April 25th, 2014

Twitter Bitch Fight of the Week: Dan Hodges v Asher Dresner

Dan Hodges’ piece in this week’s Speccie on the men and women behind Ed Miliband is well worth a read.

Given he quotes Labour ‘insiders’ as describing Team Ed as “poisonous”, “dysfunctional” and “a bunch of medieval courtiers”, unsurprisingly it hasn’t gone down well with friends of the Labour leader.

Miliband’s former speechwriter Asher Dresner goes out to bat for his old colleagues:

Which, to be fair, is probably true…


  1. 1
    Dave Levita says:

    oy vey, will no one think of poor William Hill and Malcolm Glazer?


  2. 2
    Dan's cat says:

    It’s true, I do know a lot about strategy.


    • 43
      broderick crawford says:


      You dont know about my strategy . You ve never even glimpsed it .


  3. 3
    Ed Moribund says:

    Ignore Hodges’ lies. He is just bitter because I once ignored him at a Fabian Society conference on “Increasing Tractor Production in the Scottish Midlands”


  4. 4
    WHO? says:

    Some will have heard of a chap called Dan Hodges but I doubt anyone other than his mum has heard of Asher Dresner.


  5. 6

    Couple of no-mark wankers have a little tiff on fucking Twitter. Nothing to see here fucking move on you little spack fucks.


  6. 7
    Norman Normal says:

    Sexist post, never mind the men and women behind Ed Militant, what about the hermaphrodites?
    You can’t leave the 4 of them out of it!


  7. 9
    Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

    “poisonous”, “dysfunctional” and “a bunch of medieval courtiers”

    Oh, how I miss those days in the bunker with my closest chums !


  8. 11
    Parkinson interview says:

    Dan Hodges,son of the Hollywood star and Labour MP Glenda Jackson.
    Tell us Dan,what is the secret to your success?


  9. 16
    M­a­qboul says:

    My cat knows strategy better than the people running Ed Miliband’s strategy…

    PMSL. Come back from that one Pasha Asher.


    • 20
      Dan Hodges Cat says:

      First thing I’d do is claw the face of the fools who voted Ed to be leader.
      Second I’d claw the face of Ed because it just looks so clawable.
      Third I’d crap in the litter tray just before I walked out to go live with the neighbours.


  10. 18
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:


    • 46
      broderick crawford says:

      Perhaps his strategy us to rid the Lords crossbenches of the Bishops and stuff tbe vacant seats with his cohorts.


    • 49
      Jesus H Christ says:

      Clegg want’s to separate his arse cheeks and receive Lucifer’s tumescent shank of chilli, broken glass, wasp tails, stingy nettle, and barbed wire, and lava encrusted libdeminator, the squirming streak of yellow sh!t, that he is.


  11. 19
    Maria Miller says:

    DCMS wastes your money assessing what makes you happy

    Sajid Javid has only been Culture Secretary for a matter of days but it is clear that he needs to wage a serious war on waste in the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (the very existence of which we question, but that’s for another day). The DCMS squandered an as yet undisclosed sum paying academics to analyse a survey of 40,000 people in order to “develop the evidence base on the wellbeing impacts of cultural engagement and sport participation”. It simply beggars belief that somebody thought it a sensible use of taxpayers’ money to commission the mumbo-jumbo contained in this report, Quantifying and Valuing the Wellbeing Impacts of Culture and Sport.

    For our full reaction and all the sordid details, click here to read the write-up in the Daily Mail.


  12. 21
    Ockham's Razor says:

    Have just been out and missed all this.

    Can’t tell you how distraught I am.


  13. 22
    Cornershop says:

    Well its a brimfull of Asher.


  14. 23
    Frank Carson says:

    How many lefties does it take to change a lightbulb?

    Two. One to send his Polish maid down to the shops in Hampstead to buy a replacement and come back to put it in, and the other to blame Thatcher for the old one not working.


  15. 24
    British Jobs For British Workers says:

    Is Dan’s cat British? Give him the job.


  16. 28
    Go fight with your brothers! says:

    I object to the government telling muzee women to report male relatives who plan on going to Syria to fight. Let them all go and die there. The ones who’ve died so far have done us all a favour. One less terrorist and one less benny sponger in our midst. Not that there’s any real chance of muzee women reporting their male relatives. They’re all held in subjugation by their husbands or fully in agreement with whatever they do. I urge British Airways to give free flights to any muslim who wants to go to Syria. As Captain Kirk once said “Let them die!”


  17. 31
    catesby says:

    When pro-eu/immigration Cameron supported military action in Syria was he thinking of arming these people!?


    • 35
      thostids says:

      No. The plan was for them to pick up their British supplied Arms when they got to Syria. Unfortunately, the bogus End-User on the certificate had already shipped them to Al Quaeda in the Maghreb who’d passed them onto Boko Haraam. In the event, as usual, the British volunteers are being used as extras in the propaganda war. They’re the dead bodies that were executed. Well, you know, volunteers. No one misses them.


  18. 32
    Who? says:

    Fuck’s sake, G

    Either the people involved should be of interest (They’re not) or what they say of interest (it ain’t) or it should be witty and/or a proper bitch-fight (no, and no)


  19. 36
    Ed The Eunuch says:

    Fuck off Asher! Twat!


  20. 41
    Tim Yeo-Yo says:

    If his clever cat does strategy his thick dog must come up with ideas for attacking Ukip in his DT column.

    Hodges should stick to taking the p!ss out of Ed Millitwat. Agree with a previous poster. Hodges does appear to be the only lefty with a sense of humour on the whole planet.


  21. 50
    Anonymous says:

    “Given he quotes Labour ‘insiders’ as describing Team Ed as “poisonous”, “dysfunctional”
    and ‘living in wonderland’? It’s a wonder no one has yet cried, “Off with their heads!”.


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