April 15th, 2014

Sums Don’t Add Up for Times Front Page UKIP Story
Outraged Source: I Was Misquoted, Demands Retraction

Guido said this morning that this would get messy, and as predicted, one of the Times’ sources is now kicking back. In a letter to the journalists who wrote the story, David Samuel-Camps says he was misquoted:

“Mr Kenber and Mr Mostrous,

Re: Nigel Farage and office costs

I am extremely concerned that in your report you have distorted my responses to your questions regarding the Lyminster office costs.

On the front page you quote me as stating that the costs were £3000 per year.  This is grossly incorrect.  I told you that the previous manager had tied the office into some supply contracts and as a result the monthly costs were some £2000.  I told you several times that I eventually reduced the costs to £700 per month.  When I went to school we were taught the times tables and that £700 times 12 equals £8400 (which is not too far removed from Mr Farage’s £1000 per month) so where on earth did you come up with a figure of £3000?

At no time did I say that “electricity, heating, and business rates at the office totalled less than £250 a month”.  I told you that I could not remember the individual amounts as it was over four years ago but they would have been in the region of £200 each.

Later, you then contradict yourselves by quoting me as saying that the costs were £700 per month – which is correct.  You asked me a number of times about the £700/month figure which I confirmed several times; again I have to ask how does £700 per month equate to £3000 per year?  I should also point out that our conversations were witnessed.

To the best of knowledge and belief I was completely honest in my answers and resent the fact that those answers have been completely distorted.  I did warn you that there is a small minority who are “mischief makers” – one in particular who would go to any lengths to destroy Mr Farage’s reputation.

I expect you to publish corrections as outlined above.

Finally, I should point out that the Lyminster is nowhere near Bognor Regis; it is on the outskirts of Littlehampton, a fact that could have been verified by looking at an AA road atlas!

David Samuel-Camps BA (Hons) Dip. PA”

To a completely impartial observer like Guido, this doesn’t look good. If what Samuel-Camps is saying is true they should go to the PCC…


  1. 1
    Rob says:

    Why would a pro-EU establishment newspaper make stuff up about Farage? It makes no sense.

  2. 2
    Deluded Ukipper says:

    liblabcon smears!!!11 I’m sick of the establishment making up incessant lies about ukip!!11

    Oh, criticism of the Tories & Labour? That must be true!

  3. 3
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP

  4. 4
    Mugabe says:

    So Guido, feel a bit of a tool do you?

  5. 5

    Is Farage anti-EU, then…?

  6. 6
    Steve Miliband says:

    Maybe they are quoting someone else

  7. 7
    David Cameron says:

    ‘completely impartial’

    cheers for todays big laugh

  8. 8
    Nick Griffin had a point says:

    The Times is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the EU, multicultural, mass-immigration, liberal-capitalist elite, which is why they have tried to smear Farage.

  9. 9
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:

    You should ask him on Twitter, but in all honesty, why should he ?

    G’uido is the messenger – thankfully impartial.

    This news does vindicate F’arage in directly addressing individuals at The T’imes earlier today.

    Will be interesting to see if they go to the PCC, or better yet, just initiate libel proceedings.

    Going through the PCC looks weak, direct litigation to force a front page retraction is better. If The T’imes have been mis-quoting their sources, getting that out there loudly should be more than enough.

  10. 10
    Ha ha ha ha ha says:

    Impartial? You are on the Mur-doch payroll.

  11. 11
    Euro Boy says:

    “To a completely impartial observer like Guido…”
    (Falls off chair.. frothing @ mouth..)

  12. 12
    road to serfdom says:

    Vote UKIP

  13. 13
    Impartial Observer says:

    Guido should have checked his facts before spreading this smear.

  14. 14

    Please note well:

    A round sum expenses allowance is an allowance which is paid to an employee irrespective of whether he or she spends it or not in a particular way. It is to be contrasted with a reimbursement of expenditure actually incurred by an employee and with a scale rate payment intended to reimburse such expenditure


  15. 15
    Sarah Millington says:

    Lawyer time.

    These smears need to be taken directly to the bank accounts of the smearers.

    Fabulous that the establishment is absolutely terrified of UKIP.

  16. 16
    Euro Boy says:

    #UKIP fighting fund needs to be initiated on StartJoin crowdfunder..asap..!

  17. 17

    Y’know in the Guy News Room we just think the Cyberkippers, Cybernats, Tory fanboys and Trottish trolls are bonkers. We report you decide.

    We’re not in the business of making things up. That’s why we’re #1.

  18. 18
    Smearcat says:

    Care to point out which criticisms of Tories, Labour or LibDems are not true?

    Or are you just wanting to show the world what a dickhead you are…

  19. 19
    Mark Oaten (Liberal Democrat) says:

    Smears…? Getting messy…?

  20. 20

    It is a developing story if you want to be last with the news read the Huffington Post.

  21. 21
    Guido Grinder says:

    on & on & on

  22. 22
    fedz says:

    So there we have it. The BBC, with their daily dig at UKIP; with the Today programme and then Victoria Darbyshire wasting 25 mins airtime on this as well, and all to no avail……except more positive publicity for UKIP

  23. 23
    Dr Evil says:

    I really expected a first class smear by the Times not a load of old bollocks just made up. I think Farage should consider suing the Times unless it prints a retraction. The PCC should most definitely be contacted.

  24. 24
    Django The Romanian Benefits Claimant. says:

    “Lyminster”!!!! It’s all the name really

  25. 25
    Victoria Nuland says:

    Fuck the EU

  26. 26
    UKIP defender says:

    Our Nigel just toasted dermot on Sky.

  27. 27
    Brian Leveson says:

    Go to the PCC? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Good one Guido. Who said satire is dead?

  28. 28
    Round the Bend says:

    Mr Mostrous, or should that be Mr Monstrous L£e.

  29. 29
    C.O.Jones says:

    He is not anti europe, just pro British and feels we can look after our own affairs as we have done for centuries.

  30. 30
    *yawn* says:

    “David Samuel-Camps BA (Hons) Dip. PA”

    Beware people who think their qualifications count for anything.

  31. 31
    Smearcat says:


    … “Unable to perceive any promise of personal advantage from espousing either side of a controversy.”

    Ambrose Bierce

  32. 32
    Where di Guido's independence go? says:

    Not a big a tool as the Times, which has either run an outright lie, or has not bothered to fact check it’s story. It’s all going to go a bit ‘Newsnight’ for them if they persist.

    You cannot make fraudulent claims against expenditure from a flat-rate allowance system. Once the money is in Farage’s pocket he could literally spend it on coke and hookers and he’d still be fine. If their journos had two brain cells to rub together they’d have realised this, but I guess the desperate clowns at CCHQ were laying on the pressure so heavy that the hacks forgot to do due diligence.

    Guido’s backtracking today, by tomorrow the Times will be retracting in print.

  33. 33
    Moozies says:

    Meanwhile our march and influence is relentless.

  34. 34
    Leevitoutson says:

    come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough

  35. 35
    Ho Hum says:

    Interesting to note the blog declares: “To a completely impartial observer like Guido…”

    Nope. An impartial blogger/journo would have sought to provide balance on this story hours before the Guido kids bothered to carry any response from Farage.

    Farage had already gone public with a response before the blog posted its first piece today on this, and that piece could have incorporated such comment.

    Then again, the agenda was all about ridiculing Farage — in much the same way Guido resurrected the HIGNY stuff yesterday.

  36. 36
    Tesco is a pile of shite says:

    Fuck the EU with fucking knobs on.

  37. 37
    Fruitcake, swivel eyed loon, closet racist and proud of it says:


  38. 38
    Bewildebeest says:

    ‘Journalist makes up numbers, confuses facts, gets it wrong, doesn’t give a toss’
    Shock Horror Probe Exclusive.
    Has anybody read the NUJ Code of Conduct lately ?

    Point 2 states ‘information is honestly conveyed, accurate and fair’

    You couldn’t make it up – but they do.

  39. 39
    The Sun Online Contract says:

    > That’s why we’re #1.

    Only for the first month, then it’s #8.67

  40. 40
    Tesco is a pile of shite says:

    Just remind us of who owns The Times. Oh, yes………..

  41. 41
    Anonymous says:

    Not looking good for the smear merchants @ThEtIMEs.bog

  42. 42
    Mr Woy says:

    Go back to Cleggy little boy, he’s waiting for you.

  43. 43

    Please note well and have a nice lie down:

    A round sum expenses allowance is an allowance which is paid to an employee irrespective of whether he or she spends it or not in a particular way. It is to be contrasted with a reimbursement of expenditure actually incurred by an employee and with a scale rate payment intended to reimburse such expenditure


  44. 44
    Rickytshirt says:

    It would be absolutely hilarious if he sues them and wins a nice big wad.

  45. 45
    Rinka the Dog says:

    The Zodiac killer is still at large. Can Mr Farage explain his whereabouts between the ages of 4 and 6?

  46. 46
    ? says:

    Well whether true or not the Westminster crowd have done far worse and have largely got away with it.
    Prescott for example was made a Lord after he cheated on his wife.
    That’ll teach him eh.
    Farage would have to be found out doing something incredibly depraved to beat what we have been taught to expect from LibLabCon politicians.

  47. 47
    Dangerous Brian says:

    He could spend it on coke and hookers if he was a Liblabconner and not a peep of concern (except probably from the Mail).
    But spend it on a pint of bitter whilst espousing the perfectly reasonable opinion that the EU is a crooked left wing behemoth that needs major reform, without assistance from the UK, and vilification lies and smears will follow.
    Anyone would think there was an election coming up.

  48. 48
    non taxable pikey says:

    Peter Clarke, the ex-deputy assistant commissioner of the Met Police, has been appointed by the Department for Education (DfE) to review the evidence.

    Birmingham City Council said it had more than 200 reports over its inquiry.

    West Midlands Police Chief Constable, Chris Sims, said it was “a desperately unfortunate appointment”.

    He added: “Peter Clarke has many qualities but people will inevitably draw unwarranted conclusions from his former role as National Co-ordinator for Counter Terrorism.”

    Anonymous claims were made in a letter sent to local authorities last year.

    The so-called “Operation Trojan Horse” letter was apparently written by someone in Birmingham to a contact in Bradford.

    Above from the BBC website. Chris Sims, stop with the PC nonsense, Peter Clarke is exactly the right person to be investigating these claims. Hopefully if they are substantiated then convictions will be forthcoming.

  49. 49
    Nick Robinson says:

    I get all my scoops from the Huff’n’Puff.

  50. 50
    Where did Guido's independence go? says:

    Who paid Guido to participate in the co-ordinated smear bomb? I guess I’ll have to read about it first on Sunday……..

  51. 51
    Lord Stansted says:

    Like the BBC?

  52. 52
    Owen's Elementary English teacher says:

    “the blog declares: “To a completely impartial observer like Guido…”

    I think it would be fair to assume he was using irony.

  53. 53
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    Meanwhile as Vlad’s troops prepare to tour the sights of Kiev. Chris Bryant shows himself to be a complete….

    Chris Bryant ‏@ChrisBryantMP 46m
    Just tirned down being a panellist on a Ukraine discussion as it would be all-male. Come on think tanks, think outide the male bubble.

  54. 54
    Paul says:

    The strange thing is that Farage defended the £3000 figure on Skynews explaining that the energy bill was so high because of “banks of computers” and other things. So instead of writing off the £3000 figure as rubbish he ended up defending it. Something doesn’t add up here. If he really knew the ins and outs of it all he would have derided the £3000 figure.

  55. 55
    Fruitcake, swivel eyed loon, closet racist and proud of it says:

    Doormat on Sky news just tried to skewer Farage.

    Predictably missed the target as Nigel used him as, well, a doormat.

  56. 56
    Mugabe says:

    Guys, I am a fan. But even you have to have feedback to keep you honest.

  57. 57
    The Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown says:

    We use the PCC all the time!

  58. 58
    Anonymous says:

    Hilarious! Can’t barrage the Farage.

  59. 59
  60. 60
    Owen Jones says:

    On an? Oooo

  61. 61
    Titch says:

    Quite right. He is pro Europe, but anti EU.

  62. 62
    Private Eye says:

    Don’t forget us

  63. 63
    General opinion. says:

    They’re obviously panic stricken about Nigel Farage. He should sue. This will convince even more people to vote UKIP in the Euro Elections.

  64. 64
    Mugabe says:

    It would not be the first time a media mughul has channelled funds to a politician via a libel payment. Such unrestricted funds would avoid all sorts of regulatory obstacles.

  65. 65
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:

    He did.

    This blog stated that the source was not the blonde woman.

    It has also reported precisely what F’arage has stated on the record, as well as a letter apparently from one of the sources who are claiming serious wrongdoing at the T’imes.

    The blogs op ed views in red italic thus far have been eminently reasonable, impartial, and broadly in line with the standard for such views expressed as part of the editorial.

    Here’s what the HuffPo have to say – they are at least 4 hours behind the curve.

    F’arage / UKIP are skirting a ‘reds under the bed’ problem with the ‘establishment smear’ line. Now they need to change the narrative quickly to willful distortion and kick this firmly into the long grass.

    Then perhaps should see what the EU anti-fraud guys do: The pressure and focus here needs to be on the EU and its approach to expenses fraud – A much bigger story and one which does not necessarily involve F’arage or UKIP.

  66. 66
    Fruitcake, swivel eyed loon, closet racist and proud of it says:

    Tirned Mr Bryant?? Too much educashun, educashun, educashun I fear.

  67. 67
    A Doctor says:


  68. 68
    The BBC says:

    “information is honestly conveyed, accurate and fair”

    Bollox to that.

  69. 69
    Max Clifford says:

    There’s no such thing as bad publicity, just check out my flaccid member.

  70. 70
    I was Hitlers missing bollock says:

    Pro Europe anti EU..

  71. 71
    Nick Robinson says:

    The planet has not been warming for 17+ years, can Mr Farage prove he did not leave his fridge door open?

  72. 72
    Tom Twatson says:

    I see the story has reached the “Mail” who have acted with glee! – as usual. It’s about time a rather hot fire was set under the arses of one or two editors on Fleet Street for even repeating this garbage without proof. Maybe we should ask Guido to award a “Prick of the Month” prize for editors who publish such unwarranted shit!

  73. 73
    Nick Robinson says:

    Spunk bubble?

  74. 74
    I was Hitlers missing bollock says:

    Fuck the EU and all the Pro EU troughing arsewipes too

  75. 75
    Daniel Finkelstein says:

    I’ve always been a tool!

  76. 76
    Ed Millibandwagon A* Dip.Sh1t says:

    Oh I don’t know, how about mine?

  77. 77
    How upseting , not says:

    Keep going G, the messenger always gets kicked in the goolies, both sides are in a froth, but it’s good PR for UKIP either way, it shows how the LibLabCon are behaving in the Palace of Westminster bubble, dirty tricks and anything goes, they only need honest people to vote every 5 years and couldn’t give a sh1t about them any other time, the LibLabCons are worried and it’s showing, yes I will be voting UKIP as I see them as our only hope, so I’am a fruit loop but my vote will help to kick the LibLabCons into the sh1theap where they belong.

  78. 78
    jgm2 says:

    If The Times ‘retracts in print’ it will be on page 36 between the Suduko and the Crossword.

    Whoever okayed this article is either a mathematical fuckwit of the highest order (or perhaps lowest order) – which is entirely possible because, no doubt, it will be another liberal arts Oxbridge graduate for whom one number is pretty much the same as the next. Million? Billion? Twelve? Whatever.


    The numbers were wilfully misinterpreted Labour-stylee, get the story out there, fuck it, we’ll say we ‘mistranscribed’ a number and the person who gathered the information didn’t write the article, plausible deniability, get the lies out there, the story will be what people remember, the retraction won’t even make page 20.

  79. 79
    bugger bognor says:

    littlehampton to bognor = 5 miles by carrion-hawk

  80. 80
    I was Hitlers missing bollock says:

    Beat me to it Titch

  81. 81
    Balls says:

    “on & on & on”

    That’s err …

    No wait … Don’t tell me …

    I know this one …

    [runs out of fingers]

    err …

    [takes off socks]

  82. 82
    C.O.Jones says:

    True, as the smear has come at such a politically sensitive time he should milk it for all it is worth.

  83. 83
    jgm2 says:

    Works for Boris. No such thing as bad publicity I mean.

  84. 84
    Jaqueline Dromey says:

    I do.

  85. 85
    Chris Bryant says:

    Being both a woman and a Chicken Kiev expert I suggest Diana Abbott joins the panel.
    Apart from extra sides let’s see what she can bring to the table.

  86. 86
    Ellie-Mae (9) says:

    Yerrs the title of the blog says it…”Tittle tatle etc” Guido used to offer refunds to the malcontents…

  87. 87
    Observant says:

    An interesting thought.

  88. 88
    Ooooo...I didn't see that one coming says:

    Life Of Brian springs to mind…Guido with no arms and no legs……let’s call it a draw says Guido! Loser

  89. 89
    Typical commenter here, repeat ad nauseum says:

    Bumsex! Bumsex! Bumsex! Bumsex! Bumsex! Bumsex!

  90. 90
    Eurarabia says:

    I suspect the EU loves real live native Europeans about as much as Labour loves real live working class people.

  91. 91
    george III says:

    nobody lives in bognor, it’s all “Oh I come from Felpham actually”

  92. 92
    Anonymous says:

    Worth noting the Times are still tweeting out their smears.

  93. 93
    Perse O'Nalley says:

    Rowing for the shore are you Guido?

  94. 94
    Someone says:

    Who reads the Times?

  95. 95
    Bye bye says:

    Try next door, the toilets is on the left and has a condom machine.

  96. 96
    Max says:

    So sad, times was once a fine paper

  97. 97
    Ooooo...I didn't see that one coming says:

    Can he award it to himself or would that be classified as an inside job?

  98. 98
    jgm2 says:

    Yeah. I did find that ever so slightly ….. sad.

    If he was Emeritus Professor of Astronomy commenting on a matter of astronomy then it might be of some relevance but BA (Hons)?


    Who does he think he’s impressing?

    If anything, a BA (Hons) is a warning that his own maths is likely to be flaky/non-existent. He’s actually given The Times something to work with.

    Would you trust any maths that had been done by an arts student?

  99. 99
    Mr Evans, Mr Laws, Mr Bryant et al says:

    We echo the phrase, ‘Bugger Bognor’, right chaps.

  100. 100
    statist says:

    Whose mother just happened to be J e w ish. So we know what that makes him no matter what his stated religion is…or is he another atheist just like Ed Miliband.

    Friends of Israel collude together.

  101. 101
    Rightallalong says:

    The main parties and their supporters in the Establishment are getting more and more desperate as we get towards polling day. Expect more dirty tactics to come.

  102. 102
    Observant says:

    A knife & fork probably, reinforced chair, definitely.

  103. 103
    Anonymous says:

  104. 104
    The BBC, you pay, we tell you what to think says:

    Bollocks to ‘balanced’ too.

  105. 105
    Len McCluskey says:

    …and printed by fine men.

  106. 106
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    Must be a satirical post unless he was pissed.

  107. 107
    Lord Stansted says:

    Not me these days.

  108. 108
    S.Dali says:

    ■ ■ to you

  109. 109
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:

    That is a very mis-leading headline… :-)

  110. 110
    Sue ! says:


  111. 111
    Renoir says:

    One example, well known to RM would be the circumstances by which Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen received a Au$400,000 libel payment from Bond’s QTQ9 in 1986.

  112. 112
    Sun+ Watch says:

    …for £8.67 a month not £1 a week.

  113. 113
    Winston says:

    And remind us who pays Guido a hefty fee for his column in The Sun.

  114. 114
    A Pilot says:

    Yes, why?

  115. 115
    An Engineer says:

    Indeed, why?

  116. 116
  117. 117
    ned ludd says:

    Feel a Tool? Must be a tory! Ooh missus!

  118. 118
    Ed Miliband says:

    I hope not with any of that yucky real English ale.

  119. 119
    Anonymous says:

    Interesting that when the Commissioner on Standards pointed out mistakes in the reporting of the Maria Miller case by you and others you didn’t publish that or even link to it.

    “Completely impartial” eh?

  120. 120
    Andy did you hear about this one? says:

    Can Nigel prove exactly where he was when the moon landings didn’t take place?

  121. 121
    Winston says:

    Watersports with his rentboy lover? Even after that Oaten got a TV documentary.

  122. 122
    Ho Hum says:

    And Guido still lists the dodgy Times story in the blog section “Seen Elsewhere”

  123. 123
    Sherlock says:

    It’s one buffoon in his late 50s or 60s who lives on his own and can’t stop thinking about gay sex. He protests loudly.

  124. 124
    ned ludd says:

    Yes, when the chips are down, she will eat ‘em.

  125. 125
    Bob Crow says:

    Looks funny from down here – all yer petty squabbles!

  126. 126
    Confused says:

    Are these expenses like the headline says or an allowance? Has he actually made an expenses claim for this?

  127. 127
    Seychelles here I come... says:

    Allowances. The EC, like the World Bank, UN, IMF etc etc just hands out the money on a flat rate basis. Receipts/claims neither required nor necessary.

  128. 128
    Doctor Gordon Brown says:

    Why indeed.

  129. 129
    Somebody mention Bjelke Petersen says:

  130. 130
    It puts the lotion in the basket.. says:

    The only smearing I get up to is when I’ve had a curry and then try and wipe with a crisp packet.

  131. 131
    Dangerous Brian says:

    Is that the male sp*nk bubble?

  132. 132
    Dangerous Brian says:

    Also a fruit loop, and I know hundreds of others.
    The tide is turning.

  133. 133
    Dr.Wibble - my Sonic Screwdriver doesn't work in space.. says:

    Too right! – Hic, burp, fart, splat….

  134. 134
    Kent Brockman says:

    Look its not fooking lundin so it downt marrer does it

  135. 135
    Not in my name says:

    That I the first thing that springs to mind id we are looking for is “Borked”

    The second is IPCC, closely followed by “were you passed when writing that article?” and “who told you to do a half arsed hatchet job on Farage? “

  136. 136
    Edna Silliband says:

    The Times has reached a new low point of reporting. From now on I will stop buying the Times which was after all hardly read and ended up as shredded paper so my Guinea Pig could poo all over it. Its no longer worthy even of my guinea pig

  137. 137
    broderick crawford says:

    Does he really mean Little Hampton ?

    Maxie should be told …

  138. 138
  139. 139
    Balls Ed says:


  140. 140
    Harryb says:

    What’s the size of his Hampton got to with anything?

  141. 141

    The Times is so obviously the Lefty side of the Tories, (I refuse to call them conservatives because they’re not), you can see why that damp rag, Montgomerie, jumped at the chance to push his Lefty agenda there for a bigger audience, (sort of), than he had at Con Home.

    And don’t get me started on that smug, condescending, Lefty fuckpig, Aaranovitch!

  142. 142
    tooting popular fare-dodger says:

    pedal pedal pedal, huff, puff, huff, puff.

    Gaydo, this was always a non-story.

    It’s nothing to do with the public warming to him, it’s EU money… foreigners money… nobody cares about robbing the EU, because the EU are universally regarded as crooks.

  143. 143
    tooting popular fare-dodger says:

    like I said… pedal pedal pedal, huff, puff, huff, puff.

    This was always a non-story, and you look like a spiteful tool, bandwagoning with all the blowhards trying to develop the story.

    It’s nothing to do with the public warming to him, it’s EU money… foreigners money… nobody cares about robbing the EU, because the EU are universally regarded as crooks.

  144. 144
    Times nude Roman says:

    The Times is just Guardian in a different font.

  145. 145
    Claire Balding says:

    Go on, I’ll try anything once!

  146. 146
    Anonymous says:

    vote for Cameron

    get real

    farage is a fucking nazi

  147. 147
    english vastatio says:

    The left’s strategy is clear – they are taking everything, every historical institution… the only response is scorched earth… destroy everything, and build anew once they are defeated and purged, and never let them get a toehold again.

  148. 148
    RightwinggitRedux says:

    That was Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

  149. 149

    Not really, no. Look at the lifestyle it gives him.

  150. 150
    Ey-up Lad says:

    Looks like Witherow’s hacks are up to their old tricks. Those interest in quality ofjournalism that comes with John Witherow’s editorship should read the judgements in the case of Cruddas v Calvert & Ors [2013] EWHC 2298 (QB) (31 July 2013). See below:-


    These judgements concern the libel cases that arose from the appalling reporting and the sloppy hatchet job done on the Treasurer of the Tory Party (immediately sacked by Cameron) when Witherow’s Sunday Times accused him of selling access to the party brass for financial contributions. It cost the Sunday Times £180k in damages plus legal costs. What is says about Sunday Times journalism and its total disregard for the truth as long as they can twist facts to sort their preconceived headline, is absolutely earth shattering. I hope Farage sues them into the ground.

  151. 151

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George Galloway says of his former Respect candidate the UKIP MEP turned Tory, Amjad Bashir…

“Clearly Bashir does not have any real political principles or commitment, only naked opportunism and self-interest. He represents the revolving door principle in politics. The Tories are welcome to him because he will cause them embarrassment. Fortunately Respect was able to act before he did it to us.”

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