April 17th, 2014

Axelrod Said Miliband Was Wrong on Syria

Last September after Assad used chemical weapons, Axelrod wrote

After Iraq, folks are justifiably weary and leery. But this isn’t Iraq. In plain sight, Assad’s committed mass murder with hideous weapons. No response would be a green light to Assad, Iran, Hezbollah and others that the U.S. and world will look the other way. Grave mistake. A targeted strike on their delivery systems is right, just and proportionate. Failure to act would be another tragic legacy of Iraq war.

If as reports suggest he was hired by Shadow Foreign Secretary Dougie Alexander, that will have made foreign policy position discussions interesting…

UPDATE: He has just tweeted:

Only snag is US unemployment rate is basically unchanged since when Obama was elected.


  1. 1
    Podiceps says:

    Both sides are wrong. Which shall we choose? Oh, that one.


    • 42
      Bloke says:

      Axelrod – another Big Establishment Wanker (BEW).


      • 53
        Socialism is theft says:

        The last Labour government worked for working people. But not British working people.


      • 173
        Labour is the nasty party. says:

        A few years ago I lived in the USA ,and I remember David Axelrod Spouting
        left wing Democratic crap on CNN .If this is the best that Milband can get
        as an advisor ,there will be no problem.


    • 50
      Django says:

      Right and wrong doesn’t feature in politics, what does is self interest.


    • 51
      Victoria Nuland & Ann Applebaum says:

      Axelrod is peddling a lie. The evidence is pretty clear that the gas attacks were carried out by the Jihadis, aided and abetted by the Turks, to bring the West onboard. right Milliband made the right decision, albeit for all the wrong reasons.

      And he’s still a malignant idiot.


      • 99
        Django says:

        Tell me Vicky what you think about Israel? And and what you two girls doing over the long week end????


    • 97
      The Growler says:

      What is it with our political parties they cannot find a British Big Spin Merchant to activate and inspire people to work for them, the Cons have a strange to our eyes Aussie, the LibDems have a South African to spin and push the Limpy Dems forward in the publics’ attention, now Liebore have a Yank to push their message forward. Oh I forgot UKip have Nigel Farage to push their message and he seems to be doing a good job, I don’t see how he has the time as a MEP, leader of the party and chief cheer leader form his party, which appears to be the fastest growing party in the UK, so he doing something right.


      • 101
        B3 says:

        Axelrod? There’s got to be a four by four or four by two joke here somewhere.


      • 116
        The day I stopped voting Conservative says:

        I have no idea who was behind those gas attacks. There is insufficient evidence to show it was Assad. It could have been, then again it could have been the other side. For that reason we had no business geting involved. Cameron and Hague revealed themselves to be dangerous trigger happy fools. Listen to John Kerrys so called ‘justifications’ and apart from repeated assertions you will find not a single shred of evidence implicating the Assad regime.


        • 130
          jgm2 says:

          Yep. Iraq all over again. Colin Powell with his ‘killer’ evidence in front of the UN. Here’s a picture of a truck and here’s a 30 second radio conversation between corporal Rashid and private Abdul.

          Proof!!! Proof I tell ya. What more proof do you need?


        • 137
          Dave jellybones says:

          Today I shall not be voting for anyone either as a jellyfish stung my er er toe. Well, it was another appendage but I don’t want to discuss it.


    • 149
      Mr Nobody says:

      I wonder how much Beaker is paying him. If they don’t change their leader, Labour are just frittering away money they can’t afford on a lost cause in 2015.


      • 154
        transparent LEFT WING cynicism says:

        …and who the fuck would they change to?!

        the only remaining humanoids in Labour would never get chosen as leader (and might not even want it).

        Jon Cruddas is Labour’s only hope… but they haven’t got the collective brains to see that. They’re so infected with NuLab borg, that the next Labour leader is likely to be worse even than Ed; not better.


  2. 2
    Weed Uggie says:

    I am a genius.


    • 15
      Gordon Brown says:

      Me too!

      It was no mean feat to trash the UK economy.


      • 104
        The Growler says:

        The trouble with you Gordy was that you listened to the wrong people, didn’t it even just slightly occur to you, that if a lobby group likers wanted less regulations, they just might run amock, you personally did not cause the chaos that ensued but you were catalyst that caused the conflagration that raged in 2008.


        • 131
          jgm2 says:

          Actually, he personally did fuck the UK economy. Those average 30bn quid deficits from 2001- 2007 and 30bn annual PFI commitments didn’t just materialise out of thin air you know. Despite what the BBC tells you.


          • peoples representitive of doncaster says:

            wait?i thought it was all the nasty bankers fault?


          • The Gordon Financial Crisis says:

            Absolutely… don’t rewrite history… he spent how many years pumping out propaganda that he was some kind of economic guru, with his PhD on left-wing bollocks during the great depression, all he ever proved was that he’s an expert in depression – creating both economic and psychological depression throughout the country he was busily wrecking with his troop of NuLab goons.

            “prudence” shall forever refer to economic growth based on unsustainably low interest rates and irresponsible lack of regulation of the financial sector… which given London’s important place in the global system, was bound to have knock on effects for the global financial system.

            He hadn’t the slightest fucking idea what he was doing… unfortunately we haven’t learned, and we’ve now got another fucking middle-class historian whose never had a job outside politics at the wheel.

            Does it never cross anyone’s mind to pick a chancellor who at least got a GCSE in business studies FFS?!


          • Leckie bill ? Claim it back. Phone bill ? Claim it back. Weekly groceries ? Claim it back.... says:

            I would settle for a chancellor who has at least some experience of running a hosehold budget based on their own finite income as opposed writting everything off to expenses.


          • PFI lover says:

            Nu Labour Loved PFI schemes, but it’s worth remembering who started using them, it also worth remembering that the current Government’s fondness for them.

            Whilst the country blames Labour, EU, Immigrants and the Welfare state. The real causes remain unchecked:

            PFI schemes
            Speculative Investments
            Poorly Regulated and gun ho Banking system

            They fuck it up and we pay for it.

            Nigel Farage is a banker and some how people see him as the paragon of change. We are fucked milord.


      • 221
        Banker Spokeman says:

        And you did none of the work. Stop claiming credit you Dick.


    • 23
      Adios says:

      Must have been Co-oped.

      1. Scrap unused blank sheet
      2. Sack Ed B.
      3. Replace Ed M.
      4. Unite in Unison
      5. Go to IMF


    • 175
      Labour is the nasty party. says:

      I do not think that wee Dougie will be happy until he can get rid of Ed Balls ,so maybe that
      will be Axelrod,s first job .


  3. 3
    Corby says:

    I live in England and have no intention of going to live in Syria, so why is the war there any of my business. Several lots of very nasty people fighting one another.

    As far as I know none of them has any intention of invading England so why should I think of invading them?


    • 9
      Chris Bryant's sentient ANUS says:



    • 12
      'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

      Well said that man!


    • 33
      M­a­­­­q­bo­­ul says:

      If their ideology spreads like a cancer, country by country snuffing out democracies, very soon it will be at our shore and then it will be too late to do anything about it. Then won’t you look like a right c­unt?


      • 41
        Invade the world, invite the world says:

        The old ‘If we don’t fight ‘em there, we’ll have to fight ‘em ‘ere’ bollocks.

        All the while governments and greedy business interests allow millions to flood into the country, bringing their toxic ideology with them.


      • 55
        Victoria Nuland & Ann Applebaum says:

        I take it you’re referring to the neocons’ rabid mercantilism?


      • 92
        Anonymous says:

        The people snuffing out democracies are you Z io Loons hijacking our politicians to further the cause of your Idiotic rac is t colony..


      • 134
        jgm2 says:

        Instead of which we simply invited a couple of million of the c’unts from Shitis*t*a*n because, well we don’t already have enough mosques, ‘honour’ killings, shit taxi dr*i*vers, curry houses and rubbish blowing up and down our inner cities.

        There’s no point fighting a war there when we’ve already capitulated here.


        • 152
          PC pc says:

          But full bloodied young mooz continue to go out there to fight the idiotic cause on a one way ticket, should their indoctrinators not face charges?


    • 67
      The only Country in Europe not to have its own paliament is England says:

      The trouble is we will end up with the sons of asylum seekers telling us right from wrong if we don’t, hang on a minute


  4. 4
    The British media are cunts says:

    So why didn’t Obumma bomb then? Fuck all to do with us or the mongs in the House of Commons.


    • 27
      CIA Insider says:

      He found out (via Porton Down, ex Russia) that Assad was not responsible: chemicals were different to the official Syrian stock – and came from Libya, via Turkey – possibly with official Turkish involvement to get our President Barner to invade Syria. Shocking!


      • 34
        Old Nick Heavenly (alive and kikin) says:

        SpongeBarry Nobrain is the worlds greatest diplomat!!!!!!!!!!!

        One triumph after another.

        Will Merde Putain win the Nobel Piss prize this year?

        They gave it to Barry because he is brownish and Brussels for having a Brown nose!


      • 208
        Anonymous says:

        And yet, having been conned by the sexed-up/45 min case for war on Iraq, MPs were willing to believe YouTube videos (unconfirmed) about the use of Syrian WMD. And now, despite evidence that the Right Sector thugs and gunmen helped to undermine the elected government in the Ukraine, MPs and MSM are quick to blame Russia – why?


  5. 5
    Jessicacacaca Reed, Guardian middle-class "liberal", pre-packaged dopey pc opinions on twitter says:


    Why are you talking about these men? You should be discussing women. We need to move to quotas in government to ensure that exactly 50% of MPs and 50% of newspaper writers are women and crucially 50% of the news is about women – Leveson’s modernisation will help in this.


    • 17
      Reactionary Man says:

      Put the kettle on, love, and bring me my tea.


      • 72
        Keep ;em well fucked and poorly shod says:

        Oh – and switch t’telly on too love – ta!


        • 122
          The Growler says:

          Funny, but in later life it is the other way round, her majesty commands that you do this and that and oh, so and so needs doing and why haven’t you done that, all the while sat down on the settee. Tha’s got it to come lad you won’t have time to sit down.


    • 44
      Bloke says:


      ‘Nuff sed.


  6. 6
    James Murphy says:

    ….David Axelrod, Electric Prunes, Gil Scott Heron, The Slits, Faust, Mantronix, Pharaoh Sanders and The Fire Engines, The Swans, the Soft Cell, The Sonics, The Sonics, The Sonics, The Sonics….

    I hope he’s signed up the right one.


  7. 7
    Western leaders are numbskulls. says:

    If the west leant on the Arabs and Turks to cease funding and arming the al- qaeda/Sunni fundos, the war would be virtually over and soon. With Homs about to fall soon to Bashar al-Assad Shia alliance and the least bad option will be victorious – all along Putin was right and Obama and Dave and the EU were wrong – no shit, parallels with somewhere else………..oh wait!


  8. 8
    • 18
      stalin says:

      That explains why his company is called NKVD or something quite similar


      • 28
        DAxelrod says:

        Yes but I just lie back and think of my bank balance, I couldn’t give a flying fvck which brit wins the election.


        • 58
          Victoria Nuland & Ann Applebaum says:



        • 75
          Village Idiot says:

          …..”Making the economy work for all the people”,…..Axle Dyno Rod will be paid a six figure sum,so that’s fair in this country where the average is £25,000 app….
          I reckon once he realises the crock of poo he is helping,he will get out,but ,he may need the six figure sum!
          …..Smacks of desperation,and ,also, this is not America,we are the wretched,hated by many,EU,an insignificant satellite to the corrupt,jobs for the boys and girls EU!……A vote for labour is a vote for the status quo and deeper ties with Europe…..and, incompetence on an industrial scale!


        • 103
          Herman says:

          It wouldn’t make any difference anyway.


  9. 10
    Chris Bryant's sentient ANUS says:

    Britttish polloticks needs more fuckshit miwwionaires from americishitland to pursue a Marxist agenda…….. innit

    Why bother wiv this dog shit anyway?

    All Millishitpig needs is 35% and thats guaranteed from the scroungers, public sector undead, postal voting fraudsters, immigrants….. and so on and so forth


  10. 11
    Anonymous says:

    “…Assad used chemical weapons”

    Fooking ‘ell I didn’t think there was anyone who still believed that bollox?


    • 19
      Blonde - Brooke Blonde says:

      Did you not notice that shipment of Titley teabags that got through ?


    • 37
      Old Nick Heavenly (alive and kikin) says:

      Georgia invaded South Ossestia to divert attention from the Chinese Olympics

      Sponge Barry and Ashton try to start civil war in Ukraine to divert attention from Sochi winter games.

      Brazil Wolrld Cup coming up;

      Look out South America, most particulary Venezuala


  11. 14
    Barreness Trashcan of Private Plane (she’s the one who’s saved Ukraine) says:

    It is clear to me that Mr Pootn has crumbled before the combined might of my arguments, my entreaties, the EUSSR, and Mr Kedgeree.

    We all deserve a special pat-on-the-back and finger-in-the-pie for that and double expenses all round!

    That problem solved I will turn my attention and best efforts to Syria. I hear it’s a hot sandy place with plenty of oil and in need of madernisation. In short – and I know what that means(!) – a problem just ripe for my talents!

    And I, being one of the select band of Progressive NooLieBore Wimmin, am tailor-made for the job!


    • 25
      Just go, woman, just go says:

      Don’t forget to take your burqa with you. You will need it.


    • 40
      Old Nick Heavenly (alive and kikin) says:

      Saw her on telly with, Kedgery, a real diplomat and there was Ashton, a barrel of lard in a bright red suit.

      LARF and still Larfin;

      LKa flukin Honte. Well done Gordon!


    • 125
      The EUSSR tyranny exposed says:

      Who the fuck voted for this woman ? Yet she is dictating policy on matters of war and peace !!!! FFS !


      • 183
        Casual Observer 2 says:

        The bitch is a fully experienced Liebour apparatchik. She even has a Degree in Sociology from Bedford College, a top class pseudo university shit hole.


  12. 16
    We don't live in the EU, but we might live in Europe says:

    That idiot has come over here to help Milliboy, he and Obambi have wrecked the USA and he’s over here to finish off this country if Milliboy gets in, just what’s needed, what have we done to this world , to suffer the EU and a knowall yank “helping” a Millitwit. god help us.


    • 220
      Anonymous says:

      Obama needs the UK for cannon fodder, Milibands very happy to oblige, and he is real angry that we kept the Falklands, and gave the people the right to self determination.


  13. 20
    A says:

    I heard ToryHQ shit a brick when they heard this news.


    • 74
      Da Enquirer says:

      Do they ever shit anything else?


      • 138
        jgm2 says:

        Labour shit broken glass. Not surprising with a poll lead down from 13% to 3% in less than two years.


        • 153
          Mr Nobody says:

          Still over a year to go with the polls continuing to move in the Tories’ favour. Ed’s desperate and his new appointment won’t save him.


          • Ed's Million-dollar Dyno-rod says:

            Dave Dynorod can’t turn a weird, geeky, toff who can’t think on his feet and be personable and talk to people in a sincere non-patronising way into an actual charismatic leader. The rod couldn’t help SuperMario Monty in Italy.

            American political skills are useless and irrelevant in the UK and Europe, the Tories shouldn’t worry. All Osbo has to do is keep inflation low and dish out some well-timed bribes; e.g.: cut tax for middle-earners and companies that employ untermensch in Liebore sinkhole consttuencies, and completely ignore all the splenetic spluttering noises from Liebore who still think it’s 1997.

            Let Liebore turn their survival guns onto the fight to keep Scotland – they need it more than the Tories.


    • 113
      Policy for the people says:

      ….Will Farage get a spin doc on a six figure sum from a foreign land,or is he doing ok without?


  14. 21
    Dumb androids dream of defective sheep says:

    Harman, peadoh Queen : “I’d like to introduce you to Ed Miliband.”

    Axelrod : “This is a wind-up, right ?”


    • 186
      Ed's Million-dollar Dyno-rod says:

      “Mr Axelrod said he had been struck by the power of the Labour leader’s ideas and the ‘strength of his vision’ “.

      Ooh, that’s a big euphemism.


  15. 22
    Fruitcake, swivel eyed loon, closet racist and proud of it says:

    Chelsea Clinton is pregnant.

    Brave, brave man. Who was wearing the paper bag?


  16. 24
  17. 26
    UKIP 4 ALL says:

    Labour plan to introduce the CO-OP economic model if they are elected in 2015, and if they employ Paul Flowers as Ed Balls advisor the UK can look forward to a new golden age.


    • 187
      Ed's Million-dollar Dyno-rod says:

      So they’ll be bringing flowers in the hope of touching balls without having to pay for it.


  18. 29
    y says:

    i see the real benfit cheats are still swaning around aussieland


    • 210
      Anonymous says:

      Did not the Sex Pistols get it right?

      “God Save the Queen
      her fascist regime
      made you a moron..potential h bomb
      god save the queen
      she ain’t no human being
      and our figure head..is not what she seems
      there is no future in england’s dreamin”.

      And they meant it.


  19. 31
    BBC editor says:

    BREAKING NEWS: An old bloke has died. The BBC will be sending a team of 300 for full TV and radio coverage at this sad time. A spokesman stressed that this is not a paid holiday and that the work will require 3 weeks in Mexico.


    • 43
      UKIP 4 ALL says:

      The deceased was a left wing extremist and admirer of left wing dictators and so the BBC is moving into full gushing tribute mode. Would he have got the same sympathetic treatment if he had been a right wing figure? And not once did the BBC refer to the mans fanatical far left beliefs as controversial.

      The BBC loves the far left with all the passion and bigotry of the true believer.


      • 45
        Pookie snackumberger says:

        It’s the same with the rich adrian mole ‘ooman that just pegged it, another lefty, she got way more bollocks spouted than sbe was worth.


    • 52
      Junior BBC editor says:

      Were they a lovely brown person or just white?

      We need to know whether to step on the pathos effects pedal.


  20. 35
    nell says:

    I feel rather sorry for axelrod . You can’t make a silk purse out of sows ear.


  21. 38
    DAVE EAT'N HEAD says:

    Breaking News !
    Cameron Bitten by a jellyfish !
    i hope the poor thing didn’t suffer too much


  22. 46
    Toxic Tories for Landowning Spongers, Parasites, Criminals, Expenses Fraudsters, Traitors, Peedos, & says:

    Anyway, moving on to the latest polls …

    Cons 33
    Lab 39
    Fibs 9
    UKip 11

    Labour majority: over 50


    • 56
      Mo Biddly O'Bees says:

      The heir to Blair couldn’t even beat Mc Mental, so what chance beating a talking horse.


    • 150
      Steve Miliband says:

      It changes everyday. Yesterdays poll;
      YouGov/Sun poll CON 33%, LAB 35%, LDEM 11%, UKIP 15%


    • 161
      Mr Nobody says:

      Labour need a good double-digit lead at this stage if they want to end up with most seats in 2015 so the projections don’t look good for Ed at this point. It’s not yet set in stone, but without a change of leadership for Labour it is looking somewhat forlorn.


      • 224
        Labour Party Actvist says:

        Its more Ed Balls. The Tories have made the leader a figure head and most of the power sits with good old Mr Osborne. His allies gain favour in every reshuffle. The last thing we want is a Chancellor with less Charisma than Gordon Brown.

        Personally I’d want someone other than Ed Milliband to, but definitely do not want Ed Balls as Chancellor.


    • 214
      Anonymous says:

      If that is from yougov you need to times the 11 by 3 and divide the 39 by 2, that is going of the accuracy of the yougov polls for the Eastleigh by-election.


    • 215
      Anonymous says:

      Only 390 out of a 1000 very selective registered yougov leftwits, chosen by the poor partner of labour peer and eu vice presedent rat face Ashton.


  23. 48
    National Socialist says:

    We don’t need or want American spin doctors – we want socialism.


    • 61
      RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:



      • 194
        broderick crawford says:

        Ohh…. he appears to know the difference between a lady and a genttleman .

        More than most male politicians can muster ..


    • 66
      Anonymous says:

      The labour party has been taken over by champagne socialists who don’t give a sod about working people. I don’t have much time for the unions but much prefer them to look after the interests of workers. What I really despise are the sons of failed politicians being parachuted into poor working class areas assured of parliamentary seats for life.These areas deserve something much better.The labour party is corrupt and there will be another thirteen years of dictatorship and terror should they be elected in 2015. I really think UKIP is the answer. Give them a go. Can they really be any worse than LibLabCon?I think not. Thank you for reading this.


      • 211
        By the way says:

        Before running away with the idea that UKIP are some kind of Working Class heroes, should we not be told about their views/policy on:

        Private money undermining the NHS,

        City Bankers making a quick buck from the Post Office sell-off,

        Tax Avoidance by Coffee Houses and others,

        The Bedroom Tax and other attacks on the poor,

        Selling off Council Housing on the cheap,

        A decent/living wage – without the need for extra benefits?


        • 216
          Anonymous says:

          UKIP said scrap the BT tax, a one bed private flat costs more in HB than a two bed council house. UKIP will also stop any tax and NI being deducted from the first £13,000, which will not effect any top up benefits because they are calculated using total income before tax and NI deductions. Not sure about the others, do not really see the problem with selling off council houses, the same tenants will be living in the house anyway, and they have usually payed enough in rent to buy the place twice over. It also saves the government a packet in all the maintainance they have to pay the councils for, the council now have private contracts who have never even turned up to most of the jobs they claim for. On the tax avoidance, Nigel Farage will stop it mainly by getting out of the EU, it is the EU which allows any company to set up in the UK but pay tax to any other EU country, UKIP will then keep the tax rates competitive, so the rich will actually pay their tax in the UK.


          • UKIP tell to many lies. says:

            On Tax Avoidance, UKIP voted against European measures to prevent tax avoidance.

            Last time I checked the Cayman Islands, Isle of White and Gib where British Sovereign Territories.

            Technically Andora, Swiss and Lichtenstein are not technically part of the EU.


  24. 49
    Tintin's dog says:

    Gosh, as if British politics couldn’t sink any lower.

    Although I should perhaps say ‘English politics’, because there’s every likelihood that the United Kingdom might cease to exist next September, if the Scots vote to end the union.

    The Scots want out because England has turned into a right wing basket-case under the Tories.


    • 54
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      Has turned into a left wing basket-case under the LibLabCon.

      Just corrected it for you :-)


      • 226
        Joke is lost on me says:

        How is it the left bemoan the right wing lurch that the Labour Party took and the Thatcherite policies they adhered to whilst in Government. Which Helped to cause a massive economic breakdown.

        Yet the right are willing to accept that these policies caused the economic meltdown but are unwilling to move away from them nor are they willing to accept that their Demon Princess had anything to do with them.

        Get a Grip guys.


    • 217
      Anonymous says:

      The English want the Scots out because they are mostly deluded leftwits, if the English could take part in the referendum it would be at least 90% for the Scots to go.


  25. 57
    Weed Uggie says:



    • 64
      Harriet Harman says:

      We need someone bold to fight for us. He can put his sword in my sheath any time.


      • 69
        A Butch Weightlifting Dyke says:

        If you keep up with your vag. strengthening exercises you can keep it there.


    • 65
      We don't live in the EU, but we might live in Europe says:

      Why’s that, two cowering in a trench, typical Liebour, let others get fired upon while the political management cower in a trench, is the trench 50 miles away from the battle.


      • 80
        The BBC labour party says:

        Yes it was a another stunningly tough interview on the BBC toady show for the labour spokesman, the BBC is world famous for giving labour politicians a hard and difficult ride isnt it?

        The BBC world famous for their tough gritty unforgiving treatment of labour politicians and labour supporters like Paul Flowers, this is what you pay the licence fee for so rejoice and be thankful for the impartial BBC.


    • 141
      jgm2 says:

      I’d like to put the whole fucking lot of them in a trench. Like at Katyn.


    • 166
      Baz O's Axle Rod says:

      Well thanks Doug, wish ah could say the same.


    • 188
      Ed's Million-dollar tumescent Dyno-rod says:

      Doug likes a big American rod in his tight trench… and wants to share…

      “Och Davey, it’s thuch a big election, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather thee in Ed’s wee trench”


    • 196
      broderick crawford says:

      ” I can’ t think of anybody I’ d rather have in the TRENCH ” !!!!

      You may wish to re phrase tbat Douglas …… or am I wrong ???


  26. 59
    Socialism is theft says:

    According to Brown the seeds of economic destruction were sown in America. Is that why they want an American to form their strategy?


  27. 63
    Lessons not learned says:

    Labour will be paying their latest foreign recruit a very tidy 5-figure sum. The Labour Party is broke, the Co-op is sick and in massive debt, and Labour have yet to repay a large loan owed to the Co-op’s customers.

    Still spending sackfuls of other peoples’ money to buy votes while Ed just looks elsewhere. He clearly hates the UK and the English.

    Who said jobs for Brits?


    • 68
      Empty Ed says:

      Axelrod is a member of my tribe

      Like illegal immigrant Graf

      Charity begins with my tribe


    • 143
      jgm2 says:

      Time for Dave to put the ‘fix’ in and have his visa rejected. Whadya mean there are no British people who can do the job? Fuck off.


  28. 71
    Ed Jong-Mil says:

    Yes Guido, it working for people who working then and now still working. Very important, me in squeezy middle.


  29. 76
    We don't live in the EU, but we might live in Europe says:

    Dougie Alexander getting his underkecks wet over this yank, I knew Liebour were in a mess but hadn’t realised they were really in a fckin mess, do they get their money back if this dodge doesn’t work.


  30. 77
  31. 79
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    In so far as Syria is concerned the only “side” to be on is the outside.


  32. 82
    Lynton Crosby says:

    David Axelrod knows how to mobilise electorates & how to defend against fear & smear campaign we’re expecting from Conservatives and other assorted right wing political bloggers.


  33. 83
    albacore says:

    Axelrod, gearstick, carburettor
    A tune-up can’t make Beaker better
    Parliament’s a broken-down old crock
    After running rich on E U cock
    LibLabCons are good only for scrap
    Ain’t you had enough of all their crap?


  34. 84
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP


  35. 85
    mild colonial boy says:

    Brave, brave man. Who was wearing the paper bag?

    In Orstraya Chelsea Clinton would be a two-bagger.


  36. 88
    Steve Miliband says:

    How will Guns and Roses cope without him?


  37. 89
    Alex Salmond, formerly the cleverest man on politics says:

    C0ck! The last thing I want is the near certainty of Labour winning in 2015, so Scots voters assume they’ll just keep getting the handouts from Westminster with no risk.

    In fact, it’s 100% certain that the evil Tory toffs will win big in 2015 and only my national socialists can keep work-shy Scots feather-bedded on handouts!


    • 146
      Alex Salmond, economist, racing tipster, politician and heart-attack-in-waiting says:

      It’s not fair. You’re bullying me.

      Waaaaaah. Waaaaaaah.

      [Stamps foot]

      [Stamps foot again]

      That’s right isn’t it Nikki? They’re bullying us aren’t they?

      [Long pause]


      Yes, that’s right we’re being bullied.


      • 198
        broderick crawford says:


        I only wear a low slung decolletage so that my fun bags can get some fresh air…

        It would not have entered my head to do it as a feminins wile to win over a hostile press element …. until you just suggested it.


  38. 91
    UKIP 4 ALL says:

    Isnt it strange how the labour party have completely forgotten about President Hollande of France and how Hollande offered a socialist vision of the future that the labour party could model themselves on?

    Labour must want to forget all about Hollande and France under a socialist administration and the BBC is all too ready to help them use their world famous political airbrush.

    Its all about the cotht of lithing cwisis ithnt it? As Milliband would thay. Oh and a flatlining economy and austerity as Balls would say.


    • 95
      Bloomers in rain-soaked Bongo Bongo Land says:


      • 117
        A Patriot says:

        Seems to have happened somewhere in Londonistan.

        What colour’s are involved in this case ?

        That is where the real decline in Britain is.


      • 190
        Terry Thomas says:

        I’d like to see Godfrey’s browsing history…


        • 199
          broderick crawford says:

          So … hold on … this near 13 year old girl s own mother is now 27.

          Means she had her at 14.

          Daughter obviously trying to outdo Mummy in the Early Birth Handicap Stakes for Under 14 Year old Fillies ……. and succeeding !


  39. 93
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    The BBC News channels, over the last two days, have begun to hype up anything to do with Labour. It’s in the newsreaders voice and how it’s put over, smiley and up beat.
    Something to watch out for from the biased BBC.


    • 94
      Idon'tneednodoctor says:

      Ed Balls is a car crash that has already happened.


      • 191
        The Ed is nigh! says:

        This event is actually the beginning of his slow resignation speech.

        Bets that Doughy Salamander throws his hat in to challenge Ed or Mrs Ed for the leadership once Ed has finally fucked off back to the American lecture circuit.


      • 218
        Anonymous says:

        Hit and run, but the police tracked him down. He now wants to tax the poor 1% more, wrapped up as NI to save the nhs, so every foreigner and his dog can continue to rob us blind.


  40. 96
    Steve Miliband says:

    So will he be a full timer in the UK with a permit, or will he be jetting in when his visa allows? Nothing like having someone with their finger on the pulse during a Presidential campaign


    • 200
      broderick crawford says:

      as long as he spends less than 180 days in the uk in any one year and ensures that the time he does spend here is patently for leisure purposes the ( uk) tax man will be happy …. and so will his (US) accountant.


  41. 98
    T.B£iar - the People's Messiah says:


    • 112
      Madoff Mandelson from Moscow says:

      Hello Ton

      I see you are in Kazakhstan with Jonathan “Jeeves” Powell, your tame war criminal and Machiavelli admirer

      How many millions is the dictator paying yoy?

      Is Alky Campbell with you as well?

      I’m getting filthy rich in Moscow with my oligarch

      PS Make sure our oligarchs get immunity from these ridiculous sanctions…give the chump Cameron a call please


    • 119
      A Patriot says:

      Paul Krugman is a fucking retarded mongoloid piece of shit that gives Economics a very bad name.


    • 121
      A Patriot 2 says:

      P’aul Krugman is a fucking retarded mongoloid piece of shit that gives Economics a very bad name.


  42. 100
    Maria Miller says:

    If they decide to re-enact the crucifixion can I suggest David Cameron for the part of Jesus.


  43. 106
    'Chillaxed' Dave says:

    Is Easter a good time to ‘do God’?


    • 115
      God says:

      Preferably not up the anus, Dave.


      • 120
        'Chillaxed' Dave says:

        Hmm, so all that Christian Three-in-One person business isn’t some kind of crazy DP action then?


    • 118
      Casual Observer 2 says:

      Bliar Lite all over again — another fucking politician pretending to be a sky fairy enthusiast when he thinks he can smell a couple of votes in Senileshire.


      • 127
        C O (Ξ7q1) says:

        Blair was a loony for day one.

        Dave is apparently a recently converted evangelical: Converted after he re-branded Britain as Gomorrah by introducing the sodomite marriage stuff.

        Perhaps Cameron is desperately trying to atone for his sins as he realizes that his time is nearly up.

        Or he could be trying to soften the public up for a climate change argument for why Easter Eggs are going to be banned by the EU next year and get public support for 5 year lent as the new deficit reduction wheeze.


    • 129
      Poleaxed Dave says:

      Shit. Bumsex marriage caused a few problems. Better turn and offer the other cheek and go god bothering


    • 165
      Ed Twelvety Balls says:

      I can’t wait to move into number eleventeen Downing Street, I shall spend squillions of pounds as soon as I get the chance.


    • 202
      broderick crawford says:

      I sugggest you start your vocation as a Jehovah s Witness Dave and get used to distributing leaflets on a street corner .

      Better than selling matches on a street corner — or worse !!! — come June 2015.


  44. 126
    A Brazilian Rent Boy says:

    Still no word on the jellyfish which stung David Cameron. I hope it’s recovering.” :)


  45. 132
    The British media are cunts says:

    George says what we all think about the Jellyfish


  46. 136
    Iain Duncan Smith says:

    Do you file your fingernails ? or do you just throw them away ?


  47. 147
    Prime Minister"The Dunce Of Downing Street" Cameron says:

    Maybe I should become UKIP’s spin doctor..


  48. 151
    nell says:

    poor axelrod will have some trouble I’d have thought in trying to promote a politician who has a blank sheet of paper instead of policies.


    • 203
      broderick crawford says:

      His adenoids have got worse since the operation . Did they confuse him with the cerebral frontal lobotomy case …. who is still mad as a March hare but whose diction is alarmingly clear.


  49. 160
    Still, it could be worse says:

    haven’t the times of posts gone wonky ?


  50. 162
  51. 163
    Ships Bottom says:

    Just noticed a Google Ad on the side of my screen..Visit endabuse.org now ?

    Had something similar when posting an electrical cable on eBay – Bare End type. Banned!


  52. 167
    Prime Minister"The Dunce Of Downing Street" Cameron says:

    Update on the man in hospital with a Hoover stuck up his bottom – Doctors say he’s picking up nicely.


  53. 174
    Baz O's ex Rod says:

    Hey Dougie, wee, yo.

    Listen this new job looks like a real bummer, I don’t see any light, it’s not as if there is even any tunnel, the guy is just a dork.


  54. 177
    USA piss off says:

    Oy Vey! Axelrod firmly believes that the candidate is the message. The important thing is to tell a positive story about the candidate rather than to muddy the narrative with lots of talk about policy details.
    OK, here goes:

    “Once upon a time there was a weird geeky bloke who was complicit in bringing the UK to near economic ruin then wanted another chance to do the same thing. The End.”

    Axelrod, Obama doesn’t want you, he’s stuck in the polls and blames you. Is this best you can do?

    Oh and try to sell minority candidates to the British white middle classes and you will be back working for the Hyde Park Herald. We can do it, YES WE CAN!


    • 195
      Ethnic Miliband says:

      Hey I know, I’ll play to my Juicy roots and make a big show of being the first D’israeli since D’israeli; visiting my bredren in de land of philistines; and hire a Merkin Juicer to focus on selling my complete lack of personality, and my socialist journey from da Primrose Hill ‘hood via da Hoxford massive, and da mean streets of da treasharee and ma mysterious millions.

      Good luck getting muslim votes and indigenous English votes playing the race card…


      • 205
        broderick crawford says:


        Says redundancies among its 230 million staff cannot be ruled out .

        Ganja , Khat and other ” flowers “share prices soar.


  55. 178
    Anonymous says:

    There is doubt that it was actually the Syrians who used Sarin ass Robert Fisk reports here http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/has-recep-tayyip-erdogan-gone-from-model-middle-east-strongman-to-tinpot-dictator-9252366.html

    Erdogan and his cohorts have also been caught planning to attack sacred tomb of Suleyman Shah which is a Turkish enclave inside Syria. Erdogan would then have immediately demanded his NATO partners participate in action against the Syrians. In other words he would have sought to literally start WWIII on a fraud and expect British troops to participate.

    The West should treat very carefully in demonising the Syrian regime and certainly not be trusting of opposition.


    • 213
      Anonymous says:

      Following concerns that up to 200 young British ‘Freedom Fighters’ might have traveled to Syria, Sir Peter Fahy (who leads counter-terrorism strategy for the Association of Chief Police Officers) said: “[There is] a real worry about those who may be radicalised, who may have been engaged in terrorist training, and will be a threat when they come back.”

      And to think, the House of Commons nearly voted to send strike jets to support the jihadists and other terror groups.


  56. 182
    Stinton says:

    Axelrod must have a big bag of glitter.


    • 206
      broderick crawford says:

      ” Do you wanna touch me

      Do you wanna touch me

      Where ? Where ?

      There ! There !! “


  57. 207
    Labour Loser says:

    So who will replace Miliband after the election?


  58. 209
    U have 2 be double dim to vote Labour. says:

    And Miliband is wrong on everything! Bullshitter for brainwashed sheeple!


  59. 219
    Anonymous says:

    Labour reckon their zombie voters loved it when Brown taxed the workers some more, by increasing the NI rate, so called to save the nhs, the dimwits loved it so much that they think it will be a winner if they tax us another 1% more.


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