May 6th, 2014

Pan-European Tax Burden Rising
Tax Liberation Day Receding

As Europe’s voters consider their choices here’s a list of their tax freedom days. Brits only stop working to pay for the welfare state next Monday:

Typical workers across the EU saw their average real tax rate rise again this year, from 45.06% in 2013 to 45.27% in 2014. The rise of 1.28% since 2010 is largely a consequence of VAT increases in 19 of the 28 EU member states since 2009. This EU-wide study uses a consistent methodology to calculate how long people have to work in 28 EU member countries before they can keep their earnings and stop paying the state. Cypriot workers have the lightest burden, working until 21 March to finance their government. Belgians, who work until August 6, maintain their position as the worst afflicted. It is a noticeable coincidence that the four lowest tax countries have benefited from British rule… 


  1. 1
    UKIP Press Office says:

    Farage added, “We need to draw a clear distinction between those seeking asylum, and those who should probably be in one.”

  2. 2
    Glott Allstop says:

    What if you added the deficit on top?

    Britain has a giant deficit. It might finish paying taxes but then relies on borrowings to pay for the income shortfall.

    As for the Belgians, what a bunch of turkeys!

  3. 3
    táxpáyér says:

    Don’t forget. The state’s mal-taxation of incomes (a deferred incomes i.e. sales) creates opportunities for the establishment to privately collect tax.

  4. 4
    Mitch says:

    There has to be an off-set for the amount people also get back in each country (benefits, healthcare, etc)?

    This is a bit of a rough-and-ready comparison.

  5. 5
    A Billionaire says:

    Taxes are for the little people.

  6. 6
    Scrap the Lords? Scrap the Commons as well says:

    The reason the left are so enthusiastic about the EU construct is that when voters kick out socialist parties in their own sovereign nations there’s still a socialist backstop in Brussels overruling everything.
    While we are still members of the EU I see little point in having general elections at all be honest.

  7. 7
    A Gypo says:

    Thank fuck for the black economy.

    Am I allowed to say that?

  8. 8
    No 10 Spokesperson says:

    “We’ll catch man known as Skull Cracker'” says Justice Minister known as Book Banner, appearing with PM FlipFlop and Chancellor Poor Crusher.

  9. 9
    Jimmy Carr says:

    What are taxes?

  10. 10
    jimbo says:

    None of it matters.

    Read the telegraph today. 95% of people over 60 are indigenous British. In contrast over a quarter of children are non-native British. By 2050 at least 30% of the country will be non-British, and we all know the number will be higher in reality. The non-white foreigners and their descendants will then become the majority in the following decades.

    We’ve lost our country and will be a minority within the century. 1000 years of having our own island and it’s dying before out eyes. Non-British invaders going from 5% to 30% of the population within a generation or two, what conflicts and sadness lie in wait, especially the generation after that one. My grandfather died in the mud in the second world war. I can no longer think it was worth it.

    All societies die. Just as the cvilisations of Ancient Athens and the Roman Empire no longer exist, so it will come to be with Britain. What a waste, destroyed by ignorant left-wingers. Freedom of speech, so much of modern science, parliamentary democracy, ending slavery, all our literature, jury trial… the value of that we gave to the world is almost incalculable. And now our destiny is to become a part of the third world. One can only hope there won’t be violence and bloodshed as those indigenous Britons descended from the men who defeated Napoleon and Hitler will perhaps want to fight-back in the street.

  11. 11
    Odd Balls and Yvette Cooper says:

    Yeah. Especially Capital Gains Tax

  12. 12
    Mong Watch says:

    Now that we are told that the EU has added nothing to our trade for forty years and therefore our £20 million per day is wasted, what would be our freedom day if out say tomorrow (dreams).

  13. 13
    Ed Miliband says:

    He’d have trouble cracking my skull..solid bone it is except where the ears stick out.

  14. 14
    T Blair, war criminal, millionaire says:

    Cherie says they are what the little people pay to run the glorious health service. We don’t get involved anyway, far too busy for that. Got another speech today, £100,000 used bank notes in a bag, I talk about globalised multi-culturalism and modernising. And then I introduce the local dictator to a JP Morgan representative. They then talk about economics things I don’t understand but they give me the money and that cash is enough to let Cherie go mad in Harrods for the week.

  15. 15
    JadedJean17 says:

    I think you will find that the so-called left-wingers were in fact libertarian right-wingers.

    It was all cleverly done.

  16. 16
    Mong Watch says:

    Street fighting,?, like the Ukra’ine? Guess who will win there.

    Good points though. It’s very sad when one of your family escaped from Jerry three times and was airdropped in to Arnhem. I don’t think he would have done any of that had he known where we are now. He died four months after princess Toni arrived. FFS.

  17. 17
    Jessicacaca Reeed, Guardianista, feminst, pre-l=packaged dopey pc middle-class opinions says:

    Good, we need more modern multi-culturalism. The Huguenots came here in the 17th century so it’s only right that another 5 million people from eastern europe, africa and india move here now to stop it all being so hideously white. It’s not your country anymore so stop complaining. SEXIST.

  18. 18
    Mo Farahahahaha says:

    Shove yer tax.

  19. 19
    A Good Wank says:

    Yes I was about to, but there you go it cum again.

  20. 20
    Bo'ko Harem Watch says:

    It is too hot here and we feel your land should be our lands. Lock up your slave daughters now. And send money to bo’ko.

  21. 21
    Who are these clowns? says:

    Could I suggest that people serving 13 life sentences aren’t allowed out on weekend release? That might make it a bit harder for them to abscond.

  22. 22
    jimbo says:

    Yeah it’s still bad today, every time I see a British soldier killed in Afghanistan they’re nearly always indigenous Brits and i wonder if they know their country is being stolen from them.

    My grandfather was quite highly decorated in World War II, escaped from a POW camp and went back to fighting. He was a hero. And he died on D-Day and the body was never recovered. Had he known that his country would have been then invaded by the third world and changed into a multi-racial hell-hole I think he would have said forget fighting and just stay home and raise his family.

  23. 23
    A Good Wank says:

    Say what you like nignog.

  24. 24
    A Good Wank says:

    Spot on, total waste of time.

  25. 25
    Bo'ko Harem Watch says:

    Hey Mozz, it’s not some M E shithole here, pay up.

  26. 26
    Margaret Hodge says:

    I don’t get it?!?

  27. 27
    Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget,every time you pay VAT the EU takes a cut.

  28. 28
    tabblenabble02 says:

    You really do have a strange sense of logic.

    You decry the dilution of the indigenous British population in one sentence, yet in another sentence you cite your grandparents as having defeated the likes of Hitler.

    Perhaps your grandfather fought on the wrong side?

    Germany, under Hitler, was NATIONAL-socialist (not the emphasis). Hitler loved his people. Do you think Hitler would have allowed what has been done to the UK, over recent decades, to have been allowed in happen to Germany before and after the war?

    what was the phrase “Arbeit Macht Frei” over the gates of the CONCENTRATION camps (again not the emphasis) really all about?

  29. 29
    M­a­qboul says:

    That’s a separate exercise. The problem with the tax comparison is that it presumes no evasion. I see Italy and Sweden side by side on that list – PMSL.

  30. 30
    A Good Wank says:

    We will become a third world shithole.

  31. 31
    Bo'ko Harem Wins says:

    We come for nice daughter, girls. Godd price at street auctionnsess. You are wunder full land and kind to my people, thanking you Gordo.

  32. 32
    Bo'ko Harem Wins in the end says:

    UKIP election candidate suspended over anti-Islamic and homophobic Twitter rants still to stand as independent.

  33. 33
    still, it could be worse says:

    I’m not following your thought processes.

  34. 34
    Bo'ko Harem Wins, Liverpool players cry again says:

    We want mr Nosebone Forage as our leader, he good man.

  35. 35
    WoRaft Chihuahua says:

    What ever they were, they engineered a perpetual Labour vote. Cameron would have to be far better than the shade of lavender he is to change that. It does not look like much of a libertarian right-wing coup to me, but I’m prepared to be persuaded for the sake of analysis.

  36. 36
    Iain Duncan Smith says:

    Of course “skull cracker” would be sighted in Twickenham, where else would he go?

  37. 37
    jimbo says:

    Fuck you, you bastard. My grandfather died in battle, a war hero trying to save his country. Hard to tell if you’re so stupid you think that there is some conflict between wanting us to be free of National Socialism and wanting us to not be swamped by the third world. In many respects they are the same thing. My grandfather loved Britain so he fought for her. Anyone who loves Britain would also want to see all immigration stopped. Anything else, on either argument, is treason.

    He helped save England from Hitler and National Socialism. And he would have wanted to save her from mass immigration. Both are mortal threats to our country.

    If only you could stand in front of me and say my grandfather fought on the wrong side; I would fucking bury you.

  38. 38
    Dangerous Brian says:

    What about their human rights you fascist?

  39. 39
    Dangerous Brian says:

    While I make a speech preaching jihad on the jihadists.
    Lots of natural resource in the Middle East for my paymasters to cah in on.

  40. 40
    Putin says:

    Apart from the fact that there is bugger all legislation which has come from Brussels which our governments couldn’t have thought of and implemented themselves(min wage for example)it now comes to pass that there hasn’t been much advantage to trade by being a member of the EU either.
    As for keeping the peace in Europe….hahahhaha

  41. 41
    tabblenabble02 says:

    Ad hominems aside, do you think we live in a Command Economy, aka Nazi-Fascist/Socialist state?

    Are you sure you really understand what a Liberal-Democracy is? You should do if your grandfather was prepared to die for it, and indeed did. It’s a political-economic system which legislates for the freedom of the individual, i.e. where individual ‘rights’ are protected from the regulating nanny state. In effect that really means that businesses and corporations can pretty much do what they want in order to make money out of consumers (individuals) so long as they don’t kill them or otherwise do harm.

    The more consumers the better, as far as liberal democracy is concerned.

  42. 42
    Owen Jones,Guest Moderator says:

    Tory MP Crispin Blunt would force the Skull Cracker to wear a tag -that’ll teach him? Probably make Hannibal Lecter sit on the naughty step!

  43. 43
    Moley says:

    Miliband would make a good PM because he “Knows he is always right.”

    (Standard- Seen Elsewhere.)

    “Between myself and Cameron, I am the one with much more intellectual self-confidence: Ed Miliband on why he’s ready to be PM”

    The World’s graveyards are filled with the victims of those “Who knew they were always right”.

    That isn’t a plus; it’s grounds for certification.

  44. 44
    BinfieldWoodsman says:

    “It is a noticeable coincidence that the four lowest tax countries have benefited from British rule… ”

    You left off Gibraltar – that would make it the top 5…….

  45. 45
    MetPol says:

    As well as ‘Skull Cracker’ on the loose In Hackney they have a problem with a character called ‘Belly Buster’.
    Bursting into cafe’s and restaurants taking advantage of innocent proprietors ‘eat all you want’ deals.

  46. 46
    catesby says:

    Spot on.

  47. 47
    JadedJean17 says:

    Race has been used by J*wish anarchists to promote liberal-democracy (anarchism), aka anti-statism, for decades, in fact, ever since the end of WWII. See Denazification, The Frankfurt School and the 1950 UNESCO statement on race where all but one of the authors was J*wish, the one being Indian. The main author of that peculiarly odd statement went on to give Herrnstein and Murray a hard time when they published the Bell Curve in 1994. The arguments are all groundless, as there are marked ‘racial’ differences in mean IQ which have very important economic and social implications as I and others have spelled out repeatedly in these blogs. Are all dogs the same? Are all cattle the same? Are all horses? The panel had no grasp of race, species, evolution or genetics. See Lewontin’s Fallacy. Anyone interested can follow the links. Begin with this one…


    and this one…


  48. 48
    Anonymous says:

    “If only you could stand in front of me and say my grandfather fought on the wrong side; I would fucking bury you.”

    I have known WW2 veterans who came to believe they fought on the wrong side. Would you bury them too? Blowhard idiots like you are a good part of the problem we have today.

  49. 49
    catesby says:

    Recent evidence shows that following the reduction in the top rate of tax government revenue increased. More proof that socialism merely doesn’t work.

  50. 50
    Right Full Rudder says:

    How will importing 3rd worlders, virtually all of whom will be dependent on the State to some degree, bring about libertarianism?

    This is my one real problem with Guido. The libertarian argument for immigration depends on the pre-existence of a libertarian society where you sink or swim based on your own efforts. If a socialist welfare state is in existence, mass immigration by poor people will simply entrench it.

  51. 51
    Right Full Rudder says:

    I recommend reading The Great Deception by Christopher Booker and Richard North, which goes into great detail about how the EU was conceived as a multi-generational project to bring about a European superstate. Part of the plan was to slowly strip us of our national identities.

  52. 52
    JadedJean17 says:


    “How will importing 3rd worlders, virtually all of whom will be dependent on the State to some degree, bring about libertarianism?”

    You’ve got it the wrong way around.

    It was libertarianism that brought about mass immigration.

    see post #41

  53. 53
    ed milliband peoples representitive of doncaster says:

    yes the wouldn’t be so keen if it was going to be the united thatcherite states of europe instead of the united socialist states of europe

  54. 54
    Damp rag & low grade bank clerk says:

    Get the fuck in there!!!!

  55. 55
    jgm2 says:

    ‘Intellectual self-confidence’?

    Is he seriously trying to tell us that he believes that shit?

  56. 56
    JadedJean17 says:


    “I recommend reading The Great Deception by Christopher Booker and Richard North, which goes into great detail about how the EU was conceived as a multi-generational project to bring about a European superstate. Part of the plan was to slowly strip us of our national identities.”

    I have not read the book. Does it tell us who and why plans to strip us of our national identity?

  57. 57
    Owen's Remedial English teacher says:

    “Between myself and Cameron, I am the one with much more intellectual self-confidence:”

    WHy does he have areputation as an intellectual?

    Even without the benefit of his BoJo education, any self-respecting nerd would know it’s “Between me and Cameron”, and the sentence is still crap.

    “Compared to Cameron, I have more much more intellectual self-confidence”.

    Then there’s “debate Cameron” meaning debate with cameron , and of course “lootenunt”.

    I’d love to see the result of IQ tests of all politicians.

  58. 58
    broderick crawford says:


    Yes indeed Monsieur my countrymen are indeed a bunch of turkeys but do they wait for Christmas . Non Non Non !

    They instead decamp to Strasbourg for ten days every month with 750 MEP S, have a good time on your taxpayer expenses and then return to convince the Brussels tax authorities they are non resident and additionally have diplomatic dispensation to pay no tax at all !

    Ze little grey cells bien sur ….

  59. 59
    jgm2 says:

    I’d prefer to see the results of an autopsy of all politicians.

  60. 60
    broderick crawford says:

    I reccommend reading ” Techniques of Persuasion ” by O’Shaughnessy and ” The Hidden Persuaders ” by Vance Packard .
    If they are out of print hows about ” Flash Boys” by Michael Lewis and ” The Wolf of Wall Street ” by whoever wrote and made it into a film .

  61. 61
    broderick crawford says:



    dreamin’ is free

  62. 62
    broderick crawford says:

    Why are Barroso and Rumpsteak and Ashcan and Martin Goering and all their disciples at tbe Commission only stepping down in Sept instead of May 26th ?

    I realize they are not standing for ELECTION ( heaven forefend they are civil(?) servants ) but surely if there is an election it is logical that if the new administration are to bring in their own flunkies these should be drafted in immediately as happens in the States ….or is that too logical. ?

  63. 63
    broderick crawford says:

    What about Delaware ? Whilst not a country it was certainly a component of a wider British Colony before the American War of Independence .

    ( I bet Jode Biden gets his train home every evening thanking his lucky stars he is the only Ranking Senator representing the one real tax haven in God s Own Country ).

  64. 64
    A Welsh Nationalist says:

    The countries on that list who pay more in taxes tend to have better services than the UK

    This begs the question what the fuck is this Government doing with our money.

  65. 65
    Rob Roy says:

    Cable has just said the Pfizer cannot use the UK as a tax haven.

    Just wait for Scotland to get its independence.

    The guy is living in cloud cuckoo land; independent countries should be going head to head to attract businesses.

    Keeping the status quo with the Uk old boys club has had its day.

    Vote for independence for a different future which may just offer something better.

  66. 66
    Tony Blair - Everyday I'm Hustling says:

    “We must fight radical Islam by supplying weapons to peace-loving rebels in Syria and supporting the progressive regime of Saudia Arabia.”

    Is that more or less what you wanted me to say? Cheque, please.

  67. 67
    John Bellingham says:


  68. 68
    John Bellingham says:

    It takes a bit of time to shred all those documents, you know.

  69. 69
    jimbo says:

    llenabble and anonymous – you’re both wankers.

    tabblenabble – you obviously know nothing about political theory. There is no reason one can’t have a liberal capitalistic democracy without mass immigration. Either you’re very confused or else trying to deceive. There is no contradiction at all.

    Anonymous, in what sense am I a blowhard idiot? I’m a war hero as was my grandfather. Yes I would bury you, then shag your wife.

  70. 70
    Mumbler of Parliament says:

    Wow! – that must mean Germans are so much poorer than we are then!!!

    (Ed to Guidio – Please check if that’s the case – don’t want an error on an important point like this.)

  71. 71
    Mumbler of Parliament says:

    That’s the sort of crazy thinking that would destroy this country. The sooner you are locked up, the better. :)

  72. 72
    Jimmy Carr is Innocent Face Not says:

    Taxis are the things you take from your five star hotel to that God-awful theatre in the centre of town where you entertain the plebs before going back to your hotel room to count your money. :)

  73. 73
    Atlee-st they had milk at school... says:

    The vast majority of people who fought in WW2 voted for a social democratic form of government with a free health service and strong welfare provision. Not the free market insanity you are talking about.

  74. 74
    Evidence or very dense? says:

    “Recent evidence”. Evidence can always be cited. So what’s your citation?

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