April 29th, 2014

WATCH: Daily Politics Mood Box Verdict on Miliband

The Daily Politics travelled to the marginal seat of Stevenage to find out if voters see Ed as the next PM. Labour supporters look away now:

Apart from the bloke who thought he was a chef, the result was definitive…


  1. 1
    Ed miliband says:

    I used to be able to do the Rubik’s Cube in under 13 seconds you know!


  2. 2
    ned ludd says:

    A cardboard Huntout.


  3. 3
    Mrs Cooper says:

    Balls say no


  4. 4
    What's cookin' Ed? says:


    • 79
      broderick crawford says:

      So there we have it Ed Millefeuille as pastry commis chef .

      A bit like Antony Thorall Wompson ….. shoplifting from the rich ….. to make himself even richer .

      Passe- moi la Guillotine !


  5. 4
    The two Muppets says:

    Thank you for Ed Miliband and Ed Balls, Gods gift to the Conservative Party .


    • 14
      Labour are the nasty party says:

      Why is Ed Balls hiding ? Has he been told to keep away from the media in case
      he shows what an incompetent economic idiot he is ?


      • 24
        jgm2 says:

        Yes. Six months ago.

        And Ed Miliband too.

        Which is why you see so little of them on TV. Both of them are voter kryptonite.

        And yet, even in their absence, they’re still losing 6% per year.


      • 62
        Jim says:

        With the help of the WBBC they need to create a time gap to rewrite History. Plebs have such short memories but you still need that gap for them to forget what happened.


    • 20
      Gifted Horse says:

      The gift that keeps on giving!


  6. 6
    Silent Majority says:

    Insightful chap when the Beeboid tries to prompt him with “He stood up to the Murdoch, the energy companies” and he replies “Not really, he’s more reactive”


  7. 7
    Anonymous says:

    Ed Balls


  8. 9
    Ed has already lost says:


    • 22
      Yellow is colour of the Euro losers says:

      Just wondering when Camoron will be replaced by a real Conservative, that’s if their’s any left in Camorons Conservative party.


      • 59
        Fred the pensioner says:

        This subject was on Murnaghan earlier with BW’s “friend” Michael Dugher MP and the last great Ming Campbell insisting that it was right and proper to have the three-way debate. When it was gently suggested that UKIP might also deserve a place on the podium they were both adamant that as they had no current MPs they did not warrant even thinking about.

        If Cameron agrees to these debates he is a bigger fool than most of us already take him for.


      • 75
        thostids says:

        They daren’t create a bye-election to parachute Johnson into the House after the forthcoming car smash called The Euros, because even the safest Tory majority would disappear like petty cash in the Whips’ Office.
        Up proverbial shit-creek.


  9. 12
    Nigel Farage doppelganger says:

    The cardboard cut out has more personality than the real one.
    The back stabbing barsteward


  10. 16
    The Last Quango in Paris says:

    Did some campaigning last night and old people really don’t like him, mind you nor did anyone else. #SaveEd


  11. 17
    Yellow is colour of the Euro losers says:

    Seems the people of the country are really fed up with these politicians and are showing contempt for them even on a Liebour biased bBBC show, Ed the younger couldn’t win a teddy bear.


  12. 18
    Keep spinning lies at the BBC says:

    Beeboid’s Norman Smith out on the stump with Nigel Farage today and doing his very best to slag and smear UKIP. Apart from wiping faeces across NF’s face I don’t think old Norm could have done a worse job.


  13. 21
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    I bet Jo Coburn said the result was too close to call. She was on HIGNFY the other night, and not at all happy when the piss was taken out of Miliband. Coburn is lefty BBC through and through.


  14. 23
    Ed The Eunuch says:

    The magic number is 35 and it is dwindling.


  15. 25
    Ed Miliband, he's a bit weird says:

    Most of the Labour Party would vote the same way but they’re stuck with this Star Trek convention weirdo.


    • 27
      It's have a go at UKIP month on the BBC says:

      Ed would be more appealing if he looked like a Tribble, unfortunately, he also has the same political nous.


  16. 30
    jgm2 says:

    For me the depressing bit was that old lady in the body-warmer going on about Miliband and his ‘socialist principles’ as if that was a good thing.


    • 33
      It's have a go at UKIP month on the BBC says:

      Public sector?


    • 56
      JH293275709234-027 says:

      Yeah… archetypal 60s radical trying to further inflict lefty dottiness on everyone else into her old age. Notice how she said Socialism was important to her ‘and other people’.

      Do these ‘other people’ get a choice in the matter love? Or are you just deciding what is best for them as usual?


    • 61
      Anonymous says:

      The “gotta vote Labour innit” bloke was a perfect example of the intellectual level of their support.
      There needs to be some sort of test to prevent these idiots from voting.

      2007 Scottish Parliament election accidentally had one because there were council elections on the same day using STV, huge number of spoilt papers and not coincidentally Labour did really badly.

      Best TV vox pop of that occasion:”I’m a teacher and I’m not stupid but I couldn’t understand how to fill it in.” Sadly the interviewer didn’t put her straight.


      • 63
        tigerowl says:

        “There needs to be some sort of test to prevent these idiots from voting.” well on that basis UKIP would have no voters.
        I think it makes no difference what people think of Ed. You are never going to find out about a person unless you look. SUN readers never get beyond the headlines and that paper is hardly going to give a rave review of ED. So its a pointless debate.


        • 77
          Anonymous says:

          Rubbish. People who vote for a non mainstream party have thought about it, unlike the ones who simply put the cross against the same old shit every time.


  17. 32
    Voting floater says:

    I could see Ed Miliband as an assistant manager of my local co-op but not PM.


    • 78
      One of the millions of voters who Vacant Ned has hung out to dry says:

      I could see Miliband as one of the cleaners at the Co-op – but I certainly wouldn’t trust him to clean behind the freezers.


  18. 34
    Street gas lamp lighter & Town crier says:

    B*stard government cost us our jobs.


  19. 36
    It's all going rather well says:


  20. 38
    Somethingtells me that Dan doesn't really like Ed says:


    • 80
      broderick crawford says:


      Ok Millefeuille the pastry chef is now referring to me as Cameron s Son .

      Well OK……. takes one to know one Ed BrownSon !!


  21. 40
    Looks like it's getting nasty says:


    • 45
      Anonymous says:

      Is any of this factually incorrect?


    • 65
      tigerowl says:

      And the next one please. How many Muppets are standing for UKIP? Farage has a real issue here. Seems there are more wacky candidates than he thought. You do not need a smear campaign, just wait until each UKIP candidate opens their mouths. It falls out then.


      • 68
        Jim says:

        There cannot be many more, the entire Media have been hunting them for weeks now.
        Please do not mention the UK politicians that had to Resign and those put into Prison or suspended. You understand they are individuals and have nothing to do with the Party unlike UKIP who are Wacist. Did the WBBC mention that in the last hour?


        • 70
          Village Idiot says:

          …By screaming “Racist” continuously, stifles debate,and makes the accuser look unable to put a reasoned argument together!…Now,they have invented a new word,”Euracist”,to attack any one with an opposing view!..It is so pathetic and childish and shows a lack of decent education,yet many of the attackers have had the good fortune to have a university education,but seem to use it for bu*ls*itting their way through life for their own ends!
          I believe a point has been reached and an attack on UKIP has the reverse effect to the one desired by detracters!… Also,is it not libellous to make out UKIP supporters are racist?…A very bad move!


  22. 41

    A cardboard cu*ntout innit? Innit?


  23. 47
    Ed The Eunuch says:

    Nerd Miliband.


  24. 50
    ed milliband peoples representitive of doncaster says:

    the labour party are the party of the working class????has that bloke been in a nuclear bunker for the last fourty years?


  25. 51
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    The cardboard cutout is a vast improvement on the real thing. It has one more dimension than Miliband for a start.


  26. 55
    Roll up! Roll up! Get your faked working class MP here. Two for a pound. says:

    So now Labour are focusing on the Ed Miliband’s identity crisis?


  27. 64
    catesby says:

    I’d love to know just what Millipede has in common with the people of Doncaster?


  28. 71
    Gooey Blob says:

    Labour are the party of the sub-working class now while the Tories look after the aspirational working classes. Miliband just doesn’t know which way to turn and is stuck in no man’s land. He might scrape 230 seats in 2015.


  29. 81
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    Ed is a Newark. (anagram).


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