April 26th, 2014

Under Investigation MP Karl Turner Cancels Ed Balls Summit

The “Hull and Humber Economic Summit” was advertised by Karl Turner as a “Question Time” style event to debate the future of the region’s economy, however the speakers were exclusively current and former Labour Party politicians, including the Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls.  Caught red-handed breaking House of Commons rules trying to raise party funds using non-partisan parliamentary resources – he asked for delegates to make out their cheques to “Karl Turner MP”. Turner’s potential opponent in Hull East Mike Whitehead made made a complaint to the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner.

Local Tory MP Graham Stuart says it shows that the Hull East MP “realises he has been caught bang to rights”. We reported the story only yesterday, today he has cancelled the fund raiser. He would have got away with it if it wasn’t for those pesky bloggers…


  1. 1
    Ed Miliband says:

    Knock knock.
    Who’s there?
    David Cameron
    David Cameron who?
    Hey! That’s politics!

  2. 2
    Brittan of Leon says:

    Nasty crook .

  3. 3
    Michael Whitehead, mixed marital artist says:

    So bad I had to complain twice.

  4. 4
    Pollytwaddle says:

    So what’s your problem again?

    “as a “Question Time” style event to debate the future of the region’s economy, however the speakers were exclusively current and former Labour Party politicians”

    That’s the same as all QT programmes.

  5. 5
    Ukip Poster Boy says:

    Git art of mah Huntry.

  6. 6
    Ukip Poster Boy says:

    Huntry you mod winkers. git art.

  7. 7
    The BBC says:

    Yes those pesky bloggers. While we and our friends in the mainstream media investigate everything UKIP and nothing else, those pesky are still keeping an eye on the LibLabCon, not that we would report what they find though.

  8. 8
    Viewpoint says:

    No. You are confusing a QT audience with the speakers.

  9. 9
    BBC Balance says:

    How dare you, that’s not true, we have a wide variety of non-politicians on like Polly Toynbee, Mehdi Hasan, Billy Bragg, Marcus Brigstoke… not to mention plenty of Union leaders and public sector workers

  10. 10
    Acute or obtuse? says:

    As this is a family blog, what is the sex angle here?

  11. 11
    Django says:

    I’m sure his voters will do the right thing and re elect him. They deserve each other.

  12. 12
    Pollytwaddle says:

    It’s both, isn’t?

    Except for the token not-Lefty they all shout at.

  13. 13
    Acute or obtuse? says:

    I wanted to post the most idiotic, moronic, mindless, futile, pointless, nihilist, vapid comment here.

    Admit defeated on this count by the Labour trolls.

  14. 14
    Acute or obtuse? says:

    That seems to be an anagram of:

    Vote UKIP!

    With just a few letters adjusted slightly.

  15. 15
    jgm2 says:

    to debate the future of the region’s economy

    Do thick c*unts like this really not understand that the future of the region’s economy is likely to be the same steadty decline as the past?

    And for the same reasons. They keep voting for Labour MPs in whose best interests it is to tell them that they have no hope and no future and that the way to fix this is to keep voting Labour so they can tell you the same thing next year.

    Labour don’t want these people to have hope or a future or a real job that wasn’t manufactured by creating some government agency out of fresh air so they can shove paper around.

    Labour want the these people despondent, hopeless and given just enough benefits to keep them all corralled in the same place year-in, year-out voting Labour.

    These poor fuckers are being bred by Labour. Bred and farmed for votes. Farmed so that useless, talentless c*unts like Karl Turner and John Prescott and scumbags of that ilk can get 65K a year plus expenses.

  16. 16
    Socialism is theft says:

    And the press from the gutters dare call UKIP the nutters.

  17. 17
    Nigel Farage says:

    Honour Tony Benn & Bob Crow at next months elections by voting UKIP.

    This was a partly satirical broadcast on behalf of UKIP.

  18. 18
    Socialism is theft says:

    Labour’s policy has and always will be ‘if you have a golden goose then kill it, pluck it, cook it and devour it as soon as possible’.

    And all you have left at the end is the bill.

  19. 19
    Socialism is theft says:

    I will honour Margaret Thatcher (a true conservative) next month by voting UKIP.

  20. 20
    Big xiot bounderslash 11 says:

    But surley the Labour trolls’ posts are all post modern and ironicly conceptual, which makes them so profound yet witty?

  21. 21
    Nigel Farage says:

    ‘We’re not racist, we’re just who racists vote for’ UKIP election slogan

  22. 22
    @hateliebour says:

    Don’t give up , think as the trolls as targets and points you can give yourself for screwing with their only braincell, after all being a Liebour troll only requires one braincell to be reprogrammed daily with words to use from Liebour central.

  23. 23
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:

    @OR: Thanks for offer with downloading – but that part is done now.

    On source data front, if I can find somewhere to upload the zipped extracts will post a link. The actual source data cannot be re-distributed, but the NOAA do offer it for a modest fee on DVD – well – several – but there is a bit more involved.

    If I can find somewhere to post the zipped version of the extracted data then will do.

    The data should be extractable from the MP4’s when those have been uploaded to uTube ;-)

  24. 24
    Anonymous says:


  25. 25
    Anonymous says:

    Oh dear.

  26. 26
    Useless troll watch says:

    Is that the best you can do?

  27. 27
    I don't fancy yours says:

  28. 28
    The Growler says:

    Say Fawkesy will you do the same for an errant Tory Boy MP, you that they they would work the same scam if they got the chance

  29. 29
    Anonymous says:

    Same land line number,what’s going on?

  30. 30
    The Growler says:

    They should all be be Torwies on QT, why does the Beeb give airtime to those from other parties, shouldn’t be allowed, absolutely disgracefull!

  31. 31
    Banana Republic Britain says:

    There’s always one isn’t there.

    Your first time on this blog are are you just another dumb labour arsewipe?

  32. 32
    dacameron says:

    everyone is grand.
    so why spy.
    the need to contol loses followers and success follows the followers. time for rahul ghandi to give up the desire for control .

  33. 33
    broderick crawford says:

    Very well done Guido and colleagues …another piece of superb and insightful investigative research which has foiled egregious financial deceit in mid stream

    ( crossed cheque payable to usual nominee intermediary c/o the Labuan trust account . I thank you ).

  34. 34
    broderick crawford says:

    they re all nice really . …. except possibly the one with the flat chest who s trying to show a bit too much of it .

  35. 35
    Cupid Stunt says:

  36. 36
    carlo gambino says:

    Oi lay off the BBC.

    Their 4,000 ‘journalists’ were busy updating their crucial ‘views are my own’ twitter feeds and reading tweets from their lefty chums

  37. 37
    carlo gambino says:

    the one on the right in the blue and pink is les ferdinand in drag surely.

  38. 38
    JH238938409328-0 says:

    Too late – with Voltaire-like dexterity he has deployed the can’t-fail accusation of racism, so you automatically lose.

  39. 39
    The Growler says:

    They are worried if they do not eat the golden goose, those Tory boys will take it off them and give it to their very good pals the bankers and city types, taking their cut of course.

  40. 40
    JH238938409328-0 says:

    Well, they were right.

    The tickets weren’t available for long.

  41. 41
    Athelstan says:

    Someone thinks 44% of the electorate planning to vote in the EU referendum in the east of Engliand are racists.

    But that can’t be right? Support for UKIP will surely be over 50% by polling day.

  42. 42
    Mr Logic says:

    A party that prefers us to have a programme of selective immigration from everywhere in the world instead of completely uncontrolled and unselective immigration from the EU cannot be racist.

  43. 43
    The Growler says:

    Many former Liebore voters are going to vote Ukip, to give the smug liblabcons a real good kicking (metaphorically speaking of course) in the EUs

  44. 44
    Ents says:

    Kevin Precious? Kevin Worthless mong, more like. Thanks for the warning. I’ll not book this mong in future.

  45. 45
    Mrs Clegg says:

    Please don’t kick my husband in the EUs. They have only just dropped.

  46. 46
    Anonymous says:

    Vote Tory, Get Labour

  47. 47
    The Growler says:

    NNo then ScumSpawn, stop swearing there’s a good little Torwy boy

  48. 48
    Anonymous says:

    “Key decision makers”? Prescott?

    And lets hope Balls isn’t one ever again.

    Hasbeens, Aren’ts and neverwillbees.

  49. 49
    Nigel Farage says:

    What’s the point of Nick Clegg? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWT-o-H4srg

  50. 50
    Hune says:

    Swap your points, get a few minutes hard labour and a new media career.

  51. 51
    Rotherhampoofta says:

    Spot on!

  52. 52
    Biscuits from Amsterdam says:

  53. 53
    Stella Creasy says:

    I am just the same with jammy dodgers. If I don’t scoff them all, someone else will.

  54. 54
    Rotherhampoofta says:

    Ridicule dear boy.

  55. 55
    @hateliebour says:

    Never heard of these “entertainers”, if that’s the only gig they can get, they would be better entertaining at a food bank at least they will get fed.

  56. 56
    impulse equals speed plus comfort. says:

    the barrier to success is complexity.
    trancend it.
    the energy in the way comes from from the words that determine our thoughts. so word thoughts carefully. words come from a language. the language is hinglish. is there a need for another type of hinglish

  57. 57
    Mark Menzies says:

    UKIP Latest Shock: Pretty Girl Engages in Sexual Activity http://bit.ly/1k2t0PI

    My penchant is bumsex though.

  58. 58
    Village Idiot says:

    ….I looked in my Henry Cecil Ward, Dictionary, 1930’s,and it had the word,…racial, also racially,….but it did not contain the word racist?…jussaain?

  59. 59
    Michael Gove says:

    I need some female help untwisting my knickers….

    UKIP assistance is welcome…

  60. 60
    nell says:

    Why would anybody want to buy tickets to listen to the economically illiterate likes of bullyballs and prezza?

    Businessmen with any sense would not thrown good money after bad like that!!

  61. 61
  62. 62
    Observer says:

    …..Did you see “Gogglebox”,….

  63. 63
    nell says:

    +++++Laugh+++++ and he calls them ‘key decision makers’ !!!

    what key decisions do they take these days? prezza on whether to install tudor or georgian beams and bullyballs on whether to cook spaghetti bolognese or a sunday roast? All of course at taxpayers expense !!

  64. 64
    buy sell or transfer says:

    power greed or comfortier
    the transaction is identical but the energy of the langauge is as defined/as felt

    transfer energy with increased com

  65. 65
    Specsavers says:

    Special offer this weekend only, trade in your beer goggles for two pairs of specs.

  66. 66
    Big xiot bounderslash 11 says:

    I knew him when he wasn’t and he still ain’t yet.

  67. 67
    Minge, Muff, Slit, etc. says:

    You are very well named, matey.

  68. 68
    Shirley says:

    Perhaps, but don’t call me surley.

  69. 69
    David Axelrod says:

    UKIP proving themselves to be more out of touch than ever, and lacking a basic grasp of the English language


  70. 70
    Bert says:

    There ought to be a new Godwin’s Law, were it not that the “racist” card is now so greasy, creased and dog-eared that it’s barely legible.

    PS What about turning the pipe round on them and accusing lefties of being “reasonphobic”? Or “debt deniers”, or any other term you care to suffix with “phobic” or “denier”?

  71. 71
    Bert says:

    Better still, log into your account, hit “Dashboard”, then “Settings”, scroll down and find the “Delete This Blog?” button. Click on that and you’re done!

  72. 72
    carlo gambino says:

    Cancelled – they could always have, yer know, paid for it with Labour Party money.

    If they’re a bit brassic they could always dip into the Co-op sweet-shop.

  73. 73
    Jack drooley says:


  74. 74
    Culturally Enriched? says:

    Northumbria Police have released more names of those charged in connection with Operation Sanctuary investigation into exploitation of under-age females.
    Jimmy Mukangara
    Gurhan Sayan
    Abdul JelilouOuro Kefia
    Bedrul Hussein
    Hafiz Cole OyeDaya
    Pienan Bisetoon
    Moses Ologbenla
    Mohammad Imran Malik
    Mohammad Hajzeinolabedines

  75. 75
    Ghost of Thatcher says:

    Ukip is Powellite not Thatcherite.

  76. 76
    Jeremy C u n t says:

    I think Growler’s real name is “Hunt”

  77. 77
    Nick Clegg says:

    I just can’t wait!

    Expense allowance still abused by MEPs

    A Member of the European Parliament (MEP) in Brussels earns approx. 14,700 euros per month, according to this RTL Report . How much the MEPs have to work (or don’t work) for their €14,700 is the subject of this on-site RTL investigation in Brussels.

  78. 78
    Ed Ballsup says:

    Well I make decisions on which key to press on the piano. Does that count?

  79. 79
    Owen's Elementary English teacher says:

    “whom” they vote for

  80. 80
    Ockham's Razor says:

    No problem! Offer is always there if needed. You are right about the mapping aspect. I used to be able to plot all my places of interest on Autoroute by importing from DB4 or Access. I had some 18,000 sights, 65% of which I had visited. Unless I emulate under a very old Windows version and keep a CD whirring round, I can’t do any more what I could easily do some 10-15 years ago! Google Maps cannot touch it and besides, one has to be online to use that service – not always possible.

    There were three levels: UK, Europe and World. I have spent thousands of hours compiling and refining this lot, each record had some 20 fields. Yet Google Maps can’t touch it. Progress is not always made in a forward direction!

  81. 81
    @hateliebour says:

    Anything in the Huffington post is long past it’s sell by date, may as well been called the Pravda whiteboard, wow! I’m racist, I used the white word.

  82. 82
    PR man says:

    It’s probably a professional decision.
    Make yourselfm known as a Labour supporter and the spots will open up on BBC panel shows

  83. 83
    non taxable pikey says:

    You forgot Owen…..

  84. 84
    Bosun Higgs says:

    They are a bit, well, brusque, on this blog I’m afraid. Guido does go for Tories, though, for instance Tim Yeo and Maria Miller.

  85. 85
    Bosun Higgs says:

    Or ‘for whom they vote’, in formal writing.

  86. 86
    666 says:

  87. 87
    It's quite a catchy tune says:

  88. 88
    non taxable pikey says:

    If as I sincerely wish UKIP cause severe damage to the LIbLabCon at the EU elections then it will be interesting to see what happens to the Tory Party thereafter. Night of the long knives probably.

  89. 89
    Tony Blair says:

    I’m a in denial kind of guy.

  90. 90
    Cinna says:

    Cawl back into your hole

  91. 91
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    It’s now open season for UKIP bashing.


  92. 92
    Anonymous says:

    Has he stuck his hands down another man’s trousers? If he has, then he can have a free pass as far as I’m concerned.

  93. 93
    Checkout the ip address!!!!!! says:

    That came from a government sponsored computer?

  94. 94
    The whole wide world says:

    If only …..

  95. 95
    Prison Planet says:

    Top U.S. Diplomat: Russia Has Betrayed the “New World Order”

    Moscow’s refusal to acquiesce to NATO over Ukraine signals new cold war


    Top diplomat Christopher R. Hill says that Russia’s response to the Ukraine crisis means that Moscow has betrayed the “new world order” it has been a part of for the last 25 years.

  96. 96
    JH238938409328-0 says:

    When are they going to realise that everyone except the most brain-dead acolyte is sick to death of their ‘message’, and further attempts to stuff it down people’s throats will be counter-productive?

  97. 97
    Asap Tone, you know it's the right thing to do says:

    Go swimming in de-Nile Tone, and give the crocodiles something to munch on.

  98. 98
    JH238938409328-0 says:

    What, the one where Russia basically wins World War 2 and then ends up with approximately fuck all?

    I know their fucked up belief in Socialism was to blame more than anything, but still.

  99. 99
    Some you win, some you lose says:

    Poor Chris.
    Americans a bit put out by not being able to push everybody around?
    Awwwwww, diddums.

  100. 100
    Everyone's a critic says:

    Crap lyrics – basically lies.

  101. 101
    Aesop says:

    They won’t. It is in their nature.

  102. 102
    @hateliebour says:

    The more you keep bashing the underdog the more you help with it’s PR, lots of people who vote may have already made their decision who to vote for , but a lot of people just go and put an x on what pops up in their minds, why do you think, the political parties go and give people lifts in their cars, keep bashing and keep UKIP in people minds, thank you for helping UKIP.

  103. 103
    I don't think so says:

    So under the new world order it’s acceptable for the democratically elected government in Ukraine to be overthrown by a rabble.

  104. 104
    Ed The Eunuch says:

    Ed Balls still has question to answer over the co-operative car crash that he boasted of engineering. Maybe we should give him time to recover from the last crash. No doubt he will sneak away from the co-operative disaster too.

  105. 105
    @hateliebour says:

    America has lost it’s mojo, after 5years or thereabouts Obumma has like all Socialist leaders has totally screwed the place up with Political Correctness and totally fcked up ideas how to run the country, it’s at a point where people in other countries are not scared of the US any-more, they just see it as a burn’t out stump of what it used to be and see it and it’s president as weak and unwilling to do anything.

  106. 106
    Bloomers in rain-soaked Bongo Bongo Land says:

  107. 107
    cheche says:

    You mean you were daft enough to pay for all those stamps? Or did someone else pay? I wonder who

  108. 108
    Anonymous says:

    Should a UK registered charity really be doing this sort of thing?

  109. 109
  110. 110
  111. 111
    The Labour Party are patronising treasonous cunts who should be held to account with a rusty bayonet says:

    The moniker says it all really.

    Apart from also pointing out that Guido DOES kick the shit out of Tories who break the rules, but Labour hate it when they are held to account, because they ARE treasonous, patronising €unts.

  112. 112
    Anonymous says:

    Wondering if that property and that land line are funded by the tax payer?

  113. 113
    Vlad the Loudhailer says:

    Why is Chukka not in this picture?

  114. 114
    Softporn says:

    Does this article have tits? if not, it must be fake.

    Huffpo is only for people who want to pretend to be clever and can’t admit they really like tits.

  115. 115
    George Osborne says:

    “Is that the RBS CEO? Mr McEwan?

    “Oh, hi, Ross. Got some bad news for you, I’m afraid. You can only have an a European Union bonus, just 100% of your annual pay.

    “Now let’s see… your salary is £1 million, so that’s only a £1 million bonus.

    “Peanuts, isn’t it? Sorry, old chap. Maybe if we made it up with an extra £1 million a year in ‘allowances’ to see you through. And how about if we gave you a small pay rise too? Say another £1 million a year.

    “Would that suit you, Ross?”

  116. 116
    The rest of the 'voluntary' sector says:

    Only if it is corrupt and gives jobs to the friends and family of Lib Lab Con MPs.

  117. 117
    Pookie snackumberger says:

    “it’s president as weak and unwilling to do anything.”

    You must be joking, how about when he was having his photo taken in the room watching the bin lar dan raid.

    That was a real ‘action’ shot, and it was beamed around the world for all of us to marvel at.

    Admittedly he did nothing when Libya ambassador was killed in Benghazi, no tell a lie he did a press briefing and sounded sort of ruffled, there was that.

  118. 118
    British Labour Broadcasting Corporation says:

    How can anyone forget Owen, he is our top man and we love him.

  119. 119
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    This rapacious banking culture is a cancer that eats away at any potential for a genuinely efficient and just society. We put a stop to it by taking the banks under democratic control. Anything else is just a fudge.

  120. 120
    This Century says:

    UKIP is Nigelite.

    No-one cares about those folk from a million years ago. We don’t use typewriters either or eat fish and chips from old newspapers any more.

  121. 121
    They always look manky without the airbrushing says:

    What makes you think he isn’t?

  122. 122
    Lampshade says:

    How do you klnow what he was watching? He could have been watching the baseball. You were only told he was watching the asssassination of Bin Laden: you didn’t actually see what he was looking at.

  123. 123
    The Growler says:

    You mean those nice Torwy boys do not resent it when found out, the first thing uttered is “I’ve done nothing wrong” and the Dave the master of all he surveys gives his full backing to the miscreant, hoping to calm things down, Teddy just stays quiet when one of his beauties is a naughty little boy or girl. It’s no good just attacking the opposition because they are the opposition, Fawkes was at one time much more even handed, but he has to satisfy the Master, get Liebore out at any cost, not long ago the Master was all for UKip, if Dave Boy does not get enough victory in the Euros the Master will shift allegiance to UKip, he always wants to be on the winning side.

  124. 124
    Gorilla Warfare says:

  125. 125
    The Growler says:

    Oooooooooooooo, that’s nasty

  126. 126
    The Growler says:

    Owen the boy seems to be writing for the Guardian now

  127. 127
    The British media are cunts says:

    The BBC will make sure no questions are asked!

  128. 128
    Why does Nick Cohen want him to "crumble"? says:

  129. 129
  130. 130
    Bunkup Harem says:

    F*ck the 72 virgins in Heaven. 230 Nigerian kafir schoolgirls on Earth is much, much better!

  131. 131
    Labour are the nasty party says:

    I think that you should up your meds .

  132. 132
    Mr Bungle says:

    No, he means you are wrong about Guido not going for tories.

    Tweaking the subject to save face only makes you look more of a c*nt.

  133. 133
    Podiceps says:

    Since when has the left provided efficiency, justice or democracy?

  134. 134
    the man from knight templer says:

    my shield is brown.

  135. 135
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    The one man band that is Ukip and our Nige will take dive once he fails to get into the Commons in 2015.

    Scrutiny of their personnel and their ramshackle, right wing or non existent policies, could cause their demise any time soon.

    Ukip are not built on tradition, philosophy, good works, or goodwill to all men. Movements that appear in a flash will go up in a puff of smoke.

  136. 136
    M102 says:

    Non existent policies? He has several policies!

    Farage wants hand guns to be legalised.

    He wants to paint all railway carriages the same colour.

    And he wants all taxi drivers to wear a uniform.

  137. 137
    the man from knight templer says:

    i am a masa.i warrior.
    i am a pasa.warrior.
    the chip on the pa says:remove.
    tge right ear drun says:remove.
    the jungle is beat.

  138. 138
    M102 says:

    Also wants to bring back the hunt.
    Tally ho!

  139. 139
    The Labour Party are patronising treasonous cunts who should be held to account with a rusty bayonet says:

    And it was not your argument in the first post, but then you pathetic horse tranq. user money takers are not good at getting it right first, but you’re. fu€King ace at hindsight.

    You DO know that “Growler” is slang for €unt? So I assume your posts are ironic.

  140. 140
    i am a krispyKreme Doughnut says:

    i am a KrispyKreme Doughnut.
    i am apple cinnamon.
    i am rasberry delux.
    ..i rather be 1/2 each.
    when the neighbour who is a tamil tiger has dramatically aged “suddenly” buy him smething nice from Carluccios. dark breaded chocolate. the swish finery is behind it.

  141. 141
    Jimmy says:

    1997 – 2010, actually.

    There is no democracy with Cameron, just lies.

  142. 142
    The Labour Party are patronising treasonous cunts who should be held to account with a rusty bayonet says:

    No, that’s Labours’ province.

    How’s that nice RetardEd Millionairetwat going for your chances?

  143. 143
    Mr Bungle says:

    American telly is fucking terrible….what would you rather watch, ‘two and a half men, or Bin Laden getting his face shot off..?

  144. 144
    The Labour Party are patronising treasonous cunts who should be held to account with a rusty bayonet says:

    The dead tree arm of the BBC.

    Can we cut his head off and count the rings to see how old he is?

  145. 145
    i am a krispyKreme Doughnut says:

    the firce tamil tiger is a geisha girl.
    it,s all that rice. the head is too fat. so tell..it…that he is fine. introduce him to a hint of finerî

  146. 146
    Mr Bungle says:

    Why does this website wish to know my computers location..

  147. 147
    up the public sector shirkers! says:

    efficiency, hahahahahahahahahahaha

  148. 148
    Mr Bungle says:

    Pass me the needle and thread…

  149. 149
    i am a krispyKreme Doughnut says:

    i eat ham. ham is pork. so egg benedicti.
    what is the purpose of the egg yok that looks like custard but is a sauce with vinegar in it.
    i am blessed so the latin says.
    eton knows jungless.

  150. 150
    i am a krispyKreme Doughnut says:

    try ordering egg and spincah beakfast at the fat man cafe. the fine man boxed into his fine.ness. time to be pickey about what we are choosė. about a boy will be a boy.

  151. 151
    i am in the med says:

    spain in pain as the ovary is on the left. it so wishes to be in the med.

  152. 152
    Anonymous says:

    In regard to the USA and handguns etc, their constitution allows their ownership based on the presumption that the electorate are adult and responsible enough to warrant their usage under certain rules and regulations. In this country we are treated like babies, not even given the chance to make adult decisions based on the information that is available to us. I know which is the freer country, and why so many in the world want to make their life there.

  153. 153
  154. 154
    i am in the med says:

    i p at my address.
    i p in my address

  155. 155
    The Labour Party are patronising treasonous cunts who should be held to account with a rusty bayonet says:

    They’re not paid to be worried. Unfortunately, what they are paid for is, and always has been, way above their pay grade.

  156. 156
    I rest my case says:

    Er, USA. The Sopranos, The Wire, Breaking Bad, Boardwalk, Dexter.

    UK, Strictly Come Noncing, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, Eastbenders, Emmerdale.

  157. 157
    kat has mived into the *unt says:

    sky sky u do not exist for you are deep space.
    so and hence I sit on the universe.
    grand as I am a grandsun.
    grand as i am a grandson
    grand as i an a sun.

  158. 158
    22 is the master builder:external says:

    baice is tye master builder:internal.
    the number is identical.
    one is pronounced in english and the other in hindi.

  159. 159
    reversed. says:

    the child is the father of man.
    child knows all for this child is 11
    11 in hindi is 1 11.
    the claim is is that there is only a singular 11. mr single waorked at inmarsaat and then was parachut into but he did not.
    so what about rahul gandhi the man in the boy. he darlings his mother.
    sonia ghandi. the key ghandi is indira, the one who liked to smack. rahul is a pony. he can be a donkey if he were to be pigheaded about it. so he will lose the modi.
    resentment is here to stay.
    for this year atleast.

  160. 160
    banana goes directly into the porridge says:

    monkey kingdom continues but now with less drama.
    nuts go in the porridge in minced form. the shredder is the electronic grater.
    monkey nuts no nuts, just finerį.
    when near the heart, pour yoursef a guiness from the bar. be earnest about the meringue nest. saunders is knocking on the door. did she come pre hypnotised through the french dàùrs?
    who is kaur.
    she who is absolutely fab.
    my foot indeed.

  161. 161
    Get your dozens of postal votes in early says:

    There can be no alternative to the Liblabcon and more wars and mindless immigration.

    That’s democracy. UK style.

  162. 162
    stop hawking fawkes. says:

    the vultures have cleaned.
    the upclean woman.
    it is a natural wonder if what is said about it is trues. it eats disease. it floats on expanded air . sonwhy does water so hate itself that it has to seperate itself from itself:que the thai age. for it was the ice age.

  163. 163
    Aborist says:

    When examining Owen’s ring for aging, bear in mind that it has had far more than usual wear and tear.

  164. 164
    Podiceps says:

    Is that really you, Jimmy? I just can’t believe you said anything so bloody stupid.

  165. 165
    Bloomers in rain-soaked Bongo Bongo Land says:


  166. 166
    Podiceps says:

    Wow. The trolls are really out in regiments today. Lucky that they are utterly ineffectual.

  167. 167
    The BBC says:

    Don’t worry. We’ll play down all the nasty violence like we did in that little Beslan incident 10 years ago.

    We’re got you’re back covered. So please don’t bomb us. We’re on your side.

  168. 168
    Anonymous says:

    havent bothered to look but I think we can safely assume nothing of this has appeared on the BBc news. Mind you its not a Tory Parish councillor involved or it would receive top billing.

  169. 169
    Labour troll and proud of it says:

    zero hour contracts;
    enforced self employment;
    part-time work

    Benefit claimants are said to be falling, but they are not, there are thousands of people being sanctioned and their benefits stopped, this is why the numbers forced to use foodbanks are escalating.

    The fall in unemployment is false, it should be being picked up in the numbers claiming benefits, however, it isn’t because thousands are being falsely removed from the claimant count under sanctions.

    This is a national scandal of gigantic proportions being carried out by this Tory Lib Dem government and it should be exposed in all the newspapers, but they sing the right wing press barons tune and take the ’30 pieces of silver’

  170. 170
    Left wing tosspot spotter says:

    Very good except for one small technical point. All the above started under the last Labour government and in particular the food banks

    Other than that fucking cracking post

  171. 171
    Podiceps says:

    And suppose that in a general election the LDs got 7% of the vote and UKIP got 18% — how would that come out in actual seats won? My guess is something like LD 10, UKIP 0 in our grotesque electoral system. It’s no surprise that the LDs, one so vociferous in demanding proportional representation, have been completely silent about it recently.

  172. 172
    Labour troll and proud of it says:

    Miliband seems to be setting the agenda about issues that affect the majority.

    Zero hours contracts.
    Bankers bonuses.
    Energy bills.
    Stopping NHS privatisation.
    Looking at rail franchises to see if they should be allowed to run out.
    No more free schools opened.

  173. 173
    stop hawking fawkes. says:

    public whip.
    five pounds and eight five pence only. weight gaines seven pounds.
    kinston jamaica or kingston surrey.
    now, who would like a murray mint?
    he is a queen who is past it;andî
    ….he who cries queries.

  174. 174
    room at the inn. says:

    one is natural but cries.
    one is tight but .
    one tight but cries, the other is a bitch. she goes to spain…but the pain will not go… she will seek rootlessness via a cruise and it will help is the grandness…that comes from the grandsu.o.n is within vicinity. the trip is booked. tye oysters are on the table. the psychological titanic continues. it will crash and burn.
    this year?

  175. 175
    Labour troll and proud of it says:

    Blame Labour yada yada. The coalition has had four years now…

  176. 176
    Thursday the 22nd of May says:

    Hurling insults at UKIP is not the solution, the solution is to vote for them.

  177. 177
    Anonymous says:

    What about his hit and run? Quietly forgotten no doubt

  178. 178
    room at the inn. says:

    xinamon doughtnut claims to be and apple pie doughnut.

  179. 179
    F##k the LibLabCon says:

    …and how long will the national debt take to pay off?

  180. 180
    Anonymous says:

    Obviously you missed the word that says FREEPOST you dumb fuck.

    Mind you the envelopes must have cost a couple of bob for the pleasure.

  181. 181
    Den Kod says:

    Two crocodiles relocate to the river Thames, one by Woolwich and one by Westminster bridge.
    After two weeks go by they meet up in the middle of the night by Vauxhall bridge. When the Woolwich croc sees his friend he is shocked at how thin he is.
    “What’s wrong? Haven’t you not eaten much?” He said.
    “Yeah, loads!” Said the Westminster croc. ” I wait until there’s late night voting, and I wait for a lone politician to venture into the car park and get Them!”
    “How exactly do you catch them and subdue them?” said Woolwich
    “Well,” said Westminster ” I grab ‘em, shake the shit out of them till they stop moving, drag ‘em underwater and eat them at leisure”
    “There’s the problem! Once you’ve shaken the shit out of any MP, all you’ve got left is a greasy smile and a limp handshake!”

  182. 182
    Hope Not Hate says:

    It’s Action Stations! If you do nothing else on the European elections campaign, give us just a few hours on Sunday 4th May.

    Give us 2 hours, and join the fightback against UKIP
    Give us 2 hours, and we’ll give you a f@scist-free North West
    We have 50,000 antiracist and antif@scist HOPE not HATE community tabloid newspapers for 50,000 homes across the city; the same effective tabloid that we’ve used to drive the B&P from office at every single turn: Burnley, Pendle, Blackburn, Stoke, Bradford, Barking.

    B&P leader Nick Grffin, openly r@cist, homophobic and sexist, has represented us in Liverpool in Europe for the past 5 years. But no more!

    The community newspapers will be taking full aim at UKIP and their lies with both barrels, full of immigration myth-busting, positive reasons to vote on May 22nd to rout the fascist B&P, exposing UKIP as anti-worker, extreme-right xenophobes, and all contrasted with positive local community stories, asking the question, ‘Which community would you like to live in – one of racism and hate, or one of unity and HOPE?’

    HOPE not hate teams are delivering 250,000 similar newspapers in over 20 towns throughout the North West over the weekend. If we reach enough people with our message about UKIP and the B&P, in a low-turnout election like this me and you could have a demonstrably positive effect on the outcome of these elections.

    *Plus, if we win, we will live in a B&P-free North West for the first time in a generation!*

    Welcome. You are on the Liverpool team!
    Meet me and hundreds of others for the HOPE not hate Liverpool Day of Action on Sunday 4th May, 11am


    Hope University, Aigburth Campus
    (South West gate, at the end of St Michael’s Rd)
    St Michael’s Rd
    Aigburth, Liverpool
    L17 7JQ

  183. 183
    Brittania says:

    …..Makes one proud of our country and the great benefits of multi-culti stuff,enforced upon the populace by our elites,without whom none of these ghastly alien crimes such as this and trafficking,slavery,fgm,nhs tourism and so on ,as well as the 11,000 foreign prisoners at taxpayers expense! The rise in disease,once almost eradicated from this country! Not to mention Islam and the trouble that has brought to this country!….All this and being ruled by Merkell does not impress me much!

  184. 184
    Anonymous says:

    With a year to go can Labour honestly win from that sort of position.

  185. 185
    Hope Not Hate says:

    The Tories are full of lies and propaganda, every time they are in power we always have to have cuts, cuts that don’t hurt them, then the old spin that they run the country better than anyone else crops up most certainly around election times to take in what can only be called the gullible British public.

    Nothing and no one is safe when this lot are in, just look at this bunch MPs expense fiddles, Maria Miller oh I made a mistake sorry, person on dole forgets to mention working while claiming and says I made a mistake and sorry.

    Who do you think will be taken to court for fraud?, when both are just that, well it won’t be your friend at the Tory Party will it.

    I could see but I was blind to all around me, I could hear but I was deaf to all the cries of help, I could think but I allowed others to do my thinking for me.

  186. 186
    Lea says:

    UKIP on the verge of getting an EU seat in Scotland… LOL :)
    ICM Euro poll for Scotland
    SNP 37%
    Labour 28%
    Conservative 11%
    UKIP 10%
    Lib Dem 7%
    Green 4%

    UKIP doing brilliantly in the latest YouGov polling for London a few days ago .
    Lab 33 (+12 on 2009)
    C 25 (-2)
    UKIP 24 (+13)
    L Dem 11 (-3)
    GP 5 (-6)
    Others 2
    Which would make Lab 3, Tory 2, UKIP 2, Lib Dem 1 seats.

  187. 187
    nell says:

    Let’s face it scrutinize edballs and militwit and they’ll crumble too. It’s called ‘ gods with clay feet’ syndrome!!

  188. 188
    Anonymous says:

    Curse your ads Guido, I need a krispykreme NOW!

  189. 189
    Anonymous says:

    About 50 years . It will take 20 for the Tories just to gently apply the brakes and turn the labour economic fick up around

  190. 190
    Anonymous says:

    Most of these started under or were as a result of Labour

  191. 191
    Podiceps says:

    Labour win honestly? The electoral system is dishonestly biased in their favour, an advantage which they further exploit by dishonest handling of postal votes.

  192. 192
    nell says:

    the only thing we can draw from that is that labour party people resent having to work.

    what happened to a labour party that supported the working classes?

  193. 193
    Anonymous says:

    Out of the top ten defrauders of expenses 9 are Labour 8 went to prison for it

    Cuts always have to follow a labour government well yes now you start to get it.

    Labour bust the country in 1997 and again in 2010 . Enough said really.

    Oh and they killed a lot of people in illegal wars.

  194. 194
    nell says:

    really? most voters have never heard of him.

  195. 195
    Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot says:

    “No more free schools opened.”

    Yeah, you lefties don’t much care for freedom do you?

  196. 196
    UKIP the final solution says:

    Childish trix from a bunch of twats and losers who have lost the popular debate and now engage in classic foot stamping. In a democracy you debate the issues.

  197. 197
    Tony Smooth says:

    LAB 34
    CON 32
    UKIP 18

    Seems like my old red pals ‘elected’ the wrong Miliband.

  198. 198
    marked confidential says:

    They’re thieving little shits, no doubt about it, but you’ll only hear about that on here.

  199. 199
    @hateliebour says:

    And stealing the pensions from pensioners, his mate stole £100 billion from private pensions and wrecked pensions while at it from the state in the 1997-2010 reign of terror, Milliboys and Brown are the cause of our problems and anybody wanting to vote for them better be millionaires because they will soon get their hands in every bodies pockets and handbags as soon as they get chance, we just seem to be ending up in circles and getting poorer.

  200. 200
    F##k the LibLabCon says:

    Long gone nell.

  201. 201
    No going back says:

    Makes you laugh. All the things driving people towards the UKIP are only going to get worse in the coming years.

    The idea we are all going back to parties that have screwed us and our children’s future is just wishful thinking.

  202. 202
    José Manuel Barroso says:

    They need to vote again and again until they get the right Miliband.

  203. 203
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    There should be NO attempt to balance the budget during an economic downturn. Hoover attempted that in 1930 – the results were catastrophic. UK deficit was perfectly manageable at around 41% of GDP in 2007. The financial bailout (cost approx £200bn) was the cause of the massive increase in debt/GDP ratio in 2009. Combined with the resulting collapse in economic output (the tax take) due to the banks unwillingness to lend to consumers and business, the deficit shot up. It was the banking and financial institutions that were in crisis. Brown saved their hides with our money.

  204. 204
    Tony Smooth says:

    Actually we bust the economy in

    1976 {and spectacularly so – leading to the IMF bailout.}
    2010 [record levels of public spending and record debt, Even WW2 was less expensive than Gordon’s ‘rescue’]

    Labour’s record is one of utter, utter failure.
    That’s why i started a few wars. To try and steal cash from oil from other nations to spend on our very own layabouts. Sadly it didn’t quite work out.

  205. 205
    barbe que time. says:

    spit in the roast.
    waste not want not.
    now put the spit on thy head and slide it across the head:is it a coolant.
    the birds are chrping as if at dawn.
    twilight is twilight.
    do the birds care?

  206. 206
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    Ask George Osborne – he’s the twat that has doubled it in four years.

  207. 207
    Blair's illegal wars says:

    The murderous baby killers have the blood of hundreds of thousands on their hands.

  208. 208
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    Majority > 50 and counting

  209. 209
    porche 911 says:

    is it 911 or 9.11 or 11/9 or 9/11.
    in the twilight zone appears twin peaks. the author is the author and will remain as such. now watch the pigeon die. dye he mush. if all poo was pigeon poo coloured will we all run so fast that we would learn to fly too. in the verandah is only pigeon shit. colour the ground…see nike for they know.

  210. 210
    F##k the LibLabCon says:

    So more cuts are needed then ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ, Labour must have left one hell of a mess.

  211. 211
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    You’re certain of that are you Nell?

    Mind you, people KNOW Cameron’s a useless tosser

  212. 212
    Anonymous says:

    How utterly pathetic.

  213. 213
    No going back says:

    They can’t. Hence the vandalism, disruption and physical assaults.

    But hey, the liblabcon are bringing democracy to the Ukraine!

    Well not them personally of course. And if it all turns nasty, it’ll be the hated working class Britons, the sort of people the liblabconers regard as something they stepped in, who’ll be doing the dying.

    What a nice bunch of kuuntz the liblabconners are. I’m defo voting for them!

  214. 214
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    Free to be run by crooks? With unqualified staff? Not my kind of freedom I’m afraid

  215. 215
    F##k the LibLabCon says:

    Yes yes Brown’s a cnut but we already knew that.

  216. 216
    Anonymous says:

    More proof that UKIP has got them really worried. Really want UKIP to win just to see the Guardianista heads explode.

  217. 217
    Podiceps says:

    From a minority of votes.

  218. 218
    Lea says:

    Yes he is but Miliband is an even bigger useless tosser that most voters have never heard of.

  219. 219
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    More cuts? Osborne has already sucked the life out of the economy. It’s recovering, slowly, despite his policies, not because of them.
    the man is an illiterate fool.

  220. 220
    Stalin's Ghost says:

    The STATE must control EVERYTHING!

  221. 221
    porche 911 says:

    integrity saved ww3.
    www. internal honesty:int.
    and gitty yes,yes:external.
    yesyes us helpless abut is supported.
    the universe is teh spike in your gun and i am sitting on it.

  222. 222
    porche 911 says:


  223. 223
    F##k the LibLabCon says:

    Yes I said more cuts. What do you think?

  224. 224
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    And they’ll win fair and square, not like Cameron, being propped up by Clegg & Co.

  225. 225
    Tony Smooth says:

    I hate the unions. Always did.
    I know you all hate me but listen…I did keep the greedy union bullyboys from stealing your money to pay themselves fat salaries to do less work.
    That’s what they like to do.

    Miliband red on the other hand, is not just in love with the unions, but also in hock. He owes, money and votes to them.
    If you want to see what’s coming I suggest a random page from any of Seasons in the Sun 1974-1979

    But I like this quote best to remind me that I am less a Robespierre and more a Danton.

    The villains of the story are Tony Benn ,with his limpet -like clinging to office long after he had ceased to agree with anything the government did and the incompetent but arrogant Trade Union barons ,who destroyed the most union-friendly government there had ever been and ensured it would be replaced by a virulently anti-Trade Union government ever!
    Harold Wilson emerges as a broken, pathetic figure ,unable to take hard decisions and having his energy sapped by pointless, trivial rows started by the now forgotten Marcia Falkender… the real hero of the book is the flawed hero- Jim Callaghan.He struggles manfully with economic crisis , no parliamentary majority and a a Labour Party that was bitterly divided and often unhelpful.Eventually ,by January 1979-betrayed by his union allies -he virtually gives up and drifts to disaster but after what he had been through -who could really blame him?

    tosspots the lot of them

  226. 226
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    Outside of Londonistan, the country’s on its knees.

  227. 227
    Maggie T says:

    There is no right Miliband. Only left ones.

  228. 228
    Three shots and a splash says:

    Fair point, well made ;)

  229. 229
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    BTW, mummy said that wanking would make me blind and stupid, but I don’t believe a word of it.

  230. 230
    You're wasting your time says:

    Post your Labour party propaganda BS all you like no one here would ever vote Labour, ever.

  231. 231
    BBC red bottom says:

    ..Ok everyone..tricky situation. If this happens i want rolling smear campaign plus interviews with immigrants crying. And sandwich the news between Schindler’s list and Downnfall to ..you know…hint to the public what has happened. All in the files people..its all in your files marked

    “Emergency wacist programs”

  232. 232
    BBC red bottom says:


  233. 233
    Gordon Thicko Brown says:

    No more boom and bust!

  234. 234

    The Police have been involved in this massive organised cover up for years, Rochdale Rotherham . Blackpool ,Oxford, Peterborough and now Northumberland.
    Labour local authorities have been actively complicit , one gang of these beasts were even awarded compensation after the case was conveniently dropped.
    The police forces involved need a ‘Hillsborough job’ doing on them the evidence will be much fresher ,the bastards deserve as much, or more jail time as the actual perpetrators, it was the sworn duty of the uniformed scum to protect those children!

  235. 235
    You're wasting your time says:

    Cuts, you like talking about them Moussa I know I do, how about some bigger juicer cuts to really get that nasty national debt down?

    Any ideas, any thoughts on that?

  236. 236
    Chris Patten says:

    I might consider it

  237. 237
    Index Finger says:

    Good point.

  238. 238
    Don't give a shit about UKRAP, LieBore or the Limp Dumbs says:

    Hallo! Mousey Khunty has been given new instructions from Axlegrease.
    Lets see what complete shit he comes up with next…
    BTW.. I hate to do the old Elephant/ room thing, but New Labour, 13 years, banking crisis under their watch… Why the fu€k do nothing if NOW they know what should be done?

    Please leave your second brain cell at party headquarters, because it’s on loan from RetardEd millitwat, and as its his only one, he’ll need it to understand the twatting he’ll be getting again at Wednesdays PMQT.

  239. 239
    F##k the LibLabCon says:

    Don’t think I’ll get an answer out of him, oh well I best move on.

  240. 240
    Don't give a shit about UKRAP, LieBore or the Limp Dumbs says:

    :) :) :)

  241. 241
    Everyone knows a shitty teacher says:

    I was taught by ‘qualified’ teachers. Most of them were complete tossers.

  242. 242
    when shard died says:

    when shand died, shard died, the royalty behind the power of money went. so do what you like with money.
    when carluccios die(?) for die we all must or was that dye.
    when he dies, the power of food as a mood depressant will go and the weight will lighten on the right shoulder. one chip will be out then. the left chip is forever.

  243. 243
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ's gay hamster says:

    Even the IMF had to STFU regarding Osborne’s strategy, and you should too ʍȫʊʂʂȁ, you ignorant little shit.

  244. 244
    Don't give a shit about UKRAP, LieBore or the Limp Dumbs says:

    With the smelly sock jocks gone…. Nah, don’t think so mousey, me old trotty khunty.

  245. 245
    Gromit says:

    Not if the polls continue to go down the shitter for Labour as they will most certainly will with Wallace in charge.

  246. 246
    Fatty Lambert says:

    But, but… who will pay for my dinners? How will I get other people to pay for me to swan about the world talking bollocks about things that I know nothing about and are none of the EU’s business anyway?

  247. 247
    Hugo Egon Balder says:

    Hello English fans!

    Does anyone remember me here? I hosted Tutti Frutti on RTL plus from 1988 to 1993. Lots of nice titties. Monique Sluyter, Tiziana D’Arcangelo and many others.

    Could not do it now due to PC. It was a copy of Colpo grosso shown on Italia 7, which was owned by le proprietà di Silvio Berlusconi. But that was in the days when things were fun.

    Cin Cin!

  248. 248
    C Rhyll Smith says:

    Hear! Hear!

  249. 249
    when the whale died says:

    fast forward.
    now the whale is dead for he was a geisha girl. are we all?
    nature is on fast forward so thai boys.
    hey bbeb what do u and daly know about sophie,s choice.e.
    theire is always the new zeeland forest with a base in the sydney vulture culture camp.
    these are the choices. selection can be made by the next generation but fast forward we must.

  250. 250
    Vladimir Putin says:

    Will the last Labour troll to leave the country please turn out the lights?

  251. 251
    DW4 RF and SL4 PPA says:

    Labour’s got our votes.

  252. 252
    Londoner says:

    All ideas worth considering, though not, in my opinion, as big a priority as getting us out of the EU and reforming the electoral system – which includes arresting everyone in the electoral commisison who has been turning a blind eye to voter fraud.

  253. 253
    Kulak betrayed by Marxists says:

    Exactly what deal have the North Londoners made with the Germans ?
    They all appear to hate the British and Americans. One in America is using 50 million dollars of it’s own money to attack and undermine the American Constitution.
    I wonder if it has something to do with EU (German) support for the annexation of the West Bank and parts of Jordan.

  254. 254
    House of Cards says:

    The longer the UKIP vote holds up, the more likely it is that the Labour vote will collapse.

  255. 255
    Watch says:

    Every post mentioning followers of the religion of peace is being deleted. Hilarious. After all his claims to be a fearless scourge of politicians and anyone else, it turns out there is one thing Guido’s scared of and that’s m*****s. Have they been threatening him? What’s the deal? Why is Guido, a right wing libertarian Catholic, running scared of towelheads? Pathetic.

  256. 256
    hobsbawm's choice says:

    “Brown saved their hides with our money.”

    Even twatty Brown realised that if the banks go down we all go down, you fucking idiot.

  257. 257
    rasPUTIN says:

    Coming up your arse NATO.

  258. 258
    when the whale died says:

    a. peace hit.la.la.la (iam not listening, fuck u)….auzzie land
    b. peace from the heart (thai manwomanboygirlIT)… hearty bro
    c. fuck me, give me peace (i am listening hitler)…(…..atleast i am honest)
    transparency commeth.
    choices commeth.
    freedundumdumdumdumdum for all…
    a. has integrity. (when the heart is not enough)
    b. is all heart.
    as “c” gets forgotten a shifts to and b shifts to.
    the truth behind oo.

  259. 259
    The British Establishment says:

    Only wicked waycists would give a damn about their own children and what’s happening in their own country.

    You stupid cattle need to focus on the Ukraine, Crimea and Russia like we keep telling you to.

  260. 260
    EllieAqua says:


  261. 261
    Reader says:

    Nick Cohen is sometimes superficially sensible but as a classic Islingtonian arm-chair warrior and dinner-party drone, he has absolutely no idea how the rest of the UK has suffered under the reign of terror and as a result of membership of the EU.

    He seems to think of his fellow countrymen as a mere tax base and useful cannon fodder for the wars he advocates to spread his brand of atheistic liberal interventionism. Even after what is now known about the lies used as the casus belli, he still thinks English troops should have fought and died in the first gulf war.

  262. 262
    Dave 'from the Atlantic to the Urals' Cameron says:

    That Putin fellow’s an expansionist.

  263. 263
    Anonymous says:

    There’s a common factor here I’m sure, now what is it, can’t quite put my finger on it…

  264. 264
    Kulak betrayed by Marxists says:

    Zero hours. Employment Laws EU Competence.
    Banks Energy Privatisation. Industries and Competition EU Competence.
    The privatisation of the British NHS is EU driven. Already they have divided into 4.
    Next the Kulak killer (Ed Miliband) will divide the English NHS into 9 Regional and one city
    subdivision. This makes it easier to Privatise all services.
    North London death cult supporters hate the Welfare State. Read Ed Miliband’s father on the evil of Christian Welfare Systems.

  265. 265
    F##k the LibLabCon says:

    The mask slips.

  266. 266
    Time the political class quit Britain says:

    He’s part of the Raj class that rules over us. In the country, but not really part of it, and fcuk all connection with the native population.

  267. 267
    Anonymous says:

    It’s not necessarily about spreading their message, some of them are simply employed to disrupt and derail threads on forums which do not censor and delete off message discussions. When they are spotted and called out the username vanishes, and shortly another appears with an identical approach.

  268. 268
    3 bitches. says:

    one has artritic hands.
    one has artritic head.
    one is just a fat bitch.
    one runs inida. one works in the city. one takes the mney from the chav at the globular store called, every penny counts. they all have the same first name. one has many servants, one uses his nehew as a servant and one is a servant of the people. they are all pig headed? for pis is the heart.

  269. 269
    Democracy Now says:

    If Labour get 35%, it will be 35% of a 60-65% turnout. In other words 21-22.75% of the total electoral will have supported them. Whether they get a 1 seat or a 50 seat majority, they will have no popular mandate to govern whatsoever

  270. 270
    Kulak betrayed by Marxists says:

    Ed Miliband…..!!!

  271. 271
    The wrong Miliband says:

    these votes are wrong [screech] these votes are wrong [screech] these votes are wrong [screech] these votes are wrong [screech] these votes are wrong [screech] these votes are wrong [screech] these votes are wrong [screech] these votes are wrong [screech] these votes are wrong [screech] these votes are wrong [screech] these votes are wrong [screech – which bastard super-glued Len’s finger to the remote?] these votes are wrong [screech] these votes are wrong [screech] these votes are wrong [screech] ….[ad infinitum]

  272. 272
    Anonymous says:

    The best teachers are those who have had some experience of the real world.

    Worst are the “I work in the state sector because I believe in it although I could earn more outside it” bullshitters, who can be found every afternoon on the dot of finishing time charging out of the car park in their BMWs and Audis.

  273. 273
    Kulak betrayed by Marxists says:

    Don’t mention Drones to North Londoners. They are trying to get the world to forget that they started the craze for Extra Judicial Killing.

  274. 274
    cured lefty says:

    None of them will or can do anything about it , the west is overun with muslims

  275. 275
    Procol Harum says:

    I’ve turned a whiter shade of pale.

  276. 276

    You are an economic illiterate ,a typical socialist idiot who thinks a moronic labour government can spend it’s way out of trouble ,using OTHER PEOPLES MONEY.

  277. 277
    UKIP says:

    Em, we did that deliberately.

  278. 278
    Bollocks Broadcasting Corporation says:

    The best way to throw some light on this is to have another series of Strictly Come Dancing. Take it away Brucie………….!

  279. 279
    BritBloke says:

    I’m not a feminist, but …

    are they not setting the cause back a decade or two?

  280. 280
    Anonymous says:

    Reminds me of Clegg after trying to debate Farage. They had to post all the bits back to LD HQ for reassembly.

  281. 281
    FFS#2 says:

    Give it a fucking rest, for fuck’s sake.

  282. 282
    Anonymous says:

    If you can demonstrate a proven ability to lie, you too can write for the Guardian.

  283. 283

    Zero hours contracts are a great idea , I found I could work when I pleased ,take holidays at my own convenience . I don’t need some socialist idiot speaking on my behalf I am perfectly capable of negotiating my own terms ,furthermore If I don’t like whats on offer I simply quit and go elsewhere !

  284. 284
    Anonymous says:

    UKIP is dyna – might – eee – eee

  285. 285
    No UKIP vote? No comment. says:

    The slogan for the period following the next general election will be:

    “stop whining – you should have voted UKIP”

    Every time some union arsehole complains about his members being laid off to be replaced by immigrants on minimum wage zero hour contracts.

    Every time some Tory has his wallet nicked by a Romanian pick-pocket gang.

    Every time … etc, you get the idea.

  286. 286
    jgm2 says:

    I bet they won’t be looking at Gordon Brown’s zero hours contract.

    And in what way do banker’s bonuses affect the majority?

    Energy bills? Miliband opens his gob and British Gas lose 5bn off their market cap. That’s 5bn out of people’s pension funds.

    Miliband is an economic destroyer in the same mould as the Maximum Imbecile. Say and do any old shit and fuck the consequences.

  287. 287
    prince charming says:

    Ridicule is nothing to be scared of

  288. 288
    BBC staffer says:

    How do you think the fat unfunny wanker Phil Jupetus* keeps appearing on all those ‘comedy’ panel shows?

    *fat bloke, shouting**


  289. 289
    jgm2 says:

    It was the banking and financial institutions that were in crisis.

    Not as much of a crisis as the value of Labour MP’s property empires if it all went to shit. Imagine if the banks went bust and property values returned to sensible levels. Some of those multi-propertied Labour MPs (many of them in cabinet at the time) would be sitting on millions of pounds of negative equity.

    Labour bailed out their tax-payer expensed property empires with 60bn quid of UK taxpayer money.

    Now thats insider dealing.

    And partisan gimps like you think they did it to ‘save the banks’.

  290. 290
    Lard Prescott of Wanque says:

    Ey lass, I gives croquet lessons too, tha knows

  291. 291
    jgm2 says:

    Naaah. The other Miliband is as thick as bull’s beef. Plus he’s tainted by the whole rendition thing.

    Just as Balls is tainted by association with the Maximum Imbecile and Useless Ned tainted by his shambolic windmill tax.

  292. 292
    jgm2 says:

    Another bunch of perpetual victims.

    They must share a lot of genes with scousers.

  293. 293
    jgm2 says:

    Counting backwards.

    13% lead two years ago. 2% lead today. 11 percent loss over two years. At current trends Labour will be back to their core 28% of zombies and the mentally deranged by the next election.

  294. 294
    Lord Nelson says:

    Thanks for drawing this to our attention.

    Prepare to repel boarders!

  295. 295
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    What’s this I hear about Milibands?, those plastic things you wear around a wrist, love and cuddles forever etc.

  296. 296
    @hateliebour says:

    Words you will regret, when no one comes knockin on your door to help you.

  297. 297
    CO7 says:

  298. 298
    yepBlowing Whistles says:

    umm interesting topics here.

  299. 299
    Mr Bungle says:

    Is that really you Podiceps? I can’t believe you said something so bloody stupid.

  300. 300
    yepBlowing Whistles says:

    Did you know that ‘Wire Fraud’ is a criminal offence in the US but if New.s Cor.ps Practice it (New.s in t UK / Ord.into Cay.mans / Nwe.s Scor.pion the legals have ‘tended to turn a blind eye to it – and to say the NSA are unawares well that would be preposterous?

    i wonder if Char.lie Er.gen’s [Echostar US] shi.ll solicitors done him in in favour to Rupes Sis.kind solicitor and if Elli.ot Spi.tzer was entrappe.d and black.mailed too?

    Still the labour trolls don’t want to mention too much of what was turned a blind eye to while rupe was up Bliars back passage (promoting the n Lab Proj) …

  301. 301
    Mr Bungle says:

    Maybe you shouldn’t have joined the fucking military…..

  302. 302
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    British governments have spent £70 billion since the end of the cold war on ill advised escapades in Iraq and Afghanistan, which has also had a toll in human terms, the dead and the maimed. What has it achieved?, precisely nothing.

  303. 303
    yepBlowing Whistles says:

    A worn out old duplicitous mantra – if i dare say so – oh i just did.

  304. 304
    Pootn on the Ritz says:

  305. 305
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:

    Good to see the old moniker being re-used by someone.

    However – that photo is perhaps more reflecting the wishes of the K’remlin, who would get their butts royally kicked back to the stone age if the US decided to follow R2P doctrine ;-)

  306. 306
    yepBlowing Whistles says:

    Ask Gordon Brown and all his predecessors – how much “The British Public” have stumped up since 1945 in war loans – that have been paid over with extortionate interest rates to the ‘moneylenders’ who have ALWAWS profitted from war?

    What a business my boy – especially when you ‘control both sides’ – It’s a WIN-WIN upon them suckers innit?

  307. 307
    Andy McNab says:

    Maybe he joined to…err…to protect his own country’s border?

  308. 308
    yepBlowing Whistles says:

    Trolls cannot defeat the truth. The truth is out there – especially since the evidence flowed out since the downfall of Communism; obviously Bibi and his mates must be fucking kacking their panties that so many have found out so much that was never envisaged that would be outed – dumb fuckers who have also use the one eyed’ness of the homo’s – huh its all going pyramid shaped.

  309. 309
    yepBlowing Whistles says:

    How many lies and deceptions by your own masters have you covered up boyo and particularly because of your lack of intelligence?

  310. 310
    yepBlowing Whistles says:

    btw – i forgot to add that you have somewhat become a ‘celebrity bandwagon’ selfpromoting [establishment fool tool] narcississist too. Hey ho ‘intelligence go me a fucking favour.

  311. 311
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:

    Agree that they are big time.

    Am a friend of !srael, but really – they should have just trusted in God rather than fucking off to try and re-plaster the Russ!an and Ch!nese pyramids.

    On the subject of U’kraine, was Bibi thinking with his head or his dick ? Suggesting he blew out the peace process on the hopes of preserving the top quality prostitution that they import from U is not only a credible smear, but could actually be true.

    Stranger things have happened…

    Oy vey :-D

  312. 312
    yepBlowing Whistles says:

    Research – Labour Z’ism. The Labour mongs know not what they are guilty of because they’re soooo fucking stoopid – but Len knows and Ed knows.

  313. 313
    ali g. says:

    human sexuality is under the spotlight.
    sacral chakra has been ali gi,s,d.
    sacred is the soul. so fucking ill.

  314. 314
    yepBlowing Whistles says:

    Stat Instrument 1991 No 859 – go figure ‘In Writing’.

  315. 315
    yepBlowing Whistles says:

    Mike’s bar – tel avi.v

  316. 316
    yepBlowing Whistles says:

    btw – Barbarism – has been ‘sold on’ to many others – guess who pulled Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky’s dicks – at arms length too?

  317. 317
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:

    For Occam’s Razor / anyone interested in seeing what shipping and average sea temperatures were looking like between 1931 and 1933:

    Each little dot that is moving is a ship: It’s colour indicates the sea surface temperature it logged on the day – note that the streaking is mainly where a single ship made multiple measurements on the same day.

    The size of the dot is not to scale.

    Should be clear just how much of the sea temperatures were not recorded : The total number of data points on the day is included in the heading.

    Have not included error bars on the average temperatures sliding on the bar below – and I think the labels may not be clear. They represent average temperatures globally, in the northern / southern / combined tropics, northern / souther hemisphere and the northern / southern regions outside the tropics.

    The errors bars are required, and will be large (due to small number of data points): This partly explains why the averages are jumping around quite a bit.

    Will be posting up some more over the next few days – what happened during WWII is interesting.

    You can also get a pretty good idea of what pre-WWII sea based trading patterns looked like from this flick.

  318. 318
    yepBlowing Whistles says:

    Yeu know – there are some people in the world who want us all to return to a cold war style era – and for many reasons as well.

    And they’re doing their damndest to ‘facilitate it all’ by engineering any and all manner of tricks. Desperado’s – who got lots to hide.

  319. 319
    The Prime Mincer says:

    Well that escalated quickly. #Winning

  320. 320
    Oh god, save me from this says:

    Anyone listening to this nonsense on Radio 4 about “Time Banking”? A bunch of fluffy headed idiots re-inventing money, but talking about how this time it will be really ‘nice’…

  321. 321
    MK says:

    Neil Mitchell on RBS GRG

  322. 322
    Sour Grapes says:

    #Meltdown #31% r waccccist.

  323. 323
    Reader says:

    That’s great. Very interesting.

  324. 324
    V = x^3 + ax says:

    I shall be interested to see if the Labour vote now collapses.

  325. 325
    Russian Government says:

  326. 326
    Anon. says:

  327. 327
    YTube says:

    An honest I’sraeli J ew tells the Real Truth about I’srael.

  328. 328
    Get Farage says:

    We are being smeared, says Ukip leader Nigel Farage in Midlands visit


    Nigel Farage today accused the three main political parties of ‘smearing’ Ukip as he launched an assault to win a haul of seats in the Midlands.

  329. 329
    V = x^3 + ax says:

    Too slow. People like him are the reason people are rejecting the three main parties.

  330. 330
  331. 331
    V = x^3 + ax says:

    He’s on the front page of every paper. He can’t buy publicity like that.

  332. 332
    Get Farage says:

  333. 333
    Reader says:

    Is it just me, or does that handwriting look a tad eastern European?

  334. 334
    Anonymous says:

    It’s as if every attempt at a smear against UKIP gains them more votes.

  335. 335
    Aesop says:

    The liberal elite just can’t stop itself. It is in its nature.

  336. 336
    Dodgy D. Laws says:

    Just because he’s in my Constituency doesn’t mean he’s followed in my footsteps.

  337. 337
    They're frit says:

  338. 338
    England says:

    There is something more profound than that going on, but yes, that is how it appears.

  339. 339
    m'Lud Prezza of Scoff, Hull and Damnation, LieBore Apology & Illumination says:

    Never would of ‘appened if Tony were ‘ere ‘ee made me ‘is departee an’ me wiv no ‘A levorls an’ stuff ‘em I say let ‘em get their own bloody derinks for all I care man overboard they called i said it’s a whale they said you fat bastard i said . . . phoooaaarr! look at that going up the stairs! i’M A TIT MAN MESELF BUT YOU GOTTA AGREE . .. .

  340. 340
    yepBlowing Whistles says:

    i did write here some time ago about a certain SA PM being drugged (entrapped) and photographed (blackmail) by kissy boy nger and his most sad mates – but hey it was a conspiracy teory wasn’t it?

  341. 341
    England says:

    Just remember guys: its the party machines you need to destroy. Don’t attack the people who, like you till only a few years or months ago, were unable to imagine their demise. Your goal is to win this properly – not just as the biggest party but with more than 50% of the popular vote.

  342. 342
    Hatefilled HaHaPerson says:

    I’m still very relaxed about peedos . . . never hurt me.

  343. 343
    A metaphore says:

    You are both flees on the same mangy, rabid dog’s back.

  344. 344
    yepBlowing Whistles says:

    All fucked up governments rely on – their people rallying behind them by instilling ‘FEAR’ into them of a threat from them over there.

    Isn’t it all so old boy style Dead tree Press / propaganda / first casualt of any ‘supposed war’ / sins of their fathers bollox?

  345. 345
    They're frit says:

  346. 346
    @hateliebour says:

    The LibLabCons have been so busy smearing each other over the years, that they have forgotten what they are their for, they are supposed to be for the service of the people, but they have changed it to for helping themselves and doing what they want to do even if it’s illegal, they have tried to smear a newcomer into politics and the people of the country are just not listening to the smears and any polls on the go has started to show this.

  347. 347
    yepBlowing Whistles says:

    Oh dear – is Rupe starting to shift his organs towards ‘Public Opinion’ … what a dirty predictable old bastard that fucking duplicitous mendacious C.unt is?

  348. 348
    England says:

    Is it my imagination or are the Greens also starting to benefit from what could be the collapse of the three main parties in some parts of the country – (though collapsing along with them in others)?

  349. 349
  350. 350
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:

  351. 351
    Diane Fatbott says:

  352. 352
    Ah! Monika says:

    How many hours to produce this? And still time to converse with OR.

  353. 353
    Anon. says:

    Labour jumps aboard HS2.

  354. 354
    FAKE says:

    Not only that, but if you examine the picture closely, the card looks almost certainly to be a photoshop job. The edges are too straight and the lighting is wrong.

    The US flag also appears to be the wrong way round – perhaps this was taken in a mirror, in which case if the card was genuine it would have to have be mirror writing.

  355. 355
    cheche says:

    Then your time must be cheap, like …..

  356. 356
    the reality of www. says:

    saturn descendant in conjunction. end sept of this year is expiry.
    then england will be england and the bull will be for ever.
    www will become uuu. money in the bank….sp.

  357. 357
    Bloomers in rain-soaked Bongo Bongo Land says:

  358. 358
    Smell the glove says:

    The hull and Humber economic err thingy
    Item 1 edd wadderwe gonnerdo bout pension security ?
    2 edd is it a good time to buy gold
    3 triple dip ?
    4 unemployment
    5 fsa or Bank of England
    6 coop shares ?

  359. 359
    ah!ahmonika says:


  360. 360
  361. 361
    Show Girls says:

  362. 362
    A Question says:

    Lenny Henry believes that he and actors like him should be given jobs simply because he is black. Is it really so very wrong for someone to commen that if what it is he says he has to offer is just the colour of his skin, then he’ll get more work in a black country?

  363. 363
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:

    Am uploading the other 28 in the set to uTube at the moment – think in total there will be about 32 or so. (2008 thru 2013 source is still downloading…)

    Start to finish, that video takes about 20 minutes to produce and upload. Have automated most of the process as the focus is really looking at the data, not chucking it out. This step was necessary in order to calculate the monthly averages – which can be lined up with the surface temp data (coming in a few days time).

    Took a few frustrating hours to coerce R to do that type of plot – otherwise fairly easy going. Needs some refinements in order to fix readability of the labels – and would be better if video quality higher (above 360p) and if the aspect ratio was 16:9 rather than 4:3 : That will be looked into later ;-)

  364. 364
    Anonymous says:

    WTF, they are still sucking up to the damn greens! Are they trying to commit electoral suicide?

  365. 365
    A reply says:

    The firm date for a referendum set to take place before the end of July 2014 might well do the trick.

  366. 366
    Churchill says:

    This is the kind of arrant pedantry up with which I will not put

  367. 367
    The establishment says:

    The Greens are really the Communists, who are also Common Purpose who include also many key people in the civil service and the polticial leaderships and adminstrations of many local authorities and of the main Westminster parties.

    What have elections got to do with anything?

  368. 368
    Anonymous says:

    He actually said in the same speech that jobs should be based on talent alone and then went on to demand a quota for ethnic minorities. It’s another planet he needs to move to where that doesn’t defy logic, there are no countries on this one where it works.

  369. 369
    T May says:

    Thru! Aaaaagh! I will let you get way with that this once because your clip is so interesting, but the next time, I think you know what I will have to say about that horrible spelling.

  370. 370
    cured lefty says:

    Is the smear campaign gaining traction? In your fucking dreams!

  371. 371
    Anonymous says:

    The wheels might be coming off that particular wagon. They all, with the help of the BBCs best efforts, tried to blame the Somerset floods on climate change but the public made it quite clear that they knew it was the EU and greens to blame. EA were told to stop the treehugging and get dredging. As a bonus some people blew the whistle on the skiving and corruption within EA.

  372. 372
    None so blind as... says:

    You may not be blind (yet), but mummy sure was right about stupid.

  373. 373
    nell's elderflour. says:

    “oh carol, i am ohah!monika”
    ..will.i.am goes to andy’s toy factory and becomes andy williams. but the candy channel wants neil sedaka. “oh carol”.

  374. 374
    Dark Ops says:

    And US ratchets up crisis to hashtag level


    Red Lines are (when they backfire so spectacularly, as with Syria) so old school.

  375. 375
    Everyone's a critic says:

    I can’t remember the last time Lenny Henry made me laugh. Probably when he was on Tiswas. He was a nicer guy then.

  376. 376
    Ho Hum says:

    Guido kids must feel mortified, having helped this along

  377. 377
    Anonymous says:

    The EU is a fantasic organisation, I think you should all just pipe down with your bad remarks. Now, can I engage with someone here and share with you all the good things the EU does…..

  378. 378
  379. 379
    Get Real says:

    here’s something much more sensible:


    wages down, unemployment up, more to come in this wonderful country

  380. 380
    F##k the LibLabCon says:


  381. 381
    Ockham's Razor says:

    I congratulate you! Astonishing. Had no idea you could produce that so quickly (although appreciate it must have taken some considerable time). Thought it might take a week or so before we saw anything. Presumably, you had written some of the code in advance?

    Clearly, different periods will have to be done over the longest reasonable period (a century?) to then make comparisons for trends.

    Any change in volumes along specific routes should become apparent. The possibility of skew in the UEA findings should then also be detectable.

    Presume the parallels are set at 15°. It is interesting that the Gulf Stream effect is visible, with the yellow straying well north of 50°, easier to see on full screen. As mentioned, I am dr’iving 500km north tomorrow, so will have to bide my time until I have got the other end and had a rest. Looking forward to hearing about what tentative conclusions may be drawn from these early results.

  382. 382
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:

    i) 100 years would be interesting – however, number of data points / day pre 1931 will be less than 1931. Would be interesting to see yes, but probably of no value from trends point of view.

    If you are requesting – let me know your preferred start date and I shall fire off the batch. May take a few days to pull the data down.

    I am specifically looking at 1931 onwards in order to calc monthly averages to line up with the CRUTEM4.2 Land data. (Monthly movies / charts are in the pipeline)

    1931 is really the key year when most of the major global data sets start to become worth looking at.

    Changes in volume do become apparent, as do events which for instance lead to the shut down of S’uez and the G’ulf etc. :-)

    ii) Am uploading the other data sets, and shall be taking some cuts around curious specific historical events. Worth also looking at how the temps of the G’reat L’akes varied in respect to the sea at that latitude (just qualitative from the colour) after the S’eaway opened in the 60s: Will see the different temperature dynamic quite clearly. (I need to modify my alg to allow easy separation of inland bodies from open ocean for the averages…)

    iii) You can definitely see the effects of the heat transport, and the preference for ships to stay warm. In the later data sets the effect of fixed measuring networks (including I think the Pac!fic T’sunami detector network) becomes visible, then a more accurate picture of the Pac!fic begins to emerge.

    iv) Horizontal grid axis are 15°, vertical are 30° : The transformation to go from original long / lat to the graph coords was linear. The Map is a M’ercator projection, but everything appears to be where it should be : The dots are themselves of course not to scale – if they were they would be invisible on this projection.

  383. 383
    EderRed the Eveready says:

    What war loans are you talking about?
    Actual loans taken by the UK for the purposes of war since 1945 is zero pounds and zero pence.

  384. 384
    its late and I'm tiredy says:

    In the nighttime all the nutters with the entire world’s ‘insider knowledge’ show up here.
    They don’t go to the Guardian or NBC or the BBC with this ‘uncovered conspiracy of the elite moneylenders’.

    They type into the night on here.


  385. 385
    Podiceps says:

    Well, obviously, their comments will be instantly deleted by the other sites you mention. That has nothing to do with their truth or falsity.

  386. 386
    non taxable pikey says:

    Well that is a big surprise, there is an honourable politician. Unfortunately he lives in South Korea.

  387. 387
    Turned sky news off for the day says:

    Today’s bashing of ukip has already started on Sky, with outrage about a tweet dorected at Lenny Henry.

  388. 388
    non taxable pikey says:

    Al Qabas newspaper is reporting that Kuwaiti Intelligence has evidence that Amphetamines produced in Iranian Revolutionary Guard factories are being shipped through Iraq and Lebanon into Syria. Lebanese authorities recently seized a shipment of over 5 million tablets.

  389. 389
    Nigel Farage says:

    Quitting the EU would pose “very significant risks” to Britain, UKIP has said.

    Don’t worry I am working hard on our manifesto in order to find another policy.

  390. 390

    Henry himself was the first to bring up this subject, but being black he is of course entitled to have the last word on any topic where ‘race’ has become an issue , any opposing point of view can then be dismissed as racist .
    Well we won’t swallow it any more, it must have piled on thousands more UKIP votes.

  391. 391
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    UKIP candidates exposed as racist idiots with no real policies – and poll rating rises. You just despair. http://gu.com/p/3zypg/tw

  392. 392
    Libdims, tories, labour, BBC, the police, the press.... says:

    We all knew nothin’. You could have knocked us down with a feather. We are shocked, SHOCKED at these allegations.

  393. 393
    UKIP the final solution says:

    You may well despair, most ordinary people however rejoice that the usual lefty liberal smear machine has failed this time.

    Screaming raaaaciiiist and throwing mud at UKIP has failed, insulting UKIP supporters has backfired, twisting every word UKIP says has failed.

    Your lefty libtards offer only despair, UKIP offers real hope, no wonder you hate UKIP so much.

  394. 394
    Nigel"Rasta" Farage says:

    Andre Lampitt, suspended tweeting star of UKIP broadcast, is from Zimbabwe, and married to a Pole. He wants to keep foreigners out.

  395. 395
    Ian Duncan Smith says:

    I have never heard of Universal Credit

  396. 396
    Nick Clegg says:

    Nigel Farage is a phoney. Scrutinise him and he’ll crumble


    Don’t vote UKIP just to stick 2 fingers up at Westminster.

    BTW What is UKIP’s policy on Bumsex anyone?

  397. 397
    Anonymous says:

    Indi headline this morning. “European elections: Ukip under repeated fire – but it’s not putting off the voters, say the polls”

    Very easily explained, a lot of us plebs now realise that the current scum in the commons and the lords are worse and need a good kicking. UKIP gives us the opportunity to do just that.

  398. 398
    Nigel Farage says:

    When considering Ukip, we should remember the advice of Lord Renwick, a Foreign Office mandarin and Labour peer. He told young diplomats from good families that their background made them suckers for “the Wykehamist fallacy”. When they went abroad, they were in danger of believing that foreign potentates merely struck blood-curdling poses for effect. For all the bombast, they would think that, underneath, these must be civilised men with an ironic sensibility who might have been educated at Winchester. “They haven’t,” said Renwick. “Actually, they’re a bunch of thugs.”

    The same should be said of Ukip.

  399. 399
    Nigel Farage says:

    UKIP have no policies other than “Get Britain Out”

    Thank you and Good Morning

  400. 400
    Ockham's Razor says:

    Oh dear! I should be doing my packing and backups before I go. Instead I am thinking about what could be done here. ;-)

    One of my main concerns here is the possibility of pre-selection of data happening in IPCC and CRU/UEA circles. It need not always be done with sinister intentions, although “Climategate” was regarded as evidence of such. Your point about shipping using warm water is valid and an excellent starting point. But where do we look for other innocent factors which could distort the picture? Your observation that there are whole square degrees of surface area without any meaningful data got me thinking.

    Whereas climatology has never been right at the front of my interests (there being so many of them), history has. Maybe this could give us some clues? Hence my references to the turn of the 19th as against the 20th centuries. I do appreciate that the data will not always be arranged as we could wish.

    In the years leading up to WW1, more than 10 million tonnes of coal was exported annually from Cardiff Docks. Much of it went to India to run the railways. Those same railways for which all the track and sleepers had come from Britain too. The same with the locomotives and rolling stock.

    In recent years, people have marvelled about how stuff can be produced in China and shipped halfway around the world and still arrive cheaper than we can produce it for. A sure sign that we have overpaid ourselves. OK whilst we can earn it elsewhere…

    But what everyone forgets is that the British used to ship stuff all round the globe to our Empire. Guess where Sydney Harbour Bridge comes from? It is a fact which clearly embarrasses australia-gov-au as they do not mention that it was prefabricated in Middlesborough! (It is held together by Australian rivets to be fair!)

    All the above falls mostly outside of the 1931 date you have understandably chosen. But there is plenty of scope here for identifying lacunae in the “settled science”.

    One thing that is quite uncontested is that the century spanned a complete change in world trade. This might be a rock on which to build.

    Must go now but this just gives a pointer as to what might bear fruit.

  401. 401

    Farage is right of course there are risks involved in quitting the EU ,but in this case a risk worth taking if it means regaining our freedom and independence ,deciding who we trade with ,who has a right to enter our country,our own criminal law ,freedom from the threat of the European arrest warrant, and no more interference by unelected ,foreign civil servants who we cannot rid ourselves of no matter who or what we vote for.
    Any one who is afraid of independence is a cowardly beaten pussy who is not fit to be entrusted with a vote.

  402. 402
    Ockham's Razor says:

    Oh! I forgot. The slate for the roofs in many official Indian buildings came from Wales too! ;-)

  403. 403
    Anonymous says:

    Departing MEPs get final payoff of up to £157,000
    European parliamentarians who step down or lose seat entitled to ‘transitional allowance’ worth a maximum of two years’ salary

    All MEPs who step down or lose their seats are entitled to a “transitional allowance” of at least £39,000. The value of the payment increases with length of time in post, meaning the longest-serving MEPs could receive two years’ salary after leaving. The allowance provides one month’s salary for each year an MEP has been in parliament, with a minimum of six months and a maximum of 24.

    If you want to know why you should vote UKIP just read the above time and time again and may be you will understand what an insult this is if you are English!

    Only one paper carries this story this morning while the others, especially the BBC concentrate on the Lennie Henry story.

    Again the rich political elite do well out of the EU while no one gives a toss about the 54% youth unemployment in Greece, you couldnt make it!

  404. 404
    No surrender says:

    If only we in the British establishment could be as concerned about decades of race attacks and ra@pes against white children as we are about UKIP twitter tweets.

  405. 405
    Worker Drone says:

    UKIP will get my vote if they make it official policy to deport Lenny Henry.

  406. 406

    We need a little thuggery to compete ,those who roll over to have their bellies scratched by the EU Kommissars are nothing more than despicable traitors ,Clegg, Cameron,Milliband,Blair,Major,Kinnock and the rest ,all EU poodles.

  407. 407
    Anonymous says:

    All the mainstream news media are going for UKIP today as they have been all week,to try and destroy then prior to the EU elections.

    I will only vote UKIP, I don’t intend to make any one else richer by putting them in this obnoxious institution where they can get paid huge sums at my expense for doing f u c k all.

    Time for a f u c ki ng revolution me thinks.

    I never thought my country, England, would come to what it has. Swallowed up by the EU and wholesale mass immigration and allowed to do so by smarmy rich politicians who make an even bigger fortune at the englishman’s expense by so doing.

    Time for Scotland to get its independence and for England too.

  408. 408
    Anonymous says:

    Just why is Lennie Henry the only one entitled to his opinion?

    I see presenters on the telly all day long who are there just because they fit in with the quotas. Especially female “sports” presenters,put there because they are female. They know nothing about the sports but look pretty and are very good at reading from an autocue.

  409. 409

    Why should any of us give a toss about youth unemployment in Greece ,it was their Government falling over themselves to crawl up the collective EU arsehole in order to join the Euro in the belief that their economic problems would disappear overnight.WRONG!!

  410. 410
    Anonymous says:

    Mass immigration started when the Blair government decided to flood England with mass immigration to break up the conservative nature of our country and to benefit from the votes from these immigrants, and they have been very very successful.

    These types of blogs enable the ordinary Englishman the chance to have their say, although the mainstream politicians and media do their best to make sure their views are not heard.

  411. 411
    Nigel Farage says:

    Good grief. BBC News – UKIP candidate William Henwood defends Lenny Henry tweet http://bbc.in/1lUkqIB

  412. 412
    Anonymous says:

    It was the introduction of the politically created Euro that created this. The politicians knew Greece was corrupt but they still let them enter the Euro again for political reasons.

    Get your facts straight first you big fuckin tosser and go back to euroland yourself before you criticise.

  413. 413
    Send the liblabcon to the Urkaine to fight says:

    Time for Scotland to get its independence and for England too.

    That’s what really scares our sh1tty British establishment overlords. When Scotland goes, it will bring into sharp focus just what our rulers have done to England and the English.

    They are sh1t scared of any sense of national identity emerging from the native English. Hence the endless insults, putdowns, screams of racism at any sign of the English people self-identifying. To the trash in Westminster, we are a non-people in a non-country with no real existence before Windrush.

    Expect to see the corrupt British establishment go full out to promote a fake regionalism within England, in an attempt to divide the English and breakup the country for their EU masters.

  414. 414
    Anonymous says:


    Departing MEPs get final payoff of up to £157,000
    European parliamentarians who step down or lose seat entitled to ‘transitional allowance’ worth a maximum of two years’ salary

    All MEPs who step down or lose their seats are entitled to a “transitional allowance” of at least £39,000. The value of the payment increases with length of time in post, meaning the longest-serving MEPs could receive two years’ salary after leaving. The allowance provides one month’s salary for each year an MEP has been in parliament, with a minimum of six months and a maximum of 24


  415. 415
    Nigel Farage is a complete twat says:

    Nigel Farage has disowned his party’s entire 2010 election manifesto after he was asked whether the UK Independence party still wanted to introduce a dress code for taxi drivers, regularly deploy armed forces on the street and repaint trains in traditional colours.

    The Ukip leader said all the party’s policies were under review and he would not commit to new ones until after the European elections in May.

    Speaking on BBC2’s Daily Politics, Farage argued he was not in charge of the party in 2010 as he was just a candidate – despite having previously led the group between 2006 and 2009. “I don’t defend the 2010 manifesto. I didn’t put it together,” he said.

    Farage addressed the issue again during a lecture at the London School of Economics, emphasising the party “got it wrong” when it came to publishing policies at the last election.

    He also gave his predictions for the European elections, saying David Cameron and Nick Clegg could face leadership challenges if they do very badly.

    In a frank admission about his own political career, Farage also said it would be “curtains” for his time as Ukip leader if the party comes third in the contest, although he is hopeful of coming first.

    Asked about possible alliances in Europe, the MEP hinted he could be willing to team up with the populist Italian group of Beppe Grillo.

    However, he insisted that he would not go anywhere near “ghastly” far-right parties that he believes are threatening the eurosceptic cause across the continent.

    His attempt to distance Ukip from its manifesto of four years ago may put Farage under more scrutiny about what the party stands for in the run-up to the May elections.

    In a series of 2010 documents, Ukip proposed detailed plans such as capping the number of foreign players in football teams, bringing back “proper dress” to the theatre, scrapping paid maternity leave, allowing corporal punishment in schools and holding referendums on new places of worship such as mosques.

    Other ideas included making the Circle line tube on London underground circular again, investigating discrimination against white people at the BBC, and teaching schoolchildren more about the role of Arabs and African states in slavery.

    Earlier, Farage floundered on live television as he was asked about the party’s proposal to scrap Trident, saying he was not sure where the interviewer had got this suggestion from. When told it was on the Ukip website, he said: “When it comes to websites, I’m not the expert.”

    Challenged over a compulsory dress code for taxi drivers, he said: “Do we? News to me … look, under the last leadership and in the 2010 election we managed to present a manifesto that was 486 pages long. So you can quote me all sorts of bits of it that I will not know. That’s why I’ve said none of it stands today and we will launch it all after the European elections.”

    Asking about a policy to repaint trains in traditional colours, Farage said: “I’ve never read that. I’ve no idea what you’re talking about.”

    However, he said it was not “obvious nonsense” that he could cut £90bn of taxes and increase spending by £30bn, even though that would be ambitious.

    Asked for a concrete example of a policy that would be in the 2015 manifesto, the Ukip leader said he would bring back grammar schools as well as leaving the EU.

    Farage was also attacked on the programme for his comments about women in the City being “worth less” to employers after they have had children. Louise Cooper, a financial analyst, said he should be ashamed of setting back the cause of young women who might want to pursue jobs in the City, including his own daughters.

    The Ukip leader defended his comments, saying the gap in pay between men and women was just “the way the world works” because of biology. He said motherhood was a lifestyle choice.

    Cooper said Farage was “talking out of his bottom” for saying there was no discrimination against women in the world of finance.

  416. 416
    nell says:

    UKIP has launched a massive national billboard poster campaign in advance of the European parliamentary elections on May 22.

    The campaign has been funded by right wing political blogger,Guido Fawkes and his co-conspiritors and involves a series of hard-hitting messages about the loss of control of key political decisions to the European Union and the impact it is having on ordinary families.

    The posters – to be reinforced by digital and newspaper advertising – focus on the wage compression and reduction in employment opportunities suffered by British workers in the wake of open-door EU immigration, the proportion of British laws now being made in Brussels and the cost of the EU.

    UKIP leader Nigel Farage said: “These posters are a hard-hitting reflection of reality as it is experienced by millions of British people struggling to earn a living outside the Westminster bubble. Are we going to ruffle a few feathers among the chattering classes? Yes. Are we bothered about that? Not in the slightest.

    “UKIP is hugely grateful to Paul Sykes for his magnificent contribution to the great cause of restoring Britain’s ability to be a self-governing nation. The political earthquake I have spoken of is on its way.”

    Guido Fawkes, who has invested £1.5million of his own money in the campaign said: “I am supporting the biggest advertising campaign in UKIP’s history to bring home to the British people what is at stake.

  417. 417
    Nigel Farage says:

    nell says:

    UKIP Your manifesto is awaiting moderation.

  418. 418
    John Bull says:

    Ukip branded the “B&P in blazers” as The Sun on Sunday revealed new posters copy those of the right-wing racist party http://bit.ly/1pDuOWx

  419. 419
    Fact says:

    Fantasizing about the colour of the sports presenter’s knickers is far more interesting than the boring bollux about sport that she is spouting.

  420. 420
    Anonymous says:




  421. 421
    Wankers,everyone of them says:

    UKIP’s top Scottish candidate – who left foreign students thousands out of pocket when he shut his language sc… http://bit.ly/QKs9uL

  422. 422
    Socialism is theft says:

    Aided and abetted by the Tory toffs.

  423. 423
    You want some more ? says:

    Vote for racism. Vote for economic illiteracy. Vote UKIP.


  424. 424
    Anonymous says:

    what you need to be watching then is a porn channel. Sports channels are meant to inform you about sport.
    If you need a hand shandy there’s plenty on the web to help you, you are obviously getting confused, although its not surprising at your age.

  425. 425
    Adolf Eichmann says:

    That’s my boy !

  426. 426
    Pookie snackumberger says:

    They look after their own, err that’s it.

  427. 427
    Socialism is theft says:

    So when did Murdoch change his name from Goebbels?

  428. 428

    Let me think, is it the involvement of middle eastern death cult?

  429. 429
    Socialism is theft says:

    Vote for the Liblabcons. Vote against democracy. Vote to be dominated by German jackboot. Vote for smears. Vote for discrimination against poorer smaller parties with the help of the paid for establishment media puppets.

  430. 430
    Socialism is theft says:

    You have to wonder how much time and money has been spent trawling through all the many thousands of UKIP supporters’ logs and tweets by the establishment cock-sucking media to find the basis for all these smears. And why they have never done the same for the Liblabcons (where there is so much richer fruit).

  431. 431
    albacore says:

    So why should UKIP have to walk on eggs?
    Who in Parliament has got any legs?
    They’re just arseholes, ponceing around all day
    Farting about, blowing Britain away

  432. 432
    Mr Patel says:

    Yes,I will be voting for The Nigel Farage.

    Blimey the man he like curries and Bhangra Beer,he could almost be an honorary Hindi Bhindi.

  433. 433
    The big spinning thing says:

    When it is night here it’s still the evening in America and the sun is coming up in Ausralia and the Far East

  434. 434

    Most of us now do not give a toss if the scotch vote for independence or not, in fact many would be delighted ,at a stroke we rid ourselves of 46 labour MPs plus all the other assorted grievance mongers from the SNP and scotch libdems.
    An English Parliament packed to the rafters with real conservatives and UKIP members might be able to undo the mess of years the Brown / Blair regime.

  435. 435
    Nigel Farage says:

    I wouldn’t say it’s easy living with erectile dysfunction.

    But it’s not hard.

  436. 436
    Someone says:

    He wants to integrate. Nothing wrong with that. He is just going about it in the wrong way and getting too exited.

  437. 437

    The smears have ceased to become smears, just vote winners ,keep it up !!

  438. 438
    Lord Stansted says:

    Are the LibDems co-operating with the investigation or with Sir Cyril Smith?

  439. 439
    No longer staying on the liblabcon plantation says:

    So the entire bent British establishment from the raving loony left to the mercenary profit at any price right is against the UKIP.

    Good. They must be doing something right.

  440. 440
    Someone says:

    There is no reason to attack your fellow voters. They are not your opponents. The three main party machines are your opponents.

    Anyone who is afraid of independence and has not yet overcome those fears can be helped to do so. They can be made feel less afraid when they realise that independence is something Briain does well and that there are millions of thier fellow countrymen who are willing to make this journey work.

  441. 441
    Des Lynam says:

    I always wore red knickers.

  442. 442
    Village Idiot says:

    ….That will do for me for a start!…Free from the EU yoke and the hypnotic “Merkelisation” of our so called politicians who have forgotten why they are in politics!

  443. 443
    Di Rear says:

    This is obviously the comic where Mr Fawkes gets his info from. Not even fit to hang on a nail in the Khazi.

  444. 444
    Anonymous says:

    So Lennie Henry because of his status as a celebrity, is the only one entitled to an opinon?

  445. 445
    Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget if you critisise the politicians policies of mass immigration, you will be reported in all the media,especially the BBC of course, as a racist.

  446. 446
    Someone else says:

    When considering the three main parties, we should remember the advice of Nigel Farage. He told young voters from good families that their background made them suckers for “the Wykehamist fallacy”. When we look at the three main parties, we are in danger of believing that they merely struck pro-EU poses for effect. For all the bombast, they would think that, underneath, these must be civilised men with an ironic sensibility who might have been educated at Winchester. “They haven’t,” said Farage. “Actually, they’re a bunch of anti-British thugs.”

  447. 447
    Sir Cyril Smith says:

    That’s shocking.

  448. 448
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    When Smears turns to Fear. :-)

  449. 449
    Someone else says:

    We should care about it because the Greek unemployed have a right to come here and try to take our jobs.

  450. 450
    Chinese minister for Tibetan affairs says:

    I wish we thought of that one.

  451. 451
    winston churchill says:

    indeed we will fight the eu and mass immigration every where we can

  452. 452
    Owen Jones says:

    UKIP launched an investigation into another of its aspiring politicians last night after apparently homophobic and racist comments came to light.
    Robert Bilcliff, who is standing to be a councillor in Tamworth, Staffordshire, next month, is the latest candidate to cause embarrassment to UKIP leader Nigel Farage.
    On March 29, the day gay marriage was made legal in the UK, Mr Bilcliff took to Twitter to declare: ‘Sad day for all us straight people.’

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2614160/New-UKIP-probe-candidates-apparent-homophobic-racist-comments-Twitter-Facebook.html#ixzz304fHAQQv
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  453. 453
    Anonymous says:

    just give chris patten a call and he will tell you all you need to know, thanks for calling now, and make sure you take good care of all those llamas daily.

  454. 454
    Loaded Question says:

    Why does the “Indy” want to sink HMS Farage,the only patriotic ,anti EU party that actually cares about Britain?

  455. 455
    nell says:

    How dare he not agree with gay marriage. What does he think this is, a country where you’re free to express an opinion?

  456. 456
    Someone else says:

    Nonsense. Lenny henry is a potentially nice guy who has every right to live in the UK and prosper here using his talents. What he hasn’t got a right to is an automatic job on the BBC gravy train simply because he is black. The trouble is, he moves in artistic circles where everyone has a sense of entitlement because there is so much BBC license payer’s money sloshing about and he thinks he should get a slice of the action. He’s wrong. The BBC should be broken up.

  457. 457
    Yasmin All Brown says:

    Anyone would think the UKIP chappie said he wanted black people to disappear and become an extinct species.

  458. 458
    White rabbit says:

    It reads: ‘The vulgarian and Philistine Labour politicians are trying to destroy the Vale of Glamorgan by concreting over the whole place thus destroying valuable farm land and rendering the land unusable for anything other than pre-fab housing and graffiti. Their complete lack of appreciation and understanding of the aesthetic beauty of the countryside is truly shocking and mirrored throughout areas of the UK.’ Yes that’s it.

  459. 459
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    There is no such thing as a gay marriage Owen, unless the two partners involved have been less than honest.

  460. 460
    GORDON BROWN says:

    Please don’t use capitals to comment. It make you look like you are as insane as me.

  461. 461
    albacore says:

    The other celebs get their pennyworth, too
    And it surely does look like, short of a coup
    No-one else will have the least sniff of a vote
    On abandoning the sinking E U boat

  462. 462
    Real Conservatives vote UKIP says:

    The cretinous Establishment trolls are out in force today. They must have finally realised that the dole queue is beckoning them.

  463. 463

    I wish Farage himself was not so quick to condemn the honestly held opinions of his party members . The fact that Robert Bilcliff spoke out against the sanctification of sodomy is one reason that UKIP are gaining so much support.

  464. 464
    White rabbit says:

    Rather refreshing really.

  465. 465

    But a gold plated dole queue !

  466. 466
    The Public says:

    Many straight people agree with those sentiments. Many felt that the government was permitting a pantomime out of peoples’ religious beliefs and marriages simply in a bid to change its image and win votes from a tiny group of people who are disproportionatekly represented in Westmnster. It was a law brought in without proper public consent. A sad day for democracy.

  467. 467
    Village Idiot says:

    ….It would be good to see the three main parties collapse as ,for years they have refused to listen to the thoroughly decent electorate and their concerns,in favour of their own carreers!…If the limited,unfair,so called democracy we live in does not work,the alternative is too awful to even contemplate!

  468. 468
    NSA says:

    They get help from GCHQ.

  469. 469
    Robert Mugabe says:

    We need a quota system for the farmers,perhaps Lenny could help out with some ideas?

  470. 470
    Anonymous says:


  471. 471
    Welcome to post democracy says:

    There is no place for independent thought in modern Britain.

    Policy is decided upon unanimously by the liblabcon, or they are told what it will be by the EU, and you are a criminal if you don’t agree with it.

  472. 472
    non taxable pikey says:

    What, no commandos?

  473. 473
    White rabbit says:

    What’s the point of Nick Clegg ? He looks like he should be modelling shirts in the Primark catalogue. Or selling chemical toilets. There is nothing there.
    A little bit of smoke and vague smell of cheap aftershave. That’s it.

  474. 474
    Village Idiot says:

    …Sadly,i fear you are right!..The west seems to be trying hard to stir it up and thankgoodness for the cool Russian heads,who are wrongly being portrayed as the bogey man when really it is Kerry and his eu buddies who are the danger here!

  475. 475
    Troll Watch says:

    No, you are a tosser who wants to make the views of people who oppose the pro-EU Wstminster system look like they are also held by tossers.

  476. 476
    Taxpayers in Northern Europe says:

    It is us who pay for them to look after themselves.

  477. 477
    jgm2 says:

    I don’t see why the Scots would be worried about leaving foreign students thousands out of pocket. That’s what they do every day to thousands of English students studying in Fucking Scotland.

    Fucking racist Scottish government.

  478. 478
    albacore says:

    Well, don’t he know that you can’t disparage
    The established concept of gay marriage?
    Whatever next? This can’t be permitted
    Such unorthodoxy must be pitied

  479. 479
    The Wisdom of Crowds says:

    Our democracy is potentially quite robust. We just need to get rid Bruussels and get rid of the current crop of self-entitled Oxford PPE policy wonk drones and replace them with a cross section of people who represent the public.

  480. 480
    jgm2 says:

    Should be good for another two or three percent in the polls.

    This criminalisation of personal opinion and the right to free speech really is finally biting the establishment in the bollocks isn’t it?

  481. 481
    Proud Thoughtcriminal says:

    He should be less concerned with trying to please a permanently hostile MSM and go over their heads directly to the British people.

    No point in trying to please your enemies. Real change is coming whether you liblabconers like it or not.

  482. 482
    Establishment Troughers says:

    The electorate must be thick. We’ve been churning out negative stories about Farage for weeks now and it’s made no difference. What can we do next?

  483. 483
    Knobcheese in Number 10 says:

    If the 1922 committee calls, tell them I’m on holiday.

  484. 484
    Anonymous says:

    He moves in artistic circles where the section of the industry which is financed by its own ticket sales is derided by the section which has got on the public money gravy train and likes to claim that “art” should not be tainted by commercialism aka the need to produce something people are prepared to pay for.

    Labour councillors are suckers for this pitch – they are terrified of being accused of being uncultured and thick if they don’t vote loads of cash for any luvvie bollocks put in front of them.

  485. 485
    BBC Slapper says:

    Is Farage popular because he “does ordinary”? What do ordinary people do?

  486. 486
    Len E Henry says:

    We need more talentless black people getting huge salaries.

  487. 487
    Vlad the Loudhailer says:

    The economic might on display will show all those attending how to nail jelly to the ceiling. Bring your own jelly nails.

  488. 488
    Anonymous says:


  489. 489
    Anonymous says:

    We know. You and mark m should hook up possibly. Some of them like old men.

  490. 490
    Sh1thole Britain says:

    You can bet the security services working in hand in glove with the liblabcon have put plants within the UKIP to go off as we approach the election.

    It’s a tactic they used several times with the BNP.

    Then of course there’ll be the state funded UAF thugs used to break up meetings, attack people campaigning in the streets, all looked on by an indifferent police force.

  491. 491
    2o30 says:

    2030 says be nice to me.
    2030 says to itself. 2030 has sensors.
    2050 is following allah and physically flying. 2050 has the force of the sensitivit.

  492. 492

    The problem is that there are now thousands on the electoral roles who have reached middle age knowing nothing but EU Diktat , who will always run to the arms of ‘nurse’ for fear of something worse, they must be shaken out of that mindset by any means possible.

  493. 493
    Anonymous says:

    Easy tiger. There’s nothing between the lines. Ukip are the most widely disliked party of the four. Of course they’re going to get a rocket attack if they put their heads above the parapet. That’s democracy.

  494. 494

    It is not necessary to be religious to find the idea of sodomy repellent .

  495. 495
    2o3o says:

    the universe is on fast forward so says pewdewpie.
    he of PDP fame.
    DEC PDP.
    ant here ro turn those who are all dec’d up into powder.
    that is the msg of kohinoor, tye new savory snack.
    …it is the return of Dec PDP 11 …..
    ….patterns and cycles…..enjoy the ride

  496. 496
    Hit em where it hurts says:

    Premier Inn can go fuck if they think I am booking with them whilst Henry calls for discrimination.

  497. 497
    JH238938409328-0 says:

    Er, because they won’t be happy until every trace of our history, culture, ethnicity and traditions are wiped out? That would make them ‘good people’ you see.

    Orwell pointed out that England is the only country in the world whose intellectuals heartily despise their own country. It really is a strange phenomenon, and deserves further study but of course the intellectuals concerned block that with gusto.

  498. 498
    JH238938409328-0 says:

    Aaaaand only about 65% of the country would agree with that (in private).

    We have finally reached that point folks, where people are sick and tired of being expected to bite their tongues and flagellate themselves to get approval from the likes of Marcus Brigstocke and Lenny Henry. The music has stopped, and it’s time the uninvited, unwelcome, ungrateful guests fuck off so we can start cleaning up the mess.

    Henry has had a 30 year career based on the most flimsy of talent for no other reason than the colour of his skin. He knows this.

  499. 499
    jgm2 says:

    Farage has to sacrifice his ‘pawns’. Look at how the B&P, when they were taking votes off Labour were targeted by Labour who used the tame race industry andwith its bottomless public funds to drag N*ick Gr*if*fin through the courts. This tied up all their time and money defending N*ick Gr*if*fin rather than printing leaflets and campaigning for votes.

    Farage is not about to fall into that trap.

    Same goes for ‘homophobia’. There’ll be ‘hate-crime’ laws against that and he cannot afford to get tied up in that shit if he wants to be elected.

    While he may (or may not) have every sympathy with the views expressed he cannot risk saying or doing anything that would bring the race or gay industry and their legal enforcers down on top of him.

  500. 500

    WRONG!!!! it is looked on by a complicit police force!!

  501. 501
    JH238938409328-0 says:

    Plus those beds are going to be knackered if he shagged Dawn French in them.

  502. 502

    It was a deliberate act of spite to offend English students studying in Scotland and rub their noses in financial hardship ,Cameron should have intervened as the UK Prime Minister but was too cowardly as usual.

  503. 503
    Anonymous says:

    Good old english names.

  504. 504
    the mystcal mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    rig the elections ?

  505. 505
    JH238938409328-0 says:


    They just underline the fact that people want a civilised, democratic UK free from third world soft-shoe bullshit like Ratfur Lahman – ‘Let us do what we want or you are racist’. We’d also like to see what the crime rate would be like minus the diversity ‘bonus’.

    People want their country back from the likes of you Gapes, they are sick of having their tolerance and freedoms used against them.

    If you love diversity so much, move to Liberia.

  506. 506
    Eu got that right mate says:

    Dead right! All the pontificating and speechifying we have seen/heard from Kerry and Obarmy over the past few days… but not one peep about the legitimate government in Kiev being overthrown by a bunch of EU/American inspired (and financed?) thugs. Perhaps some enterprising journalist might raise this point at one of Obarmy’s press conference over the next day or two. Pootn has the right idea to stop all this EU expansionism which is behind all the forthcoming mayhem.

  507. 507
    Eu got that right mate says:

    The FCO has gone to the dogs since Renwick retired. It is not at all the organisation that was once highly respected around the world. The cause of course is mainly thanks to Blair and Brown’s utter lunacy which made us the laughing stock of the world and a diplomat’s task completely impossible.

  508. 508

    He burned his arse on the lightbulb!

  509. 509
    Anonymous says:


  510. 510
    Anonymous says:

    at least you could put your own name to this post, David, you’re gonna get stuffed at the polls any way, bring it on!

  511. 511
    Anonymous says:

    Ruff ruff ruff

  512. 512
    cured lefty says:

    Shame on you.shooting fish in a barrel.

  513. 513
    Anonymous says:

    Hope not hate? Does the term “newspeak” ring any bells?

    Who is putting up the money for these “community newspapers”? The term is “propaganda” by the way.

  514. 514
    Anonymous says:

    Their task is impossible because they have nothing to back their words with.

    What are we going to do, send an aircraft carrier? Oh wait…

    We can send a nuclear submarine, but nobody seriously thinks we would use it.

  515. 515
    Mustafa Post Al-Vote says:

    On it.

  516. 516
    Cameron's Brane Sel says:

    I’m living with electile dysfunction – I’m fucked.

  517. 517
    You want some more, mofo? says:

    Who was it who planted the 7/7 bombs in London?

    How many moslems raping white children?

    How many African moslems butchered and beheaded Lee Ribgy?

    How many moslems murdered Charlene Downes and butchered her and put her into kebabs?

    If you want to talk about real crimes, you can start with those.


  518. 518
    Godwin's Law says:


  519. 519
    Godwin says:

    The thing is, it is UKIP and their supporters who have been the only victims.

    Farage has been assaulted, UKIP members have been sent death threats, UKIP supporters have been assaulted by UAF thugs.

    It is people like you who are the fascists.

  520. 520
    Socialism = Starvation says:

    Wasn’t that MP one of the Proclaimers?

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