April 17th, 2014

Traditional British Welcome for New Ed Guru David Axelrod

Miliband has snapped up Obama’s campaign chief David Axelrod to be his strategic adviser for 2015. It didn’t take long for Wikipedia to report the move:

What he must think of his Twitter timeline Guido can only imagine:

So it’s Graf out and Axelrod in, a win for wee Dougie. He’ll be on a six-figure salary landing cash-strapped Labour in something of a cost-of-guru crisis. Remember to sort the work visa out this time, right chaps?

H/T @laurencereade



  1. 1
    The British media are cunts says:

    Hope Axlerod doesn’t mistake Chukky for Obumma!!!


    • 19
      The British public says:

      Milipede must have totally lost it now.


      • 31
        Quixote says:

        So Axelrod is not only going to advise on how to campaign but also HOW TO BUILD A BETTER COUNTRY. Not only does Miliband need his expertise in electioneering but also on the formulation of policy. Do Miliband and co have nothing of their own to offer the British people?


        • 44
          SarumSea says:

          So Axelrod is “fed up of advising successful candidates”.
          He has made a good move then as Ed will be an unsuccessful candidate!
          Job done.


          • The two muppets. says:

            Obama has turned out to be the worst President since Jimmy Carter .
            So please do not inflict that moron Miliband on this Country .


        • 51
          Carlo Gambino says:

          So Axelrod is not only going to advise on how to campaign but also HOW TO BUILD A BETTER COUNTRY.

          ‘Thith ith the coun’ry ah wan’ ter build.’

          Do these f*ckers not realise that we don not want them to ‘build a country’. We just want the government to stay the f*ck out of the way and let *us* get on with ‘building’ the country.


      • 53
        Faceless Bureaucrat says:

        Let’s hope for Axlegrease’s sake that Ed didn’t pay him with a cheque drawn on Labour’s Co-op Bank Account…


    • 47
      Labour is the nasty party. says:

      And Labour have the cheek to complain about Lynton Crosby .


  2. 2
    Julian Gibb says:

    His first piece of advice will be to dump Balls


    • 17
      Castration says:

      Labour has gone septic.


    • 33
      Cor Blimey says:

      Justin Time on the BBC radio 4 Toady Programme this morning was wetting his panties at the news that Axelrod has agreed to help Miliband.
      An “Axe” devotee interviewedstated that Axe quickly recognised Obama’s potential and “made” the man who is now President of the United States.
      I socially met Obama and his wife before he became President, and to compare him and her with Miliband is one of the best jokes BBC have told in well over six month.
      “Axe” IS up to this daunting challenge but dealing with media ocraties (sic) makes you wonder if he is simply seeking to do mission impossible. Do not be surprised if you hear little of him in 8 months time.
      Interesting that yesterday the BBC radio 4 mentioned the word “Londistan” for the first time. Could it be they are catching on that the British public are not swallowing their left wing lies? Perish the thought.


    • 46
      Labour is the nasty party. says:

      No please keep Balls and Miliband.


  3. 3
  4. 4
    El Papa de Vatican doves says:

    Clarence Mitchell was hired by Coulson to help Fat Dave of sting !


  5. 5
    John Ward (Medway) says:

    I like the name ‘Axle rod’ (or slight variant thereof). What does one of those do? Spin…

    The way things are going for Labour right now (and read Dan Hodges from earlier this week for a clue) this might turn into a ‘cost-of-losing crisis’ for the party.


  6. 6
    Voter says:

    It’s like a swop for David Miliband going to America.


  7. 7
    Pick litter for bennies says:

    Didn’t take more than a few seconds for the BBC to report on team milidisaster /axelrod.Almost as if they had a direct line ???.


  8. 8
    Nemesis. says:

    Miliband will need more than Axelrod to succeed he’ll need a good dose of axle grease as well.


  9. 9
    Co-Op Bank says:

    Sorry Ed, no money left. Oh and as labour leader, you are the personal guarantor of few million that we need back.


  10. 10
    JH343456353245234 says:

    Hopefully the yank will completely misjudge the public mood and culture here on every level, and make Miliband look even more of a twat.

    If that is actually possible without ripping the space/time continuum.


    • 34
      Joe Public. says:

      More likely he will recognise the public mood outside of the BBC and Labour tribal followers, give his advice and leave them to it. Just auditing the competence of the Labour front bench should make him pause.


      • 42
        Kelfieldny says:

        Combine low information social media driven voters and add a sprinkling of voter fraud….yep Axelrod will be very happy here. Now just how is he going to play the race card?


  11. 11
    Good Friday appointment says:

    Another tangible result of EM’s Trip to Jerusalem.Sincere congrats…great appointment.


  12. 12
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:

    For the BBC Bias Story from earlier, the following analysis is a little more rigorous.

    The original data provided average daily purchases by BBC and public during the year 2013.

    Starting with the two data sets, it is necessary to get the data to a common base. As with the article it makes sense to convert the average daily sales as percentages.

    Paper | BBC / Day | BBC % / Day | Public / day | Public % / Day
    FT    |     42275 |       7.51% |       234193 |          3.16%
    T     |     72638 |      12.91% |       384304 |          5.18%
    DT    |     71929 |      12.78% |       544546 |          7.35%
    I     |     59449 |      10.56% |        66576 |          0.90%
    G     |     75555 |      13.43% |       207958 |          2.81% 
    DMail |     68226 |      12.12% |      1780585 |         24.02%
    DE    |     40056 |       7.12% |       500473 |          6.75%
    S     |     60216 |      10.70% |      2213659 |         29.86%
    DS    |     17688 |       3.14% |       489067 |          6.60%
    DMirr |     54744 |       9.73% |       992256 |         13.38%
    Total |    562776 |     100.00% |      7413617 |        100.00%

    What is of interest are the differences in the percentages: These can be compared quite safely.

    Subtracting the Public % / day from the BBC % / Day will give the difference between BBC purchases vs. Public purchase.

    Doing this, and resorting in order of the size of difference gives the following, from which some statistics can be calculated.

    Paper | Diff: BBC – Public | Diff / SD
    G     |             10.62% |      1.09
    I     |              9.67% |      1.00
    T     |              7.72% |      0.80
    DT    |              5.44% |      0.56
    FT    |              4.35% |      0.45
    DE    |              0.37% |      0.04
    DS    |             -3.45% |     -0.36
    DMirr |             -3.66% |     -0.38
    DMail |            -11.89% |     -1.23
    S     |            -19.16% |     -1.97
    Average:    0%
    StDev  : 9.71%	

    Since the average is 0, +ve numbers are where the BBC is buying on average more than the people, negative where they are buying less.

    The larger the difference in terms of Standard Deviations, the larger the bias. The Diff / SD can be accurately thought of as a statistical measure of the difference between the BBC and the public.

    From this is it clear that the BBC is roughly in line with the People in its purchasing of the Financial Times, Daily Express, Daily Star and Daily Mirror: It is most closely in line with the Daily Express.

    The BBC is profoundly biased against purchasing the Daily Mail or the Sun – More so than it is biased in favor towards the Guardian and the Independent.

    It is instructive to compare this with G’uido’s method of dividing the percentages as presented earlier. That analysis is flawed because it destroys a chunk of important statistics and also allows itself to be erroneously biased by differences in the circulations.

    Dailies  | Ratio of BBC consumption compared 
             | with public consumption
    I        |                             11.73
    G        |                              4.78
    T        |                              2.49
    FT       |                              2.38
    DT       |                              1.74
    DE       |                              1.05
    Dmirr    |                              0.73
    Dmail    |                              0.50
    DS       |                              0.48
    S        |                              0.36

    This totally misses one of the arguments that the BBC falsely give that they prefer to purchase broadsheets over tabloid compared with the public. The above analysis shows this to be true, but it also shows that the BBC purchase tabloids in line with the public, except notably the Sun and Daily Mail.

    Guido’s analysis also misses that the Daily Mirror is more negatively biased than the Daily Star in BBC purchasing compared to the public.

    This is important in making the case that the BBC newspaper purchasing is not in line with the public – the center ground is – but appears to be biased to the left, and more importantly more so against the right.

    More work can be done with the SD’s to test the hypothesis of actual bias for / against the Left or Right, and can also be used to quantify it. Importantly, it cannot be criticised by academics.

    A good way to ‘sensationalize’ – or bring out the bias – without destroying the stats is to consider the quadratic differences, not dividing %’ages. :-)


    • 21
      Edonomics says:

      Stick it on wikipedia, that’ll rile ‘em…


    • 23

      Brilliant analysis, best contribution I’ve seen on this blog in years of following. Thanks for the insights.


      • 36
        Just Saying says:

        But this is for purchases.
        Quotations from the newspapers would be even more revealing.
        BBC radio 4 are currently quoting more from the DM but in an ironic manner to demean them or even empasise their agenda and please their comrades.
        The increasingly pro-Putin Independent is getting even better coverage than the Guardian pollytwaddle news.


        • 55
          C O (Ξ7q1) says:


          Your point about the Indy is very very relevant at present, both due to the ongoing in U’kraine and the fact that O’wen J’ones has recently left it, and F’arage has started publishing in Indy Voices.

          Ex KGB officer L’ebedev is of course a very dark twist to this. Note that he was an officer, not an agent.


    • 26
      FrankFisher says:

      That’s excellent work – thanks


    • 28
      Sid Viscous says:

      Perhaps you should apply Standard Deviations to the Cabinet, where deviation seems to be standard.

      Vote UKIP.


      • 49
        Owen's Elementary Maths teacher says:

        I did the “standard deviation at the BBC” joke yesterday. Buck up.


    • 48
      Owen's Elementary Maths teacher says:

      The whole set of statistics misses the point that the BBC should need to get a spread of papers, not necessarily buy them in proportion to the public.
      Why would they need hundreds of Sun newspapers about X-factor stories?

      The Torygraph is far more popular than the Guardian and Indie, the Mail is more popular than the Express, and the Sun is more popular than the Star and the Mirror.
      (right wing papers more popular — I wonder why)
      Of course the Guardian is somewhat over-represented (as if we couldn’t have guessed), but the most important factor influencing your stats is the inverse popularity of the papers, therefore all tyour obsessive hard work analysing the stats is, basically, shit.


      • 54
        C O (Ξ7q1) says:

        Agree in principal, but this is just to address a valid line of attack put out on this blog. If you look at the detail above more critically, you will notice a rather glaring smoking gun of sorts, which in itself is interesting and subtle.


  13. 13
    Sticks, stones, bones 'n moans says:

    Interesting that you say Labour have also hired AKPD, who previously worked for Al Gore.

    Is that where he got the lines he spewed forth today, calling Global Warming sceptics “immoral”, “unethical” and “despicable?

    Given the insults Cameron’s crowd have thrown at real conservatives, this could get interesting.


  14. 14
    Dave from Lanzarote says:

    Damn you, Wee Dougie! I was going for him as well.


  15. 15
    • 38
      Red Ed Milibandwagon says:

      Don’t worry my shallow chancer will borrow another million from our Co-Op Bank to pay for Axe’s salary and expenses.


  16. 16
    Edge occasion for them asses says:

    “fed up of” ???

    Wikipedia deserves better than this.


  17. 18
    P Flowers (Rev) says:

    How is Axelrod being paid ? With IOUs ?


  18. 20
    Edonomics says:

    “[Axelrod] knows how to win elections and build a better country”

    …so make him leader of the Labour Party then!

    Quite an admission of defeat and incompetence by Ed there.


  19. 22
    Ed Miniwanker says:

    We love Americans. I even wear American knickers – one Yank and they’re off


  20. 24

    Whatever, it’s still a desperate effort to put glitter on the Labour turd.


  21. 25
    FrankFisher says:

    This is great news for anyone who enjoys meaningless frothy bollocks.

    LibLabCon so far up each other’s arses that they have ceased to connect at all with Joe Public, so while they traingualte each other to death, a plain speaking party is coming up on the rails and we’re gonna getcha!

    UKIP. Less frothy bollocks. More balls.


    • 30
      transparent LEFT WING cynicism says:

      Quite… they’re now openly announcing that:

      a. they don’t know how to persuade enough of the public to vote for them; and,

      b. they are going to hire someone to deliberately lie to the public to get their votes.


  22. 27
    David Axelrod says:

    I looking forward to working with Mr Milliband, my family are really going to love it here. My kids Clutch, Camshaft and Piston are looking forward to seeing the Queen.


  23. 29
    Helpful says:

    Anyone ask about work permit issues?


  24. 32
    Tom Catesby says:

    This appointment just demonsrates if further proof was necessary, just how out of touch the metropolitan political’elites’ have become with the problems and aspirations of the British people. BTW, who’s going to pay this character, maybe Milliband can get the Reverend Flowers to pray for a big lotto win?


  25. 35

    Who’s paying? Not the Co-op bank I hope!


  26. 43

    Gurugate, innit!


  27. 50
    broderick crawford says:


    ” It s the economy ( the one Labour fucked up for 13 continuous years) ——– stupid !!”


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