April 21st, 2014

Candidate Pictured With Blacked Up Faces
Owns Website That Describes “Blacking Up” As Sinister


The candidate standing in Rossendale and Darwen worries that in small towns in “Britain struggle to maintain their identity against a tide” and is pictured here with some blacked up faces. A UKIP candidate? No it is Labour’s Will Straw, who defends the local tradition of the Britannia Coconut Dancers, who wear coconuts tied to their hands and knees, whilst performing to celebrate the arrival of spring. Guido does not for one second think Will is racist.

However there is a double standard operating, would Will give others the same treatment in similar circumstances? Take the attitude of the political website LeftFootForward.org (proprietor Will Straw), when the Tory MP Philip Davies said:

“Why it is so offensive to black up your face… I have never understood this.”

LeftFootForward called him “sinister” for saying that there was nothing offensive about “blacking up” concluding “what a sad, pathetic little man Mr Davies is.” How times change…


  1. 1
    Left Foot in Mouth & Gnawing Vigorously says:

    Sinister. What a pathetic little man the Straw sprog is.

  2. 2
    Rev. Dave says:

    Where are the gays?

  3. 3
    timmy tour says:

    The incredible Hulk is a racist story

  4. 4
    You couldn't make it up says:

    Pot calling the kettle non-white

  5. 5
    Sir Cyril of Smith says:

    As we all know, only Tories can be racist.

  6. 6
    Capt Apollo says:

    first rule of British politics “it isn’t wrong if a lefty does it” therefore straw is celebrating cultural history but if it was a Tory it would be racist. Simples

  7. 7
  8. 8
    Garfield says:

    Is the one on the right a whited up person of colour.

  9. 9
  10. 10
    Howdy do dere honey says:

    I like people who call a spade a spade.

  11. 11
    A Labour Troll says:

    Sky News have just checked Twitter and are now reporting that David Cameron could be sacked…

  12. 12
    bit.ly says:

    EASTER eggs and bunnies were seized at a school at the centre of a takeover plot by Islamic hardliners.

    mother of a pupil alleges *“morality squads” of older boys *confiscated chocolate and toys from younger children. “Older boys are going round in these morality squads telling off girls if they do not wear veils. They bully the girls and stop them mingling with boys in the playground.”
    My daughter tried to bring in an Easter egg for a friend and one boy grabbed it and smashed it against a wall. Gangs have clamped down on Easter celebrations. “My daughter tried to bring in an Easter egg for a friend and one boy grabbed it and smashed it against a wall. “Another girl of about 11 brought in a little Easter bunny toy that she wanted to show her friends. They grabbed that off her too. “All talk of Christmas and other non-Muslim festivals is banned. The teachers just turn a blind eye to it.”

  13. 13
    Henry says:

    Nice people, can we please let 10,000,000 more of them into the country.

    We’re just too White!

  14. 14
    Pensive says:

    If the muslims keep trying to impose their medieval misogynist culture like this hopefully 99% of the young generations will end up hating them.

  15. 15
    Cinna says:

    We are so enriched by these people.

  16. 16
    Cinna says:

    Typical leftie, hypocrite. No mor no less.

  17. 17
    nell says:

    Ah willstraw, euanbliar, davidprescott,stephenkinnochio – the faces of the future labour party. hmmm?!

  18. 18
    nell says:

    I actually haven’t seen any Morris Dancers for a while. But there is nothing wrong with the tradition and it should be encouraged to continue.

  19. 19
    Bloomers in rain-soaked Bongo Bongo Land says:

    No worse than this.

  20. 20
    Gustaf Erik Pasch says:

    Let he who has been buggered by Cameron’s policies strike the first match.

  21. 21
    Chuka Obama says:

    Steady mate!

  22. 22
    nell says:

    that has to be a late april1st bad joke – either that or ukip have a loony member who is having a bad bad PR day.

    Or then again maybe someone else has done that who is trying to discredit ukip.

  23. 23
    Anonymous says:

    Yup yet another “Labour (wannabe) MP in rank hypocrisy shocker”!

  24. 24
    nell says:

    either way it isn’t something that is going to influence the outcome of the May 2014 eu elections – that is really already decided.

    So whoever has done that should have saved the money it cost them and given it to a worthwhile charity.

  25. 25
    The Loony Left says:

    Give us another term in office and we’ll see what we can do.

  26. 26
    Iain Duncan Flick says:

    Our democracy is best represented by the annual boohaa around the Boat Race. A competition between two exclusive clubs to which you do not belong but are persuaded to cheer for.

  27. 27
    broderick crawford says:

    where is this taking place bit.ly

    give name of school and location please .

  28. 28
    Joe Pubic says:

    Fruitcakes and loonies.

  29. 29
    Dot Cottons fag says:

    Forgot to say, they will also rob everything in your house, while your having your post coital cig.

  30. 30
    Maimed Codger says:

    Lol… they would have a big problem with Polish Film from the Communist era,
    there were no Black Actors, so if one was wanted for a film. then it was boot black polish…when the actors moved you could see the edges. however they were always poking fun at the Communists and their Ideals… the amusing thing is the Communists never realised they were having the Piss taken… so nothing new there then….

  31. 31
    what a gay dave says:

    The only way to change things is by not voting

    All this “vote because your grandparents fought so you could vote” bollocks is just establishment spin

  32. 32
    Arthur Scargill says:

    This is perfectly normal for our boys from the Grimebridge Colliery in Rossendale. The lads have just come up for a bit of a break and to see who the NUM is now sponsoring.

  33. 33
    Katie says:

    For goodness, sake, I do wish people would learn what racism is .

    Anyone who watched the film ‘Australia’ with Nicolle Kidman over the week-end, would have seen the lead black guy with a white painted face, did anyone cry racism about that ?

  34. 34
    Fruitcake, swivel eyed loon, closet racist and proud of it says:

    C’mon now Guido, you’ve got a story with racial overtones so let’s see if we can mention UKIP in it. Facts, dear boy.

    Bit of Al Murray. My blog, my rules.

  35. 35
    Joe Pubic says:

    Why not vote independent?

  36. 36
    Here's some racism says:

  37. 37
    Labour are comedy gold says:

    Another one to add to the Labour hypocrisy list. My favourite was Labou’s outrage over Paddy Power having bets on the Pistorius trial, until it turned out Harriet’s son came up with the idea.

  38. 38
    Persona non grata says:

    Latest from Farage, not a rant, pretty sensible.

  39. 39
  40. 40
    Jack "BBC" Dromey says:

    Mmmmmmmm I must say the two on the left look rather scrummy.

  41. 41
    Archbishop of Cant says:

    I don’t understand why Cameron is Prime Minister, and not the Archbishop of Canterbury – after all, we have it from his own lips that he understands the Christian ethos so much better than all those senior churchmen.

  42. 42
    Nermal says:

    You mean an exclusive club like Oxford where nearly all the liebours cabinet belong to.

  43. 43
    Dogman says:

    Is the one on the left Bernard Cribbins?

  44. 44
    Dogman says:

    And is the other one Julian Clary?

  45. 45
    Rickytshirt says:


  46. 46

    The more racial overtones are associated with UKIP it must pile on votes by the truckload, the indigenous population have now reached the point when we welcome little racism to redress the balance after years of denigration and being treated like second class citizens in the land of our forefathers by a succession of treacherous left wing governments!

  47. 47
    Another day in Black Burn says:

  48. 48
    @hateliebour says:

    Racist the word that was taken into the heights of the law and politicians to help more immigrants come to Britain, whilst being used to suppress the workers into not asking about where are the jobs and the housing coming from to take these people, it’s now lost it’s use and is used only by Liebour crap in a lost attempt to reignite a damp squib, people forget we are a member of a Commonwealth and a seafaring nation and people from all over the world have come to this country and have lived here, black, white, pink and blue, most have fitted in, although we have had race riots in a few places, from the Irish navvies taken Brits jobs on the building of the railways to people from Aden having problems in some shipping ports, the change is mass immigration, we can’t supply jobs, housing ,schools in such quantities as needed, because most of the money is going to a black hole called the EU

  49. 49
    jgm2 says:

    It’s better than that. Even the boat race crews barely ‘belong’ to their respective universities any more.

    They’re all 25 year-old, 6ft 10″ freaks from the US who are ‘studying’ for a doctorate.

  50. 50
    Cinna says:

    The future parliamentary Labour party sounds awfully like the old parliamentary Labour party.

  51. 51
    Meanwhile says:

  52. 52
    Alfred G says:

    The Tories and their Noddy friends stand no chance of an overall majority in 2015 though no doubt many working class cap doffers, the ones who look up to their so called betters, will vote for them. Working class Tories are the worst kind in my experience. They are happy to betray their fellow workers by supporting the charlatan toffs in the hope that they can grab a few crumbs from their tables.

  53. 53
    Will says:

    I don’t know who that smiling racist is. I would bet that they would smile like that as hard working ethnic nurses and doctors were pitch-forked onto cattle trucks at Farages command. You can tell a UKIPer by the evil glint in thier eye!

  54. 54
    what a gay dave says:

    If racism is such a bad thing why doesn’t dave move to muslim only areas of birmingham

  55. 55
    Kermit the Frog says:

  56. 56
    Sue Denim says:


  57. 57
    Cinna says:


  58. 58
    Walliams and Lucas says:

    We do black face in BBC’s Come Fly With Me and it’s jolly progressive tolerant PPE and public school boy fun.

  59. 59
    Cinna says:

    Another scouse, left wing gobsh’ite.

  60. 60
    Fozzie Bear says:

    I am struggling, really struggling, with understanding how Cameron can reconcile the extremes of food and fuel poverty under this government, people literally dying of poverty because of his government’s policies.

    And the parable of the Sheep and the Goats, where Jesus says that people being allowed to die of poverty is a Really Bad Thing…

    And the parable of the Rich man and Lazarus, where Jesus says that people being allowed to die of poverty is a Really Bad Thing..

  61. 61
    Mooz danger Watch says:

    BBC scoffing Cameron’s Christian country. He is about twenty five years too late. He is not going to do anything about the mooz gangs smashing Easter eggs. The. rey idea of mooz schools as liebull and govel encourage defies belief in sanity. What do they think would happen next? Sunday school teas for the community at large?

  62. 62
    Cinna says:

    OH. FFS. If you don’t like it here why don’t you find somewhere more amenable.

  63. 63
    what a gay dave says:

    What happens when a pretty much non racist country allows itself to be flooded by racists?

  64. 64
    Rev. Dave says:

    Sell that ye have, and give alms; provide yourselves bags which wax not old, a treasure in the heavens that faileth not, where no thief approacheth, neither moth corrupteth

    Luke 12:33

  65. 65
    jgm2 says:

    people literally dying of poverty

    You’re literally talking shit.

  66. 66
    Anonymous says:

  67. 67
  68. 68
    what a gay dave says:

    Sociopaths are really good at compartmentalization

  69. 69
    Jack Straw's Shock and Awe = Dead Children says:

    A Red Prince as a hypocrite?

    Whatever next?

  70. 70
    M103 says:

    And you’re in denial.

  71. 71
    Henrietta Blenkinsop the turd says:

    It’s the people who vote for this new Liebour version of Liebour who are betraying the workers of this country they are supporting the same charlatan toffs that went to the same expensive schools as the ones your wingeing about, I think you need to do a bit more reading before you try to start a class war, mr/mrs/ms/mwithm/leswithles spam .

  72. 72
    The Labour Party exemplars of the inheritance principle says:

    Not only do Labours offspring inherit safe seats but they also inherit their rancid hypocricy.

  73. 73



  74. 74
    Barnehurst Bob says:

    Not just too white Henry, but hideously white as one of their propogandists pointed out.

  75. 75
    ukip.i.am.not says:

    Lo, and Blobby was stepping out of his car when he espieth a poor person lying beneath his feet.

    Checking the pockets of the poor wretch’s coat he found no donations, so nicked the coat so that the wretch might learneth to striveth a bit harder.

    Moments later, pint in hand, Farrago stumbled over the same wretch.

    Suspecting that the tooth in their mouth may once have been tended by an NHS dentist(at tax-payers expense), he convinced the wretch to give it up, so that his gums may not be ‘irregular’.

    The moral?

    Neither of them has one

  76. 76
    19601940193019921960 says:

    close legs.
    dig heels in.
    dig heels in and bend inwards.
    dig heels and bring kness tohether.
    a. arms
    b. ski slope
    c. in a straitjacket (inferred)/ in the cinema.
    crimean war/war is a crime.
    it’s all a nudge.

  77. 77
    Jim Alka-Lilly says:

    Plonker alert! Nobody’s dying of poverty in Britain.

    There are copious welfare payments and food banks. Maybe some drug addicts are wasting their benefits money on crack but that’s hardly Cameron’s fault.

  78. 78
    19601940193019921960 says:

    what came first?

  79. 79
    Jim Alka-Lilly says:

    I’d ask the doctor to up your meds.

  80. 80
    Tim Vine says:

    Sermon on the Mounting Resentment.

  81. 81
    Jim Alka-Lilly says:

    What’s the matter, failed your A-levels and they didn’t let you in?

  82. 82
    Jeremy Hunt says:

    Quick – order some Tamiflu!

  83. 83
    jgm2 says:

    Bollocks. One of the ‘good’ things about ebola is that it kills people so quickly they can’t traipse all the way across Africa, then bob around in a boat for several days before passing it on to their rescuers.

  84. 84
    The Pope, for it is he says:

    And then a great bolt of lightning came from the heavens and did strike the two twats down, and the Lord thought it good.

  85. 85
    Rev. Dave says:

    “And Jesus entered the temple and drove out all those who were buying and selling in the temple, and overturned the tables of the money changers. And He said to them, “It is written, ‘MY HOUSE SHALL BE CALLED A HOUSE OF PRAYER'; but you are making it a ROBBERS’ DEN”.

    Matthew 21: 12-13

  86. 86
    Errol Damelin, a jéwish userer says:

    Hi Dave

  87. 87
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    Has David Cameron expressed support for David Moyes?

  88. 88
    Footnote says:

    Damelin is a major shareholder in Wonga.com, owning 16.8m shares through Castle Bridge Ventures, an offshore trust based in the British Virgin Islands.

  89. 89
    @hateliebour says:

    So will dave close all the businesses that open on a Sunday and we go back to the Sunday trading laws, Sunday is start of the working week for some of a new Britain’s

  90. 90
    Revelling in the joys of bumsex says:

    I’m disappointed.

    Very little mention of Bumsex today.

    Good Afternoon.

  91. 91
    Jack Straw, one m a j o r c u n t says:

    Is depression inherited?
    In this case, one can only but hope.

  92. 92
    demo says:

    racist u.racist is a word. please demonstarte.
    racist is word. the world is a word. the world is a lovely word, please demonstarte.

  93. 93
    Everyone says:

    Thank you for this most insightful contribution to the national debate.

    Now fuck off.

  94. 94
    Bluto says:

    Who is David Cameron?

  95. 95
    Like father, like son says:

    They have the same rancidity about them too.

  96. 96
    william hunt says:

    amazing what tk….to the power of mexx sells. mecca is in tye fooo.

  97. 97
    Councillor Duxbury says:

    people literally dying of poverty

    Linky please. Preferably with pics of the deceased and of the funerals (put on at cost no doubt by the Co-op).

  98. 98
    Sinnick says:

    David Cameron:

    “he described himself as a “classic” member of the Church of England – “not that regular in attendance, and a bit vague on some of the more difficult parts of the faith”

    So he’s Evangelical, doesn’t go to Church, doesn’t actually understand Christianity, doesn’t like the CofE running food banks and promotes gay marriage which his own church prohibits.

    Clearly his faith is about as committed as his political principles, just clutching at any straw that may win a vote.

  99. 99
    Genghiz the kahn says:


  100. 100
    ss says:

    Sinister? Straw is socialist, QED = Hypocrite.

  101. 101
    We're all hetero now says:

    This is Guy News, not Gay News.

  102. 102
    Councillor Duxbury says:

    I thought Jack “Waterboard” Straw was his dad. Mrs Straw may have some explaining to do.

  103. 103
    I seriously wonder says:

    If you were a son/daughter of Straw or Blair or Kinnock or Dromney or Scarlett or Campbell or other scum …… would you rather not live than be associated with your hated parent?

  104. 104
    @hateliebour says:

    Why would one millionaire give support to another millioniare, apart from using each other to gain publicity.

  105. 105
    william hunt says:

    up lift inferred.
    NOT. so say out loud. u.
    lift up, lift up, lift up. do what you want when you want.
    .for up lifet.

  106. 106
    Barnehurst Bob says:

    Presumably they will have learnt their politics round the dinner table, just like red Ed. We’ll be in real trouble if this lot ever get their hands on the levers of power. Straws fiddling while rome burned in the Home office, Blairs lies, Prescotts baffoonery and Kinnock. What did that man ever do for anyone bar himself and his family?

  107. 107
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:

    As an agitprop the story works quite well.

    Now, what was all that about TB in cats not badgers, and no connection to the filthy Eastern European thieving migrants currently stealing jobs in the UK again ?

  108. 108
    Cardinal Duncan Smith says:

    And Lo, did the smiter of the smitten look up from his ill-gotten underpants and find thet one of his pet schemes was about to go tits-up, and cost the tax-payer (they who striveth) twice as much as he had declaimed it would save the oppressed striving tax-payer.

    And he issued a stentorian challenge to his underlings, who squirmeth at his feet in a most snakely manner

    “Thou shalt change all these figures so that where it costeth £3bn of pounds, we shall declare it is a price worth paying.

    For the sick shall be healed (though they may pass away tomorrow), the lame shall walk (though their legs may be broken) and the blind Trots shall see the error of their ways.

    And they shall bow to our wishes. For we believe, and whomsoever does not believe with me, we shall sanction unto the food banks (which groweth only because they are there)

  109. 109
    I seriously wonder too says:

    Same dilemma for Cameron’s, Osborne’s & Smith’s children.

  110. 110
    Straw man says:

    Sinister = Left.

    ’nuff said really.

  111. 111
    The Man From U.N.C.L.E. says:

    Keep trying to find the part in the Bible where it says – “Thou shalt make people poor.”

    And in case you hadn’t heard, whilst trying to walk on water in Lanzarote Dave got stung by a Jellyfish – divine retribution for telling porkies…

  112. 112
    I seriously wonder says:

    Daily Mail
    ‘Commons Speaker John Bercow has notched up £495,592 bill since 2009′
    That’s some 23 times what I have earned, before tax.
    Come on matey, hurry up, I want to be able to spit on your grave asap.

  113. 113
    Jack Dromey says:

    I think a fact finding tour to Romainia is required!

  114. 114
    rick says:

    ‘Fraid not. The average Englishman has become so cowed he will wet himself at the merest hint that he may be racist.

  115. 115
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    UKIP are to announce David Moyes as their new strategist, as he will get them out of Europe within 11 months.

  116. 116
    M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

    The only way to change things is by doing nothing?


  117. 117
  118. 118
    Gooey Blob says:

    You won’t be getting anywhere near high office while Ed Miliband is still your leader.

  119. 119
    Common sense says:

    Excellent stuff. UKIP have my vote.

  120. 120
    M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

    Poverty is a relative pecuniary state. Nobody dies because someone else has more money than them.

    This idiot is literally an idiot.

  121. 121
    John Bercunt says:

    We’re all in it together…

  122. 122
    The Britannia Coco-nut Dancers says:

  123. 123
    road to serfdom says:


  124. 124
    M103 says:

    Are these what they call ‘wiggers’?

  125. 125
    Gooey Blob says:

    You are very wrong, Labour’s lead is too small at this stage. Miliband is likely to win fewer seats than Brown did in 2010 and the Lib Dems might lose around 20. Guess which party is most likely to pick them up, courtesy of your hated working-class voters? Yes, that’s right, the party of aspiration…

  126. 126
    Not so Mystic Meg says:

    Judging by Will Straws looks I would say Murdoch’s missus isn’t the only friends wife Tony Blair has fucked.

  127. 127
    nell says:

    Why? Don’t you lock your door against intruders?

  128. 128
    Winston Smith says:

    Lord Nelson was black man

  129. 129
    what a gay dave says:

    Not voting is not doing nothing


    It removes their legitimacy to rule over us

  130. 130
    cured lefty says:

    Why dont you fuck off to india or africa and feel what real poverty is you fucking blind areshole.

  131. 131
    nell says:

    well kinnochio fell over in the sea and got his bum wet and then made a grotesquely rude gesture to whoever was watching including the kids playing on the beach – probably one of his most eminent achievements.

  132. 132
    Alex Mullet says:

    Rather than Scotland going their own way, perhaps the rest of the UK could split from London.

    We might end up being a bit poorer, but we’d probably be happier.

  133. 133
    Clickbait says:

    There is no reason for the machinery of government to based in London, nor for any university to be there.
    Government should move everything it can out to our other cities and do everything it can to address the imbalance described here.
    Because otherwise things aren’t just likely to get ‘interesting'; they are also probably going to get ugly

  134. 134
    cured lefty says:

    Sorry … Arseholes ….. like fozzie make me blood pressure soar.

  135. 135
    rick says:

    It was only until recently that the English dared even mention that mass emigration ‘may’ have a downside.

    Over 40yrs and the B&P have been unable to elect a single MP. We are a very frightened people. (I hope the B&P reference gets past Guido’s mod-bot ffs)

  136. 136
    Anonymous says:

    The David Moyes of politics:

  137. 137
    Cameron & Osborne says:

    We’ve fucked the whole country.

  138. 138
    Serves the Daily Heil right says:

    “Food banks see donations surge after being criticised by Mail on Sunday
    Number of Trussell Trust donors jumps after article wrongly accuses charity of failing to run proper checks on food parcel claimants”

  139. 139
    R. Youshore says:

    I think that award has already gone to the Brown/Balls duumvirate.

  140. 140
    nell says:

    To be fair the libdems deserve to be overtaken by UKIP. They’ve reneged on their own values and promises. They are happy to contemplate selling themselves to whichever side will give them a leg-up into power. They are inconsistent, leftwing and economically pretty wet.

  141. 141
    nell says:

    plus a milion!

  142. 142
    Serves the Daily Heil right says:

    The editor of that paper undoubtedly sleeps very well on his Scottish shooting estate – funded by the taxpayer in CAP subsidies.

    The Langwell estate has been claiming subsidies from the EU since 1999.

    As we all know the Daily Mail is very anti- EU as are the bulk of its readers.

    Strange then, that in 2011 alone, its editor, Paul Dacre, claimed £155,000 from taxpayers in EU subsidy CAP payments for his estate.

    Despite being the best paid newspaper editor in the country at £1.8 million last year.

    In return for that his paper has achieved the Number One spot – in the number of complaints to the Press Complaints Commission. Last year over 36% of all complaints to the PCC were about stories in the Daily Mail. Dacre sits on the committee and Chairs the Editor’s Code Committee.

    Perhaps the Mail should be investigating the abuse of taxpayer’s money a little closer to home.


  143. 143
    nell says:

    Nobody has ever yet explained why, with the most generous welfare system in the world, we need food banks – or who those foodbanks are really serving.

  144. 144
    Jackass Straw says:

  145. 145
    nell says:

    I remain hopeful that scotland is going to vote yes. It will save us, the English taxpayers £billions and rid us of a vast majority of scottish labour mps.

    Sadly I don’t think it’s going to happen.

  146. 146
    @hateliebour says:

    Clegg is trying to turn the EU debates into something he must win one day, If I was Farage I would tell him to take a run and jump, Clegg has proved he’s a loser twice, it doesn’t need another third confirmation vote, to know Clegg is a loser.

  147. 147
    P l e b says:

    Not since 2010, nell. Not since the Quiet Man got involved.

    Don’t you read anything other than the right-wing press?

  148. 148
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:

    Cameron deserves to be pilloried by his party for allowing the Lib Dems to derail the important decisions which could have averted the current depression the UK is mired in.

  149. 149
    @hateliebour says:

    Keep those fingers crossed Nell the NO Yes vote is with 3% so I hear.

  150. 150
    P l e b says:

    So the Mail basically is calling for charities to sanction people who have ALREADY been sanctioned by the DWP…?
    Dacre, you are a total bastard, I hope you rot in hell

  151. 151
    @hateliebour says:

    Oh! dear, the kids parents will be pleased to know they can get done taking kids out at school term for family holidays, but the teachers union can boast their General Secretary can boast of taking teachers on strike without any comeback, I’am sure the parents would be pleased to vote for her if they could.

  152. 152
    ████ 'changed my tune ' Hoon says:

    and inveterate liars.

  153. 153
    Bob Fleming says:

    there is infinite demand for free stuff – go figure

  154. 154
    nell says:


    Talking of the Hypocrisy of the left – this one is a laugh a second! alicampbell – saintbliar’s discredited spin doctor – the infamous author of the wmd at 45mins dossier, the public tormentor of D r D a v i d K e l l y, is accusing davidcameron of faking his Christianity!!

    I doubt very much whether alicampbell would recognise honesty, integrity,decency or any Christian principles if they smacked him on the nose!

  155. 155
    nell says:

    You don’t answer the questions asked. Why is that?

  156. 156
    The Home Office never says:

    There is nothing wrong with London that can’t be solved by rounding up the million or so illegals and slinging them out of the country. Rents and house prices will drop, jobs will become available for local people, congestion and stress on public services will be eased considerably, social integration will improve.

  157. 157
    @hateliebour says:

    I thought food banks started because illegal immigrants and immigrants that the country was getting rid of without incarcerating them due to the Liberal twits saying they had done nothing wrong, but they were in the middle of a black hole, they couldn’t work to earn money and couldn’t claim benefits so food banks were invented around 2004?, strange how goal posts change when it suits the politicians and strange that Liebour has forgotten to tell it’s tribe that’s what they were for.

  158. 158
    nell says:

    My view is, davidcameron was wrong to enter in to a coalition. He should have established a minority government as Harold Wilson did and then gone back to the polls soon after to obtain, hopefully, a majority government. Obviously that sort of action needs guts – todays politicians seems to lack that commodity.

  159. 159
    Bosun Higgs says:

    Will Straw’s family tree:

    A Straw Man
    Drinking Straw
    Worzel Gummidge = Aunt Sally
    Strawberry Fields
    The Wicker Man
    Jack Straw MP = Corn Dolly
    Will Straw

  160. 160
    M103 says:

    Bitter, angry, resentful people who are afraid of change buy the Mail, they buy it so they can have their world view re-affirmed by what they view as the legitimate media (‘its in the papers so it must be true’)
    Mostly racists, bigots, homophobes, sexist, stuck in the past individuals, I have to say that most of the people I know who buy the mail are several of the above. You are what you read and if you read lies and right wing propaganda you will, unfortunately, be a bit of an arsehole.

  161. 161
    chimp out says:

    cihmp out!

  162. 162
    Dorkass says:

    Santiago is in Chile you berk.

  163. 163
    Good observer says:

    you are a full arsehole!

  164. 164
    Keith Lemon says:

    I frequently did it too. But we are 21st Century acts and therefore post-modern ironic or something. There was blacking up in Jeeves and Wooster, but Fry and Laurie appeared in commercials supporting the Labour Party, so it is impossible for it to be considered racist. Ben Kingsly played Ghandi, but that’s alright as we were being shown how awful the British Empire was
    Michael Bates, however, browned up slightly in It Ain’t Half Hot Mum in the 70’s and 80’s, therefore he was a nazi.

  165. 165
    Dorkass says:

    Zen buddhism much?

  166. 166
    Will Straw says:

    Yo, bruv.
    Wanna score some dope?

  167. 167
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    ‘I doubt very much whether alicampbell would recognise honesty, integrity,decency or any Christian principles if they smacked him on the nose!’

    True, but he’s unlkely to have to with any of the present government front bench. Or the opposition front bench.

  168. 168
    M103 says:

    So when our capitalist paradise leaves you with nothing at all, you will have to get your food from those preaching to you how grateful you should be and to turn the other cheek.
    So basically our current society is like the Middle Ages plus electricity as far as I can tell.
    I think we can do better

  169. 169
    Will Straw says:

    u try sprelling ptoperlt when your out of yer fucking ming on drugs.

    Geedo, you wanno buy some blow? twenty five for an eighth. Don’t worry abotu the pigs maan, dadny was a cabinet minister and thepigs will be cool.

  170. 170
    Old Nick Heavenly (alive and kikin) says:

    quite right gay dave.

    By voting for any of the flukas you give them permission to rule in your name.

    If you feel compelled to vote then vote Ucrap to put the fear of Nigel up ‘em;


  171. 171
    Nigel Evans says:

    My back door is always open. Wide open.

  172. 172
    M103 says:

    I have daydreams that in 40 years time someone will sanction me (possibly a half human, half Google CyberStystems Inc. Cyborg) so I head to Harrods foodhall and just rob loads of top quality food while dressed up as something funny (maybe dresed up as Robin Hood), holding a baseball bat to keep the security at bay while I eat – a bit of non-violent art prank activism to which the press will be invited.

    “Why are you doing this?” the press will ask.
    “Because I’m fucking hungry?”
    “The police are on their way”
    “Yeah? Well don’t worry, I’m not going to eat them. I’m a vegetarian.”

  173. 173
    Old Nick Heavenly (alive and kikin) says:

    nothing to do with zen flukin buddism

    Their rule is legitimate because voting gives them that legitimacy.

    I know that all this is a bit hard for dummies who believed in the system for the whole lives and have recently become disillusioned.

    Bloody shame that you did not Wake up long ago!

  174. 174
    Spud Faced Nipper says:

    Is Cameron in charge of sacking Moyes?

  175. 175
    Jesus, pal of mo says:

    In his head dear boy, in his head.

  176. 176
    Truthteller says:

    Get a F-ing Grip.

  177. 177
    HM Queen Elizabeth II says:

    One is 88 today!
    Heil Hitler!

  178. 178
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:

    Agreed: But Cameron did not have the strength nor conviction to do that which is why he did not.

    D’avid D’avies likely would have done as you prescribe.

    Only benefit to Cameron for going into coalition has been to suppress those parts of his party which would otherwise want out of the EU, now that they have ruled out reform.

    The Conservative party itself does not deserve to be attacked, but Cameron’s goose is well and truly cooked now.

    Osborne, May or Bojo to try and take the lead ?

  179. 179
    DerrIn Brown has been shopped to the cops. says:

    Double Standards. Will Straw must go! Labour should be reported to cops. It is beyond funny now. Just nasty!

  180. 180
    Dorkass says:

    That would make sense if people were made aware of what Cameron stood for, what he would do as PM. Unfortunately, the Departure Lounge Doozy doesn’t know. Sam only tells him sometimes.

  181. 181
    Cinna says:

    I wish the cops would grow some balls and arrest that rabble rouser (name redacted). He’s another one who has overstayed his welcome and we’d be better off without.

  182. 182
    Mornington Crescent says:

    The key spokesman for the ‘atheists’ who is attacking Dave and Chr1stian1ty today is… a Muzz!

    And another is… a Beeboid!


  183. 183
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:


    This is a `wigger`.

  184. 184
    good samharidan says:

    Ask your doctor to change the meds. You do not seem to be benefitting from those he has you on at the moment

  185. 185
    DerrIn Brown has been shopped to the cops. says:

    Will clutching at Straws must stand down as a candidate for Labour! Unacceptable!

  186. 186
    Relive the battle of Acre with modern weapons says:

    Jesus Christ…

  187. 187
    Zyklon B says:

    If you used the Mail to wipe away shit, you’d be dirtying the shit

  188. 188
    Outraged of Toxteth says:

    Looking forward to Remembrance Day, when Straw can share in the exploits of his brave, patriotic grandfather.

  189. 189
    nell says:

    I do agree with you – davidcameron has been rather weak willed and a bit of a disappointment. It is possible that DavidDavis wuld have made a better leader – but then again he would have struggled to unite his party behind him. These things are always a juggling act and always interesting to watch.

  190. 190
    Anonymous says:

    ? explain please.

  191. 191
    nell says:

    It is a sad fact that these principles seem to have been thrown out of the political window since , at least, 1997, and no politician to date, has yet seen the need to re-introduce them.

  192. 192
    Crap magic says:

    Straw must stand down as candidate for Labour. Offensive.

  193. 193
    The Black Knight says:

    “It’s only a flesh wound.”

  194. 194
    Straw man says:

    solidarity with his fellow juicers during their extermination must make him popular with the zeonist horde.

  195. 195
    The Growler says:

    Rev. Dave see that nith man in your party who got away with doing naughty Rod-gering he will be able to tell you.

  196. 196
    helpful suggestion says:

    Hitler was a socialist, perhaps the Queen has become a lefty?

  197. 197
    Scottish Chav says:

    left = good no matter what
    right = evil evil evil
    the basic underlying tone of very post and article in the graun and every utterance of every socialist everywhere…
    … and scarily, given its their fundamental underlying philosophical principle … its wrong!

  198. 198
    ren & stimpy says:

    One of them was a Stephen Fry. God help us from this odious, gay creep.

  199. 199
    Lewis Hamilton says:

    Because she’s a moron.

  200. 200
    Straw man says:

    Wot a skool report, Tracey Blower, expelled more times from the state-sponsored brainwashing care-homes, for head gurl

  201. 201
    Landlady says:

    I’ll tell you what, Owen, I’ll give you a cola in a pint glass.

  202. 202
    The Mail, outselling the Guardian by miles says:

    Where there’s muck there’s brass lad.

  203. 203
    Christine Blowhard says:

    She’s no doubt embarrassed about her own pay going up from £103k to £142k to £154k

    how many teachers could you get for one blower I wonder?

  204. 204
    Mark Menzies,Moderator says:

    Have fun douchebag.

  205. 205
    Still, it could be worse says:

    there is an error, that should read
    ” romanian men have bigger wives than you and make your penis laugh like it used to”

  206. 206
    Bob Crow says:

    Arrogant, hypocritical little khunt. Never liked him.

  207. 207
    An empty supermarket shelf in Venezuela says:

    Er, I think you’ll find that communist distopias leave people with nothing at all.

  208. 208
    Bill Stickers says:

    Funny, but Photoshop.

    Here’s another billboard:


  209. 209
    Bitter, angry, resentful, afraid of change, but still better than you will ever be :-D says:

    Yes, every opinion you hold is the true, righteous, and correct one, and all who deviate from your holy truth are evil ugly fucktards… but what are you going do about it, shithead :-D

    We’ve got all the money, we’ve got all the power, you’ve got nothing, you are nothing, we are the winners, you are the losers
    f’cuk you, and f’uck everything you stand for; f’uck the f’uck off and f’uck off some more and kill yourself when you get there :-D

  210. 210
    nell says:

    yo years! Alas I’ll be gone by then! My dream is that before my time is up I shall see the UK out of the EU. And no I don’t have any hopes that UKIP will make that happen. We can all but hope!

  211. 211
    Bitter, angry, resentful, humanities graduate says:

    someone will section you in a lot less than 40 years.

  212. 212
    Bitter, angry, resentful, bigoted humanities graduate says:

    No, you’re thinking of Africa.

  213. 213
    Yoda senses a disturbance in the farce says:

    The politics of envy is in you deeply entrenched oh Padawan.

  214. 214
    The Growler says:

    Better than those Fawkesy does though

  215. 215
    Yoda senses a disturbance in the farce says:

    Lefties are so thick, it wouldn’t occur to this dopey fucker that the BBC would be straight round to film any story involving the death of disabled or vulnerable people, or young children, due to supposed cuts.

  216. 216
    william hunt says:

    conch shell sound says … phallic is worshipped in hindu temples worldwide and blood of christ is drunk in churches worldwide. what about the mullahs in mosques… did anyone say, mmm or mmm is the world. world one word two. which road?

  217. 217
    ER II says:

    ethopian royalty says, what’s under your hat?

  218. 218
    Bitter, angry, resentful, bigoted humanities graduate says:


    As they have admitted themselves, there’s no point in the LibDems since the Tories and Labour have converged with them into a single left-wing yet fascist party.

    There used to be a party called The Whigs that renamed itself the Liberal Party, and it used to stand for something called liberty. The Liberal Party got hijacked by those Socialists who had learnt to walk on land, and co-opted by them; but they have since bailed and returned to the Labour Party now that Labour has been progressively purged of working class people, so now you are left with two empty political husks called Liberal, and a lot of liberty has been sacrificed in trying to achieve this goal.

    If the LibDems were to reinvent themselves, it would mean dumping the LibDems and returning to the Liberal Party and standing for Liberty, and maybe something more libertarian, and opposing illiberal projects like the EU, and CCTV cameras, and databases and all that shit. You can’t be liberal and associate yourself with statism and paternalism.

    loathe them or hate them, UKIP stand for something, and that’s about all that differentiates them from the LibLabCon blob.

    There’s a big chunk of disenfranchised electorate that have been totally turned off politic s by the left-wing statist establishment, and they are there for UKIP to take, along with the betrayed labour vote.

    it’s just a matter of time before young people realise how much immigration and the EU has done to ruin their futures.

  219. 219
    frank says:

    I’m disgusted and disappointed. A whole article about some hopeless little commie inheriting a seat and, literally, no one has used the phrase “clutching at straws.”

    If the NUT go on strike does that mean we can hire some real teachers instead?

  220. 220
    innocent what? says:

    Is that how much it cost to pay off his bird’s libel damages?

  221. 221
    jerome coconut kernel says:

    smike get in your eyes

  222. 222
    nell says:

    Do what I’ve done with YoungNells, put her into the Independent Sector – teaching standards exceptionally high, pastoral care second to none, great supportive family atmosphere , enthusiastic teachers and they don’t strike.

  223. 223
    Podiceps says:

    Look carefully: this is a photoshopped photograph. Note the greater clarity of the added black letters compared with the red ones below, and the slight rightward slope of the black lettering near the top left corner.

  224. 224
    e&oe (ret'd) says:

    for ‘smike’ above – read smoke

    freudian slip perhaps? – poor smike was at a ‘northern school’ supervised by wackford squeers and his comely daughter britney

  225. 225
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Will Straw rendered hypocritical.

  226. 226
    nell says:

    Oh Dear a beeboid and stephenfry and no doubt the atheist alicampbell or some of his supporters were in there too.

    Lovely crowd!!

  227. 227
    Nick Fury says:

    heil hydra… I knew Labour was full of ex Nazi supermen!

  228. 228
    ER II says:

    and george clooney is royalty in ethopia.
    it is a jungle out there but there is space for more. noe magine being spaced out and swim. when dropped in space, instinct says swim, mind says float.

  229. 229
    Hourglass Watch says:

    One was that shrivelled tat cell bender, funny that, would be probably the first to swing from the lam posts when mozz takes over.

  230. 230
    Labour = EVIL says:

    how many on the Jarrow march would vomit at the treachery new Labour has performed upon the workers, the legions of lying sexual deviant thieving feminist middle-class scum hijacking the Labour party and selling out socialism and Clause IV and destroying the economy. a hundred years of Labour has caused perpetual vile disgusting misery in the shitholes they scrape votes from… Labour are the pigs in animal farm… the IngSoc in 1984, The Labour Party makes the devil look like a children’s tv presenter. EVIL FASCIST LABOUR.

  231. 231
    nell says:

    Far too simplistic!!

  232. 232
    JH398i49234-032 says:

    You forgot ‘millionaire’.

  233. 233
    Hourglass Watch says:

    Is Cams damascene proclamation about Crosby, Ned and the joos, mozz, UKIP or what?

  234. 234
  235. 235
    Hourglass Watch says:

    So P M has a new front to offer. Is it a one off offer for this weekend or a true new trust me I’m a religio?

  236. 236
    Hourglass Watch says:

    You are a bore and conceited.

  237. 237
    HM Queen Elizabeth II says:

    Phillip has the number tattooed on his buttocks…

  238. 238
    Neds Meds says:

    Come along mr millie, your new ‘jacket’ awaits and we have some nice padding on the walls. Anybody can lose a lead, it’s nothing to be upset about.

  239. 239
    Cinna says:

    You can add the odious Toynbee and Terry Prat to the list as well.

  240. 240
    Anonymous says:

    Yes. Another desperately feeble lie by the cretins trying to maintain the status quo.

  241. 241
    notavote says:

    Further proof that this current system is inherently flawed where nepotism can and does prevail on ALL sides.
    Join the None of the Above campaign and help us as we try to change the system.

    See http://www.notavote.co.uk/ for details

  242. 242
    Neds Meds voting UKIP says:

    Islamic school hardliners ‘confiscated Easter eggs from pupils’ as head of Ofsted takes charge of inquiry into ‘Muslim Trojan Horse plot’

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2609332/Islamic-school-hardliners-confiscated-Easter-eggs-pupils-head-Ofsted-takes-charge-inquiry-Muslim-Trojan-Horse-plot.html#ixzz2zXxEjxdD
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  243. 243
    Nigel Farage says:

    Let’s worry about our own campaign and not pay too much attention to other party campaigns. We need to spread the Conservative message!

  244. 244
    VileLabourEvil says:

    h o w _ m a n y _ o n _ t h e _ J a r r o w _ m a r c h _ w o u l d _ v o m i t _ a t _ t h e _ t r e a c h e r y _ n e w _ L a b o u r _ h a s _ p e r f o r m e d _ u p o n _ t h e _ w o r k e r s , _ t h e _ l e g i o n s _ o f _ l y i n g _ s e x u a l _ d e v i a n t _ t h i e v i n g _ f e m i n i s t _ m i d d l e _-_ c l a s s _ s c u m _ h i j a c k i n g _ t h e _ L a b o u r _ P a r t y _ a n d _ s e l l i n g _ o u t _ s o c i a l i s m _ a n d _ C l a u s e _ 4 _ a n d _ d e s t r o y i n g _ t h e _ e c o n o m y . _ 1 0 0 _ y e a r s _ o f _ L a b o u r _ h a s _ c a u s e d _ p e r p e t u a l _ v i l e _ d i s g u s t i n g _ m i s e r y _ i n _ t h e _ s h i t h o l e s _ t h e y _ s c r a p e _ v o t e s _ f r o m… L a b o u r _ a r e _ t h e _ p i g s _ i n _ a n i m a l _ f a r m… t h e _ I n g S o c _ i n _ 1 9 8 4 , _ T h e _ L a b o u r _ P a r t y _ m a k e s _ t h e _ d e v i l _ l o o k _ l i k e _ a _ c h i l d r e n ’ s _ t v _ p r e s e n t e r . E V I L _ F A S C I S T _ L A B O U R.

  245. 245
    ooga chukka says:

    Yeah, and what about those white wannabe maoris doing the haka all the time… someone ought to hand those pygmies a mirror.

  246. 246
    Little Black Sambo says:

    Please transalte.

  247. 247
    JH398i49234-032 says:

    Well, who would have thought Ebola would ‘break through all containment efforts’ when we are hellbent on importing just the sort of people who carry it.

    Nature punishes those who affront her hard. AIDS was a warm up.

  248. 248
    the top 10% says:

    it also removes your legitimacy to complain about it.

  249. 249
    Flower Power says:

    Coop dansers?

  250. 250
    Gay Gordon says:

    I am sure David Moyes will enjoy many happy and successful years as manager of Manchester United.

  251. 251
    Nige the Impaler says:

    I’ve seen Romanian penises, and they made me laugh

  252. 252
    nell says:

    Bless. You are probably one of those grossly failed state teachers that we are not able to sack. I’m just glad we are shut of you.

  253. 253
    JH398i49234-032 says:

    I want our immigration laws changed to make it virtually impossible to get in if you come from a culture which has proven itself troublesome.

    You are afraid of that change. You are clearly narrow minded, etc etc etc.

    Hey, this is easy.

  254. 254
    Anonymous says:

    What does Owen Jones say about Will Straw’s antics? All I hear is silence.

  255. 255
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Fry would to well to listen to others – something a selfish, cosseted, overrated creep like him is incapable of doing; particularly the Chief Exec (or whatever he’s called) of the British Js (Fry’s religious origin) who said today that he had absolutely no problem with what Dave said and that those taking issue with Dave were picking a fight for the sake of it.

  256. 256
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:

    Everytime I think of Al Campbell I experience a lie.

    Can he please just fuck off.

  257. 257
    We English have no right to exist says:

    Don’t worry about what’s happening to your children right under your nose, or what this country will be like in 30 years time. It’s the Ukraine, Crimea and Russia that should be occupying 100% of your attention.

    Our neo-con friends of a foreign country 5th column masters have decreed it.

  258. 258
    The BBC says:

    Sorry, we can’t use this story.

    Let us know when a Tory or UKIP’er does it though.

  259. 259
    Jack Dromey says:

    Does he black up his cock?

  260. 260
    Meanwhile, in a galaxy far far to the left says:

    The farce is strong with this one:

  261. 261
    Hourglass Watch says:

    Completely wrong as usual. Denigrating everybody except Fens bumpkins is the basis of your evident unbelievable blinkered view of the world. FFS find a man. BTW are all your charge’s teachers qualified?

    Don’t tell me, you don’t believe in the value of an ability to teach. It’s a vocation, you know.

  262. 262
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Can someone please explain to me who Will Straw actually is – apart from being ‘son of’, of course. What of any use does he actually do in life? What has he invented? What has he created? How many jobs has he created in a business?

    No, seriously.

  263. 263
    Gordy's Med Team says:

    So you Mongo advised Sir Fergie. thought so.

  264. 264
    The greedy right says:

    Don’t forget us. We also love endless, unrestricted mass immigration as well, and screw the consequences.

    It’s good for the economy you know, or rather our bank accounts, so long as you idiots foot the bill for the social costs of importing millions.

    And when it all goes tits up we’ll all be doing a runner, leaving you mugs to carry the can.

  265. 265
    Gordy's Med Team says:

    Ok ok someone has to say it… Is this the last Straw??

  266. 266
    Cause and effect are lost on some people says:

    Trouble is Pat Condell is a supporter of mass immigration.

    It’s about time he realised the policies he supports inevitably leads to the situation he rants about.

  267. 267
    88 says:

    Two fat ladies!

  268. 268
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:

    De-Bolloxing Climate Change:

    Some weird facts about average temperatures as measured by land based weather stations:

    i) The Northern Tropics are warmer than the Southern Tropics.
    ii) The tropics overall are about 14 deg warmer than the Northern Hemisphere, and 7 deg warmer than the Southern.
    iii) The Northern Hemisphere non-tropical Region is cooler than the Southern Hemisphere non-tropical region.
    iv) The Northern Hemisphere is overall cooler than the Southern Hemisphere.

    Some available data for land measurements:


  269. 269
  270. 270
    The Mad Midlands Muzzo Mulla (living in UK courtesy 'Dave', B£iar, Brhune, Bishops etc) says:

    There will be no arse bandits in my adopted country – or Easter Eggs – or choccy rabbits –

    I doff my turbun to the Liberal Lefty brigade and invite ALL the uncircumcised Lefty Wimmin to voluntarily be cut of their own free will – or face being called on by our enthusiastic enforcement teams.

    That is all – for now.

  271. 271
    Private Sector Employee says:

    have teachers ever considered getting another job?

    how fucking dense do you have to be to continue in a job where you are not valued

  272. 272
    nell says:

    ‘Folks from the Fens are bumpkins’ and ‘find a man’ and ‘are all my charge’s teachers qualified?’ LOL!

    Is that your ‘educated’ debate of the issue?

    If that’s what you think of people of varying walks of life I do hope you are not in teaching because it displays a terrible shallowness and a shocking lack of understanding of reality!!!

  273. 273
    Admirer of Sensible People who care for the right things says:

    Well done Nell – would that more followed your example.

  274. 274
    Dave T says:

    Dirty, rancid ,Mozzie piss streams ,kill the fucking lot of the raghead rapists.

  275. 275
    Gordy's Med Team, this is big shit says:

    (Google Translation via Italy’s Vnews24)

    And ‘mystery about forty hypothetical cases of Ebola registered in our country. The virus is particularly common on the African continent – the cases “official” were recorded in Senegal, Mali and Ghana – may have arrived in Italy “thank you” to the massive exodus of immigrants to our shores. A first “bell” d ‘alarm was launched by Lampedusa. According to a report appeared in the network (and immediately removed for reasons of “national security”), in fact, April 16 would be recorded on an epidemic ‘island, never confirmed nor refuted by our Ministry of Health.

    A new ”SOS” about the spread of the virus’ Ebola in the Bel Paese is, this time, from Tuscany. Means of dissemination of the news shock is always the network: blogs, social networks, websites dedicated highlighted the “Curious Case of St. Flushing,” reception center site in Pisa, closed to the public due to the presence, all ‘inside of it, forty non-EU nationals which are to some strange symptoms. Capuzzi Sandra, Councillor for Social Policies of the Municipality of Pisa, he would have dismissed the alarmism of his countrymen, by classifying the health status of the refugees in the structure in these terms: “They have just a little bit fever, caused by stressful travel conditions under which the children were subjected. “

    Fear, meanwhile, remains. The forty possible carriers of the virus’ Ebola have been subjected to all the tests required in high-risk situations. The Italian population, however, does not feel the climate of reassurance that high institutional positions and subjected try to transmit information through various channels, official and unofficial. The tension increases, although the Ministry of Health said that, in the unlikely event of an outbreak, Rome and Milan would be ready to face the ‘epidemic.

  276. 276
    Ctesibius says:

    His sole independent job was as a small time drug dealer

  277. 277
    Private Sector Employee says:

    Will Straw’s political thinking can be illustrated in Excel

  278. 278
    Anonymous says:

    Hi Jacky – How’s it looking in the girl’s loo tonight?

  279. 279
    nell says:

    You are right about ‘the value of the ability to teach’ and teaching being a ‘vocation’ – YoungNells is now surrounded by people who fit that description and she is now thriving. Sadly there are too few teachers in the state sector that come up to that standard.

    Poor Gove has an uphill struggle to get the state sector which was trashed by labour, especially bullyballs when he was Secretary of State for Education, to match that!!

  280. 280
    Is Lamb Off Opik? says:

    Is he? Interesting. He has a very good analysis of the Sharia threat, but as you say doesn’t appear to connect that to mass immigration – which also links in with
    our disastrous population growth, completely inappropriate for an advanced economy like ours.

  281. 281
    Anonymous says:

    You can’t use a story about a bloke who changes / changed his colours more often than your idol Brhoon had good ideas?

    Nah! Can’t believe that.

  282. 282
    Gillian Duffy says:

    Gordon shouldn’t have called me a bigot, he would have won otherwise. That loaf of bread I went out to buy cost him the election you know.

  283. 283
    Athelstan says:

    Nothing. At least, the government does nothing. Nor does our cowardly army. London invaded and not a single shot fired. Pathetic.

  284. 284
    Is Lamb Off Opik? says:

    I find Owen Jones’ impersonation of a northerner quite offensive.

  285. 285
    A woman says:

    Would you sleep with Jack?

  286. 286
    JarsMin Halibut Brhoon says:

    I need a good strong stiff man – a man with an iron rod – like we used to have in Uganda.

  287. 287
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:

    Those that can, do, those that can’t teach.


  288. 288
    nell says:

    Not everyone who puts their children/grandchildren through Independent education are wealthy. They give up holidays they give up having fancy cars or like us they surrender their pensions to make sure that their next generation is properly educated and cared for.

    We are proud to have done it.

    Hopefully if Gove succeeds in defeating the leftwing teaching unions and bringing in decent educational standards and proper pastoral care for all of our children in the state sector the next generation of grandparents won’t have to surrender their pensions to educate their grandchildren in the private sector.

    But Gove is not there yet!!!

  289. 289
    A woman says:

    Most people are not valued by their employers. Company loyalty is a mug’s game.

  290. 290
    Anonymous says:


  291. 291
    Politician Watch says:

    Did he pay tax on his profits?

  292. 292
    nell says:

    Will Straw’s thinking is based on MP’s salary + max expenses that can be claimed in one year + max expenses that can be claimed for constituency office plus staff + handouts that can be gotten for asking questions for companies in the HoP + monies paid for representing companies for whatever reason and on and on and on…..

    Result = manage to hang on to constituency seat for 2 terms = multi millionaire status!!

  293. 293
    Jack Straw says:

    I told my son the English as a race were not worth saving so his solution is to make English people black up so they look more like ethnics. How on earth does that make him racist? Now shut up and give him a safe seat so that along with young Blair, Kinnock, Prescott and Dromey he can fight for equality and fairness.

  294. 294

    Can we expect the next Labour Party manifesto to include a promise to bring back the George Mitchell Minstrels?

  295. 295
    Ed Miliband says:

    If you would like to be in the parliamentary Labour party, please send us an application stating who you are, why you want to be a Labour MP and which former front bencher you are related to.

  296. 296
    @hateliebour says:

    Remember, it’s the stuff they use on the soil to make wheat etc grow, even paper is used, so we all eat shit, they pump the mixture on the land , yes it’s human shit so what’s your problem, so long as the weather is cold it doesn’t smell, hot weather, living in the country is then full of smells, fresh air at it’s best.

  297. 297
    Ed Miliband says:

    PS – Immediate family only. No cousins.

  298. 298
    nell says:

    You’re expecting a labour party manifesto? You have to be kidding!!!

  299. 299
    nell says:

    unless you’re related to bliar, straw, kinnochio or prescott, however distant, then we’ll guarantee you a safe seat!!!

  300. 300
    The good old days says:

    Good old black and white minstrels, there were nowt wrong wi that, whats wrong wi blacked up faces an pretty girls, or that Len Dawson e were great.
    Always summat ta watch back them.

  301. 301
    Anonymous says:

    Do you mean that rabble rouser David Cameron who has well overstayed his welcome ?

    David Cameron, that liar who hates the UK and looks forward to inheriting his father in laws windmill which pays out £750,000 each and every year.

  302. 302
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:

    There are a number of errors in the CRUTEM data set.

    -99 for example is used to indicate a missing data point. Fine.

    But, a whole bunch of mainly Afr!can stations are recorded as having ‘0’ as monthly average for Jan roughly from 1952 thru 2012.

    Seems to be an up-trend in from 2006 in the Northern Hemisphere Non-Tropical data which will look into next – smelling like data errors as there is no corresponding uptrend in either the Southern Hemisphere or Nothern Hemisphere Tropical data.

    There is an example of the Met office ‘fucking’ with minds here:


    Note: The data series can be downloaded else where on the met site, and give coverage for the UK. The weather stations are a subset of those included in the CRUTEM data set.

    What I mean by ‘fucking’ with minds is that the easy download met data gives the average max / min monthly temperatures for stations around the UK: Not the average monthly temperatures.

    The average monthly temperature is not the average of the monthly max / min – those measures give a good range, but distort what you may perceive to be the actual average temperature which can be found in the CRUTEM set.

    Next stop – the ICOADS data set: That is the data gathered by ships for sea temperatures etc.

    The CRUTEM being a set of land based measurements is representative only of temperatures measured across 29% of the Earth’s surface: important to us as this is what we generally experience day to day, but hardly definitive.

  303. 303
    Cardinal Biggles says:


    The Brown/Balls dumbvirate.

  304. 304
    nmj says:

    Silence is the best thing to hear from him.

  305. 305
    Still, it could be worse says:

    I wonder what Stephen Nolan is going to do with all the loose skin that he will acquire due to dieting ? If it were my skin I might contemplate having it surgically removed and preserved in the form of something that I could write on, in blood or something. I could compose a curse having walked 3 times around and danced a jig and write it upon my skin as a powerful incantation to call the power of the satanic broadcasting demon upon my enemies.
    just a suggestion.

  306. 306
    Gilbert Fiddler says:

    Baaah baaah baaaah baaah baaah

  307. 307
    Still, it could be worse says:

    eh up lad, thae must not ignore call when opportunity knocks.

  308. 308
    That's prolly twaddle fucked then says:

    Other reports trickling in from various sources like social media indicate the virus may have also appeared about 50 miles from Pisa in Tuscany, Italy.

  309. 309
    nell says:

    labour remind me of cromwells Puritans – they didn’t believe in laughing, they didn’t like music, they didn’t believe in dancing and they regarded anything other than the most dingy of black and white clothes with no frills or lace etc as wicked.

    Dreary dreary , unimaginative people!

  310. 310
    P L E B says:

    I am an utter total hypocritical lying Cnut

  311. 311
    The Britannia Coco-nut Dancers says:

    “Those that can, do, those that can’t teach.”


    Do you think the likes of Rawls and Quine were those that could not do?

    Failure is an emprical part of scince. Nothing to be ashamed of…except those that CRAVE success.

    Where did you fail btw…Yankee?

  312. 312
    The Wild Colonial Boy says:

    Pleased to oblige.

  313. 313

    …and those who can’t teach, teach teachers. ;-)

  314. 314
    Anonymous says:

    Two things.

    1) If the Eastern Europeans are here legally and working, that’s fine. If they are working cash in hand and claiming benefits then its not ok.

    2) It’s the illegals from Africa, the Middle East and Asia who come, work illegally and then claim benefits and a passport / residency that are the problem.

  315. 315
    Anonymous says:

    Perfectly possible. The missing ingredient is water.

    The poles are great big capacitors of “cold”. That is why the coldest day does not align with the shortest day. It is the fact that they melt/freeze every year that makes the delay. They just happen to be totally different in the construction.

    When anything melts it flows. The water flows of the world are the energy conveyors. Although in general there is a division in the north south weather, there is no division of the oceans.

    Finally the world was not made even. Some one really messed up with the division of the land mass between the hemispheres. They are the cause of these anomalies. It has nothing to do with the so called climate scientists. They are irrelevant.

    When the scientific world agreed on the flatness of this planet, some had seen the Oceans and knew the experts were nutters. The same is happening today. We are not all knowing, we will be ridiculed, as we ridicule those a few hundred years ago. To claim you know something with certainty is to prove only that you are a fool.

  316. 316
    bbb says:

    Of course they value employees

    that is what wages are for

    if you wnt more than you are worth start you own company

  317. 317
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Nothing that puritan about the Roundheads, they seem to be very Cavalier with our money.

  318. 318
    Anonymous says:

    The BBC on Radio 2 did there usual lefty shitty tricks at smearing the Christian UK.

    1) Invite anti Christian onto the programme, in the studio and let them speak for ages and don’t interrupt them.

    2) Invite pro Christian onto the programme but interview them via a scrappy mobile phone line so they are difficult to understand and there is a time delay.

    3) Keep interrupting the pro Christian speaker and don’t let them finish their points.

    4) Let the anti Christian guest speak slowly and clearly without interruption.

    5) Follow up the interviews with more commentary against the Christian view point.

    Absolutely disgusting biased behavior by the BBC.

  319. 319
    Anonymous says:

    When a teachers union leader was challenged on sky news this morning as to what they were going to do about the Muslim take over if schools in Birmingham she said ” yes we should resist this as we do to right wing extremist take over of schools”

    WTF? How odd this twisted minded bimbo get from the question to the other point without drawing breath and where no such evidence exists. In fact more evidence exists of the left twisting are children’s minds than any other body.

    Typical leftie.

  320. 320
    Fabians are Evil says:

    It is no wonder (but not excusable) that Anders Brevik took to a gun to protest against the socialist political elite who were ensuring that their offspring stepped into their shoes. What on earth equips this stupid boy to seek power over us?

  321. 321
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:


  322. 322
    nell says:

    For anyone who thinks folks from the Fens are bumpkins.

    Love this piece always reminds me of my childhood when larks really did sing in the Fens in the summer.

    Peaceful and Happy Easter!!

  323. 323
    Anonymous says:

    It morphs into the BBC’s London centric champagne socialist school of politics, anti British extremism and utter hatred of the English, Christianity and hideously white people that must all have their noses rubbed in diversity.

  324. 324

    Now Nozick rejected old Rawles
    His Examined Life made Libertarian calls.
    He lifted our sights,
    Rejecting inalienable rights,
    Which showed the “utility monster” as balls!

  325. 325
    Still, it could be worse says:

    but, seriously folks,
    lest you are thinking otherwise probably I should inform that what you think is a true thing is probably not. All the things that are happening are just echoing in our world of the battle that is ensuing in the real world of which we are normally oblivious.
    You consider that as an article having free will that you can transcend controls but you fail to recognize that you are just a vessel for other forces.
    for example you think you thought of something because you thought of it ? get real those are ideas “planted” there by the other ones.
    you can see the pattern of their games and battles in the inventions and the changes that have been made since the idyllic times when all we had to do to survive was to go and pick a few crops from the trees or gather some things from the sea. now they battle for your attention; the evil ones and the pure ones. Do not be distracted by the evil temptations, hold fast to your primitive instinct go with the side of the good guys, you know what I mean.
    In control of distribution of thoughts by entertainment are given clues. the creative “plucks” thoughts from the ether which is there for the purpose of influencing. Have you ever considered what is the origin and intention of fashion ?
    …to be continued

  326. 326

    Will trade one Rawls with a scince!

  327. 327
    nell says:

    Oh exactly – cromwell died a very rich man , as will mugabe, putin and that ex ukraine president who has squirrelled £billions away.

    socialism is all about feathering the nests of the leaders and letting the prols starve!!

  328. 328
    Rickytshirt says:

    Once the muslim takeover has been dealt with, we should start clearing dealing with the purveyors of lefty indoctination.

  329. 329
    Anonymous says:

    And many agree with you.

    Camerons latest religous proclomations after years if in-action and silence is truely shallow and barrel scraping.

    It was not long ago that a UK nurse was being prosecuted for wearing a Christain cross at work around her neck – where was Cameron then ? Utterly silent like the utterly duplicitous liar he is.

    There was also the case of the white van man who was employed by a utility company I think, he had a cross hanging in on the rear view mirror in his van – again he was prosecuted and where was Cameron, utterly silent like the utterly duplicitous liar he is.

    The only religion Cameron believes in, is his own god given right to rule the plebs in this country together with his Eton toff mates. Utterly out of touch.

    Cameron has only spoken about religion because UKIP have struck the fear of God into him.

    Cameron’s blatant religious electioneering is truly disgusting and proves beyond doubt, the man will lie, lie and lie again in his desperate attempt to stay in power.

  330. 330

    Gordon Brown is to warn that an independent Scotland would face a pensions time bomb, with an annual bill in the first year of separation estimated at three times the income from North Sea oil. – Telegraph

    If that is true, do we have to wait for the referendum? Why can’t we show them the door now and start to save ourselves some money?

  331. 331
    Where was that hypocrite Cameron when these Christians were trying to express their faith ? says:


    Christians do not have a right to wear a cross or crucifix openly at work, the Government is to argue in a landmark court case.

    The response, prepared by the Foreign Office, adds: “In neither case is there any suggestion that the wearing of a visible cross or crucifix was a generally recognised form of practising the Christian faith, still less one that is regarded (including by the applicants themselves) as a requirement of the faith.”



  332. 332
    Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

    I am the World expert on pensions, although I was never very good with numbers. I would always tax people’s pensions into penury.

  333. 333
    The Britannia Coco-nut Dancers says:

    My word…you were on to that one quickly;)

    Here’s my point. If you don’t accept the Rawlsian Social Justice Difference Principle that fairness should, if inequality is to advantage anyone, it should advantage the worst off or underprivileged, this is a pseudo-argument.

    Here’s why. When the benefit system was introduced after WWII, many had argued that it was needed to raise the falling population. That’s what it was about! But there were two sides to that concern back in the 1930s and 40s. One was about the below replacement level birth rate (a TFR of 2.1 or above is required to replace the parents) meaning the population would age in 30-60 years with an impact on pension and much more, and the other was differential fertility, i.e that those who were more able or better off were having far less kids than those who were less bright and, thus, usually, poorer off. That spells dumbing down.

    Since the 1930s, equal opportunity and comprehensive education has pretty much removed the barriers to higher education which once limited those with ability amongst the poor to get a place in higher education, so now the problem is that of dysgenic fertility i.e too many kids being born in the less able/poor part of the population distribution (Gaussian in IQ)s and not enough being born in the more able part. This skews the population towards being less skilled over time, which has a negative effect on economic productivity, whilst also burdening the dwindling numbers with productive ability with higher costs of supporting the swelling numbers of the less productive. Left to continue, the whole culture economically and socially implodes like a star does into a black hole, gravitationally sucking everything around into oblivion. That’s what’s unfair about the Rawlsian model of Social Justice, and that’s why the Conservatives should have cut child benefit at the low end of the distribution. They didn’t. The reason that’s bad is because it doesn’t address the critical problems. Cutting the number of studentships for university will help increase the birth-rate amongst the average and above, albeit the effect taking at least a generation or so to have any effect, but that’s far longer than any government is usually in power in the UK. This is why the only way to solve these problems is the way the Chinese did, i..e via Democratic Centralism, which is essentially Fabian Socialism (Old Labour) on steroids..

    The rest is idle ‘narrative’, except, where does the revenue go, it goes to make the gap between the self satisfied able wealthier and the less able, poorer. See Michael Young here:


  334. 334
    nell says:

    Exactly! If Scotland is facing a pensions time bomb, and gordonbrown knows all about that having robbed us blind of our pension funds !, let us campaign for a Yes vote for Scotland to be independent.

    Take back all your unwanted labour mp’s , give us back our £billions of donations to your welfare budget and be free with our Blessings!!

  335. 335
  336. 336
    Still, it could be worse says:

    I thought I might share my thoughts because I think it is relevant here and it is something that has been troubling me.
    let’s take an heir to the throne for example who is given an adventurous education and becomes confident in his abilities in interaction with other humans and machines. In that confidence is what ? about what ? ” given a situation he will do what is necessary to get to the goal regardless of self”.. in an honorable fashion.
    Then consider a person who has stepped away from any values and has decided to make his own values, we call those people criminals, their souls are probably lost ( if you believe that stuff ) but in this world they can create a lot of havoc.
    someone with that ruthlessness married (in the sense of joined) to a theatrical politician could well change the world order.

  337. 337
  338. 338
  339. 339
    That famous supporter of Christians David Cameron says:

    Christians do not have a right to wear a cross or crucifix openly at work, the Government is to argue in a landmark court case.

    The response, prepared by the Foreign Office, adds: “In neither case is there any suggestion that the wearing of a visible cross or crucifix was a generally recognised form of practising the Christian faith, still less one that is regarded (including by the applicants themselves) as a requirement of the faith.”

  340. 340
    Get up, stand up says:

    It’s time to vote UKIP, not piss about with petitions.

  341. 341
    BBC Oberstleutnant says:

    Jahwohl zis is indeed zer kase

    it is taking ze long time for ze British to underztand zis!

  342. 342
    @hateliebour says:

    Smells like Brown is starting his scare tactics, seeing the the YES/NO vote is close to being even, pensions would be a part of the discussions in the split process after all all those Scottish uncivil servants and MPs wouldn’t want to lose their pensions after not working hard for them but I bet they fight too and nail for their pensions if it’s a yes, including that piece of crap Brown.

  343. 343
    eternal vigilance says:

    Not just one schoo dickhead.


  344. 344
    Stupid fakery gets you nowhere says:


  345. 345

    Huge subject!

    I think there are problems with many strands in the line of reasoning over it and I actually feel some sympathy for Michael Young’s argument in the article, despite not being a natural bedfellow of his.

    Agree completely with you that the Rawls approach turned out to be unfair, despite the irony of it having been ethically predicated on fairness! It was a pseudo argument, you are quite right.

    Whilst intelligence is partly a result of inherited genes, the part played by conditioning is underestimated in all the arguments IMO, especially in the age of internet. We often see how ordinary people have extraordinary children and vice versa.

    Privilege does normally confer an advantage but some are inclined to become over-obsessed by that smaller picture. Ironically, it is the “party of the people” which is creating its own dynasties now.

    Democratic Centralism is simply inhuman.

    The entire benefit system is a confidence trick and falls in the same class as fiat money.

    No good answer save to cast away so much of the interference that is still being added to by the current government. With much of that gone, the situation will improve dramatically. When the tide comes in then all the boats rise (unless they have been hopelessly holed beyond repair.)

  346. 346
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Goody, anybody get their hands on a few hundred thousand blank postal votes, we (The English) only need to make up about another 3% now for YES!.

  347. 347
    Don't whine, vote UKIP says:

    Stupid boy.

    If you had any grasp of history you would realise what a c#nt you are.

    Vote UKIP and stop whining.

  348. 348
    Crimewatch UK says:

    He first came to fame as a drugs dealer


    Didn’t r4alise he had a criminal uncle as well as a criminal dad and grandad.

    Young William Straw, not to be confused with an uncle of the same name recently arrested on assault charges, was exposed after supplying a Mirror reporter with cannabis resin in 1997.

    “Mirror editor Piers Morgan said he had no intention of publishing the story”

    Following the arrest of the minor, the episode descended into farce.

    Reporter Dawn Alford was herself arrested for drugs possession arising from her scoop and the newspapers were served with an injunction preventing them naming the “cabinet minister’s son” at the centre of the case.

  349. 349
    Dolphin Square Boys Club says:

    Why would leon Britain trend? *innocent face*

  350. 350
    Don't whine, vote UKIP says:

    What the left really hate is people who try to better themselves.

    It wasn’t always this way, it’s a phenomenon of the 1970s when Labour were infiltrated by cold war commies.

    It used to be the case that the Labour party stood up for working people making a better life for their children. Bangor university, for example, was created by the left for this purpose.

    Now, it’s class war bollocks from simpletons like you. You ought to celebrate every working class family who make it to the middle class. It is what Labour were originally for.

  351. 351

    And to you, nell.

    Went to Flatford Mill last year for the first time on my summer return and after a conference at Oxford. Went to Sutton Hoo as well. Very interesting and enjoyable.

    The Fens are great!

  352. 352
    Anonymous says:

    It seems to me untrue that “Pat Condell is a supporter of mass immigration”.

  353. 353
    Yvette Kooper-Balls says:

    ooh chuck how can tha possibly find that offensive?
    I think it be reet gradely!

  354. 354
    Tony B£air's Millions says:

    The Left having nothing left (the irony) … but lies

  355. 355
    A daft blue-rinsed Tory canvasser says:

    Is ebola a sort of electronic tombola? If so, shall we have it at this year’s Conservative Association fête?

  356. 356
    Still, it could be worse says:

    In release from society is allowed creative thought, rather than allowed “becomes”
    the guys that do fashion are gurus in a real sense of understanding society. The fashion designers are the real Saints of modernity. [giggle]
    What is really, really important and I cannot stress this too much is that the UK needs to be self-sufficient.
    ask yourself ” what is it that I want from life ?”

  357. 357
    Dr Dre says:

    Nurse! Up the meds on patient 74 please.

  358. 358
    albacore says:

    Ne’er mind, eh – he’ll likely be the final Straw
    And skedaddle away to some balmy shore
    If Parliament’s plotting comes to fruition
    And they achieve their enrichment ambition:
    Minority status for real British folk
    Tricked out of their homeland before they awoke

  359. 359
    Dr Dre says:

    There is nothing Cameron can now say to improve his lot.
    His lies have caught him out.

    He still has time to act, but he won’t because he is not a man who acts, he is a PR boy, a man of words, and dishonest words at that.

    Cameron has made his bed and he must lie in it.

  360. 360
    Beelzebub says:

    Bollocks – you’ve never looked at a bible in your life

  361. 361

    OK, not Nene or Ouse but all of them Constable country.

    Have you seen the triangular bridge at Crowland? I have not seen its like anywhere else in the world.

  362. 362
    Joss Ayinglike says:

    That article is three years old

  363. 363

    I remember a quote concerning the Anders Brevik aftermath ,that he had robbed Norway of FUTURE POLITICIANS ,the unbelievable arrogance of the socialist lefties is not confined to these shores it would seem!!

  364. 364
    Beelzebub says:

    “We” can do better. It’s the immigrants who are the problem.

  365. 365
    Still, it could be worse says:

    plod should dig up malcolm maclaren and charge him with inciting rape

  366. 366
    Still, it could be worse says:

    plod should dig up malcolm maclaren and charge him with inciting r@pe [stupid bot]

  367. 367
    We are not the f-ing world's job centre says:

    If the Eastern Europeans are here legally and working, that’s fine. If they are working cash in hand and claiming benefits then its not ok.

    No, it’s not fcuking fine.

    We actual native Britons should strive to become self sufficient and self reliant. at least in terms of work force.

    But that’s never going to happen with our corrupt, mercenary political class ruling over us, and lazy employers who can’t be arsed to train their own workers.

  368. 368
    Nonce protectors says:

    Well stop paying the BBC tax then.

    If all the people who hate the BBC actually voted with their feet, the organisation would be history within a year.

  369. 369
    Still, it could be worse says:

    In ( within) ( being contained ) is a thing which strives to expand.
    one may be searching within and to express without what is felt within.
    what is within is unknown
    as what is without is hard to understand. Are we children [lacking knowledge] probably.
    must try harder.
    In personal brains are established thoughts by hammering yet perhaps more powerful thoughts are established by the thought that a butterfly exists..

  370. 370
    BBC Wan/Channel Poor says:

    Ee lad, TV were reet sheet back then: Lesley Crowther and Morecambe and Wise on every neet.

  371. 371
    be nice to me I have a buxom bunion in my I says:

    nepotism os the napolean syndrome and why not.
    there will always be a napolean and the man in wellies. napolean can go and spy on the birds on his own island though.
    bu * om = z.

  372. 372
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:

    Agree that division of land mass and its different thermal properties compared water is a major factor for the oddness regarding average temperatures as measured.

    The oceans behave like huge heat sinks and heat transports, which have big influence on atmospheric weather / temperature etc. Anyone who knows the Great Lakes region or has lived near the coast (or indeed anywhere in the UK) will know that.

    The ICOAD (Ocean captured) data will likely be more relevant to any question of real global temperature change.

    Anyone interested in the Oceans data, it is here:


    This guy’s perl library is handy for working with the IMMA files:


    IMMA file specification is here:


    It is just a fixed width file specification – the associated ‘metadata’ for interpreting the coded fields is available on the ncdc site.

  373. 373
    Displaced Brummie says:

    But this would, of course, be the people’s blacking up and thus entirely different from any evil Tory blacking up.

  374. 374
    Still, it could be worse says:

    in contemplation [ thinking] of human state of affairs decide time is very short for so many interactions. Never happen in history so many people thrown together by economic movement. Of course popular music and videos is not going to gel us together and the young guys ( and gals ) are so nihilistic. I do not know what caused this state of affairs but I do know it is not a good situation to be in and it needs to sorted right now.

    [somebody take charge]

  375. 375
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:

    The Trinity Bridge is one of those jems that make you pause for thought in the right way.

  376. 376
    That famous supporter of Christians David Cameron says:

    I know I used to hate Christians and have been prosecuting them for the last 3 years, but honest to god, the thought of losing my position as PM has put the fear of god into me.

    Pls believe me, I will do or say anything, play the g@y card, play the Christian card, absolutely anything, I don’t care if it makes me look like a lying shallow electioneering fake, I honestly mean it when I say I will do anything and smear anybody and jump on any bandwagon if I am simply allowed to remain in power.

    Please believe me….

  377. 377
    UKIP says:

    We don’t want him

  378. 378
    Labour says:

    Haven’t you the little people learnt by now? Racism, sexism, stealing, lying and killing are ok when we’re the ones doing it. Why else do you think our thickie voters stay loyal to us? They don’t a mind million dead in Iraq because it’s us who did it. They don’t mind thousands dying at Mid Staffs because it’s us who did it. Anything goes when Labour do it.

    As you were, proles.

  379. 379
    Still, it could be worse says:

    by looking at nature the student might experience feelings of emotion,, LOOK AT THA@ KILLTHAT THOUGHT. student must prepare for life without emotion.

  380. 380
    Jack Dromey says:

    I love being blacked up.

  381. 381
    Still, it could be worse says:

    there s such a majesty in being a creepy guy who tries to be popular ( do you know what I mean ? )

  382. 382
    Bring on the dancing girls says:


  383. 383
    Still, it could be worse says:

    well I’ve tried to make some points about the sorry state of our representatives and I have used the opportunity to express my belief that it would be for the best if we could proscribe the Islam. big fan of Putin {who understands life ]. anything else ? Is it a war ? no is it a conflict ? absolutely it is a conflict.


  384. 384
    Still, it could be worse says:

    In history the occasional fearless person with strength and a bit of charisma has unified a populace into thinking his way. What way of thought would that way be then that would be a unifying way of thought ?
    not Thatcher( as representing shopkeepers ) I do not think that would be successful in the long run.
    What is required { I know it is not my place to advise )
    1: proscribe Islam : It is for the best in the long run :-)
    2: become self sufficient in food : this is very difficult to attain it is something to do with population and food production.
    3: I think that’s it, then just get on and enjoy life.


  385. 385
    Handypara says:

    Well, if 5 million + immigrants were deported we wouldn’t need the immigrant nurses and doctors anyway. We have many unemployed British junior doctors looking for jobs.

  386. 386
    Still, it could be worse says:

    of course in this time in History some countries population haven’t got with the realization. Who’s fault i that?
    I’m not sure what the motivation is of the globalists.
    take for example the guy who is living in amazon jungle and evil people are cutting down all his trees. who is the enemy ? what is the necessity to kill all that fauna ?
    the only solution to survival is by reduction of human population and thereby reduction o exploitation
    oh yes

  387. 387
    Still, it could be worse says:

    In those ones’ quest to consume at others’ expense is shown their personality

  388. 388
    Still, it could be worse says:

    looking at things from outside you can ask what is better for the growth of the society ? Is it better in the long run to accent christian teaching in schools to form clued up teenagers or is it better to educate our children to be retarded homosexualists ? I dunno

  389. 389
    Handypara says:

    European Parliament election turnout has always been low.

    UK turnout % 1979 – 2009
    1979 1984 1989 1994 1999 2004 2009
    32.35 32.57 36.37 36.43 24 38.52 34.7

    Lowering that turnout wouldn’t change anything, even with NOTAs.

    We could send the NOTA message, but the message would be ignored.

    UKIP is very raw and is far from ideal, but only by helping UKIP to top the poll would we get their attention!

    Hopefully UKIP would then attract more effective people and be better prepared for the GE.

  390. 390
    Handypara says:

    Now if the BBC and the rest of the MSM were to show that at peak viewing times . . . .
    . . pigs would fly.
    We can only hope.

  391. 391
    Handypara says:

    No disputing the facts, though!

  392. 392
    The view from the belltower says:

    Nah, he just likes men in frocks.

  393. 393
    Fred the pensioner says:

    Folks from my era actually did make it – thanks to the grammar school system which gave a strong helping hand and solid encouragement to the brighter ones. The problem is that those who came after us pulled the ladder up behind them and thus betrayed 2 generations (so far) of our offspring.

  394. 394
    Fred the pensioner says:

    Perhaps he will tell us when he does his next episode.

  395. 395
    Fred the pensioner says:

    … but only for so long. Eventually the worm WILL turn and then the mayhem will perhaps restore some of what we previously knew of as England.

  396. 396
    Fred the pensioner says:

    …”provide yourself with bags which wax…”

    Sounds like half the Opposition front bench you are describing there!

  397. 397
    Fred the pensioner says:

    Shirley Williams will be proud of this brainless oik!

  398. 398
    Fred the pensioner says:

    As an employer, may I just say that it would help tremendously if the fucking useless striking teachers actually turned out literate and numerate students. WTF do these wastes of space actually DO during 10 years of so-called education?

  399. 399
    Fred the pensioner says:

    Depends what is says in their wills!

  400. 400
    GPS says:

    Is the M103 a cul-de-sac?

  401. 401
    GPS says:

    Good thinking JH – that immediately rules out muzzies and Yanks and everyone who has ever worked in/for the EU all in one sentence!

  402. 402
    abcdef says:

    That pamphlet was clearly not written by a teacher. How can I tell? Not one spelling mistake, so it must have been written long ago by somebody who escaped the Williams reforms.

  403. 403
    abcdef says:

    Is “One” actually proud of the shitty mess that is currently known as the United Kingdom whose sad decline One has presided over for the past 60 years without lifting a finger to prevent?

    If so, One should be removed from office and locked up in a cold windy unheated castle somewhere.

  404. 404
    Fred the pensioner says:

    No point until we get a completely new set of unpoliticised cops.

  405. 405
    Fred the pensioner says:

    Will all those extremist muzzy “teachers” in the Midlands be joining this totally unnecessary strike?

  406. 406
    Fred the pensioner says:

    … and Les Deux Ronnies – magnifique..

  407. 407
    Spineless Dave says:

    The fact is there’s always been a small white minority in Britain. When your Gran tells you she grew up in a white country she is just being waaycist. You can see why your ruling class had to prevent her breeding and import compliant ethnics in a 50 year program of successful ethnic cleansing.

    Your Gran probably doesn’t agree with gay marriage or complete subjugation to our European partners and the US new world order either, so you can see why we had to replace her kind.

    We’ve managed to give all the urban housing and jobs to ethnics so that the whites are confined to rural reservations. DEFRA has the job of finishing them off.

  408. 408
    non taxable pikey says:

    So I fully expect Camoron to come out fighting against this today…… After morning prayers of course.

  409. 409
    what up g says:

    You expected the Queen to take on the might of the Labour Party of the 1960s and 1970s?! How would that have happened? Armed troops on the streets South American junta style?!

  410. 410
    ali g says:

    …and juicers and gayers?

  411. 411
    eminent says:

    …with his bumsex MP friends

  412. 412
    Norman Normal says:

    They also can’t use the story about 1000 dying every month in NHS care due to dehydration and kidney failure. Beeb strongly opposes criticism of nurses.

    How much longer must we tollerate NHS murder by neglect?

    I’ve witnessed nil by mouth signs being left up in error several times. It means patients who are dehydrated after surgery don’t get anything to drink.

  413. 413
    nell says:

    Good to see this ‘committed Christian’ thing is keeping the Tony Caplin bankruptcy debacle out of the news.

  414. 414
    nell says:

    nell says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    So typical !!!

  415. 415
    jgm2 says:

    You wouldn’t expect David Cameron to be Prime Minister by the end of this evening, otherwise it’s just cruel… it’s like death by a thousand cuts.

  416. 416
    Nigel Farage says:

    Imodium: the breakfast of champions :0/

  417. 417

    Did Blair shag Straw’s missus by any chance? Will looks more like the Messiah than Jack.

  418. 418
    Maria Miller says:

    Nearly all humans experience pinworms, a parasite that causes itching around the anus, at some point in their lives.

  419. 419
    expat says:

    On the ‘blacked-up’ faces saga just noticed that in Holland the court case objecting to Sinta Klaas’ [St Nicholas] helper – Zwarte Piet will reach a decision on 22 May 2014.
    Thin end of the wedge should they suggest a multi coloured make-up change?
    Tomorrow Elves and Fairies ?
    Team mascots?

  420. 420
    Jem says:

    Has your spelling become rerouted?

  421. 421
    mraemiller says:

    What do the coconuts signify? The Carribean perchance?

  422. 422
    Winston Smith says:

    David Cameroon, the Greatest Pr1me Minister of the 2000s reduced taxation on the UK population.

    He and his faithful Lieutenant Vincent Kabel improved services, transport, health and diversity beyond measure.

    Truely a double great pairing of double good immense stature

  423. 423
    Squeaker Bercow says:

    “Oh, well, it’s Tuesday. Everyone back to work…
    Not you,Prime Minister Cameron,you’re sacked

  424. 424
    Winston Smith says:

    Grammar Schools were double divisive and abolished along with fee paying schools.

    This gave the whole population the same double good education and an equal chance of advancement to high office.

    See also: Cameroon, Beaker, Grommit

  425. 425
    Ockham's Razor says:

    Yes. And sociologists who serve great fries!

  426. 426
    Sergeant Pooper says:

    Another hole in Blackburn, Lancashire.

  427. 427
    ED HUHNE BALLS (she was driving) says:

    Well you certainly fuckin expertly ruined mine , you mongle faced retard twat

  428. 428
    WILL (son of white feather ) STRAW says:

    Where the fuck is Rossendale @ Darwen ?

  429. 429
    Dave T says:

    Spot on mate.

  430. 430
    Anonymous says:

    “the local tradition of the Britannia Coconut Dancers”
    could soon be extended to the rest of the country. For use in distracting the electorate from the real purpose of elections, by creating an entertaining diversion. In which those involved disguise themselves, and generate a great deal of noise knocking their nuts together.

  431. 431
    english minority says:

    Wrong Nigel democratic European states do go to war with each other. Great Britain declared war on Finland 1941.

  432. 432
    call me dave says:

    I don’t understand why blacking up is racist either. Al Jolson, the most famous exponent of it, was avowedly anti – racist and made a point of taking black friends of his to whites – only restaurants, where the management daren’t refuse to serve them.

  433. 433
    Mahatma Ghandi says:

    But it’s OK for all those millions of Indians and other well-tanned ethnicities to buy bucketloads of “whitening cream” and to go on a “whitefacing” rampage.

  434. 434
    Tesco is a conglomerate of shit says:

    Will – go back to school and punch your English “teacher” in the mouth.

  435. 435
    Archie P says:

    Why the fuck don’t you write sensible sentences, cupid stunt?

  436. 436
    Archie P says:

    Now you’re talking!

  437. 437
    Archie P says:

    + Several!

  438. 438
    Anonymous says:

    Thanks in no small part to UKIP! Go Nige!

  439. 439
    (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

    I remember the first programme on colour telly: “The Black and White Minstrels!

  440. 440
    Al Jolson says:

    Black and white, yet red all over ?

  441. 441
    ffranc says:

    If Straw had been a LibDem, Labour would not have rested until it had driven him out of contention and out of his party by means of a media storm (v. Tower Hamlets in the 1990s).

  442. 442
    notavote says:

    This is not a petition this is a real campaign with a registered party.

    A vote for UKIP is not the answer to solving UK politics problems they have falsley portrayed themselves as a vote for None of the Above they quite clearly are not.

    UKIP are a far more hardline right wing option than the Conservatives as a quick Google search of their policies will confirm.

    If people truly want a fair and fully inclusive democratic system then the inclusion of a genuine NOTA option must be a prerequisite and this campaign should be supported by all seeking change.

  443. 443
    Anonymous says:

    a romanian guy, even after a bottle of votka, will never make sex with a british woman. they r too ugly! :p

  444. 444
    Nigels auntie says:

    Appalling display. Blacking-up is out and out racism. All those guilty should be put to the sword. Or taken out for a slap up meal!

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