April 17th, 2014

GRAPH:  BBC Mind Share v Public Market Share

BBC-PAPER-CHARTFor years the BBC has explained its disproportionate consumption of the Guardian newspaper compared with public market share by arguing that it needs to buy more broadsheet papers than popular ones to best provide news for licence fee payers. It is not an issue of left-right bias, they claim, rather a distinction along broadsheet-popular press lines. Guido has analysed new figures released by the BBC to see whether this excuse stands up to scrutiny.

Methodology: By dividing a) each paper’s percentage share of the total papers purchased by the BBC , with b) each paper’s percentage share of the public market, we get c) the BBC mind share / public market share ratio. This tells us how greater or smaller BBC consumption is proportionally compared to public consumption.

Results: As the graph above shows, BBC consumption of the Independent is proportionally over 11 times that of the public market share. Next follows the Guardian at almost 5 times. BBC consumption of the Telegraph is proportionally just 1.7 times that of the public, and consumption of the Tory establishment’s Times newspaper is proportionally just 2.5 times as much as the public. The left-wing broadsheets have a far higher BBC consumption ratio than their right-wing rivals.

However, the popular press is where the BBC really gives the game away. Proportionally its consumption of the Mail is half that of the public and its consumption of the Sun is just a third that of the public. These are by some distance the two best-selling newspapers among the general population. Yet BBC consumption of the Mirror is proportionally double that of the Sun and 1.5 times that of the Mail.

Conclusion: This analysis shows that while the BBC is right that it makes a distinction between low circulation broadsheets and the popular press, there is a left-wing bias that extends to all papers. Among broadsheets, the BBC’s consumption of the Guardian and Independent is proportionally considerably higher that of the right-wing broadsheets (Times and Telegraph). Among the popular press, the BBC’s consumption of the Mirror is proportionally considerably higher than the Mail and the Sun. The numbers clearly show that the BBC’s newspaper purchasing patterns are not determined along a broadsheet-popular divide, they are determined on a left-right political bias.


  1. 1
    M­a­­­­q­bo­­ul says:

    Can’t they just read them on the net?


    • 7
      Anonymous says:

      In other news ursine excrement discovered in boreal environment points to startling conclusion.


      • 37
        The BBC - Morally Superior & Rather Smug says:

        At the BBC we all support the loss making Divi’s at the Co-op.

        After all, the Ethical Socialist Bankers are morally superior & far more successful than the evil capitalist Bedroom Taxing bankers.

        We read the Mirror to be at one with the working poor & the Guardian to support the Depressive Progressives.


    • 13
      a very frustrated licence payer says:

      the only ‘press’ sources it needs for reference are the news agencies – reuters and ap – all the rest is another expropriation of public funds

      many of us don’t use either mainstream pulp press or the tenth rate bbc – we use the agencies direct


      • 99
        Táxpáyér says:

        Ha. Both Reuters and AP are infested with leftists, who collaborate with groups they favour to bring you a truth hiding narrative.


        • 127
          Táxpáyér says:

          Also read the wikipedia version, for why wikipedia isn’t to be trusted.


        • 138
          jimbooo says:

          Very true, people should pay more attention to the way the modern left infects every branch of media, government, law etc.

          Recently for example the AP adopted the far-left position of insisting that there is no such thing as an illegal immigrant and started using the technically incorrect term “undocumented immigrant”.


          • Labour is the nasty party. says:

            Why is Ed Balls hiding after his hit and run accident ? and very little news
            on the BBC about it .


          • Vlad the Loudhailer says:

            Because they might have to draw an analogy between his driving when he single handedly crashed his car damaging those around and then hiding hoping no one would know. To his crashing of the economy, inflicting the biggest UK peace time deficit, an unprecedented deep recession and then hiding behind to slogan “to fast to deep”, triple dip” and “cost of living crisis”.


        • 175
          broderick crawford says:

          Bloomberg any good ??


      • 103
        Interested Observer says:

        Used to spend some time at one of those.

        Piles of the Guardian scattered across the newsroom daily.

        Seemed to me that a firm like that wouldn’t waste money on such a glut of copies of that or any paper (especially when pursuing efficiency/cost cuts), and I just guessed they’d been dumped by the Guardian from what I suspected were regular print overruns.


        • 117
          carlo gambino says:

          dumped by the Guardian and – paid for by us under threat of imprisonment because the product (the BBC) is so sh*t that they no damn fine they wouldn’t last a day on a subscription only model.


          • broderick crawford says:

            They could always go ape on product placement .

            Jeremy Paxman could be on the cooking show casseroling and eating complete volumes of Arthur Mee’s Encyclpaedia en crocotte.

            And John Humphries on the Toady orogramme could keep saying things like

            “we ve had this wonderful MultiYork suite installed in the studio today and I m bound to say Jim and I feel ergonomically pleasured due to its enhanced lumbar support during our usual three hour bout
            of verbal combat with deep fried Mats bar munching Scots politicians talking utter garbage about Independence “


      • 130
        What's a newspaper for anyway? says:

        Yes, Reuters is owned by the Rothschild family from Haifa which explains why the organisation puts out so much shit. Not sure who own AP (or is it AFP?) who also fill their pages with lefty dribble and “comment”.


    • 25
      Bog Paper says:

      But the real paper is so much better for whiping ones botty, virtual paper is so yesterday


    • 97
      Táxpáyér says:


      Axing the TV-Tax will bring more balance to our TV-screens.

      Over to you Dave.



    • 133
      Táxpáyér says:

      Something in the Times worth reading.


  2. 2
    FrankFisher says:

    Nuke the BBC from orbit. Only way to be sure.


  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    And the news is?


  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    Nice one Guido.Game set and match.Is Patten still there and trousering a fat salary.


  5. 8
    The Mirror says:

    Today we’ll be running a photo from Auschwitz in 1945 in a story about school policy under Michael Gove.


  6. 9
    ReadAllAboutItTomorrow says:

    That must account for the vast majority of the Indy’s sales


  7. 10
    BBC / Labour Head of Coordination says:

    Who the f*** released those figures? Next time someone asks tell them they’re not for public consumption and we’ll use our Freedom of Information get out clause to bury them.

    F***ing public, it’s our BBC not theirs. Who the hell do they think they are.


  8. 11
    The Mirror says:

    Tomorrow’s front page will be a photo from Independence Day in a story about the government exterminating immigrants.


    • 28
      Selective Memory Chip says:

      Seems unlikely. Parliament Channel showing Eu stuff with Oirish allowance guy proclaiming we are still,the number one destination for illegals. Any papers telling us this, no.


      • 35
        The Mirror says:

        You’re not familiar with satire, I take it?


        • 40
          Piers Morgan says:

          How about a picture of the Eton cabinet members urinating on disabled people evicted for non payment of the bedroom tax ?


        • 43
          Selective Memory Chip says:

          Rather concerned that a country can be relatively hard on its own people even compared to the great US of A bit still such a magnet to the flotsam and which given our location can only be for one reason. This has been going on for twenty years and still happening.


          • The Mirror says:

            You’re still missing the point of my comment. Never mind.


          • Liberal Looney - disagree with me and your a racist/homophobe says:

            Yes, we condone it, as well as our new Socialist best friends. The British ‘Culture’ (of which you don’t actually have any – but we’ll say you do for the purposes of keeping the BBC funded by the LF) is one to be subjugated by the EU and World Citizens! This will be done without the electoral consent of any of your citizens as your all liable to say no like the closet fascists that you are…

            Viva la New World Order!


  9. 12
    Tim Croydon says:

    This is a pretty dumb methodology. If the BBC buy exactly the same number of each then the figures purely show the inverse public circulation figures. Which is pretty well exactly what’s happened: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_newspapers_in_the_United_Kingdom_by_circulation

    Also, no mention of exactly how purchase of papers links directly to ‘mindshare’.

    Appalling use of statistics.


    • 129

      If you had actually got the data by clicking “Get Data” above you would see that they don’t buy exactly the same number of each. They buy 4 times as many of the most national bought as the least bought national paper. No prizes for guessing which one is top.

      Dumb point.


  10. 15
    Anonymous says:

    I’d hardly call the Independent left wing.


  11. 18
    The Mirror says:

    Look, we know our photo of a girl crying in despair under our food banks headline was actually of a girl crying because she’d lost an earthworm, but emotional pornography is what we do best.


  12. 19
    Ockham's Razor says:

    Quelle surprise!


  13. 21
    Chris Bryant's sentient ANUS says:

    Fuck me youve got too much time on yer hands boy

    The BBC is infested with champagne socialist vermin, wot revel in their bias towards the Labour party

    A tough Tory leader would play these filth at their own game, by freezin em out, but no the Tories keep going back for more….and more.

    For example, the scouse celt, Fogarty, ad free MPs on yesterday to discuss the economic figures in lieu of PM’s QT.

    Within a minute of the ‘debate’ she ran with food banks, and stayed on food backs relentlessly

    The Tory MP did not ask her how many scrounging rats have died of starvation in the UK recently


    • 148
      Mr Angry says:

      Well, she wouldn’t would she, that’s a question for Andy Burnham and his NHS death machine.


  14. 24
    The Mirror says:


    • 25
      Maria Miller says:

      Thank you very much indeed :)


    • 30
      jgm2 says:

      It’s the Easter holidays. How hard could it have been to go to a food bank and pay a child a fiver to ‘cry’ for the camera. But the lazy c*unts couldn’t even be bothered to do that.


      • 46
        Chris Mould says:

        We have 423 food banks, we’d welcome the Mirror at any one of them to highlight the effects of the evil baby-eating tories, in fact my friends at the mirror kindly print my articles..we’re just not political enough


        • 122
          Still, it could be worse says:

          in 1956 or something a traveling fairground type promotional thing for the Mirror was at Whitby, the guy collared this 7 year old and gave me a fiver to hand out flyers among the assembled crowd, which was not bad money then.
          Is this an historic case of child exploitation ?


          • Carousel says:

            Well, at least it got you out of the chimney for an hour or two!


          • Supermac says:

            The average wage in 1956 was £15 per week, so if a bloke gave a seven year old a fiver for handing out flyers, it was him being exploited.

            Sure it wasn’t five bob?


          • Still, it could be worse says:

            perhaps you are right, it was definitely paper, maybe was 10 shillings.


      • 176
        The right-wing globalisation capitalist child-labour exploiting Mirror says:

        Yeah, fucking hypocrites… they don’t want to give honest BRITISH screaming children a job, they only want to offshore the work to bleedin’ forrina
        I bet the food banks are full of curry and falaffals and cola and other foreign shit.


    • 48
      Anonymous says:

      They must have rehired Piers Morgan.


    • 59
      Fish says:

      Perhaps the earthworm was her dinner


  15. 27
    Anonymous says:

    “Conclusion: This analysis shows that”
    further investigation is needed. In order to determine if newspapers are being used to bolster the existing notions of a reader. Perhaps helping to reassure them, that their interpretation of reality is valid. Yet should not the real purpose of a paper messenger be, to report the facts as succinctly and accurately as possible? So that a purchaser can then devise as accurate a comprehension of an actuality as able.


  16. 28
    Votes wanted, we promise we will lie our heads off says:

    The BBC, the EU and Liebours radio/tv propaganda arm, they can’t tell it straight they twist to suit, they still say that Hilter and his political group were far right, Question time and Newsnight have been destroyed, the stuff they have on Sunday mornings are just beyond belief, I don’t buy/read the news-papers so I can’t comment,.


    • 36
      Selective Memory Chip says:

      Postal votes should be banned.


      • 120
        Inconvenient Truth says:

        You wanna try watching Dateline London! Stalin would be proud…Do we have any numbers on the Nationality of those that are using Food Banks? Or is asking for information now ‘Illegal’ and classes as being Xenophobic?


        • 136
          Carousel says:

          When we want the opinions of these lefty foreign cvnts we’ll ask them. They might just as well all pissov back where they came from for all the use they are.


        • 160
          dAVE t says:

          They always have that ugly fucking piss stream Ali Babar Brown on that bollox.


  17. 31
    Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings says:

    Just been advised by the council that our postal vote papers will arrive in May.

    Grandma was asked by granddaughter what the letter was about so it was explained to her that it was for voting for the European Parliament. “Why do we need one of those?” said granddaughter.


  18. 34
    Selective Memory Chip says:

    Is there any way of tying the kebab shit food with the food banks story? Can the kebab joints not offer free food rather than turning the stuff endlessly and charging for it?


  19. 42
    Fish says:

    Just turned off Five Live discussion about rat in kebab – some thick bint is leading callers on, getting them to blame the Tories, ‘And Horace from Gateshead…who do you think is to blame for this?’

    So far, it’s been cuts, cuts, cuts, Guardian writer, ‘Which?’ report (‘Which?’ is now fronted by Labour staffers and Milband men).

    Can you trust your food?, they ask…can you trust the BBC?, I ask


    • 50
      Ab Dull says:

      Heh heh, you people are so stupid. We sell shit and you pay thinking good food!, WTF.

      We only sell shit cos we hate you and your health inspector is a nonce or is one of us. So no trouble there. Stupid stupid.


    • 71
      The Guardian says:

      Under Labour all kebab meat was made from only the finest organic Lamb.


    • 157
      Still, it could be worse says:

      listened to that earlier, was a haulier on saying that from his experience the UK is a dumping ground for all the world’s crap food.


  20. 44
    Bear in wood says:

    I’m off for a shit


  21. 49
    jeezus says:

    not only is cameron bonkers but steve webb is rapidly joining him
    he wants to provide people with their date of dying so they can mange their money better


    what a nazi cnunt he is too


    • 51
      Reality Cheque says:

      Only a short step to a full 1984 now.


      • 55
        Scouse bennie Mong says:

        What happens if you over run your estimate. I take it I can sue someone.


        • 106
          Táxpáyér says:

          That was the hole idea of buying an annuity.

          It’s a bet you don’t live too long.


        • 172
          Carlo Gambino says:

          What happens if you over run your estimate. I take it I can sue someone

          They top you.


      • 88
        albacore says:

        Now then, if they’re that good at the fortune-telling game
        How come, with all their budgets, every time, they’re so lame?
        They could try the lottery – and look less sinister
        Than installing an old folks’ despatch-date minister


      • 139
        Carousel says:

        How old is this Webb loon? Perhaps we can advance his demise somewhat?


        • 158
          Still, it could be worse says:

          I’ve mentioned this before that normally you get 90% of your NHS spending in the last year of your life, so if people could be persuaded to skip that last year then the NHS would save a lot of money.


          • go green, eat poo says:

            …punters could pre-sell their wrinkly meat sack to the fast food industry.

            the world has yet to wake up to the real solution to global warming – cannibalism.


          • Chris Mast says:

            Go green: wrong. Recent instance in P’stan of two brothers eating the dead, got through around one hundred.


    • 104
      Táxpáyér says:

      Not sure he’s a socialist.


  22. 52
    Fruitcake, swivel eyed loon, closet racist and proud of it says:

    The Co-Op bank debacle once again proves the old adage. Sooner or later socialists run out of other people’s money

    If they’re into banking and so ruddy ethical why don’t they take over the running of foodbanks?

    On second thoughts……


  23. 53
    albacore says:

    Wish you’d quit all this ‘ere knocking of the BBC
    Its iPlayer speed-test is well worth the licence fee
    As for the rest of its output, well, just humour it
    Delusion’s usual when you’re getting on a bit


    • 113
      Genuine Question says:

      I’ve tried the i-player speed-test a few times whetn the programmes stop working, but itn doesn’t say how to make use if the infomation … ie how do I opt for a lower quality signal to prevent buffering?

      It basically tells me what I already know or I wouldn’t be using it.


      • 182
        gayplayer says:

        you can’t get a lower quality signal than the bbc – it’s the lowest common denominator.


  24. 54
  25. 57
    Polly Toynbee says:



  26. 58
    Palab Gauche says:

    The BBC has plenty of good things to watch and listen. But it is rammed to rafters with lefties of all shapes and colours, from metropolitans to grasping types from Salford.

    They’re just using our licence fee to read their favourite newspaper.


  27. 60
    grasmit says:

    Is this a “not to scale” piechart I see before me.This could start a trend.


  28. 65
    Anonymous says:


  29. 72
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:


    • 184
      Lord Protectus says:

      they need more than Gordon’s losing 35% for anything resembling a victory, and they can barely manage that mid-term.

      part of the 37% (11m) they are currently clinging on to is the mostly ABC1 13% that the Libidinous Demagogues have lost since 2010, so we’re looking at not much more than the Liebore core of about 8.5m (28%). (Assuming about 30,000,000 vote in 2015).
      That 2.5m is a big chunk of the metrosexual cancer ruining the country, and it’s the chunk Liebore depends on to get elected.

      The last election had more ABC1s voting for Liebore than C2DEs, whose share is in consistent decline, as they see Liebore as just another set of rich public-schoolboys.

      If an English/Welsh working-class union-funded party appeared; and the Libidinous Demagogues dumped Clegg, then LieBore would be toast – that’s how weak, irrelevant, and unconvincing they are.

      Ed Millionaireband has taken Liebore from about 42% in September 2010 to about 36-37% in the course of three and half years… that’s a rate of -2% a year; so he’s on course to do about as well as Skidmark did – 35%, and end up having to team up with the decimated LibDem losers, who are pretty likely to struggle to make it into double figures of either % or MPs.
      The Toff party have only gone from 36% to about 33% over the same period, only -1% a year, but are no longer in decline, and can realistically expect about 35% as well, even if UKIP make a breakthrough with their probable increased share of the pie.

      Unless something exciting happens this summer, we’re pretty much guaranteed a hung parliament and another government of losers.


  30. 74
    £2.5bn buys a lot of coke says:

    The Co-operative Group has announced losses of £2.5bn for 2013, marking the worst results in the group’s 150-year history. The group said most of the losses stemmed from the Co-operative Bank, which amounted to £2.1bn.


  31. 76
    Crisp Ackham says:

    It’s all a big public sector back-scratching exercise. The BBC takes money from licence payers, it gives money to Guardian who advertise all those public sector non-jobs and publish childish articles calling for more waste and debt.

    The whole scam keeps a lot of people in a lot of Tuscan villas.


  32. 77
    Socialism is theft says:

    Note the massive difference in the coverage and criticism by the MSM of Farage’s legal allowances compared to the muted coverage of Ed Ball’s illegal crime of driving away after a road accident. Imagine the attention if Farage (or even Osborne) had done that.


    • 159
      News for your own good says:

      compare coverage of Farage “office expenses” on bEEB in the morning when it was Farage under attack, to the afternoion when it became “Farage smeared” and was dropped from all news bulletind — compared to the MAil’s “smear” on Ed’s dad being covered for a week.


    • 186
      House of Lawyers says:

      has he done any legal crimes?

      It is an offence for a person being the driver of a mechanically propelled vehicle and owing to the presence of that vehicle on the road or other such public place an accident having occurred whereby damage or injury was caused did fail to stop and give his name and address and identification marks of the vehicle.
      Road Traffic Act 1988 s 170 (2)”


    • 187
      House of Lawyers says:

      has he done any legal_crimes?


  33. 90
    Chris Mast says:

    Camero wants us all to be evangelical. Bit late now, how long have we been told we are not a Christian country?

    Also worrying signs of B£air disease it seems.


    • 115
      Anonymous says:

      The Tories and Cameron Christian ? Are you joking ..

      It wasn’t long ago that a nurse was fired for wearing a cross..
      And the white van man who worked for a utility company who was fired for having a Christian symbol hanging off his rear view mirror..

      Cameron weasel words are an insult to people of faith from all religions.

      Cameron is a liar and cannot be trusted.


  34. 92
    Round the Bend says:

    Did Jonah Brown praise the Co-op group? or is it just coincidence.


  35. 93
    BBC taking the piss out of the license fee payer says:

    We need more ex labour MPs and more ex Guardian staff.


  36. 94
    Maria Miller says:

    I wonder why the Tory press have never credited Mrs Thatcher with the deregulation of the Banks in 1986, and the mess we are now in?


    • 112
      Táxpáyér says:

      Because the banks didn’t have a problem until Grodon brown decided to make as much credit available as possible and thus killed the banking sector.

      Thatcher (PBUH) was a monetarist, Brown (SPIT) was a credit junky.


      • 119
        White Russians says:

        Don’t try to enlighten a bolshie.
        The only lesson they ever learn comes from a bayonet to the guts.


  37. 96
    Mo Ansar says:

    All your school are belong to us.


  38. 101
    its spooky says:

    best that these types are parked in the bbc on silly pensions.
    imagine if these types were in the real economy and world creating havock.


  39. 105
    Casual Observer 2 says:

    Dave — Terminate the Beeb Licence Fee Extortion Tax immediately

    The Beeb can survive (or not) on voluntarily paid subscriptions.

    Will he do it? Of course not, he is a weak ConLibLabber who rather favours the Establishment Propaganda Broadcaster


  40. 108
    I wish someone had just shot him says:

    This is why certain types of people shouldn’t be allowed on planes.


  41. 111
    The British media are cunts says:

    The number of papers is not really relevant it’s the stories the BBC run and the journalists they invite on.

    Disproportionate number of BBC stories come from lefty papers. BBC ignored Harpic story and her links to PIE for nearly a week, they didn’t even show the front page of the Mail as if somehow we wouldn’t notice. That is the bias of the BBC. Had it been about a Tory and been the guardian the BBC would have been all over it.


    • 128
      JadedJean14 says:

      The media is now dominated by emoting females and feminized males who seem to have little or no sense of perspective, logic, number or science. If one tells them this, they will of course be deeply offended and complain in hissy fits about it. One might even end up being moderated or losing one’s job!

      It’s ridiculous and it’s also dangerous!


  42. 126
    Iain Duncan Smith says:

    How low can the Tories go? – Very !!

    Tories go on warpath in sickening attack against food bank charity



    • 140
      Dave Spart says:

      This artiocal showed a totally sickening and utterly sickening theft of my journalistic style.


      • 145
        Owen Jones says:

        James O’brien on LBC, just asked if ‘Rich people don’t want poor people to better themselves in anyway , so the rich people’s kids can ensure no completion.’

        I think he is a hero. And he’s so right on this issue. Rich righties hate poor lefties and want to turn them into lard farms for the rich lard owning corporate lard industry, who fund the Tory party.

        its all in my book .. buy it now and get a Laurie Penny pamphlet absolutely free.


        • 154
          SIZE 14 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

          There are genetics at play here ,the chav moronic poor are the result of the indiscriminate handing out of taxpayers money, they have only come into being in the last few decades bred specially by Labour as a voting fodder, the ones who can manage to scrawl an X on a ballot paper that is.
          The fat ugly chain smoking chavettes with their track suits ,fake tans and hideous tattoos waddling around Tescos screaming at a multi racial collection of misbehaving unwashed benefit brats pushing a trolley laden with frozen chips, Bacardi Breezers ,and twenty packs of disposable nappies are a common sight in most towns and cities in the UK.
          They are poor because they are too stupid to be anything else.


  43. 132
    Muffin the Drug Mule says:

    I read Storm front to get the real news of what’s happening in Broken Britain


  44. 135
    Josef Goebbels says:

    Rather than related to the number of papers people buy, they should be looking at about the same number of each paper, (plus mags like Private Eye)so show the total stats. Your weighting is daft. Should they be buying hundreds of copies of The Sun just because it is the most popular paper?

    Oh, yeah: Yo Massa owns the Sun, doesn’t he.

    Even better would be for beeboids to look at the papers on the internet for free. I’m sure the paywall ones would send a free copy so it could be used on the paper-review progs.


  45. 144
    Maria Miller says:

    Good Afternoon The Dunce Of Downing Street

    Trussell Trust hasn’t called gov’t for removal of benefit sanctions. You can see the press release here> http://bit.ly/1l6J3Ba


  46. 146
    Ed says:

    The BBC is wonderful.

    I’d happily pay £100 per week for my licence and anyone who wouldn’t should be forced to.

    And I’ve just sold my house to help with that £740 million boost to the BBC pension fund.


    • 149
      BBC red bottom says:


    • 174
      Carlo Gambino says:

      And I’ve just sold my house to help with that £740 million boost to the BBC pension fund.

      Funnily enough new hires to the BBC were still being shoveled into the BBC final salary pension scheme as recently as two years ago, a decade or more after the private sector threw in the towel.

      Still, a pension fund deficit is not really a pension fund deficit when you have the license-fee payer there as a private bank.

      Corrupt – no other word for it.


  47. 151
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:

    This is non-conclusive.

    The hypothesis should be tested using a single-sample t-test.

    I think there is enough data available – only really need the standard deviations for public purchases to test whether the average purchases of the BBC are indeed significantly different from the general population.

    That would assume that the sample populations are purchasing ‘normally’ – which in the case of newspaper purchases is a big assumption, but reasonable for the moment.

    Am suspecting that G’uido’s hypothesis will be confirmed, but the division of average figures above is not the way to prove this. Such confirmation is would be purely coincidental.

    No credibility lost – but this kind of hypothesis testing is done all the time in medical fields etc., so it is worth getting right as there are many folk out there who will call the above analysis out as invalid.


    • 163
      Owen's Remedial Maths teacher says:

      I think the “standard deviations” at the BBC will be enormous and therefore likely to produce inconclusive results for any probablity tests.

      But the main problem with your pontificating, and with any of these survey/stats trotted out all over the place is whether the hypothesis itself makes any sense. Should we really be looking for the beeb to buy papers in proportion to the general public?


      • 189
        Owen's remedial logical fallacy teacher says:

        Quite a straw man… it’s not what they buy that matters, it’s what it says about them.

        They could buy 10x the DM that the public does, and sit around sneering at the news they got from it in the same way they put on a great show of disgust at having to interview Nick Griffin.

        If the BBC supposed to represent the topography of public opinion then it’s not the amount of papers they buy that needs to change, but the staff inside that are demonstrably not representative of the population… at least not yet …not until they’ve finished socially engineering the country to match their desired demographic.


  48. 155
    Anonymous says:

    three questions:

    What is the justification for calling “hard work” a Christian value?

    Why does Dave rarely remove his grotty blue polo shirt especially when on the beach? Is he trying to hide something?


    • 165
      St Anthony says:

      Hard Work? Nonsense.

      God told me to kill brown babies, and then chillax with another man’s wife.

      Dave failed to fulfill God’s Will in Syria, but his chillaxing witht he boys doth please the Lord.


    • 169
      D L George says:

      Hammer & Sickle tattoo.


  49. 162
    Anonymous says:

    Of the Independent’s 63907 circulation, 59449 went to the beeb. 93% of the the Indy’s circulation goes to the BBC. Astonishing


  50. 167
    Olly boy says:

    Not sure this tells us anything we don’t already know


  51. 171

    Perhaps they just have proportionally fewer morons than the general population?


    • 183
      Self-illumination says:

      Well done, Jimbo.

      You have once agains shown the real thoughts of the lefty:

      Despising the ignorant plebs who are too stupid to realise that you middle class lefties know better and need to tell them what to do and to think.


  52. 192
    Criminal Bog Roll. says:

    I would not wipe my arse with The Guardian or The Mirror! Cos I wipe my arse with the Telly Tax!


  53. 193
    Peter Sissons says:

    Told you so.


  54. 194
    catesby says:

    The BBC is actually to the left of the Grauniad!


  55. 195

    All the job ads are in The Grauniad….. BTW Caplins ex Mrs in the 70’s was hawking stories around meedja looking for the money she claimed he’d parcelled off… http://parkfarmneighbourhoodwatch.blogspot.co.uk/search?q=Conservative&max-results=20&by-date=true


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