May 7th, 2014

Bercow Returns Favour for Campaign Manager
PM Joins Tory MPs in Openly Mocking the Speaker

Bercow and Julian Lewis have been thick as thieves for decades so it was no surprise to see the Speaker call his old campaign manager at PMQs, despite the Defence Select Committee Chairman wannabe not being on the order paper. No surprise either to see Lewis asking about Nato and Defence spending. You might imagine the other candidates will be a little miffed with such a blatant favouritism at a time of heightened campaigning. Lewis may well be picking up a lot of Labour support due to his opposition to intervention in Syria, but being Bercow’s Boy will hardly endear him to Tory backbenchers…

UPDATE: Tory MPs took the mick out of the Speaker so much when his old nemesis Simon Burns rose for a question that he had to intervene. The PM even joined in the mocking.

Another great day at the office.


  1. 1
    squeaker watch says:

    There was a puzzled hush on the floor, thanks for the explanation Guido.


    • 10
      The Scream says:

      I will like screaming. i am split into three.
      I feel like …
      when “feel” becomes “will”
      prees press the pause button.


      • 17
        Anonymous says:

        oh diddums your pathetic mind control programme is shitted beyond all belief! you had me r4ped and continually m0lested as a child (and it happened to my mother too when she was young), you put some sort of invasive technology in my head that enables you to monitor my thoughts, you’ve pretty much controlled almost everything of my life up until dec 2004 when you realized something was wrong and thus induced some sort of schizophrenic sub-alter to procure you some plausible deniability and to try and kill me off. and for the last few months you have been getting heavier and heavier with your use of microwave sonic technology to try and control me!!!!

        you are going to be nuked. for what you did to beslan. russia knows it was you and america knows you were behind 911. wherever your headquarters is that is the target a full on nuclear explosion. after all what’s 60 million people to a global population of 6 billion? about a 1% loss.

        disgusting genocidal child rap1ing monsters.


      • 26
        RightwinggitRedux says:

        No hot linking please, cross-site scripting alerts…

        Sort it out, Guido!


  2. 2
    Koba says:

    We shouldn’t be interfering in Syria anyway, the people have to come to an accommodation with their government by themselves.


    • 3
      M­a­qboul says:

      or Palestine for that matter, but every man and his dog wants to involve Britain it that.


      • 8
        dai optimistically - but not on a general's whim says:

        that’s why the defence cutbacks (to come – mainly) and the accompanying massive reduction in size of the uk arms industry are important

        they stay the hands of westminster meddlers


        • 25
          Jim says:

          We have never been ready for a war in our history. Every time we cut our defenses we start another one.


      • 27
        WTFF says:

        Hold on a sec there, It’s Israel brits don’t want to support. Do you ever stop spreading your Hasbara shite?


    • 11
      vlad watch says:

      Always amused at Russia demanding no external interference when they and Iran do nothing but interfere.


      • 28
        WTFF says:

        Eeer, the russkis are perfectly entitled to “defend their interests” right on their frucking doorstep. Particular when it’s the real place of origin of half the raving ZioL oons squatting Pal estine.


  3. 4
    Incompetence isn't acceptable anymore says:

    Skull cracker strikes again…..time for some resignations..


  4. 5
    A Greasy Pole says:

    I wish they’d leave me alone once in a while.


  5. 6
    cheche says:

    Will those idiots not realise that if they can not stop one Nigerian Myslum terrorist in Woolwich what hope have they got against a hole army in on another continent.


  6. 7
    Ed Moribund says:

    Again no mention on this site of my glorious victory over the intellectually-challenged Bullingdon toff at PMQs. I look forward to bringing this site under control with my Leveson proposals when we have won the next election.


    • 13
      milimong watch says:

      Everyone else including BBC politics thought you failed miserably, twit!


  7. 12
    Jumped up HoC little tw*at says:

    informe, informe

    they’ve all got it in for me……..!!!

    then I have deal with ‘er indoors every night…..

    Slapper Sal

    why am I such a misunderstood little berk !!!!

    “We” are certainly not amused ………….

    But of course this will not deflect from my grandiose plans

    of self ennoblement purely for my own gratefication disorder

    & of course all fully funded by my unbreakable grip on the

    free flowing teat of the always abundant public purse for ever more

    to which I am richly entitled as the divine right handed down from

    on high, & exclusively, as the chosen one !!!!


  8. 18
    jgm2 says:

    Bercow looked particularly petulant right at the end there didn’t he.

    He really is a little emperor. Time to buy him a little sailor suit like ‘Spoilt Bastard’ from Viz. Or perhaps we could get one of Brown’s old ones. We’d have to take it in a bit though. Perhaps his missus could do it for him. She might give herself a little prick though.


    • 19
      Sally Fanny Traffic says:

      Er, excuse me? A little prick from John?

      After some of the action I’ve been getting recently you may as well throw a chipolata down a corridor.


  9. 21
    Ooooh Ducky says:

    I played the clip in question but wasn’t looking at the screen. Wondered why Dale Winton was asking a question….


  10. 22
    jgm2 says:

    I see Ken is attempting to import the J*wish/M*sl*im religious war and redefine it along party lines.

    Naturally since, thanks to Labour’s immigration policy, there are now millions more m*s*lims than j*ws in the UK, Ken is going for the religion-of-pece vote.


  11. 24
    Bill Quango MP says:

    I have been in contact with a constituent, a Mr ‘Skull-cracker’, who has let it be known that he can ‘ sort art the little Speaker for youse..Fer a fair price..”

    I was telling him that I wish Mr Bercow would sometimes just be quiet, and not try and dictate to members..and Mr Cracker said he ‘knows the knows a solution.” Says he could get the Speaker ‘to shut it! Shut it proper.”

    And all he wanted was £400 and ‘a good hard ride on Bercow’s bike.’

    Seemed like a bargain so I paid him from petty cash under ‘Maintenece’


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