May 1st, 2014

How Bercow Turned Against the Clerk of the House

The Clerk – commonly regarded as one of the great Clerks – has only been there for two and a half years, remember. It’s a premature retirement for Sir Robert Rogers.

“It’s been very gruelling for him,” said one with a view of the action over the period. The Speaker turned against the Clerk in a very affirmative way. “Temper tantrums and childish behaviour every Monday morning. I’m not surprised he’s going, it’s exhausted him.

“The tragedy is, Robert helped the Speaker a lot in his campaign to get elected. If he (Bercow) had decided to work with him rather than against him, who knows what they could have achieved.”

Notice, the Clerk’s letter to the Speaker didn’t tender his resignation. It notified the Speaker he had already resigned (to the Queen). Nor was there any expression of gratitude to the Speaker or personal feeling towards him. An unprecedented absence.

The bullying hotline announced by Bercow will be interesting. There has been at least one complaint about him made to the internal system in the Commons – but it’s a brave person who complains to the Prince about the Prince.

Another witness said, “I wouldn’t speak to a dog in the way Bercow spoke to X (a senior member of the hierarchy).”

It’ll be interesting to see how many complaints it gets from the Speaker’s behaviour. No doubt the information will be closely held, accessible only by the highest office-holder in the Palace. Uh oh – the Speaker himself.

New Clerk

The Clerk of Clerks has two jobs. To be 1) head of procedure and 2) chief executive of the Commons.

The prevailing idea is to split the role into two. Some perfectly sensible people urge this (they’ll be disappointed when an outside CEO – some apparatchik who’s run an NHS trust – fails to cope with the peculiarities of the Palace of Westminster).

But the Speaker will like the idea for another reason. The job of Clerk as head of procedure is reduced enough to put in a diversity candidate who isn’t strictly speaking up to the job. It’s a sort of Lawrence Ward appointment (the Serjeant at Arms) – loyalty is more important than stature.

The Speaker will be able to push such a candidate around, as well as being able to manoeuvre the outside CEO appointed to run the estate.

It’s Divide and Rule, but yet more clever – Diminish and Rule.


  1. 1
    Jeremy says:

    Now what CAN I say?

  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    Put Duncan-Smith in charge.

  3. 3
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    Nigel for Newark (anagram).

    Nigel Farage lashes out.

    “They’re organised, they’re taxpayer funded and they’re going around the country chasing me around trying to stop us from getting our message out.

  4. 4
    Druth says:

    I was membership secretary for a UKIP branch 2003-8. We had a list of 300 names. 100 were members. 50 would attend meeting. 10 would leaflet. 5 on the committee. 1 chairman.

    Total membership at the time was 16k (now @37k). I estimate that there would only have been between 500 -1000 serious activists.

    Have a think about think about the impact that these numbers can make before making the decision TO GET INVOLVED.

  5. 5
    C O (Ξ7r1) says:

    The actions of the lunatic fringe are having the opposite effect on message.

    The idiocy of the left is they do not realize that they are getting UKIP the kind of publicity that alone UKIP could not afford to get.

    It would seem the left do not understand that there is only one type of bad publicity – Your obituary.

  6. 6

    “Worse than Gorbals Mick”, What an epitaph for the Squeaker

  7. 7
    Anonymous says:

    Why do the conservatives put up with him. Get rid of the creep NOW

  8. 8
    Ah! sign should have said says:

    ” TORIES sad scared old men “

  9. 9
    Jeremy Sportscar says:

    They are all NGOs.

  10. 10
    paddy power says:

    With a wife out on the pull 24/7 he can’t get much sleep, poor lamb.

  11. 11

    There are plenty of Labour supporters who despise the Lefty “Activists”. They wouldn’t vote Tory if you paid them, but UKIP is voicing their fears and concerns, unlike the elites in LIbLabCam. Photos like the one showing the loonies harassing an old woman in a wheelchair are playing into the hands of UKIP’s appeal to white van man and the rest of the upwardly mobile working class. The EuroQuisling Consensus is in for a kicking in a couple of week’s time, and I for one will enjoy it.

  12. 12
    Jeremy Sportscar says:

    It’s almost impossible to conceive.
    It would be like being voted worst post war prime minister.

    Imagine realising the Tony the warmonger and Gordon the cripple were considered better than you? Just inconceivable.

  13. 13
    King Henry IX says:

    Will no one rid me of this poison dwarf in our midst?

  14. 14
    Jeremy Sportscar says:

    She has been very silent lately.
    Probably got her teeth into something.

  15. 15
    Max Clifford's tiny cock says:

    ‘Temper tantrums and childish behaviour every Monday morning’.

    People react differently to stress.

    Must be awful for him to know that every time he ‘makes love’ to his ‘wife’ he’s prolly stirring some other dudes porridge……

  16. 16
    Fed up Joe Public & all voting UKIP ORG says:

    Has there been a recent poll in BUCKINGHAM where this jumped up
    irritating little bully is the so called MP !!!!

  17. 17
    C O (Ξ7r1) says:

    That kicking is going to repeated across Europe, not just in the UK.

    It is a shame that the left are in such apparent disarray – as you accurately point out. Other than UKIP’s appeal, that also makes plain that the apparent consensus and stability they had 1997 through 2010 was also a sham.

    If this is how the left’s supporters behave, and Labour are apparently powerless to control them, that will confirm to many that Labour are simply not fit to govern.

    The Conservatives are wise to not complain about the mistakes their enemies are making – are they in practice much more interested in a possible UKIP / Con coalition in 2015 ? Cameron may not be, but the rest of the party… :-)

  18. 18
    Anonymous says:

    Black pudding?

  19. 19
    Podiceps says:

    When weasels eat each other, a wise man does not take sides.

  20. 20
    Trying to build a country called Europe...... my arse says:

    Good old Herman.
    Yet more votes heading for UKIP then.

  21. 21
    Drummond Base says:

    That is a terrible legacy. But you sense Bercow will only try harder to “do something” only for this to make matters even worse.

  22. 22
    M E Corby says:

    The Coomons should defenestrate the Speaker NOW!

  23. 23
    Dimbleby says:

    Tonight on Question Time……

    Is UKIP racist and is Nigel Farage a chicken???

  24. 24
    Dimbleby says:

    Tonight on Question Time………..

    Is UKIP racist and is Nigel Farage a chicken???

  25. 25
    what's in a name says:

    Aren’t there any stocks still in place around Westminster ?

  26. 26
    Bullingdon-Eton-Eton Axis says:


    Yes you really don’t need that many people to run a country.

  27. 27
    Constance Briscose's Ruptured Shit Chute says:

    You can say whatever you like Jezza because you are a friend of the PM and all the other sycophantic hangers on he has. You will be protected as you are on the inside, one of the chosen people’s chosen people if you will. However if you were, say, an under-educated, white, working class mother who just happened to be having a bad day on a bus in London, you would not be able to say what ever you liked. You would, if fact, be sent to prison for the simple act of speaking your mind. Strange country we have allowed the UK to become. Very fucking strange.

  28. 28
    Conservative says:

    That sounds much like the ratio of active members to inactive members in the Conservative association to which I belong. Labour and the Liberals are no better off in our neck of the woods.

  29. 29
    Who Killed Michael Ruppert? says:

    Bravo Sir! Sloppy seconds or possibly thirds or fourths for the little fucking runt. One glaring error in your post is that good old Sally does not let Little John throw his lumpy beans up her baggy clunge. No, she pegs him*, regularly and often quite violently with a huge black (naturally) appendage. On the occasions when she has been out err, enjoying the company of others, namely DJ’s from the Brixton area, she has been know to let Little John enjoy the taste of her festering creampie.

    *Any Telegraph reader might need to Google the term “pegging (sexual act)” then click images.

  30. 30
    The diversity candidate says:

    Is it coz I’z black?

  31. 31
    ex Tory Voter says:

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

  32. 32
    Zulu Bambotanwanasasanackas says:

    Not meaning to piss on your little bonfires there old chap but after the Euro elections there are going to be some very, very disappointed people hanging around here. No doubt UKIP will do well but it will not be this glorious revolution that you all seem to be predicting. They will do well where they have been predicted to do well. They are not going to suddenly start winning seats in Tory or Labour strongholds. Fact is the majority of people in this country could not give two fucks about Europe and even more do not give a flying fuck about politics. Those that can be arsed to go and vote in the Euro elections will just do as they always do and vote as they always have done. Also expect the smears to get really nasty over the next few days. The eggs and expenses smears were just distractions, something will come out alluding to some kind of ultimate taboo regarding good old Nigel or one of his close aides. And whay is the ultimate taboo as far as the thick British public are concerned?

  33. 33
    broderick crawford says:

    New Clerk ?

    Step forward Constance Briscoe !
    Are criminal records an obstacle for this job ?

  34. 34
    broderick crawford says:


    You don t need that many people to run the WORLD !

    – if only you d done the decent thing and surrendered in ’45

  35. 35
    Jack Dromey says:

    Oh I do hope so.

  36. 36
    Anonymous says:

  37. 37
    sometime I wonder, then I think who cares says:

    It will all come down to May 22nd how people will vote, if May 23rd is good to UKIP and they get enough seats to damage, great, it’s the start, if not the braindead will only have themselves to blame, life will just go on in their little circle as it always has, when they find the country has no money to allow them to go to Benidorm or the taxes are so high, then they can blame themselves.

  38. 38
    Nigel "I'll say anything if it'll get me coverage" Farage speaking there says:

    Dum – dum – dum – dum – dum -dum-dum-dum.

  39. 39
    Anonymous says:

  40. 40
    Rover you are a Twat says:

    But Dogs don’t speak.

  41. 41
    C O (Ξ7r1) says:

    Has Herman seriously floated his ideas past the S’erbs ?

    That question is asked very seriously.

    Europe does not have a great historical record when it comes to matters on its eastern flank and expansion.

    A very serious point on the establishment of adhoc EU administered inter-member state defence agreements exists for NATO.

    The V4 is a very good case in point: All except P’oland are from a military point of view functionally useless against a force such as R’ussia for defence. That is a huge problem for Europe irrespective of the EU.

    If Europe does acquire its own Eurozone wide defence forces that will trigger the next major conflict between B’erlin and M’oscow which no one wishes, and why NATO remains the only viable defence force for Europe in the immediate future.

  42. 42
    White rabbit says:

    Hilarious aside on Radio 4 responding to claims of UKIP being singled out for biased and partial criticism. As a rebuttal to this they featured piece on English Democrats, where, you’ve guessed it, the candidate used to belong to UKIP. Larf ? I nearly pissed my pants.

  43. 43
    Alterius non sit qui suus esse potest says:

    Why doesn’t Bercow and his stupid slag of a wife emigrate to somewhere in Siberia? Do us all favour & fuck off! A pair tits and one is bigger than the other.

  44. 44
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Dave had the chance to nip this in the bud – and bottled it.

    As my old guv’nor said, “il faut frapper vite, il faut frapper fort.”

    Maintenant, il faut assumer…

  45. 45
    Mornington Crescent says:

    My recipe for a perfect day tomorrow:
    Clifford: jailed.
    Briscoe: jailed.
    Ad@ms: charged and remanded in custody.

  46. 46
    Anonymous says:

    We don’t get the result until Sunday after the rest of the EU votes.

  47. 47
    Kate and Gerry says:

    Hi! We haven’t been on TV for at least two weeks, so we’re back to remind you of how truly grief stricken we are and how we’re still waiting for answers. In the meantime, we’ll be jetting off to somewhere nice and sunny to continue our search. And don’t worry, we’ll have another photofit in a few months to replace the last one and the one that looked like George Harrison.

  48. 48
    C O (Ξ7r1) says:

    @OR (and anyone else interested): The ICOADS SST data has been mapped to a grid ( 0.1º delta latitude, 1000 km^2 fixed area +/- 5km^2 ) and monthly averages calculated for the grid points.

    This allows SST data to be plotted on map alongside the CRUTEM42 data – which is supplied as monthly averages.

    To your point on isolating ship from fixed buoy / satellite data for SST, I have figured out an elegant way of doing that.

    First – the video where at least one value in a grid cell is required for calculation a monthly average. eg. If one reading of 25C is recorded within the 1000 sq km in a month, then the monthly average for that grid cell is considered 25C. b/s I know – but the variation compared to grid cells where more measurements were taken is not huge. That is testament to the face that the surface air temperature at sea appears to be fairly uniform over a given month at a constant latitude.

    The average temperatures for regions calculated separate for both land and sea are included. Land and sea are separated to emphasize the different temperature profiles which exist for air temperatures measured over these regions.

    I shall post another video below to show how to filter for fixed buoys and also see where a real bias exists for geographical distribution of data points related to ships.

  49. 49
    Hugh Manatee says:

    The Tory voters of Berkhamsted are responsible. They had the chance of getting rid of the odious little dwarf, and putting Farage in his place. They chose Party before Country. Tory voters of Berkhamsted! Hang your heads in shame!

  50. 50
    Shove some semtex up his arse says:

    I think irony officially died when Martin McGuinness today said the arrest of Gerry A was “the dark side of policing”. What an utter, utter c-unt.

  51. 51
    Alterius non sit qui suus esse potest says:

    Bercow isn’t even interesting and his wife is an attention seeking saddo!

  52. 52
    Herman von Rambler says:

    The rest of the EU has already voted.

  53. 53
    Fishy says:

    Actually it was Buckingham (rhymes with Fuckingham)

    PS: Farridge was beaten into third place by a dolphin.

  54. 54
    Tyrone says:

    Hey! Don’t you talk about my ho like that? She’s my bitch! She got an ass that won’t quit, dawg! And her pussy be tight!

  55. 55
    C O (Ξ7r1) says:

    To filter out shipping and see both bias in geographical measurement distribution / fixed buoy locations, one way to do this is to reject grid cells which have less than a certain number of measurements within them.

    Following is the same data as above, but the SST is rejecting all grid cells which have a monthly average composed of less that 25 points.

    The fixed recording points are much more visible here.

    Am doing some analysis on the monthly averages with the rejection minimum varying between 2 and 25 – will let you know what if anything emerges from that.

    One observation is that when setting the threshold to minimum 10, the average %’age of points rejected falls from about 80% to 50% between 1996 and 2004 – That is very much reflective of the increase in fixed repeated measurements being included in the data set. ie. The noise in this dataset has been significantly reduced since 1996.

    Am going to look more critically at the CRUTEM42 next: I need to check to see whether adjustments have been made to accommodate the effects of urban heat islands in that data set. If not, that would certainly bias the land temperatures higher and compromise the usefulness of that dataset – raw – in determining average land temperatures globally.

  56. 56
    sometime I wonder, then I think who cares says:

    Thanks didn’t know that, just changes the timing.

  57. 57
    Where`s Dave says:

    Could we please have an announcement from our so could PM about the situation in Ukraine he and Hague appear to have gone AWOL.

  58. 58
    Hugh Manatee says:

    Correction: Tory Voters of Buckingham! Hang your heads in shame! And the dolphin can go and f’uck himself as well! (Just do not think I hereby forgive you Tory voters of Berkhamsted. I am sure you have equal stains on your grubby little Cameron suckup souls.)

  59. 59
    Weird Ed says:

    I’ve decided that I’m the PM now and we do nothing.

    My friend Vlad can have Ukraine and the Baltic States…and Hungary…and Poland…and Prague.

    We will become part of a new union of Soviet States, my granddad’s vision will come to pass…my father will be so proud of me.

    Viva Chvez. Forward in step with the Motherland. Heil Daddy Miliband

  60. 60
    Max Clifford's tiny cock says:

    Has Constance been pegged…?

  61. 61
    BBC repeats says:

    Oh look over there farage has just flicked ash on the pavment, did he bottle it, the racist, how many b and P memebers in his gang.


  62. 62
    Ever hopeful says:

    So their’s hope that Bliar could be pulled someday.

  63. 63
    A Former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury says:

    US Economy Is A House Of Cards

    Capitalism has been transformed by powerful private interests whose control over governments, courts, and regulatory agencies has turned capitalism into a looting mechanism. Wall Street no longer performs any positive function. Wall Street is a looting mechanism, a deadweight loss to society. Wall Street makes profits by front-running trades with fast computers, by selling fraudulent financial instruments that it is betting against as investment grade securities, by leveraging equity to unprecedented heights, making bets that cannot be covered, and by rigging all commodity markets.

  64. 64
    Bert says:

    Yes, but the Tory voters of Berkhamsted (and everywhere else) should still hang their heads in the manner prescribed.

  65. 65
    Ever hopeful says:

    He missed out the fact that the left are ruling the roost and haven’t got a clue what day of the week it , never mind running a country, the damage and the debt grows each day and I expect all those cart ridge factories that were running 24 hrs a day when Obovver got in will soon be having to run 24hrs a day to replace them.

  66. 66
    English Heretic says:

    Gosh, this conjures up some appalling mental images……

  67. 67
    The Last Quango says:

    In this day and age why we need a Speaker is beyond me. It was Bercow who decided to do away with what to wear and made the role subject to ridicule. His predecessor was no better. I am sick of these hot heads gaining too much power and retiring full of riches. Let the public elect somone – this is meant to be a democracy.

  68. 68
    Open Eyed Reality says:

    ….You,ve only just noticed?

  69. 69
    Sinn Fein says:

    We are playing the victim card; do not forget that Adams went to the cops, they did not come for him.

  70. 70
    Rev Flowers apostate junkie fuck says:

    I was in charge of a bank you know !

  71. 71
    Joe Public says:

    As I understand it the ‘Speaker’ is supposed to represent us, you know Joe Public. So are they saying our wives are slags ?

  72. 72
    albacore says:

    As if it mattered who marshals this rat Parliament
    It sure ain’t the British that it seeks to represent
    If the Speaker is lacking in credibility
    He fits in quite nicely and with great facility

  73. 73
    Phuquit says:

    Diminish and rule??? Surely Bercow has diminished Parliament enough, already? Has there ever been a more diminished Speaker?

  74. 74
    Sally B's Cat says:

    miaoooww, hic!

  75. 75
    Archie says:

    Someone has to do something about this little twerp who masquerades as the Speaker of the ‘Mother of Parliaments’. Is there any reason why his local Tory party should not be entitled to de-select him before the next general election? Please. Pretty please.

  76. 76
    Will says:

    The speaker of the house is officially the highest commoner in the land. He is meant to represent parliament and be independant of any elected official and see that all parties and elected official are treated equally and his office is not subject to outside parties. In this respect he has failed and so did Michael Martin when he allowed the police to search an mp office. He should have told the plod to push off as any arrest in the Palace of Westminster or detention is subject to the serjeant at arms.

  77. 77
    Hmmm says:

    Diminished rule Shirley?

    I don’t understand why the whips don’t get a grip of the party footsoldiers and put some stick about. (ht; Francis Urquhart)

  78. 78
    Owen Jones says:

    Has Gerry Adams gone on hunger strike yet? Go join Bobby.

  79. 79
    A Former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury says:

    Looks like the West are now going to conscript Ukraine’s kids for yest another Neocon war.

    Ukraine to restore conscription

    How long will it be before they want your kids?

  80. 80
    Kim Jong-Un says:

    Me me me me me

  81. 81
    C O (Ξ7r1) says:

    The west isn’t – U’kraine is by the look of it though: That is their sovereign right.

    However, unless U’kraine is prepared to initiate a very nasty and protracted guerilla war in order to repulse the R’uss!an incursion then they in practice do not really stand much hope of reversing the partition.

    The West would likely not support such a war as a conflict of that nature would put bordering EU member states at significant risk from refugee flows and possibly see conflict itself overspilling to their own territories.

    If P’utin attacks a NATO member state, eg. one of the Baltics, then our children will be involved, and it is the solemn duty of all NATO members to respond to such an attack with decisive force to defeat the aggressor nation.

    Any losses incurred are worth it, because as U’kraine is slowly learning (again) – if you cannot be bothered to fight for your own liberty then do not expect to keep it especially if the R’uss!an’s seek to deny it.

  82. 82
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    “Debts” false instruments – oh yeah them words that all controlled governments use to fleece the man in the street and did i read of the word ‘larceny’ being published in the DM this past week – i surely did …

    If politicians have allowed them to control our economy – what’s to say they haven’t used other methsods to control even more of the thicko class of politicians we have at present?

  83. 83
    we've all stopped listening to that biased bollocks says:

    That would be BBC Radio 4 that receives funding from the EU?

  84. 84
    jgm2 says:

    any arrest in the Palace of Westminster or detention is subject to the serjeant at arms

    Yeah. You see the problem there?

    Labour had not only ‘elected’ an entirely partisan jackass as speaker but they had also appointed an entirely partisan comedy muppet as ‘serjeant at arms’.

    For good measure they had also stuffed every commons committee with fellow travellers, the Lords with fellow travellers, the BBC with fellow travellers, the boundary commission with fellow travellers, every quango and NGO in the UK with fellow travellers, the judiciary with fellow travellers and the Met with fellow travellers.

    And that is how we ended up with 180bn quid deficits, an arse-raped economy, two million immigrants from the third world and a hung parliament despite Labour only getting 28% of the votes.

  85. 85
    jgm2 says:

    any arrest in the Palace of Westminster or detention is subject to the serjeant at arms

    Yeah. You see the problem there?

    Labour had not only ‘elected’ an entirely partisan jackass as speaker but they had also appointed an entirely partisan comedy muppet as ‘serjeant at arms’.

    For good measure they had also stuffed every commons committee with fellow travellers, the Lords with fellow travellers, the BBC with fellow travellers, the boundary commission with fellow travellers, every quango and NGO in the UK with fellow travellers, the judiciary with fellow travellers and the Met with fellow travellers.

    And that is how we ended up with 180bn quid deficits, an a*r*s*e-r*a*p*e*d economy, two million immigrants from the third world and a hung parliament despite Labour only getting 28% of the votes.

  86. 86
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    I will not beat about the bush. Bercow is a complete twat.

  87. 87
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Is the state of Israel desperate to forment / manage / manipulate any kind of war to distract attention from its implosion?

  88. 88
    EU run by unelected fascists says:

    Hands up all those who voted for van Rumpouy, Ashton and Barosso.

  89. 89
    they're not fit to lick our boots. says:

    Meanwhile the Liberals covered up decades of child abuse by
    obese sadist pervert Cyril Smith and Labour’s shadow chancellor
    Ed Balls received funding from the Crystal Rev.
    And the established parties wonder why the electorate are
    deserting them in droves..

  90. 90
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Are the four pillars of the state – crumbling because of their own corruption which is now more than evident then ever before?

    It’s 1989 all over again – we need to bring down the ‘walls of silence, cover ups, duplicity and everything that is londoncentrick but contrary to what a ‘reasonably informed man would’ know to be wrong and criminal.

  91. 91
    why says:

    Do the McCanns back the Hacked Off campaign to censor our free press?

  92. 92
    Ever hopeful says:

    We have 640 people and a load in the lords that can be given gu ns and they can go and help, our kids are not going to help Europe for the third time, the people of this country will get pi55ed off if these loons try , NATO or no NATO.

  93. 93
    Analyst says:

    No one will pay any attention to the discredited illegal government of Kiev

    The neo fascists are now attacking the nationalists even in Kiev

    The CIA neocons have created a disaster by their putsch

    Putin will not move

    Ukraine is now a failed state

  94. 94
    Analyst says:


  95. 95
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    NATO like the UN are both totally corrupted organisations themselves – there have been too many fucking lies and too many innocent people murdered all over the world because of their hidden agendas. Follow the fucking money – see where it leads to.

  96. 96
    The British media are cunts says:

    Has Jeremy Clarkson started supporting UKIP? The media are after him now.

  97. 97
    Hell has a place for them says:

    Blair, the rotten bastard, colluded with these scumbags…alongside Hain.
    Filthy dirt

  98. 98
    Zonk says:

    Score 22:59

  99. 99
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

    Nice sentiments by Conor Burns but as usual from the leftie gobshites, Anne Macguires murder is the governments fault. How typical.

  100. 100
    Handypara says:

    Peter Hain, on record as calling for an end to NI conflict related prosecutions, now on Newsnight backpedalling like the slimy git he has always been.

  101. 101
    Anonymous says:

    No-one working in the Public Sector can support UKIP openly now that Miliband’s brownshirts are branding them as racist. We can vote for them (and low grade white heterosexual men who have been on the receiving end of 13 years of New Labour “equality and diversity” reverse discrimination will do so), but to openly support UKIP invites accusations of racism, followed by disciplinary action and almost certain dismissal due to violation of the “standards of behaviour” policies that exist in ALL Public Sector organisations.

    Under the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000, the “enabling act” for all the pernicious “equalities” legislation subsequently brought in by Harriet Harman et al, EVERY INDIVIDUAL Public Servant has a duty to “promote good race relations [extended to promote “equality and diversity”]. The corollary to this is that ALL public servants without exception are required to “challenge” unacceptable (perceived racist, sexist, homophobic, etc) comments by other members of staff. This was enforced by imposing a duty (on pain of disciplinary action) on every individual public servant to denounce to their line manager anyone who expresses any sentiment that is at variance with the “correct” views.

    Compliance was ensured by the recruitment of cadres of politically-motivated Equality and Diversity “Managers”, and indoctrination of all existing and incoming public servants through compulsory “Equality and Diversity” training. Moreover, every single manager in the chain of command is responsible for ensuring that their direct subordinates comply. Thus every manager in the Public Sector is the equivalent of a Political Officer in the Soviet Army, and every level of management is responsible for ensuring politically correct thought and behaviour throughout the organisation. Thus freedom of conscience has been progressively restricted to an ever greater degree, with the only “honourable” alternative open to anyone being resignation – and being denied benefits for the next 3 months.

    People have lost their jobs by being denounced by “colleagues” for careless words in the staff room, and by members of the public for careless words while travelling to or from work. That is what working in the public sector was like under 13 years of New Labour.

    Although the Coalition has not enforced these policies with the messianic zeal of New Labour, they are still on the Statute Book in the Equalities Act 2010. For freedom of speech to be restored to the citizens of this country as a whole, freedom of conscience and expression has to be restored to individuals working within the public sector.

  102. 102
    Gordon Brown says:

    It makes me weep to think my Socialist Paradise was so close, – and then it was snatched away by lunatics.

  103. 103
    Fishy says:

    Saw that. Disgusting lefty cow.

  104. 104
    Anonymous says:

    Well connected Labourites, friends of Gordon McDoom
    and yes I believe they do.

  105. 105
    Ed Twelvety Balls says:

    Is that more than eleventeen?

  106. 106
    Grateful says:

    Thank you.

    A frightening and sobering piece, one that should be brought to mind regularly.

    Work hard to end this Soviet / Mafioso state of affairs.

  107. 107
    Ever hopeful says:

    BBC Question time biased, no not at all.

  108. 108
    Mr Nobody says:

    It won’t come to military intervention, the US will bring down the Russian economy one bank at a time.

  109. 109
    Gerrymadman says:

    Tony said he’d give me few tips – like wot he gave to Rebekkkaahhhh and that big boob woman.

  110. 110
    Revd., Phoney £rd fucking way B£iar, sanctimonious shit and £iar, emoting and wiv stupid grin says:

    Oh come now! – my success put me well on the way to being recognised as really really wonderful at arranging peace deals – and loadsa lovely lolly followed – and travel in the best possible manner.

    Don’t spoil it all for me.

  111. 111
    Grateful says:

    Thank you.

  112. 112
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

    Suzanne Evans holding her own against the cartel, much respect.

  113. 113
    Hell has a place for them says:

    That scummy bastard needs investigated. What did he agree with the IRA on the sly, behind the backs of the decent people of Northern Ireland?

  114. 114
    Swedish chef says:

    Shut up Beaker.

  115. 115
    Vlad the Loudhailer says:

    Eyvette Cooper has got patronising insiserity off to a fine art.

  116. 116
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

    Shit the bed, Question Time is a Student Union love fest, Jesus.

  117. 117
    MB. says:

    Labour MP Shaun Woodward has criticised the arrest of Gerry Adams.

  118. 118
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

    Didn’t take long, Cooper blames Thatcher.

    What is it about the left, awful people.

  119. 119
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

    Jenkins was surprising common sense, can’t really argue since he’s National Trust but struggles with his conscience about immigration.

    He’s still a knob.

  120. 120
    Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP, Climate Change Chieftain says:


  121. 121
    Ever hopeful says:

    You know your not allowed to talk about immigration, it’s racist.

  122. 122
    Hell has a place for them says:

    There’s a shock.
    Cùnt was in Sinn Fein’s back pocket when he was Secretary of State for NI.

  123. 123
    Billy Bunter in the QT audience says:

    They are all bigots

  124. 124
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

    Bloody hell, if QT is a representative of this country, we are all screwed.

    Thank God I’m my own boss, I make a profit and thus employ more staff, simple.

  125. 125
    Hope on says:

    First bit right old bean but I’m sure you’ll agree truly a tour de force in bias tonight

  126. 126
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

    Just to chill us all out, sit back and enjoy….

  127. 127

    Who were the c-nts who allowed them to get away with it ?

  128. 128
    jgm2 says:

    Us. The voters.

    You get the government you deserve.

    It’s trite. But it’s true.

  129. 129
    jgm2 says:

    Yeah. Right.

    And in the meantime the Russians will freeze us to death one country at a time.

  130. 130
    jgm2 says:

    It’s another ‘spontaneous’ pre-emptive attack on UKIP.

    Clarkson, almost certainly, is of a mind with UKIP.

    Clarkson, unlike Nigel (Fucking Legend), does have some connection with the Newark constituency.

    Clarkson, unlike parachuted in Tory elect, does have some connection with the Newark constituency.

    All parties will now close shop and ensure that even if they don’t win they don’t leave the door open to a third or fourth party to start taking their jobs.

  131. 131
    Ockham's Razor says:

    Just got in and had a look at both. Again, excellent work! Isn’t it interesting how the different sets pull out different aspects?

    I am not as fussed about those cells which only yield one reading, as long as such reading is consistent with surrounding cells. In a way, it helps to test the reliability of the greater picture. From the videos, on first viewing, there appears to be a high degree of consistency. I did mention much earlier about data validation and the comparisons of similar months in successive years. That could still be done at some point and then one gets an idea of trends, especially outside of the obvious “hothouse” areas on both land and coastal sea.

    Have you attempted to calculate, or even estimate, what proportion of the total area the urban heat islands comprise in respect of 1.) land only and 2.) entire surface area?

    If the vastly larger areas outside of these are shown not to be conforming to “settled science” trends, then that will put a huge hole in the present AGW theories. Naturally, one has to do this in an objective manner, as I have every confidence you will. One must follow the truth wherever it might lead and however much it diverges from one’s presuppositions.

    The other thing to consider is the effect of the earth’s mantle through the crust. An overlay of tectonic plate boundaries and any other volcanic areas might be an idea. The subduction zones would be particularly interesting to compare. My suspicion is that these limited areas alone affect climate variation more than the whole of mankind’s efforts put together. I have no means of substantiating that theory though.

    But… :-)

  132. 132
    Ockham's Razor says:

    My suspicion is that those candles have had zero effect on AGW despite the elapse of some five decades.

  133. 133
    Podiceps says:

    Every time you light a candle, a child in Bangladesh drowns. Your evil hydrocarbon candles are steeped in babies’ blood. Sit in the dark and eat tofu.

  134. 134
    Diane Abbott says:


  135. 135
    Ockham's Razor says:

    The question is: Has he become sufficiently bored with holding down a job which pays £800k (and where he did what he wanted without any accountability), that he accepts one at £65k (where he is tied down and will become exposed to fierce public and media scrutiny)?

    If I were he, I would rather go off and create a new Theory of Everything than to do that…

  136. 136
    Ockham's Razor says:

    That dreaded N word!


  137. 137
    Tiny Tim says:

    Sing a long with Max

  138. 138
    Roger the Rasta says:

    Are DJ’s desperate Jamaicans by any chance.

  139. 139
    Podiceps says:

    Am told that nigari-haters use crushed eggshell and vinegar instead. But I have never made tofu and don’t intend to start.

  140. 140
    Uncle Albert says:

    Mange Tout Rodders

  141. 141
    Confucius' bulging bicep says:

    When ferret runs down your pants, pretend you are max Clifford

  142. 142
  143. 143
    C O (Ξ7r1) says:

    I have been doing some analysis looking at the effect of stripping data points out and what that does to the average temperatures calculated by region.

    Imagine subtracting SST averages from min25 (second vid) from min1 (first vid).

    Going to prepare something formal, but generally the average temperatures go down. So – including the single measurement readings and calling that an average for the month seems to bias up. That surprises me a little.

    See earlier threads today where I posted some links to some literature about UHI. They are worth looking over.

    The problem with them is that whilst the total amount of land they occupy is small, the area they affect is quite large. eg. Chicago has been found to have an effect on areas up to 65 miles away – not circular, but in a ellipse going in the direction that the wind usually blows.

    Have been gathering details of city locations and approximate land area occupied. Should be able to remove from the CRUTEM data stations which fall with a given distance of a city. It will be a crude first cut, but if the adjustments have not already been made in the CRUTEM data, will attempt to do so and see what effect that has.

    Thinking of the C’hicago example, some data points on the SST may also be worth removing. Recalling that major shipping lanes run close to coast lines, and that there are many cities built near the coast, it is perhaps likely that some of the SST points are biased up due to UHI effects being felt offshore.

    %’age of earth developed: In 2005 it was estimated at about 3% of total surface was ‘city’. That will have increased since then – am researching the figures (as I also need to know roughly how city areas have changed with time)

    Small – but to get this in perspective – only 6% of the UK is urban developed, yet that development has altered the weather in the UK completely, as can be seen from the historical records. Similar has been observed over the past 150 years or so of real urban development in the US.

    A curious observation: Most sources seem to prefer talking about population densities with regards city growth, rather than total amount of land used. Methinks there is a subtle propaganda reason for that.

    You should be aware that the science of UHI and the effects is somewhat settled, and confirmed by direct observation.

    The settled science as presented on AGW is simply a lie, and a distortion of the actual truth.

    Perhaps in order to curb societies demands for more urban development – which does measurably alter much in the environment (not all negative though…), pricing construction out by wrecking energy policy seemed like a smart move.

    However, as tackling such problems requires all countries to follow suit, the approach taken in the West resembles more a subtle and nasty sabotage against our interests when it is noticed that developing nations have been proceeding with urbanization at a very aggressive pace.

    They are beginning to see the effects of that now though, as their local environments and weather patterns begin to change. :-)

  144. 144
    C O (Ξ7r1) says:

    No – But every time they build something new and high-rise in D’haka, the probability of more intense summer storms which bring more rain than average certainly does increase.

  145. 145
    Explosive farter says:

    He’s being racist to the police, do any of them come from the West Midlands.

  146. 146
    No1 golfer says:

    Easy Tiger, you might catch a nasty rash on your niblick

  147. 147
    Mad Gordon says:

    Only my vote was required.

  148. 148
    The Bell Curve says:

    30% of the electorate are so thick that they think leaving the EU would mean they couldn’t go to Benidorm, or anywhere else in Europe, on holiday.

  149. 149
    non taxable pikey says:

    As long as he takes that swine McGuiness down with him.

  150. 150

    But as yet there are no cameras in the voting booths!

  151. 151

    Is that the same twat who was elected as a conservative ?

  152. 152
    Hugh Janus says:

    Bercow, who must be one of the most odious and intellectually bankrupt Speakers of modern times, is a little shit who was elected (and kept in place) by a collection of other little shits. The fact that he is still Chief Little Shit is a source of wonderment and amazement. Perhaps they feel that he hasn’t quite brought his great office of state to its knees just yet and consider that even more time should be allowed for this task. Whereas most outside the H of C thought he had achieved his destructive and shameful goal quite some time go.

  153. 153
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Is the Mon, soon?.

  154. 154
    jgm2 says:

    Agree completely.

    He risks becoming another Kilroy-Silk.

    Being an MP seems chiefly to appeal to perverts, psychopaths, the criminally insane, al*co*h*o*li*cs and those for whom 65K plus expenses is a lot of money.

    I have on the desk in front of me Private Eye whose ‘Called to Ordure’ column relates the tale of the ‘Easter adjournment debate’ and the ramblings of the ‘notoriously convivial’ (complete piss-tank) Sir John Randall.

    If what Private Eye says is true the c*unt should be in rehab or secure accommodation. Full on ‘Hello clouds, hello sky… ‘ Molesworthian bollocks.

  155. 155
    albacore says:

    Oh my, the guy’s sin – it just couldn’t be bigger
    He’s dug himself in it and ain’t he a digger!
    Mere suspicion of mouthing that word’s the trigger
    For condemnation you couldn’t sanely figure

  156. 156
    M'Lud says:

    so Clifford will do time.
    the odd celeb isn’t good enough
    when are the real criminals in the tory establishment going to get the opportunity to prove their innocence?
    this government’s transparency is transparent for all to see

  157. 157
    so what says:

    who voted fr him then?

  158. 158
    Al*x Wickham says:

    Interview tapes that say Gerry Adams DID order the killing of Jean McConville are released

  159. 159
    Max says:

    I get sentenced today. I need representation. Anyone available?

  160. 160
    Owen Jones,Socialist turned Capitalist says:

    At last, a sign that no-one is above the law: Gerry Adams’s arrest in connection with the murder of Jean McConville is a victory for ordinary people, says Guido Fawkes.

  161. 161
    Lord Bragg of Dorset says:

    And these tax-payer funded far left nut-jobs are supported and encouraged by that spineless c#nt inhabiting 10 Downing St.

    I do think the BBC era (Blair,Brown,Cameron) is nearly over, however.

  162. 162
    Nigel "I'll say anything if it'll get me coverage" Farage speaking there says:

    UKIP have just launched a new campaign……………. Go to work on an Egg.

  163. 163
    Lord Bragg of Dorset says:

    Another reason why the public sector needs breaking up.

  164. 164
    Anonymous says:

  165. 165
    Anonymous says:

    Summarise, you complete arse.

  166. 166
    Axeman says:

    …There used to be a nice block of wood in the “Tower”!

  167. 167
    Kerr Ching says:

    Being an MP is a route to riches. Even Balls and Prescott cashed in properly.

    The headline salary is just a drop in the ocean of the potential income.

  168. 168
    Too frightened to say anything says:

    ……What on earth happened to good old , honest,normal, shagging?

  169. 169

    Our children involved, are you mad, the recruiting policies of the British army don’t go that far!!!!!

  170. 170
    Constant Brisket says:

    Me name be Constance Briscoe
    Off to jail me go
    Me lied to help Vicky Pryce
    And now me career is on ice

  171. 171
    Ockham's Razor says:

    I saw the Changon paper posted just before I left. Did not have time to read it but pulled it down so I could do at some point. Have had the briefest of visual scans so far.

    My very pleasant journey, through the spectacular Lungau valley and through Villach down to Udine, takes some six hours normally, more in the high summer, and there is often extra time required to draw fuel, grab something to eat and even to have a kip. Packing/unpacking can easily take three hours as buy bulk stuff wherever it is cheaper. You would never save money making the journey for this purpose but, since I have to do it anyway, it makes perfect sense. This means the entire day is gone and the next day is normally done at an easy pace to adapt to different environment. Then the real work begins!

    My posts here are often done as a type of “mini-holiday away from the task” and become a kind of sorbet to cleanse the mental palate . It is fun and instructive for me and I feel that I get two bites from the cherry that life offers us.

    When you started this exercise off, I was not coming in every day due to being away in France to sort out my mother’s affairs. When I realised the significance of what you were doing, I opened a document and posted the link to every substantive exposition or discussion which I saw into it, to speed up the task of catching up when that proves possible. I have only had time to sample the videos so far.

    This may account for some of my remarks not always pointing exactly in the direction you are headed but, with my vastly different background, if I can sometimes bring a fresh perspective, then that might be a good thing.

    Then there are the trivial aspects that one notices just by chance. I look at a specific area with unusual geographical properties; the Florida peninsular for example and compare it with the panhandle. As you will know, they get a lot of extreme weather there, in terms of precipitation, electrostatic discharge and violent winds, but these two areas mostly differ.

    I was surprised to see how far down the peninsular the freezing temperatures can penetrate during some winters.

  172. 172
    A Divi and EqualTitty Ofsa (carrying clipboard and stupid grin) in a Town Hall / NHS place near you says:

    We is overrun by work, and we need more help – what with the cuts and all.

    We need at least 6 new staff, desks, chairs, computers, – I could go on . . .

  173. 173
    Village Idiot says:

    ….Could do with a précis style conclusion, please!

  174. 174
    Hang em High - REALLY high (own piano wire supplied) says:

    I think I may be able to help, – come for a little walk and I’ll tell you how.

  175. 175
    Crack pipe Mayor says:

    ….”Were you now!

  176. 176

    Why should new jails be so expensive ,all that is required is concrete, barbed wire and basic pluming, do away with the televisions, the gyms ,the special dietary requirements , just bang the scum up where they can only stick knives in each other.

  177. 177
    Sally's Alley says:

    I just got a new vibrator. I love it, and it really loves me.

  178. 178

    If Clarkson were to stand he would win by a landslide.

  179. 179
    Pleb says:

    ….Is “Common Purpose” in any way responsible for the “Clusterf…k?

  180. 180
    Ever hopeful says:

    How nice of promoting UKIP, it’s members appreciate the help.

  181. 181
    Vlad the Loudhailer says:

    With the UK paying 25% of the net cost. What happens when you have taxation without representation?

  182. 182
    jgm2 says:

    Don’t be so sure. No doubt that’s what Esther Rantzen thought. Before she lost her deposit.

  183. 183
    Errr says:

    Just been reminded why I’ve stopped listening to Today.
    Chukka was allowed to interrupt constantly during an interview
    so I couldn’t hear the Government minister. Plus they thought it acceptable to
    interview a poet about the mass kidnapping of girls by Muslims in Nigeria.

  184. 184
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Cameron is planning to change the law to allow fracking under our homes, without our permission.

  185. 185

    He is a lucky man in the sense that he was never a UKIP candidate,by now his face would have been all over the tabloids,and the BBC would be pestering the party for a ‘statement’

  186. 186
    @hateliebour says:

    Remember these people are now voters and the Libcraps and Liebour need voters.

  187. 187
  188. 188
    Village Idiot says:

    May never be able to watch,”Blazing Saddles ” again!

  189. 189

    So what they used to mine coal under your home without you being the slightest concerned,fracking will probably cause nothing more than a little mining subsidence, to call them earthquakes like the ecolunatics are trying to do is total bullshit

  190. 190

    Criticism from such as they is praise indeed ,it will pile on the votes.

  191. 191
    Anonymous says:

    The Euro elections are the nearest thing to a referendum you are ever going to get

  192. 192
    Ockham's Razor says:

    You get the inventor of the cavity magnetron and then you get this. Life is cruel.

    Wonder if one day there will be another Gordon Brown who truly is a fucking genius but everyone will give him a wide berth because of the besmirchment upon his name caused by the Maximum Imbecile! :-)

  193. 193
    Cardinal Biggles says:

    And wiser men buy popcorn.

  194. 194
    jgm2 says:

    Yeah. The ‘earthquakes’ were measured using super-sensitive equipment. They were the energy equivalent of a hand-grenade going off a mile underground. Without a fucking seismometer nobody would be any the wiser.

    But it’s all part of the deliberate scare tactics. Use the word ‘earthquake’ and people picture Kobe and tsunamis. Whereas this is the equivalent of ‘if a tree falls in the wood and nobody is there to see it, does it make a noise?’

    Without a fucking seismometer, no, it doesn’t make a fucking noise.

  195. 195
    Ockham's Razor says:

    Easily done:

    “Global Warming” – where the second word is even more spherical than the first.


  196. 196
    Tel E. Caster says:

    As you say… as yet.

  197. 197
    Gordon Brown says:

    How am I supposed to cut my potato for making prints?

  198. 198
    Duty Pedant says:

    Parliament is not ‘The Mother of Parliaments.’ England is.

  199. 199
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    In my early adulthood the speakers were Bernard Weatherill and Betty Boothroyd – non-partisan, authoritative figures who put aside party politics and were widely respected by politicians and public alike.

    Since then we have had Gorbals Mick and the Poison Dwarf who reduced the office of Speaker to the recipient of contempt and ridicule.

    This originally came about because the Labour Party put less value on the dignity of the Speaker than getting one over on the Tories. The Tories are so supine they have done nothing about this.

    The whole thing is symptomatic of the contempt that politicians have for the country and the public.

  200. 200
    Bill says:

    FJ is now in charge of finance and has sponsored his Sunday League team for £1000.00

  201. 201
    Skippy says:

    @IDS_MP a much better choice

  202. 202
    Gladys says:

    Yes I heard that too, sadly it didn’t surprise me, so far down in my estimation has the BBC gone.

  203. 203
    San Andreas Fault says:

    I tried my best, but I wasn’t up to the job.

  204. 204
    Rent-a-mob Brigade says:

    Its not a question of Labour being powerless to control them . . . Labour don’t won’t to control them. And why isn’t Cameron being made to explain why he is signatory to the UAF — another paid up member of the anti-democracy rent-a-mob brigade?

  205. 205
    Anonymong says:

    Fat, eye-rolling, hypocrite.

    Still looking for spiders on the ceiling fatbutt?

  206. 206
    BB says:

    Worse still, as a public sector worker, most of my colleagues actually believe the sh!t they have been indoctrinated with in the education system under New Communists. Still, I regularly wind them up by saying I’m voting Ukip, and even got away with denouncing Subway for removing ham / bacon from some of their stores to pander to the M***** lot. A breach of our freedom to choose – even they can’t disagree with that!

  207. 207
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:


  208. 208


  209. 209

    Mind you, if the tory-lib coalition doesn’t get enough of a kicking on 22 May, people might start thinking about marching up and down Whitehall!

  210. 210

    Although mining did provide uneconomical non jobs for Labour voters.

  211. 211
    Jacqui 5 bellies Smith Champion of Justice says:

    Didn’t she have between 4 and 6 bellies?

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