April 28th, 2014

WATCH: Clifford Creeps Up on Sky News Reporter

Not live and not aired at the time, this is the bizarre moment Max Clifford crept up behind Sky’s Tom Parmenter during a pre-record outside Southwark Crown Court, released now for the first time:

After Guido read Clifford’s autobiography he was in little doubt he was a wrong ‘un.


  1. 1
    Brittan of Leon says:

    Me too !

  2. 2
    God's holy trousers says:

    Eight to ten in the State Pen. Couldn’t happen to a better chap….Apart from Blair maybe?

  3. 3
    agent smith says:

    Is that a grain of rice in your pocket or are you pleased to see me?

  4. 4
    M. O a t e n says:

    Poor Max the shit has really hit the fan for him.

  5. 5


  6. 6
    Max throws a tantrum and storms out says:

  7. 7
    F##k the LibLabCon says:

    Those who live by the sword, die by the sword.

  8. 8
    BBC 24hr rolling bollocks says:

    It’s ok Max was stood at least four inches away from the reporter so no danger of penetration.

  9. 9
    Chris 'old lag' Huhne says:

    Take of from a jailbird like me, regardless of the sentence you only do two days; the day you go in and the day you come out.

  10. 10
    To the Max says:

  11. 11
    Americanisms? says:

    In the State Pen? Who are you, Dr Dre?

  12. 12
    Rinka the Dog says:

    Bachelor Boy says:

    I’m going on a summer holiday.

  13. 13
    max in jail says:

    His blag,was how to handle the media—pmsl

  14. 14
    Son of Mandel says:

    Me too!

  15. 15
    Nasal Ed says:

    wont have any “other celebrities” calling him now

  16. 16
    bergen says:

    Not in this case. Stuart Hall had the book thrown at him even though he was older and had pleaded guilty.

  17. 17
    Nigel"Mine's bigger than Max's "Farage says:

    Fancy doing your bit for Scotland?

    The Scottish Labour Party is advertising for 12 referendum campaign staff.


  18. 18
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:

    That is quite creepy.

    A glass of bubbly is due in the Hamilton’s household, and hopefully the sentencing judge will be aware of the comments made at a certain case involving false allegations against them – comments which were not altogether praising of Cl!fford’s involvement in that near mis-carriage of justice.

  19. 19
    Decency (my part in its downfall) a book by Max Clifford says:

    I looked at the misery all around and decided what these poor folk need is a middleman.

  20. 20
    Littlehampton Resident says:

    I think I’m going to find the next few days rather tiresome.

  21. 21
    T May says:

    Yankee go hme

  22. 22
    Fine Art says:

    “I can make you famous”


  23. 23
    Max's sphincter says:

    I’m frightened!

  24. 24
    Pork Swordsman says:

    …or penknife in Max’s case.

  25. 25
    Fruitcake says:

    Maybe it depends on whether the polcie have found the key to his safety deposit box or not. Anyway, congratulations on the jury not letting themselves be distracted by the smear campaign against UKIP.

  26. 26
    Ed The Eunuch says:

    Some Balls!

  27. 27
    Trivia Trev says:

    Op Yewtree’s first conviction.

    Stuart Hall wasn’t Op Yewtree.

  28. 28
    In other news says:

    Irish Lad Using Cheap Toilet Paper Rushed To Hospital With Sore Arse


  29. 29
    Creepy Balls says:


  30. 30
    Wayne's World says:

    A sphincter says what?

  31. 31
    Americanisms? says:

    Crap home secretary go home.

  32. 32
    HMP Officers bound to say it says:

    Max Clifford meet Max Security.

  33. 33
    DM Reader says:

    So they sell the Guardian over in Ireland as well.

  34. 34
    Judge Guido Fawkes says:

    Max Clifford sentenced to 1, maybe 2 inches.

  35. 35
    Max Clifford says:

  36. 36
    Mine's a large 'un says:

    Pork sword.

  37. 37
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’d like to order cream of sum yungai.

  38. 38
    Diana Abbott says:

    I’ll be three of them and with Prescott that makes seven so you only need to find five other people.
    Shame Cyril Smith left Labour and joined the Liberals..oh and died.

  39. 39
  40. 40
    (I've been renamed) DA-Notice says:

    Who’s got the plastic carrier bags full of blackmail Polaroids and other photos? They’re legendary.

  41. 41
    Simon Cow Heel says:

    Who will keep my closet door shut for me now darrrrlllingggsss???

  42. 42
    Bill Quango MP says:

    Max Headgive

  43. 43
    Cinna says:

    I’ve always disliked the guy, but 9/10 for that. I’d have awarded the full 10 but deducted a point for agreeing to do the interview in the first place.

  44. 44
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:

    The M’cSweeney / S’tingemore trial that has just been delayed (was meant to happen next month) is the most important one at the moment.

    That is tied to the Elm Guest house business.

    More CPS fucking about / cover up by the look of it – the names that would be read out in that case, and the formal confirmation of children home use and social services involvement certainly would raise eyebrows.

    The real bastards are still hiding in the shadows, but those shadows are at least getting smaller now.

  45. 45
    T May says:

    To which one?

  46. 46
    Maxy on the nonce wing says:

    hello duckies

  47. 47
    Bubba says:

    Hey Max! Welcome to the scrubs. We gonna play a game. Its called Mummies and Daddies. Which one you wanna be?


    That’s good Max, now come here and suck Mummy’s cock.

  48. 48
    Lord Owen Jones of The Cottage says:

    Max Clifford. Freemason.
    So the only surprise is that it got to court

  49. 49
    Bad Max says:

    Is it safe now to brand M’ax a filthy perverted c’unt and not run the risk of a credible libel ? If so – awesome.

    Now – next up – What has the Dunce of Downing Street done to justify his salary today ?

  50. 50
    Pookie snackumberger says:

    How about the BBC ambushes itself.

  51. 51
    Hate filled, racist, misogonistic, deranged, psychotic and lazy, troughing UKIP candidate says:

    Max Clifford will be welcomed in the United Kingdom Intifada party

    He is a good man

  52. 52
    Diane Abbott twerks says:

  53. 53
    Anonymous says:

    Hey! We adjectives have feelings, too!

  54. 54
    non taxable pikey says:

    Pickles and Soames, no contest.

  55. 55
    Inmate Clifford, M says:

    The requested URL’s length exceeds the capacity limit for this rectum.

  56. 56
    YepBlowing Whistles says:

    The floodgates are opening and it all leads to the top – those who the public would least and last suspect … Who Nose who is concealing even more dirt …

    And what ‘did’ Vaz know right from the off of his career?

  57. 57
    Mr Angry says:

    If you have kids and they are in school then you will have to make your own arrangements until further notice.

    Teachers on strike.

  58. 58
    Fishy says:

    Zero Hours contracts?

  59. 59
    Twit says:

    To those who attacked the CPS and police for pursuing celebrity abusers, a pic of Max Clifford. #Yewtree pic.twitter.com/1VLdGwpIl8— Will Black (@WillBlackWriter) April 28, 2014

  60. 60
    A woman says:

    I also thought Clifford was a creep after reading his autobiography.

  61. 61
    anonymous heterosexual male of the species says:

    Its Rolfie next.

    This is getting better than the French Revolution.

  62. 62
    Nadine Miltoy-Sloane says:

    What do you expect from Max Clifford but creeping?

  63. 63
    Tina Thatcher says:

    The teacher was murdered in a Christain school which we all pay for in our taxes.

    The sooner we come out of the EU the sooner we can reintroduce hanging.

  64. 64
    PC 1984 Plod says:

    It was a Catholic school at that.

  65. 65
    Nadine Miltoy-Sloane says:

    Bruce Wayne would not let Neil Hamilton down

  66. 66
    Cinna says:

    I see that site has mysteriously disappeared!

  67. 67
    Gladys says:

    And DLT is back in the frame too.

  68. 68
    Phil from Pentonville says:

    If they send Maxie here he will come out with a whole host of new clients and scandals.

    It will be terrific.

  69. 69
    Charles Clark says:

    I’m free

  70. 70
    Twampersand mk II says:

    I’ll bet you a pound to a penny it wasn’t a catholic kid.

  71. 71
    Creepy Creep says:

    A true creep to the end!

  72. 72
    Fucking dis custard says:


  73. 73
    Fucking dis custard says:

    Max Clifford is a Hunt

  74. 74

    INNIT ?

  75. 75
    Mae West says:

    Hey Max, is that a gun bullet in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

  76. 76
    Doolydumbug says:

    I’ve always found him a most annoying man and now with the revelations of how he carried on his office, thoroughly repulsive but even so I don’t blame his for walking out of this interview.

  77. 77
  78. 78
    The Growler says:

    Geedes, does Tom Boy use the same eye shadow as Teddy, I thought Teddy had patented that look made it his own and made it his own.

  79. 79
    broderick crawford says:

    Can t hear you , wearing headphones !!

  80. 80
    The Growler says:

    The thing about Maxi Boy is, he has stamped on too many important people’s toes” and the establishment is now found a weakness and is putting in the knife.

  81. 81
    broderick crawford says:

    Presumably not the one where they practice FGM and where
    you re going to send those two innocent little girls to be mutilated ,,,,, Shame !!

  82. 82
    broderick crawford says:

    Well poor ole Maxie well I never …

    He won ‘t be enjoying breakfasts at the Eatwell Cafe in Grand Drive Raynes Park for a while .

    They do a good breakfast at the Eatwell …. perhaps Max can arrange to have them helicoptered in ….

  83. 83
    Anonymous says:

    So how long is his cock…..do some proper reporting someone

  84. 84
    Anonymous says:

    Glad he is guilty,but I agree with him on walking out,more people should do it,Maggie’s greatest quality was she never let an interviewer get the better of her,and it shows how people really hate the press sitting in judgment,
    Still glad he is guilty

  85. 85
    broderick crawford says:

    I disagree . Personally I cannot see what he was finding offensive . The programme us called HARD TALK the clue us in the name . I have heard Sacher do many of these interviews with far more important people and asking them far more personal questions such as were they personally responsible for mass torture , genocide egc in civil wars .

    They did not walk out and gave their own answers which Sacher then pursued accordingly .

    Anyway where WAS the interview going ? I am obviously not as telepathic as you lot so I can not read Sacher s mind whereas Clifford and the above commenters apparently can without actually saying so . So for the sake of a retard like me why not STATE where you think the interview was going and see if Moddy mods it !!

  86. 86
    broderick crawford says:

    yeah . i confirm . It HAS disappeared since nell s post at 3.32 pm .

    They might take three years to publish a long grass committee s findings on something they want put to sleep but when their own slumbers risk being rudely awakened they re like greased lightning when it comes to smashing the alarm clock ….

  87. 87
    Jabba Le Chat says:


  88. 88
    Badscooter says:

    Clifford (No) Chance

  89. 89
    changing of the guard says:

    This is just the changing of the guard, isn’t it? Guido is happy to push Max over the top so he can be the new Max. Clifford, single-handedly, has done more than anyone, and certainly more than Guido, to shame and confront our presumed rulers. But Guido always knew he was a “wrong-un.”

    We’ll get to Guido’s “issues” in a few years’ time when the next fearless fighter for our liberties needs to unseat Guido. Guido is a frankly creepy to not show circumspection in this attack on Max Clifford. Guido doesn’t actually know what is going on – he thinks the fact that the British State has handed down a sentence on Clifford means that Clifford is guilty. That really is creepy.

  90. 90
    computer nerd says:

    you’ll need to replace the asterix in the above link with an ‘a’

  91. 91
    D. Mellor says:

    I wonder if Max’s cellmate will be wearing a Chelsea shirt when he gives Max what he deserves.

  92. 92
    The Growler says:

    Now, what is that David, a good toe-sucking, how revolting!

  93. 93
    Jass says:

    I’ve noticed this fascination to get in front of the cameras with others of that ilk who are going into our coming out of court. Posing for pictures, why would they want to do that?

  94. 94
    I really hope Max gets bummed in Wormwood Scrubs says:

    Seriously. Does anyone care if its true or not?

    Point is he’s going down and nobody will listen to any more sanctimonious shite about politicians cheating on their wives or other half concocted crap from this human bottom feeder.

  95. 95
    Lord Gnome says:

    Guido passim refers to Max Clifford inventing stories on Tories the Hamiltons and embellishing others Mellor and di Sancha(?) because his local Labour council would not give him a ramp for his disabled daughter so he wanted a Labour government. 14 odd years of Labour government produced no ramp but he still has the same disabled daughter.

  96. 96

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  97. 97
    Wanda Ringhands says:

    I’ve just realised that Clifford walks like Norman Wisdom

  98. 98

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  99. 99
    Fungus O'Fended says:

    I feel like this is an affront to button mushrooms.

  100. 100
    he feeds them enough pr shit anyway says:

    Hackford Jones is my guess.

  101. 101
    catesby says:

    Sillly old Max!

  102. 102
    Scrat says:

    You are not saying Max is incapable of a 3 inch Lunge I hope.

  103. 103
  104. 104
    Anonymous says:

    He ruined many people’s lives over the years :utterly evil.

    Who is next ?

    What banker accountant or lawyer?

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