April 17th, 2014

Pickles Crackdown on Town Hall Pravdas

Most of the government is either on holiday or has ground to a halt, but Eric Pickles is still hard at work fighting taxpayer-funded propaganda newspapers in rotten boroughs. The Communities Secretary has given Greenwich Time, Hackney Today, the Newham mag, Waltham Forest News and the infamous pro-Lutfur Rahman Tower Hamlets paper East End Life two weeks to explain why they shouldn’t face action:

“It is scandalous that bloggers have been handcuffed for tweeting from council meetings, while propaganda on the rates drives the free press out of business. Only Putin would be proud of a record like that.”

Who could he possibly have in mind?


  1. 1
    Nermal says:

    He even looks corrupt.


    • 4
      Owen Jones says:

      Islam is peace.


      • 17
        Guido says:

        Bomb Russia! Make the world safe for boy nobbers!


        • 20
          Guido's mammy says:

          still in the closet ffs!


          • Socialism is theft says:

            The government ground to a halt long before they went on holiday. That happened when they gave away control of most policy decisions to unelected EU bureaucrats.


          • Socialism is theft says:

            In fact if a foreign country had invaded us, Our Westminster MPs would probably have more control than they do now.


    • 7
      Rinka the Dog says:

      He could be cast as the next Bond villain, except that Muslims are exempt from fictional world domination plots.


      • 10
        Táxpáyér says:

        Read “the Fear of all sums” then watched the Hollywood version?


        • 23
          Tom Clancy's ghost says:

          Sum of All Fears.


        • 28
          Tom Clancy's ghost says:

          But I get your point that they replaced the muzzies with russkies. Politically correct ballcocks.


        • 48
          Right Full Rudder says:

          The Fear Of All Sums is my diary of doing Maths A Level.


          • broderick crawford says:

            yeah but seriously .

            Pickles sends in as far as I can make out “one ” inspector to sort out the secretive , foreign dialect communicating , embedded infrastructure of circa 200 rabid social revolutionaries committed to rewriting the politics of their borough by whichever means including cunningly directed finsncial redirection of taxpayer funds .

            Strangely enough said inspector and police find no case to answer and reccommend no further action .

            A bit like riding a bike on the pavement with impunity and knowing full well Plod is not going to pull you up for it as writing up the paperwork is all too laborious .


    • 9
      Táxpáyér says:

      Putin :”Russia uses surveillance techniques for spying on individuals only with the sanction of a court order. This is our law, and therefore there is no mass surveillance in our country.”

      Teh Zero: “Where’s my teleprompter?”



    • 14

      Don’t be so fucking stupid, this D’harb is untouchable, he has the pigs in his pockets. Bethnal Green is the heroin capital of the UK. All those fat scum coppers make a nice living from that and the eastern euro birds they gang fuck on the weekends. That don’t even take into account the lucrative ch!ld br0thels the pigs run for all the sadistic scum in parliament. Whitechapel hasn’t been this edgy since jack the Ripper was walking the streets.


    • 29
      Jessicacaca Reed, Guardianista, feminst, pre-packaged dopey PC opinions says:

      Guido is racist to run this story. You need more diversity.


  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    Hammersmith and Fulham?


  3. 3
    I like scantily clad ladies says:


  4. 6
    Palab Gauche says:

    Three cheers for Eric Pickles


    • 18
      Blue Peter Goldfish says:

      Nowt wrong with Pickles, four loaves of bread and a 10 lb round of cheddar.


    • 19
      Polly Toynbee says:

      Cost of living bedroom crisis double dip tax recession bedroom cost of triple tax dip recession living!


    • 45
      Fed Up In Waltham Forest says:

      Except that he said this a year ago and the Waltham Forest news continues to pour its Labour Party propaganda off the presses at taxpayers’ expense and be shoved through the doors of one of the most poorly managed and corrupted boroughs in London. It is no co-incidence that this stronghold of Labour thievery and political jiggery-pokery also has one of the weaker economies in London, some very lax planning enforcement and has been swamped by immigrants, a very high proportion of whom are illegals.

      From where I see things, Pickles is weak and lazy: he is naive in failing to understand the scale of the problem or the criminal forces he is dealing with and he is making almost no difference at all on the ground.


      • 52
        Anonymous says:

        He keeps saying the right things, but has he EVER delivered?


        • 53
          broderick crawford says:

          Crikey !

          Glad I got out if Walthsmstow in 1989 then .
          Can you still walk down Wood Street and get a decent couple of pints of English beer in The Flower pot followed by fish , double chips and a wally in The Brothers fish bar next door ?

          Happy days …


          • Fed Up In Waltham Forest says:

            I am sure no-one in Walthamstow is very interested in your memories from the dying years of the last century. It’s actually, for some people, a great place to live right in right now.

            The crying shame of it all is that ithis could be one of the most desirable places to live inn in London, but it has been well and trully let down by the Labour run council for upwards of thirty years.


    • 50
      Anonymous says:

      WTF’s he been doing for the last few years. Gilligan and others have been reporting about the corruption at the heart of TH for years! Only now does he decide to get his arse in gear following a TV expose?


  5. 12

    Is the Putin reference intended to suggest he’s going to make a lot of noise but not actually do anything about it?


  6. 13
    Hargaret Modge, Labour MP and Hypocritical serial long term aggressive Tax Avoider + expenses thief says:

    Nice idea but….as for the Democratic Peoples Republic of Newhamistan. Labour could (and do ) pin a Rosette on a fresh steaming Dog turd and it would still get elected there.

    Ask any of the five hundred registered voters living in the same one bed flat in Tower Hamlets…..get an interpreter they’ll tell you.


  7. 15
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Perhaps Eric might like to have a word with Sir (!) Roger Gale who, following the announcement of the closure of Manston Airport in Kent, is going around trumpeting that he will “ask Kent County Council if there’s anything the county can do to contribute towards this [a rescue plan].”

    WTF??? Manston has never made a profit, is in the middle of fucking nowhere and my fucking Council Tax has just gone up by another 2%.


    • 43
      Bill Quango MP says:

      It was essential during the Battle of Britain.
      Since the Luftwaffe stopped coming it has rather declined in importance.


      • 44
        Mornington Crescent says:

        The Luftwaffe stopped visiting us nearly 70 years ago. Manston has been in and out of b’ank’ruptcy ever since – often after large dollops of public cash have been spent to keep it going.

        I for one object having MY scarce money being thrown into a black hole so that Sir Rog can prance and preen.

        Please tell him to drop it, will you, Bill.


  8. 16
    How to get a Notting hill house says:

    Hugh Grant did a superb job of making certain places in London unaffordable.
    Notting Hill for example.
    Even a poor black bloke could afford to live there once upon a time.
    I reckon that part of the reason the government had to cap benefits is because it was unaffordable to house poor folk in area’s that had been touched by the ‘Grant’ effect.
    Poor people turfed out to make way for left wing metrosexuals who like Hugh Grant films and want to live the dream.


  9. 21
    Inconvenient Truth says:

    Also, no-one working in Government or the Civil Service should be paid more than the PM – and that even includes the exalted Council Leaders. They operate in a ’round robin’ jobs network and try and pass it off as a credible, competitive Jobs market.

    Back on Topic – the Council should ONLY disseminate Information, not Party Propaganda. FFS, this is Schoolboy stuff, just how long have we been operating in a Democracy and this smeg still goes on?….I can bet which Party are the Main Culprits..


    • 38
      Norman Normal says:

      They do provide a recyling container in which you can place your unread council propaganda so at least service standards are maintained lol


    • 68
      (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

      Well, SOMEBODY voted for them!


  10. 24
    Shovel_Cruddle says:

    Why aye! I’ll put kettle on open fire, lit by this pile of lefty gobshite rags!
    You pays council Tax. They’s print shat on dead, pulped trees, paid by You.
    Shove ‘em thru’ yur’ letter box for free, You produce heat from ‘em. Simple Pimples!
    Where’s the tea-bags Irene?


  11. 26
    Nigel says:

    I admire Lutfur. I think we can all agree it’s refreshing to see such tenacity in modern politics. And he buys a round.


  12. 36
    Gunnery Sergeant Hartman says:

    Who’s the slimy little communist shit, twinkle-toed cocksucking Town Hall Pravda merchant down here who just signed his own death warrant


  13. 37
    Maimed Codger says:

    Propaganda the Nazis would have been proud of, Pickles in on the right track, free public entertainment next… instead of cutting back on services.


    • 57
      broderick crawford says:

      Talking of entertainment for the masses
      Do we all remember back in the GLC days when Ken Livingston used to announce “free” fun days .

      These were usually on the South Bank or Finsbury Park with lots of music , food and drink and celebrated ( and collected for ) groups like London Against Persecution of Handicapped Buddhist Transexuals etc .

      Only no “lunch ” was is or will ever be “free” and in that case it was us mug taxpayers who shelled out .

      He may be a secret trougher but at least Boris has scrapped all that.


  14. 39
    NE Frontiersman says:

    By same obscure pairing process, Waltham Forest currently has one Labour and one Tory councillor in jail.
    Not a word in WF News, though you’d think this might be relevant information for the taxpayers.


  15. 40
    Anagram solver says:

    A harmful runt.

    Can I trade an ‘r’ for a ‘c’ please Bob?


  16. 41
    Jimmy says:

    Been staying away, you might have noticed.
    Truth is that Ed Miliband is a loser. I can’t find the enthusiasm to support him anymore.

    I’ve taken up gardening instead. I’m doing the flowerbeds with red roses but that’s as much as I’m prepared to do for Team Ed these days.
    You won’t hear from me again until that gormless chump is removed as leader.

    {I realise ‘gormless chump’ could apply to any of the three main political parties. You take your pick. Its all the same to me.}


  17. 46
    Vladimir Putin says:

    Why do you keep dragging me into it? It’s not Russians who are electing Bangladeshi gangsters mayor. Fuck off and have another 12 Lindt bunnies, you fat northern oaf.


  18. 47
    Vladimir Putin says:

    And fuck off to all your bum boy cabinet mates.


  19. 49
    inside out says:

    What do all 5 Council News Sheets have in common Could it be large number of Islamic councillors from third world countries ? just a thought.


  20. 54
    Beridera says:

    It is essential our propaganda ‘rags’ are allowed to be published to show equal all our efnics are treated.


  21. 61

    Stockport LibDems sent colour promotional photos of themselves out six times year to 123,000 households:-



  22. 62
    Ali Whackbar says:

    You Kuffar, yes, you lot really need to look up the Islamic doctrines of Taqiyya, Tawriya, Kitman and Muruna. They are various doctrines of dishonesty which are permitted for Muslims when dealing with the Kuffar. Yes, I mean you!


  23. 63
    Rabid dribbler says:

    Thing is, in most of these boroughs most people’s literacy appears questionable…

    At least in English.

    So what’s the point???


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