April 29th, 2014

GIF: Nigel Farage Drive By W**ker


  1. 1
    Leftie says:

    Give that man free benefits.

    Well, more of them.


    • 5
      Emily Scruntfuttock says:

      Probably a comment on the News channel doing the interview.


      • 21
        Privatise the BBC says:

        The current edition of The Radio Times has given a whole page to Ed Milliband to attack Call Me Dave.


        • 25
          Hideously White says:

          Isn’t that man the new BBC Director General?


          • HS2 says:

            harris hoodle toodle woodle.
            harris hoodle.
            chav chav chav.
            fucku chav.
            .amersham, amersham, amersham.
            kohinoor ki kerrare.
            i am tongue twister.
            i raise my tongue.
            right thumb left thumb.
            fuck u.
            arbi is for arabs,
            double rers.
            roll my toungue.
            pull my muscle.
            why all is in the jaw and the space that is wild as it is empty is at the roof of the mouth. french kiss, scottish one.
            eagle eagle fly away. judder judder.
            but why do you return to my leather. who doesn,t want easy then.


      • 70
        Anonymous says:

        He’s just letting us know how he spent the morning.


    • 48
      Labour are the nasty party says:

      The tosser with the wrist action does not look the sharpest knife in the drawer.


      • 79
        Aemart says:

        The guy behind pretending to be on the phone looks pretty dim as well. Is he ‘security’?


      • 111
        Joe Bloggs. says:

        Probably a bbc activist judging by what I saw on TV from Andrew Marr this lunchtime in the pub.
        Marr went on and on and on and on over Farage to the extent that some people having a quiet drink stated that at this level of bias and acrimony that might vote for Farage.


    • 96
      Tom Catesby. says:

      Was Farage’s bodyguard holding the door for this guy?


  2. 2

    Probably a nutty UKIP member


  3. 3
    Sarah Millington says:

    I see that UKIP are still dominating the headlines as they are the pre-election polls.



    • 45
      Village Idiot says:

      Barbara Roche, chair of migration matters, full on attack on UKIP,using the racist tag….
      The “lefties”have deemed “The Truth” is racist!…


    • 51
      Dave the Bummer says:

      I must admit we are running out of slurs.
      Dropping litter and farting in church is all we have left to sling.


  4. 4
    ATOS says:

    That man with a limp wrist and thus unable to work shall be given a pass!


  5. 6
    We had to wait until 3.07pm today to laugh at UKIP today says:


    • 80
      Will the last person left in UKIP turn out the lights says:

      UKIP are being embarrassed day after day. Here’s the latest BBC smear


      • 81
        JH-2133253141245 says:

        All this is backfiring spectacularly, it’s so un-British. Don’t they realise that trying to label them as racist has just increased their poll performance?

        We don’t like being told what to do, we don’t like bullies, and in particular we don’t like sanctimonious metropolitan lefty arseholes who think they know best.


      • 100
        Tom Catesby. says:

        Expelling two extremists? What’s the fuss then?


        • 103
          Tom Catesby. says:

          Is that Norman Smith the brother of the late Cyril Smith? If so, he appears to have worn well.


      • 107
        You are the sunshine of my life says:

        You’ll find that (and has been common knowledge for a long while) ex-BNP and EDL members are banned from holding UKIP membership. They lied to gain membership, hence were not really ‘Members’ anyhow. But hey, as they say ‘Trying to smear UKIP is like trying to wipe your arse with a crisp packet’.

        As that World-renowned orator once said “”There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”


  6. 7


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    JH293275709234-027 says:

    You have to hand it to Nige, he is is picking the establishment apart almost single handed.

    No 1000 year lefty social democratic reich for them, waaah! It’s NOT FAIR and everyone is WACIST.


    • 15
      C O (Ξ7r1) says:

      Now that EU seems serious about doing the Tobin tax, the CoL and real establishment will be behind Nigel: LibLabCon are officially toast.

      On another note – more to the Guy team and anyone knowledgable – the recent £1.4bn subsidy for Green firms : How many of those are involved in materials research, architecture or urban and infrastructure planning ?

      – Or are they all just energy firms who otherwise are uneconomic to run ?


    • 37
      Winston says:

      He’s going round the Country doing public meetings and engaging with the public. It’s a way of bypassing the biased media and demonstrating the difference between the peoples’ party and the establishment parties.


      • 57
        C.O.Jones says:

        He is the hardest working politician in the UK. Gets very little media coverage for it as well. The media are only concentrating on him now due to the success he has gained over years of hard work in getting his message across.


    • 41
      Jim says:

      You must have missed the UKIP lady on the Daily Politics today. They actually asked some real political questions and received good straight answers in return. After the show the WBBC1 went straight back onto the Wace Card.


      • 52
        JH-2133253141245 says:

        I was very impressed with the woman from UKIP who was on Question Time a few weeks back… you could see the lefties were bitterly disappointed she wasn’t just some obvious loon.


  8. 9
    The Bell End Inn, Bath says:



  9. 10
    Gerbil 7 says:

    Frank Dobson reminds me of George, the ineffectual hippo from Rainbow.


  10. 11
    nell says:

    Give UKJP their due – they are keeping up a high profile in the run-up to the eu election.

    Whilst at the other end of the scale labour seems to have become almost invisible.


  11. 12
    Moley says:

    If anyone wants to know who the hate filled bigots are in politics, one look at “Comment is free” will sharply inform them.

    “Bigots R Us” would be a better monicker; about 25% of the comments are too unpleasant even for the moderator.


    • 33
      Will says:

      Comment is free canbe really funny as it defends into parody. You see the comments in relation to max Clifford the usual compassion towards convicts goes out of the window. No mercy there, but prisoners not allowed to vote the government are the spawn of the devil but max Clifford let him rot, 10 years hard labour etc .


      • 113
        Just Saying. says:

        Most of the papers now do not have a comments section. Can it be that they do not agree with the messages their readers give?


  12. 13
    No friend of Max says:

    “Fuck off Sky News”


  13. 14
    Anonymong says:

    Stuff like that BBC interview and yesterdays ‘UKIP to be officially called racist’ piece in the Graun means the concerted attack effort is starting to run out of steam.

    Net result – lots of embarrassed, frustrated journos and lots of extra UKIP voters.


    • 24
      Fishy says:

      It’s a smear, Squawk…it’s a smear. Squawk…it’s a smear.

      Anti UKIPpers have got nothing on Farridge’s ability to smear people.

      In the pub a few weeks ago, one mad UKIPper was carrying on, adamant that Cameron refused to give Britain a referendum and it was him who then went signed the Lisbon Treaty. Talk about rabble rousing.

      Nigel Farage, the Homer Simpson of British politics. Vote Farage, get MORE Europe


      • 31
        Hideously White says:



        You’re not Ed Balls are you? Or Axe the Rod?


      • 44
        Anonymous says:


      • 55
        @hateliebour says:

        You had too much taxpayers brandy at luncheon today or have you just lost the plot.


      • 62
        I'm always down the Pub making stuff up says:

        Not ‘the bloke down the pub’! Did he have a hair cut and wear trousers? because if he did, he could be the same one who was down our local pub last year!


      • 99
        Fishy says:

        Squawk. UKIP parrots squawking today, posting their heavily edited misleading videos. Squawk. LibLabCon…squawk.

        Smear…smear…pieces of eight.

        UKIP a party of liars, built on a lie, led by a lie.


        • 110
          Cardinal Biggles says:

          “UKIP a party of liars, built on a lie, led by a lie.” said the tribal Tory.

          Satire dies once again.


        • 114
          Funambulist says:

          Here’s a Fishy for Mister Slater’s Parrot…See him off, please.


    • 49
      Mornington Crescent says:

      You should see the bedwetters in CiF today; it’s the first time I’ve been there for ages but I couldn’t resist it, given the Graun’s lead story today.

      Naturally, they’re all sneering that UKIP is indeed wayycist and bigoted. Not one single coherent argument as to why they think that, of course. ‘Cos they just are. So, “ner”. The kind of thing I came out with, aged 5.


      • 83
        Dangerous Brian says:

        Well said that man, all the lefty tos* pots scared sh*tless by the truth.
        Lets have more of it.
        For everyones sake PLEASE vote UKIP.


      • 87
        @hateliebour says:

        I thought the CiF commentary was brilliant yesterday, never read how so many so called in touch people were way way out of touch, the hate was unbelievable even for a bunch of left wingnuts, instead of turning a discussion in a left wing newspaper to the left’s advantage,they turned it into rights and UKIPs advantage, by their hate and stupidity.


        • 115
          Just Saying. says:

          Reminds me of the BBC attacks on Thatcher, especially their muppet show which went totally wrong, and she loved the programme.
          Wisdom and left wingnuts do not mix.


  14. 17
    jimbo says:

    No one employed by uncle wupert would ever do a dirty trick such as that

    Next you will be saying he runs smear campaigns through his media employees against those political parties he does not like

    Wash your mouth out with soap and water Mr. Guido


  15. 18
    Anonymous says:

    Anyone local know what the building is the idiot is going into?

    Just wondering if there is any clue as to whether or not he is gainfully employed in any way, doesn’t look like he is at work.


  16. 20
    Figel Narage says:

    Aimed at Norman Smith surely, he was the only w***k*r in that conversation…


  17. 23
    Dave the Bummer says:

    Pinot grigio and bumsex all round!


  18. 26
    Jim says:

    That’s new for the BBC. Up till now they have only been Broadcasting the Wace Card.


  19. 28
    Mad Men Episode 3 says:

    He’s a tosser….thats what the BBC does all day long. And they all look alike….like tossers, apparently?


  20. 29
    Moley says:

    Will somebody break their vow of silence and tell us what threats or inducements are being used to encourage the anti-ukip campaign?

    It needs to be public knowledge.

    We need to know who is behind it and why; because quite frankly, it’s an affront to democracy and it has very marked and unpleasant totalitarian overtones.


    • 40
      C O (Ξ7r1) says:

      Fabian society must be in there, as are the idiots at Tavistock place who are witnessing their reason for funding being destroyed.


    • 47
      The Public says:

      No threats are needed. All that has happened is the mask has slipped and the gloves have come off. These people got to where they are in the media and polticis IN ORDER to behave like this. They are the enemy within.


    • 108
      Nonbeliever says:

      I believe it’s the media, the politicos, the politicians, the spin doctors et al. They can see their ‘industry’ being threatened and they don’t like it up ‘em.

      Look at the shock they all got when having to backtrack after the first Farage/Clegg debate – which they called wrong. Maybe it was a good lesson in how WE think, instead of their bubble chums


  21. 34
    A Thief in the Night says:


  22. 35
    Hear ! Hear ! says:

    Following the verdicts, Clifford – who was very active in Surrey and involved with many charity and fundraising events – was promptly removed as a patron at Woking & Sam Beare Hospices and Shooting Star CHASE.

    Lingfield-based charity Young Epilepsy has also confirmed that Clifford’s position as a vice-president at the organisation would be terminated.


  23. 36
    DerrIn Brown Full Time Wanker on C4 and criminal leech says:

    *Fap! Fap! Fap! I love you Nigel. *Fap! Fap!Fap!


  24. 38
    DerrIn Brown Full Time Wanker on C4 and criminal leech says:

    The truth will out!


  25. 42
    DerrIn Brown Full Time Wanker on C4 and criminal leech says:

    An UGLY w@nker!


  26. 50
    Thunk about it says:

    Whether left or right there is one thing we should all be able to agree on.
    In the short time this obsession amongst our political parties to dominate the middle ground came to pass this country has mostly been fighting disastrous wars abroad and has had the worst recession since the 1930’s.

    Is polarisation in politics really such a bad thing?


  27. 53
    A Fine Pair of Lungs & I can prove it! says:



  28. 54
    The Bog Standard Labour Party says:

    Ha! Ha! Ha!


  29. 56
    Uncle Fester says:

    As it happens this is a shame the discontentment with the Lib/Lab/Con is so widespread now that UKIP just keeps getting more support

    This despite the fact that Teflon Nigel is coming under huge biased attacks from every section of the media inc Guido ( shame on you G) hearteningly the Electorate can see it for what it is and sickened by it

    Yes I shall be voting UKIP in the Euros and forthcoming GE I wont be voting Tory again anytime soon but I dont see Farage as a Leader

    What does that tell you as it baffles me


    • 59
      My EU Allowances says:

      Nothing will change…as usual ?


    • 71
      @hateliebour says:

      Sadly or not, the LibLabCon are the ones who have done all the damage, they haven’t been true political parties since 1997, they have lied and cheated the public for years, the public has found out, they have never asked people what the problem is all they have done is threatened to use the law to make people vote, they use think tanks to tell them what we want but never ask the public, they never engage the public, until they need them to vote, after they couldn’t give a damn, well the public hopefully will fail them and vote for a party that may or may not be brilliant but has that bit of hope.


      • 90
        Anonymous says:

        Well said & precisely so @ 71;they are only concerned with keeping their hold on power to enhance their personal wealth.
        Hopefully the voting public have seen through them & will give them a good kick in the teeth in both the May election & the GE.


  30. 58
    Scruff the dog says:

    Where’s Ian Dale when you need him,he would have took the bloke down.


  31. 64
    @hateliebour says:

    If UKIP do well in the EU next month, it’s gonna hurt a lot of British MEPs, all that troughing lost to someone else, what are they going to do, I think we should start a charity for destitute MEPs, I start it off with what I believe these MEPs are worth 2p.


    • 69
      tigerowl says:

      How about the UKIP MEPs turning up for a change. THEY are doing exactly what you are saying, taking the money and doing nothing.
      The man in the background says it all. A party that is full of them. Supported by many others.


      • 76
        MEP says:

        After ten years wrangling the EU parliament are very close to creating a law which will make it cheaper for a fat bloke in speedo’s to roam around a Spanish swimming pool with a mobile phone stuck to his ear.
        Important work which proves how relevant we and our parliament are don’t you agree?
        Shame Nigel doesn’t share our views or bothers to vote on these important matters.


      • 78
        @hateliebour says:

        Shame you haven’t thought about putting two and two together and told us some Northern Ireland MPs used to do the same thing.

        I’am happy to be a fruit loop, it’s our only chance of getting rid of the trash in the HOC, as you seem to be a brainwashed part of the LibLabCon tribe get used to it, you lot have failed and failed badly, so much even your kids and grand kids if you have any will still be paying.


      • 85
        Gerbil 7 says:

        If there are a lot of UKIP MEPs elected next month, I fully expect them to turn up far more often to create merry-bloody-hell.


    • 82
      expat says:

      I could probably let you have a jerycan of petrol for them.
      Maybe even one for ‘tigerowl’ too who seems to be suffering more than most. ;)


  32. 67
    Fruitcake and swivel eyed loony enjoying the utter panic says:

    ‘What’s that creaking Dave’

    ‘Think it’s the ceiling Ed, it’s just about to cave in’

    Vote UKIP, get UKIP.


  33. 73
    The Public says:

    The imposition of illegal taxes is a good enough reason to leave the EU immediately.

    No referendum is necessary, but if he wants to hold one in a couple of weeks time, I see no reason why Dave can’t do that.


    • 84
      @hateliebour says:

      Camoron lost it a couple of years ago when he pretended to dislike the EU but ended up showing his true EU colours, he tried to have it both ways, he lost both ways, until the real Conservatives show up and get rid of Camoron , Camorons Conservatives have no chance.


  34. 75
    Minuteman says:

    No Tobin taxation without referendum


  35. 77
    EmPee says:

    Shurly a manifestation that can be enthusiastically delivered to all party leaders; more so that t–s pot Nick Smeg, Smug or whatever her name is. Chilled amontillado please nurse.


  36. 88
    AllezBath says:

    That’s outside The Bell, on Walcot Street, which he’d just been asked to leave. As it’s a communally owned crusty pub where the hunt sabs meet, whoever suggested it as a suitable venue probably needs to have a long hard think about the choice.


  37. 89
    the hitch says:

    Simon Towell has had to put his latest project on the backbummer

    “Brittons got young talent”

    Its no wonder politicians are always banging on about youth


  38. 91
    Rogered Helmet says:


  39. 92
    Jeremy Kyle says:

    Looks like someone who has just done a paternity test on my grotty show.


  40. 94
    the hitch says:

    At least our Nige is a red blooded male , who loves to chase a bit of skirt

    Britain may have its knockers PHWoar !!!
    But we can lead the world again in things , an export drive of Roma Gypos and Africans would be a good start


  41. 104
    Atypical labour voting council house scumbag says:

    I approve of this Taliban tax , them muslims should pay for my ciggies,cider and primark account


  42. 106
    ukip with dogs you get fleas says:

    Why is there a sooty in a hoodie in the ad next to the comments?

    On his shirt t says
    “awaiting instructions”

    OK Heres one

    Go back to where you belong


  43. 119
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Won’t break up the bbc…gets mote flak as he approaches the target. Media disappointed that there wasn’t a riot in Bath tonight.


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