April 16th, 2014

Balls Flees Crash Scene
Police Probing Ed Balls Car Smash Dash

Ed Balls has picked up another trick from his political father Gordon Brown – going missing, Macavity style, from the scene of a crime. The Shadow Chancellor hit another car in Morley on April 5 but sped off in his Peugeot 306 without contacting the owner or leaving his insurance details. He was only caught by CCTV.

The Yorkshire Post reports that the police have launched an investigation. According to West Yorkshire Police:

We received a report on Sunday, April 6, of a fail-to-stop collision on Commercial Street, Morley, which is reported to have happened the day before on Saturday, April 5. Damage was caused to the front offside wing of a parked black Peugeot 306. Enquiries are ongoing.”

Of course this is not the first time Balls has got into trouble behind the wheel. He claims:

“As soon as I was made aware of what had happened, I took full responsibility for any damage caused.”

Not a mantra he applies to the economy, sadly.


  1. 1
    Outrageous says:

    Jail awaits


    • 4

      It was the right thing to do.


      • 7
        Ed Miliprang says:

        I told him to turn left


      • 14
        Labour Spokesman says:

        It was a global motoring crisis


      • 41
        Peter Grimes says:

        Al Beeb currently doing their best to denigrate the undoubted good news of these latest figures, which show a trend not just the spike Al Beeb keep referring to. They give much prominence to Ed Bollox’ bollocks about ‘flatlining’ and Milipede Junior’s ‘cost-of-living crisis’ and are emphasising the (only!) 1.4% rise in average earnings excluding bonuses, not the headline 1.7% increase. Nothing about Mad Gordo crashing our economy.

        Traitors all at Al Beeb!

        (As an aside, I hate Liverpudlians with a dire hate, but I’d give that Esther McVey one!)


        • 83
          Esther's dad says:

          Putting the babe Esther on at 9.40 it was. Opted that the tech boys had tangoed her to match her suit.

          Same suit ten minutes later on Sky showed with a normal skin tone. Al Beeb clearly find a northern Tory female businesswoman an item of scorn or is it some bulldykes attempt at a jealous slap.


        • 90
          Gonad Watch says:

          Also obsessed with free food that has clearly caught on while Teskos figures go down. Strange Dat.

          Pity the camera keeps showing essentials like sweets and choccy biscuits.


          • Tesco is a pile of shite says:

            Tesco is shite on fucking stilts. Stand outside one of their stores and look at the braindead chavs going in and out.


          • Brian Dead-Chav says:

            Yoo farkin’ want some, yoo caaaaant!!

            Oh sorry, love… No I can pack it myself, thanks.


        • 187
          Anonymous says:



          • You scousers hate everyone else anyway. Why give you some direction? ( Note: “scouser” is a common noun and has no capital.)


          • Comrade Carwyn and his socialist republic . says:

            Quite right.
            Leave the poor old scouser alone.
            For some reason everyone makes fun of them.
            Cant think why.


          • Scouser says:

            Yeah, leave us alone,
            we’re foookin’ dying up ‘ere.
            It’s not all Spanish footballers & The Beatles y’know.

            We’re dyinnn.


      • 148
        (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

        Makes a nice change from slagging off Nige!


    • 44
      Troy Tempest says:

      If they catch him and fine him, he’ll have a cost of leaving crisis


    • 45
      Lower Deck Lawyer says:

      Failing to report an accident carries a far less severe penalty than having an accident over the legal alcohol limit.


      • 86
        Gonad Watch says:

        Balls in balls up scoop.

        Thought that sort of thing was what liebour women did like Harri. Also accident prone in more ways than one.


      • 190
        thostids says:

        Fail to stop/fail to report 9-11 points. Nice one Ed. On a “totter”? It were the wife woz driving! Attempt to pervert course of justice used to be 2 years jug but we know that you’d only get 6 months and serve 6 weeks. You might have to kick the soap to the door before bending down to pick it up, look upon it as a small price for crashing the Economy, oops – car, and not letting on.


    • 94
      davemcwish says:

      No it doesn’t, given that PC Plod and chums in the Federation are now a political organisation. Had the offender been a baby-eating, public school Tory s*** than they would have been nicked by now.


    • 104
      Ed Milident says:

      It’s a bumper week for scandal


    • 123
      John Mann says:

      It is outrageous when senior politicians attempt to get away with things which ordinary voters know to be plain wrong.


      • 134
        Labour is the nasty party. says:

        I hope that he gets away with it ,at least until after General Election .Balls along with Miliband are the Conservatives best hope of winning the election.


    • 131
      M­a­­­­q­bo­­ul says:

      He should let Yvette take the rap… by Christ she could do with a couple of points.


    • 141
      The two muppets. says:

      Balls is a disgusting individual and what he did was true to form .I wonder if he had been
      drinking? Just asking .


      • 153
        Lady Harridan (Hanky to the Nose) Harman says:

        I wouldn’t get out of my car to speak to the hoi polloi either – especially in somewhere like Yorkshire. I Mean, you could catch something from the people up there.

        He should done what I did….shout out of the window, ‘Don’t you know who I am?…You can find me in the House of Commons.

        And as we are more important, the bigger charge (like driving while using a mobile phone) will always be dropped – we are entitled to be charged only on a mere technicality.


        • 206
          Peter Grimes says:

          Catch something in Yorkshire!

          Harlot Harridan is the bloody MP for Peckham isn’t she, the shanking capital of the UK. If they weren’t relying on her to keep voting for increasing their bennies they would have done for her years ago.


      • 176
        EC says:

        Of course he was pissed, why do you think he didn’t stop. Another political pygmy.


    • 151
      Anonymous says:

      Not for the Leftocracy, it doesn’t – remember Harriet Harman’s 2009 incident: too self-important to exchange details, off to Cabinet meeting so up yours!


    • 163
      Tony Baloney - Orf saving the Middle East or summink.. says:

      Don’t be too hasty! I banged-up an entire Country, ran away and ended up getting away with it! All he needs to do is perfect his cheesy grin!


    • 174
      Eric Pickles Stole My Lunch says:

      What’s more horrifying, the failure to stop or the Peugeot 306?


    • 175
      Hand down trousers says:

      Sounds like a nigel evans moments ,he accidentally bumped into something and once found out he immediately accepted responsibility. What a first rate chap, what.


      • 193
        thostids says:

        Oh, don’t tell me he had his hand stuffed down the back of the seat, pissed as a rat, looking for his fags or somebody else’s balls. He’ll want to put his premium excess down as an office expense, or he may not bother to claim and put the whole repair down as a Parking Expense – the other car was parked, that makes it a parking charge, nothing to do with the 10 points and £1,000 fine. T’ wife will cop fo’t points and the fine will go down as another parking expense. I old you, the other car were parked!


    • 184
      M says:

      Vote labour and he will drive the economy the same way


    • 198
      Sir Barrington Minge says:

      Just goes to show that you cannot polish a turd.
      You can try rolling it in glitter, but it’s still a turd.
      Balls = Turd


  2. 2
    Mike Hunt says:

    You know where to find me – the standard response of a liebour hit-and-run


    • 6
      Ed Ballls says:

      And, “don’t you know who I am?”


    • 28
      Morley flipper says:

      Blame the wife. It was obviously another boy racer.


    • 74
      M­a­­­­q­bo­­ul says:

      He should have left a note,

      “Sorry I’ve just crashed into your parked car.
      People are watching me.
      They think I am writing my name and address on this piece of paper.
      They are wrong.”


      • 132
        Braveheart says:

        Dear Owner,
        You’re car got kicked by a rabbit. A bloody big rabbit. ‘Bye.


        • 133
          Braveheart says:

          “Your” – my spelling goes to pieces when I’ve had a couple of pints to settle my nerves before driving.


  3. 3
    AtillatheHen says:

    This is terrible news – he’s the best thing to happen to the Tories since Maggie.


  4. 5
    The Beak says:

    I trust that a warrant will be issued for his arrest, not backed for bail.


    • 39
      Gonads cum HaHaPersonHuuoone or any other NooLieBore Shithead says:

      I wasn’t there, – and even I was, – I was in the passenger seat – wasn’t I Evadne?


    • 169

      Don’t you know who he is ???


  5. 9
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:

    If Balls was involved in this he has really fucked up badly.


  6. 10
    Ed Balls says:

    Ed Balls


  7. 11
    slaggywildlife says:

    “As soon as I was made aware of what had happened, ……”

    Did he not realise he’d hit another car? Had refreshment been taken?


    • 18
      12 Points says:

      That comment in itself should be reason enough to take away his licence.


    • 119
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      What he means is as soon as he was made aware that he had been caught. He is a cnut like most politicians


  8. 12
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Aha, he’s been flushed out by CCTV. This only highlights just how reckless he is.


  9. 13
    Shooty* says:

    What’s the problem? The other car only belonged to a little person. Would they like some expenses?


  10. 15
    Evenin' all says:

    One has to ask why the driver left the scene of an accident.


  11. 19
    UKIP or bust says:

    Will he get the lad cooper to say he was driving at he time?


  12. 20
    Ed Balls says:

    Too far too fast


  13. 21
    Socialism is theft says:

    What else do you expect when you hand the keys of the car to the men who crashed the economy?


  14. 22
    Tony Blair says:

    What, no chauffeur?


  15. 23
    Ed Balls says:

    “.. my car started in America..”


  16. 26
    UKIP or bust says:

    Does he still do that silly imature hand gesture at PMQ’s?


    • 50
      HoC TrickCyclist says:

      I’m sure Mr Speaker frowns on masturbatory activities – but might make allowances given that sex potty Whoremoan sits so close – and clearly unsettles every nearby male – or those that aspire to that gender


    • 161
      Norman Normal says:

      Is that the one where he scratches his nose with the middle finger lol?


  17. 27
    Nigel Farage says:

    Thank God for that


  18. 29
    The BBC says:

    Pffft, this isn’t news and neither is the Birmingham Trojan horse stuff.
    Food banks, cost of motor insurance crisis, er…. Ed’s not weird, bloody Tories etc.


    • 114
      Tosser Watch says:

      Nor will it be news that Eds constituent vote base have now lodged fifty whiplash claims as they were in the parked car and Eds, via a well known inner London firm of twat solicit’ors specialising in such cases and who seem to have the number on every mobile phone in certain districts


  19. 30
    The Public says:

    So why doesn’t Ed Balls buy a British car?


  20. 31

    Hang on… Ed Balls was actually in his constituency…?


    • 43
      jgm2 says:

      He has a very slim majority (~1,000) that relied on ~10,000 postal votes last time (seriously).

      He’s managed to turn a safe seat into a marginal.

      Such is the political clout of the imbecile’s little enabler.


      • 59
        Bangalor Postal Vote Stuffers........ says:

        Yes sir, all his Vote is now in the bag & his majority will be at least
        50,000 as we have worked hard stuffing all of the envelopes 24/7


    • 166
      Inconvenient Truth says:

      LOL ‘His Constituency’, you mean ‘another National Politician Parachuted into a Safe Party Seat’….These ‘Career Politicians’ never seem to fight for seats where they live. We might as well do-away with this charade of FPTP ‘Local’ MP’s and go to FULL PR, because that’s essentially what we’ve ended up with.


  21. 33
    *yawn* says:

    Deport him.


  22. 34
    pissed off voter says:

    Typical of the man, he’s got no balls


  23. 37
    jgm2 says:

    It wouldn’t have happened if he’d had a ministerial car.

    Ha ha.


    • 67
      bergen says:

      The Leader of the Opposition has a ministerial car ever since Harold Wilson lost in 1970 and took up driving again. Ted Heath was persuaded by Labour to give him a car before he killed somebody.


      • 75
        jgm2 says:

        So Ed Milband won’t be doing any hit-and-runs. Good. I’m surprised that gormless geek can even drive.


    • 71
      Fed up Joe Public & all voting UKIP ORG says:

      With a squad of Old Bill on High Powered Motor Bikes to ensure all
      of the fcuking smelly filthy plebs are kept out of the way & do not
      hinder the Great Leader’s Deputy progress in any way……

      Some are certainly more equal than others……..Animal Farm…..


    • 210
      Halibert Hall says:

      The car was a premenstrual Mini !!!


  24. 38
    Fucking dis custard says:

    Guilty! Send im daan


  25. 40
    Prime Minister"The Dunce Of Downing Street" Cameron says:

    Nick Clegg’s taxpayer-funded aide Ryan Coetzee is running their election strategy at YOUR expense. Here’s the proof http://labli.st/QcpEB6


    • 46
      Impartial Evidence says:

      As much as I personally suspect Nick Clegg is a dishonest hound who is unfit to hold public office, citing Labour List as ‘proof’ does not cut the mustard.


      • 81
        Still, it could be worse says:

        if true isn’t that theft ? presumably there is author information on the powerpoint file ?


  26. 42
    Anon says:

    Is the BBC aware of this ? Oh silly me they would only be interested if it were a Tory


    • 69
      The Brown Bullshit Corpse says:

      We only report newsworthy items – as defined by Our Leader in absentia, The Great Helmsman, Comrade Brhune.


    • 146
      Táxpáyér says:

      Ester pre-sent a tweet while Andy Burnham-Belsen was speaking!


  27. 48
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Disgraced former Co-op Bank boss Paul Flowers answers bail: http://bit.ly/QcqA8H


  28. 49
    George Osborne says:

    Too far, too fast and probably pissed.


  29. 51
    Anonymous says:

    “He was only caught by CCTV.”
    Funny old world, this human one. While quite content to use devices that will reveal aspects of reality we’d rather shy away from. We simply can’t countenance a machine able to look inside our heads and show when we’re just making stuff up, intentionally. No way!


  30. 52
    CON GAIN says:

    If this is true he’ll have to resign.

    A shame because he’s been a disaster for Labour, long may he continue to make them look toxic and incompetent.


  31. 55
    Hair of the dog says:

    Hair samples and toe nails. They do it for pilots. They store the daily alcohol record.


    • 80
      Socialism is a parasite that always kills it's host says:

      Judging by his colouration sometimes he may actually be up to speed.


  32. 56
    ed working class hero milliband says:

    Over the limit perhaps? Tends to be the reason people flee accidents.hoping that they sober up before the police catch them up


  33. 57
    Genghiz the kahn says:


    Now the beeboids have it.


    • 60
      jgm2 says:

      Sounds like it might have occurred on private property.

      None of plod’s business if it has.



      • 105
        Lke you said the bankers ARE scum says:

        Not true The law has been changed to include private property You can even be done for DUI on your own property If its open to the public


    • 79
      M­a­­­­q­bo­­ul says:

      Anyone who reverses into another car knows for sure whether it is a “touch” or a crunch. The man’s a bloody liar – he drove off to escape the hassle and quite possibly a breath test.


  34. 58
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    Sgt Adrian Wright, of West Yorkshire Police’s Eastern Area Roads Policing Unit, said: “We received a report on Sunday, 6 April of a fail to stop collision on Commercial Street, Morley, which is reported to have happened the day before, on Saturday, 5 April.

    “Damage was caused to the front offside wing of a parked black Peugeot 306.”

    Mr Balls said: “Ten days ago, I turned our car round in a tight spot in the private drive beside the Labour rooms in Morley.

    “There was a stationary car parked close by. The turn took five or seven points and I was aware that at one point the bumpers of the two cars touched.

    “I park there all the time in what is a relatively narrow drive. But until I was contacted the following Wednesday, I had no awareness at all that there had been any damage to the other car.

    “As soon as I was made aware of what had happened, I took full responsibility for any damage caused.

    “I have written to the owner of the other car to say I was terribly sorry and to reimburse the owner concerned for the necessary repair. I have contacted our insurance company in the usual way.”


  35. 62
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:

    Good point from UKIP:

    So Cameron is creaming £6000 / month from renting out his L’ondon place whilst living in No 10 on the Tax Payer.

    Nothing illegal, but an extra £120k / year income made off of an apartment whose rent has been artificially increased by a government induced housing bubble may not go down well. That £120k is de-facto subsidized by the taxpayer.

    Where are The T’imes on this ???


    • 68
      M­a­­­­q­bo­­ul says:

      It is within the rules.


      • 156
        BBC News Bastard says:

        When the criminals make the rules, this is what you expect.

        It ain’t right.


        • 203
          UK Fred says:

          Too right it ain’t right. The arithmetic (lack of) ability is criminal.

          When I went to school, 12 x £6,000 made £72,000, not £120,000.

          Obviously after 13 years of Labour education the answer is whatever you want it to be.


    • 89
      Votes wanted, we promise we will lie our heads off says:

      Just wondering didn’t Brown rent his flat out to his brother and still claimed cleaning expenses for the place.


    • 93
      Mornington Crescent says:

      Scoop? Bollox: the Cams moving out of their London pad and renting it out was news for days after the GE.

      Must do better, O’Flynn.


    • 100
      More second homes than a Russian Oligarch. says:

      And at the same time we the taxpayer are paying Dave’s Chipping Norton mortgage. How can this be right?


    • 103
      Earl of Croydon says:

      Isn’t £6,000 x twelve months £72,000?!!!


    • 117
      SackMariaMillerasanMP says:

      £6K times 12 is not £120K.

      Secondly, they own a bijou house not an apartment, or have they sold the house?


      • 122
        C O (Ξ7q1) says:

        I used a calculator borrowed from a T’imes reporter.


      • 127
        C O (Ξ7q1) says:

        … and adjusted the nature of his home.

        I shall public a correction on a later thread tomorrow, with a picture of some boston bombing victims and a story about why we should feel bad about the activities of the provisional !RA.

        Really must stop looking at UK MSM…


  36. 64
    M­a­­­­q­bo­­ul says:

    Balls could try the old claim that it was a banker who was driving.


    • 70
      Ed Balls channelling The Maximum Imbecile says:

      It was a global car crash that started in America and it was the fault of the parked car and it had nothing to do with how I was driving.


  37. 65
    Sandy Jamieson says:

    He could try to claim his wife was driving


  38. 66
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    Co incidence on Google.


    • 91
      Fed up Joe Public & all voting UKIP ORG says:

      Ed ‘Ollocks could not even see a parked car……..he should have gone
      to Spec**Savers…..

      And the twa*t wants US to trust him as ZanuLieLabors
      Chief Bean Counter……

      He’s really in cloud cuckoo land for that delusional mirage
      just like McMental who saved the universe & beyond…..

      They lot of them should be Sectioned PDQ…..


  39. 77
    right un says:

    the conservatives FUCKING UP Britain for their mates
    social care
    fire service
    post office
    local councils
    the media
    political process

    the conservatives just FUCK OFF


    • 78
      jgm2 says:

      Oh dear. 3% poll lead giving you nightmares?


    • 107
      Tosser Watch says:

      Having listed some of the functions of government, now indicate which are troubling you?

      Struggle to see any personally.


    • 115
      Bosun Higgs says:

      They’ve all improved.


    • 138
      Tickety Boo says:

      Let’s see:

      Education – good, radical reforms.
      social care – being merged with healthcare, an improvement
      fire service – needs reform, too many moonlighters
      post office – the sale Labour couldn’t achieve
      environment – looks lovely and green out there
      highways – new roads
      local councils – Council Tax capped, big win
      the media – doing well but BBC needs cutting back
      energy – bills falling, Osbo’s cut taxes
      planning – Labour blocked Pickles’s reforms
      justice – big reforms to legal aid and compensation putting ambo chasers out of biz
      health – increased spending, see Labour in Wales for failure
      political process – Labour lost referendum on PR
      pensions – triple lock
      employment – record number of jobs, wages rising above inflation

      Looks good to me!


  40. 83
    nell says:

    Was he on his mobile phone again whilst driving?


    • 96
      Socialism is theft says:

      No there was a tart sitting on the passenger seat and he couldn’t resist licking it.


  41. 85
    Nick Clegg says:

    I wish people would stop talking about 7%.


  42. 87
    Crash-Ed says:


    • 97
      Votes wanted, we promise we will lie our heads off says:

      Doing a Hattie hey ED, laws for the crowd and no laws for the law makers, no change.


  43. 98
    This is England folks says:

    There were 250 reported cases of whiplash from occupants claiming to have been sitting in the parked car. The fire brigade attended the scene 3 days later and cut the roofs of 15 unoccupied parked cars. Ed Balls submitted a claim for paint on his MP expenses, the Deputy Speaker (designate) said it was only a touch up.


  44. 99
  45. 111
    Wizard Prang says:


  46. 116
    Simples says:

    If he can’t even drive a car properly, how can he be trusted to steer the economy?


  47. 120
    Tosser Watch says:

    Accident prone front bench shadow team should be offering free (of course) refresher driving courses in their next manifesto, well it would be a start after all on the blank piece of paper.

    The bankers can pay the cost and it would help the cost of living crisis.


  48. 124
    Iain Duncan Smith says:

    Of the 100k foodbank vouchers we issued last year 16% were needed because of benefit sanctions http://bit.ly/1m5Dno6

    Hear ! Hear !


    • 136
      M­a­­­­q­bo­­ul says:

      Why not 100% ? What was the reason for the other 84% ? – It’s free so I’ll take it and spend what I save on the food budget on more cigs.


  49. 125
    Not in my name says:

    Admitted responsibility in full when found out.

    How very brave


  50. 126
    Owen Jones says:

    Police Probing Ed Balls Car Smash Dash.

    This all started with Thatcher.


  51. 128
    The arrogance of these scumbags says:

    Would he have driven off if he had hit a Child? i suspect the answer is yes.


  52. 130
    Nigel Mansell's fishmonger says:

    Has the BBC reported this yet? They’d be having a field day if a Conservative MP or UKIP Councillor did this.

    Will The Guardian give Balls a weekly column now?


  53. 135
    Pliny the Welder says:

    I know who RetardEd Ballsup IS now:

    He’s Syndrome!


  54. 140
    Still, it could be worse says:

    If you were giving away a tenner every second and you just now managed to give away the national debt when would you have started giving away tenners ?


  55. 149
    Anon............... says:

    BREAKING NEWS ……Revd Paul Flowers Ex Chairman of Coked Up Bank
    has been charged with drug offences……

    Another bout of uncontrollable Columbian Flu arriving very soon &
    all charged to numerious expense accounts with many being funded
    by the free flowing teat of public funds…………..


  56. 150
    Ad hock says:

    How could he not know? Beggars belief!


  57. 152
    Long John Silver' s parrot says:

    The Big Man is taking “full responsibility” for his actions.

    I would not want to employ anyone in public or private life who would do less than this.

    Let us not forget a criminal offence has been committed here.


  58. 155
    BBC News Bastard says:

    Track him down and take a blood and urine sample as soon as possible.

    I bet that fat fucker was pissed – why else would he have scarpered like a common criminal?


  59. 157
    Ed Balls-up says:

    It was a Peugeot 306. It started in France.


  60. 160
    Gideon, towel-folder extraordinaire says:

    I have flunkies to reverse into other people’s cars!


  61. 162
    Bernard Hyphen-Howe says:

    As soon as I was informed it was a Labour politician, I decided no further action was necessary.

    Mind how you go.


  62. 164
    Diane Fatbot says:

    Note damage to a black Peugeot 306 – obviously a wayycissst failure to stop!


  63. 165
    The Sweeney says:

    You’re nick-ED.


  64. 167
    Helpful says:

    This may be of interest.

    Section 170(2) of the Road Traffic act 1988 provides that the driver of the motor vehicle must stop and, if required to do so by any person having reasonable grounds for so requiring, give his name and address, the name and address of the owner of the vehicle and the identification marks of the vehicle. The duty to stop means to stop sufficiently long enough to exchange the particulars above: Lee v Knapp [1966] 3 All ER 961

    I would be happy to contribute to the costs of a private prosecution if CPS think it not in the public interest.


  65. 170
    Anonymous says:

    Hunt, Hunt fucking Hunt.


  66. 171
    Ed Twelvety Balls says:

    Look, it was a seven point turn. Seven comes after eleventeen so I had to take off my shoes and socks to count them and that was when it happened.


  67. 177
    Nemesis. says:

    There’s usually only one reason why a motorist doesn’t stop in an accident – they were over the alcohol limit. I don’t say this is the case here but my suspicions are aroused. Balls really is a nasty bit of work.


  68. 179
    Handycock Half Incher says:

    Spanish conservatives do it better!




  69. 180
    average joanna says:

    Failing to stop and failing to report an accident are
    criminal offences.
    Take him in for questioning.


  70. 181
    Iain says:

    Perhaps Mr Paxman can ask him why he did not stop and leave his details.
    The answer should give some good squirming time on TV. Possibly a hair sample should be requested as well to determine if any substance abuse had occurred.
    Or are these measures just for the little people?


  71. 182
    Anonymous says:

    Pity it wasn’t a petrol tanker he collided with. Total immolation still too good for the cnut.


  72. 183
    Coppers says:

    “As soon as I was made aware of
    what had happened, I took full
    responsibility for any damage

    After Balls had been caught on CCTV.


  73. 185
    Ed Millitwat says:

    Thank Marx we installed all dem CCTV cameras.


  74. 186
    Not the accident...the cover up. says:

    Hopefully a good journalist will discover what he was doing whilst his car was parked, was drink involved, has he tried to talk to bar staff, has he taken the car he was driving to be repaired or has the damage to his car been left at it is….this could run and run…normally its not the accident, its the cover up what does for dishonest liars….not that I am implying that Ed Balls is nothing but someone who has damaged another car and driven away leaving the owner to pay for his error.Bit like our kids and grandchildren will be doing after his part in the Brown Treasury.


  75. 188
    Arthur Penny says:

    Should definitely be

    AC10: Failing to stop
    AC20: Failing to report
    CD10: careless driving

    10 points on licence and a £500 fine


  76. 189
    Ron says:

    haven’t you got the cctv of the balls balls-up yet guido .. tut tut ;)


  77. 191

    Hmmm. Damage to offside front wing… Must have been a hefty collision, not the sort of thing a fully compos mentis driver would ignore. Wonder if he had lunched well that day? The Labour Front Bench has form on failing to stop after an accident, but at least the injured party knows where to find him.


  78. 194
    Post hoc says:

    I did not inhale…..


  79. 195
    nick says:

    ALL these Labour MPs leave the scene when there is trouble-Brown, Harriman and now Balls. Leaving the scene? Drunk driving? Smells like fines, points and jail time to me. But, being a big blowhard MP he wiggle away from it-the shit.


  80. 197
    The Normal Nigel says:

    Admitting liability as appears to have occurred will void the insurance, Edward how long have you been on the planet?

    Could this man be trusted with anything slightly complicated like the Economy if he cannot even get this right?

    Surely an early Easter Egg gift to all other parties.

    Balls by name and balls by nature.


  81. 200
    Jolly nice chap says:

    Anboit time we stqrt a vigilante movement, to move these slugs like Balls to secret camps via secret rendition. Then we can torture the bastards before bumping them off. Oh, and get their pin numbers – might as well get some edpenses back.


  82. 207
    ED HUHNE BALLS says:

    It was Yvette driving ! Honest


  83. 208
    Cynic says:

    Small beer beside the car crash economy


  84. 209

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