April 30th, 2014

+++ Gerry Adams Arrested in Connection With Murder +++


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    plantagenet says:

    May he rot


    • 18
      Selohesra says:

      Golly – he always seemed such a nice chap


      • 26
        JH-2133253141245 says:

        His brother was nice too.

        Is it just me, or is sanity starting to return to this fair Isle?

        A centre right libertarian party is destroying the establishment despite their media camp-followers pulling out the stops, and Gerry Adams just got arrested for being involved in some of the most disgusting behaviour this part of the world has ever seen.


        • 55
          Morton's Fuck says:

          May he die not too quickly.


          • The Grim Reaper says:

            At the BBC we have always championed the IRA and made heroes of Adams & McGuiness. After all, they tried to kill Maggie Thatcher.

            BBC Pravda Izvestia


          • Tony Blair, Multi-Millionaire says:

            Hi guys, it’s me – Tone…the Peoples Pope.

            Thanks to me Adams became an MP and peace shall reign for ever and ever…….


          • Hampstead Lefty says:

            Yes but he was such a romantic terrorist dahlings….


          • Hopeful says:

            Indeed, – may he suffer the torments he and the other bastards so lightly dished out to others.

            And may Bliar and all the others who aided and abetted him follow the same.

            Is sanity returning to this poor benighted land?


          • Sarge says:

            At least he will have the chance to defend himself – more than most of the IRAs victims got.


        • 71
          The overlooked majority says:

          “…. is sanity starting to return to this fair Isle?….”
          We ferkin’ hope so……and somewhat overdue too.


        • 84
          Spartacus says:

          ” Is it just me, or is sanity starting to return to this fair Isle? ”

          what is the percentage of those ‘parliamentarians’ prosecuted, against those found guilty?

          sanity will resume when we see war criminal b-liar and his ilk in clink
          hell will likely freeze over first

          (oh and your balls feel nice and warm)


    • 49
      experimental says:

      left finger in left ear.
      right finger in left ear,
      what is in the right year. block the righ ear.
      both eas blocked with both fingers.
      now chew gum and discover.
      mother is male.
      male is father….. dadadadadadaea… love less… love la ce?


    • 69
      Anonymous says:

      i reject these, says he brushin it aside.
      put the brush aside and stick the finger in the gum.
      fucku has power.


      • 82
        East India Company Wallah says:

        49 and 69 are on the EU wage


        • 97
          ben and jerry,s choclate fudge brownie ice cream says:

          call the world fine china, to avoid further breakages.
          who wants to break fine china? no one.
          who wants to use it, no one,


    • 151
      táxpáyér says:


      The words Muslim and Islam missing. I wonder why.


      • 224
        Cinna says:

        BBC is rotten to core. I note there is no HYS this morning. That’s presumably to stop people discussing Adams on threads where they are directed to be discussing trivia.

        Yesterday the HYS on the execution of the monster in the States was pulled and disappeared entirely. I imagine that was because of the amount of support there appeared to be for the notion along the lines of “he got what he deserved”.

        On Tuesday they wanted people to tell them how marvellous BBC News was. Again the support was a lot less than they must have imagined. In response to a supporter praising their impartiality and fearlessness in exposing wrongdoing, I posted asking what then had happened regarding the pulling of a Newsnight report into a certain well known ex DJ. My post went into a moderation cue and never saw the light of day, despite later posters having theirs put online.


    • 152
      táxpáyér says:

      Dave and Emperor Zero want to keep these people fighting.



    • 180
      When terrorism becomes acceptable by the BBC says:

      Never understood why this terrorist was allowed to be a free man anyway. The BBC new generation seem to like him, perhaps because they have no personal experience and memory of what he and the IRA did.


    • 184
      FLAT BED says:

      Gerry Adams and Nelson Mandela. The acceptable face of terrorism for the rareified Luvvies at the BBC. Will they be celebrating the Lee Rigby beheading two twent years down the line?


      • 215
        Tom Catesby. says:

        Twenty years down the line(and I do mean down) the way things have been going, will be a national holiday, a bank holiday possibly, to allow the population a chance to give thanks down at the mosque.


    • 219
      Cinna says:

      So there really is a God.


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    Lord Carrington's Binoculars says:

    The Boston Tapes will do for him. No wonder they were so desperate to keep them locked up.

    Sadly, 9/11 really did change the IRA’s fortunes in the US.


    • 16
      Mars Attacks! says:

      It was Clinton who changed the IRA’s fortunes by making fund raising for them illegal in the States, and together with John Major (can anyone smell curry?) brokered the Good Friday agreement, brought to fruition by one of the only decent labour MPs, Mo Mowlom, RIP.


      • 54
        Strategist says:

        Oh the GfA, where free green permits for the States were to be handed out but the numpties preferred their shithole and stayed.


      • 81
        Is this curry? says:

        Farts smell of eggs


      • 88
        Spartacus says:

        i read the good friday agreement at the time.

        a fairly short declaration of surrender


        • 102
          Rinka the Dog says:

          A declaration of surrender by the IRA, actually. With Adams and McGuinness having been on the SIS payroll for years they finally delivered. A squalid deal, perhaps, but there is a kind of peace in Northern Ireland – and its still in the UK the last time I checked.


          • Will H says:

            Yep, our friends at VX and Box had penetrated the Provos so deeply they couldn’t fart without being heard.

            Sadly McGuiness and Adams seem to have escaped the usual treatment meted out to touts – thanks to the top cover provided by HMG.

            It’s a shame they haven’t been found hooded in a ditch in a quiet country lane in Armagh – like so many of their victims


          • jack Ketch says:

            The proof that Adams an McGuiness were on the Whitehall payroll is that they are still alive. The best way to eliminate a revolutionary/terrorist group is to go for the head and liquidate the leaders without compunction—although they are always shouting about the celebration fireworks that hit waste ground outside Sedot every now and then-when was the last tome there was a serious terrorist attack inside Israel?


          • Will H says:

            @Jack Ketch: Yep, Shin Bet have a much more robust, pragmatic and successful approach, though realistically I’m not sure it would’ve worked in the province – considering the support given to the Provos from Wood Lane, Islington and EUHRC, sadly.

            I’m looking forward to the releases from Kew exposing the extent of penetration of the IRA revealing how we got McGuiness and Adams to dance, and how HMG protected them from their own nutting squads.

            Steak Knife anyone?


    • 29
      JH-2133253141245 says:

      The Boston Marathon being bombed might be the coup de grace; there may be people in that city reflecting on the fact that they helped fund the likes of Warrington where a child was murdered by explosion by deluded vicious cowards.


      • 44
        Anonymous says:

        Children – there were two.


      • 227
        Anonymous says:

        Don’t forget 9/11 took a heavy toll of NYPD and NYFD whose members include a large section who consider themselves Irish and were involved in the NORAID fundraising. Suddenly terrorism wasn’t such an abstract concept.


  3. 3
    Lord Carrington's Binoculars says:

    I don’t mean ‘sadly’.

    I mean ‘sadly for murdering arseholes’.


    • 133
      Juror says:

      Thanks to you all for your interesting BTL comments. They will help me greatly with forming a decision in court.


  4. 4
    BBC subtext editor says:

    This is a mistake, the man is a hero.


  5. 5
    Pro Dem not Con Dem says:

    Suddenly you trust the BBC?


  6. 6
    thostids says:

    “Look, Sonny. Do yer know who I am? Yer just go in’ through the motions. D’yer want me ter go through your motions……from the inside? I’ve got a letter…….”


  7. 7
    Brittan of Leon says:

    I’m Free !


  8. 8
    rkennedyesq says:

    Have I died and gone to heaven?


  9. 9

    The only reason Adams is not a bigger mass murderer than Pol Pot is that there weren’t that many people living in Northern Ireland. I can’t see him walking into a police station without his get out of jail free card, courtesy of Tony Blair.


  10. 10
    Anonymous says:

    Tony and cherie ‘ll get him off any way, oh yeh and bill clinton and the americans of course.


    • 31
      jolly green gir giant is jugs says:

      hard sole.
      use a hard well designed soul and sneaker balls van stay put and work on the odour that is under the soul.sole.
      footwear will be footwear.
      tesco talks about foot fall though.
      autumn coming.


  11. 11
    Kiss my nipsy says:

    To be handled with care: doesn’t take much to excite those lunatic Irish!


  12. 14
    Anonymous says:



  13. 15
    Gerry Adams says:

    Just speak to my man Tony – oh bolloox


  14. 17
    everythingcomestothosewhodeserveit says:

    Is that Gerry Adams of the RUC Special Branch ?


  15. 20
    hadclub says:



  16. 21
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    Gerry Adams helping police with enquires.

    Must be a first for everything.

    But then it is possible that the headline “Gerry Adams convicted of murder” may appear one day.


  17. 22
    The British media are cunts says:

    Michael Prick and Prick Robinson will be looking for the UKIP link in this story. If they can’t find one they will just make one up.


    • 76
      it really is pathetic says:

      Prick Nobinson has been trying to put voters off UKIP
      on board a cross channel ferry.


      • 213
        Will H says:

        Yes, I spotted that too – and hillariously he never revealled the results of the poll. I wonder why?


      • 216
        Tom Catesby. says:

        Did nobody think to throw him over the side, weighted down by his box.


  18. 23
    Strategist says:

    This twat Adams and his buddy Pint of Guiness need the ultimate solution like that guy who twitched under the needles in the States before going under with a heart attack. Sweet.


  19. 24
    C O (Ξ7r1) says:


    So is the new anti-UKIP strategy going to focus on fridge cleaning rather than further smearing ?


    • 33
      EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

      i clocked an earlier ref to Shhhh….. BW. Still working on true or false.


    • 143
      Cultist says:

      They’re complete utter kvnts. They have nothing but insults.


    • 145
      Muzzle the plebs says:

      They’ll stick with smearing, for now, I suspect.

      See 225 (GDS) in the comments section on the Paxman piece.

      Cameron’s crowd are as intolerant of free expression as Labour.

      It goes back to those A-list selections imposed from on high for MP candidates.


  20. 25
    Strategist says:

    The MSM and it’s nob head fronter Nobinson are getting a bearing. Nothing affects Nigel and you see the irritation in Nobinson daily.

    Now some UKIP wants to demolish Mosks. Sound idea likely to swell the support.

    The diligent Gildo army need praise for their sterling work on UKIPs behalf. We see a real breakthrough now.


    • 30
      EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

      To boldly go … to seek out new ‘FRONT’iers …


    • 34
      C O (Ξ7r1) says:

      Robinson should get wiht the program, smile and vote UKIP :-D


    • 39
      Richard the Lionheart says:

      Demolish Mosques, what a cracking idea, they should never have been allowed in the first place in this Christian Country. Vote UKIP, – Oh and muzzies out.


      • 57
        also says:

        I want to see halal meat outlawed in this country.
        It’s production doesn’t satisfy decent slaughtering
        practises that other meat processors have to abide
        by and consumers have a right to know how animals
        have been prepared.


      • 177
        Young Innocent says:

        …..How did we get a muslim population in this country ,allowed to build mosques in a Christian country,allowed to practice their faith like it,s 700AD,allowed to dominate big cities,enforce muslim laws,allowed to shut roads and spout bile,chopping heads off,honour killings,and women treated like shit as compared to Christian women!..How did it happen?


        • 214
          Dreary Steeples says:

          Because the West is full of self loathing idiots, our culture is terrible, ah this eastern stuff is much more appealing.


        • 225
          Proper Lefty says:

          Big business brought in the cheap labour. Firstly for the woolen and cotton mills up north, and then for businesses in the South.
          Then “they” closed the factories and took the money
          It’s called capitalism.
          Currently, “they” rely on East Europe.
          But if UKIP win, they will revert to the Commonwealth.
          A proper socialist government would have closed the borders.
          But we have never had one of those.


  21. 27
    Remotely Controlled says:

    What? Just one?


  22. 28
    Strategist says:

    Should benefit recipients and incomers have the vote? Of course not. The rock twenty eight percentage made up of these shirkers and the brain dead coaxed and treated by the Maximum Imbecile and the illegal War Monger should have no right to representation.


  23. 32
    Anonymous says:

    Even if they have a video they ll let him off


  24. 37
    C.O.Jones says:

    42 years after the event, there is hope for Blair yet.


  25. 38
    Scottish Chav says:

    oh dear, how sad, never mind! Hmhmhmhmhm!


  26. 42
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Is M Crick going to look into the evidence – lots of it out in the public domain about Keith Vax and his elm guest house ‘knowledge’ which as a lawyer Vaz appears to have used for his own personal and financial as well as political gain?


    • 46
      Strategist says:

      You mean,a little list will go along way to moving an average MP up the pole? Some might call it, well, blickmail?


    • 51
      C O (Ξ7r1) says:

      Not while the CPS and Judges are still messing about with the M’cSweeney / S’tingemore trial cover up thingy.


  27. 43
    FrankFisher says:

    It’s not as if he did anything really bad like taking the piss our of Lenny Henry


    • 47
      Cultist Pisstaker says:

      I only suggested he might like to go play with the bunnies in the jungle. He can’t take a joke at all.


    • 50
      Strategist says:

      Useless Cnut. Took ten k off my company for the interval light spot at a conference for thirty minutes of shite about twenty years ago. Absolute rubbish.


      • 146
        JH-2133253141245 says:

        What twat booked him? He’s about as funny as Herpes B, and harder to get rid of.

        Maybe they felt like signing that check made them a ‘good’ person.


    • 130
      táxpáyér says:

      I think he highlighted Lenny Henry’s racist and offensive remarks implying we should censor white people from being on the TV.


      • 186
        God's holy trousers says:

        Actually I think he meant The black country, not A black country. What with Lenny hailing from Dudley, its an easy mistake to make.


    • 230
      Keitho says:



  28. 48
    Timothy says:

    Will no one think of the balaclava makers in all this.


  29. 58
    Captain Thunderpants says:

    Jerry must have upset his old handlers.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer chap.


  30. 60
    worker drone 22 says:

    Gerry Adams issues a statement shortly after his arrest denying any involvement in the 1972 murder of Jean McConville……

    when are they going to question him about his involvement with the hundreds and hundreds of other people the IRA murdered ? Knowing our pathetic Police and politicians, they are more likely to ask him how many sugars the Queen has got to put in his tea !


    • 110
      The overlooked majority says:

      nah….this has legs……it wouldn’t have been published otherwise….I think they’ll have 100% proof


  31. 61
    WeightWatchers pin-up boy nobby Sands says:


  32. 63
    Anonymous says:

    The effin swine was at T Benn’s memorial service the other week – being kissed by Slot Gob herself.
    His mate the London(Derry) butcher was at Buck House in white tie and tails.
    You think they’ll get a conviction on either of them?


  33. 64
    Gerry says:

    It was the position of the British Government that made me kill that lady.


  34. 65
    Tony Blair, Blood Money Millionaire says:

    Today is not a day for soundbites. We can leave those at home. But I do feel the hand of history on my shoulder.


    • 73
      Anonymous says:

      Or my hand up Wendi’s dirtbox


    • 74
      The overlooked majority says:

      and hopefully the fist of justice rammed up your (and your missuses’) jacksie. Blood dealer and traitor……unfortunately no treason laws exist now because….errrrrr….you annulled them. What a coincidence you HUNT.


      • 183
        Native English says:

        ….Perhaps,come the glorious ,democratic revolution,UKIP will restore the laws for treason and acts against this country ,committed by many?..Need to build a super prison and get the “death drugs” sorted out,don,t want anyone to suffer!…Perhaps a “Nurenberg Style”trial in somewhere with a hard hitting name like…er…..oo..I know,….”Bodmin”….has a certain ring!


    • 117
      Tony Bliar PR Messiah says:


      • 191
        Tony Blair, from his hollow volcano in the Caribbean says:

        Dear Gerry,

        Time for a Hutton-style enquiry.



  35. 66
    Peter Hain says:

    Look, we made some deals that guaranteed Gerry and his mates will never face prosecution. It was a price worth paying. Now, anyone need a cab for hire?


  36. 67
    Anonymous says:

    Wonder what John O’Farrell the Miliband/Labour candidate for Eastleigh, thinks of this?


  37. 68
    Ken Loach says:

    The IRA are heroes.


  38. 72
    Bill Quango MP says:

    Poor Jose.

    Creen que todo ha terminado. Ahora es


  39. 75
    Thicker than water? says:

    I have a thick leftie wankstain brother whom I don’t speak to, not because of his politics but for other reasons, but his politics were loathsome nonetheless. He’s of the liberal guilt/ apologist school of leftie politics. His mantra was that he “understood” why the IRA did what they did. Any attempt to argue that nothing ever justifies the slaughter of innocent civilians just fell on deaf ears. He used the same “I understand” bollocks over muzee suicide bombers. Again, he couldn’t grasp that political grievances don’t justify the mass murder of innocent people. Ashamed to share the same DNA as him.


    • 77
      Ctesibius says:

      Perhaps surprisingly, my brother is more right wing than I am. I rejoice, but I feel your pain.


    • 78
      Errr says:

      Are you David Miliband?


    • 80
      John Brown says:

      I also have a thick leftie brother who is hood at spending other people money


      • 91
        worker drone 22 says:

        I have a few friends who are leftie arseholes and somehow I have avoided strangling any of them when they have gone on one of their sixth-form twatish rants. Thankfully my close family have all stopped voting Labour and now just ignore politics altogether.


      • 132
        táxpáyér says:

        I like to wind those of the lefty faith up.


  40. 83
    ss says:

    Gerry Adams & Martin Mcguinness should be both dancing to Albert Pierpoints rope dance.


  41. 92
    Al*x Wickham says:

    My Nan used to say of Gerry Adams, never trust a man with a beard or a history of being in the IRA.


  42. 93
    Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe the way HMG treats a tout of such stature.


  43. 94
    Leon Brittan says:

    You ain’t seen me. Right?


  44. 95
    Fist of Fury says:

    Adams has a face I wouldn’t tire of punching.


  45. 96
    Stella's full of shit says:

    Stella Greasy on Newsnight debating inequality. Funny how she’s got nothing to say about the way the gap between rich and poor expanded hugely under Blair and Brown. Poverty, inequality and social immobility were the result of Labour’s thirteen years.


    • 103
      This century says:

      She wasn’t actually in Parliament durng the Blair/Brown government. She was only 20 when Blair came to power.

      There are loads of things you can have a go at her about, but her part in that government of is probably one of the weaker ones.


    • 104
      C O (Ξ7r1) says:

      Stick to biscuits. That’s where her cookie may crumble.


      • 109
        Max Clifford says:

        We still don’t know the full story of why she was deselected by Labour when she was the Mayor of Waltham Forest


  46. 98
    All for the optics says:

    Doubtless he’ll be released in the morning….


  47. 99
    Strategist says:

    Stop Press:

    Serial episodes of common sense breaking out in Britain.

    Spanish style demolition orders issued for Mosks.

    Adams banged up.

    Brenda sings..”oh happy day”.


    • 134
      táxpáyér says:

      “Spanish style demolition orders issued for Mosks.”?

      Not seen that bit of good news.

      Airforce Joke.
      Q.”How do you know when you’ve accidentally hit a mosk?”

      A. “All the secondary explosions.”


  48. 100
    Gok Wanc says:

    We should all celebrate gay UK. We are the future.


  49. 112
    Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:



  50. 116
  51. 118
    John says:

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer person.


  52. 119
    Monkey says:


    • 140
      Fucking dis custard says:

      What a bunch of ugly cvnts


    • 194
      jgm2 says:

      He looks like that Richard Ayoade off the IT Crowd.

      ‘Jerry, Jerry, the bomb won’t go off…’

      ‘Have you tried turning it off and on again…?


    • 234
      Remotely Controlled says:

      Who says they hate Britain? They love “Some Mothers Do ‘ave ‘em”


  53. 123
    Bob Crow says:

    There’s a chair with his name on down here.


  54. 124
    Lord Tebbit of Semtex says:


  55. 131
    Crick the quisling cunt says:


  56. 135
    Widows and orphans says:

    Times up Gerry. Rot in hell.


  57. 137
    My Word! says:


    • 139
      Fridge Salesman says:


    • 150
      JH-2133253141245 says:


      Is this really the best we had? He did fuck all to reign in the bien pensant leftist Westminster bubble.

      No coincidence that he should resign just as Farage hands the establishment it’s arse on a Union Jack plate.


  58. 141
    JP Smorgasbord says:


  59. 144
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:


  60. 149
    catesby says:

    Gerry Adams is just a glorified Communist/Republican. The Ira/Sinn Fein by and large hate the Catholic Church due to their marxist atheism. They’re not really ‘nationalists’ either. I do for some odd reason have a bit of a soft spot for McGuinness though’ but Mr Adams is somewhat creepy.


  61. 154
    Fweee Woderwick says:

    I thought it was INLA that was moor left Leaning or was it the popular front.


    • 231
      Father Dougal says:

      The INLA killed more of their own people than they did the “enemy”. This included their one-time leader Gino Gallagher who was shot dead in a dole queue, while waiting for his giro.


  62. 155
    sympathy for the devils says:

    Bit of luck they’ll arrest Peter Hain too when he arrives for his ‘audience with…’ show in Belfast tonight.
    Imagine buying a ticket for that!


  63. 156
    Fog says:

    Unfortunately ‘arrested’ doesn’t mean ‘arrested’. The language, or media use of the language, or something, has changed. It used to be ‘helping police with their enquiries’ followed by being arrested and charged. Now ‘arrested’ seems to have replaced ‘being questioned’.


  64. 161
    Bottle Watch says:

    I am outraged that Nigel will not be standing for a seat in the Scottish Assembly. He’s frit.


  65. 164
    G Bloomer says:

    Nigel Farage has been described as ‘indecisive’ by UKIP’s former tea lady for failing to announce his candidature in the race to replace Gerry Adams as Ex-Commander in Chief of the IRA.


  66. 166
    ned ludd says:

    I will offer bets the murdering piece of filth wriggles free of all charges. Why isnt he topped by someone?


    • 168
      Subway says:

      He’s not halal


    • 197
      jgm2 says:

      Of course he’ll ‘wriggle free’. He’ll have a piece of paper signed by Hain or Blair too.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s enshrined in the Good Friday agreement that ‘what’s done is done’. Unless you’re the UK government in which case ‘what’s done needs raking over the coals to enrich lawyers for the next forty years’.


  67. 169
    Elsie Hargreaves 5 Railway Terrace Dewsbury says:

    I always thought there was something not quite right about that Mr Adams and some of his acquaintances.

    The Police seem to be agreeing with me.

    Yet another former MP perhaps going to prison.

    The level of offending seems to be threefold the national average.


    • 172
      It's the mirthless eyes and teeth says:

      He has always given me the creeps. Reminds me of John Cryer MP.


  68. 170
    Owen Jones says:

    Execution by flamethrower seems OK to me.

    Arrest Adams now for McConville murder says republican ex-prisoner – The Pensive Quill http://thepensivequill.am/2014/04/arrest-adams-now-for-mcconville-murder.html#.U2Hrn5jO1hM.twitter


  69. 171
    Martin McGuinness says:

    Being head of the IRA’s Northern Command, I was in charge of the glorious Enniskillen bombing on Remembrance Day, November 8th 1987, where we got 40 pounds of explosive hidden in a sports bag into the nearby Reading Rooms and set to explode just minutes before the ceremony started at the Cenotaph. It blew the bloody walls out. Fockin Magic!

    We managed to kill many pensioners but also got a 20 year old. It was the proudest moment of my life.

    All the following were killed outright:
    William Mullan 74
    Nessie Mullan 73 (William’s wife)
    Kitchener Johnston, 71
    Nessie Johnston, 62 (Kitchener’s wife)
    Wesley Armstrong, 62
    Bertha Armstrong, 55 (Wesley’s wife)
    John Megaw, 67, a retired painter
    Edward Armstrong, 52
    Alberta (Georgina) Quinton, 72
    Marie Wilson, 20
    Samuel Gault 49

    All dead as fockin door nails! Great!

    Their blood was plastered all over the street. I was not there of course but wished I could have witnessed it at first hand. There is something very pleasant about tasting the specks of blood splattered onto your lips which have recently been coursing in another human’s body just seconds beforehand.

    Of course I was rewarded well by the Brits for this and became an MP without ever having to attend. The money came in handy though.

    In addition, I met several presidents and was patted on the back by Barry for my contributions. Even working with Ian Paisley was not a problem and I got a shitload of money for that. The poor fuckers who had their arms and legs blown off, but somehow managed to keep alive, got bugger all by comparison but, hey! that is life. We can’t all be winners, can we?

    The BBC have been fantastic to me and even explained how I liked cricket to make me more likeable to younger foolish Brits who know nothing of the past. I have lead a charmed life – to be sure.


    • 221
      Queen Elizabeth says:

      I’m sorry we invaded your country in 1169.
      I’m sorry about Henry VIII and Cromwell (particularly Cromwell).
      I’m sorry about the Penal Laws.
      I’m sorry about the Famine.
      I’m sorry. Can we be friends now?


  70. 173
    nell says:

    Wasn’t this one of the men befriended by bliar, given an mp’s salary and expenses and privileges but excused from doing any work for it?

    Isn’t there a saying somewhere ‘you can judge the nature of the man by the friends he keeps’?


  71. 174
    nell says:

    And as someone said further up the blog, perhaps this is a sign that sanity is beginning to return to this fair isle of ours – so long as we don’t let labour back in in 2015.


  72. 175
    Benny Fitz-Clements says:


  73. 178
    nell says:

    Have you ever noticed the ridiculous selfies that Nigel Farage takes ? http://


    • 189
      albacore says:

      You just couldn’t find a grosser caricature
      Of a British politician and that’s for sure
      Than all the excrement now in “our” Parliament
      By comparison, Farage is the straightest gent


      • 193
        nell says:

        Quite true . I do hope farage is going to get a seat in parliament in 2015 – he’ll be a breath of fresh air!


    • 190
      nell says:

      Good Morning fakenell – and how are you this fine morning?


      • 205
        Take the tasers off the Thugs says:

        don’t worry nell, we can all tell. ( well those of us who matter )


  74. 181
    Asslick Almond says:


    • 196
      Sharles Shennedy says:

      Itsh shimply not shtrue!


    • 200
      Braveheart says:

      A shame he didn’t mention the 1 in 7 Scots (here: http://www.express.co.uk/scotland/443314/Prescription-drugs-scandal-of-Scots-parked-on-anti-depressants ) being kept on anti-depressants by the Scottish NHS under Salmond’s Free-Drugs-To-Enforce-Social-Control programme.
      Perhaps we’d have less of a drug problem if the SNP stopped trying to create one.
      First get away from the UK then get rid of Salmond.


      • 208
        jgm2 says:

        First get away from Fucking Scotland. It suffers from the same alcohol problems as all far northern countries. Long winter nights, shit weather, a culture of heavy drinking. It corrodes the soul. It’s like Northern Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia.

        There’s hardly anybody in these shitty places because they either left or died young.

        Save yourself.


    • 203
      jgm2 says:

      Fucking Schcotland is a nation of drunks. And if you lived there you’d understand why.

      Miserable weather, miserable cities, miserable prospects, miserable outlook, miserable place.

      If you lived there you’d either be in a race to the M6 or the cemetery too.


    • 204
      Eric Joyce MP says:

      Who are you looking at pal!


  75. 182
    Gob is great says:

    Adams having his collar felt? Delicious. Would it be asking too much for him to be asked to strip naked and then taser’d in his cell?


  76. 192
    One down 99 to go. says:

    Gerry Adams arrested in connection with a murder? The headlines should be “Gerry Adams is only arrested in connection with one murder”.


  77. 195
    His finest hour says:


  78. 199
  79. 207
    ? says:

    Jailing Gerry Adams would kill peace process?


  80. 223
    Anonymous says:

    “Connection With Murder +++”
    or innocence thereof —, might be more effectively achieved with an accused being invited to volunteer for MRi interrogation as the starting point. Alternatively we could continue to turn the procedure into theatre, but show it on TV.


  81. 226
    WTF says:

    Have you seen the BBC Northern Irish reporter. It looks like he has dressed for the 70’s for the news piece.


  82. 232
    Big D says:

    Adams -not before time , McGuiness next please .
    They should get Betty Boothroyd in to help question them both , that lady knew how to deal with the kind that they are .
    Utterly refused them access to parliament , those were the days.
    Hopefully they may soon be no longer be free to go anywhere ( especially Buck House ) .
    Just wonder what tricks Adams will have up his sleeve and which rabid leftie lawyer will be on his case demanding his ” human rights “.


  83. 233
    broderick crawford says:

    “Scorn not his simplicity “


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