April 16th, 2014

Today at the Hacking Trial


  1. 1
    Jack says:

    Pull the other one Guido

    But I suppose you are paid to put up this crap


    • 2
      Joseph Smith says:

      I am just an ordinary Joe and I knew that reporters listened into answer phones and it was very easy to do because of the factory setting PIN. So why wasn’t the editor of a muck raking newspaper?

      It wasn’t called hacking or voice mail then of course.


      • 11
        Norman Normal says:

        Not just journos these days, I caught my neighbours phoning my answer machine when they thought I was out of the house.


    • 6
      Anonymous says:

      Calling it “hacking” is a bit like leaving your front door unlocked, then getting burgled and calling it “breaking and entering”

      Funny that the mobile phone companies didn’t think it important enough to issue unique or random PINs.


  2. 3
    Coppers says:

    Guilty! Two seconds!


  3. 5
    A Proper Yorkshire Bastard says:

    I’d be more shocked if they discovered he had porn videos on his phone.


  4. 9
    nigels parachute says:

    Has anyone noticed that as new houses are getting more and more expensive they seem to be getting smaller and smaller


    • 12
      Norman Normal says:

      Yes and it’s detached if there is a 12″ coutesy gap between you and next door.


    • 13
      Taxfodder says:

      Mars Bars are going the same way and if those quality street tins you see in Supermarkets at christmas get any smaller there will be no room for the chocs inside!


  5. 10
    Norman Normal says:

    Coulson listed to hacked voice mail once but didn’t inhale lol.


  6. 14


    People want all the gossip in England for £1, when what they hear is worth £5. So if, Rebecca Brookes and Andy Culson are to blame, the £ is the money that is the root of all evil.

    And as far as messages are concerned these journalists are innocent. There is no evidence of people giving them messages is there? Unless its the invisible goblin messengers!


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