Land Rovers and buying Toyota Landcruisers.


      • 43
        Tim Yeo-Yo says:

        Utter bollox. I crossed into Iraq having been issued 10 rounds of 9mm. Fortunately I was an LO with the USMC otherwise I would have had no 5.56. They also gave us desert cam as we were still in our normal DPM….not that it made much difference as we were constantly suited up in our DPM noddy suits.

        Blair sent us to illegal wars and the maximum imbecile made sure we tried to do it on the cheap. I have no more cotempt towards anyone else on the planet over those pair of cnuts.


    • 66
      Sarah Millington says:

      Hearing Hague get handed is arse & teeth by Humphries this morning made my day.


    • 75
      dai broke says:

      first job – halve spending


      • 83
        Pick litter for bennies says:

        “Half spending”!!.Just looked at the latest figures on the 2 aircraft carriers the Labour government handcuffed the taxpayer to,£6200,000,000 -unbelievable.!.Any savings personnel,land rovers,uniforms,bullets is a drop in the ocean of financial madness.


  2. 2
    non taxable pikey says:

    ” Hague’s PPS Keith Simpson is briefed the Indy that he was in the lead, in an revelation yet to be picked up by other newspapers.”

    Are you still pissed from last night?


  3. 3
    John Bercow says:

    Today, I shall be even more obnoxious and unfunny than usual at PMQs. It’s the only time I get to be in charge, what with being a pathetic cuckold at home.


    • 13
      Snow White says:

      That’s my Grumpy, hi ho, hi ho off to work he goes…I am awaiting the kiss of a sweet black prince to awaken me during PMQs.


      • 42
        Edward of Woodstock, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall, Prince of Aquitaine says:

        Hi there, will I do Snow White?


  4. 4
    RomaBobbieBooBoo says:

    Perhaps a boxing match might settle this………….. “Fight!”


    • 44
      The Growler says:

      Yup, just like those super rich good friends scrap in Australia, only let them fight it out to the end


  5. 6
    Vladamir Putain says:

    The chance to ponce around pretending to be important running a navy without an operational aircraft carrier is just too good to resist.


    • 12
      albacore says:

      Oh my, a real, live Defence Committee
      Well, now, won’t it just be sitting pretty
      On its fat arses, doing bugger all
      While immigration sees Great Britain’s fall?


      • 14
        Old Nick Heavenly (alive and kikin) says:

        When are the Frogs going to deliver your Mirage fighters, Vlad? You paid the basturds already.

        Is that massive warship that they are installing all the electronic hardware in ready for delivery.

        You be careful Vlad, or else the Frogs will Pocket your money and deliver nothing.


      • 20
        Old Nick Heavenly (alive and kikin) says:

        Fall, Alb, FALL?????????

        Its a bloody Norwegian Blue.


    • 15
      Old Nick Heavenly (alive and kikin) says:

      Jesus wept!!!!

      don’t mentionthe toys that Vlad paid for already that Frankie goes to Nowhere is in a dilemma about delivering;


    • 46
      The Growler says:

      They have more commodores and above than ships, why so many needed?


  6. 7
    Ockham's Razor says:

    Another day. More unbridled sex.

    It gets so boring, doesn’t it?


  7. 10
    Roger Helmet says:

    The good people of Newark are up to their ears in abnormal poofs. Let’s sort them out.


    • 49
      The Growler says:

      Helmut, I have noticed a marked in appearance between you and that Flower Power guy, are you in some way related, I think we should be told.


  8. 11
    Admiral Half-Nelson says:

    Job of the Defence committee is to brown-nose Hammond. Worthless bunch of know-nothings.


  9. 16
    Colonel sound bite Bob says:

    At least since Bob Stuart became an MP he has not been endlessly on the rolling news channels boring everyone shitless.


    • 52
      The Growler says:

      He probably thinks there enough in the ” boring everyone shitless” variety in the HoC


  10. 17
    Mitch says:

    Florence of Arabia versus Rudolf Hess. Great.


  11. 18
    Old Nick Heavenly (alive and kikin) says:

    I don’t want to be modded so my comment of the day is bumsex, bumsex, bumsex.

    Hope that this is OK Big G!


  12. 19
    Anonymous says:

    The heavy money is on Lewis.Thus lousy odds.


  13. 21
    Gordon Brown says:

    Dear Marge

    I have been getting really stinky farts for some time now even though I do my poo regularly every day.

    Could there be something wrong with me?


  14. 22
    Do me another says:

    Jobs for the MP boys and girls, no change, just makes more work for their CV and more pension money, can they do the job, no need, leave it to the uncivil service, when they retire they just like the MPs just move into jobs happily provided by the armaments co’s .


  15. 23
    C U Jimmy says:

    That drunken Scotchman MP, the ex soldier, who is always in a fight or the nick, now he would make a good chair.


  16. 25
    Herman von Rompuy says:

    You are are my weapons now.


  17. 26
    Gordon of forth says:


    • 29
      Marge says:

      Is she going to swap places?


    • 34
      Do me another says:

      Another idiot who is 1500 years behind today, unfortunately the ones they are trying to persuade are in the stone age , just like her ‘husband’.


      • 40
        just a thought says:

        Are we allowed to mention the fact that these poor
        girls have been kidnapped by Muslims.


        • 58
          Do me another says:

          Shh, you will be called by a nasty word like racist, seeing it’s a religion, it make no difference to the nasty people who ru(i)n this country.


    • 57
      Bo'ko Harem Woolwich branch SPAD says:

      Call? You’ll need more than that, love.

      Cash. Your charitee has loads.


  18. 27
    Corruption Watch says:

    South African Elections

    BBC mentions corruption and scandal but doesn’t mention that Zuma took £20million public money for building work on his house.

    When caught there was no apology or refund. He ignored it and set up a parallel inquiry run by cronies. The grassroots ANC called for the removal of the Office of the Public Defender (investigated and proved the corruption)

    No doubt with friends in the media much of which is still under state control the election results will be entirely predictable.


    • 36
      Do me another says:

      When the bBBC mentions the British corruption in politics then maybe we can take notice, when it’s corruption in a country 4000 miles away in an African country that they helped back to the stoneage, with their ban this and that, just like Southern Rhodesia, nothing to do with us, we have are own problems to sort out before we can put our noses into other countries.


      • 56
        BBC brain cell says:

        Uncle Bob and Uncle Zuma are good socialists and doing a wonderful job. We at the BBC salute you! Always happy to support rapists, murderers and terrorists provided their politics are red like ours.


  19. 28
    phil says:

    Bob Stewaret actually knows what he is talking about and does not care about promotion so might do a decent job. Bet he wont get it though.


    • 35
      Selby says:


      “Colonel Bob”, thinks he knows what he is talking about and the silly beggers at the BBC lap up his every word.


  20. 31
    Colonel Picalilly says:

    We need someone with rigour and drive.

    The British Army has gone from defeat to defeat in recent years, scuttling out of Basra and Helmand Province. It’s proved incapable of supplying the troops with basic gear while hosing money on wasteful warship contracts.


  21. 41
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:

    LibDems are the Party of ‘IN’. In the sh1t.


  22. 45
  23. 48
    Twat hunt says:

    Oh no, you got my submarine.


    • 64
      The Growler says:

      Come out of the bath now and get dryed off and stop playing with your little periscope


  24. 51
    Bo'ko Harem Woolwich branch SPAD says:

    Strange that the libdems want to ban smoking tobacco but want to legalise smoking marijuana which is known to cause serious long term mental illness in young people.

    Maybe mental illness is a prime qualification for voting libdem?

    Also, anti marriage unless it’s gay.

    Fucked up thinking from some Amsterdam drug cafe c. 1975.


    • 80
      Do me another says:

      They’ve always been running in circles trying to catch their own shirt-tail or nicker elastics, no change for a party who hang on to the tail-coats of other parties, the damage they have done with the minimum amount of people voting for them is beyond repair even our gt gt grand-kids will be sorting it out.


  25. 53
    Ah! well, no news says:

    I’m off to Portugal with a bucket and spade.


  26. 55
    Bo'ko Harem Woolwich branch SPAD says:

    David Cameron has waded into the increasingly acrimonious battle over the publication of the report into the war on Iraq according to the Mail. The report by Sir John Chilcot has suffered multiple delays to its publication, and there are rumours Tony Blair is responsible.


    Rumours of a greying man leaving Heathrow in a hurry are under investigation.


    • 60
      Bendy Wendy says:

      Woo weave my Tony awone. Bahard.


    • 62
      I wonder why? says:

      I haven’t heard Ed Miliband call for the Chilcott report to be published..


    • 89
      jgm2 says:

      Timing is everything.

      It’s now getting to the point where it’s in Cameron’s interests to delay the report…. until March/April 2015.

      A damning report with many Labour MPs, who were in cabinet at the time still on the front bench or, at least, still MPs.

      Got to be worth another few percent off the Labour vote.


  27. 59
    Fishy says:

    According to the BBC this morning, the reason that people vote UKIP in spite of some of the daft things that their candidates have said (the Teflon factor they now call it), is because UKIP supporters are usually older and are not as well educated to the same levels as the more enlightened electorate might be.

    (That’ll be the rarefied north London intelligentsia)

    What I think that the BBCs expert might have meant is that, if it is true that they haven’t been to university, UKIP supporters have not been subject to the Marxist indoctrination and brainwashing that graduates have encountered at the hands of hard left political activists who have infiltrated the education system.


    • 65
      what do they know says:

      One of my children,currently studying at Uni, is planning to
      cast her first ever vote for UKIP.


    • 68
      Bollocks Broadcasting Corporation says:

      We’ve found someone who actually takes what we say seriously. Champers all round!


    • 69
      Bo'ko Harem Woolwich branch SPAD says:

      We understand many have degrees who support the UKIP. Unlike our members who flunked evrythin.


    • 72
      UKIP 4 ALL says:

      Well the so called intelligentsia are in for the mother of all rude awakenings aren’t they?

      The trouble with these people is they are fools who have fooled themselves into believing they are superior.

      May 22nd is going to one mighty slap in the face for the cartel, for ordinary people it will be a joy to see their faces on the BBC as the results come in.


    • 73
      older and educated says:

      When Saddam invaded Kuwait our high school science lesson was cancelled and we were subjected to an hour long rant by a Marxist pacifist of some kind who aim was to convince us that war under any circumstances was morally wrong.

      The Birmingham Trojan horse inquiry should be expanded nation wide. The links between education and the hard left and anarchists should be explored. Some of them still use school resources for campaigns.


      • 87
        I want to know says:

        How much public money has been siphoned off from the Trojan
        Horse schools and secretly handed over to Muslim terrorists?


    • 82
      Do me another says:

      Yesterday a Conservative twot said UKIP was started by the media, you take the words you throw them into a spin dryer, you remove the words and give them to thousands of monkeys with typewriters/word processors and out they come from the auto-cue into the mouths of the automatons, merry xmas to all.


    • 90
      jgm2 says:

      Well that ties in nicely with Miliband’s inflated view of his intellectual ability.

      Labour voters, despite all evidence to the contrary, really do thing they’re cleverer than everybody else.

      If Labour voters are so fucking clever then how come Labour-voting areas are such fucking shitholes?


    • 94
      inside out says:

      Could be they have experience of life and work,i.e. a proper job not spad. and safe tory/lab/lib seat at Westminster.


  28. 67
    Bo'ko Harem Woolwich branch SPAD says:

    We offer our inclusive services to arrange the postal err.., he he….voting! for your scottish peoples whose liberation can be guaranteed at the usual rates supplied by Ab Dull.


  29. 74
    Bo'ko Harem Woolwich branch SPAD says:

    Nigeria kidnap: US and UK offer help in hunt for schoolgirls….guardian.

    Bring it on. We ready. Save you worry bout Ukraine mr hag and mr brown pants.


    • 79
      seigheiltch says:

      Find them?
      It will be like looking in a woodpile for jeremy clarksons culturaly enriching plantation servant


  30. 76
    ukhitchefuhrer says:

    I hope that the snail botherers try and stiff Putin, all he has to do is turn off the oil for six months and that will mean the end of the EU and the collapse of all the main parties leading to a golden period of natioalism


  31. 78

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  32. 84
    Anonymous says:

    “a staunch campaigner for keeping the Trident nuclear deterrent”
    presumably possesses contingency plans. For basing their associated delivery mechanisms in the Thames estuary…


  33. 86
    catesby says:

    What does it matter of our Armed Forces anymore just who are they fighting for? A corrupt anti-British political cartel that’s who. Are they fighting for the Eu? Asylum seekers? Eastern Europeans? ‘British’ Jihads? The left-wing intelligentsia? Russell Brand?


  34. 93
    john in cheshire says:

    “The Austrians are coming”- one can only hope so;and not before time.


  35. 95
    Mrs Stewart says:

    Please not Rory Stewart! He is looking for a nice little job to further his ‘career’ as someone who has always had publicly paid jobs, and we, his poor constituents in this safe seat where the Penrith monied will vote for anything in a blue rosette that moves, just want him to resign before the 2015 General Election. Eton-educated, but not that bright!


    • 96
      The Cumbrian says:

      Please not Rory “I think I’m a Tory but actually I’m a superhero” Stewart.
      As we have discovered in Cumbria, Roderick talks a lot but says very little.
      A complete charlatan with an unsuppassed talent for climbing the greasy political pole.


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