April 16th, 2014

Crystal Methodist Thanks BBC for Newsnight Fawning

Having been charged with drug offences this morning, the renowned gak-fiend Reverend Flowers lavished praise on the BBC for giving him such an easy ride when he appeared on Newsnight:

“There is a phrase for some people, they call them vultures, and I really do hope that somebody quotes me on that, especially the BBC. The BBC have been really nice to me but the rest of you are vultures.”

He must be very grateful that Newsnight failed to ask him about his use of drugs and rent-boys since he declared himself a changed man…


  1. 1
    Peter Bone -Trougher says:

    I am in TV poverty as my neighbour has a bigger tv than I do.


    • 10
      Lord Stansted says:

      I am in greater TV-poverty than you. I have no TV – thank God.


      • 30
        God says:

        That’s OK, I like to p!ss off the BBC.


      • 31
        Anonymous says:

        You must be one of them geniuses. Read a study done in the US where they found that the average IQ of the householders was inversely proportional to the number of TV’s.


    • 15
      BBC HR Dept (Savile Channel) says:

      Employ that man!

      He has the perfect BBC staff profile.

      Perhaps he could front Blue Peter?


    • 21
      Cathy Newmanmana says:

      You are being oppressed by patriarchal white men. Would you like to come on #C4News to explain the terrible poverty you live in.

      By the way, I want more taxes on the working class to pay for nannies for liberated, empowered post-modern women like me to have more babies and be career orientated.


    • 24
      Paxo and the BBC coke-sters says:

      A socialist?
      A class-A drug fiend?
      A peoples’ banker?
      A Gay?
      A male prostitute client?

      That’s our kind of guy!

      Shame he wasn’t a disabled, black, moslem, lesbian – it would have been a full house.


    • 47
      Norman Normal says:

      I am in TV quality poverty as every time I turn it on my intelligence is insulted.

      Particularly by Sky’s recent Business News coverage. Poppy Trowbridge acts as if she is reading to a class of 4 year old children. (Same Poppy that used to be at opendemocracy.net? If so you should have left her there!)


      • 63
        Fred the pensioner says:

        … and the cvnts went ape on the Mirror’s front page food bank story today – no mention that it was completely false : plus of the three people they managed to find to interview to bleat about how hard done by they were, not one of the was English (as we understand the term!). If they start giving away free Mercs, I’ll pop by and pick one up.


    • 61
      broderick crawford says:

      …. and Mrs Bone has DEMANDED ….a 56 inch one !!


  2. 2
    The two muppets. says:

    Typical Labour ,rotten to the core.


  3. 3
  4. 4
    Speechless at the lack of self awareness says:



  5. 5
    Paxman and friends says:

    I have been trained to be nice to the right kind of people. That ED Balls chap is one of those people I shall always be kind to.


  6. 6
    Anonymous says:

    I suspect there are one or two words for elderly men who ply young rent boys with drugs – but I suspect that most of the press would be loath to use those.


  7. 7
    BBC says:

    We were too busy preparing a panorama special on whether the conservatives have a woman problem and if they are too white.


  8. 8
    i feel like a new man says:

    i love you all…..newsnight’s always been my favouriote gig…….goodnight and thank you very much……where’s me fee?


  9. 9
    Old Nick Heavenly (alive and kikin) says:

    Ed Balls investigated by police over ‘fail to stop’ crash

    says the telly tubby graph

    I honestly thought for a few moments that they were goung to take this shithead to court for his part in ruining your economy!

    Naive or what?


    • 20
      Long John Silver' s parrot says:

      British population 65M

      Number of Britons attending Foodbanks 1M

      Number of Britons paying no income tax whatsoever ???????????????

      The country is a disgrace.


      • 53
        Village Idiot says:

        ….Poulation of Britain …65million, of which,there are many that are not British,but have been given the status of being British!….Deluded,delusional people in the establishment would have us believe that Britishness can be accomplished by living here for a short while and then taking a test,and singing the national anthem,it is simply not true!…It is an insult to true British,a term I will not argue,as most sane people know what British is and who is not British!…As guests here ,respect Britain and realise you will never be British!


    • 23
      gordon's brown hole says:

      crash – what crash?


  10. 13
    Ruth Smeeth PPC says:

    I have nothing to hide (nor my other half).


  11. 14
    Long John Silver' s parrot says:

    Is he going to take “full responsibility” for his actions like a good Socialist or are we going to be subjected to an Oscar performance ?


  12. 17
    Sunny Jim says:

    He’s still scum


  13. 18
    nell says:

    So tell me again what is the purpose of the beeb other to to give airtime to criminals and d r u g a d d i c t s ?


    • 33
      BBC News Editor says:

      If Oscar Pistorius is found guilty then we will broadcast a TV-special revealing how evil Apartheid, aided by Thatcher, corrupted an innocent young man. If he is not guilty then we will broadcast a TV-special revealing how evil Apartheid, aided by Thatcher, fostered a witch hunt against an innocent young man.


      • 37
        nell says:

        If they were forced to go commercial with subscription if the license fee should be withdrawn and kept on broadcasting this biased drivel one just wonders whether they could survive.


      • 40
        The BBC PR Dept says:

        Followed by a two-hour troughfest live from Jo’burg about the legacy of Mandela


        • 62
          van de merwa says:

          But shhhhh never mention that the Public Protector just caught President Zuma personally profiting from R240,000,000 public funds spent on his Inkhandla residence.
          Makes our expenses scandals look rathet pale.


      • 41
        Ithankyou says:

        There’s a new Oscar Pistorious drinking game.

        You wait until someone goes to the toilet, then you have four quick shots


  14. 22
    Anonymous says:

    What is the fat fudge pusher winging about now. Put him in a cage…


    • 34
      Strangeways Inmate says:

      No. He’s innocent. Leave him alone. Or just give him community service or a fine. Or send him to Barlinnie – or a secure mental hospital – or just let him escape or something.


      • 57
        NE Frontiersman says:

        Some might argue that trashing the Labour Party’s readiest source of illicit cash was a public service worthy of the highest honours.


  15. 26
    Flower power says:



  16. 32
    bummer says:

    The BBC, run by bumboys for bumboys.


  17. 38
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:

    Vultures feed on carrion.


  18. 42
    Liverpool Victim Culture says:

    He crashed a bank and more but wants sympathy and a shoulder to cry on in public.

    Fred Goodwin or that goon in charge of Northern Rock didn’t beg for sympathy.


  19. 44
    Owen's Remedial Media Studies teacher says:

    Compare and Contrast BBC’s coverage before midday (Hurray – Outrage – We’ve got him) to their coverage after midday (it appears Nige is being hounded by smears – story dropped from all news in favour of “96 footy fans died 25 years ago: Mascara Man get s applauded”)

    Compare and contrast the latter non-coverage of the smear alleging criminal behaviour of a serving party leader to their week of coverage of the Wail’s attack on Ed’s dad which was all wind and hot air (some dead bloke did/didn’t like England)


  20. 45
    Word for today :Embezzlement says:

    Putting this c unt in charge of all that money, what could possibly go wrong !!!!


  21. 50
    The BBC says:

    You can always rely on us, Comrade


  22. 64
    Kock Wang - for all of your ecclesiastical fashion needs.. says:

    “a changed man…”

    Sure, ‘changed’ out of his Gimp outfit and back into his dog collar…


  23. 65
    Ey-up Lad says:

    The man is a joke on every possible level.


  24. 66
    Cynosarges says:

    Flowers was right when he described the press as vultures. However he did not complete the analogy

    Vultures fulfil an ecological niche – they clean up dead carrion. And there is one piece of carrion that needs the rotting meat stripped off.


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