April 25th, 2014

Times and Telegraph Scooped by 140 Years

Today’s Times and Telegraph splash on the shock news that the LibDems are calling for the disestablishment of the Church. Ben Brogan reports:

“Someone needs to ask Nick Clegg the obvious follow up to his statement on the case for disestablishment of the Church: will it be a Lib Dem manifesto promise next year, and will it be one of his red lines in negotiations for a Coalition Mk II is the need arises? Presumably, the answer would be no (apologies if it turns out it has been party policy for ages).”

As any student of history knows, disestablishment had been Liberal policy for some 140 years, when Gladstone united his party around the issue of disestablishing the Anglican Church of Ireland. When Gladstone informed parliament of his intentions, it led directly to his defeat at the ensuing general election…


  1. 1
    Fluff says:

    Not Arf.


    • 6
      Ed Miliband. King of the J3ws mkII says:

      My ambition is to be the first ever J3wish PM


      • 9
        9:08 am. Has UKIP suspended anyone yet today? says:

        After Disraeli? Michael Howard had that goal before too


      • 10
        Middle Class ex Tory says:

        He doesn’t know much British history


        • 19
          Fact says:

          He wouldn’t. He’s a fucking Marxist immigrant’s sprog.


          • Jazz Porridge says:

            I think he meant the dumb comment from the plank “pretending” to be Miliband. Miliband’s stated he’s an atheist which is what we’d expect from a man devoid of ideas.”


          • Ed "The Athiest" Miliband says:

            But God loves Israe-l. I have seen the light. Didn’t I tell you? Just like Dave – only more politically useful.


          • Info 4 Jazz says:

            Ed Miliband made national news 2 weeks ago when he said he wanted to be the first J3wish PM.


          • Dee says:

            Jizz Porridge – really? Leaving Miliband out of it, do you really assume that disbelief in supernatural forces means someone is automatically devolved of ideas? You can’t possibly believe that. Surely not.


      • 102
        Man in the Street says:


        This post is about Clegg but a bunch a nasty git trolls are using it to promote their disturbed bigotry. Not good.

        You must know who they or it is?


    • 31
      David Steel says:

      The Liberal Party have nothing to do with the Lib Dems. I should know, I put the nails in the coffin. Mind you, I was a bit distracted at the time by that fat bloke.


    • 49
      This is only an issue for the Inglish. says:

      The Queen is only the head of the Anglican Church. All other churches get along just fine without her.


      • 58
        Norman Normal says:

        True, if the Queen ceased her role as head of the church would anyone actually notice?

        My problem with this is that it doesn’t really matter. If this is the best the Lib Deads can do to better our lives they are obviously finished.


        • 96
          The Growler says:

          Unless you a member of the CofE, or climbing the greasy pole in the Con party, why should it concern you or anybody else?


    • 61
      Bewildebeest says:

      FAIL AGAIN with the facts Reporter Boy – if you read the whole of your OWN link you would see that Gladstone subsequently WON a general election on that ticket and PASSED the law.
      And why are you deliberately confusing the Church of Ireland with the Church of England ? Don’t let the facts spoil a non-story eh ?


      • 90
        Useless Information says:

        The Gladstone bag is also known as the portemanteau which literally translates to “carrying the cloak”.


      • 93
        The Growler says:

        Fawkesy in a way thinks Eire is still part of the UK and he claims to be Iorish, so what is he doing comentating on our clowns for in the HoP and the established church of which he is not even a part of, Eire has plenty of clowns of their own, “gays”, pedoes, wayward priests, etc


    • 83
      The Growler says:

      Of Course Fawkesy, the Cons would not like that, the CofE have been known fo many years as the Tory party at prayer, so they they think they have got a God given right to reign and close association with the Royal family


    • 87
      Daffy, Witney says:

      I blame Tony Colston-Hayter


  2. 2
    Ockham's Razor says:

    Good afternoon.


  3. 3
    Wally Scott says:

    In a free and independent Scotland the Queen will still be Head of the Church no matter what you do in London


    • 7
      Ockham's Razor says:



    • 17
      Wealth is Common says:

      She’s head of State of some proper countries let alone Jockland.


    • 52
      Inglish Troll posing as a scot watch says:

      Obviously you know fuck all about the position of the church in Scotland. Here’s a clue, he Queen has fuck all to do with it.


      • 60
        Ellie-Mae (9) says:

        “he Queen”? Is that Tory MP reference?


        • 99
          The Growler says:

          Ellie-Mae, you seem very advanced for a 9 year old, it certainly seems that a lot of the Cons in the HoC seem to like “queens”.


      • 67
        Ockham's Razor says:

        Quite true. But the Scots still gave us their monarch. Scottish Presbyterianism was restored in 1690 before the Act of Union of 1707.

        Henry VIII made himself head of the Church of England way back in 1534.


        • 101
          The Growler says:

          Strangely old Henry still regarded himself as a Catholic, he just did not recognise the Pope as head of the church


          • John Bellingham says:

            The CoE IS a catholic church–it is just not a ROMAN catholic one.
            (Don’t you know your creed as stated during confirmation?)


          • The Growler says:

            I am not CofE, or RC but non conformist, that is why I write Roman Catholic when I post on here to differentiate Papists from the others, the RCs seem to have very strange adherents in their ranks, at least in western eyes.


        • 106
          Village Idiot says:

          …Henry VIII,…did a bit of damage to the monasteries:…Restore the monasteries!


          • History mystery says:

            Given his bits of bother with the ladies, do you think that Henry VIII would have allowed “equal marriage”? What were these ‘celibate’ monks and monkesses up to once the candles were blown out?


  4. 4
    Tooth fairy says:

    Prince Claims to be Defender of All Faiths, Not “The” Faith


    So what is going on?


    • 13
      Middle Class ex Tory says:

      It’s over matey. Defender of all.


    • 15
      Happy Clappy Born Again Dave says:

      Praise be the Lord! We now live in the all inclusive multicultural faith and bumsex paradise that is my legacy.


    • 23
      HM Her Majesty says:

      HRH is away with the fairies. Organic fairies, of course.


    • 65
      Prince Chaz says:

      One musn’t forget the trees and plants dude.


    • 103
      The Growler says:

      I don’t think H M Elizabeth will relinquish the throne, Charles will be in his 70’s if and when he becomes King, still if he lasts as long as his grandmother and mother he could rule for 20 years.


    • 127
      inside out says:

      With a bit of luck he won’t succeed,I’m not sure the Duke of Cambridge has the same half baked ideas.


  5. 5
    9:08 am. Has UKIP suspended anyone yet today? says:

    The Lib Dems are getting desperate for a headline. Given have of them are sandal-wearing god botherers, I suspect this one will do down badly.


    • 35
      Anonymous says:

      They will have to wait a little longer for the result of the next GE. Methinks they will then see headlines they so richly deserve; e.g. “LibDems annihilated”.


      • 89
        Subby says:

        Headline drafts all ready Boss.
        Broadsheets — Libdumps Incinerated / Exterminated / Castrated.
        Red Tops — LibDumps Fucked.


      • 104
        The Growler says:

        Never in recent political history has a political party sunk so quickly in the pubilic estime, and with UKip no party has risen so quickly in public esteem. Farage would be well advised not to trust any of the other parties if they offer promises of coalition they just can be trusted.


  6. 8
    Brenda says:

    Orf with his head!


  7. 11
    Camilla says:

    Pay no attention, he’s bonkers don’t you know. Talks to the flowers.


  8. 12
    Tim Farron says:

    I’m the messiah


  9. 18
    Baby George says:

    I’ll take the fucker to the Industrial Tribunal for constructive dismissal


  10. 20
    HM Her Majesty says:

    What business is it of a Dutchman?


    • 42
      statin' the bleeding obvious says:

      …communist dutchman


    • 59
      Cleggs playin' a blinder - Vote UKIP says:


      • 107
        Village Idiot says:

        …..I can only assume that Clegg has gone past caring,as he has chosen to pontificate on two “Hot” issues,managing to insult a large part of the country in the process!….What next?…..I know,deport the English,…that will get a reaction Nick!


  11. 22
    Jazz Porridge says:

    Who cares? It’s hard to think of a more irrelevant policy. The Lib Dems are going out of their way to look out-of-touch.


  12. 24
    Britannia says:

    Says the Millionaire Dutch man from a long lone of bankers who is scheming to hand control of Britain to unelected Eurocrats based in continental Europe.


    • 29
      Manly man says:

      Whose wife is so embarraassed at his performance she has to speak on his behalf and doesn’t even know the English word for balls. Tells you all you need to know about who wears the jockstrap in that marriage.


      • 82
        SamCam says:

        Hey Miriam. I’ve got a really nice big blue strap-on. Is your one yellow?


      • 112
        Jack Ketch says:

        Mrs Clegg is eminently do-able. She probably spends a lot of time alone with such a busy husband and considering the bottom-up influences around him all day–is probably up for it. Spanish ladies are famous for being jolly good—, ahem, sports. She just needs a real man.


  13. 27
    Voter says:

    His wife told him to say it.


    • 105
      The Growler says:

      Well she is Roman Catholic, the monarchy of England had a history of battling Roman Catholic influence.


  14. 28
    nell says:

    Is that another lib dem policy promise like their promise to give an eu referendum or their promise not to impose university fees?

    If so we don’t have much to worry about even if, by some strange fluke, they get back into another coalition in 2015.


  15. 34
    Southwark Crown Court clerk says:

    The court will rise!


  16. 36
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    ARE they clinging to their crosses,
    F.E. Smith,
    Where the Breton boat-fleet tosses,
    Are they, Smith?
    Do they, fasting, trembling, bleeding,
    Wait the news from this our city?
    Groaning ‘That’s the Second Reading!’
    Hissing ‘There is still Committee!’
    If the voice of Cecil falters,
    If McKenna’s point has pith,
    Do they tremble for their altars?
    Do they, Smith?

    Russian peasants round their pope
    Huddled, Smith,
    Hear about it all, I hope,
    Don’t they, Smith?
    In the mountain hamlets clothing
    Peaks beyond Caucasian pales,
    Where Establishment means nothing
    And they never heard of Wales,
    Do they read it all in Hansard
    With a crib to read it with —
    ‘Welsh Tithes: Dr Clifford Answered.’
    Really, Smith?

    In the lands where Christians were,
    F.E. Smith,
    In the little lands laid bare,
    Smith, O Smith!
    Where the Turkish bands are busy
    And the Tory name is blessed
    Since they hailed the Cross of Dizzy
    On the banners from the West!
    Men don’t think it half so hard if
    Islam burns their kin and kith,
    Since a curate lives in Cardiff
    Saved by Smith.

    It would greatly, I must own,
    Soothe me, Smith!
    If you left this theme alone,
    Holy Smith!
    For your legal cause or civil
    You fight well and get your fee;
    For your God or dream or devil
    You will answer, not to me.
    Talk about the pews and steeples
    And the Cash that goes therewith!
    But the souls of Christian peoples . . .
    Chuck it, Smith!

    G. K. Chesteron


  17. 39
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Personally I am not religious but don’t have problem with the church of England, is this another step on the road to Sharia laws?.


  18. 40
    Anonymous says:

    Oh Calamity.


  19. 45
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP


  20. 46
    Shrilly Williams says:

    I was Gladstone’s bag.


  21. 48
    Lord Stansted says:

    Who cares, the Libdems are toast.


  22. 50
    A student says:

    Has it been costed properly?

    Is he prepared to put his signature to it?


  23. 51
    Dave says:

    I always wanted to be an Antidisestablishmentarianist.

    By the way, what’s that in Dutch?


  24. 53
    ken from glos says:

    I got into trouble at school a long time ago and had to write 500 times the word

    “antidisestablishmentarianism” Hated that word all of my life’


  25. 54
    Retarded UKIP candidate says:

    I was born and raised in Zimbabwe and I’m a real Brit, whereas someone born in the UK from J*wish Polish parentage is not a real Brit.

    P.S. Tsunamis are caused by gay marriage.


    • 77
      The ghost of the 1st victim of Marxism says:

      But the Milibands are Soviet Dewish Marxists. They came.here to spy for Stalin.
      Everyone knows this. That is why they left the women safely in Belgium when grandfather and father Miliband went spying to Britain. At that time the Soviets and Nazis were on the same side.
      Their great aunt went to school with Stalin’s daughter and became one of his personal translators.
      Top quality Kulak Killing, country betraying Marxist Scum.

      For all you thick Guardianistas. Read what Miliband’s father had to say about the Welfare State.
      Read the works of the father.


      • 95
        SIZE 14 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

        It was a classic sleeper cell operation, of which there must have been thousands at the time when Eastern Europe was in turmoil due to the war ,infiltration into the west would never be easier.
        Sadly for the treacherous scum the USSR imploded, but they quickly and seamlessly transferred their allegiance to it’s replacement the EUSSR.


    • 78
      Andre Lampitt says:

      The Establishment via the MSM really did make a genuine attempt to blame the 2004 Tsunami on global warming.


    • 94
      Keep on. You are doing well! says:

      Carry on! UKIP vote rising even further.


  26. 55
    Shooty* says:

    Operation Trojan Horse: I see that the standard BBC line to take now is “the document, believed by many to be a forgery”.

    I despair.

    NO ONE believes it’s a forgery.

    The people involved in Trojan Horse say it is a forgery because taquiya.
    The people not involved believe it to be a totally valid document, because they can see what’s happening.


  27. 56
    Culturally enriched food in the UK says:


  28. 57
    The Critic says:

    Lloyd George also said:

    ‘”The doctrine of Liberalism is a doctrine that believes that private property, as an incentive, as a means, as a reward, is the most potent agency not merely for the wealth, but for the well-being of the community’

    Obviously this lot ain’t Liberals,just socialist eco-loon wolves in sheep’s clothing.


  29. 63
    bergen says:

    I suspect that an atheist with a Spanish and Catholic wife really isn’t the most likely person to make any progress on this one.

    If and when disestablishment comes, it will come from within. It’s nowt to do with him.


  30. 66
    Archbishoprick Welby says:

    Bumsex marriage good?
    Bumsex marriage bad?
    Decisions. Decisions.


  31. 68
    non taxable pikey says:

    Well there goes his knighthood.


    • 76
      Brenda says:

      One was rather hoping one’s swordsmith would put a really sharp edge on one’s dubber. Then one little slash by one, and problem solved.


  32. 71
    Gaystapo says:

    Sit on a toad’s tool and the good fairy will explain it all to you.


  33. 74
    The Beast of Bolsover says:


  34. 80
    The British media are cunts says:

    Clegg like the media is a cuunt.


  35. 85

    It is important to remember Clegg’s every utterance is motivated by his slavish adherence to whatever his masters , the EU Kommissars demand.
    This latest statement of his is probably rooted in some ‘equality of religion'[ legal status] legislation that is about to be unleashed any time soon.


    • 110
      Shooty* says:

      Oh course, some are more equal than others.


      Or the beheadings and stonings start. Which they will anyway.


    • 129
      inside out says:

      He is touting his CV for any job in EU after the General Election.


  36. 97
    HenryV says:

    I expect him to start a campaign to get us to start driving on the right next.

    How he must hate living here. Why doesn’t he take his money and fuck off to Spain?


  37. 100
    @hateliebour says:

    Used to think, leave it to the people of Britain to make major decisions about the country , but they are too busy watching television and won’t get off the ar5es until their benefits arrive, so they they have left the decisions like disestablishment to a bunch of corrupt politicians and one Dutch guy who’s only claim to fame is his gob is on a radio show and another politician took him apart at a venue of his choice twice, losing once is unfortunate but twice proves your a loser.


  38. 114
    Raptor says:

    This is just another little Cleggy-puddle.

    Little Cleggy goes around making his little messes from time to time, to mark out what he thinks of as “his territory.” Best to ignore him.


  39. 121

    Very presumptuous of Clegg that the Lib Dems will have any seats at all next year


  40. 122
    Bonar Law says:

    Gladstone WON the 1868 election on the issue of Irish Church disestablishment (which was enacted the following year).


  41. 130
    The Liberal Party says:

    The Liberal Party is not the same thing as the Liberal Democratic Party… which is after all the new name for the Social & Liberal Democratic Party… which is the new name for the Social Democratic Party… which is just the “right” of the Labour Party… the LibDems are not Liberals at all, they are just Labour Lite… they’ve got no claim of association to Victorian Liberals and Whigs… So this is not really a scoop at all.


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